B&B Best Lines Friday, August 14, 2020

Brooke cries in the dark, alone at home, on "The Bold and the Beautiful"


Steffy: I appreciate your concern, but I trust my doctor. He’s gone above and beyond.

Thomas: Okay. All right. I–I just want to make sure that you’re advocating for yourself.

Steffy: Have you met me?


Donna: Okay. I know this seems bad, but this doesn’t–

Brooke: Seems? Shauna plied Ridge with alcohol, and then she dragged him to the altar.

Donna: These sort of things happen in Vegas all the time, don’t they? I mean, people get caught up in the excitement, they get a little buzzed, they win a little at gambling, and, uh, next thing you’re thinking, let’s get hitched.


Shauna thinks about Ridge on "The Bold and The Beautiful"

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