Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 17, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis told Abby she had a plan to make more money at The Grand Phoenix. Chance heard Adam had been fired, so he’d been calling to check on him. Abby told Chance that Adam wasn’t the person Chance knew in Vegas. Chance decided to stop pushing and let Adam reach out to him. Victor approved of Chelsea encouraging Adam to forget the past and move forward. Rey was annoyed when Adam came to visit Sharon, but he left them alone together. Adam revealed that he knew Sharon had cancer, and he apologized for dumping his problems on her. Sharon was okay with Adam knowing, and she wanted to help him. Sharon disagreed with Chelsea’s belief that Adam should let the past stay buried. She agreed to counsel Adam. Adam didn’t want Chelsea to know he was getting therapy to remember. Due to ethical issues and their shared history, Sharon said she’d only treat Adam if he was okay with telling Chelsea and Rey that he and Sharon were talking. However, she promised anything said during the meetings was confidential.

Adam told Chelsea that Sharon was going to help him recover his memory. Chelsea thought that was huge mistake. Nick was upset when Rey told him that Adam went back to Sharon’s house. Rey wasn’t jealous, but he was concerned Sharon would focus on Adam when she should be focused on herself. Sharon started to tell Rey what happened with Adam. Victoria asked Jack to help her with some sort of Newman related business. He was excited by her plan, and he agreed.

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