Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander found out that Victor changed his mind about giving him the CEO position at the company. Eric and Nicole showed up at Marlena’s place and Sami wasn’t happy to see them. Nicole started yelling at her so she slammed the door on them. Xander couldn’t believe that Victor changed his mind about giving him the job. He let him know that he had to think about the family and didn’t want to make a decision without Brady being on board with it. Sami told Eric and Nicole to stop shouting because they would wake up the baby. Nicole was upset that she took the baby home with her. She was going to slam the door on them, but Eric was willing to talk to her. Hope was investigating the crime scene where Eve was with Claire. Shawn talked to her about the investigation. He told her how he heard about her being on the force. Xander told Victor that he would be more loyal to the company than Brady. Victor didn’t want to lose Brady again by picking him. Sami and Nicole continued to argue over the baby. Eric told Sami that she didn’t read Allie’s note so she wanted to see it. Nicole told her that they have a lawyer. Sami was shocked they were suing her. Nicole told her she didn’t have a chance against her daughter and twin brother. Xander continued to figure out why Victor cared about getting Brady back in the company. He wanted Victor to call him, but he did it himself.

Victor asked Brady if he wanted to keep his job at Titan before he offered it to someone else. Shawn wanted details about Hope’s moment with Rafe. He said that she drifted so she told him that she was thinking a lot. Eric told Sami what Allie wrote in her letter. Sami told them about Allie’s behavior until they started arguing. John came in an interrupted their argument. Xander wanted to know what Brady had to say about the company. Shawn wanted answers from Hope about what’s going on with Rafe. She told him that she and Rafe should just be friends and he agreed with her. Victor told Xander that Brady didn’t want the job so he gave it to him. Nicole, Eric, and Sami told John why they were arguing. Sami thought Nicole forged the letter. Eric told John they wanted to deescalate the situation, but Sami was being impossible. John suggested that Eric and Nicole respect the restraining order for now. Sami thanked him for taking he side, but he said he was on their side. Xander was texting Sarah the news about his job when Philip walked in the room. Nicole apologized to Eric for the way their conversation with Sami ended. He blamed Sami for what happened. He wanted to stop her before she destroyed any more lives. Sami couldn’t believe John was on Eric and Nicole’s side because she’s the grandmother. Sami explained why she felt the way she did. John couldn’t believe she would use Belle to against her brother. He said they were calling Belle to get the restraining order lifted. He grabbed his head while Sami yelled at him and fell to the floor.

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