The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Emma Barber

Emma Barber on The Bold and the Beautifu

Emma Barber played by Nia Sioux

Emma came to L.A. in 2018 as an internet for Forrester Creations. Her uncle is Justin Barber, who works for Bill Spencer. She concealed this fact at first, and she got in trouble for a few mistakes. She idolizes Hope and the rest of the Forresters.  Distantly related to the Barbers of Y&R, she loves to dance and sing. She was briefly involved with Xander, but they broke up because she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.  Now she works at Forrester part-time while going to school.  Emma is very kind and trusting (a bit naive), and she has a lot of enthusiasm.

In 2019, Emma found out that baby Phoebe was really Hope’s presumed-dead baby, Beth, and that Flo, Xander, Thomas and Zoe were keeping it a secret. She had an argument with Thomas about it, and then she jumped in her car and headed to Hope’s house to let her know what was going on. Thomas followed in his car and tail-gated her.  She tried to text Hope that she was on her way, but she was run off the road by Thomas.  Her car fell down a cliff, and she died.  The police concluded that she died because she was texting, and Thomas never paid for her death.

Emma and Hope of Bold and the Beautiful

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