General Hospital Character Description: Dr. Kevin Collins

JOHN LINDSTROM (Kevin) of GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Dr. Kevin Collins


Kevin is a good guy who tries to help people. He’s a psychiatrist who devotes his time to helping others; he has a lot of compassion. His twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain, was a psychopath who came to Port Charles in 1992.  Kevin came to town a year later, wanting to treat his brother. Kevin always felt a lot of guilt because he was more mentally fit than Ryan. When he was on “Port Charles,” we also learned that that their mother, Marilyn, sexually abused Ryan when they were children (and she had also mistakenly did the same to Kevin once, thinking he was Ryan, which resulted in their father taken Kevin away – but leaving Ryan behind).  Ryan came in and out of the lives of Port Charles’ residents and was thought to be dead when he resurfaced in 2018 and took over Kevin’s life for a time, while imprisoning Kevin in his stead in the mental hospital. Kevin was eventually rescued by Franco and Jason, along with Carly and Laura.

Kevin always had a lot of sympathy for his brother, even though he was a killer and attacked Kevin many times. It is his greatest flaw. He always sees the good in people. He met Lucy Coe and fell for her. He helped her to become a better person, but she did let him down many times over the years, until he’d finally had enough, in 2014, when she cheated on him with Scott. They went through a lot together, including adopting little Christina and fighting vampires.

Kevin was temporarily psychotic in 2002 when he was injected with a drug and had a psychotic break.

Kevin has helped many people over the years, including Stone Cates, Carly Corinthos, Franco Baldwin, Lulu Spencer, Morgan Corinthos, Livvie Locke (who turned out to be his daughter) and others. Besides Lucy, he was married to Eve Lambert (on “Port Charles”) and is now married to Port Charles mayor Laura Spencer.

Kevin wrote a best-selling book called “General Homicide.” A psycho named Greg Cooper decided to take his revenge by copying the murders in Kevin’s book.

Kevin is great friends with Mac Scorpio, who was police commissioner for a long time. In 1995, the pair was very funny when they dressed up in drag as Norma & Eve to infiltrate a psychic’s seminar, to prove that she wasn’t really psychic.  Mac is the one who fatally shot Ryan in 2023, but Kevin didn’t blame him. Mac has been more of a real brother to Kevin that Ryan ever was.

Kevin learned in 2023 that he has a niece, Esme (Ryan’s daughter with Heather), and a grand-nephew, Ace.  Esme was a terrible person, but she has amnesia, so she is good (for now).  Ace (among others) was kidnapped by Victor Cassadine in his plot to save the world (by killing millions of people).

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Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) - photo from the Official ABC General Hospital Facebook Page

General Hospital Character Description: Lucy Coe

ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Lucy Coe


Lucy was introduced in 1986 as a “mousy librarian” who tried to give Kevin O’Connor an alibi for his murdering several people.  She was quickly found to be lying on the stand because she and Kevin were having an affair. Lucy was a schemer and liar but also smart and sexy. Lucy slept with Jake while he was married to Bobbie, which started a long feud with the nurse. She married Tony, which didn’t work. Then she married Alan for his money and had an affair with Scott.  Lucy became pregnant by Jake, Scotty and Kevin, but she miscarried each time.

Lucy left town and returned later. Scotty was married to Dominique, who was dying of cancer. Lucy agreed to carry their baby as a surrogate. This was when the kinder side of Lucy started to emerge. She gave birth to their daughter, Serena, but then Scott and Serena left town because he became targeted by the mob. Lucy then took up with Kevin, and he helped her to become a better person. Their relationship had many ups and downs.

The show “Port Charles” was created, which centered around Lucy, Scott, Kevin and many interns.  Lucy developed psychic abilities for a time, which led to her interfering in other people’s lives. Although engaged to Kevin, Lucy became jealous of his friendship with Eve, which led to her tampering with her car, and Serena became blind for a time as a result. This broke up Lucy and Kevin for a long time. She became involved again with Scott, and they got married, raising Serena. Eventually, they divorced.

Lucy and Kevin found their way back together, and he learned that he had a daughter, Livvie (a grown woman).  Lucy discovered that there were vampires in town, and that she was descended from a long line of vampire slayers. She also met her cousin, Rafe, who was also a vampire slayer. After more ups and downs, they finally married. They also adopted a little girl, Christina.

Lucy and Kevin continued to have many struggles, most of them involving the supernatural. Kevin was injected with a drug that made him have a mental breakdown. Lucy fell in love with Ian, who became a vampire. However, he saved her life at the end of the series. Kevin and Lucy both returned (separately) to “General Hospital” in 2004 for Lila’s memorial service.  She returned for good in 2012 to help with the Nurses’ Ball and became involved with a Quartermaine battle for control of ELQ, since she had voting shares.

She was committed to Ferncliff mental facility when she stabbed police detective John McBain with the leg of a chair, believing him to be Caleb (the vampire). It turned out that he was related to Caleb, and he was killed. Kevin and Lucy stayed in town, but she had an affair with Scott, which broke up her marriage.

Lucy continued to be nosy, and manipulative, and resourceful. She blackmailed Ava for a time. She ran the company “Deception” and also wrote a travel guide for Port Charles. She started dating quirky lawyer Martin Grey in late 2021.

In 2023, Lucy worked with Anna to get Victor Cassadine, which resulted in her being targeted by him for death. She was thought to be dead for a while, but she was just hiding out with Martin, Anna and Valentin.

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Lynn Herring (Lucy) - photo from the Official ABC General Hospital Facebook Page

General Hospital Character Description: Marcus Taggert

RÉAL ANDREWS (Marcus) on "General Hospital" (photo from his Instagram page)

Marcus Taggert


When Marcus Taggert came to town in 1996, he was out for revenge on Sonny. Sonny’s abusive stepfather, Deke, had been a mentor to young Marcus back in Bensonhurst and encouraged him to become a cop. He thought Sonny had gunned him down in an alley. He also hated Sonny when his wife, Lily, was murdered by a car bomb.

He has a sister, Gia, and his mother was Florence. He dated several women, but none of them became serious relationships.  He clashed with Scott Baldwin about his professional ethics in 2003 and ended up leaving to take a job in Portland.

He returned in 2020 and seemingly died, but his death was faked in order to catch Cyrus. We learned that Trina was his daughter and that Portia was his ex-wife. Also, he’d worked with Jordan before. Marcus was able to return to the world after Cyrus was put away. He’s been there to support his daughter, Trina.

When Portia was about to marry Curtis, she was forced to admit that Curtis might be Trina’s dad, not Marcus.

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General Hospital “02/14/23” RÉAL ANDREWS (Marcus) Episode “15158” – “General Hospital” airs Monday – Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci)

General Hospital Character Description: Robin Scorpio-Drake

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) - photo from the Official ABC General Hospital Facebook Page

Robin Scorpio-Drake


Robin is a kind and compassionate person with a strong moral core. Both of her parents were international spies or cops when she was growing up. She didn’t know her father at all until she was five years old, and she didn’t know that Anna was her mom. She thought she was just a family friend. Anna had hidden her away to protect her; she was a target for her parents’ enemies. When she was about 12, both of her parents seemingly died in a boat explosion. Her Uncle Mac and later, Aunt Felicia, raised her. Felicia’s daughter Maxie and Georgie were like her sisters. Robin had many adventures, but she saved a lot of people’s lives as both a doctor and a hero.

A few years later, Robin fell for teen Stone, not knowing that he was HIV positive. She also became HIV positive, but Stone died. After that, she fell for Jason Morgan, who helped her get over Stone’s death. Both Stone and Jason worked for mobster Sonny, which didn’t make Mac (the police commissioner) happy. Robin became good lifelong friends with both Jason and Sonny.  She and Jason have had an on-again, off-again romance over the years.

Robin went to Yale for college. At some point, she become a doctor, specializing in drug protocol research. In 2001, she learned that her mother, Anna, was alive and living in Pine Valley, but she had amnesia. Anna remembered Robin but couldn’t remember what happened to Robert. A few years later, Robin returned to Port Charles and joined the staff of General Hospital.  There she met Patrick Drake. They dated, had a few breaks here and there, but eventually married and had their daughter, Emma.

Robin was thought to be killed in a lab explosion and fire in 2012, but she was kidnapped and held captive by Jerry Jacks and Cesar Faison (among others). She was rescued by her parents and reunited with her family, but then she had to help Jason, who was also being held captive. Her family is threatened so that she has to stay and work on Jason and also find a cure for Helena’s illness. Eventually, Jason gets free and rescues her, and she reunites with her family.

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KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH (Robin) of GENERAL HOSPITAL – “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)

General Hospital Character Description: Valentin Cassadine

JAMES PATRICK STUART (Valentin) of GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)

Valentin Cassadine


Valentin was thought to be the disowned son of Mikkos Cassadine when he first came to Port Charles, and he was a villain. He took Sam, Jason, Ava, Laura, Kevin and Nikolas hostage at Wyndemere and shot Nikolas, who fell out of a window. He was presumed dead for years. He also shot Kevin and left them all there. Then he met Nina. Enchanted, he had a one-night stand with her and later returned to woo her. He tried to kidnap Spencer but was caught and arrested. He returned and claimed the Cassadine inheritance, including Wyndemere, as his own. He also claimed his daughter, Charlotte, whom Griffin thought was his. He and Nina were together for a while. Nina and Charlotte loved each other as well.

Nikolas returned in 2020, and he reclaimed Wyndemere. Eventually it was revealed that Victor and Helena were actually Valentin’s parents. Also, Lulu Spencer was revealed to be Charlotte’s biological mother. There was a lot of conflict between Nina, Valentin and Lulu, and between Valentine with Laura, Spencer and Nikolas. Also, Valentin played a cat-and-mouse game with Anna, leaving clues about their past. It turned out that he had some major deformities as a child, but he went to work for the DVX. He blamed Anna for rejecting him when he tried to kiss her. Later, they determined that it was her twin sister, Alex, not Anna, that had rejected him.

Meanwhile, Nina divorced Valentin because she blamed him for her brother’s death. He tried to win her back with lies, so she rejected him.  He wormed his way into ELQ, with the help of lawyer Martin.  Later, his father Victor threatened Charlotte if Victor didn’t do his bidding, including poisoning Laura. Valentin couldn’t go through with it. His years spent in Port Charles, along with his love for Charlotte and Nina, have made him a better person. Valentin worked with Anna to protect Charlotte and get rid of Victor.  Along the way, they fell in love. Valentin went from villain to hero.

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CYNTHIA WATROS (Nina) and JAMES PATRICK STUART (Valentin) of GENERAL HOSPITAL – The Emmy-winning daytime drama “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)

The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Caroline Spencer

Caroline Spencer Played by Linsey Godfrey (2012-2016)


Linsey Godfrey as Caroline Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS

Character Description by Thervu Pettagam

Caroline Spencer: The Fashion-Forward Icon on the Bold and Beautiful

For over 30 years, the Bold and Beautiful series has entertained millions of viewers worldwide with its captivating storylines and fascinating characters. Among the most beloved characters is Caroline Spencer, a talented and ambitious fashion designer. Caroline’s character is a complex blend of creativity, determination, and inner strength, and her journey on the show has been nothing short of inspiring.

Karen and Danielle, Caroline's mothers, on "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBSIn this article, we will take a closer look at the life and legacy of Caroline Spencer on the Bold and Beautiful.

Caroline Spencer’s Early Life and Family Background

Caroline Spencer, portrayed by Linsey Godfrey, was born into a family of fashion royalty. Her mother, Karen Spencer, is the founder of Spencer Publications, a media conglomerate, and her other aunt (and namesake), Caroline Spencer, was a fashion designer and the namesake of the Spencer fashion line. Growing up, Caroline was surrounded by fashion and creativity, and she developed a keen eye for style from an early age.

Caroline’s Rise in the Fashion Industry

Caroline Spencer’s passion for fashion led her to pursue a career as a designer, and she quickly made a name for Caroline Spencer and Ridge Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBSherself in the industry. She joined Forrester Creations, one of the most prominent fashion houses in Los Angeles, and worked under the mentorship of Ridge Forrester, a fashion icon in his own right. Caroline’s designs were fresh, innovative, and fashion-forward, and they quickly gained attention and praise from industry insiders.

Caroline’s Relationships

Caroline Spencer’s relationships on the show were as complex and nuanced as her character. She had a brief romance with Rick Forrester, Ridge’s step-son, but their relationship was short-lived. Caroline was in a relationship with Ridge, but his son Thomas Forrester was interested in her. When Ridge told Caroline that he didn’t want any children, she spent the night in a hotel room, having taken sleeping drugs. Thomas came by to see her. They had drinks and sex, which resulted in her getting pregnant with his child. She and Ridge eloped but then later divorced. Eventually, she and Thomas left Caroline Spencer and Thomas Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBStown to raise their son, Thomas, in New York.

Caroline’s Health Struggles

Caroline fell from a window in 2013 after an argument with her Uncle Bill, but she recovered. She was also shot accidentally by Rick in 2015.  Also that same year, she was hit by a car in New York while visiting her mothers in New York.  She was in a wheelchair for a while, but she recovered. Later, in 2019, Thomas returned to Los Angeles with their son, Douglas, alone. Caroline had died of a sudden blood clot. It was a tragedy that is still affecting poor young Douglas’ life.

Caroline’s Legacy and Impact on the Show

Caroline Spencer’s impact on the Bold and Beautiful extends beyond just her character. She represented a new generation of fashion designers, bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to the industry. Her storylines on the show were both engaging and thought-provoking, tackling important issues such as health, family, and love. Caroline’s legacy on the show will be remembered for years to come, as a symbol of creativity, strength, and perseverance.

Closing Words

Caroline Spencer is a character that has captured the hearts of Bold and Beautiful viewers for years. Her rise in the fashion industry, relationships, health struggles, and impact on the show have made her one of the most beloved characters on daytime television. Caroline Spencer’s journey is a testament to the power of hope, perseverance, and love, and her legacy on the show will be remembered for years to come.

What is your personal opinion on Caroline? Let’s begin a conversation on Caroline in the comment section.

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Rick and Caroline on "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS

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