General Hospital Character Description: Lucy Coe

ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Lucy Coe


Lucy was introduced in 1986 as a “mousy librarian” who tried to give Kevin O’Connor an alibi for his murdering several people.  She was quickly found to be lying on the stand because she and Kevin were having an affair. Lucy was a schemer and liar but also smart and sexy. Lucy slept with Jake while he was married to Bobbie, which started a long feud with the nurse. She married Tony, which didn’t work. Then she married Alan for his money and had an affair with Scott.  Lucy became pregnant by Jake, Scotty and Kevin, but she miscarried each time.

Lucy left town and returned later. Scotty was married to Dominique, who was dying of cancer. Lucy agreed to carry their baby as a surrogate. This was when the kinder side of Lucy started to emerge. She gave birth to their daughter, Serena, but then Scott and Serena left town because he became targeted by the mob. Lucy then took up with Kevin, and he helped her to become a better person. Their relationship had many ups and downs.

The show “Port Charles” was created, which centered around Lucy, Scott, Kevin and many interns.  Lucy developed psychic abilities for a time, which led to her interfering in other people’s lives. Although engaged to Kevin, Lucy became jealous of his friendship with Eve, which led to her tampering with her car, and Serena became blind for a time as a result. This broke up Lucy and Kevin for a long time. She became involved again with Scott, and they got married, raising Serena. Eventually, they divorced.

Lucy and Kevin found their way back together, and he learned that he had a daughter, Livvie (a grown woman).  Lucy discovered that there were vampires in town, and that she was descended from a long line of vampire slayers. She also met her cousin, Rafe, who was also a vampire slayer. After more ups and downs, they finally married. They also adopted a little girl, Christina.

Lucy and Kevin continued to have many struggles, most of them involving the supernatural. Kevin was injected with a drug that made him have a mental breakdown. Lucy fell in love with Ian, who became a vampire. However, he saved her life at the end of the series. Kevin and Lucy both returned (separately) to “General Hospital” in 2004 for Lila’s memorial service.  She returned for good in 2012 to help with the Nurses’ Ball and became involved with a Quartermaine battle for control of ELQ, since she had voting shares.

She was committed to Ferncliff mental facility when she stabbed police detective John McBain with the leg of a chair, believing him to be Caleb (the vampire). It turned out that he was related to Caleb, and he was killed. Kevin and Lucy stayed in town, but she had an affair with Scott, which broke up her marriage.

Lucy continued to be nosy, and manipulative, and resourceful. She blackmailed Ava for a time. She ran the company “Deception” and also wrote a travel guide for Port Charles. She started dating quirky lawyer Martin Grey in late 2021.

In 2023, Lucy worked with Anna to get Victor Cassadine, which resulted in her being targeted by him for death. She was thought to be dead for a while, but she was just hiding out with Martin, Anna and Valentin.

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