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[ Dramatic Music ]

Bill: you’re holding the answer luna’s waited a lifetime for.

Poppy: Yeah, what’s it say?

Luna: Come on, aunt li, please.

Bill: Am I luna’s father or not?

Katie: So, li is administering the test?

Rj: That’s what luna’s text said. Li showed up with the test.

Katie: This is really happening.

Rj: Yes, luna could finally know who her dad is.

Steffy: I still can’t believe my father doesn’t agree with me about hope for the future.

Carter: Steffy, I get why you’re upset. I really do. But ridge wants to give hope a chance to turn things around next quarter.

Steffy: This is just so crazy to me. My father makes this decision and now he doesn’t wanna deal with the day-to-day? He wants to focus more on design?

Hope: Forrester creations thrived in the brooke logan era. And mom, you are more than just a great ceo. You are an icon of forrester creations. Please don’t let steffy brush you aside.

Brooke: Honey, I appreciate your support. I really do, but it’s–

Hope: I just think maybe it’s time for you to get back in the game. Take charge. Remind people what you are capable of.

Ridge: What did I just walk in on?

Steffy: Dad wants to focus on couture.

Carter: That’s his passion.

Steffy: Yeah. I mean, his designs make this company so successful, but so does his leadership.

Carter: So does yours.

Steffy: I love collaborating with him. We challenge each other. We try to make this company better, stronger. It’s part of the reason I– I love this job. It makes it so exciting.

Carter: Well, he’s not going anywhere, steffy. I mean, you heard the guy. He’s not stepping down. He just wants to shed some of the day-to-day administrative aspects that take him away from designing.

Steffy: I just have so much on my plate already.

Ridge: So is this a pep talk? Or are you guys trying to take over the world? Which is it?

Brooke: Don’t worry. You’re not interrupting. I just wanna thank you for defending my daughter and her line.

Hope: I just wanna reiterate how grateful I am as well.

Ridge: Well, it was a business decision. Actually, I came here to talk to my dad about it, but I guess he’s not here, is he?

Hope: He is not. But, look, I just– I wanna say I– I’m going to do everything I can to prove to you that you were right to make this decision and just show how valuable the logan influence is.

Ridge: I’m looking forward to all that. Would– I’m sorry. Would you mind if I had a moment with your mom alone? Is that–

Hope: Of course. Thank you again. And please remember what I said.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Wow. That’s a serious look.

Ridge: It’s a serious time.

Katie: I can’t stop thinking about what li said about her sister. Do you think poppy’s trying to pull something over on bill?

Rj: Poppy knows how much luna wants to know her dad. And so does li. I mean, can you imagine anybody playing games with something this important?

Poppy: Li, tell us.

Luna: Is bill my dad?

Bill: If it’s inconclusive, we’ll do it again.

Li: No. It’s conclusive.

Poppy: Oh, for goodness sake, give it to me.

Luna: What? What is it? Okay, that’s two stripes. That’s– that’s two stripes. That means that– that means you’re my dad.

Skin feeling rougher

than sandpaper?

Brooke: Did you and steffy argue?

Ridge: No. We had a difference of opinion, that’s all. It happens.

Brooke: Well, the way you’re talking about the business…

Ridge: I’m sorry if it came across that way, I– I love forrester creations. It’s– it’s a big part of me.

Brooke: It always has been.

Ridge: Big part of you, too.

Brooke: It was.

Ridge: Oh, stop it. It was. What do you love more than launching a line or– or pitching a new product, huh? What do you love more? Maybe me or maybe your kids, your grandkids, but that’s it.

Brooke: I guess we have that in common.

Ridge: Yeah. You know what I– what I like about work is the part that doesn’t feel like work.

Brooke: Designing?

Ridge: Yeah. I get caught up in doing bills and all I want is to have a pencil in my hand because I get ideas, by the time I wanna put them down, I’ve forgotten already. Watching dad, the way he poured himself into that last line he did, it just, it was ridiculous, right? He was so passionate about it. And I remember that feeling and I miss it. I miss it a lot.

Brooke: Okay. So what are you saying? You don’t wanna be co-ceo anymore?

Steffy: So, part of me would love the challenge to run forrester creations. Like, I know I could do it, but…

Carter: But?

Steffy: Gosh, years ago, I just would’ve jumped into this opportunity. All my energy would’ve gone into this. But now, I mean, my husband and kids, it’s just– it’s– it’s a lot and… I just don’t know.

Carter: You’ll have to find another set of hands.

Steffy: Maybe you could help. If you agreed, of course. I mean, you have your expertise in this, business acumen, and we work so well together. Why not?

Carter: I’m flattered. I really am. But all my coo duties have me working overtime.

Steffy: A girl can dream.

Carter: I guess you’ll have to decide what you want. Either way, I’m ready to support you in whatever that is.

Steffy: All right. Thanks.

Hope: Oh, hi, carter. Are you two finished?

Carter: Depends. You need me to stick around and referee?

Steffy: Uh, no, we’ll– we’ll continue this conversation later.

Hope: Let me guess. You still trying to find a way to cancel my line?

Katie: I don’t know poppy very well, so I can’t say that li is right when she says her sister’s an opportunist. But with li administering the test, at least we know the truth will come out.

Bill: My daughter. My beautiful daughter.

Poppy: I can’t believe it. It’s true. You are luna’s father. Oh, baby. You finally got your answer. Bill is your father.

Luna: This is unbelievable. And– and you’re happy?

Bill: Happy? I’m beyond happy. I’m so– I’m so thrilled. And you are too.

Luna: Of course. I’m stunned. I’m amazed. I mean, I– I was hoping for this. Ever since my mom told me about you and how you two met, I thought maybe. But what were the chances.

Li: I don’t understand. I administered the test myself. I was positive you were lying. You are luna’s father. I can’t believe it.

Poppy: Believe it.

Li: You finally got what you’ve always wanted.

Poppy: What’s that mean? A wonderful man. A father to my daughter.

Li: A rich– very rich man.

Poppy: Are you that bitter? That you can’t even be a little happy for us?

Bill: Thank you for administering the test, li. For confirming what I had believed for quite a while. But now I think it’s time for you to leave.

Li: Luna. Just know. I wanted to make sure for your sake. Okay? And everyone’S.

Luna: Thank you, aunt li.

Bill: Well, uh… I guess it’s time we have our first official family hug.

Here’s liz.

Steffy: I won’t pretend. I’m very concerned about your line’s performance.

Hope: Well, your father has faith.

Steffy: My father is an artist. And he admires your vision. I’m just a realist.

Hope: Well, I don’t trust your judgment. It’s clouded. This is personal for you. And you wan to shelve my collection. Because you will do anything to get back at me and the logan’S.

Ridge: I’m not really stepping down. I’m stepping up. Because couture needs my help right now.

Brooke: I understand that. But who’s gonna run the company? Is steffy gonna do that by herself?

Ridge: No, I’ll be around. I’ll do whatever I have to do. I just can’t do all the day-to-day stuff.

Brooke: Steffy will do that. No, she has so much on her plate already. And she doesn’t really need more work.

Brooke: Okay, well, who’s gonna step in? I mean, eric’s already closed his chapter on that. And there’s carter. But he’s coo. And he’s very busy in that position already. So…

Ridge: I agree. So, I have an idea for someone who could, uh, help with the leadership.

Katie: So. Still nothing?

Rj: You think that means bad news?

Katie: I don’T… li?

Rj: What happened?

Katie: Uh, rj said that you did the paternity test.

Li: Yes.

Katie: So what did it say?

Li: My sister wasn’t lying. Bill is luna’s father.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Poppy: Are you okay, sweetie? You’re shaking.

Luna: I’m just– I’m just so excited. I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life.

Bill: And here I thought I could only make boys.

Poppy: I can’t tell you what it means to me to see you both so happy. I’m really sorry. That I kept you apart all these years. I was afraid. I should’ve done this years ago. Given you more time to know each other. For you to know your father. And for you to watch your girl grow up. I took that away from you. From both of you. And I just hope that you can forgive me. Skin craving next level hydration?

Steffy: I’m sorry if your feelings got hurt. But as co-ceo, it’s my job to make tough decisions.

Hope: You know, I think my mother would agree with you there.

Steffy: Your mother?

Hope: She had to make hard decisions as well when she ran this company.

Steffy: Okay, here we go with the logan’s again. Great.

Hope: My mother did more than just run this company, steffy. She was an innovator. The belief formula. Brooke’s bedroom. Her ideas continue to pay huge dividends for this company. And yet you had the audacity to dismiss her from the meeting earlier.

Steffy: Brooke stepped back from her responsibilities a long time ago, hope.

Hope: Well, that was a mistake. And one that she needs to correct. And who knows? Maybe if I get through to her, she will. Brooke logan is a respected and admired figure in this industry, steffy. And she has earned her place here. So mark my words. She will find her way back to forrester creations.

Steffy: Is that supposed to intimidate me or something?

Hope: Hmm. I don’t really care how you feel about it. But like it or not, the logan’s are here to stay.

Ridge: You know what I’ve been thinking about is my dad. How did he run this company and still find time to be creative?

Brooke: He didn’t do it alone.

Ridge: Exactly.

Brooke: He had his children and now his grandchildren.

Ridge: And my mom. I mean, she knew how to run a company and a family and get them through anything.

Brooke: Oh, yes, that is true. Stephanie was a powerhouse. And your daughter’s very much like her.

Ridge: Yes, she is. And I– I love the time that we have together. But things have to change now. And I need someone. And the only person I can think of, someone who is qualified and capable to step in to help us right now, somebody who’s respected by everyone in the building is… what do you say? Will you help lead forrester creations into the future?

Rj: Luna finally has the answer she’s always wanted. She knows who her father is.

Li: Her mother seems to have known all along.

Katie: Bill.

Li: Bill.

Poppy: Can you forgive me for keeping you apart?

Bill: I’m the one who never called, disappeared.

Poppy: It doesn’t change how guilty I feel.

Luna: Mom, would you stop? I am beyond happy. I don’t want you to feel guilty or have anything ruin this special moment, okay? This is a moment I’ve been waiting for, for my entire life.

Poppy: I fell in love with you years ago. We spent one perfect, unforgettable night. And I never heard from you again. I thought I lost you forever. But now for us both to be parents to luna, it’s a miracle. I’ve never felt so much love. I’m looking at my precious daughter, and her father. You don’t have to say it back. It’s just… I’m so full of love right now. It’s no longer just I have a daughter. It’s we have a daughter.

Bill: I should’ve reached out years ago. I was an idiot. I mean it. How could I not love you, poppy? You have brought this beautiful, accomplished young woman into my life.

Bill: My daughter.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Li: It’s time we find out who luna’s father really is. Is it you, bill? Or is my sister lying?

Katie: Li said some harsh words about poppy. There could be some truth behind them.

Rj: Then the paternity test will say if poppy’s claim’s legit.

Katie: I guess you’re right.

Liam: Hey. Oh, hey.

Katie: Hey.

Liam: Uh, actually I was here to pick up some stuff for beth, but kind of ironic running into you. You wanna guess what my dad just told me?

Katie: Oh, sure, I’ll guess. That luna could be his daughter?

[ Steffy exhales ]

Ridge: It’s gonna take all of us. This is not something that you can decide on your own–

Steffy: Dad.

Ridge: Yeah.

Steffy: You’re my co-ceo. We’re partners. We need to be on the same page.

Ridge: Can’t always agree on everything.

Steffy: But know hope for the future was on the decline. And yet you still sided with her.

Ridge: I didn’t side with anyone. I did what was best for the company. And losing hope for the future right now is not what’s best for the company.

Brooke: Oh, it’s okay. Don’t worry, we’ll just see you later then. Okay. Hi, hope. That was donna. She can’t meet us for lunch after all.

Hope: Oh.

Brooke: So, what happened at the meeting?

Hope: Hope for the future lives on.

Brooke: Oh, really?

Hope: Hmm. Yeah, ridge totally ruled against steffy.

Brooke: Oh, my god. I– I am thrilled. I mean, this is fantastic news.

Hope: I know.

Brooke: I’m so happy for you, honey.

Hope: Thank you.

Brooke: Goodness.

Deacon: Hey, you decided to come back. I didn’t know if I was gonna see you again.

Tom: Oh, deacon, you know, I heard what you said.

Deacon: Here, let me help you with your bag.

Tom: Oh, no, no, no, no. Please, I got it.

Deacon: It’s okay.

Tom: This– this is all my worldly possessions.

Deacon: Yeah. Uh, tom, listen, um… we never would’ve found that warehouse without you. Which means I wouldn’t have found sheila and I definitely wouldn’t be married. I know I can’t repay you, but i was serious about what I said. I’d– I’d really like to offer you a job.

Tom: Deacon, you’re being real nice to me. I just wanna let you know that most potential employers, they– they don’t really like to hire dudes that– that struggle with bad habits.

Deacon: I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not most employers. As far as bad habits, I certainly have enough of my own. Look, are you good now? You in recovery?

Tom: Oh, yeah, I’m counting days.

Deacon: Okay, good. Are you gonna show up on time? You gonna work hard?

Tom: Yes, sir.

Deacon: Don’t ever call me sir again. The offer still stands. What do you say?

Tom: I’m in.

Deacon: All right. Lucky to have you.

Tom: Yeah.

Steffy: It’s a big risk. The numbers speak for themselves. Look, I don’t wanna be in the same position that we were when thomas left the last time and we were screwed with the line.

Carter: Steffy, I understand your concerns. I really do, but now that i think about it, I agree with ridge. Hope for the future’s a central component of forrester and she just put together a new team. They need time to get established. And the designs, they look good, right? They’re good designs, so give them some time to turn things around next quarter.

Steffy: It’s not gonna be the same without thomas. I mean, dad, it looks like you’re gonna have to pitch in.

Ridge: I don’t– I don’t wanna pitch in. That’s not what I… no, what I want is to focus on couture. That’s where I need to be right now. I need less responsibility, not more.

Steffy: What are you saying?

Liam: You’ve heard? You’ve heard?

Rj: Yeah, no, luna told me.

Katie: I haven’t said anything to will, not until we get confirmation either way.

Rj: It’s crazy to think you might have a little sister, liam.

Liam: Yeah, well, you should see my dad. He’s, uh… excited.

Poppy: I already bought a paternity test, li. The same kind.

Li: Mine’s sealed. And I’m a medical professional. So there’s no room for error.

Bill: All right, enough with the sibling rivalry issues between you two sisters. I don’t want anything to tarnish what’s happening today. Poppy finally admitted that i could be luna’s father. And I would like nothing more.

Luna: Me too. I’m praying that you’re my father, bill.

Li: Then let’s find out. Shall we?

Deacon: Hey, tom, let me ask you something. Um, how are you fixed for a place to stay?

Tom: No, no, no, no, no. I’m fine, deacon. I’m fine. Listen, you’ve been so good to me. It’s been a long time since somebody’s believed in this old sack of bones.

Deacon: Tom, you changed my life. I mean, you gave us a future. Hell, you officiated at our wedding. Sheila and I are gonna be indebted to you forever.

Tom: God, you know, I wish I was the guy that had always the right words in my mouth. But I– I appreciate it. And so what can I do for you?

Deacon: We’ll figure that out. Um, have you ever worked in a kitchen? I mean, do you think maybe you could do a little food prep?

Tom: Oh, no. Kitchens? No, no. I– I barely know how to make one of those microwaves work.

Deacon: Okay, um… or do you think you could wait tables? I mean, I’m gonna be honest with you. It gets kind of hectic in here, but the tips are great.

Tom: No way. I would spill the drinks on the customers.

Deacon: Okay, all right. Put a pin in that.

[ Cell phone chimes ]

Deacon: Oh, sorry. Pizza order. Damn, my delivery guy already left.

Tom: Delivering pizzas? I can do that.

Deacon: You can?

Tom: Sure. I still have a valid driver’s license.

Deacon: This is perfect. Okay, uh, the keys are in the van outside. Just grab a uniform from the storage closet. Hey, tom, listen. This is– this is an important order, though, okay?

Tom: Listen, deacon, I got you.

Steffy: You love your job, dad. No one knows the ins and outs like you.

Carter: She’s got a point, ridge.

Ridge: Okay, I’m a designer. That’s what I wanna do. Not put out fires. Yeah, I can do it, but I don’t wanna do it. You wanna do it. You’re good at it. You should be doing it.

Steffy: Are you serious?

Ridge: I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be right here. I just don’t wanna deal with salaries and– and budgets. I… look, thomas is gone. Dad isn’t here that much, so someone has to come up with product. Because without product, we don’t have a company. We all understand that, right?

Hope: You should’ve been in that meeting.

Brooke: Oh, honey. I’m just glad it all worked out. I’m glad steffy won’t be able to shut down your line.

Hope: Well, the look on her face when ride and carter agreed with me, I mean. And the fact that they acknowledged the belief formula and the bedroom line, it was priceless.

Brooke: Well, my career has always brought me tremendous pride and joy.

Hope: Well. You were the face of the company for decades, mom. You were ceo. I mean, what can’t you do? You’ve got brains, beauty, talent, confidence. I mean, have you ever considered stepping up again? I mean, would you ever want to take a more active role in forrester?

Liam: Well, the suspense is a bit much.

Rj: Imagine how bill and luna are feeling right now.

Liam: Yeah, it sounds like they’re both kind of hoping it’ll work out.

Katie: According to li, poppy would love nothing more.

Luna: Okay, so how does this work? My mom said something about a swab, or?

Li: Well, it’s totally painless. I’ll swab the inside of your cheeks. Then we’ll insert the sample into a solution. Then we’ll dispense the solution onto a testing strip. Then we wait. Two stripes, bill’s the father. One stripe, he’s not.

Luna: Sounds easy enough.

Poppy: Exactly. No reason for you to barge in here.

Luna: Guys, can you please chill for like two seconds? This is a huge moment in our lives.

Poppy: Hey, yeah, sweetheart, I’m sorry. Let’s just get the test done.

Bill: Yeah, we’ve waited long enough.

Luna: That’s for sure.

Bill: Hopefully soon I will be told that you’re my daughter.

Breathing claritin clear

is like…

Ridge: We’re in a good place right now. The company’s making money, business is booming.

Steffy: Everything except hope for the future.

Ridge: Forget about hope for the future for a second. They’re gonna be fine. They’re gonna bounce back. Gotta be optimistic. Carter agrees, and he knows what he’s talking about. That’s why he’s here. And I’m here because I need to design. Because if I don’t, couture’s gonna suffer. It’s on you.

Steffy: On me? What– what do you mean? I mean– I mean yeah, I have the ability. I have the experience. But that is a big responsibility. And you know I have so much on my plate right now. Are you sure about this?

Hope: You should take on a real leadership position at the company. I mean, mom, the company never flourished as much than when you were in charge.

Brooke: Well, it was a thrilling part of my life. Really, I loved it. And I could run that company effectively. Distribute capital efficiently. And steffy, giving up on hope for the future. A lucrative line because of one mildly depressed season. I mean, that is– that is not competent leadership.

Hope: Look at you. You are all lit up. I mean, you want back in, don’t you?

Brooke: Maybe. I have a lot to offer. And there’s a lot that I would change. But ridge and steffy, are heads of forrester, and I don’t wanna step on any toes.

Hope: Hmm. You mean you don’t want to upset the high and mighty and all-knowing steffy forrester.

Brooke: Right.

Liam: You serious? Li called poppy a gold digger?

Katie: Apparently she has a type. Very wealthy.

Rj: She thinks that poppy’s trying to manipulate it so bill believes that he’s luna’s father.

[ Knock on door ]

Katie: Oh.

Tom: Hello? I’ve got a delivery for an rj.

Rj: That is me. Thank you so much.

Tom: Oh, well, you’re welcome. Here– here– here’s this.

Rj: Oh, thank you, napkins, yeah

Tom: Enjoy the pizza. It’s really good.

Rj: Well, you got the tip online, right?

Tom: Oh, yeah, I’m good. Thanks guys.

Rj: Thank you. I was hungry, so i ordered some pizzas. You– you want some?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, I– I could use a slice. Sure. I mean, it could be a while before we find out if luna is bill’s daughter.

Li: Now we wait. Soon you will know if your mother’s telling the truth. If bill really is your father. (Woman) purina one true instinct unlocked her true instincts.

Tom: Hey, boss.

Deacon: Hey, that was quick.

Tom: Yeah.

Deacon: Did everything go okay with the delivery?

Tom: Oh, no, it went really smooth.

Deacon: Yeah?

Tom: You know, they– they they tipped online? What– what does that mean?

Deacon: I’ll explain that to you later. You’re hired. All right.

Ridge: You know I don’t wanna make things more complicated for you, right? But I have to focus on design. You– you get that.

Steffy: Dad, it’s not that i can’t do the job, it’s just–

Ridge: I know you can. Of course you can. If anyone can do it, you can do it. But if you think you need help, then let’s find somebody. There’s gotta be somebody at forrester who can step up.

Hope: You were the best ceo. Our buyers miss you so much.

Brooke: Oh, and I miss them, too. Paloma in madrid. I mean, she was a dream to do business with.

Hope: Mom, I don’t think you can even begin to understand the amount of people who still continue to reach out asking about you. I mean, you go online. You’re still all that people can talk about. And not just because you are a brilliant creator and inventor of one of the most highly profitable, like, innovative formulas out there. But because you’re brooke logan. You’re a personality. You are a– a coveted legend in the fashion world.

Brooke: Well, thank you, honey. That’s very sweet of you to say.

Hope: Uh, I just think that you should be the one leading the company forward.

Brooke: There’s no room for me at the top. Steffy and ridge are co-ceo’S.

Hope: And how exactly did steffy become ceo? Her dad. It’s not like she put in years and years of hard work like you did. And now that she’s trying to erase the logan influence from the company. I mean, please. I would like to see what forrester creations would be without the logan influencE.

Brooke: I don’t like how she targeted you and your line. That’s for sure.

Hope: I’m just… I’m tired of it. For years and years, she’s acted like we’re beneath her. Like we’re trash from the valley. Okay, fine. Sure. Yes, you were a caterer’s daughter. But you got an education. And you worked your way up. And that is not something to be ashamed of. You created opportunity through your determination. And your willpower. And steffy? She doesn’t value that. It’s just an elitist attitude. And I am sick of it. Mom, please. I am begging you. Make your way back to the company. Take control. And together, we can put an end to steffy’s reckless leadership.

Liam: Well, that was a good idea. It’s phenomenal.

Katie: Definitely a needed distraction.

Rj: Yeah, I was hoping we would have some news by now.

Liam: Would you consider keeping me posted? I– I hate to be a jerk, but I’m late for a meeting.

Katie: Yeah, of course. Absolutely.

Rj: Wait. It’s luna. She says they’re taking the paternity test right now.

Li: Nervous, penelope?

Poppy: Wouldn’t you be, li? You can see how much luna wants bill to be her father.

Li: You’d like that too, wouldn’t you?

Luna: Okay, how much longer is it?

Bill: It’s gotta almost be time.

Li: Not much longer. I remember this house well. It’s really great to see you again, bill.

Luna: Wait, you two knew each other?

Li: Should I tell luna or should you?

Bill: Have at it.

Li: I’m sure you’ve heard of finn’s birth mother, sheila. Well, she ran me off the road one night.

[ Explosion ]

[ Li shouts ]

Luna: Oh my god.

Li: It was horrifying. I completely lost my memory. I was lost, confused, traumatized. Until a remarkable man found me.

Luna: Bill? Bill saved you?

Li: He brought me here. And took wonderful care of me.

Luna: Wow. I mean, what an incredible story to think that you had that experience with my aunt.

Li: Bill came into my life years ago, and now we’re waiting to see if he’s your father.

[ Beeping ]

Li: Well, look what we have here.

Luna: What is it? Is it one stripe or two?

Poppy: Come on, li. Stop playing games. Answer the question.

Bill: Am I luna’s father or not?

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B&B Transcript Monday, June 3, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane

Poppy: I’m sorry that I– I didn’t tell you both the truth sooner.

Bill: You have nothing to apologize for. Your priority has always been your daughter. I hope our daughter.

Luna: I hope so too.

Poppy: We can find out right away.

Katie: So, after denying that Luna was Bill’s daughter, Poppy just had a change of heart?

RJ: Maybe she didn’t want the public scrutiny of people saying that she was after him for his money. And she didn’t want her character questioned.

Katie: How long have you known her, RJ? Come on in.

Li: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. I’m looking for Steffy.

RJ: Hey. Steffy. Yeah, she’s in a meeting. She’s in a meeting right now. Do you want me to get her for you? Is it pressing?

Li: No. Not pressing. I was driving by. Thank you.

Katie: Oh, hi. Hold up just a second. I, um, I wanna talk to you about something. It’s about your sister? Apparently, she’s claiming that Bill is Luna’s father?

Hope: To even consider cutting Hope for the Future today is both impulsive and foolish, Ridge. I believe that your daughter has taken whatever issues she has with me too far.

Steffy: It’s not personal, Hope. It’s business. In order for a business to be successful, you need to make profits, not lose them.

Brooke: Hope for the Future’s in a transition.

Steffy: Okay, Carter, will you tell them how bad the numbers are?

Carter: They’re not good.

Steffy: Yeah, they’re not good. That’s why we need to pull the line. Can’t watch this tank. Those profits could go towards something better. More reliable lines.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Ridge, are you hearing this? You have to do something.

Donna: How was, uh, your workout?

Eric: It was amazing.

Donna: Yeah?

Eric: I got a lot done. I really accomplished a lot. I think I’ve earned myself three extremely dry martinis.

Donna: Ah-ha.

Eric: All right. Just one.

Donna: One martini, yeah.

Eric: So, anything happen while I was gone?

Donna: Well, um, Hope came here really upset because, uh, Steffy threatened to cancel Hope for the Future.

Eric: What?

Donna: Yeah. Obviously, Hope is devastated. I– I mean, she’s not gonna give up, but she is determined to try to save her line.

Carter: Brooke, Hope, I understand your frustration, but no decision has been made. I advise we have an official meeting about the future of H.F.T.F.

Ridge: I agree.

Steffy: Yeah. Brooke, will you excuse us?

Brooke: You’re asking me to leave?

Ridge: I’ll handle it.

Brooke: I hope you do. I know I haven’t played an important part in this company for quite some time. Maybe that was a mistake. You know how I feel. You know where I stand.

Steffy: Okay, let’s not waste any more time. We need to discuss the fate of Hope for the Future.

Li: My sister’s claiming Bill Spencer’s Luna’s father?

Katie: I would’ve thought that would be something that you would’ve known. I mean, that’s– I would never keep anything like that from my sisters.

Li: Your sisters aren’t manipulative opportunists.

Katie: What are you saying?

Li: My sister’s a gold digger.

Bill: We don’t have to wait much longer to learn the truth.

Poppy: We can find out today.

Bill: I know how important it is to you to finally find out who your father is. But you have to be ready. And if you are, I hope with everything in me that it proves that you’re my daughter.

RJ: Listen, I know you and your sister have a very tense relationship, but to call Poppy a gold digger, that’s not–

Li: It’s true. It’s true. My sister’s very manipulative. Don’t trust her.

Katie: So, you think she’s making this up? That Bill isn’t really Luna’s father?

Li: Yes. And I’m going to make sure this ends today. Do you know where my sister is?

RJ: Yes. She and Luna, they’re at Bill’s.

Donna: Uh, yeah. Maybe this will do.

Eric: Oh, all right, all right. I’ll wait. I’ll wait. I’ll wait.

Donna: Nothing new, but– Thank you.

Donna: Oh, hey. What? You’re back early. I– I just told Eric that, um, Steffy wants to cancel Hope for the Future.

Brooke: They’re having a meeting about it as we speak.

Eric: Well, what’s Ridge saying about this?

Brooke: Steffy asked me to leave before Ridge was able to say anything.

Donna: Wait, what? Steffy asked you to leave?

Brooke: I don’t know what Steffy’s thinking. But she is in for a rude awakening if she thinks she can cancel Hope for the Future without a fight.

Steffy: You’re making this personal, Hope. This is about what’s best for the company. It’s legacy. But I shouldn’t expect anything less coming from–

Hope: From what? A Logan? You want to talk about respecting the Forrester legacy. Uh, Carter, what is one of the biggest money makers for Forrester to this day? Something that was created in a lab here decades ago?

Carter: Brooke’s BeLieF formula continues to pay huge dividends, even all these years later.

Hope: And what else continues to be highly profitable?

Carter: The bedroom line.

Hope: Exactly. Both created by my mother, who you essentially just kicked out of this meeting. The disrespect that you have continued to show my family is ridiculous. I mean, you want to eliminate the Logan influence from– from Forrester when it’s our influence that has made Forrester the highly successful company that it is today. So, does that sound like strong leadership to you? Or someone who has a personal vendetta against my family and me?

Katie: Any news?

RJ: No. Look, I know that Li had a lot to say about Poppy, but it doesn’t change the fact that Bill could still be Luna’s dad.

Katie: How do you feel about that?

RJ: I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, it’s– it’s– it’s my girlfriend’s dad. And– and I’d be really happy for her if she got to know him, ’cause she’s wanted to for a long time. But on the other hand, come on, it’s Bill. Of all people, it’s Bill. And I just– How can I not worry if it turns out that he is Luna’s father?

Poppy: Okay, well, it’s pretty simple. We just need a swab from both of you.

Luna: Um, before we get started, I just– I just need to let you know that if you really do end up being my father, there are no expectations or obligations or anything like that.

Bill: Uh, Luna, I already told you. If you’re my daughter, there is nothing I wouldn’t do or give you. If the test says that I’m your dad, that makes me one hell of a lucky man.

Luna: All right. Okay, let’s do it.

Li: Hold it right there. I know what you’re up to.

Eric: I realize that Hope for the Future’s numbers haven’t been up to snuff, but, uh, but for Steffy to wanna cancel the line? No.

Donna: I cannot believe she actually asked you to leave. I mean, along with Eric, you practically made Forrester Creations, Brooke. I mean, you’ve done more for that company than Steffy ever has. Unbelievable.

Brooke: And I appreciate you saying that, sweetie, but all I can think about right now is Hope. She put everything into that line, and now Steffy wants to kill it? It’s just not right.

Hope: My mother’s contributions to Forrester are invaluable. So please tell me what revolutionary, highly profitable contributions you’ve made, Steffy?

Ridge: All right. Let’s all take a step back. Can we do that?

Carter: Guys, we’re here to make an unbiased, objective decision about Hope for the Future.

Hope: And how can an unbiased decision be made when the co-CEO is purposefully looking past the success that my mother and I have brought to this company?

Carter: Hope, we’re well aware that the BeLieF formula and the bedroom line have been integral to Forrester.

Ridge: And so is Hope for the Future.

Steffy: So what? You’re siding with Hope and Brooke?

Katie: I can understand your concern about Bill being Luna’s father, but I’m more concerned about Poppy. For her sister to say those things about her? I– I know that you say that Poppy is a strong, independent woman, but has she done anything or have you heard of anything that would cause you any alarm?

RJ: No. Poppy has her faults, yes, and yeah, she’s made some mistakes, but is she this conniving woman that her sister’s making her out to be? No, I don’t– I don’t think so.

Li: Looks like I got here right on time.

Bill: Li, what’s going on?

Li: Well, I heard about Penelope’s claim about you being Luna’s father.

Poppy: Yes, I said that it could be a possibility. Not that it’s any of your business.

Li: No, it’s my business, because Bill is Kelly’s grandfather, and I’m very protective of Finn’s family.

Poppy: Huh. Finn and his family don’t need protection from me.

Li: So you say. Tell me, why did it take you so long to tell Bill about Luna? Hm? I think I know why. He’s your M.O., right? Rich. Handsome. Rich.

Bill: All right, look, I don’t know what this dynamic is between the two of you, but if you think that’s what Poppy’s doing, you are way off base.

Li: No, you don’t know her like I do, Bill.

Poppy: Hm.

Li: You have no idea what she’s capable of.

Poppy: You are so out of line.

Li: Maybe. Maybe not. But we’ll soon find out. I will oversee the paternity test. I’m sure a licensed professional would give you all a strong peace of mind. We want to make sure the results are accurate, don’t we?

Donna: Hope cannot lose her line. She just– she just can’t.

Eric: Steffy’s a really good co-CEO. I’ve been very, very happy with what she’s done for a very long time now, but Forrester has a strong set of checks and balances in place. Anything she wants to decide, Ridge has to agree.

Brooke: And I have to believe he won’t. There’s no way that he’s going to let Steffy eliminate Hope for the Future in a personal attack against my daughter.

Ridge: You do all realize that we’re on the same team, yes?

Steffy: Are you really gonna listen to Hope and Brooke over–

Ridge: What I want right now is for us to take a–

Steffy: Dad, this is business.

Ridge: I know it’s business. And you’re right. I’m sorry. Hope for the Future hasn’t been performing well. But I believe in you and the team you put together, and I think pulling the plug on this is premature. Carter?

Carter: Let’s wait and see next quarter’s numbers. We can reassess then.

Ridge: I agree.

Carter: All right, we have that meeting with that potential buyer from Milan, Ridge. We should get going.

Ridge: You two, Thomas, you’re the future of this company. If we– if we can’t work together, we can’t succeed. So, do me a favor. Figure this out.

Steffy: Gloat all you want. It’s not gonna fix the mess that you’re in.

Hope: Um, please, Steffy, you know this was never about my line. Look, we don’t have to like each other, but I at least thought that we could work together, but I was wrong. You have continued to attack me and vilify my family. So fine, if you want to pretend that my family hasn’t helped make this company the huge success that it is today, all right, go for it. But we’re gonna prove you wrong.

RJ: I just can’t believe that Poppy is some gold digger out to trick Bill. I don’t believe it.

Katie: And you can say that with % certainty. Listen, you know, if Poppy is trying to pull a fast one, I’m just grateful that Li is there to stop her.

Li: We’ll use my test instead.

Poppy: This is ridiculous. It’s the same exact test.

Li: Yes, but mine’s sealed. I’ll administer it from beginning to end.

Poppy: Okay. This was an intimate moment between the three of us. Whatever the results are will have a huge impact on my daughter. Do you get that?

Li: Oh, yes, I do. But I want to be certain that Bill and Luna get the correct information.

Bill: I know your sister’s coming on a bit strong.

Poppy: Strong? She’s being disrespectful.

Bill: True. But she is a doctor.

Li: That’s right. I’m a professional. I can confidently oversee the test. Unless there’s a reason why you wouldn’t want me to?

Poppy: This isn’t about you. This is about Luna. I love my daughter. I want her to know the truth about her father.

Li: That’s why I’m here, Penelope. To make sure everything stays truthful.

Poppy: How dare you! How dare you suggest that I would do something so devious and underhanded!

Li: Because I know you, Penelope.

Luna: Aunt Li, please.

Li: I’m so sorry you’re in the middle of this. I really am. But this is your mother’s doing. Because there isn’t a chance in hell that Bill is Luna’s father. That’s why I’m doing the test.

Poppy: No, you’re not. I want you to leave. Now!

Bill: No. Li stay. We have nothing to hide, right?

Luna: Okay, I don’t care who does the test. The wait is killing me. I just– I need to know if Bill’s my father or not.

Li: It’s settled then. I’ll administer the test. Soon, we will find out if you are definitely Luna’s father. Or if you’re lying.

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B&B Transcript Friday, May 31, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Hope: Are you sure I didn’t scare donna off?

Brooke: You didn’t, honey. You heard her. She wanted to check on eric and make sure he was doing okay in his workout.

Katie: Well, that was her excuse. I have to admit all this talk of war with steffy feels a little intense.

Hope: Well, that’s exactly how it should feel. But steffy is about to find out that I am not going put up with her antics any longer.

Brooke: I just can’t believe that she would do this. Threaten to kill hope for the future.

Hope: Well, it’s not going to happen. I won’t let steffy do it.

Steffy: You seem shocked, but I’m serious, carter. I think it’s time we permanently end hope for the future.

Ridge: What’s this?

Steffy: We were just talking about the hope for the future numbers.

Ridge: No, I heard you. And you’re suggesting what? We get rid of hope’s line?

Bill: We don’t know for sure. Haven’t done the testing yet.

Liam: But, whoa. But she– she’s admitting this. Like, after all this time getting reacquainted with you, she’s only now telling you you could be her daughter’s father?

Bill: Better late than never.

Luna: Bill spencer could be my father?

Poppy: It’s possible. It’s highly possible.

Luna: I– what, I– I don’t understand. When I brought it up earlier, you–

Poppy: I wasn’t ready to face it yet, sweetie. I mean telling you. And telling him. I just wasn’t sure.

Luna: So, now you’re saying that I might’ve already met my father? And it’s bill spencer?

Poppy: Yes, honey. Yes.

Liam: I mean, you seem pretty psyched.

Bill: I am.

Liam: Just– okay. Is there any– any part of you that’s, I don’t know, upset with poppy? I mean, she’s been back in your life for a while now. You’d think it would’ve come up already, right?

Bill: She was afraid to tell me, liam.

Liam: Okay, but why?

Bill: Come on, you know as well as I do how many opportunistic gold diggers wanna tag me as their baby daddy? She didn’t want me to see her that way.

Liam: I mean, yeah, all right, fair. I get that. It– it’s just– there’s nothing wrong with tagging you if it’s true. And besides, luna’s an adult, right? It’s not like she’s coming at you for child support.

Bill: No, but– but there was something else. Another reason that poppy was afraid. Getting hurt. She’s in love with me, liam.

Poppy: I wish I knew how to explain.

Luna: I can’t understand. What, that you’re just telling me this now after all these years? That bill spencer could be my father?

Rj: Wait, what? Bill, actually?

Poppy: Uh, yes. He could be luna’s dad.

Luna: Can you believe it, rj? I might get to finally know my father.

Ridge: So you’re suggesting we cut a line that’s been a staple here for years?

Steffy: Well, forrester is couture, first and foremost. And I think we need to set aside our feelings and just focus on what’s best for the company.

Ridge: Oh, all right, so this is just business. There’s nothing personal about any of this stuff.

Hope: Steffy is trying to destroy every part of my life. I mean, she couldn’t be satisfied with just destroying my relationship to thomas. Sending my son out of the country. No, now she has to go after my job.

Brooke: Not just your job. Hope for the future. And that’s been your passion for years.

Katie: Right, and the message behind it.

Hope: But steffy doesn’t care about the message. Don’t you see? She doesn’t care about what good it does in the world. All she cares about is about sticking it to me and to our family. Because believe me, it is not just about the line. It’s about her versus the logan’S. And I am tired of her continually attacking us. And I’m not going to stand for it any longer.

In our family there was

a passion for glass

making that’s passed down

through the generations. We

stood on somepretty broad shoulders to get to where we are at today. On ancestry I was able to actually put together our family tree. Each person is a glass worker.

That’s why we do what we do.

We can’t help it. The glass blowing – that’s a part of our dna.

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Bill: Poppy said that she never truly loved a man before.N! With rates from $249 per person per night. Visit beaches.Com or call 1-800-beaches

Bill: Poppy said that she never truly loved a man before. Till me.

Liam: Well, that’s, uh, that’s intense.

Bill: Yeah, very. And it explains her fear of getting hurt.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, I guess and you reed her, it’s like you’re rejecting poppy an and you reject

[ Upbeat music ]

Hope: Are you sure I didn’t scare donna off?

Brooke: You didn’t, honey. You heard her. She wanted to check on eric and make sure he was doing okay in his workout.

Katie: Well, that was her excuse. I have to admit all this talk of war with steffy feels a little intense.

Hope: Well, that’s exactly how it should feel. But steffy is about to find out that I am not going put up with her antics any longer.

Brooke: I just can’t believe that she would do this. Threaten to kill hope for the future.

Hope: Well, it’s not going to happen. I won’t let steffy do it.

Steffy: You seem shocked, but I’m serious, carter. I think it’s time we permanently end hope for the future.

Ridge: What’s this?

Steffy: We were just talking about the hope for the future numbers.

Ridge: No, I heard you. And you’re suggesting what? We get rid of hope’s line?

Bill: We don’t know for sure. Haven’t done the testing yet.

Liam: But, whoa. But she– she’s admitting this. Like, after all this time getting reacquainted with you, she’s only now telling you you could be her daughter’s father?

Bill: Better late than never.

Luna: Bill spencer could be my father?

Poppy: It’s possible. It’s highly possible.

Luna: I– what, I– I don’t understand. When I brought it up earlier, you–

Poppy: I wasn’t ready to face it yet, sweetie. I mean telling you. And telling him. I just wasn’t sure.

Luna: So, now you’re saying that I might’ve already met my father? And it’s bill spencer?

Poppy: Yes, honey. Yes.

Liam: I mean, you seem pretty psyched.

Bill: I am.

Liam: Just– okay. Is there any– any part of you that’s, I don’t know, upset with poppy? I mean, she’s been back in your life for a while now. You’d think it would’ve come up already, right?

Bill: She was afraid to tell me, liam.

Liam: Okay, but why?

Bill: Come on, you know as well as I do how many opportunistic gold diggers wanna tag me as their baby daddy? She didn’t want me to see her that way.

Liam: I mean, yeah, all right, fair. I get that. It– it’s just– there’s nothing wrong with tagging you if it’s true. And besides, luna’s an adult, right? It’s not like she’s coming at you for child support.

Bill: No, but– but there was something else. Another reason that poppy was afraid. Getting hurt. She’s in love with me, liam.

Poppy: I wish I knew how to explain.

Luna: I can’t understand. What, that you’re just telling me this now after all these years? That bill spencer could be my father?

Rj: Wait, what? Bill, actually?

Poppy: Uh, yes. He could be luna’s dad.

Luna: Can you believe it, rj? I might get to finally know my father.

Ridge: So you’re suggesting we cut a line that’s been a staple here for years?

Steffy: Well, forrester is couture, first and foremost. And I think we need to set aside our feelings and just focus on what’s best for the company.

Ridge: Oh, all right, so this is just business. There’s nothing personal about any of this stuff.

Hope: Steffy is trying to destroy every part of my life. I mean, she couldn’t be satisfied with just destroying my relationship to thomas. Sending my son out of the country. No, now she has to go after my job.

Brooke: Not just your job. Hope for the future. And that’s been your passion for years.

Katie: Right, and the message behind it.

Hope: But steffy doesn’t care about the message. Don’t you see? She doesn’t care about what good it does in the world. All she cares about is about sticking it to me and to our family. Because believe me, it is not just about the line. It’s about her versus the logan’S. And I am tired of her continually attacking us. And I’m not going to stand for it any longer.

In our family there was

a passion for glass

making that’s passed down

through the generations. We

stood on somepretty broad shoulders to get to where we are at today. On ancestry I was able to actually put together our family tree. Each person is a glass worker.

That’s why we do what we do.

We can’t help it. The glass blowing – that’s a part of our dna.

It’s in my blood,

it’s in my history.

It’s my job to make sure

that this shop makes it

to the next generation. Wanna know a secret? More than just my armpits stink. That’s why I use secret whole body deodorant… everywhere. 4 out of 5 gynecologists would recommend whole body deodorant, which gives you 72 hour odor protection from your pits to your- (sfx: Deoderant being sprayed) secret whole body deodorant. With the freestyle libre 3 system know your glucose levels. No fin gersticks needed. All with the world’s smallest and th innest sensor. Manage your di abetes with more confidence and lower your a1c. Try it for free at freestylelibre.Us give damaged hair deep repair. Everpure bond repair from l’oreal paris. Our system with bonding care complex repairs weak inner hair bonds and strengthens hair in just one use. Prevents breakage as well as a $90 routine. Everpure from l’oreal paris. You’re worth it. No, my denture’s uncomfortable! Dracula, let’s fight back against discomfort. With new poligrip power max hold & comfort. It has superior hold plus keeps us comfy all day with it’s pressure absording layer. Time for a bite!

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Bill: Poppy said that she never truly loved a man before. Till me.

Liam: Well, that’s, uh, that’s intense.

Bill: Yeah, very. And it explains her fear of getting hurt.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, I guess if she told you about luna and you rejected her, it’s like you’re rejecting poppy and her daughter.

Bill: But liam, you’ve got to understand, it’s always just been poppy and luna. You know, they have an extraordinarily tight bond. And it’s taken poppy a long time to come to terms with sharing her daughter with anyone else.

Liam: But you- you’ve, I mean, you’ve thought about this and you’re ready and willing if it does turn out.

Bill: Absolutely. Yeah, I– I told poppy that if I’m luna’s dad, I am going to make a place for both of them in my life.

Liam: Wow. Well, wait a second. Does luna know about any of this?

Bill: As a matter of fact, poppy’s talking to her about it right now. And I hope she’s as excited as I am.

Rj: You’ve been wanting to know who your father is forever. I’m so happy for you. Even if it is bill.

Luna: Okay, okay, well, we don’t know for sure yet, but I’m dying to know if it’s true.

Poppy: Well, let’s go to bill now and put this in motion. He’s expecting us. I told him that I wanted to break the news to you first.

Luna: Yeah, yeah, let’s do it.

Poppy: Okay.

Luna: Wish me luck.

Rj: Yeah, good luck.

Steffy: I don’t know what you’re suggesting. Okay, look, is hope my favorite person? Absolutely not. But if her line were bringing in the numbers like it used to be, then I would be telling carter to fund the hell out of it.

Carter: Ridge, your daughter’s proven herself. She’s a smart businesswoman. There’s a reason why she’s co-ceo of this company.

Ridge: And there’s a reason why you do what you do. You agree with this?

Carter: I don’t disagree.

Steffy: I wouldn’t think of cutting the line if it was as successful as it used to be. But it isn’T. And now that thomas is gone, I don’t think it ever will be again.

Hope: If he wants to go to battle with the logan’s, fine. Let her. She won’t win.

Brooke: Honey, do you really think that’s what this is about?

Hope: I mean, mom, she’s practically despised our family for, I don’t know, most of her life. It’s like stephanie passed it down to her with her name.

Katie: Hope isn’t wrong about that.

Brooke: Okay, so what do we do? How do we stop her?

Hope: Well, for starters, I don’t think we should be having this conversation here. I think we should be at forrester creations, in the trenches, not sitting on the sidelines and just letting steffy steamroll us all.

Katie: Well, she is ceo. She has authority.

Hope: Co-ceo. With ridge. Which… why am I even saying that? We don’t even need ridge. Mom, you have clout there. Everything you have done for that company, no really, you’ve taken a backseat there for far too long.

Katie: Hope could be right. Your contributions to forrester are legendary. They continue to pay huge dividends and to this day, and we were just talking to your mother about becoming more involved in the company. I mean, you used to have such a place of prominence.

Hope: Well, maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time to reclaim your place at forrester creations. Reclaim your power. Katie and I will support you. And who knows? Maybe with us together working as a team, steffy won’t stand a chance. All of the things thatyou’re looking for in a pad, that is always discreet. Look at how it absorbs all the liquid. Oh my gosh! And locking it right on in. Look at that! Totally absorbed. I got to get some always discreet.

Katie: Oh, hey, rj.

Rj: Hey.

Katie: Nice to see a friendly face.

Rj: Hmm?

Katie: Oh, nothing, just sometimes it feels like there are teams around here. Uh, my sister and hope are looking for steffy. Do you know where she is?

Rj: Uh, steffy, um, yeah, she’s, uh, she’s across the hall.

Katie: Are you okay? Seems like your mind is elsewhere.

Rj: Yeah, you could say that.

Katie: Rj? What’s up?

Rj: I just– I walked in on luna and poppy earlier. You know who poppy is, it’s luna’s mom?

Katie: Yeah, we’ve met.

Rj: Right. Well, she had some huge news for luna. She’s been keeping it a secret, who luna’s father is.

Katie: Okay.

Rj: Well, the secret’s out. Um, turns out her father might be bill.

Katie: What?

Poppy: Bill?

Bill: Hi.

Luna: Hey.

Bill: So it looks like your mom gave you the news.

Luna: Yeah, she did.

Bill: I imagine you’re in a bit of shock right now. I know I am. I mean, this is so crazy, right? We were just talking about this not that long ago.

Luna: Yeah, and we both thought it was impossible, but now…

Bill: But now, it could be true. I might be your dad. How do you feel about that, luna?

Ridge: Steffy, I don’t ever wanna question your instincts as the ceo of this company. I love what you do. You’ve grown into this businesswoman, this– this person that can deal with the corporate world, and– and you’re good at it. You love it. I don’T. I– I just wanna get back to designing, that’s it.

Carter: Ridge, what are you saying?

Steffy: Are you thinking about stepping down?

Brooke: Oh, good. Just the people I wanna talk to.

Steffy: Ah, we’re in the middle of a very important meeting.

Brooke: Have you heard what your daughter’s up to? She wants to cancel hope for the future.

Ridge: We were just talking about that, yeah.

Brooke: A line that has a proven track record, has been very profitable for this company.

Steffy: Well, that was then. We’re talking about now.

Ridge: And we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Hope: Well, I’m not going to let steffy kill hope for the future. Not without a fight. Missing out on the things you love because of asthma? Get back to better breathing with fasenra, an add-on treatment for eosinophilic asthma that is taken once every 8 weeks. Fasenra is not for sudden breathing problems or other eosinophilic conditions. Allergic reactions may occur. Don’t stop your asthma treatments without talking with your doctor. Tell your doctor if your asthma worsens. Headache and sore throat may occur. Tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. Step back out there with fasenra. Ask your doctor if it’s right for you. Want the power of 5 serum benefits in 1? Olay super serum activates on skin to hydrate, smooth, visibly firm, brighten, and improve texture. It’s my best skin yet. Olay my name is juanita segura, and I was diagnosed in november of 2014 with non-small cell lung cancer. Through just doing online activity, I found out about biomarker testing.

[Juanita segura] My fear was I wasn’t going to be here to see my children grow up. That gave me hope, knowing that I have that chance. Ask your doctor how comprehensive biomarker testing before treatment treatment may help you decide on the best treatment for you. Visit noonemissed dot org for more.

Steffy: Hope, I appreciate your passion for the line. It’s part of what made it so popular.

Brooke: So you admit, hope for the future is successful.

Steffy: Was successful. Fashion evolves, and so do we.

Brooke: Steffy, this has nothing to do with the company. This is about you and your vendetta against my daughter.

Steffy: Okay, I don’t know what hope told you, but this is not a personal attack.

Hope: Are you really going to stand there and say that with a straight face?

Steffy: It’s a business decision. Carter, tell her. Tell her about the numbers.

Carter: It’s true.

Hope: Well, in this moment, yes. The line is in a period of transition, and we all know why. Steffy got into thomas’ head and urged him to move out of the country.

Steffy: Okay, that’s not what happened. And honestly, if you believe you only need one designer for hope for the future and he’s not there–

Hope: Hope for the future has a strong, creative design team with or without thomas. And I am certain that we will bounce back.

Brooke: Yes, you will. I believe in you, honey. And your line. Ridge, it’s your turn to chime in here as co-ceo. Steffy says this isn’t personal, but we all know better. She is determined to take every bit of happiness from hope. Her relationship with thomas, her son, and now her line? Come on, this is ridiculous. This is going a little bit too far, don’t you think?

Steffy: Dad, please do not listen to brooke. She is being an overprotective mom, and she only cares about hope’s wants and needs. That’s not how it works around here. I think we need to talk about this. Hope for the future needs to come to an end. Today.

Rj: Listen, listen, I get it’s a shock for you for so many reasons, but it does kind of add up.

Katie: Oh yeah, oh yeah, it does, absolutely. I mean, poppy runs across this extremely rich guy that she hooked up with years ago, and suddenly he’s the father of her child.

Rj: Aunt katie, come on, you’re not saying…

Katie: Why hasn’t she come forward sooner?

Rj: I don’t know. She’s proud of being able to raise luna on her own and not needing the father’s help.

Katie: Well, I hope he’s at least smart enough to get confirmation.

Rj: Aunt katie though, if this is true, and bill is luna’s father, then your son just gained a sister.

Bill: If you have mixed feelings, I totally get that. I mean, I wouldn’t expect you to embrace the idea right away. But if I am lucky enough to be your dad, that would make me incredibly happy.

Luna: Um, I’ve wanted to know who my father is for a really long time, and it’s always been like this question mark hanging over my head for like all my life. And now for the first time, my mom’s given me a name, and it’s not just any name or any man. It’s– it’s a man that I can tell my mom loves, and a man that’s been nothing but good and kind to me.

Bill: I will continue to be that person no matter what we find out. That is my promise to you. But if it’s true, and I am lucky enough to be your dad, I promise you I will step up in every way. And I will be the best dad to you that I could possibly be.

Poppy: Well, we can find out right away. I picked this up on my way to see luna. Unless you’d rather wait and– and test at the hospital?

Bill: No, no, no, no. It makes some kind of public spectacle out of this. That’s the last thing I want. These tests are very reliable, and honestly, I don’t wanna wait any longer. Uh… luna, you deserve to know. Is that what you want?

Luna: Yes, definitely. The sooner the better. I wanna know. I– I’m praying that this test proves you’re my father.

Steffy: Here’s a look at what’s ahead…

Luna: Okay, let’s do it.

Li: Hold it right there.

Hope: The disrespect that you have continued to show my family is ridiculous.

Ridge: So, what do you say?

Steffy: Here’s a look

Steffy: Here’s a look at what’s ahead…

Luna: Okay, let’s do it.

Li: Hold it right there.

Hope: The disrespect that you have continued to show my family is ridiculous.

Ridge: So, what do you say? Will you help steffy and me lead this company forward.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Hope: You can’t be serious.

Steffy: I don’t say things I don’t mean, especially when it comes to the fiscal health of this company. Tough decisions have to be made.

Hope: And you’re making this decision without any input from me.

Steffy: Hope, your line is in trouble. I wish that weren’t the case.

Hope: I somehow seriously doubt that.

Steffy: Okay, you can think whatever you want, but I have to think about this company. If that means cutting your line, then I’ll have to do that.

Brooke: You’re not sure about luna’s mother?

Donna: What exactly do you mean by that?

Katie: Just what I said.

Brooke: Well, you told us that she and bill are an item, but you and bill are close too, despite the fact that you’re not married anymore.

Donna: So, we have to ask you again, sis. Is there still a part of you that wants another chance with bill?

Bill: It’s really true. You and I could have a daughter together.

Poppy: Yes.

Bill: I mean, I could be the dad that luna never had growing up.

Poppy: Yes, bill. Yes, you could be luna’s father.

Luna: My mom’s told you that I don’t know who my father is. Well, has she ever mentioned anything or any ideas on who it could be?

Bill: We discussed it. And for a while, I thought, maybe hoped, that it could be me.

Luna: Is bill spencer my father?

Poppy: No, honey. Bill isn’t your father.

Li: I need to speak with you, luna. It can’t wait.

Luna: What can’t?

Li: Your mother and bill’s relationship. I need to know where things stand. Tell me everything.

Katie: I’ve already said that I don’t see a future with bill.

Donna: Yes, you said that, but is that how you really feel?

Katie: Are– are you accusing me of not knowing my own heart, my own mind?

Brooke: We are not accusing you. We love you.

Donna: Sweetie, we just want you to be happy.

Katie: I am happy.

Donna: Okay. But could you be happier? You know, if you had what you once had with bill. When things were really good between you two.

Li: I know poppy’s been spending a lot of time with bill, but I’m also aware that your mother has a history. A pattern of dating older, very wealthy men. I don’t think her intentions are pure.

Luna: So you’re saying my mom uses men? That she’s a gold digger?

Li: That’s precisely what I’m saying.

Poppy: I’m so sorry for not being more transparent with you earlier.

Bill: No, you– you don’t have to apologize. I understand. You were afraid. You have nothing to be afraid of. This could be the most incredible blessing. And not just for you and me, but especially for luna. We both know what needs to happen next, poppy. A paternity test. Today.

Hope: You can’t just shut me out like this.

Steffy: I’m not. I’m including you in the decision making. Especially where the financial viability of hope for the future is concerned.

Hope: Well, if that were true, I– I feel like I would’ve been a part of the conversation much earlier, so that I could make some corrections in order to save the line.

Steffy: Okay, how could you do that?

Hope: Oh, so in other words, you are tanking the line.

Steffy: As co-ceo of this company, it’s my job to make this company more profitable. Make tough decisions, hope.

Hope: Exactly. Co-ceo. Steffy, you aren’t running this company just on your own. I mean, have you even run this by ridge?

Steffy: Okay, that’s besides the point.

Hope: Because he had a very different view.

Steffy: It’s besides the point, hope. Okay, well, you know, I think it is– it is the point, if what I suspect is true.

Steffy: Which is?

Hope: That this decision to cut my line, it’s not strictly business. And I’m right, aren’t I?

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Steffy: Seriously, you think I’m canceling your line to teach you a lesson?

Hope: Oh, so you admit you are canceling it.

Steffy: That is yet to be determined.

Hope: Oh, but it’s heading that way.

Steffy: Hope for the future has lost its footing.

Hope: Well, I’m not the one who strong-armed thomas into taking my son and leaving the country and costing my line its lead designer.

Steffy: Okay, thomas had to do what was best for him. And his son. So, we’re done talking about it.

Hope: Well, of course we are, because you know–

Steffy: The one thing I know is that I’ve been concerned about hope for the future for a very long time. And I gave you time. You and your team to pull it together, but you haven’T. Now, it’s time to take action. So yes, I will be talking to my father. And I will be talking to carter. A decision has to be made on your line.

Katie: Wow, you two really know how to put your little sister on the spot.

Donna: Sweetie, that– that is not what this is about. We just wanna make sure that you’ve really turned the page with bill or is there something more that you wanna explore?

Brooke: We can tell on some level you still love him and miss him. Unless we’re misreading you. Are we?

Katie: No, you’re not entirely off base. I mean, bill gave me a life. We had a lot of good times together. He opened up the world for me, in a way. He gave me a love that I never could’ve imagined. And the best gift of all, our son. I mean, will, is– he is– he is the light of my life.

Brooke: And bill’S.

Katie: Yeah, he’s been a remarkable father to will. He really has. And we’ve had a lot of amazing times as a family.

Donna: Look, you and bill share– share a child together and that is something luna’s mother will never have with bill.

Luna: Please, aunt li, let’s not do this again. Okay, I realize that you and my mom have your differences, but–

Li: It’s much more than that. I see who poppy really is. The way she’s lived her life.

Luna: She’s lived her life raising me. And caring for me and– and loving me.

Li: Spoken like a loyal, devoted daughter. Who perhaps is wearing blinders where her mother is concerned.

Luna: Until recently, maybe that was true. Maybe I did put her on a pedestal, but I’ve realized that she’s human. And she’s gonna make mistakes, just like the rest of us. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love her. And I’m not gonna defend her when I feel like she’s being unfairly attacked.

Li: By me. Because of what I said about her and bill.

Luna: My mom has fallen for bill. He means a lot to her.

Li: Of course, he does. He ticks all the boxes. He’s handsome, older, rich, very rich, but he’s also kelly’s grandfather. And as everyone knows how protective I am of finn’s family. I won’t allow poppy to take advantage of bill.

Luna: Okay, this is ridiculous. My mom’s feelings towards bill are nothing but genuine. And he’s crazy about her, too.

Bill: Luna could actually be my daughter.

Poppy: You really want that?

Bill: I can’t wait. Are you kidding me? You know, luna has spent her– her whole life not knowing who her father is. And if it’s me, I’ve gotta make up for lost time. I wanna get that relationship going yesterday. We need to do this paternity test. Right now, today.

Poppy: Hey, I agree. But– but first, I wanna talk to luna alone.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I just hope she’s as excited as I am about the possibility of me being her father.

Katie: I appreciate both of you saying what you’re saying, but bill and I have been apart for quite some time and he seems quite smitten with luna’s mom.

Brooke: Maybe. But it seems deep down, he would like to reunite will’s family.

Donna: And not just for will’s sake. Look, if the love that you have for bill has never gone away, katie…

Hope: Hi. Mom, please. Katie, donna, I’m sorry to interrupt. I just– I heard my mom was here, so.

Brooke: Hi, honey. What’s up?

Hope: Um, I just came from a meeting with steffy and something needs to be done about her. She’s completely out of control.

Carter: It doesn’t look good. I mean, hope for the future’s in transition, but these latest projections…

Steffy: They’re worse than what we expected.

Carter: It’s definitely falling short. But like ridge said, if we give the line time to bounce back.

Steffy: Carter, you’re our coo. Do you really think we should just wait around, cross our fingers, until hope for the future comes roaring back? I didn’t think so.

Liam: Okay, you have been pushing me to get this deal wrapped for weeks now. I’ve been working day and night, nonstop, just to make it happen for you. And then finally, when we’re down to the wire, I can’t find you. I gotta come chase you down at home just to get a– a sig– a– hello? Hello, dollar bill spencer. Hi.

Bill: What? What? What?

Liam: Have you heard a– a–

Bill: No, no, I haven’t heard. No, not really, ’cause you’re like, blah, blah, blah.

Liam: Okay. Ooh, not sure what to do here. Um, what is going on with you today?

Bill: Um, well, poppy was here just before you arrived.

Liam: Oh. Oh. Oh, god. Did I almost interrupt like a–

Bill: No, no, no, no, no. It’s not what you think.

Liam: Okay. What is it, then?

Bill: What is it? Uh, it’S… well, poppy, uh, told me something that was just mind-blowing.

Poppy: Hey, luna? Can you take a break? I really need to talk to you.

Luna: Mom, I’m working.

Poppy: This is important. Very much so.

Luna: What? What’s going on?

Poppy: There’s something you need to know. It’s about your father. To give your teeth a dentist clean feeling.

Liam: You said poppy just left?

Bill: Yeah.

Liam: You guys argue?

Bill: What? Do I look upset to you?

Liam: No.

Billy: Angry?

Liam: No.

Bill: Well, then?

Liam: Well, then what?

Bill: Ah, you know, liam, you are my son, and I consider you to be a fairly intuitive person, and yet, when it comes to read your old man, you’re like, whew. When I said that poppy told me something mind-blowing, I meant in a good way. Hell, in a great way. I mean, I’m thrilled.

Liam: Oh. Okay. All right. You’re thrilled. You’re thrilled? I’m thrilled you’re thrilled. What– what– what– what are we thrilled about?

Bill: Ah, life, liam. Just life. Poppy and I were reminiscing about that– that one night that

Liam: Music festival. We spent together.

Bill: Yeah, yes. Well, um, the one regret that i always had is that it was just that one night, that I let all of my business distractions get in the way, and I– I never reached out to poppy again. And I– I never even thought for a moment that there was a possibility that– that, um… well, poppy, she told me something yesterday. And, uh, liam, poppy finally admitted that I could be luna’s father.

Luna: My father? What about him?

Poppy: Um, I know that for most of your life, you’ve wondered who your father is.

Luna: Yeah. Only you’d never tell me, for reasons I still don’t completely understand.

Poppy: I’m sorry, sweetheart. It’s– it’s just that I loved our life together so much that I didn’t think that I needed anyone except– except my beautiful and my precious daughter.

Luna: And what, that’s changed?

Poppy: Over 20 years ago, on one magical and unforgettable night, I was with the most amazing and unique man. It’s a man that I fell in love with from the moment I saw him. And that’s why I always told you that you were made from love.

Luna: Okay, mom, I need to know. You have to open up. You need to finally tell me who my father is.

Poppy: Yes, and this is why I’m here, to give you the incredible news. Now, I am not 100% certain, but there is a chance, a very good chance, that your father… is bill.

Luna: What? Bill? My– my father could be bill spencer?

Poppy: Yes. Yes, honey.

Luna: Oh, my god. I– I’ve almost given up hope to ever knowing, uh– uh… and to hear you say that it– it might be bill spencer?

Carter: You’re really considering killing hope’s line?

Steffy: Hope for the future is underperforming in a very big way, and thomas isn’t here to save the day.

Carter: I know, but come on, steffy. There’s no way brooke will let that happen.

Steffy: Well, brooke isn’t ceo, carter. I am.

Brooke: What has steffy done now?

Hope: Oh, you won’t believe it. Actually, wait, what am I talking about? What am I saying? You will believe it because it is just so typical of her.

Brooke: What is?

Hope: Well, pulling rank. You know, her vindictiveness. I, look, I– I am not going to deny the fact that hope for the future is going through a rough patch right now, given the way that thomas left.

Brooke: Thanks to steffy convincing him to run off to paris and leaving you and your line in a lurch.

Hope: Exactly. That is something that takes time to recover from. And I knew it was going to be challenging and I wasn’t about to throw in the towel. I mean, hope for the future means so much to me, and it is so much more than a clothing line. It’s about empowering women and backing the causes that we care about. And that doesn’t matter to steffy at all. My name is on the line, she wants to destroy it, just like she’s trying to destroy me.

Donna: Wait, hope, what are you saying? This– this–

Hope: Well, steffy’s already helped destroy my relationship to thomas. You know, encouraged him to move across the world and took my son with him, and now she’s trying to take hope for the future away from me as well.

Brooke: What? No, sweetheart.

Hope: No, mom, it’s true. Steffy wants to cancel hope for the future. She says that it’s a business decision, but we all know that is not the case. This is about her personal vendetta against me. This is about her trying to take something that I care so much about away from me yet again, and I am tired of it. I’m not going to allow it, mom. Look, I’ve tried to play nice, but if she wants to do this, if she wants to go after my line and pit the forresters against the logans, then let her. Steffy has another think coming and she’s going to regret it because this time, it’s war.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Yes, we are very excited to be working with you next season. I’ll have my father contact you personally about the fitting. All right. Ciao, mariella. Buona notte.

Hope: You wanted to see me?

Steffy: I did. Ah, could you please close the door? I’ll just get right to the point. We need to discuss hope for the future.

Bill: Do you know who luna’s father is? Could it be me?

Poppy: Yes, bill. It could be you. You might be luna’s father. Here.

Bill: Thanks.

Poppy: You must be tired. You were tossing and turning all night.

Bill: Well, can you blame me after what you told me yesterday? Your daughter could be my daughter.

Rj: Are you serious? That you wish that, you know, bill spencer could be your dad?

Luna: Yeah, I think about it sometimes.

Rj: Even though your mom denied it?

Luna: I mean, my mom and bill had just started reconnecting when I first brought it up. And don’t get me wrong, okay? I– I think about us a lot more often. But I don’t know. I can’t help but find myself wondering about bill. What that would be like, especially now that they’ve gotten so much closer.

Brooke: Hm. I do miss seeing you at the office, eric.

Eric: Yeah, you better. I’m glad to hear it. Although, I am enjoying myself here, taking my time, healing and spending time with donna. Planning a trip here and there, and allowing ridge and steffy to run the business for the time being.

Brooke: And they do. I mean, ridge grumbles about not having enough time to design.

Eric: He does.

Brooke: We all know how important it is for the two of you to spend time together.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: But quite frankly, sis, I think you should spend some more time at the office again.

Eric: Actually, I think that’s a really good idea. I mean, you’ve contributed a lot to our success.

Brooke: Oh, well, thank you. But like you, I have taken a step back.

Eric: If that’s what you wanna do, that’s fine. But, um, we can always use your input.

Brooke: Well, I do miss having an active role at the business.

Eric: You’re a legend in the business. You really are. I mean, the belief formula alone, let alone brooke’s bedroom and the first men’s line, all of them innovations that we couldn’t have done without.

Donna: Oh, he is so right. If you wanna get back there, you should just go for it.

Brooke: I’m not sure how steffy would feel about that.

Katie: Hello, hello.

Donna: Hello. Oh, my gosh, you got my message. Thank you for coming.

Eric: The house is full of logans. Very nice.

Katie: Isn’t it nice? Oh, and since you’re both here, I wanna share a little news. I stopped by bill’s yesterday and met the new woman in his life.

Donna: Anyone we know?

Katie: Luna’s mother, poppy.

Rj: I just didn’t realize you still wondered about bill being your father.

Luna: Yeah, sometimes. You know, if he could be or what he’d be like. I know, I know it’s stupid. My mom already said that bill isn’t my dad, but then again, she said that about every guy in her past, so.

Rj: I don’t understand. Why has your mom been so secretive about who your father is?

Bill: Luna could really be my daughter.

Poppy: Are you absolutely sure that you’re not upset?

Bill: Upset, no– I told you last night, I’m not upset. I’m– I’m surprised. I mean, I asked you before and you didn’t want me to know?

Poppy: I was afraid.

Bill: Afraid of what?

Poppy: You and I hadn’t been seeing each other very long, and then luna and I were at odds. There was just a lot to consider. I raised luna on my own. We were a team. That’s how I raised her. I’m an independent woman and I never needed a man. Or so I thought. Until you.

Hope: Well, I can run back to the design office so you can see our newest designs.

Steffy: No, no, no, you don’t have to do that.

Hope: I– I thought you said this was about hope for the future.

Steffy: Yes, it’s current iteration. Look, rj and zende, they are great designers, but the collection hasn’t been the same since thomas left, so…

Hope: Well, I don’t disagree, but, uh, thomas also left in large part due to your interference, steffy. I have active psoriatic arthritis.

Steffy: No, no, no, no, no. Don’t blame me for what happened between you and thomas.

Hope: Well, I wasn’t the one who told him to leave town with douglas.

Steffy: You’re the reason why thomas left.

Hope: You know how much I miss them and how difficult this has been for me. Having to be a mother halfway across the world, having to hear the change in thomas’s voice on the phone.

Steffy: I know you’re dealing with a lot. That’s why I delayed this conversation with you.

Hope: About hope for the future?

Steffy: Yes.

Hope: Okay, well, I’ve already had this discussion with ridge and carter, and they both assured me that I would have the company’s support during this transitory time.

Steffy: That was then, but as co-ceo, it’s my job–

Hope: Steffy, do I need to remind you that you essentially were the one who packed thomas’s bags and shipped him to another country? I understand that we need results, but results take time. But I’m putting together an entirely new creative team here, and I would really appreciate some patience and understanding, but honestly, when it comes to you, steffy, you’ve never wanted to give that to me. Gosh, I have put up with it for so long, but honestly, enough is enough, steffy. I’m not going to let you mess with my life anymore.

Brooke: So, bill and poppy have known each other over 20 years?

Donna: And you have never heard of her before?

Katie: Apparently, they were just together that one night, and then they lost contact with each other until they randomly bumped into each other again. I mean, I– I have a lot of questions, but it didn’t really seem like the time. They didn’t seem like they were expecting company, and I don’t know, bill seems quite taken with her.

Eric: We all think the world of luna.

Donna: And if she’s anything like her mother, poppy must be lovely too.

Brooke: Luna is very much her own person.

Donna: Yeah, I wonder– I wonder actually if– if luna is getting to know bill, because if– if bill and poppy are getting close like this, it would make sense for them all to want to get along.

Eric: I can’t imagine a man as full of himself as bill is wanting to have any role in luna’s life.

Luna: Yeah, I don’t know. Like, I– I thought that it’d be different when I got older, like when I finally became an adult, she’d tell me who my dad is, but she’s actually become more reluctant to talk about it.

Rj: Well, you told her it won’t change your relationship with her.

Luna: Yeah, but maybe she doesn’t believe me. Or maybe she’s afraid that it will. Sometimes, it felt like she didn’t want someone coming in. You know, she don’t want someone interfering with our little family.

Rj: You said she dated, right?

Luna: Yeah, but it was nothing serious. Like they were nice guys, but there was no commitment.

Rj: I mean, maybe that’s just not poppy’s thing.

Luna: Or maybe if it was the right guy, the guy that she truly loved and loved her back.

Rj: Someone like bill spencer?

Bill: I– I guess what I couldn’t wrap my head around yesterday, and I’m still having a hard time with it today, is you didn’t want me to be luna’s father?

Poppy: No, it wasn’t that.

Bill: But then– then what? Because you obviously didn’t feel like you could be honest with me.

Poppy: It’s not a simple yes or no answer for me, bill. All right? Luna’s paternity is a very complex and emotionally charged question for me. And when you asked me a while back, I just– I got overwhelmed thinking about the fallout. I’ve never loved a man. I’ve only ever loved my daughter. She’s my everything. And I’ve only ever been completely committed to her and only her.

Bill: And that’s commendable. But poppy, if– if you thought that I was luna’s father, I mean, I told you how happy that would make me, how proud I would be.

Poppy: Please try to understand that I didn’t tell you the truth because I wasn’t ready to face it. My sister, li, has berated me for most of my life, calling me an opportunist, a gold digger. And I can only imagine how many women have crawled out of the woodwork claiming that you were the father of their children. I didn’t want you to judge me or think that I was one of them.

Bill: I know that you’re not.

Poppy: I didn’t want to think about luna’s father and what his presence could do for the life that I had made for us… until you came back into my life. Until I fell for you. My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Steffy: Hope, why are we making this personal? This is a business meeting.

Hope: Hope for the future is personal to me.

Steffy: And normally, I’d be all for that. I love the passion. I love the energy. But what you’re doing right now, it’S…

Hope: I’m– I’m not going to back down when it comes to my line or my team.

Steffy: Hope, this industry isn’t patient. It’s all about what’s new, what’s next. We keep it moving.

Hope: And I understand that we have hit a rough patch, but I am confident that we will be able to move past it.

Steffy: Well, as co-ceo, I’m not confident of that at all.

Brooke: Well, it’s nice to know that eric’s taking his recovery serious.

Donna: Yeah, yeah, he just, uh, loves his trainer. He always comes back so invigorated and…

Katie: I’m glad he’s taking care of himself.

Donna: My god, I just love my honey bear so much and I just want him to be as healthy as possible, you know? I mean, I usually go with him, but my sisters are here.

Katie: Oh, well, we don’t wanna keep you.

Donna: Are you kidding me? I wanna know everything you know about bill and poppy.

Katie: I’ve already told you everything I know about bill and poppy.

Brooke: You know how bill raises his children, how he’s been raising will. Maybe you have a different perspective.

Katie: That he would wanna be a part of luna’s life? I mean, I don’t know. Bill loves his sons, and he’s fiercely protective of them, but I don’t think that extends beyond his family.

Donna: Yeah, I– I agree. I mean, I can’t see bill being involved in luna’s life. And, I mean, come on. I mean, he’s good with his boys, but other people’s children? I don’t think bill spencer’s gonna be involved with luna.

Brooke: Well, with everything going on in luna’s life lately, I think she would be even less interested in this new man that her mother’s seeing.

Luna: I know you’re not bill spencer’s biggest fan.

Rj: No, I’m not. Honestly, my whole family feels that way, luna, and for good reason.

Luna: Okay, well, I don’t know what bill was like in the past, but he’s been really good to my mom. And he’s been nothing but kind and sweet to me.

Rj: Really? Bill spencer? Sweet?

Luna: Like, there was this one time, um, he came to the apartment, and I had just gotten into an argument with my mom, and he was really understanding. And he told me what it’s like to be a parent, and how he wanted the best for his kids. I couldn’t help but think to myself, like, “what would my life be like if I had a dad like that?” Because that bill is exactly the kind of man that I’d want as my father.

Poppy: You know, I’m not afraid of rejection. I like myself the way I am.

Bill: Well, there’s a lot to like. And I saw that the first time we met. So confident.

Poppy: I thought I saw something in you too, bill. And what we shared that night, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before. And I thought you felt the same. But then…

Bill: But then you never heard from me again. I’m sorry, poppy. I can see how much I hurt you.

Poppy: Well, there’s no need to apologize now, right? What we’ve shared, and reconnecting like this, it’s been amazing. It’s everything I thought it could be, and more.

Bill: I agree. And that’s why if there’s even the slightest chance that luna could be my daughter, I need to know. We both need to know. Moving forward withnode-positive breast cancer.

Hope: Steffy, hope for the future is one of forrester’s most impactful lines, and zende and rj are talented designers. You’ve said so yourself.

Steffy: Yes, they are. They are the next generation of forrester creations, but they could be working on more lucrative projects.

Hope: Well, our sales have been wonderful up until this point.

Steffy: Up until this point. A high-concept line? That has a lot of overhead. Marketing, materials, charitable affiliations. Look, I just don’t see hope for the future as one of my visions anymore for this company.

Hope: Your vision? Look, my team will prove themselves, okay? We just need time.

Steffy: I think your time is up, hope. That’s why I wanted to speak to you one-on-one. I didn’t wanna blindside you. I’m thinking about cutting hope for the future.

Donna: So, now that eric is gone, tell us how you really feel.

Katie: I’m just as honest around eric as I am with you.

Brooke: You said you were surprised to see bill with poppy.

Katie: Yeah, I didn’t realize he was seeing anyone.

Brooke: How do you feel about that?

Katie: I didn’t expect him to live like a monk, brooke. And as I told bill, he doesn’t answer to me.

Brooke: Would you like him to?

Katie: Would I have liked him to tell me that he was seeing someone, poppy or whoever? Yes, I would have liked that because I thought we had that kind of relationship, but I don’t know. I– I will always love bill. You know, not just because he’s will’s father, but because we’ve meant a lot to each other and do I see a future with him? I don’t know. I do have to say though, luna’s mother, I’m not so sure about her.

Luna: I don’t know why I’m acting like this. I mean, it’s stupid to go on and on about bill being my father because he isn’T.

Bill: If luna is my daughter, I will stand by her and you. You will both have a special place in my life, poppy.

Poppy: I was right about you. You are the most wonderful man.

Bill: Well, let’s see if you’re right about the rest of it. You know what we have to do, poppy? We need to know.

Poppy: Yes. Thank you. This is what I was afraid of. Opening up. I love you, bill. And I loved you from the moment I first saw you.

Bill: Let’s do it now. Today. Let’s find out if luna’s my daughter. A daughter. I could have a daughter.

Poppy: Yes, you could have a daughter.

Bill: Wow.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: You were at sheila’s wedding?

Finn: By accident. Okay, I was picking up the pizzas from il giardino.

Steffy: And deacon and sheila just happened to be getting married?

Finn: Yeah. Steffy, I had no idea it was going on. The ceremony was supposed to be at the beach.

Steffy: You weren’t just there, finn. You were part of the ceremony.

Liam: Well, I know how you used to feel about sheila, and now she’s your stepmom, so that’s fun.

Hope: Ooh, yes, definitely not my first choice. But she is my dad’s, so I– I have to support him.

Liam: Correction. You don’t have to support him. You’re choosing to support him, ’cause that’s the kind of daughter that you are and he is beyond lucky to have you.

Hope: I don’t know. You know, the weird thing is, they seem really, really happy together.

Liam: Gross. You know what the weird thing is to me? That finn showed up. What, is he out of his mind?

Rj: So, I’ve done the math. We have about 98 more kisses to make up for, okay?

Luna: I hated every second away from you, rj?

Rj: Not as much as me.

Luna: I’m just– I’m really glad that we were able to work through everything because it’s been so hard.

Rj: Yeah. On both of us. Which reminds me, how are, um, how are you and your mom doing?

Poppy: Bill and I go way back.

Bill: Way, way back.

Katie: Yeah, yeah. Twenty years. That’s a long time to be friends.

Bill: Yeah, poppy and I lost touch for a while.

Poppy: Yeah, and then we just happened to run into each other again.

Bill: Totally unexpected. I was grabbing some lunch, and then there she was.

Poppy: Fate brought us back together again for a reason. Gave us a chance to reconnect.

Luna: Yeah, I wish things were back to normal with my mom, but, you know, we’re trying to get to a better place, but i honestly haven’t seen that much of her recently. She’s been hanging out with bill spencer. I’m starting to think that she’s really falling for him.

Katie: So, how did you two meet?

Bill: We met at a music festival in the bay area.

Katie: A music festival?

Bill: Ah, here we go. Yeah, a music festival. Why is that so weird?

Katie: Um, I’m just trying to visualize dollar bill grooving it up in the grass.

Bill: Oh, well, you just– you take all the time you need. Uh, the fact is that poppy caught my eye. And here we are, some 20 odd years later, back in each other’s lives.

Katie: Well, that must’ve been one hell of a night.

Liam: Look, I’m not here to give you a hard time.

Hope: Oh, I would appreciate it if you didn’T. Besides, you probably won’t get where I’m coming from.

Liam: I mean, I rarely agree with my father, but he’s still my dad, so I kind of do.

Hope: Yeah, it’s just my dad and I were estranged for so long, and I just– I don’t want to go back to that.

Liam: I know your reason for feeling obliged to be there kinda at least makes some sense. Finn is a whole different story.

Steffy: What were you thinking? What, you just happened to stumble upon their ceremony?

Finn: Yeah. Now, look, I told you, I had no clue it was even taking place.

Steffy: Why wouldn’t you just take the pizza and leave?

Finn: They weren’t ready.

Steffy: So, you just stayed around and participated?

Finn: Look, I just– I– I don’t know. I didn’t know what to do.

Steffy: Well, you gave sheila exactly what she wanted. How could you do that?

Rj: So, poppy’s actually falling for bill?

Luna: Yeah, that’s the vibe I’m getting.

Rj: I mean, well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I mean, they’ve been on a ton of dates recently. I mean, what– what makes you think it’s gotten more serious?

Luna: Well, is it that serious for him? It’s hard to tell, but…

Rj: Luna, come on. Poppy’s this pretty, creative, smart– I mean, she’s all the good things. I mean, why wouldn’t bill be into her? Come on.

Luna: My mom’s always been super popular with guys, but it’s always been casual. I mean, my mom’s focus has always been the two of us, you know? Nozawa power. But I’ve noticed like this change in her recently.

Rj: Because of bill spencer?

Bill: Well, I’m sure you’d rather not discuss my love life, katie.

Katie: Oh, I don’t mind if you don’t mind.

Bill: No, it’s not awkward for me. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.

Katie: I don’t feel uncomfortable. I mean, you don’t have to explain anything to me. You haven’t had to do that in a long time. I’m just– I can see how happy you both are and– and as soon as I walked in here, I could tell that you had become close.

Bill: Poppy and luna have become a very important part of my life.

Katie: That’s good. I’m happy for both of you. I’m gonna take off. And, uh, truly, um, good luck.

Bill: Thanks, katie.

Poppy: It was lovely to meet you.

Katie: Yeah, same.

Bill: I’ll walk you out.

Liam: You know, he could’ve put his wife and his family first, but instead, he went with the not that option.

Hope: To be fair, sheila did kind of guilt finn into staying.

Liam: And he caved. Which tells me that if steffy asks finn for one thing, and sheila asks finn for the opposite thing, finn goes sheila.

Hope: Finn had no idea they were going to be at il giardino.

Liam: So what? So what? Let’s say it was dumb luck that he goes to pick up dinner and he just accidentally crashes his mom’s big day. What did he not do? Make a beeline for the door like any sane, rational, ethical human being. Instead, he stayed for the celebration.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, that is not how it happened. Finn felt deeply, deeply uncomfortable being there.

Liam: Yeah, I know. It’s uncomfortable when you directly disobey your wife’s wishes. She’s gonna be pissed.

Steffy: Were you planning on saying anything?

Finn: Of course, I was.

Steffy: When? Before or after the photo was posted?

Finn: I was just about to tell you, honey. And then you got the photo notification.

Steffy: Yeah, that photo just makes me sick.

Finn: I’m– I’m sorry you found out that way.

Steffy: So am I.

Finn: It was poor judgment on my part.

Steffy: Yeah. I asked you one thing. One. To not associate yourself with sheila. And what did you do? What did I just see? I see a picture of the two of you at her wedding.

Bill: You like it?

Poppy: A girl could get used to this.

Bill: Well, you ought to spend more time here.

Poppy: I’d love to.

Bill: I was also thinking we should take a little trip together.

Poppy: Hm.

Bill: Maybe the south of france. Monte carlo.

Poppy: Oh. Well, I’m gonna have to check my schedule.

Bill: Hm. Okay, you do that. You check your schedule. I’ve already been talking to my captain.

Poppy: Your captain?

Bill: I wanna take you on my yacht.

Poppy: You have a yacht? Like an actual yacht?

Bill: An actual yacht, yeah. The stella maris. Here, wait a minute. Ah, all right, take a look.

Poppy: Oh, wow. Uh, she’s yours?

Bill: Mm-hmm. All mine. What do you think?

Poppy: She’s beautiful, bill.

Bill: Yeah. She is beautiful. But not as beautiful as you. Something wrong?

Poppy: It was just meeting katie.

Bill: Yeah, I’m sorry about that. She has a tendency just to pop in. I– I guess she likes to talk about things in person. Like the parents weekend.

Poppy: Oh no, she’s fine. I mean, she was really lovely. She couldn’t have been sweeter, actually. But she was also intimidating.

Bill: Because she’s my ex?

Poppy: That, and she’s so accomplished and impressive. She’s so smart, stylish, pretty. It makes me wonder.

Bill: Wonder what?

Poppy: Why you weren’t together anymore. What happened between the two of you?

Bill: Uh, that is a very long story and I would just truthfully rather not get into it.

Poppy: Well, I just couldn’t imagine being married to you and then letting you go.

Hope: I don’t wanna lose my dad again. But that does not mean that I condone everything that he’s doing. I mean, believe me, this– this has not been easy for me.

Liam: Okay, well, there you go. I understand that you’re– you’re under a lot of pressure and this is complicated for you, but can we circle back one more time to the no sheila and beth in the same place at the same time? Can we just agree?

Hope: Yes, I understand, liam. But, food for thought, sheila did fight sugar to try to protect steffy and the kids. So maybe, just maybe, she is capable of change.

Liam: Ugh, now you’re really starting to sound like finn.

Finn: Look, I just– I don’t like seeing you upset.

Steffy: I can’t understand how you keep putting yourself in these situations.

Finn: Oh, but look, this was a total coincidence, okay? I had no intention.

Steffy: Of what? Being a member of the wedding party?

Finn: No, and it wasn’t like that.

Steffy: No, it was just the two of you. You and hope. You guys were the only guests. And now this photo of you, sheila and deacon, it’s on the internet for everyone to see.

Finn: Hey, I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to make this right?

Steffy: You just have to learn to say no.

Finn: Okay, yeah. Honestly, you’re right. That’s exactly what I should’ve done. I should have just done a 180 and got out of there.

Steffy: Finn, this can’t– this can’t keep happening. I told you over and over again to stay away from sheila. And I hate to say it, but you– you let me down, again.


Luna: My mom and I have always been so close. I mean, I know her better than anyone. And I am positive that she’s falling in love with bill.

Rj: How do you feel about that?

Luna: I’d be supportive.

Rj: Hm.

Luna: I mean, bill’s been nothing but kind to me. Sometimes, I kind of wish he was my dad.

Poppy: It’s funny, we only spent that one night together, but I don’t think you realize how much it meant to me, bill. Even more than I realized at the time.

Bill: In hindsight, I wish that I hadn’t been so totally engrossed in my business. That I had reached out, tried to find you. Gone on that second date instead of waiting two decades.

Poppy: I wish you had too.

Bill: It’ll always be a big regret of mine.

Poppy: I was heartbroken.

Bill: Sorry for hurting you, poppy.

Poppy: You know, it’s crazy. Our lives went in such different directions. And, you know, if only we could go back and do it over again and not spend all those years apart. The difference it would’ve made.

Bill: Poppy, with everything you’re saying, I have to ask.

Poppy: Ask what?

Bill: Is there any chance at all that luna is my daughter? Do you know who luna’s father is? Could it be me?

Poppy: Yes, bill. It could be you. You might be luna’s father.

Hope: We don’t get to choose our biological parents. I mean, it’s not finn’s fault.

Liam: Does finn really not understand how much he’s undermining his marriage? How much he’s putting his family at risk with this whole connection to sheila? I mean, you, you’re you. I can’t, you know, if you wanna have a relationship with deacon and sheila, that’s fine. That’s your choice. I can’t stop you. Once again, though, the kids.

Hope: Yes, I– I heard you and beth will not be around them.

Liam: Thank you. Just be careful, okay? Because I don’t want you putting yourself in danger either. Sheila is dangerous and I don’t want you to listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, including and especially finn.

Hope: Great talk.

Finn: I’m sorry for letting you down. You know, obviously my interactions with sheila are making you feel unsafe.

Steffy: You don’t make me feel unsafe. But staying at deacon and sheila’s wedding, like that is, that was the wrong move.

Finn: Okay, yeah. Look, I’m sorry, but you gotta understand, like, today– today was random. Okay, it was the last thing I expected. And I just– I didn’t– I don’t know, man. I just– I didn’t know what to do.

Steffy: You knew exactly what to do.

Finn: Look, I’m not making any excuses, but I was in a weird spot.

Steffy: How many times do i have to tell you this? You need to stay away from sheila. I don’t care that she’s your mother. I don’t want you to have a relationship with her.

Sheila: Finn, I– I’ve been given a second chance. Thank god, my son, thank god.

[ Kelly coughing ] Thank you, finn, for– for being at my wedding, baby. I love you.

Steffy: How many times do I have to say it? You need to stay away from sheila. I don’t care if she’s your mother. You can’t have a relationship with her.

Hope: I– I know you’re a little nervous about how steffy’s gonna react to this, but I don’t know if she should be the one dictating what your relationship looks like to your birth mother. I mean, maybe that should be up to you.

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B&B Transcript Monday, May 27, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Kelly and Beth are all set up next door. They are having a blast already.

Liam: Yeah. God, that was nice of nellie to invite them over to a pool party last minute.

Steffy: Yeah. I guess it’s kind of a waste that I sent out finn to get pizza, because they’re gonna be having a feast over there.

Liam: No, it’s not a waste, because I want a slice.

Steffy: Oh, okay.

Liam: Aunt liam is hungry. Liam and his little friend, apparently. Where is finn, by the way? This is taking forever.

Steffy: Yeah, actually. Yeah, I thought he’d be back by now.

Deacon: Well, mrs. Sharpe, we did it.

Sheila: We did, didn’t we? Mr. And mrs.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

[ Hope clears throat ]

Hope: Congratulations, dad.

Deacon: Thank you so much.

Hope: I like seeing you so happy.

Deacon: Thank you.

Finn: Congratulations. It was A… beautiful ceremony.

Sheila: It was, wasn’t it? And you know what? Even more beautiful because you were here. Thank you. Thank you, finn, for– for being at my wedding, baby. I love you.

Poppy: Um… what do you say we take this upstairs?

[ Bill chuckles ]

Bill: Well, we could do that. But I think, uh… ah, right here works just as well.

[ Door opens ]

Katie: Bill? You home? Oh. Um… didn’t realize you had company.

Katie: Swear to god, I knocked.

Bill: Did ya? Yeah, I don’t think I heard the knock, but of course we were, um… you know what? Doesn’t matter. It’s not a problem. Have you met my friend poppy?

Katie: I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. Nice to meet you, I’m katie.

Poppy: Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

Katie: Likewise.

Bill: You must know her daughter, luna. She’s interning at…

Katie: Oh, yeah, of course! Of course, I love luna, she’s lovely.

Poppy: Thank you.

Katie: Speaking of lovely children, have you given any thought to going and seeing will for parents’ weekend? We gotta rsvp.

Bill: Oh, oh, oh. You know will. Talking with him on the phone only goes so far, but, yeah, yeah, I’m in.

Katie: Okay, good.

Poppy: Oh, you’re that katie!

Katie: Yeah, that katie.

Bill: That katie.

Steffy: Hmm.

Liam: Nothing?

Steffy: No, he still hasn’t texted me back.

Liam: I mean, if he’s driving, that makes sense, right? Like, he’s gotta be on the road by now.

Steffy: Or il giardino’s maybe a little slow. Deacon’s not there to call the shots, so.

Liam: That is true. I mean, that place descends into utter chaos every time deacon takes a day off to marry the local psychopath.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Steffy: Maybe I shouldn’t have sent finn to il giardino.

Tom: Um, I just– you need to sign right here, uh, right next to hope.

[ Finn sighs ]

Finn: You– you really need two?

Tom: Well, two’s better than one. I mean, you did witness the wedding, didn’t you?

[ Finn sighs ]

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Tom: Well, then here you go. Right there. Great. I’ll get this right over to the county recorder’s office.

Deacon: Hey, tom. Hey. Listen, I just wanna tell you, sheila and I, we will be forever grateful to you. Thank you.

Sheila: Yeah, we couldn’t have done this without you.

Tom: Oh, no, please. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing these. I mean, it has been a long time. You know, I clean up pretty good.

Deacon: Damn straight you do! Look at this suit. I picked it out. What do you think?

Sheila: I’ll tell you what, it makes your eyes pop.

Deacon: I’m talking about more the ceremony, though. I mean, we wouldn’t have been able to do our vows at all if it wasn’t for you.

Hope: Aww. Our parents grow up so fast, don’t they?

[ Finn chuckles ]

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: I still can’t believe this just happened. I mean, I really just stood up for sheila carter as her maid of honor. [ Laughs ] But the, uh, reception has been lovely.

Finn: Yeah. No, it– it has.

Hope: Uh…

[ Both chuckle awkwardly ] Well, I– I could see that it meant a lot to her, you being here.

Finn: Yeah. I mean, I just was completely blindsided. I thought that– I thought they were getting married at the beach. I mean, I came here to pick up some pizzas.

Hope: Oh, pizza with a side of “I do.”

Finn: Yeah, well, it’s something that’s gonna take some explaining.

Hope: To steffy?

Finn: Yeah. She’s not gonna be thrilled about this. Not thrilled at all.

Hope: Toe?

Finn: Mmm.

When dry eye symptoms

Bill: So, did will tell you that his streak of a’s continued on his latest exam?

Katie: No! He’s not an open book with me the way he is with you. I have to, like, pry out every little, tiny tidbit.

Bill: No, you see, that’s what happens when you’re the favorite parent.

Katie: Oh, yeah, right. Sure. [ Chuckles ] Sorry. You don’t need to listen to us debating parental rankings.

Poppy: Oh, no, I don’t mind. It’s a funny concept to me, actually. I raised luna on my own, so I got to be the favorite parent by default.

Katie: Well, you did a wonderful job. She’s super smart. She helped me tremendously with a project that we just finished today, actually.

Poppy: Thank you. That makes me really happy to hear.

Katie: And you know what’s funny? She never once mentioned that her mom was friends with you.

[ Chuckles ]

Liam: You know, if you hadn’t given finn that ultimatum, he could very well be at sheila’s wedding right now.

Steffy: No, I don’t think he would have gone. Okay, maybe he was entertaining the idea, and you’re right. I’m glad that I spoke to him.

Liam: Do me a favor, if nothing else, for kelly’s sake: Look out for that husband of yours. Make sure he doesn’t get conned again.

Steffy: No, I– I will. I’ll be there for finn. No matter what sheila throws at him.

Sheila: Now, come on. You sure I can’t, like, toss you the garter on the way out?

Tom: Oh, no, no, no. Please, please. Been there, done that when it comes to marriage.

[ Sheila laughs ] But wait, don’t let my bad luck reflect on you guys at all. I’m sure you will ride off in eternal bliss. Thank you for including me in your ceremony.

Sheila: No, thank you for officiating it and… doing all that you did. I mean, you helped save my life, and– and– will I see you again?

Tom: Well, I don’t know.

Sheila: I hope so.

Deacon: Hey, what do you say we commemorate this moment? Come on, guys, get in here. Come on.

Tom: What? Oh!

Deacon: Smile! Yeah! Here we go. Look at that. That is a good-looking group. Deacon: All right, okay, put tom in the middle. Yeah!

Sheila: I like that. Here we go.

[ All laughing ]

Tom: Let me. Let me.

Deacon: You wanna take some? All right, okay. All right, I’m gonna get–

Tom: Let me be the wedding photographer.

Sheila: Okay.

Tom: That’s good. You guys are a beautiful couple. Wait, let’s get some family shots. To the beautiful, gorgeous family. Come on, come on.

Finn: You know, let’S…

Tom: Oh, come on, finn. Will you say no to the wedding photographer?

Deacon: All right.

Tom: Now, everybody get close. Come on, you guys are a family now. Come on. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Oh, that’s good.

Sheila: You’re getting us all in?

Tom: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hold on. There you go!

Deacon: All right.

Tom: God, you guys are beautiful.

Deacon: Thanks, tom. Give me this. Hey, come here. Let me talk to you for a second.

Tom: Sure.

Deacon: Let me ask you something. Um, so, uh, where– where are you going after this?

Tom: Well, I’ve got a motel room for the next couple nights, but, you know, after that, it’s– it’s kinda iffy.

Deacon: I was thinking that maybe you could come back during business hours. Look, tom, I know that you’ve hit some hard times, like a lot of good people, and I’d like to talk to you about working here.

Tom: Really?

Deacon: Yeah. I mean, the pay’s good, and as an added bonus, you get all the free food you want, even on your days off.

Tom: You know, I don’t know much about the restaurant business.

Deacon: Hey, that’s okay. I’ll train you myself. Just think about it, okay? And you come back real soon. Hey. Take these.

Tom: Are you kidding?

Deacon: No!

Tom: Thank you, deacon.

Deacon: You’re welcome.

Tom: I appreciate it.

Deacon: Thank you.

Tom: Thank you. Can I have one of–

Deacon: You take whatever you want. Please, take as many of the toes as you’d like.

Tom: These are really good.

Deacon: Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, I just, uh– I just wanna thank you both for being here. I mean, it really– it means a lot to both of us that you were here to share this. Hope, it was just– it was powerful for me to have you here. And, finn, I know you didn’t intend to be here, but damn, it just meant the world to your mother.

Finn: No, I– I– it was a sweet ceremony, and, you know, I really do wish you guys the best.

Deacon: Thank you.

Finn: But I– I really do need to get going home and get those pizzas, yeah. Okay? All right.

Did you know…

[ Sheila laughs ]

Sheila: Hey! One more hug before you go.

[ Both chuckle ] Oh, and thank you. Thank you again. I mean, it just– it meant the world to me having you here today.

Finn: Hey.

Waitress: The boss said it’s on the house.

Finn: Oh, hey, thanks.

Deacon: It’s not gonna be an everyday thing just ’cause we’re family now, all right? Wife, let’s go.

Finn: Well, I appreciate it.

Sheila: Hey, thank you again.

[ Hope clears throat ]

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: That was, uh, something. Uh, good luck on your journey home. I– I know you’re a little nervous about how steffy’s gonna react to this, but, uh, you had no idea that this was going to be going on here, so I hope that she will be understanding. And besides… your parents are happy, and I think that should count for something.

Finn: I don’t think steffy’s gonna see it that way.

Hope: Who knows? Maybe she will.

Finn: She’s gonna–

Hope: No, I– I totally get it. You are in a very difficult position.

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: You want to respect your wife’s wishes, but at the same time…

[ Sighs ] I don’t know if she should be the one dictating what your relationship looks like to your birth mother. I mean, maybe… that should be up to you.

Finn: Hmm. Well, thanks for understanding that.

Hope: Yeah, well. Here for you.

Finn: Well, right back at you. Especially in the headache department. Okay, you– don’t hesitate to call me if they continue, all right?

Hope: All right. I– I will do so.

Finn: Okay.

Hope: Good luck.

Katie: So, how did this, um, budding friendship come about? Do you have business with spencer?

Poppy: “Budding” doesn’t exactly describe it. Uh, bill and I go way back. We, um– we have a lot of history.

Bill: I first met poppy some 20 years ago, and we just recently reconnected.

Poppy: And I’m very glad that we did.

Katie: Hmm.

Steffy: Wait, wait, wait. All this talk about you being hungry, and now you’re gonna leave before the pizza even gets here?

Liam: Trust me, I’m not happy about it, but–

[ Door opens ]

Steffy: Oh! Hey!

Finn: Hey.

Liam: Oh, my god. Finally. Sorry. Forgive me. I’m taking one for the road. Thank you. Mmm. And it’s cold. That’s great.

Finn: Hey, are the, um– are the girls in kelly’s room?

Steffy: Uh, no, they’re– they’re next door at nellie’S. They’re going for a swim. And haynes is sleeping. Wait, did you not get my texts?

Finn: Oh, I don’t know. I was– I was on silent.

Steffy: Uh, why did you have it on silent?

Finn: Uh, liam, you were– you were headed out, right?

Liam: Yep, sure was. Uh, I’ll come back for kelly.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, you got it.

[ Door opens, closes ] What’s going on?

[ Finn sighs ]

Finn: Okay, um… okay, you’re– you’re never gonna believe this. I–

Steffy: What?

Finn: I– I go to the pickup window at il giardino, and it’s– it’s closed. So I go into the restaurant to get the pizzas, and, um… there they are. And I never thought that they would be there.

Steffy: Who?

Finn: Sheila and deacon. Always dry scoop before you run.

Katie: So, you’ve known each other for years?

Poppy: We have. You could even say that, um… I had him first.

Katie: Hmm.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Deacon & sheila laughing ]

Deacon: Hey, you know I had to do it! I had to do it.

Sheila: Oh, my gosh. Are there any other newlywed traditions you’re going to do?

Deacon: Oh, I got a couple traditions in mind.

Sheila: Oh.

Deacon: Listen, I know this isn’t some fancy resort, but I promise I’m gonna make our honeymoon night a night that you’re never gonna forget.

Sheila: Ooh.

Deacon: But first things first…

Sheila: Mmm?

Deacon: One tradition. A new one.

Sheila: What’s that?

Deacon: I promised I’d do– well, hollis convinced me to start an account for il giardino, you know, to post things like, um, I don’t know, recipes and specials and wine pairings and, you know, things like when the boss marries the star waitress, things like that, so.

Sheila: Well, let’s hope it gets more likes than the daily soup, right? Okay, what we got?

Deacon: That’s not bad.

Sheila: That’s not too bad.

Deacon: What do you think? Is that the one?

Sheila: Look at your smile. And look at finn, too. That’s definitely the one.

Deacon: Okay.

[ Phone chimes ]

Sheila: I still can’t believe that he came. To our wedding. Wow. Our wedding.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: I love you so much.

Deacon: I love you too, baby. Come here.

[ Knocking on door ]

Liam: Hey. Thought I’d find you in here.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: Well, you look beautiful.

Hope: Thank you.

Liam: Got a night out on the town planned, or, uh… a wedding?

Hope: Ha.

[ Clicks tongue ] Yeah, I might’ve just come from one of those.

Liam: Oh, please tell me there was some other random one happening tonight, please!

Hope: Liam, he’s my dad, and it was his wedding day.

Liam: Oh, man! I mean, just ’cause you’re his kid doesn’t mean you have to support everything he chooses. Hell, even finn found a way to say no.

Hope: So–

Liam: What? What?

Hope: I– I wasn’t the only one there at the wedding. I mean, finn was there, too.

Liam: Finn was at the wedding? Today?

Finn: We knew the wedding was today. We just– we thought it was at the beach.

Steffy: Yeah, but why were deacon and sheila there? We placed an order at il giardino. They probably knew that you were coming, so they ambushed you. That’s exactly what happened.

Finn: No, no. They didn’t ambush me, okay? They were just as surprised to see me as I was to see them. And hope was there, too. Apparently she decided to be sheila’s maid of honor. And tom, the, um– remember the homeless man I told you about, the one that helped lead us to sheila? Believe it or not, he was there and… performing the ceremony.

Steffy: So you actually walked in, into the ceremony?

Finn: Yeah. Look, I– steffy, I just–

[ Phone chiming ]

Steffy: Okay, wait. Just wait for one second. I wanna make sure that the kids are– the kids are okay. Just… oh, my god. Oh… my god. What am I looking at? It’s a picture of, uh– a wedding photo of deacon, sheila and you? You’re standing right next to her!

Finn: I mean, I realize that looks like–

Steffy: You were there! That’s why you– that’s why you didn’t call me. That’s why your phone was on silent, because you were at sheila’s wedding! Answer me, finn.

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B&B Transcript Friday, May 24, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[String playing classical music]

Sheila: [Laughs] Oh… I have been praying for this…

Finn: [Sighs]

Sheila: …Hoping that– that you would make it to my wedding, and here you– you are, my beautiful, beautiful boy.

Finn: [Exhales]

[Seabirds calling]

Steffy: What are the girls up to?

Liam: Oh, they’re just making sock puppets of us and finn and hayes.

Steffy: Oh, no.

Liam: Oh, yes.

Steffy: [Laughs] I’m almost afraid to ask. What do we– what do we look like?

[Laughing] Is…is that you?

Liam: [Goofy voice] Spitting image, right?

Steffy: [Laughs] I don’t even wanna know how I turned out.

Liam: Ooh. Still working on that. Uh, kelly wants to get the, uh, the hair just right.

Steffy: That makes sense.

[Laughter] I love when they are together.

[Girls giggling in distance] I also love how it’s making me forget about deacon and sheila’s wedding today.


Brooke: Oh, eric, you are looking better and better.

Eric: Makes me wonder what I looked like before.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Eric: Thanks for checking in on me. I appreciate it. So, uh, is it true, what I’ve been hearing?

Ridge: Is what true?

Eric: Donna’s with katie, and they just texted me, and they said that, uh, deacon and sheila are getting married today?

Ridge: Bad news travels fast.

Eric: What the hell is deacon thinking?

Eric: Well, I’m one to talk, aren’t I, having been married to sheila myself?

Ridge: That is not the same thing. There’s no comparison.

Eric: [Sighs] Yeah.

Brooke: Eric, you had no way of knowing all those years ago what a sociopath sheila was.

Eric: But deacon knows. He’s gone into this eyes wide open.

Ridge: He knows exactly what that woman did to her family. But apparently, that makes no difference to him.

Steffy: If deacon was smart, he’d call off this wedding, save him all the pain and misery later down the line.

[Girls chattering indistinctly in distance]

Liam: Do you think they’re doing the deed right now?

Steffy: [Sighs]

[Girls giggling in distance] Probably. I don’t know. Deacon and sheila told finn that they’re gonna have the wedding at the beach.

Liam: Oof. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was happening…right below us.

Steffy: Trust me, I’ve already looked. I know sheila wants nothing more than to have finn at her wedding.

Finn: Look, I, um… I just came to pick up some pizzas.

[Horn honks in distance] Okay, why–why are you get– you two said you were getting married on the beach.

Sheila: Oh, we– we changed our mind.

Deacon: Look, you–you gotta wait for your pizzas anyway. Why don’t you just stay?

Finn: [Sighs]

Sheila: Yes. Sweetheart, please stay. This–this was– this was meant to be.

Finn: [Sighs]

“The darkness of bipolar

depression made me feel like

Eric: How’s hope doing with all this? I mean, it’s one thing to realize the two of them are sharing an apartment, but… but for her father to marry this sociopath?

Brooke: You know my daughter. She says she’s never going to forgive or forget all of the horrible things sheila’s done to our lives, but…

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Meanwhile, she loves her father, and she’s over there supporting him right now.

Eric: You didn’t try to talk her out of it?

Brooke: No, I did try to talk her out of it.

Eric: Well, did you succeed?

Brooke: Apparently, she thinks that there may be a change in sheila.

Eric: What?

Brooke: Well… [Sighs] She thinks that it’s because of her father, because of his positive influence, and the love that deacon has for sheila is actually making a difference.

Ridge: I’m so sorry. And this is ridiculous. I know you love your daughter, but if she thinks that sheila has changed, that’S…not just concerning. That’s dangerous.

Steffy: [Sighs] The girls will be getting hungry soon.

[Girls chattering indistinctly in distance]

Liam: Yeah, well, I’m sure, ’cause making… eerily realistic sock puppets…

Steffy: [Laughs]

Liam: …Works up an appetite.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh.

Liam: It’s actually really nice of finn to go pick up the pizza.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s nice of him to drive all the way to il giardino, especially when there’s so many pizza joints around here. But kelly–I mean, she just… loves deacon’s specialty pizza, so…

Liam: [Laughs] She’s very particular.

Steffy: She is.

Liam: It’s kind of ironic… finn going to deacon’s restaurant today of all days.

Steffy: Well, at least he doesn’t have to worry about running into sheila today.

Sheila: Please, finn, sweetheart.

Finn: I… [Sighs]

Sheila: Say that you’ll stay for the ceremony.

Deacon: Come on, finn. What do you say? Look, tom’s gonna keep it short and sweet. Won’t you, buddy? I mean, you remember tom, right?

Finn: Yeah, uh, from when we found sheila.

Deacon: Yeah, he told us to look in the warehouse, you know, where sugar was keeping your mother. I mean, we never would have known to look. In my book, that makes this guy a superhero.

Sheila: In mine, too.

Tom: Oh, s-superhero is laying it on a little thick, don’t you think?

Deacon: No, I don’T. You helped save my bride’s life. In my book, that makes you a superhero, and I’m just glad that you’re here. I mean, life is so crazy, right? I mean, who knew when I invited tom to come to the wedding that it would turn out that he’s actually a licensed wedding officiant?

Finn: Huh.

Tom: I wore many a hat in my past life.

Deacon: [Laughs] I mean, are we lucky, or are we lucky? And hope’s agreed to be your mother’s maid of honor.

Finn: You have?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: So, come on, finn. What do you say? Just stick around to the end of the ceremony while you’re waiting for your pizzas.

Sheila: Finn, sweetheart, please. Uh, deacon’s right. I… it’s gonna be a short ceremony. It’s just us exchanging our vows.

Finn: Uh… [Sighs] S-sure. Sure.

Sheila: Yes!


Tom: First of all, I wanna say how honored I am to be here. Now, I have not known you two for very long. Life works in mysterious ways. Fate brought me here… just as fate brought you two together. Now, deacon, I saw the passion and care you had in saving this woman’s life. You, too, finn. I mean, you are both amazing men. And, sheila, I look into your eyes, and I see the passion and love that you have for deacon and finn. Now…I’ve spoken with deacon, and I know a little bit about your past. I think all of us here believe in the power of redemption and second chances.

Bladder leak

underwear has one job.

Eric: I agree with ridge. I think it’s frightening that– that hope–that hope would even buy into this, this whole idea that sheila’s changing.

Brooke: Wait. Okay. [Laughs] I don’t think she’s buying into it. I just think she’s being open for her father. By the way, I did tell her how I felt about it, especially her being maid of honor.

Eric: Wait. Wait. She’s standing up for sheila?

Ridge: Yeah. Can you believe that?

Brooke: Yeah. I just– I just hope she doesn’t go through with it.

Ridge: Why can’t she just do what finn did– just walk away from it?

Brooke: Well, about that– she did say that she thinks there’s a part of finn that would like to be there for his mother.

Ridge: Oh. I’m sure there is. The point is, finn is gonna be nowhere near that wedding. I promise you.

Liam: Hey, can I ask you something?

[Girls chattering indistinctly in distance]

Liam: Uh…

[Girls giggling in distance] Finn wouldn’t tell me, but how is he really doing, knowing that his birth mom and deacon are getting hitched today?

Steffy: Honestly, I’M… I’m not completely sure. But I-I do know this. Finn totally gets why he can’t make an appearance at the wedding today.

Tom: Well, all righty. You two lovebirds didn’t come here to listen to yours truly gab.

[Laughter] So… it’s time for you to talk to each other, speak your vows.

[Horn honks in distance] Have at it, deacon.

Deacon: Okay, um… I didn’t write anything down because I wanted to make sure that I-I spoke from my heart, not from my head. Sheila, you came into my life like…a hurricane, and you turned it upside down in every possible way, in the best possible ways. You know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and tom talked about redemption and second chances, and the good lord has also seen fit to give me quite a few of them, coming out of prison, reconnecting with my beautiful daughter… having this unbelievable business, but most important, having the second chance to be with the woman who I love more than anyone in this world and to be the very best husband that I can be, and that’s one second chance that I’m gonna make the most of because I love you.

Sheila: Wow. Well, you talk about miracles. Brushed up my life, and I’m here getting married to you. I have hope as my maid of honor, and I have my son, who… is here to share on my wedding day. My heart has never been so full. Deacon, you have always stood by me, no matter what. When I need strength, you are my strength. And when I need guidance… you make me a better person. You complete me. And all I’ve ever wanted… I have right now. Because all I’ve ever wanted is to be loved… completely. And I feel that. True…complete love. And you give that to me. You give that to me every day, always. And I love you.

[Mouths words]

Sheila: [Exhales] (Chef vo) fancy feast. at that

[Birds chirping]

Eric: Finn is not gonna be at that wedding today.

Ridge: No, of course not.

Brooke: Well, unfortunately, hope said there is a part of finn that would like to be at the wedding. However, his loyalty, his commitment will always be to steffy.

Ridge: It better be.

Liam: It was deacon’s idea, right, to invite finn today?

Steffy: Apparently, he knew how much it would mean to his bride if her son were there.

Liam: Yeah, yeah. Do you think sheila put deacon up to it?

[Girls giggling]

Steffy: You know what? Sheila can try to manipulate him, but it’s not gonna work. Finn’s not gonna be part of her life ever.

Liam: What is taking finn so long at il giardino?

Seffy: I know.

Tom: [Exhales deeply] Well, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty.


Tom [Clears throat]

Tom: Do you, deacon, take this woman to be your wedded wife? And will you be faithful to her for as long as you shall live?

Deacon: I do, and I will.

Tom: Then repeat after me. “I, deacon…”

Deacon: I, deacon…

Tom: “Take you, sheila to be my wedded wife…”

Deacon: Take you, sheila, to be my wedded wife…

Tom: “To have and to hold…”

Deacon: To have and to hold…

Tom: “From this day forward…”

Deacon: From this day forward.

Tom: “For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”

Deacon: For richer, poorer, in sickness and in health.

Tom: “To love and to cherish till death do us part.”

Deacon: To love and to cherish until death do us part.

Tom: Do you, sheila, take this man to be your wedded husband and will you be faithful to him for as long as you shall live?

Sheila: I do.

Tom: Then–

Sheila: Yes, I will.


Tom: Then repeat after me. “I, sheila, take you, deacon to be my wedded husband.”

Sheila: I, sheila, take you deacon, to be my wedded husband.

Tom: “To have and to hold from this day forward.”

Sheila: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Tom: “For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”

Sheila: For richer, for poorer, sickness and in health.

Tom: “To love and to cherish till death do us part.”

Sheila: To love and to cherish till death do us part.

Tom: Um… the rings?

Deacon: Oh. Finn, would you hand these to tom for your mother and me?

Tom: These rings are symbols of eternity in the unbroken circle of love. Love freely given has no beginning or end. You’ve chosen to exchange rings as a sign of your love. Deacon, put this ring on sheila’s finger and repeat after me. “With this ring, I give you my heart.

Deacon: With this ring, I give you my heart.

Tom: “I promise, “from this day forward, you shall not walk alone.”

Deacon: I promise, from this day forward, you shall not walk alone. All nine toes of you.


Sheila, put this ring on deacon’s finger and repeat after me. “With this ring…

Sheila: With this ring,

Tom: “I give you my heart.

Sheila: I give you my heart.

Tom: “I promise, “from this day forward…

Sheila: I promise, from this day forward…

Tom: “You shall not walk alone.”

Sheila: You shall not walk alone. No, you will always be walking beside me with my nine toes.


Well, by the power vested in me by the state of california, it is my great pleasure to pronounce deacon and sheila husband and wife. Deacon, you may kiss your bride.


Sheila: [Laughing]

Deacon: [Laughing]



Announcer: Here’s a look at what’s ahead.

Poppy: And I’ve loved you from the moment I first saw you.

Bill: Let’s do it now.

Brooke: Steffy, this has nothing to do with the company.

Steffy: It’s a business decision. Hope for the future needs to come to an end… today.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, May 23, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: Wow, guys, you crushed it. This is amazing. Hey, let’s admit, it’s a hell of a lot more fun planning a wedding than a memorial, right?

Waitress: That’s for sure.

Waiter: Oh, yeah.

Deacon: I want the day to be absolutely magical for sheila. Everything she wants. Well, I guess there’s one thing I can’t give her on her wedding

Sheila: It would just be so perfect to have you at our wedding. Deacon and I already talked about it. It– it’s gonna be simple, you know, maybe at the beach.

Finn: I just– I can’t be at your wedding.

Steffy: A lot on your mind?

Finn: Not really. Sheila and deacon are tying the knot today.

Steffy: Well, as long as she stays out of her lives, it shouldn’t concern us what they do. You need to focus on us, okay? Now, do you know where kelly’s coloring book went? She wants to color with beth. They wanna color unicorns today.

Finn: Um, I think it’s in her closet on the bottom shelf.

Steffy: Yeah, okay.

Brooke: I see, planning on attending the wedding.

Hope: I just want to support dad.

Brooke: You’re not supporting, you are enabling. And I don’t understand how deacon can ignore everything that sheila’s done. But you know better, honey.

Hope: I know who sheila is, mom. But me not gonna this wedding, it only hurts dad. And besides, he’s gonna marry her whether I go or not.

Brooke: So you’re okay with this? You can honestly stand there and watch your father pledge his life to that monster?

Sheila: It’s my wedding day.

Hope: Look, it’s not like I haven’t tried to convince dad to end his relationship to sheila. But he made his decision, and so I’ve made mine.

Brooke: Yes, to be sheila’s maid of honor. Hope. She has caused so much pain and terror in our lives for so long. How could you stand up for her?

Hope: Look, I just wanna be there for my dad. This is about supporting him, not welcoming sheila.

[ Knock on door ]

Deacon: Okay, okay, I know, I know you’re not supposed to see the bride before the wedding. It’s bad luck and all that stuff.

Sheila: I don’t believe in bad luck. Not after everything this world has thrown at me. Besides, I always land on my feet, don’t I?

Deacon: Yeah, and all nine of your beautiful toes. Wow. Come here. Oh, man.

Sheila: No, careful though.

Deacon: What?

Sheila: Because they’re still wet.

Deacon: Okay, all right.

Sheila: No, no, no. If you mess up my makeup, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

Deacon: Oh, promise? Damn, you look so beautiful.

Sheila: You know, you look incredibly handsome yourself.

Deacon: This– this old thing? I just had this lying around. I just thought I’d throw it on.

Sheila: Yeah.

Deacon: Hey– hey, what’s the matter?

Sheila: Nothing, nothing.

Deacon: You’re thinking about finn. Wishing he could be here today.

Steffy: Okay, I think everything is set for when beth comes by. Kelly’s been looking forward to this all week.

Finn: Yeah, she has.

Steffy: Oh, and, uh, liam, he’s gonna stick around for a while. He wants to hang out with kelly too.

Finn: That’s– that’s fine.

Steffy: Okay, babe, I, um, I know you think you should be there today. You wanna believe that sheila’s changed, but she hasn’t changed. So for our safety, our children’s safety, we need to keep sheila out of our lives for good. Tell me you understand why you can’t attend sheila and deacon’s wedding today. Type 2 diabetes? sh of h

Hope: Look, I– I really need to get going, mom. I don’t wanna be late.

Brooke: Whether you’re at the wedding or not, your father knows he has your love and support.

Hope: And he wants his daughter to be there for him on one of the biggest days of his life. And so I’m going to give that to him.

Brooke: Okay, well, you’ll probably be the only one in attendance. I mean, who’s gonna go, right? Finn won’t be there. Steffy would be livid.

Hope: I do feel bad for him, though. I mean, it’s not his fault sheila carter just happens to be his birth mom. I mean, what, he’s just supposed to shut off every single emotion, every single feeling, or risk losing steffy. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Brooke: Honey, steffy has a family to protect.

Hope: Okay, I know, I know. I don’t– I don’t wanna get into this right now. I really do need to get going. Just know, I have heard you. I’ve heard all your concerns, mom. Today is about dad. I’m doing this for him. And only him.

Brooke: Just be careful.

Sheila: Finn’s not gonna be coming, and I’ve– I’ve accepted that.

Deacon: But it still makes you sad that he’s not gonna be here. I mean, he should be here, right? He should be here. All your friends should be here.

Sheila: My friends?

Deacon: Well, you know, I mean, if you had any. I’m speaking hypothetically, but they should be here. They should be helping you zhuzh your hair and do your makeup and all that sort of stuff.

Sheila: Baby, baby, I so appreciate your concern, but I– I have been dealing with the difficult things on my own my entire life. I got this. I can handle it.

Deacon: Listen to me, all of that is about to end, because in a very short amount of time, you’re gonna be my wife.

Sheila: Oh, god, I love the way that sounds.

Deacon: Good. Because today is gonna be absolutely magic. I know I promised you the beach.

Sheila: No, stop it. We– we talked about that, and this is– this is what we agreed on. This is where we fell in love.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: I mean, your place, the restaurant, this is our home. I do have a question, though.

Deacon: What?

Sheila: Who’s marrying us?

Deacon: Oh, just you wait. That’s a surprise.

Sheila: Okay, well, then go.

Deacon: All right, I’m going.

Sheila: Keep your secrets, and I’m gonna continue getting ready.

Deacon: You know where you’re going, though, right?

Sheila: I know where I’m going. Go.

Deacon: Right down stairs. If you get lost just call me.

Sheila: Would you just go? Go.

[ Sheila laughs ]

Sheila: Ah, today is going to be perfect. I just wish you could be here to share it with me, baby boy.

Finn: Yes, sweetheart, I get where you’re coming from. Right, my love and devotion and commitment, they are to you. Okay, and our family. You and the kids are all I’ve ever wanted. Hey, you are my world. All right?

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Knock on door ]

Liam: Ho, ho, door was open. Figured you guys left it that way for us.

Steffy: Hi, beth.

Finn: Hey.

Beth: Hi.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness, you look so cute. Hi.

Finn: I hope you’re ready to color.

Steffy: Oh, yes.

Finn: Yes, kelly has been working on something for you in her room.

Steffy: Yes, she has been working all day. Why don’t you go see her? There you go. That’s for you.

Finn: Have fun.

Liam: Draw me something. Thank you for hosting.

Finn: Kelly can’t get enough of her little sister.

Steffy: Yeah, the kids being here, it’s gonna be a– a good distraction for us.

Liam: From what?

Steffy: Sheila and deacon’s wedding.

Liam: Ooh, that’s today?

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Liam: Uh, wow. Well, I know you’re not thrilled. How do you feel? Have any feelings about your mom and deacon tying the knot today?


[ Deacon chuckling ]

Deacon: Toes. Today is gonna be magic.

Liam: Sorry, I’m not trying to put you on the spot.

Finn: Um, not that it’s any of your business, but I told sheila and deacon that i couldn’t attend the ceremony at the beach today, but I did wish them luck.

Liam: Ah, that’s good. That’S… deacon’s gonna need it.

Finn: Okay, um, I’m gonna go get the pizzas.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: I’ll be right back.

Steffy: Love you.

Finn: All right, I love you.

Liam: Came on too strong. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.

Steffy: No, no, no, no. It’s fine. We’ve all been on edge now that sheila’s back. But hey, at least finn won’t run into sheila at il giardino.

Tom: Wow, this is really a nice place, deacon. It’s fancy.

Deacon: Speaking of fancy, you’re looking pretty good yourself there, pal.

Tom: Thanks for the suit.

Deacon: Ah.

Tom: I guess I look a little different than the last time you saw me.

Deacon: I’ll tell you what, I’m never gonna forget that day in the alley when finn and I saw you. We gotta get over there right now.

Finn: Look, we don’t know what’s in that building.

Deacon: Sheila, sheila could be over there.

Finn: You’re sure you saw that woman go into the building?

Tom: Oh, absolutely. I never forget a face.

Deacon: I mean, you helped save her. That’s why it’s so important, it’s– it’s so special that you’re here with us today.

Tom: I appreciate that. Listen, I don’t get invited to diddly-squat these days. I mean, especially weddings. And especially weddings that have free food.

Deacon: Well, listen, the pleasure’s all mine, really. You were instrumental in making this happen. Um, will you excuse me for a second? Enjoy as many hors d’oeuvres as you want, okay?

Tom: Sure.

Deacon: Try the toes.

Deacon: You look absolutely beautiful.

Hope: And you look very handsome.

Deacon: Yeah?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: The old man’s still got it, right?

Hope: Oh, yes, he certainly does.

Deacon: Listen, I can’t thank you enough for being here. It just– it means so much to me and sheila. And I know– I know that we put you on the spot asking you to be her maid of honor.

Hope: Ah, yeah, I’m going to be honest. Mom doesn’t really understand. And quite frankly, I’m not sure I really get it either. But dad, I can see how happy sheila makes you. And that’s all that matters to me.

Deacon: Come here. I am obsessed with olay’s retinol body wash.

[ Knock on door ]

Hope: Sheila, they’re, uh, ready to start the ceremony when you are.

Sheila: Hope, wait. I wanna thank you. I– I’d be a fool to think that this wasn’t difficult for you.

Hope: Well, sheila, you, uh, say that you’ve changed and that there is good in you. Now’s your chance to prove it. My dad is giving you his heart. So please don’t break it. Protect it and love it with everything you have.

Sheila: I will. I promise you I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that deacon is happy for the rest of our lives.

Steffy: So cute.

Liam: Girls are having such a good time.

Steffy: No, it’s the one thing to be sisters, but to be best friends like this…

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: It really warms my heart.

Liam: You okay?

Steffy: That’s a loaded question.

Liam: It’s a totally loaded question. Um, I know you’re worried about finn. He probably wants to be at that wedding deep down, so…

Steffy: Well, finn had a choice to make. And he chose his family. He understands that his connection to sheila is dangerous. Our– our safety, that’s his first priority. And he knows that he can have nothing to do with sheila.

[ Wedding march begins ]

Deacon: Sheila, this is tom. He’s gonna be officiating our wedding.

Sheila: Hello.

Tom: It’s my honor.

Deacon: No, the honor’s all ours. Believe me, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. You see, tom helped finn and me rescue you. He told us that you were in that abandoned warehouse. We never would’ve found you without tom.

Sheila: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Tom: You’re welcome. Um, now, let’s get you two hitched.

Deacon: All right, let’s do it.

Tom: First, I’d like to welcome everyone. Well, it’s a small, intimate gathering, and there’s no shame in that. You know, I had the pleasure of speaking with deacon about your unique and unconventional relationship. And how a missing toe was responsible for saving your life, and thus making this day possible. And– and what a glorious day it is. I mean, we have deacon’s daughter, hope, standing up for you.

Waitress: Uh, sorry, sir, the dining area’s closed.

Finn: Oh, no, I just ordered a couple of pizzas.

Sheila: Finn, you came. You came to my wedding. Oh, no. Oh, gosh, you know, I’ve been– I have been thinking about you all morning, hoping that you would have a change of heart. And– and you did. And I am so, so happy that you’re here with me today. So thank you, son. Thank you so very much.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Deacon was crazy to get involved with sheila in the first place, and now he’s going to marry her?

Hope: As soon as he can.

Ridge: Your dad has lost the plot completely.

Brooke: This is terrible. You weren’t able to talk him out of it?

Hope: Well, mom, he already proposed, and she accepted, and they’re planning a wedding.

Steffy: What morons are gonna go and watch that train wreck of a wedding? Like, doesn’t deacon realize he’s being scammed? She’s not a new person. She’s not this, like, well-adjusted person. My god.Steffy: What morons are gonna go and watch that train wreck of a wedding? Like, doesn’t deacon realize he’s being scammed? She’s not a new person. She’s not this, like, well-adjusted person. My god.

Hope: Well, my… it was my dad’s idea, steffy, and he loves her.

Ridge: What? That makes it worse.

Brooke: Wow. Sheila’s snowed him completely.

Steffy: Well, sheila can use deacon, but she is not going to use finn. I’m not gonna let her try to lure him back into her life.

Sheila: I know that you care for me, finn. And you saved my life. Twice.

Deacon: You ran into that warehouse like a damn superhero.

Finn: I mean, I’m just, I’m glad we were able to find you in time.

Sheila: Well, I’m never gonna forget the look on your face when I came to, and the beautiful things that you said to me, and how thrilled you were that I was alive.

Deacon: Still is. Right, man?

Finn I’m– I– it’s good to see you recovering. And– and making plans for the future.

Sheila: Okay, look. Deacon is not trying to put you on the spot, sweetheart. We know that this isn’t simple for you. And I– I’m not trying to make trouble for– for you and steffy, and I keep saying that over and over again because I truly mean that. But it would mean the world to me if you could be there for me on my wedding day.

Brooke: Sheila’s brought so much chaos and violence into our lives. Why would deacon want to be with somebody like that?

Hope: I– I told you.

Ridge: No, she said they’re in love, right? What is wrong with you? Deacon is being played the same way my dad was being played.

Brooke: She can’t be trusted.

Steffy: Yes. And I don’t trust anyone who thinks she can be.

Hope: My– my dad believes that they will be happy together.

Steffy: You know what? Let him try. I don’t give a damn. As long as sheila and anyone who supports her stays the hell away from finn.

Sheila: Our wedding just won’t be the same if you’re not there.

Deacon: I thought I was putting the guy on the spot.

Finn: I support your relationship. It’s obvious deacon is devoted to you, and devotion is important in a marriage.

Sheila: Yeah. But it’s something that you can’t do because your wonderful, uh, over-controlling wife won’t allow it?

Finn: I’m happy for you, mom. Wish you and deacon all the best.

Sheila: But, baby, I want you to be a part of that happiness. To– to– to join us. Is that too much to ask for you to dig into that deep, generous heart of yours that’s so big? To just say yes? Say that you will be deacon’s best man? Is that– is that too much for me to ask? I– I mean, we want you to be a part of our wedding. If you put your foot down,

Brooke: I understand you wanting to support your father, but in this case…

Ridge: You should just stay away from him. And sheila.

Steffy: That’s what finn’s gonna do.

Brooke: And hope is not gonna try to talk him out of it.

Steffy: I don’t want finn to even think about that woman.

Ridge: And deacon shouldn’t do that either, but that’s not gonna happen, is it?

Hope: He’s committed to her.

Brooke: Honey, if you put your foot down, maybe he’ll reconsider.

Hope: Mom, I’ve cut dad out of my life already, and he still wanted to see sheila.

Brooke: He’s put your family in danger. What about beth? You don’t want to expose her to sheila.

Hope: No, of course not. And I will always do everything I can to protect the children. That would never–

Steffy: No, my children will never be around sheila. Look, if deacon is foolish enough to marry that woman, I don’t care. My focus is my husband and my kids. He knows to stay away from that… psychopath.

Hope: So you gave him an ultimatum?

Steffy: You’re damn right I gave him an ultimatum. Like I said, finn knows to stay away from her. And if deacon knows what’s good for him, he should stay away from her too.

Hope: So you’ve convinced finn not to see sheila again?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t care if sheila’s his biological mother. I don’t care that he tried to save her. His loyalty and commitment are to me.

Deacon: I think we should give finn a minute to think, you know, not push.

Sheila: I don’t mean to, it– it would just be so perfect to have you at our wedding.

Finn: I– I appreciate being asked.

Deacon: See, that’s something.

Finn: And look, I– I realize that… you’d like more.

Sheila: Look, I’M… I’m just so thankful that you don’t see me as the monster everybody else does. I mean, I know I’ve… I’ve done terrible things. Things that I regret. And I never… I never want to go back to that again. No, I’ve been working really hard on myself. And deacon sees it. I know you do too, finn. I think steffy would feel the same. Baby, it wasn’t that long ago I saved steffy’s mother’s life. Taylor and I on the roof. The hospital. I mean, she was dangling over the edge. I’m the one that pulled her to safety. I did the same with kelly at the beach.

Finn: I– I got distracted and she… wandered away.

Sheila: Kelly, no!

Finn: I’m thankful you were there, because if you hadn’t been…

Deacon: Sheila’s not a threat to your family, finn. I mean, she risked her life to stop sugar from harming steffy and the kids.

Sheila: I would’ve done anything. Sacrifice my– my life, my freedom. I’d do anything to protect your precious family. No!

[ Sugar growling ] I only wish I could’ve spared steffy from what happened that night.

Finn: Steffy and the kids are fine.

Sheila: Just this one thing. Please, I– deacon and i already talked about it. It’s going to be simple. You know, maybe at the beach. Very simple. Come on. Surely you can talk steffy into just this one thing. It would mean so much to me. I mean, really, you are the reason that– that deacon and I are– are back together again, baby. I love you so much. Please. Just do this for me.

Finn: Like I said before. Okay? I want you to be happy. And I wish you the best. I just– I can’t be at your wedding.

Sheila: Because of steffy.

Finn: You… deserve a beautiful ceremony. I’m sorry I can’t be a part of it.

Sheila: Because of steffy.

Finn: No. Because of me. My commitment is to my wife and kids. Steffy will always be my priority. I will always put her first. But look, enjoy the wedding. Okay? And… good luck at the ceremony.

Ridge: But why do we have another– it’s the same thing. Do you want to meet on the same thing again? Okay. What? No, I can’t– can you reschedule it? Fine. No, it’s perfect. Thank you. Great. The joys of running a company. Sorry. Where were we?

Brooke: Uh, honey, there’s no middle ground where sheila’s concerned. You do understand that, don’t you?

Ridge: And her coming back from the dead doesn’t change that.

Brooke: And you can’t start seeing sheila the way deacon does.

Hope: Oh, mom, no. I would never be able to forgive her for the horrible things that she has done or forget the many ways she has tried to hurt people that I care about. But I also can’t ignore the fact that we now know it wasn’t sheila who was at the cliff house that night. It wasn’t sheila that tried to harm steffy. She actually fought sugar to try to protect steffy and the kids. I can’t ignore that.

Brooke: You can’t because you’re a kind, caring, compassionate person. But honey, you cannot give sheila any of your consideration.

Hope: But, mom, don’t you understand? This isn’t about sheila for me. Look, I’ve already lost enough. And I don’t want to lose my relationship with dad. And so I’m just trying to maintain some kind of bond with him. So…

Brooke: Yeah, well, that won’t really happen if he’s married to sheila.

Hope: There’s something else I didn’t tell you and I just, I didn’t want to mention it in front of steffy.

Ridge: Mention what in front of steffy?

[ Hope clearing throat ] It’s about the wedding.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Don’t tell me he wants you to be there.

Hope: He wants me to be sheila’s maid of honor.

Sheila: Well, it was a beautiful idea.

Deacon: This is my fault. I’m sorry. I thought it was worth a try. Babe, I’m so sorry.

[ Sheila sighs ]

Steffy: Good night, my loves. I love you.

[ Sighs ]

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hi. This is a nice surprise. Come here. I– I just put the kids down.

Finn: Oh, yeah? I thought I’d be back in time to tuck them in.

Steffy: They’re, like, literally falling asleep and I’d love some time with you right now. It’d be nice. What’s going on with you?

Finn: Oh, just… a complicated day. Something I had to deal with.

Steffy: What, a new case?

Finn: Sheila and deacon. This skinny pop is amazing.

Hope: I– I– I haven’t ruled it o

Ridge: This is crazy. I– you can’t be serious. This can’t be right.

Brooke: Deacon expects you to be sheila’s maid of honor.

Hope: Well, he didn’t assume. He did ask.

Ridge: Okay. So he asked and then you turned him down immediately.

Brooke: Hope?

Hope: I– I– I haven’t ruled it out.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Wow.

Brooke: This is what steffy was talking about and I didn’t want to believe her. You cannot let deacon influence you like this, honey. You can’t be embracing sheila.

Ridge: This is not acceptable. You know that.

Hope: Look, I am not embracing sheila or inviting her into my life.

Ridge: She doesn’t need an invitation. She needs a little crack to slither into and that’s what she’s doing.

Hope: I would just be making an appearance so that I could be there for my dad.

Ridge: Do you really think that’s how she’s gonna see it? It’s not.

Brooke: Honey. Sheila carter’s maid of honor? Are you kidding me? No. No. No way. No.

Hope: I was afraid that you would react this way, but mom, please understand and hear me when I say this. This is not about sheila for me. This is about my relationship with my dad.

Sheila: Hey, you didn’t get my hopes up. I did. I– I really thought finn might say yes.

Deacon: He wanted to.

[ Sheila scoffs ]

Sheila: I guess that should be some consolation. It just– I got so caught up in the moment. I– I could just envision him standing there, next to you as your best man. My handsome son that I am so incredibly proud of, sharing one of the most important days of my life. Wait a second.

Deacon: This is gonna still be one of the most important days of your life. I’ll make it more important. You want jugglers? I’ll get you fire eaters. You want a pony? I’ll get you a fire-eating pony. How about that?

Sheila: I don’t want any of that. No.

Deacon: I just… I just want this to be everything that you’ve dreamed it would be.

Sheila: Oh, it is though. I am finally marrying a man that truly loves me for me.

Deacon: I got an idea. I’m gonna get a sky writer and I’m gonna write, “deacon and sheila forever.” How about that, huh?

Sheila: You’re being crazy. I just hate seeing you heartbroken like this, you know? And I know you are and I just– I want you to know you’re not alone and you’re not gonna be alone ever again.

Sheila: You’re amazing.

Deacon: Yeah. Probably could have been a lot more amazing trying to get finn to stand up for me.

Sheila: It wasn’t you. That was steffy. I mean she’d rather see finn miserable than…

[ Sheila sighs ] I don’t know, than feel differently about me.

Deacon: Finn will be all right. So will you.

Sheila: It’s just, you know, I… I remember the look on his face. How joyous it was when he found me in that warehouse and realized that I was alive and I just– I didn’t feel that today. He was warm, he was kind, but he was distant. Because he had to be. No. It’s steffy. She’s never gonna allow it. I don’t think she’s ever gonna think I’m worthy of my son’s love.

Steffy: Finn, I thought sheila wasn’t gonna be an issue for us anymore.

Finn: That’s why I wanted to tell you what happened today.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: Well, first, you should know, sheila and deacon are engaged.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Hope already told me.

Finn: Well, they want to get married as soon as possible.

Steffy: Okay, well, they better not send an invitation here. Well, steffy, deacon asked me to be his best man.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Well, I didn’t accept. That’s why I went to the restaurant today. I wanted to tell him no in person.

Steffy: Oh, my god. And then sheila showed up.

[ Steffy chuckling ]

Steffy: Yeah, of course she did. She’s just looking for any opportunity to reel you in. Undermine our relationship. I bet she begged you to change your mind.

Finn: Well, but I told her the same thing I told deacon. I can’t be at their wedding. My commitment and loyalty are to you and our family.

Steffy: Yeah, it gives her another reason to hate me even more.

Finn: No, no, no. No. Hey… this was my own choice. You’re my world. I mean, nothing comes before you, kelly, and haynes. Never forget that, sweetheart. Never forget how much I love you.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ridge: Yeah, all right. Meetings and phone calls, that’s my life now. Oh, I just got an idea. How about this? Let’s steal a few moments and have lunch at home.

Brooke: And by lunch, you mean…

Ridge: You know, have a nibble and…

[ Brooke giggling ] Another nibble, maybe?

Brooke: A nibble? Right now?

Steffy: Now, now, kids, this is a place of business.

[ Brooke giggling ]

Ridge: Busted by the boss.

Steffy: I’ll let you off the hook this time.

Ridge: Thank you.

Steffy: Uh, brooke, have you seen your daughter?

Brooke: Uh, no, not recently.

Steffy: I have a few words for hope.

Finn: You are special. Come on, you don’t need me to tell you that.

Hope: Well, it’S…

[ Clearing throat ] Still nice to hear, I guess.

Finn: You’ve been through a lot of big life changes recently.

Hope: Yeah, I mean, thomas breaking up with me and leaving for paris certainly… has been rough.

Finn: In the long run, I think losing thomas is a positive change.

Hope: You’re not a fan.

Finn: I think you’re better off without him. And not that you need a man by any means, but if a guy, lucky one, appears, you just… look, you deserve the best.

Deacon: Okay, all right. Good news, guys. We are gonna be packed to the gills tonight. Alexis, I need total efficiency across the board.

Alexis: Got it.

Deacon: Hunter, make sure the entire wait staff knows all the specials, including every ingredient, because, wait for it, we are gonna have a vip tonight whose name rhymes with… “glad fit”.

Alexis: Oh.

[ Chuckling ]

Deacon: All right, guys.

Sheila: You are so sexy when you’re barking orders. Yes, you. You are such a smoke show.

Deacon: You like that, huh?

Sheila: It just makes me want to put on my uniform.

Deacon: What do you say before you put that uniform on we get you in that wedding dress.

Sheila: You know, I have been thinking about our special day. Have you heard from finn? Did he say he’s coming to the wedding?

Deacon: Well, actually, you know, as of now, I haven’t heard from hope or finn about whether or not they’re coming. Come on. Why the long face? I mean, no news is good news, right? It doesn’t mean it’s an automatic no.

Sheila: No, but I wanted an automatic yes.

Deacon: Babe, I know you did. And you know, I talked to hope. I asked her to put in a good word. Maybe finn’s gonna surprise us. He’ll be my best man and watch his mom walk down the aisle.

Sheila: Wouldn’t that be amazing? That would be so wonderful. And it would mean so much to me, but… I think I’m fooling myself. I’m just getting my hopes up too high.

Deacon: Would you listen to me? No matter what happens, I want you to remember something. Finn loves you.

Sheila: And steffy hates me. It would drive her nuts if she even knew that finn wanted to come to our wedding.

Steffy: Well, I have to talk to hope.

Brooke: About what?

Steffy: Have you heard the ridiculous ideas deacon’s been planting in her head?

Ridge: About sheila.

Steffy: Hope’s starting to think that sheila is a changed woman.

Hope: Well, it’s incredibly nice of you to say all that.

Finn: I’m just stating facts.

Hope: Well, I’ve been given quite the ego boost, sir. So I thank you for that.

Finn: Well, hey, you know what? Any time.

[ Hope giggling ]

Hope: Really, I mean, it’s not often you get complimented by such a, I don’t know, accomplished, successful, smart, like… ow…

Finn: Headache back?

Hope: Ah, the headache never really left. It’s just been radiating.

Finn: Radiating? Well, you’ve been in pain since you’ve walked in here. Maybe I’m the cause of your headache.

[ Laughing ]

Hope: No, no.

Finn: Maybe.

Hope: It’s not you.

Finn: Not me? Don’t laugh though, okay? Because you’re gonna make it worse. I’m serious. You need to think about something– think about something serious. Be serious.

Hope: Serious.

Finn: Seriousness.

Hope: Serious. Just my…

Finn: Focus.

Hope: My serious face.

Finn: That’s your serious face? All right, don’t laugh. Don’t– don’t laugh. Wowwww…

Deacon: Don’t give up just yet.

Sheila: I’m not, but it’s a lot to ask of finn.

Deacon: What? Wanting to see his mother happy? To walk down the aisle? Who wouldn’t be proud of that?

Sheila: Oh, maybe a son with a wife who despises the said bride?

Deacon: That– that does complicate things a little bit.

Sheila: Yeah. I mean, it’s gonna cause trouble for finn, and once again, he gets caught in the middle.

Deacon: I don’t get why she can’t just give him a hall pass, you know? I mean, it’s like, no skin off her nose if he comes to the wedding, right? It’s not like you’re asking her to be here. It’s not like you’re asking the kids to come. No.

Sheila: Wouldn’t that be amazing though? Oh, picture hayes as the ring bearer, wearing a little suit like that.

Deacon: Please don’t get any ideas.

Sheila: Well, okay, I know. I know that that’s not gonna happen, but it would– it would really be life-changing for me if finn could be there.

Deacon: I know.

Sheila: Well, tell me, honey. Did hope say anything? Did she say that finn said anything?

Deacon: No. Let’s hope he’s digging out his tux right now, okay?

Sheila: Yeah, if only.

Deacon: Hey, miracles happen. Baby, I thought I’d lost you. I thought you were gone, and here you are getting ready to marry the man of your dreams. Huh? Come on. Seriously, I’m just kidding. Come on. But I mean, you know, who knows? Hope might show up. She might be your maid of honor. If that happens… finn might follow.

Sheila: You are the man of my dreams.

Steffy: Finn needs to stay away from sheila.

Ridge: Yes, he does.

Steffy: And the only person who thinks this relationship is normal is hope.

Brooke: I highly doubt that.

Steffy: No, brooke, you need to get through to your daughter. She can’t cut any slack to sheila, okay? Sheila is extremely dangerous.

Ridge: I agree.

Brooke: Well, I know that hope wants to be closer to her father. But now that he’s involved with sheila…

Ridge: And what is the reason for that, anyway?

Steffy: Okay, whatever the reasons, whatever the excuses, I don’t want hope to try to influence finn. Now, she needs to stay away from him.

Hope: Well, uh, you called it. Because my head is throbbing now, probably from all the laughing.

Finn: Well, yeah. Do you want some more pressure point therapy?

Hope: No, no. I don’t want to take away from your other patients. Like, only if you had the time.

Finn: It’s fine. It’s fine, I’m actually on a break right now.

Hope: Really? Because I mean, it really… I mean, it did help earlier.

Finn: Are you okay if I really, like, get up in there? Because I think the main culprit might be right in this area. Like, people don’t realize how much tension we carry in our spine.

Hope: Well, in that case, sir, I give you my blessing. Feel free to dig an elbow in there. Just, whatever to please relieve this headache.

Finn: I’m gonna start off gently, all right? And we’ll see if that works.

Hope: All right. That works, too.

Finn: Let’s see. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you’re really tense. Which makes sense, because the musculoskeletal system is highly intricate. And all these muscles and nerves are interconnected. So, a stiff neck can cause the jaw and facial fascia to become tight, which… often leads to headaches. Look, either way, I think the underlining factor here, hope, is stress. And everything that you’ve got going on in your life. How’s that? That feeling better?

Hope: Yeah. It’s definitely helping. Depression is a journey.

Sheila: You know, on the day finn got married, it’s the first time we had seen each other since he was a baby. And now, to think that he might be in my wedding.

Deacon: That would definitely be a full circle moment, wouldn’t it?

Sheila: Could I be so lucky?

Deacon: I want you to close your eyes. Come on, do it for me. Close your eyes. I want you to visualize finn standing next to us at the altar.

Sheila: Damn, you know, I… I am trying. But I can only see steffy’s face with a big-ass scowl on it.

Brooke: What are you implying, not wanting hope around finn?

Steffy: Look, we all know that finn’s been struggling. He does have these complex feelings for his mother.

Ridge: Well, there shouldn’t be any complex feelings there, though.

Steffy: I get that, dad. I get that. I hate it, too. But he does have them. He has this tie to his mother.

Brooke: I’m sure finn feels caught in the middle.

Ridge: There is no gray area. It’s either your kids and your wife or the woman who tried to kill her.

Steffy: You know what? If hope wants to be besties with sheila, go ahead. Have at it. But do not drag my husband into this.

Finn: This might relieve some pressure. You need to… take time for yourself, hope, take care of yourself.

Hope: Okay, doctor. I will follow your orders.

Finn: I’m serious. All this talk about self-care, it’s– it’s crucial. Whether it’s a hot bath, meditation, a massage. We need to find ways to reduce the stress in our life. Otherwise, it can have negative effects on our health. And it can manifest into pain, like, you know, migraines.

Hope: Hmm. Well, I… definitely think you’re right about the stress levels. It hasn’t been easy since douglas left the country with his father. I mean, it… has taken a toll on me, even though I’m not really letting on to that. And now, with thomas’ absence at the company, there’s a lot of uncertainty around hope for the future.

Finn: Yeah, he was your lead designer. I’m sure there’s a big void.

Hope: No, huge. And then, sprinkle my divorce with liam on top of it all.

Finn: Yeah, it’s just… yeah, it’s too much all at once.

Hope: Yeah. Honestly, I, um… I’ve really been struggling. I think I’ve just been hiding it really well.

Finn: Hm. Sorry to hear that.

Hope: Yeah.

Finn: And now you have our parents’ wedding to worry about.

[ Hope laughing ] Are you thinking about going?

Hope: I mean, I want to discuss it with my mother first and hear what she has to say about it, but… I am considering it, just… knowing how much it means to my father. But please know, I haven’t told anyone about it. Not even steffy, so… what are you thinking? Which way are you leaning?

Finn: What am I thinking? Um… yeah, now you’re gonna give me a headache. Um… as much as I’d like to be there and support them and be deacon’s best man, I have to put steffy’s feelings first. It’s too much for her. There’s no way she’d be cool with it.

Hope: Yeah.

Finn: Any improvement?

Hope: Much better. Thank you. Why are you looking at me like that?

Finn: I was just thinking about how perfect it is.

Hope: What? Your name.

Hope: Hope?

Finn: Yeah, I mean, it’s– it’s everything you embody. Hope for the future, hope for– for everyone. Even the lost, misguided souls.

Hope: Well, you are all about hope too, even though it’s not your name. What with taking care of those in need, being a doctor and all.

Finn: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Sounds like we got more in common than we thought. I should give deacon an answer, though. I’m sure he’s been waiting.

Hope: Yes, but I also get that you are in a tough position, so if you can’t say yes, I totally understand.

Finn: I have to put my wife first.

Hope: That’s the way it should be. Steffy is really, really lucky to have such a loving man in her life. (Noel) did you know it’s possible

Ridge: You can get through to hope. I know you can.

Steffy: Yeah, you have to talk some sense into hope.

Brooke: Sweetheart!

Steffy: Speak of the devil.

Hope: Uh… what did I just walk in on?

Brooke: Um… steffy and ridge were just expressing some concerns they have.

Hope: About?

Steffy: You.

Brooke: They think maybe you might have warmed up to the idea of sheila.

[ Hope clearing throat ]

Hope: Warmed up?

Brooke: Well, have you? Apparently, you came face to face with sheila. You had quite a shock.

Hope: Yes, so much so that I fainted because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Um, but it turns out my dad was right. He wasn’t crazy. He was right about sheila.

Steffy: Okay, deacon was right about one thing. Sheila’s alive. But he’s not the best judge of character. And sheila has him wrapped around her finger. So of course, yeah, he’s gonna believe that she’s changed, when she should really be rotting in prison. I mean, come on, you know that, right? You know how psycho she is, right?

[ Hope clearing throat ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god, they’ve actually gotten to you.

Brooke: Honey, you can’t listen to them. You can’t let your father influence you like that.

Steffy: You can’t show that woman any mercy.

Hope: Well, I’ve talked to my dad and he believes that she truly has changed.

Steffy: Oh!

Ridge: Ae you kidding me? Really?

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Hope: So much so that, um… he proposed to her.

Brooke: He what?

Steffy: What? They’re engaged? Oh, what an idiot.

Ridge: What? How dumb is your dad? Really?

Steffy: Any normal person would realize that sheila hasn’t changed. Come on, she’s only doing it because she wants to lure finn back into her life.

[ Steffy scoffs ]

Finn: Hey.

Deacon: Hey, finn.

Finn: You, uh, have time to talk?

Deacon: Yeah, of course.

Finn: Yeah, I, um… spoke with hope. I hear there’s some congratulations in order.

Deacon: Yeah, your mom and i are pretty excited. We’re probably the only people that are excited, but, uh, maybe you and hope could be a little excited for us?

Finn: Oh, hey, I wish you guys all the best.

Deacon: I was kind of hoping you might get involved.

Finn: Hope said you’d like me to be your best man.

Deacon: Finn, it would make the day so much more memorable. I mean, especially for your mom, you know? To see you standing up there for us and with hope, god willing.

Finn: Yeah, like, I’m, uh… I’m trying to be as supportive as possible, but you know steffy. She, rightfully so, doesn’t want me anywhere near sheila.

Deacon: I get it, I do. I also know that you’re the kind of man that makes his own decisions. I mean, look, man, I’m not trying to cause any problems for you in your marriage.

Finn: Okay, well, that’s exactly what it would do if I agreed to go… be your best man.

Deacon: So you’re turning me down?

Finn: Look, I’m– I’m truly happy for you. You are giving sheila hope for a better and brighter future, and I think that’s incredible. But I just– I can’t go to the wedding. You understand?

Deacon: I understand, yeah. I just don’t know how your mom’s gonna feel about it.

Finn: Oh, did you– you heard? Hey, look, I’m– I’m sorry, and like I said, I– I want your happiness, and I think you found it with a good man. But me, being at the ceremony, being his best man, I can’t do that.

Sheila: You can’t, or steffy won’t let you? Hey, look, it’s– it’s okay. I don’t want to upset steffy and make things harder for you. But I’m– I’m your mom. I gave birth to you, and we’ve already missed spending so much of our life together, and now I’m marrying deacon. I finally found love. I mean, something I’ve been yearning for my entire life, and it is going to be a magical day. A day that we would really love you to be a part of. I’m not trying to make things tough on you, but it would be so meaningful to have you there. I mean, to…

[ Finn chuckles ] To have you just smiling at me during the ceremony, you know, so please… say you’ll be there, say you’ll be there for your mom on her wedding day.

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B&B Transcript Monday, May 20, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Liam: I get that you meant to lay down the law with finn, but we’re still talking about his birth mother. You know, he does want to know her better. He does feel like he has this, whatever, connection with her. I just– I’m not– I don’t understand why you’re convinced that he can just ignore all those feelings.

Steffy: He’ll have to.

Liam: Because you gave him an ultimatum.

Steffy: Finn knows exactly where I stand. There’s only room for one of us in his life. One.

Liam: I get that you meant to lay down the law with finn, but we’re still talking about his birth mother. You know, he does want to know her better. He does feel like he has this, whatever, connection with her. I just– I’m not– I don’t understand why you’re convinced that he can just ignore all those feelings.

Steffy: He’ll have to.

Liam: Because you gave him an ultimatum.

Steffy: Finn knows exactly where I stand. There’s only room for one of us in his life. One. It’s either sheila, or me.

Finn: Your dad and my mom, like, this is really happening?

Hope: Apparently, wedding bells are imminent.

Finn: And deacon, he seriously, he wants us to be there. And, like, standing up for them.

Hope: Yeah, it’s a lot to ask, I know, but, I mean, is it something you would consider? Being my dad’s best man? I mean, especially given steffy’s feelings about sheila.

[ Finn scoffs ]

Deacon: Thanks, man.

Sheila: You didn’t, I mean, you didn’t really ask her.

Deacon: I want you to picture this, all right? It’s our special day, it’s our wedding, my daughter by your side, your son by mine.

Sheila: Oh, I am picturing it, it’s such a beautiful image, but, you know, the reality is, is the chances of hope ever being my maid of honor, and finn being your best man. Ooh, careful, pigs are flying.

Deacon: Hey, I’ve seen them fly, right? It could happen. You don’t ask, you don’t get. Let’s see what happens.

Sheila: I love you.

Deacon: I love you too.

Sheila: People say I’m crazy.

Deacon: I know they do.

Sheila: It’s you.

Deacon: Is it really? Come here, okay. Crazy broad.

Sheila: Did you call me a broad?

Deacon: I did.

Deacon: I haven’t actually spoken to finn yet.

Sheila: But hope is– is willing to talk to him?

Deacon: Look, I know how much it would mean to you to have him at our wedding, all right? Especially if he was my best man.

Sheila: That would be like a dream come true, really. But I– I can’t get excited.

Deacon: Because of steffy. Yeah.

Steffy: Liam, it won’t be a problem. Finn understands my feelings. He knows how destructive sheila is. All the horrible things she’s done to us over the years.

Liam: Nobody, but he’s saying she’s reformed now. That’s the problem, right? Like that her whole history of violence should just be forgotten because now sheila’s good.

Steffy: It’s never gonna be forgotten. Or forgiven.

Liam: By you. Yeah, but with finn. Okay, can I just put this in perspective? The woman shot him. Not too long ago. But finn is still gullible enough to think that she’s a normal, well-adjusted person now.

Steffy: Yeah, she supposedly risked her life to save me. Like, give me a break.

Liam: But he still believes it. And it’s worse than that. ‘Cause now he believes he has a second chance with his mother.

Steffy: No, no, no, liam. There’s no more chances. Sheila’s unfortunate resurrection, it doesn’t mean anything to me. Or to finn. Look, she is dangerous. And she is extremely unbalanced. I know finn’s gonna stay away from her.

Finn: So, what about you? You’re gonna be able to do it? You’re stand up there and be sheila’s maid of honor?

Hope: I don’t– I don’t know. Hey, I– I mean, I know I’m in an easier spot. Given that, you know, I don’t have a spouse forbidding me from being around her. But, I– I guess we’ll see. Look, I just– I wanted you to know. It’s on the table. And I am here for you if you need to talk about it. And weigh the pros and cons. Weigh your options. I am a safe place.

Finn: Thanks. Well, yeah, I mean, yeah, I’m– I’m torn. I mean, part of me wants to be there. I know it would mean the world to sheila if I supported her.

Hope: You think you can convince steffy that it’s a good idea?

Finn: Not likely. I believe sheila has changed and steffy doesn’T. And I’m afraid she never will.

Hope: That puts you in a tough spot.

Finn: Yeah. Look, as much as I might wanna say yes to this, I need to consider steffy’s feelings. She’s my wife. And my commitment is to her, first and foremost.

[] And after the last visit I had to

your foolish game.

Sheila: You know, the thought of finn coming to our wedding, my son that never gave up on me. To watch us exchange vows, start our life together, that just… I would want that so much.

Deacon: All right, then, you know what you gotta do? You gotta start thinking positively. You know, you just have to put that out in the universe. Just will it to happen.

Sheila: Yeah. Well, about that, positive thinking only gets you so far.

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: You gotta be realistic. And after the last visit I had from my son’s lovely wife, I’m not sure that finn is gonna make it to our wedding, let alone as your best man.

Steffy: It’s ridiculous that sheila even thinks she can get away with manipulating finn with this whole, I’m good, charade.

Liam: Ridiculous that she thinks she can or ridiculous that she can, ’cause even if finn decides to do right by you and has nothing to do with sheila ever again, he still fell for the con.

Steffy: Oh my gosh, this whole I’m back from the dead thing, it’s like, it’s really affecting him, unfortunately.

Liam: Yeah, well, even more unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

Steffy: Well, deacon is a lost cause. He’s always been. He’s never gonna see sheila for who she truly is.

Liam: Oh god, I wish I was talking about deacon. No, sadly, uh, kinda seems like hope is falling for it too.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Yeah, hope. As in, hope. Um, at least she seems to be considering it, this absurd idea that sheila is somehow changed.

Hope: I think it’s pretty wonderful the way you’re always trying to put steffy’s needs first.

Finn: Well, we’re married, it’s important. And even if I believe in sheila, I can understand why she would be hesitant. And I have to respect that and hope that eventually she’ll see what I do. Right, maybe they’ll have a long engagement and it’ll give me some time to change steffy’s mind.

Hope: I don’t know, they seem pretty eager to get this next chapter started.

Finn: Hmm. And when do you think you’ll decide whether or not you’re gonna go?

Hope: I don’t know. I know I want to discuss it with my mother first, get her opinion, but honestly, believe it or not, I think I am leaning towards going.

Finn: Really?

Hope: Yeah.

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: You seem surprised.

Finn: No, I mean, I’m– I’m not surprised that you wanna be there for your dad. I know how much you care about him and how much you value the relationship that you’ve fostered now that you’re an adult, but hope, this is not some everyday wedding. I mean, it’s not like he’s marrying a soccer mom from the suburbs. If you go, you’re gonna be showing that you support him marrying sheila cotter. Is that like something you can see yourself doing?

Hope: Yeah, I… I just want my dad to be happy. And besides, love is love, right?

Finn: Indeed.

Hope: And they are our parents, so…

Finn: You all right?

Hope: Yeah, it’s just… sorry, these headaches that I’ve been getting, just…

Finn: Headaches? Okay, well… hope?

Hope: Hmm.

Finn: Do you know where you are? And who you’re talking to? Why didn’t you just mention that earlier?

Hope: No! No, no, I don’t wanna bother you with this.

Finn: Bother me? Come on, come on, what’S…

Hope: No, it’s– it’s nothing, really.

Finn: Really? You wouldn’t like to have a second opinion, maybe from, I don’t know, a doctor?

Hope: All right, if you’re offering.

Finn: Look, let me take a look, I’ll just… I can see if I can help. Depression is a journey. for her the bestn: All kidding aside,

Deacon: All kidding aside, I don’t need to be worried here, do I?

Sheila: About?

Deacon: About steffy, about your tone. Look, don’t let your feelings for her the best of you.

Sheila: I have nothing but the utmost respect for my beautiful daughter-in-law.

Deacon: Oh, yeah, no, sure, of course. With maybe just a little tiny bit of frustration, which I get, it’s totally justified, all right? You’ve done everything you can to prove that you’re not the woman who made all those mistakes all those years ago, all right? You practically risked your life. You protected- you protected her from sugar, from harming her. I get it.

Sheila: Yeah, but that doesn’t matter. Not to her. Steffy doesn’t care. I mean, she still sees me as finn’s psycho birth mother that kept her away from her mother when she was young.

Deacon: Oh, okay, but that’s not true. All right, look. Maybe some of it’s true, all right? I mean, you can’t ignore the reality that some of the things that you did in the past have had a lasting effect on steffy and her family. But here’s the good news, all right? She cannot continue to ignore the fact that you’re not the same person, that you have changed, all right? Don’t let her stand in the way of all the progress that you’ve made.

Sheila: But don’t let her, huh? Even though she’s the one person standing between myself and a relationship with my son.

Steffy: You can’t be serious. Hope thinks sheila’s changed?

Liam: Well, I wouldn’t go that far yet. Uh, but is she considering it? Yeah, it kinda seems like she’s considering it.

Steffy: Okay, she is spending way too much time with her father. This must be deacon’s influence, right?

Liam: Yeah, and if it is, um, it’s disconcerting for me, too.

Steffy: Okay, did hope tell you this? What happened?

Liam: She literally spoke to sheila. Like, she talked to her. Sheila told hope her side of the whole story with the– you know, that she tried so hard to stop sugar from attacking you.

Steffy: Okay, whatever, supposedly.

Liam: Laughably.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. Why is everyone trying to make sheila, like, out like some hero? Sheila is the exact opposite.

Liam: Yeah, no argument here.

Steffy: Oh, this is blowing my mind. So wait, so– so– did hope, like, feel a type of way? Did she feel, I don’t know, ashamed for saying that? Maybe a little guilty?

Liam: No, because she wasn’t making any firm declarations. It was more just like– like, let’s put this on the table. Let’s think out loud. I’m just– you know, trying to keep an open mind.

Steffy: Oh, she better not have an open mind around my husband and lead him down a wrong path. Okay. Okay, if she wants to follow in her daddy’s footsteps and be all team sheila, have at it. But she better not speak to my husband. No, the last thing my husband needs is hope’s bad influence.

Hope: If you think you can fix these headaches, then please be my guest.

Finn: Well, how often are you getting them? Are we, like, talking daily?

Hope: These days, just about.

Finn: And based on the way you reacted, I’m guessing it’s a sharp pain?

Hope: Yeah, most of the time, but then it goes away.

Finn: You drinking enough water?

Hope: Oh yeah, yeah, I’m hydrated. I even have an app that tracks that sort of stuff.

Finn: Are you taking anything for them?

Hope: Um, only when it’s really bad.

Finn: Okay, well, good– good, stick with that. I don’t wanna prescribe something that’s not absolutely necessary.

Hope: I would like to avoid that as well. Um, actually, I was thinking about starting acupuncture.

Finn: Yeah, that’s actually a good idea. I’ve had some patients who’ve benefited. I’m– I’m a big believer in acupuncture and massage. Actually, do you trust me?

Hope: Maybe.

Finn: I’ve been told these hands work wonders.

Hope: Okay, I guess in that case, I trust you. Diabetes can serve up a lot of questions.

Sheila: Don’t worry.

Deacon: Let’s go with this one, okay? You are not doing a lot to ensure confidence in me.

Sheila: Don’t worry. No, seriously, come on, I’ve got too much good in my life right now. Got too many blessings to let someone like steffy throw me off track.

Deacon: Even though she’s the one person who’s standing in between you and the thing that you want most in this world?

Sheila: No, what I want most in my world is right here, standing in front of me. My soon-to-be husband, who is loving and devoted, and regardless of what steffy thinks or wants, finn is too. I mean, she may be successful in, you know, not allowing him to come to our wedding, but she’s never gonna be able to– to come between us. He’s not gonna stop caring about me and believing in me. Do I wish steffy felt differently? Absolutely, I do. But I am not going to allow anyone or anything to destroy this incredibly happy little life I’ve got going.

Deacon: That’s my girl.

Sheila: Especially someone like steffy forrester.

Steffy: Ooh, I should’ve seen this coming.

Liam: Seen what coming? Her thinking maybe sheila’s changed? Why would you? It’s not a sane idea.

Steffy: No, no, no, it’s just the– just the things– just the things hope has been saying lately. Lecturing me, warning me not to discard finn’s complicated feelings towards his birth mother.

Liam: No.

Steffy: Gosh, now, this is– this really pisses me off.

Liam: Well, okay, it’s hope, right? I mean, you know, it could be she just– she has your and finn’s best interests, like your marriage.

Steffy: She doesn’t have our best interests. Liam, come on. God, this makes me– this makes me so angry. And that she’s buying into what, all this sheila nonsense? Are you kidding me? If she tries to get into finn’s head, if she tries to say one thing about sheila being new and improved, you know what? She better not say anything at all. Nothing. No, she needs to stay away from him, ’cause this– this could be really dangerous. No, she needs to stay away from finn altogether.

Finn: Um, most headaches originate in the pain-sensing nerves of the muscles and the blood vessels surrounding the head, neck, and face. Like, they’re often triggered by stress and muscle tension, but allergies can be a factor, sleep deprivation.

Hope: Well, I’m not sure about allergies, but stress could definitely be the cause.

Finn: Yeah, you’ve had a lot of that lately.

Hope: Yeah, I mean, obviously the whole situation with thomas. Not to mention douglas being halfway across the world, me worrying about him daily. Not to mention work, and all my concerns about hope for the future.

Finn: Wow, sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. Look, don’t overdo it, okay? Seriously, you gotta– you gotta cut some time out for yourself.

Hope: Oh, you mean coming in here for some head massage?

Finn: Well, yeah, does it feel better?

Hope: Actually, yeah.

Finn: Yeah, good. I mean it, though. You can’t forget to prioritize yourself from time to time, okay? And look, just try not to stress out about things you can’t control. Like thomas, for example. Look, you know where I stand on him, and I realize I’m talking about my wife’s brother, and it’s hypocritical of me considering I believe that my birth mother has changed. But look, if thomas is causing you this much stress, you need to let it go. Let him go. Hope, you are so beautiful, and kind, and passionate, and committed to what you do. And you fight hard to make a difference in people’s lives every day. All the while, you have a smile that lights up the world. No, you deserve the best, hope, the absolute best. And I just– I still don’t think it’s thomas. Look, someone special is gonna come along right when you least expect it, you’ll see. I’m certain of it. And whoever he is, he’ll be thankful. And because he will know how fortunate he is. Hope, any man would be lucky to be with you.

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B&B Transcript Friday, May 17, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Deacon: Think how great it would be if you were actually in the wedding. You could be sheila’s maid of honor. Finn could be my best man.

[ Phone ringing ]

Hope: Hi, dad.

Deacon: Hey there, daughter. So I was kind of hoping you might have some good news for me.

Hope: Oh?

Deacon: Well, your old man’s getting married soon and, uh, you know, my bride could use a maid of honor and the groom could use a best man. So what do you say? Can you and finn help us out?

Hope: Uh, yeah. I actually hadn’t had a chance to talk to finn yet.

Deacon: Okay. Um, well, what about you, kiddo?

Hope: I– I’m still not sure.

Deacon: All right, look, look, I understand. I mean, whatever you decide, hope, I– I get it. It’s just, I love you so much. It would just mean the world to me if you were there to see sheila and I tie the knot.

Hope: I, uh, dad, I– I actually have to go.

Deacon: Okay. Um, you’ll talk to finn though, right?

Hope: Yep. Yep.

Steffy: Is that your, uh, gullible father calling you to tell you how excited he is that that nine-toed psycho is back?

Finn: Mom. Mom, it’s me.

Sheila: Help me.

[ Knocking ]

Sheila: Will the doctor see me now? Hello, son.

Liam: Another visit so soon. Why do I get the feeling that you’re not here for a slice of my vegan tofu pizza? Come on, out with it.

Liam: I’m– I’m here because your newly resurrected girlfriend remains a threat to steffy and her family, and you and finn, you’re… you’re just not appreciating the gravity of that.

Sheila: I just happened to be at the hospital for a follow-up appointment and good news. My doctor says I am in surprisingly good health given everything I went through with sugar. Uh, he just, he just reconfirmed that right now. I thought, well, since I’m here, I may as well take the opportunity to pop in and see my handsome son. You’re not glad to see me.

Finn: No, look, I– I am glad that you are doing okay. Sheila, I just, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be dropping by my office like this.

Sheila: Is that how you truly feel or is that what steffy wants?

Hope: Look, steffy, if you really need to talk, can we schedule a meeting for later because there’s some place I– no, I need a moment with you.

Hope: Okay, did you not just even hear me?

Steffy: Are you not hearing me?

Hope: Right. What– what’s so important?

Steffy: What’s with the attitude?

Hope: Well, I mean, you– you come in here and first thing are criticizing my dad and then you expect me to drop everything for you? Oh, and not to mention thomas and douglas are on the other side of the world, in large part, thanks to you right now. So, if I’m a little bit frustrated with you, I think i have good reason. Don’t you? When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Deacon: Why aren’t you getting the fact that people are capable of change?

Liam: I… I do get that people are capable of change, even change for the better.

Deacon: Well, you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to sheila.

Liam: No, my, my blind spot is when it comes to people with long and dangerous patterns of behavior. You’re– you’re– you’re hanging everything on this one fact that sheila told you she did this good thing.

Deacon: And it just doesn’t– that means nothing to you, right?

Liam: What means something to me is steffy and my kid… and their safety.

Deacon: As a father, I get that. I get that, man. Protect your little girl, protect her from bullies, be the best father you can be, but stop using it as an excuse to beat up on sheila every chance you get. I mean, come on, man. She’s gone through hell. You know, she practically lost her life trying to keep… you know, liam, it’s– it’s, man, it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall.

Liam: Yeah, you kind of are. You kind of are talking to a brick wall ’cause I’m never gonna budge on this. I’m never going to be fooled by sheila the way that you and finn have.

Sheila: I can’t believe you want me to stay away, finn. No, not after the beautiful, lovely things you said to me when you found out I was alive. Those– those weren’t just words, son. You meant them. I know you meant them.

Finn: Of course I meant them. By finding you alive after weeks of believing that I’d never see you again, I mean, I was beyond relieved.

Sheila: You were thrilled. You, you were thrilled that we had another chance at a relationship. Clearly, steffy doesn’t feel the same way. I mean, she still holds this suspicion and animosity toward me, and… I know that has to impact you.

Finn: Steffy: Is my wife. She’s the mother of my son. She’s the love of my life, and she’s been through a hell of a lot herself.

Sheila: I– I understand that, but… it has gotta be really difficult for you being torn between your mother and your wife. It’s just… my life is going so well. I– I see a positive, wonderful future ahead of me, finn, and… and it’s a future that I– I truly hope I get to share with you.

Steffy: Are you coming at me now?

Hope: No, but it does feel like you were doing that to me for months.

Steffy: Wait, are you still upset about the whole thomas situation? Like, I thought we moved on from this.

Hope: Oh, really? Because it completely changed my life. You were bad-mouthing me to your brother every chance you got and helped drive him away.

Steffy: Well, I was looking out for my brother. I know the history that he has with you.

Hope: Oh, you mean how he really worked hard on himself and changed for the better? I thought you would be proud of him for that.

Steffy: I am really proud of him. That’s why I stood up for him. I watched what you were doing. Look, hope, the whole situation was really messy, and I was watching you slowly turn into your mom.

Hope: Oh, wow. Doing this again. You’re trying to call me a slut.

Steffy: Well, I mean, you have to admit you are a little unhinged, and I just didn’t want that energy around thomas. I didn’t want you using him.

Hope: I was not using your brother.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, you were. You had him wrapped around your finger. Look, I don’t know why you did it. I don’t know if it was to get back at me or– or liam.

Hope: Couldn’t be more wrong.

Steffy: Okay, I don’t know if you’re triggered by this. Whatever. Like, I really don’t care. I don’t want to hear the whole victim story because I’m not gonna buy it. I don’t really care. Forward. Over it. Moving on.

Hope: Okay, all right. Obviously, we will never see eye to eye on this, so if i could just make one suggestion, though, maybe focus on your own life, your own husband, you know, given… everything.

Steffy: Given everything? What’s that supposed to mean? ()


Hope: Your husband is going through a lot right now, and quite frankly, I think it is a little insensitive to just discount his complicated feelings for his birth mother.

Steffy: His birth mother? Sheila carter, the woman who shot finn and me and left us both to die in an alley. That sheila carter.

Hope: Yes, we all know who sheila carter is, steffy, and we’re all aware of the horrible things that she has done, especially finn. I’m just saying, I– I think continuing to go down this path of diminishing your husband’s feelings–

Steffy: Just because sheila carter gave birth to finn– you know what? I don’t even know why I have to explain this to you. It should be so obvious.

Hope: Oh, you mean you want me to butt out of something that doesn’t concern me?

[ Steffy scoffs]

Steffy: Yes, I do. But if you want to interfere in my marriage, I’ll tell you this. Finn and I have talked. He knows exactly where I stand. He won’t be seeing sheila ever again.

Finn: I am glad things are going well for you, sheila. I want the best for you.

Sheila: Even though your wife still has this huge sway, I understand. She’s the woman that you married, the mother of your– your son. It’s just, you know, one day I really hope that she will– we– we know what I hope, so I guess in the meantime– well, look, in the meantime, there is something else that you can do. Another step in the right direction. I’m talking about counseling, sheila. And don’t get me wrong, look, I believe that you have changed, but I also think that it would be good to go further, right, with a professional to ensure that you never go back to that woman you were before.

Sheila: No, I’m never going to go back to the woman that I was, sweetheart. I won’t go back to her. I… I have so much to live for. I have a son that I love and admire and respect so very much.

Liam: Hey. Uh, I was actually looking for hope.

Steffy: She left a little while ago. You okay?

Liam: I was just with deacon. Frankly, I can’t even get over the fact that sheila’s still alive.

Deacon: There she is. How’d the follow-up doctors appointment go?

Sheila: It went great.

Deacon: No interactions with the female dr. Finnegan?

Sheila: Oh, stop it. No, no. But you know the best part?

Deacon: Tell me.

Sheila: They gave me an opportunity to visit with my handsome son.

[ Knocking ]

Hope: Hey.

Finn: Hey! Got a minute?

Finn: Um, yeah. For you, always. What’s, um, what brings you by?

Hope: Well, I, uh, come bearing news.

Finn: Okay.

Hope: Your birth mother and my father… they’re engaged.


Deacon: So you checked in with finn while you were at the hospital. Take that. There you go.

Sheila: Thank you, baby.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: Yep. He was working away, but…

Deacon: He made time for his mom.

Sheila: He did. You know, my relationship with finn has changed, and for the better.

Deacon: I think coming back from the great beyond tends to do that. It’ll bring a mother and her son closer together.

Sheila: Yeah, well, I can only imagine how much closer if… steffy weren’t involved.

Deacon: Mm-mm. Does that mean what I think it does?

Sheila: It’s just so clear that she’s gotten into finn’s head again, and– and that is frustrating as all hell. I mean, if you’re, uh… worried about me getting upset and lashing out at steffy, no, I’m not.

Deacon: Good. Because that would completely screw up my master plan.

Sheila: What plan?

Deacon: So, um, I might have spoken to hope and told her that my bride-to-be needs a maid of honor.

Sheila: Oh, shut up.

Deacon: Wait for it. And asked her to convince finn…

Sheila: To be your best man?

Deacon: Bingo.

Steffy: Deacon is a fool for thinking sheila is any different now than she was before sugar showed up. The one thing I know for sure, sheila, dead or alive, doesn’t change anything. Not for finn and me.

Finn: Sheila and deacon are engaged?

Hope: Our parents are going to be husband and wife. So, how do you feel?

[ Finn chuckles ]

Finn: How do I feel? Um… I don’t know. Sheila was just here earlier, and I told her I want her to be happy.

Hope: What, she didn’t mention the engagement at all?

Finn: No. Well, she talked about her future and how… bright it looked.

Hope: Well, I’m guessing she’s referring to the upcoming nuptials.

Finn: Yeah. What about you? How do you feel about our parents being married?

[ Hope chuckles ]

Hope: I mean, honestly, uh… I’m conflicted. I mean, I have my issues and my concerns in regard to sheila. No– no offense.

Finn: Oh, none taken. I– I get why people wish that sheila was out of their lives once and for all.

Hope: But you don’t?

Finn: Well, she’s my birth mother. I mean, there’s obviously the biological connection, and I want her to continue to reform herself, but yeah, I feel, um… yeah, I feel a tie that I’ve never been able to fully explain.

Hope: Well, you don’t have to. At least, not to me, anyway. So, uh, about our folks’ engagement, uh… my dad didn’t just want me to come to the wedding. He also wants me to be your mom’s maid of honor.

Finn: Maid– wow. Wow, talk about being put on the spot. What’d you say?

Hope: I told him that I would think about it, and it’s a lot to consider.

Finn: Yeah, makes sense.

Hope: Yeah, um, and that wasn’t the only thing he asked me about. Uh, look, he was hesitant to even say anything to me about it, but–

Finn: Let me guess. Deacon wants me to come to the wedding, too.

Hope: Oh, it’s not just that. He wanted to know if you would be his best man.

Finn: Be– you– what?

Hope: He would like you to stand up for him so that we can both be there while our parents say I do. So now you have a lot to consider as well.

Finn: Consider? There’s no way steffy would understand, let alone accept this.

Hope: I mean, obviously not. But, I mean, how do you feel about it? I mean, take your wife out of the equation. What would you want? It is your birth mother’s wedding. And my dad did say it would be the biggest gift for both of us to be there for them, to stand up for them.

Finn: Are you thinking about saying yes?

Hope: I don’t know. I don’t know. I just know it would be easier if you were there, too. So is that something that you would even consider? I mean, would you say yes to that? Being at, you know, your mom ,and… my father’s wedding?

Steffy: I laid down the law with finn.

Liam: So it’s either you… or sheila.

Steffy: My husband knows sheila won’t be part of his life.

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Finn: Nothing comes before you, kelly and haynes.

Brooke: You cannot give sheila any of your consideration.

Hope: This isn’t about sheila for me. I’ve already lost enough.

Officiant: Now, let’s get you two hitched.

[ Laughing ]

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B&B Transcript Thursday, May 16, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Liam: Working from home today? Can’t say I blame you.

Steffy: Yeah, I thought about going to work, but I– I can’T. Now knowing that sheila’s out there, it’s just, um… yeah, everyone’s in shock.

Liam: What about you? How are you?

Steffy: What do you think? I’m still– I’m freaking out.

Liam: We all are.

Steffy: Knowing sheila is alive is one thing, but nothing prepared me to see her face-to-face.

Sheila: You know, people say you’re crazy for being with me.

Deacon: Nah. Let ’em have their opinions, as long as I got you.

Sheila: Yeah, but loving me could make you a pariah.

Deacon: Pariah? Is that a fancy word for “happiest man alive”?

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: No. But that’s a lot nicer than what steffy had to say to me today.

Deacon: You saw steffy?

Sheila: Uh-huh. Yeah, she paid me, uh, a little visit. She wanted to make sure that I knew I had no place in her life or her family.

Brooke: What zende did was unconscionable! I– I know that he didn’t try to take advantage of her. He wouldn’t do that. But still, he knew that she was your girlfriend.

Rj: I don’t think that I’m ever going to be able to work with zende again. But I– I do believe in luna, and what we have together. And I think that we can move past this. I just don’t need any more reminders of what happened that night.

Poppy: Luna, I know you’re scared–

Luna: Just tell me, mom. What does it say? Is it negative? Is it positive? Am I pregnant?

Brooke: I want you both to move on from this too, sweetheart.

Rj: I know. It’s just, it doesn’t help to keep bringing it up, okay? Listen, I– I– luna made it very clear that she’s not interested in zende and that she thought it was me, and I believe her. Luna loves me, mom. Only me.

[ Rj chuckles ]

Brooke: Good! I just hope there’s not long-lasting effects for you and luna in this situation.

Rj: There won’t be.

Brooke: Okay.

Rj: I’m gonna make sure of that.

Luna: Oh, it’s positive, isn’t it? Just say it. I’ve ruined everything.

Poppy: You haven’T.

Luna: Well, that’s easy for you to say. I’m not like you, mom. Like, having a baby right now–

Poppy: You’re not.

Luna: What?

Poppy: You’re not pregnant.

Luna: Oh, my god. Are you serious?

[ Poppy laughing ] Wait, let me see. Oh, my god. I have never been more relieved in my entire life. I’m not ready to have a baby right now, let alone zende’S.

Poppy: Well, you don’t have to worry about that, sweetheart.

Luna: Oh, my god.

[ Cell phone chimes ]

Luna: Oh, it’s rj. He wants me to go to his place.

Poppy: Good. Go. Rj’s forgiven you, and he’s a wonderful, caring young man, and there’s no reason to think that you can’t get past this. You just have to put that night out of your mind forever. Bring it in.

[ Both laughing ]

Liam: So, wait, so you actually saw sheila?

Steffy: I never thought I’d have to look at that evil face again.

Liam: You– okay, but I– I don’t know if confronting her is the best idea. Like, I don’t care what deacon says, she could snap any minute.

Steffy: I told her to stay away from finn, to leave us alone, and if she ever comes near the children or finn, she’s gonna have to answer to me.

Deacon: You know, the last time steffy was here, you two went at it.

Sheila: Yeah, well, don’t worry. I was on my best behavior.

Deacon: Ah.

Sheila: Really, I was. But so my– my son’s overbearing wife came here and threw a tantrum.

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: Deacon, I– you know, I’ve been given another chance, and I finally have everything I’ve ever wanted in life: Pure, lasting, unconditional love.

Deacon: Well, I don’t know about pure.

Sheila: Mmm. I’m not gonna let you down, daddy. No, no more lashing out, getting angry, causing problems. I’m a changed woman.

[ Knocking on door ] Oh! Ah, that’s hope. I invited her over. I– I wanna tell her about the engagement.

Sheila: That’s right. You really think so? It’s a good idea?

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, of course I do. Yeah, give me a few minutes with her to run it by her, then we can tell everyone. Including finn.

Sheila: Yeah.

Deacon: Hey, kiddo. Thanks for stopping by.

Hope: Hey. Yeah.

Sheila: Hey.

Hope: Wow, it’s, uh, still like seeing a ghost. With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,

Brooke: Yes. No, I agree. That’s perfect, katie. Okay, I’ll– oh, let me call you back. Uh, poppy. Poppy. Can I see you for a minute?

Poppy: Sure, brooke.

Brooke: Close the door.

Poppy: I’m assuming you wanna talk about our kids?

Brooke: I don’t think our kids are the problem. In fact, their maturity is very inspiring. Unlike yours.

Poppy: Mine?

Brooke: Our kids, luna and rj, deserve to be happy and secure. And they would be if it weren’t for you and your little “mints.” How can you be so reckless? I mean, really. Your lack of judgment is wreaking havoc in their lives.

Rj: Thank you for coming.

Luna: Wow. These are beautiful.

Rj: Yeah, for you. I had them sent here instead of your place because, uh, I just really wanted you to be here to enjoy ’em.

Luna: You want me here?

Rj: Yeah. All the time, as often as you want. Like how it used to be. Listen, um… I don’t want things to be awkward or sad between us anymore. You’re blaming yourself for something terrible that happened that wasn’t your fault. This is on zende and your mom, not you.

Luna: So you– you really forgive me?

Rj: I don’t blame you. I don’t want you blaming yourself. You know, a lot can change in one night, but it can’t change everything. We’re stronger than that.

Liam: I mean, hope told me all this. It’s just so– like, really? Like, finn is– thank you. He’s still all about this– the primal connection to his birth mother thing? Like, who happens to be a psychopath?

Steffy: He’s still trying to process all these conflicted, confusing feelings.

>Liam: Yeah, that’s my point. Feelings for the woman who shot you. And him.

Steffy: Like I said, I–

Liam: Okay, let me just– all I’m saying is, finn is your husband. You’re his wife. Clearly, your loyalty is to him. His should be to you.

Steffy: It is. Make no mistake, liam. Finn knows exactly where I stand when it comes to sheila.

Deacon: You’re not gonna faint again, are you?

Hope: Ah-ha-ha-ha. No, it’s just, uh… still a little jarring to just see you standing here, next to my dad.

Sheila: Well, how are things going? How is everything?

Hope: Uh, it’s, uh, taking a minute. But, uh, I am starting to realize that this is all real, so.

Sheila: I, uh… you know, I’ve– I’ve got some errands to go run. I think I’ll give the two of you a– a chance to talk. And hope, it was lovely seeing you again.

Deacon: See you. It’s still a little weird, right?

Hope: Uh-huh.

Deacon: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah, it’s like, uh, nothing ever happened?

Deacon: Yeah, but actually, something did happen. Something incredible. Hope, you know how much I love you. You and the kids, you– you mean the world to me. But so does sheila. Which is why I wanted you to know that…

Hope: Know what?

Deacon: I asked sheila to marry me. We’re engaged. I’ll be honest.

Poppy: You’re right, brooke. What happened that night was a terrible mistake. Luna didn’t know that she had my mints and what they would do. She didn’t know what was happening to her. I’m not saying that zende violated her in any way.

Brooke: No, no, zende wouldn’t do that. But what he did do, betray my son, not asking luna why she was there in his bed, that is unforgivable. He knew how in love they were. He knew that they went to eric’s wedding together. And now your poor daughter is walking around guilt-stricken. And it wasn’t even her fault.

Poppy: I agree. 100%.

Brooke: But how could you do this? How, how could you be so careless? Everything would be fine if it weren’t for you and your damn mints. You drugged your own daughter.

Luna: You are just the sweetest, most understanding man ever. I feel so lucky right now.

Rj: Me too.

Luna: I thought I ruined everything and that it’d never be like this again.

Rj: I just– I just wanna forget about that night.

Luna: Me too. And it feels like we finally can. Um, I know that we literally just said that we weren’t gonna talk about that night, but, um, I have to say that I do know that you told your mom about it.

Rj: Oh, god. How?

Luna: Well, she actually came to me. And she was really concerned and maternal, and… it was really moving. But, um, I gotta ask, are you sure that she won’t talk to your dad and granddad about it?

Rj: I swore her to secrecy. I told her that I wanted to keep this quiet. For you.

Luna: You’re so good to me.

Rj: Hey, listen. I wanna move on from this. Okay? And, you know, our mothers know, and that’s it. It happened. It’s over. It’s done. We’re gonna move on from this together.

Liam: It’s crazy finn’s doing it again. Again! He’s trying to convince you to embrace sheila.

Steffy: I won’T. Ever.

Liam: No, I know that. I mean, and he’s gotta know that this is gonna cause conflict in your marriage.

Steffy: Sheila already caused so much pain. I told finn, I gave him an ultimatum. It’s either sheila or me.

Liam: Yeah, good. And obviously he chose you.

Steffy: Of course he did.

Liam: Well, I hope he stays true to it.

Hope: Ah! Um, wow. Okay, so you and– and sheila are engaged?

Deacon: Yeah, I didn’t wanna hide it from you. I don’t wanna hide it from anyone. Honey, you’ve got to understand, I thought I lost her. Now, I’ve got all the time in the world, and I– I don’t wanna be apart from her ever again. Sheila and I are gonna be married. Soon. We know that life is fleeting. It’s short. You can’t wait for your happiness. You want that for me, don’t you? I mean, you wanna see a smile on your old man’s face, right? The only thing that will make me happier than marrying sheila is to have you at the wedding.

We live our lives

on our home’s fabrics.

Brooke: Your drug habit nearly destroyed a happy and healthy relationship. You made your own daughter–

Poppy: You will never know the depth of how horrible I feel. I already feel guilty enough, and I really don’t need you adding to my shame. And for the record, I don’t take them anymore.

Brooke: Good. But that doesn’t fix the lives that you already turned upside-down.

Rj: Why are you crying?

Luna: I don’t know. I’m just… happy and relieved. I was so scared that, you know, we weren’t gonna be able to get past it, so, now that we’re actually moving on, I’m, like, a mess. [ Laughs ]

Rj: No, hey. You’re beautiful. When I look at you, all I see is love.

Luna: And that’s all I feel. I’m 100% in love with you, rj. And so committed to you. And only you.

Steffy: Liam, I really appreciate you always looking out for me, kelly, and hayes.

Liam: But that’s your husband’s job.

Steffy: Hey, I’ll take all the support I can get.

Liam: I mean, I’ve got plenty to give, but I kind of think that’s beside the point.

Steffy: You don’t have to worry about finn.

Liam: Yeah, I know, I know. Sorry you had to take a hard line. I’m sorry it came to that. You shouldn’t have to use an ultimatum to get your husband to step up. The fact is, you and the kids are finn’s family, not sheila.

Steffy: Finn knows that. I’m confident that I got through to him.

Hope: Ohh. So you want me to be at your wedding to sheila?

Deacon: I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but you were at the memorial.

Hope: I was there for you.

Deacon: I need you to be there again.

Hope: Well, this is a little different.

Deacon: Damn right it’s different. Come on, a wedding is– is the most important, greatest thing in a person’s life, and I want my daughter to be a part of it. I mean, I don’t know. Would mean a lot to sheila, too.

Hope: Oh, because that’s a great selling point.

Deacon: Well, I mean, she feels the same way about finn.

Hope: Wait, she wants finn to be at the wedding?

Deacon: I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say that we’re being completely unrealistic, that a couple days ago, everyone thought she was dead. But today, she’s very much alive, and soon she’s gonna be mrs. Deacon sharpe.

Hope: Ha-ha-ha… yeah, it’s pretty unbelievable.

Deacon: Well, hey, you know, who’s to say we can’t have a second miracle?

Hope: How many more miracles do you want? I mean, dad, sheila’s alive. You found her in a warehouse. Why can’t that be enough?

Deacon: No, no! When you’re feeling lucky, you gotta, you know, let it ride. Go for broke, kid. Which is why, um, I’m hoping that you and finn won’t just attend…

Hope: Oh, dad…

Deacon: Think about it. Just think how great it would be if you were actually in the wedding. You could be sheila’s maid of honor. Finn could be my best man.

Hope: You cannot be seri– you want me to stand up for sheila at the wedding?

Deacon: I want my beautiful, extremely persuasive daughter to talk to finn and convince him to stand up for me. Sheila and I would be just– it would mean so much to us to have our kids at the altar.

Steffy: Finn heard me loud and clear. Sheila will never be part of finn’s life ever again.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Liam: What the hell are you doing?

Deacon: What the hell’s it look like I’m doing? I’m– I’m working.

Liam: You know what I mean, deacon. I’m talking about sheila.

Deacon: Say you’ll marry me. Say you’ll be my wife.

Sheila: So, I said yes. I said yes. Of course, I’m gonna marry you.

[ Knock on door ]

Sheila: Uh, just a minute. Steffy.

Steffy: It’s really you. I was hoping I’d never have to see you again. But here you are. Alive and well.

Rj: You confronted zende.

Brooke: I had to.

Rj: No, you didn’T. Mom, why did you do that?

Brooke: Your cousin slept with your girlfriend. There’s no way I wasn’t gonna say anything.

Rj: Mom, mom, I’m the one handling this. I am. Okay, I understand that you’re upset, but I don’t need you fighting my battles for me. That’s not helping me right now.

Brooke: I had to see what he was going to say for himself. We’re a family. You all work together here.

Rj: I know. That’s why I want to keep this on the down low. This is luna’s private business, and I don’t want people finding out about it. Especially dad.

Ridge: What? What’s going on?

Luna: What if I’m pregnant?

Deacon: You see sheila your way, I’ll see her my way.

Liam: What does that even… this is not like us talking about the same thing from two different angles. You– you have invented this– this imaginary version of sheila. I’m talking about the attempted murderer, the blackmailer, the kidnapper.

Deacon: All right, all right. That’s not all she is.

Liam: It doesn’t have to be all she is if you admit that she’s all of that. And here you are, just like basking in the fact that she’s still around.

Deacon: Why would I rejoice in anyone’s death? Liam, I get that you’re shocked.

Liam: Shocked? Shocked? Shocked. Shocked is an understatement. We were firmly convinced that she was gone. All of us. Especially– especially steffy.

Deacon: Okay, well, look at the bright side. Now steffy doesn’t have to be haunted by the idea that she– she killed her husband’s birth mother.

Liam: Uh…

Sheila: Steffy, I– I wasn’t expecting you, but I’m– I’m glad we’re gonna have a moment to talk.

Steffy: I really thought this nightmare was over.

Sheila: I realize that this isn’t where you want to be right now, standing here looking at my face. And I can only imagine how you felt when you found out that it was sugar you killed and not me. But I hope that you could understand finn’s feelings. He’s relieved I’m not dead. I’m really hoping that you’ll feel that way one day too.

Ridge: What did I walk in on?

Rj: Nothing. We’re good.

Brooke: Rj and I were just having a discussion.

Rj: Hey, how’d grandad’s go? It’s insane sheila’s still alive.

Ridge: Yeah, that is insane. But it almost seems like you’re trying to change the subject. So, what is it? What’s going on? Something I need to know?

Poppy: Hi, sweetie. I got you a matcha latte. And I thought it was your favorite.

Luna: Oh, I can’t right now.

Poppy: Are you okay? Sweetie, what’s wrong? You bought a pregnancy test? Your heart is the beat of life.

Ridge: Listen, I’ve been traveling a lot. I’ve been out of town, lot of meetings, so I’m not on top of things the way I should be. What am I missing?

Rj: No, there’s nothing for you to be worried about.

Ridge: Is that so?

Rj: Well, don’t you think if mom had, like she knew about a life or death situation, like it was a real issue, don’t you think she’d tell you about it?

Ridge: We’re soulmates. She tells me everything.

Rj: So, you know, let’s say that there was a potential situation that didn’t involve either of you and was not a life or death situation. She just doesn’t need to tell you about it, right?

Ridge: Now, I’m even more concerned.

Rj: Great, ’cause that– that was my intention. So, that’s perfect.

Ridge: You know what I’m getting right now? I’m getting teenage rj is in trouble and is running to his mommy. That’s what I’m getting. What?

Brooke: No, no, no. He’s not in trouble. Rj didn’t do anything wrong.

Ridge: Okay. Regardless, I’m getting the feeling that there’s some high tension in here. So, what’s going on? Is it you and luna?

Poppy: A pregnancy test? You think you might be pregnant?

Luna: I don’t know. I’ve been feeling a little tired and sick to my stomach recently.

Poppy: Why haven’t you said anything?

Luna: Because I thought maybe it would pass. Like I caught a bug or something.

Poppy: Well, maybe that’s all it is.

Luna: I mean, that’s what I’m hoping, but I won’t know for sure until I take the test.

Poppy: How long have you been feeling sick?

Luna: A few days.

Poppy: Okay.

Luna: But, um, before you got here, i got super nauseous and I just– I threw up. I’ve never felt this way before. I’m scared I might be pregnant.

Deacon: All right, listen, you have got to admit, though, that this is the craziest twist of fate ever. If I had just listened to the coroners and the cops, what they said, I never would’ve checked her texts, I never would have checked her credit card receipts and finn and I would’ve never pulled her out of that warehouse. And you know what? Sheila really would be dead.

Liam: Oh, all right, columbo. Credit where it’s due. I get it.

Deacon: I’m not gonna be sorry for the fact that she’s still around. I mean, I don’t condone all the things she’s done in her past. She knows that. But I’m not squashing my feelings for her. I mean, I’m– I’m over the moon that she’s still with us. And you know what? Finn is too.

Liam: Okay. See, that– that is gonna be a problem. Because steffy has asked finn for precisely one thing and one thing only. Protect her and the kids. And he can’t do that with sheila around.

Steffy: Finn is confused. His emotions are all over the place.

Sheila: Yeah, but he– he just needs some support right now.

Steffy: Oh, I know exactly what my husband needs. And that is for you to stay away from him.

Sheila: Okay, look, steffy, I know this turn of events–

Steffy: Okay, can you stop this? I know exactly what you’re doing right now. I’m not gonna fall for your manipulations. You need to stay out of my life. We are gonna move on with our life like you never existed.

Sheila: I gave birth to him.

Steffy: I don’t care if you gave birth to finn. He finally made peace with your death. He was finally ready to move on. So, this tie that you have to him, this connection, it’s done. It is over, sheila.

At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Ridge: I’m right. You were talking about luna. How is she?

Rj: Great. Yeah, she’s just focused on work and stuff.

Ridge: Okay, so you’re gonna avoid like an office romance then?

Rj: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah, I get it. You know what, ’cause I did that once. I fell for this hot little chemist.

Rj: Okay, all right. That’s my cue to leave. It was great seeing you.

Ridge: We’re not gonna make out now, we’ll wait ’til we get home.

Rj: Oh.

Ridge: You moved out, there’s plenty of room.

Rj: That’s lovely, dad.

Ridge: Okay, well that’s– that’s enough about us. Let’s get back to you and luna. Did your mom give you advice?

Rj: Yeah. Yeah, you could say that.

Ridge: Good. She knows what she’s talking about. Listen to her. And if you need a second opinion, I’m right here.

Poppy: You think you might be pregnant. Have you missed a period?

Luna: I mean, I haven’t been regular lately, but I’ve been so stressed out with the whole zende thing, so…

Poppy: But zende used protection.

Luna: Yeah, he did. He– he assured me.

Poppy: Well, good. And you and rj? I mean, I’m on the pill. Well, sweetie, I doubt that there’s anything for you to be concerned about.

Luna: Yeah, but nothing’s 100%. I mean, you’ve always told me that. Mom, I– I can’t be pregnant right now. There’s a million things I wanna do with my life.

Poppy: What exactly are your symptoms?

Luna: Um, like I’m hungry, but queasy. And the thought of certain foods makes me wanna… oh, my god, mom. This can’t be happening. I can’t do this right now. And you wanna know the worst part? It could be either rj’s or zende’S.

Poppy: Okay, one step at a time, okay? Don’t jump that far ahead.

Luna: I can’t put it off any longer. I need to know if I’m pregnant.

Deacon: Look, man, what do you want me to say? That I’m sorry that sheila’s not six feet under?

Liam: I don’t know, man. Maybe for now, you and finn could keep the happy dance to yourselves, ’cause the rest of us, we’re gonna need a minute.

Deacon: I get it. Look, I know this is a shock, all right? But maybe there’ll be some good that comes out of this.

Liam: For who? Not for steffy. She was tormented by the fact that she killed somebody. But at least she could breathe easy knowing that sheila was out of the picture. The burden sheila was putting on her life was no longer. Or so she thought.

Deacon: Okay, but don’t forget the fact that sheila risked her life to keep sugar from attacking steffy and the kids.

Liam: Okay, a, you heard that from sheila, and you’re just taking her word for it, which… and b, sheila brought sugar into our lives. Sheila is the only reason sugar was there that night. Thank god steffy survived.

Deacon: Apparently, sugar was no match for steffy “the blade” forrester.

Liam: It’s not a joke, man. Steffy killed someone. She has to– she has to live with that for the rest of her life.

Deacon: I’m sorry, you’re right. Look, it was a mess, no doubt about it. I’m just hoping that steffy can keep an open mind. You know, start to change her perspective and see sheila the same way that finn does.

Sheila: Steffy, I’m finn’s mother. You’re a mother yourself.

Steffy: We are nothing alike, sheila. We have zero in common.

Sheila: Look, I’m not saying that we have anything in common, and I am not comparing the way that you parent.

Steffy: I would never shoot my own child.

Sheila: Finn has forgiven me, steffy. He– he’s looking past the mistakes that I’ve made.

Steffy: Finn is a kind, compassionate human being, something you will never be. All you bring is heartache and misery into people’s lives. Absolute misery.

Sheila: And I want to change that. I want to start with that right now, ’cause this new beginning that’s been handed to me.

Steffy: Oh, my god, you are so– so delusional. There’s nothing you could ever do to make up for what you’ve done, so stop with this. Stop with the biological mom card. It’s ridiculous. This sick, twisted tie that you have to finn, it ends. Today. (Vo) dan made progress with his mental health…

Ridge: I’m so proud of you. The work you’re doing here, it’s– it’s amazing. Am I right?

Brooke: Yes. He’s– he’s certainly amazing.

Ridge: Every time I walk down the hall, there’s some person saying, “oh, my god, your son, he’s the greatest.” And they’re right, because look, the work you’re doing with zende on hope for the future, it’s– it’s outstanding. And the team you put together is great. You just– you guys gotta remember, hope for the future is all about community. Got to keep collaborating.

Rj: Yeah, well, I mean, hope’s vision for this line, it’s– it’s amazing. I mean, I feel like anybody that works on this, I mean, it’s going to be a success.

Ridge: Uh-uh. I’ve done this for a long time. It’s hard, really hard to put a good team together. It’s like putting a really good, perfect relationship together.

Brooke: There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.

Ridge: Are you nuts? Look at us.

Brooke: Oh, yeah?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: If we’re so perfect, why don’t you put a ring on it?

Ridge: See, your mother is perfect for me and maybe luna’s perfect for you. She’s a smart, very determined, beautiful young woman. Maybe there’s a future for the two of you. That’s all I’m saying?

Luna: Oh, my god, I’m freaking out. Please let it be negative, please. Oh my god, please, please, please let it be negative.

Poppy: Sweetheart, I know you’re scared, but precautions were taken, okay? There is a good chance that you are not pregnant.

Luna: No, I am not ready to be a mother right now.

Poppy: No matter what happens, I am here for you. You are not alone. We will handle this together.

Luna: No, right now I am just praying that it’s negative, okay? I want a baby someday, but not for a really long time. Oh, my god, and because of that horrible night with zende, I mean, it might not even be rj’S. Can you imagine what that would do to our relationship? I mean, he literally just forgave me.

Poppy: Well, luna, that’s fantastic. I mean, I knew he would, and he loves you.

Luna: Yes, and I love him too, but if it’s zende’s, there’s– there’s no way that rj’s gonna accept that. I mean, that’d be the end of us. I’d lose him forever.

Poppy: Honey, I understand that you are upset, but you have to breathe. Please, just try and relax.

Luna: Relax? In a few seconds, I’m about to find out if my life’s gonna be turned upside down.

[ Alarm chimes ]

Poppy: It’s ready.

[ Alarm chimes ]

Luna: You have to do it, mom. I can’t do it. Please, just read it.

Luna: What does it say? Is it negative? Is it positive? Am I– am I pregnant?

Sheila: Finn cares for me. He helped save my life.

Steffy: It’s his job, sheila. He’s a doctor.

Sheila: No. No, he thought that he lost me. He thought that he lost his birth mother and that changed him.

Steffy: Oh, my god, you spewed the exact same garbage when you supposedly died before. This is insane. Do you realize that? I gave finn an ultimatum. I said it was either you or me. Guess who he chose? Me. His wife. His son. We will always be his priority, not you.

Sheila: And you should be his priority, but why can’t he have us both? Why– why can’t there be room for me? He wants me in his life, steffy.

Steffy: It’s not gonna happen, sheila. You’re gonna remain dead to us. To me, to finn, and my children. So, don’t you dare try to worm your way into his head and to his heart. You think you really care about him.

Sheila: No, you know, that’s because I do. I’m his mother. He’s my child.

Steffy: No, you don’t, sheila! If you cared about finn, you would leave him alone! You would stop messing with his emotions! My god, I don’t even care about you. You know what? You could live your life and you can live it here with deacon. You just need to stay away from us or you’re gonna answer to me.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Eric: Unbelievable.

Donna: And in true sheila fashion.

Eric: We were rid of her!

Brooke: Not looking over our shoulders, wondering when she’s gonna strike next.

Donna: And now the witch is back.

[ Cell phone chimes ]

Eric: Sheila’s back. Surprise, surprise.

Ridge: What are you surprised about? This always happens.

Brooke: Uh, I gotta go now.

Eric: I can’t believe it.

Ridge: You okay?

Brooke: Uh, yeah. Yeah, just some, uh… overdue business I need to take care of.

Ridge: Okay. Just do me a favor, keep your head on a swivel. Don’t know what sheila’s gonna do.

Luna: I, um… I heard about sheila. You doing okay?

Rj: No. I’m not. She tormented our family for years. It felt nice to think she was actually out of our lives.

Luna: I’m sorry, rj.

Rj: Yeah, me too. Wonder how steffy’s feeling.

Zende: How is this even possible?

Carter: It’s crazy, right? Sheila look-a-like.

Zende: It’s unreal.

Carter: Yeah. So… how are those designs coming?

[ Zende sighs ] Still distracted, huh?

Zende: It has just been really hard to focus.

Carter: Oh, come on, zende. Hope for the future’s in this big transition right now. We debated pulling back funding. You’re telling me its key designer can’t concentrate? Dude, you gotta get your head on straight. I know you’re still conflicted about that night with luna.

Zende: I am.

Carter: You shouldn’t be. Her mother was wrong, zende. You were wrong. Case closed.

Zende: It’s not that simple.

Carter: ‘Cause you still have feelings for her. Can’t stop thinking about luna.

Donna: Okay, I’m– I’m sorry, but this still doesn’t make any sense.

Eric: Ridge, you said you would explain all this to us when you came over.

Ridge: Dad, I don’t even know where to start.

Eric: So it’s complicated. We can take it. What is it?

Ridge: Does the name janet webber mean anything to you?

Luna: Uh, so, when did you hear about sheila?

Rj: My dad told me right after he found out.

Luna: I wish I could’ve been there for you. God, I hate that there’s this, like, gulf between us.

Rj: Luna–

Luna: I know, I know, it’s– I know that it’s all my fault because of my mom and the mints and what happened with zende, but… I miss you. I really miss you, rj.

Zende: I know the pain I’ve caused. Luna is guilt-ridden. Rj’s livid.

Carter: He should be! Luna was under the influence, thought you were rj, but you knew exactly what you were doing. Yeah, she was happy to see you. She thought you were rj, your cousin. How you thought that was okay is beyond me, man.

Zende: At the party, I told her if anything changed between her and rj, I lived across the courtyard.

Carter: That’s not okay, zende! That is not okay. She is in love with your cousin. He is committed to her. He is deeply in love with her, and everyone knew that at the party. Man, you are falling for someone who is unavailable, and you need to shut that down. You gotta run from it.

Zende: Yeah. I know I screwed up.

Carter: Look, man, I’m only saying this because I’ve made mistakes, too. I fell for a woman who was spoken for, and it almost destroyed everything I care about. My friendships, my job. I don’t want that for you.

Zende: You’re being a good friend, and I appreciate that. Thank you for caring. Uh, thank you for keeping this to yourself. If uncle ridge ever found out…

Brooke: Oh. Carter, I need to speak to zende. Alone.

Zende: Carter knows. Apparently you do too.

Brooke: How you slept with luna and stabbed my son in the back? When you have chronic kidney disease, there are places you’d like to be. Like here. And here. Not so much here. Farxiga reduces the risk of kidney failure which can lead to dialysis.


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Donna: Okay, so sugar looked identical to sheila, and that’s who steffy killed in self-defense.

Ridge: You’ve got it.

Eric: All right, so finn and deacon rescued sheila, and now finn wants sheila to be part of their lives again?

Donna: And– and you said that finn’s connection with– with sheila deepened when he thought she was dead.

Ridge: Honestly, I don’t care about his mommy issues. He needs to take care of his family right now.

Eric: Look, finn has– he’s going through a very difficult time right now. But he has not forgotten who sheila is.

Ridge: Really? I talked to steffy, and apparently finn is calling sheila a hero.

Donna: What? A hero? What–

Ridge: The story goes she fought sugar to protect steffy and the kids.

Eric: Yeah, well, sheila’s no hero. She’d say anything to get closer to finn.

Ridge: And you know who knows that? Everybody. Except finn.

Eric: So, how’s steffy taking all this?

Ridge: She said it’s either her or sheila.

Donna: But finn picked steffy. I mean, didn’t he?

Ridge: Yes. But the fact that she had to give him an ultimatum doesn’t sit well with me.

[ Rj sighs ]

Rj: I miss you too.

Luna: But you still need time. Oh, god, I ruined everything. What we had was so special, and I– I ruined all of it.

Rj: Don’t– don’t say that.

Luna: It’s the truth.

Rj: None of this is your fault. Hey, look at me. None of this was your fault. You just accidentally took your mother’s drugs, and you weren’t in your right mind, okay?

Luna: It doesn’t change what I did, or how you look at me. You know, when we first got together, I told myself not to get my hopes up, because nothing is ever this perfect, and it’s only a matter of time before something happens. I was really scared in the beginning.

Rj: Scared? I didn’t know you were scared.

Luna: I didn’t want you to know. Then, I don’t know, one day you looked at me, and you told me that you loved me and that nothing’s ever gonna change that, and… my fears just went away.

Rj: Luna, I still love you. I just– um, I– I– I just– just need time to process everything that’s happened.

Luna: I hurt you, and I hate myself for that. I should’ve told you sooner. And it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, if it’s mine or if it’s not, because I ruined our relationship that night. The night that I spent with zende.

Brooke: Carter, I really need to speak to zende. Alone. Now.

[ Door closes ]

Zende: Look, I know what I did was wrong.

Brooke: Oh, wrong? Wrong? Wrong doesn’t even begin to describe what you’ve done.

Zende: I swear, I had no idea that luna wasn’t herself that night. I had no idea about the mints or that she’d have been altered in any way. I came back home from eric’s party, and she was in my bed.

Brooke: Oh, my god. Luna was the one that was drugged! Not you! You knew exactly what was going on. You were in your right mind. Rj is your cousin. How could you do that to him? You know how much he loves luna. And you betrayed my son. Your own family, for god’s sakes. My god, zende. You had no right, no right sleeping with luna. Depression is a journey. I’d made some progress on my antidepressant… had some daily wins in reducing my symptoms. But I was still masking my depression. So I talked to my doctor. She told me I could build on my wins, without changing my antidepressant.

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Donna: Why would finn even want a relationship with that

Donna: Why would finn even want a relationship with that woman after everything that she’s done?

Ridge: The kid’s lost it. I don’t even know what to do with finn right now.

Eric: It’s everywhere, genoa city, los angeles, everywhere. Sheila carter’s alive. Yeah, okay. Yes, we’ll talk again under better circumstances. Bye.

Donna: How did lauren take the news?

Eric: She’s– she’s in shock.

Ridge: Well, we’re all in shock. How does this keep happening? Sheila does whatever she wants to whomever she wants, and never has to pay for her crimes.

Rj: I don’t blame you for what happened. Does it hurt? Yes. Is my mind messed up? Absolutely. But I know that this– this wasn’t your fault.

Luna: Yeah, but still, it– it kills me to know that I hurt you. And what happened that night didn’t just ruin our relationship, it ruined you and zende’s relationship.

Rj: To hell with zende! You really think I care about my relationship with zende? He’s my cousin. He’s my family. And he stabbed me in the back, and he slept with my girlfriend.

Luna: I just wish things to go back to the way they were.

Rj: They– they won’T. Ever. Between me and him. Zende, he should’ve never touched you. ‘Cause he’s– he’s my family. He knew how much I cared about you. Just stop hoping that there’s ever gonna be a reconciliation between the two of us, ’cause there will never be.

Luna: No, I don’t want things to go back to the way they were for zende, or even for myself. I want it for you, rj. I mean, there’s– there’s been, like, this shift in you ever since I told you about that night. You always had this, like, joyful, playful, I don’t know, like, boyish quality about you that I always found so sweet, and that I fell in love with, and… it’s not there anymore. And it breaks my heart.

[ Luna sighs shakily ]

Brooke: This is a family company. A family that you blatantly betrayed. I mean, what would your mother think? You know what, I, uh– I think it’s time for you to leave. You should go to forrester international. No, strike that. Forrester antarctica.

Zende: I understand that you are furious. But with all due respect, I earned my place here.

Brooke: Well, I think you threw it away. You know that luna went to eric’s party with my son. She was on his arm. You know how much they love each other. Everybody knows that! Yet you still slept with her.

[ Huffs ] Rj told me not to say anything to ridge, and he did that because he didn’t wanna upset luna any more than she already is. That is the kind of man my son is. The kind of man I thought you were.

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Donna: Sheila could portray herself as a hero, but I– i think we all know better.

Ridge: We don’t all know better. Finn bought it.

Eric: Finn is vulnerable. He’s vulnerable to sheila. But his heart’s in the right place. His heart is with– with his wife and his kids. He made the right choice. He did the right thing.

Ridge: He shouldn’t have asked steffy about sheila being in their lives. Shouldn’t have asked her. Regardless, here we are. Gotta be careful again because sheila carter is back.

Zende: I really do care about luna, brooke.

Brooke: You say that you care about luna. But you didn’t respect that poor girl. You didn’t respect my son. You knew that they went together to eric’s that night. As a couple! You knew that. You know that they love each other, but it didn’t stop you. You jumped at her anyway. And you didn’t even stop to ask her what she was doing. Why was she there? If she’s still involved with rj. My god, zende!

[ Brooke sighs ]

Zende: I’m so sorry. I feel ashamed about everything that’s happened. I know how much rj loves luna. It was all a terrible misunderstanding. But we can put all of this behind us. Nothing more will come of it. I promise you.

Luna: Our relationship is, like, the most precious thing I’ve ever had in my life. You know, it was– it was so simple. There was, like, I don’t know, like, this sweet innocence to it. And it’s not coming back. I mean, that night changed us forever, and when I look at you, I don’t see the– the light in your eyes or your sweet smile. I see pain and heartache, and it– and it kills me that I did this to you, that I– I hurt someone that I love so much, and I’m so sorry.

Rj: Listen to me, luna. You don’t have to apologize. It’s okay. This is zende’s fault. It’s not your fault. Look at me. I love you so much. You’re right. What we have is precious, and I’m not gonna let this tear us apart. I forgive you. I forgive you for not telling me sooner about what happened. Let’s just move on. Let’s just move on, forget about all this. Let’s just focus on us.

Luna: I mean, you just said that you needed more time.

Rj: What I need is you. You know, we sat right there, and I told you that I loved you. I meant it. And I’m not gonna let anything or anyone get between us.

[ Cell phone chimes ]

Rj: Oh, god. It’s– it’S… I have a meeting that I’m already late to. I’m sorry.

Luna: It’s okay. You can go.

Rj: You wanna continue this later?

Luna: Absolutely.

Rj: Never, ever forget how much I love you.

Luna: I love you too. [ Coughing, retching ] No, no, no, no, no. Oh, my god. Am I pregnant?

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B&B cast animated GIF

B&B Transcript Monday, May 13, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: The woman who broke into this house, who looked exactly like, and I mean exactly like sheila… that was someone else?

Finn: Deacon was right, all along.

Steffy: The person I stabbed, that– that was a sheila look-alike? That was sugar? What, this woman who was tricked into having plastic surgery, like what?

Finn: Yes, yes. Look, do you not realize what that means? Steffy, that means that you didn’t kill sheila. Isn’t that a huge relief? That’s– that’s a huge weight lifted. You didn’t kill my birth mother, after all.

Sheila: All right, I’m– I’m glad that you convinced me to go to the hospital.

Deacon: Well, I mean, it just made good sense, right? I know finn checked you out and said you’re a-okay, but even he was pushing for it.

Sheila: Oh, my two worry warts.

Deacon: Come on.

Sheila: No, come on, but you were both right. I’m– I’m glad I went, I got a much needed check-up. And I got to scare the bejesus out of li.

[ Deacon growls ]

Ridge: Well, you must’ve misunderstood.

Hope: About sheila, no, I’m telling you what I saw.

Ridge: No, no, it was sheila, I get it, I heard you. I don’t mean that, I mean the other thing.

Liam: How anyone could think this is good news? How finn could possibly think, with no evidence whatsoever, that sheila’s reformed?

Sheila: You wanna talk about serendipity? Well, li just happens to be walking down the hallway as I’m about to be examined. What are the chances?

Deacon: And you just couldn’t pass up the opportunity, could you?

Sheila: What, to give her the shock of her life? Hell no.

Deacon: I think a lot of people are gonna be shocked when they find out that you’re still kicking.

Hope: Finn has his reasons to believe in sheila.

Ridge: He has his reasons? What reasons?

Hope: Well, he’s apparently seen a different side of her that we don’t get to see. He’s seen her growth.

Liam: Well, that’s foolish. This is pure personal bias. It’s– it’s– it’s a childish need on finn’s part to think that his mother is not a psychopath so that he can have this– this relationship that he wants with her. Do I understand that on some level? Maybe, I guess, but it’s not reality, hope.

Ridge: The shorthand for that is animals like sheila don’t change.

Hope: And I thought that too. But seeing sheila and finn together, I don’t know, maybe we should keep an open mind. And, I will say, people did say the same thing about your son, ridge.

Ridge: I know you’re not doing that. You’re not comparing those two things.

Hope: No, of course not. I am just saying that maybe, maybe we should just entertain the idea that finn could be right. That sheila is a different woman.

Ridge: You’re agreeing with finn, aren’t you?

Finn: Sugar abducted sheila. She chained her up in a warehouse. And if deacon and I wouldn’t have gotten there when we did, I don’t think she would’ve made it.

Steffy: Do you expect me to be thankful? Am I supposed to be excited that this monster is alive?

Finn: No, but isn’t there a part of you that is thankful? We thought that you killed my mother. And– and yes, look, we had been getting through it. We had been trying to put it in the past, but look, we don’t have to do that anymore. You killed the person that hated sheila. She wanted to hurt you in order to hurt her. A crazy woman.

Steffy: Okay, so a crazy woman is dead now and I’m supposed to just rejoice over the fact that another crazy woman is alive? Don’t you realize that the danger is back now?

Finn: No, that’s what I’m telling you.

Steffy: And I’m gonna be stressed over this because–

Finn: No, that’s what I’m telling you. There is no danger. Okay, it’s the exact opposite. Sheila knew what sugar was planning. She knew that she was gonna come after you and the kids. And even though she was chained up, she tried her damnedest to stop her. She tried to save you, steffy. She tried to save your life.

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Sheila: I think could it have been more enjoyable scaring the bejesus out of li like that.

Deacon: Scaring her? No, you didn’t scare her. She was furious with you, and by the time I got there, she was in full-on attack mode.

Sheila: No, she’s just jealous. She was jealous because finn refused to let me die in that old abandoned warehouse. Li would have, and now they say I’m the wicked one.

Deacon: You better get used to it.

Sheila: Hm, what’s that? People wishing me dead? Because I am accustomed to that.

Deacon: That kind of reaction. You know, people freaking out when they see you. Look, especially if you’re gonna keep doing those surprise, reveal back from the dead deals. I mean, here’s a thought. Why don’t you try something just a little more, I don’t know, subtle?

Sheila: Baby, subtle is boring. I like to go big.

Deacon: Well, then you better expect some big reactions from everyone else.

Sheila: I am. And I’m looking forward to them. Especially the forresters.

Ridge: All right. We all know about finn. His weird relationship with his mother. What about you? Where are you coming from?

Hope: I haven’t forgotten what sheila has done.

Liam: Well, I hope not, because your mom’s been one of her favorite targets over the years.

Hope: I am well aware of the many horrible things that sheila has done to people that we care about. I’m just saying it might be possible that she regrets it.

Ridge: Oh, my god. Do you hear yourself?

Hope: I’ve been trying to tell you that the night that sheila was kidnapped, sugar explained her plan to sheila. That she was going to go over to steffy’s house as sheila to harm steffy and the kids. And what did sheila do? She fought. She did everything she could in her power to stop sugar from going over there. She was trying to protect steffy, kelly, and hayes.

Steffy: Sheila tried to save my life?

Finn: Yes. The– the odds were against her, but she did everything possible to try to prevent sugar from coming to you. But as hard as she tried, she couldn’t stop her. Look, if sheila is still the monster that you claim her to be, she wouldn’t care if sugar harmed you. I mean, she would probably encourage it. But because she has changed, and she genuinely loves me, and she loves you and the kids, I mean, she chose to fight.

Steffy: Oh, my god. If I died that night, finn, sheila would’ve been blamed. Anything sheila did to fight off sugar, it was selfish. It was a way for her to stay out of prison.

Finn: She loves us more than her own life. That’s what she said. There’s no questioning. It’s– it’s true. I– I heard it in her voice. I saw it in her eyes. She would’ve died, steffy. She offered her own life to save you. Can’t you see– can’t you see that my birth mother has– she has changed? Offering her own life? That’s– that’s heroic. Sheila’s a hero. If you have heart disease and struggle with ldl-C… even with statins and a healthy diet… if you have heart disease and struggle with ldl-C… even with statins and a healthy diet… listen to your heart. Talk to your doctor about repatha.

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Sheila: Okay, who do you think is gonna be the most shocked, ridge or brooke? I can’t– I cannot wait to walk into eric forrester’s home. You– you know, donna, she’s a screamer.

Deacon: No, not firsthand.

Sheila: Well, she’s gonna put li to shame.

Deacon: Sheila.

Sheila: Okay, come on, come on. The reveal at the hospital was brilliant. I– I wonder how we can recreate that. Maybe I go to forrester creations, ridge has got to do some alterations on a model, and boom, I’m the model that walks out.

Deacon: Does changed sheila really wanna focus on shocking people?

Sheila: Shock, not harm, and I’m not focusing on anything like that. There’s nothing nefarious here.

Deacon: Sheila, do you remember that nice, quiet life before sugar intervened?

Sheila: Yes.

Deacon: Yeah, I just think maybe you ought to give up the fantasies about scaring people and, you know, just go back to that nice, quiet life. You know, stop concentrating on getting reactions from the forrester, and focus on the two of us. On our future. On our engagement.

Sheila: You are no fun.

[ Deacon growls ]

[ Sheila laughs ]

Liam: Hope, everything that you just told us is hearsay. I mean, this sugar, she’s not available for comment, clearly. So you, finn, deacon, you’re all just– you’re just taking sheila’s word for it. The only thing that we know for a fact is that it wasn’t sheila who went and tried to kill steffy. That does not mean that sheila’s a saint all of a sudden.

Hope: Deacon and finn truly believe that sheila has changed for the better.

Ridge: Oh, deacon and finn they believe that she’s changed. Well, that’s good. But we’ve gotta keep in mind that everything she says is a lie. Everything she does is for show.

Hope: Well, for who? For sugar?

Liam: For finn!

Ridge: For finn! Of course for finn! He needs to believe that his mother has changed and that’s what she’s doing. She’s– she’s giving him all the ammunition that he needs. This may not have happened. No one saw it. But now we’re supposed to vote for mother of the year.

Hope: That is not what I am suggesting, and that’s not what I’m saying. Look, I don’t expect you to just embrace this idea. All I am saying is, can we try to maybe have an open mind when it comes to this? Especially knowing how important it is for finn to have sheila be a part of his life?

Ridge: Yeah. Well, that’s not gonna happen.

Hope: Why not? Look, I’ve– I’ve been spending a lot of time with finn, and I’m starting to understand his– his side of things. I mean, if sheila really has changed, if she is the type of person who would risk her life to protect the people that she cares about, why wouldn’t finn want to pursue a relationship with her? And by the way, that is exactly what finn wants. He is determined to have sheila in his life.

Steffy: A hero? You’re calling sheila carter a hero? That woman tried to kill us, finn.

Finn: Well, the– the woman who tried to save your life. When sugar told her what she was gonna do, she–

Steffy: Oh, my god, I don’t– I don’t care about sugar! I don’t care about her. She means nothing to me. We’re talking about sheila. Sheila. I’ve told you this so many times, finn. How she has terrorized my family. Look, what are you thinking? For generations. How do you not understand that?

Finn: No, I do. I do.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Finn: I know the woman that she was.

Steffy: No, it’s generations. Generations, finn. That vile woman is a lunatic. She tried to kill me. And my mother. And my grandmother. I– I lost time with my mother. I lost time with you. God, she’s kidnapped people. She has killed people. She has poisoned people. And you just expect me to just move past that because of what? Some feeble attempt to get her stupid psychopath friend to– to try to kill me? No! No! She is not a hero. And I never want to hear you say that again. This skinny pop is so delicious. And only three simple ingredients. I never have to stop. Thomas, hold my calls! -And my texts! -Got it. And my emails. Don’t leave.

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Sheila: Ah, this feels so good.

Deacon: You missed me, huh?

Sheila: Yeah. Here and– and there. Actually, I thought about you every single moment. Just hoping that I would get back to this, to you.

Deacon: Yep.

Sheila: I didn’t– I didn’t think that I’d be here again. But here I am, wearing this amazing, you know, imaginary diamond ring.

Deacon: I promise, I promise, I’m gonna do right by you, okay?

Sheila: Wow.

Deacon: Listen, no more secrets. No more pretending. I want the entire world to know how in love I am with you.

Ridge: Finn wants sheila in his life. In steffy’s life. My grandkid’s lives.

Liam: No, no, that’s– that’s not happening.

Ridge: Absolutely not. Steffy’s not gonna let it.

Liam: You’re right, she’s not gonna– just think about– think about everything that she’s had to endure. Being married to this man, all because of this– this primal tie he feels he has to his psychopath birth mother. And now he wants to extend an open invitation for sheila to be in their lives? Well, finn doesn’t get steffy then. Because mark my words, she’s gonna draw a line in the sand with finn once and for all.

Steffy: Do you hear me, finn? Sheila carter is a vile human being. She is not a hero. How could you even call her that? After everything she’s done to you. She left you in an alley to die. Me too.

Finn: I know her past sins, I do. But she has been working on reforming herself. Because she offered her life to protect you and the kids from sugar. That is a fact, steffy.

Steffy: Do not challenge me on facts about sheila. You will lose every time.

Finn: Yeah, but how about the fact that she’s not dead? And the fact that my wife didn’t kill my birth mother. That matters to me. Look, I’m your husband. You’re the most important thing to me in this world. You and the kids. But my mother…

Steffy: Oh, please don’t call her that.

Finn: My– my birth mother… she was such a mystery to me. I didn’t know her for basically most of my life until recently. And I– I thought I lost my chance with her. But now I have a second one. I’m sorry, I just– I just wanna help her. And almost losing sheila, that made me realize that I don’t wanna turn my back on her.

Steffy: But you have to, finn. I love you. God, I love you. You are such a good person. But your biological mother, she is evil. And you’re really naive to think that she’s gonna change. That she won’t bring devastation to our lives. She’s not gonna be in our lives, finn. She’s not gonna be anywhere near kelly or hayes. So, um… you can’t have both. It’s either her… or me.

Finn: I hear you. Of course, it’s you. Sweetheart, it’ll always be you.

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B&B Short Recap Friday, May 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At home, Finn explains to a shocked Steffy how Sheila is alive. She has trouble taking it all in, and the room spins.

Hope also explains the details to a disbelieving Ridge and Liam at Forrester. Ridge worries about how Steffy will take the news and is disgusted when Hope points out that Sheila was a victim in this particular case.

At the hospital, Li insists that her “patient” take the sheet down to reveal herself. Sheila does, and it shocks Li. Sheila laughs and taunts Li about how “her” son saved her life. Li gets angry and attacks Sheila. The nurses have to pull Li off Sheila. Deacon returns, too, and wonders what’s going on. Li yells that she’ll kill Sheila herself, with her bare hands. Deacon admonishes Sheila for the prank with a smile.


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B&B cast animated GIF

B&B Transcript Friday, May 10, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Finn: Look, I know this is an enormous shock and that you can’t believe it. I mean, I couldn’t either. But it’s true. I mean, when deacon first told me about this sugar woman…

Steffy: Okay, deacon lost it. You said so yourself.

Finn: Yeah, I thought he had.

Steffy: Sheila’s dead. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. I killed her right there.

Finn: It wasn’t sheila. It was sugar. That’s who deacon saw at the crematorium. Sugar and sheila are identical in every single way except one. Sugar has ten toes.

Li: Why do you have that sheet over your face? What happened to you? I knew someone named sheila. She had a missing toe too. The middle digit. Black nail polish. Just like you. Who are you? Answer me. Who are you? Answer me!

Liam: Okay, okay. So… what you’re claiming right now is that deacon was– he was right the whole time.

Ridge: Not really the most important thing, is it? You’re saying that sheila is still alive?

Hope: I– I know it’s the last thing that you wanna hear. I just thought you needed to know. Sheila carter is alive.

Ridge: This is unbelievable.

Hope: Well, look, I– I told you–

Ridge: I know what you told me, I know. A little farfetched to think that– that sheila didn’t die that night.

Hope: Because she didn’t, ridge. It wasn’t sheila who broke into the cliff house. It wasn’t sheila who attacked steffy. It wasn’t sheila that steffy stabbed and killed. It was sugar. A woman who apparently looks identical to sheila.

Liam: Whose real name you said was janet webber?

Ridge: Janet webber, yes.

Liam: Okay, well, look. Apparently, she was released not that long ago.

Hope: That is exactly how I felt when I saw sheila face-to-face.

Li: That’s it. I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I am not amused. I came in here to examine you because you asked for me, but I can’t do that if I can’t see your face. Take that sheet down right now. Show me your face!

Sheila: No!

[ Li screams ]

[ Sheila mockingly screams ]

Li: No.

[ Sheila laughs ] No.

Finn: Deacon was right about all of it.

Steffy: Deacon has been feeding you this garbage for weeks. His fantasy about his lost loved one.

Finn: Yeah, he didn’t wanna give up. He didn’t wanna lose her and it’s a good thing that he didn’T. Because sheila is alive.

Steffy: No, finn. I killed sheila. I stabbed her to death right there.

Finn: Honey, no. And that’s what I’m telling you, okay? You didn’t do that. (Vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Liam: Hope, you realize this is… this is crazy, this, uh…

Hope: If I hadn’t seen sheila with my own eyes–

Ridge: But, you did see her, right? Right after she was, uh, chained up in a warehouse?

Liam: By the person that steffy actually killed.

Hope: Yes. Sheila carter is alive.

Li: No. No. You– you died.

Sheila: Ooh, did I?

Li: This can’t be. This can’t be. You can’t be.

Sheila: And yet, here I am. You know, and I’d say I’m looking pretty good for a corpse, huh? Don’t you think?

Li: Oh, no, no. No, no, not possible. Steffy killed you. She stabbed you.

Sheila: Yeah, you would’ve liked to see me dead and gone, li. Hm. But I would think again. You– you– you really need to get control of yourself or you’re the one that’s gonna need medical attention. I was a nurse, remember? And I am sensing some hypersensitivity here.

Li: How? How is this happening?

Sheila: Well, I’d like to say it was dumb luck or maybe fate, but the truth is, it was finn. You all tried so hard to drive my son away from me, to drive a wedge between us. But you know what? Miracle of miracles. My wonderful son is the reason that I’m here. I am here…

Li: No! Because of my son, finn.

Li: How?

Finn: It’s okay.

Steffy: No. It’s not okay.

Finn: No.

Steffy: Do you hear yourself right now?

Finn: You’re stunned, all right? Of course, you are. I mean, I was too when I first realized all this.

Steffy: Okay. Sheila’s alive.

Finn: Yeah, it’s a lot to process.

Steffy: Yeah. And sugar looks exactly like sheila.

Finn: Yeah, she’s the one.

Steffy: Like they’re identical. Do you understand how ridiculous this sounds?

Finn: I know, but somehow it’s– it’s true.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Who told you this? Deacon?

Finn: No, my mother told us what happened.

Steffy: Li told you?

Finn: No, sheila. Sheila told us.

Steffy: Sheila. Your mother, okay. Did she tell you this from the grave? Because she is dead, finn.

Finn: Sugar’s dead. Yeah, she’s the one that wanted to hurt you. It wasn’t sheila.

Steffy: I saw sheila’s face.

Finn: I couldn’t tell the difference either. I couldn’t tell them apart. It wasn’t until deacon showed me the picture. Okay, that’s when I realized that what he’s been saying is true. That’s what convinced me. I mean, do you want me to show you?

Steffy: No, I don’t wanna–

Finn: Okay, listen. And the story that lauren fenmore told deacon about what happened all those years ago, that’s when I started to listen. And because, yes, it filled in a lot of the blanks. I understand that it’s crazy, but sheila tricked sugar into plastic surgery

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Finn: So that sugar would pay for all of her crimes. Okay, look, it was lauren fenmore who was the one that realized that it was sugar behind bars and not sheila.

Steffy: Okay, finn, you can’t take everything at face value. Like, where is the evidence? Where is the facts?

Finn: Sheila confessed this to lauren years ago.

Steffy: God.

Finn: Deacon, he wasn’t hallucinating. All right? He thought he saw ten toes going into the crematorium because he did. It wasn’t sheila’s body. It was sugar’S. And, sweetheart, I am not taking anyone’s word for it because I saw sheila. I saw her with my own eyes. Depression is a journey.

Li: What did you do to my son? What did you do to finn?

Sheila: You know, our son. Why do you always forget that?

Li: Where is he?

Sheila: He’s probably spreading the good news to his wife.

Li: Good news?

Sheila: Mama’s alive.

Li: You’re not his mother. You’re nothing to him.

Sheila: Then, why did he save me, huh? Let me tell you why. Because he’s a wonderful, strong, caring boy that loves his birth mother. That’s why I’m here.

Li: No.

Sheila: That’s why I have a second chance. Because of finn. And you know the best part, and you’re not gonna wanna hear this, but he’s happy. He’s happy to have me back in his life, and he never wants to be apart from me again. I wish you could’ve heard the beautiful things he had to say and the joy in his eyes. He even called me mom. You have no idea what that meant to me.

Li: No, no!

Sheila: Stop it. Li, remember your oath, do no harm.

Li: No!

Sheila: Stop. I don’t want to hurt you. Just stop it.

Deacon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no! What the hell’s going on?

Nurse: Dr. Finnegan.

Sheila: You know, I think– I think I’d like to see another doctor. Because dr. Finnegan’s bedside manner is– is a bit harsh for me.

Li: I don’t know how you did it. I don’t know how you cheated death, but you will never do it again! I will kill you with my own hands! Sheila, I will kill you! I will kill you!

Liam: This is absolutely insane. I– I don’t– I’m sorry it’s taking a second to process this. It’s not a reflection on you.

Ridge: We’re on board with this now? This latest scheme? We’re buying this?

Hope: Well, look, it’s not another one of sheila’s schemes. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. And finn believes that too.

Liam: Finn knows? Hope?

Hope: Look, when my dad learned about sugar, he– he told finn. And then they found some credit card charges and– and that led them to a mini-mart, they started asking questions, led them to the warehouse and that’s where they found sheila. Chained up. It was finn and my dad. They rescued her. And just so you know, they are both happy that she is alive. And finn is excited to have another chance at a relationship with his birth mother.

Liam: What?

Ridge: Psycho birth mother. What’s steffy gonna do with this? Sheila’s back and finn is choosing her. Is that what we’re doing? Is that where we are?

Liam: How is finn celebrating this, hope? How– how could he possibly celebrate this?

Hope: He thinks that steffy might find some relief in it.

Ridge: Relief? Is that what you said, relief?

Hope: I mean, obviously there will be an initial shock.

Ridge: Relief how? What, just a mother with two kids in danger again?

Liam: Well, whoa, we’re gonna make sure they’re not in danger, first of all.

Hope: Okay, finn cares about that as well. He just thinks that steffy will be relieved to know that she didn’t kill his birth mom.

Ridge: I don’t think this word relief means what you think it means. No one is relieved. Nobody. And if that’s what finn thinks, he’s got another thing coming.

Steffy: You think you saw sheila?

Finn: No, I did see her.

Steffy: Like that night you had the nightmare and you saw her talking to you in her blood?

Finn: No, no, honey. We took her back’s to deacon apartment. We found her and we saved her.

Steffy: I don’t know what this is. Like, what is happening? What is going on right now?

Finn: My mother is alive.

Steffy: Finn, sheila is not your mother. Li is. Sheila is dead. Like, I– this is really starting to freak me out.

Finn: Do you want– no, no, hey, hey, sweetheart. No, there’s nothing to be afraid of, okay? And, look, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing for all of us. And I understand that this is hard to accept. It’s shocking, it’s– it’s confusing, but we just– we need to give it some time.

Steffy: Finn, this isn’t real. Whatever this is, it’s not true.

Finn: It is, though. And, look, it’s gonna make things better. Because we have been working hard, right? We have been struggling to accept this horrible thing that happened. But guess what? Steffy, it didn’t happen. At least, not how we thought it was. Steffy, my birth mother is alive.


Deacon: What are you giving her?

Sheila: That’s my protective fiancé.

Nurse: Just saline to help you rehydrate.

Sheila: Well, thank goodness. Who knows what dr. Finnegan would be giving me.

Nurse: Be back to check on you in a bit.

Sheila: Not to mention that she got the shock of her life.

Deacon: Hm. That was not very nice.

Sheila: Oh, come on. It was just a prank. Very harmless. Besides, she needed to know that finn’s birth mother was still alive.

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: If you could’ve seen the look on her face.

Deacon: Yeah, well, wait ’til you see the look on everyone else’s face once they realize that sheila carter is back from the dead. Once again.

Ridge: My daughter’s gonna be horrified. Finn must know that.

Liam: What the hell is wrong with him?

Hope: What, finn can’t be happy that his birth mother isn’t dead?

Ridge: His birth mother tried to destroy this family.

Hope: That wasn’t sheila that tried to break into the house. That was sugar.

Ridge: This time. But what, all the other times, it was her. Any attempted murder. Any– any vicious attacks. Any of that, it was her. And if finn wants her back in our lives, I’ve got a problem with that.

Liam: It’s not just you. We’re all gonna have a problem. Including kelly, by the way, who lives over there. My daughter with finn and steffy. If sheila’s actually alive, none of us relax. Ever again.

Hope: Finn doesn’t believe that.

Liam: Because he’s an idiot!

Hope: Liam, sheila tried to stop sugar. She risked her life to protect steffy and the kids.

Ridge: Says who?

Hope: Finn. He believes that she is a changed person. That she is reformed.

Finn: I know it’s hard to believe. And you’ve been struggling with this for weeks.

Steffy: And so have you. More than I realized.

Finn: Yeah. I have been struggling. I mean, nothing has been the same since that night. And I was hoping that we could move past that, but it’s– it’s been there. It’s been in the back of my mind and I– I didn’t know why until I understood that deacon was right. My birth mother could be alive and I wanted to find her and we did.

Steffy: No, you didn’T. Sheila is dead.

Finn: Well, she could’ve been if we wouldn’t have found her in time. But we did. And she’s safe and I’m thankful.

Steffy: Huh? What? You’re thankful? After everything she did to us, we worked really hard to put her behind us.

Finn: Yeah, we have. It’s been difficult. Because the woman that I love killed the mother that I never got a chance to help.

Steffy: It was in self-defense.

Finn: No, hey, honey. No, no, no. Listen, I know, steffy. I know that it’s self-defense. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Can’t you see? We don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Steffy: Because I didn’t kill sheila?

Finn: That’s right.

Steffy: What? So, the woman who came in here, that wasn’t sheila?

Finn: No. Honey, no, look, and I’m not losing it. I’m not confused. And you know me. You know me better than anyone. And I’m– I’m telling you the truth.

Steffy: So… what? That was sugar. Sugar was in our home. Oh, deacon was right. That woman who came in here… that woman who came in here and attacked me, that was sugar? And– and this whole time, sheila was what? She was– she was in a warehouse and you and deacon saved her? Is this real right now? Sheila carter’s alive. Sheila’s alive.

Deacon: Here’s a look ahead.

Finn: Let me guess. Deacon wants me to come to the wedding too.

Hope: He wanted to know if you would be his best man.

Steffy: This sick, twisted tie that you have to finn, it ends today.

Luna: What does it say? Is it negative? Is it positive?

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B&B Short Recap Thursday, May 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

At the cliff house, Finn tells Steffy that Sheila is alive, but she has trouble believing him.

Sheila and Deacon, at home and happy to be reunited, joke around and look forward to their future (getting married). He suggests they go to Vegas. She feels a little dizzy, so he insists that she go to the hospital. She gives in. When Deacon goes back to the car for a minute, Sheila hears Li’s voice outside and decides to play a prank on her. She asks the nurse if she can see “Dr. Finnegan.” The nurse tells Li that a patient named Sheila asked for her specifically. Li freezes at first, but then relaxes because she knows that Sheila is dead. She goes in to the room, but Sheila has covered up her body and face. Li asks her to take the sheet down. Underneath, Sheila is smiling devilishly. She pulls the sheet up to reveal her toes. Li looks terrified and demands that the patient take the sheet down now.

Hope is still lost in thought in her office at Forrester about Sheila being alive. Ridge and Liam walk in, chatting. They notice that Hope isn’t saying anything, so they ask her what’s wrong. She tells them that Sheila is alive. They don’t understand why she’s saying that.


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B&B Short Recap Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At Deacon’s place, Finn and Hope discuss Sheila being alive and how Steffy will take it. Finn is optimistic. He makes sure Hope is OK from her fainting spell and thanks her for all of her support. They hug. Later, Hope sits at her desk at Forrester, thinking about what happened earlier.

Liam and Steffy joke around about their kids at Forrester. She thanks him for taking her mind off Sheila. They look forward to the future, free of the threat of Sheila.

Deacon proposes to Sheila. She seems reluctant, so he keeps telling her how much he loves her, etc. She doesn’t want to hide from the world any more. He tells her that she won’t have to. They kiss and enjoy their time together. She’s glad to have Deacon and Finn on her side.

Finn goes home to find Steffy waiting for him, with a glass of wine in her hand, wearing a rob. He tells her that he has really good news.


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B&B Transcript Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Finn: I can’t thank you enough, hope, for just– for listening and understanding and not judging me.

Hope: Well, I mean, I’m still waiting for the shock to wear off. I– I was not expecting to see sheila standing here when I walked in, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. A thousand different ways. I mean, your birth mother. I’m sure you must be relieved that she’s alive.

Finn: Yeah. I mean, I’ve been mourning her death for weeks, but now that she’s back, I have a chance for her to be a part of my life.

Hope: Look, I’m not telling you not to be excited, but at the same time, I think we– we need to acknowledge the fact that, uh, steffy despises sheila and she might not exactly be understanding about your feelings.

Steffy: She can literally talk me into anything. I told her no more toys under any circumstance.

Liam: You left the store with a toy, didn’t you?

Steffy: No, I left with three toys.

[ Liam laughs ] Oh, my goodness.

Liam: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m still washing off the, uh, giant fairy tattoo she drew all over my back in permanent marker. I would show you, but I don’t trust you not to take a photo.

Steffy: What would I do without you? Thank you.

Liam: For what?

Steffy: Taking my mind off sheila.

Deacon: Say yes. Say you’ll marry me.

Sheila: Deacon. I–

Deacon: I’m so thrilled that you’re home. I just want to finish what we started, this little life that we’re building together. Baby, I want to share all of it with you. Let’s make it official, for real this time. Say you’ll marry me. Say you’ll be my wife.

Deacon: We both know this wasn’t my first proposal. It wasn’t that long ago that I was skittish because I– I didn’t think that I could get married without my daughter’s approval. And that wasn’t fair to put you in that position because you deserve more. Baby, you deserve the entire world and that’s what I want to give you. Full and complete commitment. That’s what I want to give you right now. I understand if you have second thoughts, but I’m ready. I want this. I want you.

Steffy: I know sheila’s dead, but I– I can’t stop the constant stream of these thoughts swirling in my head.

Liam: Well, you will eventually, right? Because she can’t hurt you anymore. She can’t scare you anymore. Sheila doesn’t have power over you anymore.

Steffy: Or finn.

Hope: I am not trying to be a downer.

Finn: No, I hear you.

Hope: I just think we should be realistic. And I get that you’re grateful to find out that sheila’s alive.

Finn: How many people get a second chance like this? And yes, we were total strangers for almost my entire life, but… and yeah, a lot– a lot has happened. Sheila’s done a million awful things, but I don’t want to spend this next chapter hating her and punishing her. I’m her son. We have a connection.

Hope: Well, maybe so, but… I mean, how– how do you think steffy is going to react when you tell her that sheila is alive? Ready to switch?

Sheila: You’re making it so hard not to say yes.

Deacon: Well, then say yes.

Sheila: I want to. I– I– more than you know.

Deacon: Come on, we’ve already had one miracle today. Let’s keep the momentum going here, you know? Let’s not waste another second. Baby, I’ll take care of you. I will spend the rest of my life making you happy.

Sheila: I know that. I know that we would be happy together, deacon. It’s just that I can’t hide my love for you, our relationship. I can’t live like that anymore.

Deacon: Oh, you know what? I can’t do that either. So forget about that. No more keeping it a secret. Listen, I am proud of you. I’m proud of us. Everything that we’ve survived. Against all odds, the misfit couple of L.A. What the hell do we care? Look, I know that hope will come around sooner or later. And the rest of them? Well, screw them because I will be so proud to be your husband. I’ll post it on social media. I’ll take out a billboard. I’ll scream it from the rooftops. Hey, world! I want to marry this woman!

Sheila: Okay, stop!

Deacon: I want sheila carter to be my wife!

Sheila: All right, all right.

Deacon: What do you say?

Sheila: I get it, I believe you. Yes.

Deacon: You do? So…

Sheila: I say yes. I say yes. Of course, I’m gonna marry you.

[ Both laugh ] I love you.

Deacon: I love you too.

Liam: Well, sheila’s death certainly, uh, frees up some emotional space, doesn’t it?

Steffy: Yeah, you’re right. Finn and I can finally relax. We can focus on our family, our relationship, our future.

Liam: Our future without his psychopath mom.

Steffy: Oh, gosh. I will never understand his tie to his mother. Do I wish she didn’t exist? Absolutely. But I do know that finn loves us. I know he is committed to his family. And I’m really starting to see finn moving on. Leaving sheila in the past.

Hope: Who knew my dad was such a savvy detective, right? I mean, finding articles about sugar, tracing credit cards. I mean, honestly, I’M… kind of impressed.

Finn: Look, if it wasn’t for deacon, sheila would still be in that warehouse. He saved her. I mean, he’s a legitimate hero.

Hope: Well, just wait ’til everyone finds out.

Finn: No, I know. I know. I’m bracing myself. And I know there’s gonna be a lot of unhappy people.

Hope: Namely your wife. Just preparing you for it.

Finn: No, I know. But I’m hoping that she’ll realize that sheila offered her life to protect her and the kids. And I think she’ll be relieved that she didn’t kill my birth mother.

Hope: I– I hope she will be grateful about that last part.

Finn: Look, I know it’s not gonna be easy, but I have to believe that someday I will be able to get through to steffy and she’ll be able to understand and support my need to help and to have my mom in our lives.


Sheila: I am never gonna take this for granted ever again. It’s– it’s, you know, it’s the simple pleasure I– it’s all I need. What a difference a day makes.

Deacon: You got that right, mrs. Sharpe.

Sheila: I like the sound of that.

Liam: In spite of whatever nonsense deacon is spewing, you really can let your guard down now.

Steffy: Yeah, my husband can finally put his family first. No more of sheila’s manipulations. No more of deacon’s delusions. Like, I know my husband. I know how much he loves us and he’s not gonna put me or the children at risk.

Liam: Well, that’s gotta be a good feeling.

Steffy: It is. I– I’m sorry. I just, I’ve been rambling so much. Thank you for letting me vent.

Liam: Yeah, any time. Seriously.

Steffy: No, I really appreciate it. Well, I’m gonna go. I’m gonna see finn. Tonight is all about reconnecting.

Finn: Look, I save lives for a living. I give people second, third chances. I believe in the power of the body and the soul to heal and to grow, so I believe that for sheila. And I think it’s time we put the past behind us. Sheila’s learned her lesson. She’s reformed. Look, the fact that she offered her own life to defend steffy and kelly and hayes, it says it all.

Hope: I mean, the entire situation is pretty incredible.

Finn: Yeah, and I just, I need to get steffy to realize that. Plus, I think she’s gonna be relieved that she didn’t kill my birth mother.

Hope: I hope you’re right. I mean, I– I hope she is going to be able to empathize and see your perspective.

Finn: Well, I know you’re pulling for me.

Hope: Yeah, I just want what’s best for you.

Finn: Well, I appreciate it. I appreciate you really hearing me and not thinking I’m nuts.

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Oh, well, I’ve seen worse. I could never think that about you. I’m just glad that you’re comfortable sharing all this with me.

Finn: How are you feeling? Any dizziness from fainting?

Hope: I’m okay. You did a good job taking care of me.

Finn: It’s my job.

Hope: Well, if you ever need anyone to talk to, you know who to call.

Finn: Hey, hope. You’re the best. Hey, come here.

Hope: Aw.

Finn: Thank you. No, seriously. Wild turn of events, huh?

Hope: I’ll say.

Finn: Okay, I’m gonna head home and I’m gonna tell steffy the good news.

Hope: Good luck.

Finn: It’s all gonna work out. You’ll see.

Hope: Well, for your sake, I hope so.

[ Finn chuckles]

Did you know…

Sheila: I can’t get enough of this.

Deacon: Well, get ready for a lifetime of moments like this, sweetheart. Because, baby, this is just the beginning.

Sheila: I was so worried I’d never see you again.

Deacon: You were worried? I thought you were dead. I threw you a funeral. There was this part of me that just, I– I could feel that you were out there somewhere.

Sheila: It’s because you never lost faith in me.

Deacon: No. I woke up this morning convinced that you were alive. I just… I wasn’t sure that I could find you in time, and if I did, what condition you’d be in. And now here you are, next to me, engaged to be my wife again.

Sheila: Little correction, you’re engaged to be my husband.

Deacon: Oh, for better or for worse.

[ Both chuckle ]

Sheila: I’m so glad to have you in my life. I really thought that I was going to die in that warehouse and that I had no chance to stop sugar from hurting steffy and the children. But the thought of you, it’s really what kept me going. Your love for me because you have always stood by my side, no matter what.

Deacon: I will always be by your side. Always and forever. And now, it’s not just me. Now, you have finn. Your son will stand by you too.

Sheila: I’ve wanted his love for so long.

Deacon: I know and now you have it.

Sheila: Yeah, now–

Deacon: Totally, unconditionally.

Sheila: I have my people. I finally have a family. You know, you and finn, you accept me with all of my flaws. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted, is to be loved and truly loved. I feel like I don’t have to go through life on my own anymore. I– I– I have hands to hold and I’ve got shoulders to lean on.

Deacon: You’ve got people who care about you.

Sheila: Baby, you saved me. You and my son saved me.

[ Hope sighs ]

Hope: I can’t believe my dad was right. Sheila is… sheila’s alive.

Finn: I’m bracing myself and I know there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people.

Hope: Namely your wife, just preparing you for it.

Finn: I know it’s not going to be easy, but I have to believe that someday, I will be able to get through to steffy and she’ll be able to understand and support my need to help and to have my mom in our lives.

Hope: I hope steffy doesn’t disappoint you, finn.

[ Phone pings ]

[ Door opens ]

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hi.

[ Steffy laughs ] I talked to the kids. They’re at grandma li’s, so it’s just us.

Finn: Candles?

Steffy: Yeah. What’s gotten into you?

Finn: You got my message?

Steffy: Yeah. You couldn’t wait to see me.

Finn: Well, I can never wait to see my gorgeous and understanding wife.

Steffy: Lucky me. You, uh, you want some wine?

Finn: Um, no, I think I’m– I think I’m okay for right now. I’m just, um, a little fired up.

Steffy: Really?

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: I have to say, I haven’t talked to you for so long. I mean, you seemed really distracted this morning, and I finally just got a text from you now.

Finn: I was just– I was dealing with something, but it was next level, okay? Like, miraculous.

Steffy: It was like a patient or something? Let me guess, you were saving a life.

Finn: Well, I definitely did that today.

Steffy: What’s your motto? No one is a lost cause?

Finn: Yeah, I– I try to see the good in everyone, right? Look at their potential and their ability to learn from their mistakes and if they can grow to lead a productive, happy life, yeah.

Steffy: That’s really beautiful. And I love that about you. I love how compassionate you are. Wait– oh, my gosh. You are a completely different person from this morning.

Finn: Yeah, um, I am. I am different. My whole world has shifted in the most– the surprising way.

Steffy: Why? What happened? Tell me.

Finn: I have unbelievable news. And I didn’t believe it at first, and you probably won’t either, but, um, it’s amazing. Steffy, it’s truly amazing.

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At Deacon’s place, Hope is stunned that Sheila is still alive, even though Deacon and Finn have explained how it all happened to her. They explain more, and Sheila tells her how she’s not the same person she used to be. Hope is sympathetic to Sheila’s ordeal and proud of Deacon and Finn for rescuing her but wonders if she’s truly changed that much. Deacon and Finn tell Hope how Sheila tried to protect Steffy and the kids from Sugar – even offering her own life instead. Sheila knows that Hope doesn’t yet believe her, but she’s okay with that. She and Deacon go outside to get some fresh air.

Hope and Finn chat about Sheila’s return. He’s very relieved. They talk about how Steffy is going to receive the news. He thinks that she’ll come around, but Hope looks doubtful. Finn thanks her for being such a good listener, and they hug.

Deacon gets on one knee and proposes again to Sheila.

Carter meets with Steffy about a deal they’re working on with Spencer. Liam drops by to meet with them. He wonders if Steffy has heard from Finn yet. She says that Hope is over at Deacon’s to talk some sense into him. Carter leaves, so Liam and Steffy chat some more about Sheila. She admits that she can breathe again, now that Sheila’s dead.


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B&B Transcript Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Deacon: Honey, you’re struggling, I know, to believe what you’re seeing.

Hope: I mean, it– this doesn’t make sense, dad. I– I came over to try to– to convince you to stop spreading that theory about sheila, and…

Finn: It’s true. Hope, my mom is back with us.

Deacon: She never left. She was here the whole time.

Finn: It’s amazing. A miracle.

Steffy: And you think this is a good deal?

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, I think we should sign. With some clarifications with the numbers first.

Steffy: Well, knowing bill, he’s made this purposefully murky.

Carter: Exactly why scheduled the meeting with liam instead.

Steffy: Smart man.

Liam: Hey.

Carter: There he is. Right on cue.

Liam: Yeah, I know. On cue. Very late, on cue.

Steffy: Liam, I have questions.

Liam: Oh, of course you do. Can I ask a question first? Did finn ever call you back?

Carter: Okay, this should… this should work for us. Unless there’s anything I’m missing.

Steffy: You, miss something? Please. Why do you think you have the job that you do?

[ Carter chuckles ]

Carter: All right, we’ll get everything signed and over to your legal department later today.

Liam: Very nice. You’re not going to regret it.

Steffy: Rarely do when we do business with spencer.

Liam: Hey, that’s settled. Uh, you never answered my question. Did finn call you back?

Carter: If you two need a moment, I can–

Steffy: No, no, no. It’s fine. Liam is aware that I’ve been worried about finn. How deacon’s getting into his head with all of these crazy conspiracy theories.

Carter: Crazy is an understatement.

Steffy: I think deacon’s going to stop with this stupid nonsense.

Liam: Yeah? Why?

Steffy: Because hope is going to talk to him. And honestly, I– I think my father is right. I think hope is the only one that can shut him down. Hopefully, it’s soon because I cannot hear deacon go on and on about sheila’s toes anymore.

Hope: This is insane.

Deacon: Yeah, I know.

Hope: So, steffy did kill someone that night. Just not…

Finn: Not my mom.

Deacon: Yeah, I was right. I mean, I knew what I saw at the crematorium. Ten toes.

Hope: Okay, so– so you– you you tricked this sugar woman into getting plastic surgery?

Sheila: You know, hope, it was a desperate time in my life. I’m not trying to justify. I mean, what happened back then really was terrible. But sugar, she was… she was a tortured woman before, but– but after…

Finn: She chained her up. In an abandoned warehouse. She wanted to kill steffy and frame sheila.

Hope: This is just all… this is all too much. Okay, um… so, dad, everything– everything you were saying about sheila being alive, it was– it was true.

Deacon: Yeah. You know what else was true? That sheila’s a changed woman. She’s worthy of my love. And finn’S. And it would mean the world to me if you could start to accept that.

Finn: He’s right, hope. Auntie, you can’t put that right in the dishwasher.

Liam: Well, one thing about deacon is he respects hope’s opinion. I don’t imagine the guy takes advice from too many people, but hope’s got clout with him. And so if she’s there right now, there’s a good chance this could be over soon.

Steffy: Well, I prefer hope shutting this down the moment it happened, but…

Carter: Hey, if hope fails for some reason, we’ll try with someone else. And we’ll keep trying because eventually someone will get deacon to shut up and stop spouting these ridiculous theories about sheila being alive.

Liam: I mean, that’s the thing, right? If it were just affecting him, we’d all probably be laughing about this right now. But it’s not just affecting deacon, and that’s what he has to understand. He’s actually hurting people with this conspiracy theory.

[ Phone chiming ] Nobody more than you.

Carter: Oh, I gotta go. Fingers crossed, right? Stay positive. Can’t wait to hear what hope has to say about it.

Steffy: Thanks, carter.

Liam: See you, man.

[ Door closes ] Well, you wanna vent? You wanna scream? You wanna throw something? I’m here.

Steffy: Honestly, I just don’t want to talk about sheila anymore. I mean, she’s dead. Why can’t we just forget about her?

Sheila: You really believe in me, don’t you?

Sheila: Yeah, I do. Look, I– I now see the work that you’ve been doing. You’ve proven it to me.

Sheila: This– this is all I’ve wanted. I mean, to feel like I belong, that I’m accepted and loved because I have tried and I have failed my entire life and no one has ever given me another chance until now. It’s like I– I finally have what I’ve been searching for my entire life.

Hope: I am sure this was a very harrowing experience for you, sheila. And I can obviously see how relieved and happy my father and finn are, understandably. But I still have my concerns. Although, dad, I do want you to know how proud I am of you and finn for rescuing sheila and getting her the help that she needed. She was a victim in all of this, but are we really so convinced that she’s not the same woman capable of murder? Does this experience really give her–

Deacon: Honey, look, sheila risked her life to protect steffy and the kids from sugar. Protect, not harm. No manipulation, no evil intent.

Finn: She did everything she could to save steffy and the kids. She even… I mean, she offered her own life instead.

Deacon: Look, I’ve known it all along, but I believe it even more now. Sheila’s a changed woman.

Sheila: Look, hope, you– you don’t have to believe that yet. It’s okay. But you will. You will believe it one day. Right now, I am just thankful– I’m thankful that these two do. And as much as I would love to sit here and have you say the most amazing things about me, I… I was hoping you’d want to get some fresh air with me. After being chained up in that dark, dirty warehouse, I– I just– I want to see daylight and feel the breeze on my face.

Deacon: Absolutely. As long as you’re up to it.

Sheila: I am.

Deacon: Well, all right then. So, if you two will excuse us, sheila and I have some daylight to go attend to.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Deacon: All right.

Sheila: All right. Hope, finn and– and deacon, they are right about me. They really are. And I want to thank you. Thank you, baby, for believing in me.

[ Hope scoffs ]

Hope: How? How?

Finn: I know. I know. Warn me if you’re going to faint again. ()

Sheila: You have no idea how much I missed this, longed for this. The daylight, breathing in this fresh air. I– being in that warehouse, I wasn’t sure I’d ever take a breath of fresh air again, but thanks to you, I am.

Deacon: It’s a beautiful thing.

Sheila: Breathing? Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Deacon: I meant you. It’s just beautiful to see you, you know, enjoying life’s simple pleasures. We should all learn to do more of that.

Sheila: You know what? Anybody can. They just need to be chained up for a few weeks.

Deacon: Maybe a little too soon. I know what I said about your reform. I see it. Finn sees it. Everybody else is going to come around eventually. It never made sense to me that you went after steffy. I feel terrible that I didn’t act on those impulses earlier. I should have–

Sheila: No, no, no, no. You thought you saw me. You saw my face. At least that’s–

Deacon: Sheila, she looked exactly like you, but I still should have known that it wasn’t you. I should have known that you never would have attacked steffy.

Steffy: Is it too much to ask to never mention sheila again? Just forget about her existence?

Liam: No argument here.

Steffy: I need to erase that night. I can’t even think about it anymore. Me defending myself, grabbing the knife, and then you have deacon who’s just saying all these idiotic things.

Liam: Hey, hey, hey. Listen for a second. Listen. I know that sheila’s still hanging over you. And– and I know that deacon’s overactive imagination is not helping, but this is all, it’s a process, right? It’s all slowly phasing out.

[ Steffy exhales loudly ] But there is no sheila anymore. She’s gone. She’s gone for good.

Hope: Look, if I’m freaking out about what a total shock that was, I mean, I– I actually fainted upon seeing sheila. I mean, I can only imagine what is going on with you. I mean, you thought she was gone forever. You thought you’d never have another opportunity to and now…

Finn: Yeah, it’s surreal. I mean, I thought deacon was delusional. I mean, we all did, right? I mean, even after I learned about sugar and what she looked like, it was– it– it was still hard to let myself believe.

Hope: Until you saw her for yourself.

Finn: Yeah, um…

[ Hope laughs in disbelief ] This really complicates things, doesn’t it?

Hope: Uh-huh.

[ Finn sighs ] Oh, yeah, just… just a little bit. But, um, I don’t know, finn, I am happy for you.

Finn: Thanks. And I know some people might…

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: Well, look, I’m– I’m not going to judge you for this, okay? So, like, if you ever need someone to talk to, a safe place to share your feelings and..

Finn: Thank you. Right now, I just, I don’t know, I feel, um… yeah, I feel a sense of relief and– and joy. I mean, I thought she was gone. I thought my mother died trying to hurt my wife, but sheila didn’t do that. And– and now I’ve… I’ve got this– this new opportunity. I mean, do you realize what a sense of relief that is? I mean, look, the woman who gave birth to me, she’s alive.

I have type 2 diabetes, but I manage it well

Sheila: Hey, you’ve got nothing to apologize for.

Deacon: I should have gone down to the cops. I should have demanded they open an investigation.

Sheila: No, no, no. Shh. You’re my hero. You saved my life.

Deacon: Well, technically, it wasn’t me. It was you. You and those nine toes because that missing digit saved you.

Sheila: And here, everyone said I was crazy.

Deacon: Yeah, well, you were. I mean, of all the insane things you’ve done, and there have been about a zillion of them, that’s the most insane so far. So far. Because I’m sure you’re probably going to keep surprising me. Aren’t you? Yeah.

Sheila: Because I do like to keep things interesting.

Deacon: It’s because you’re my little hurricane. You’re my wild little hurricane blowing around, causing all sorts of trouble. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sheila: What are you saying? What, you’re saying you like cleaning up after me?

Deacon: I do. And I hope to do it for the rest of my life.

Sheila: Deacon…

Deacon: Sheila, I never thought I needed anyone until you. You and your magical missing toe.

[ Sheila laughs ] I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. I believe in you. I believe in us. Marry me, sheila.

Steffy: Thank you, liam. I actually do feel a little better. Probably the first time since… since our wedding. When sheila revealed that she was finn’s biological mother.

Liam: Yeah, it’s been a little tense for you ever since then.

Steffy: Yeah, but now with her dead, I’m realizing a lot. I can finally breathe again. I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I don’t have to hire guards. Finn and I are finally free of her.

Finn: You know what I just can’t get over? Besides the obvious that, you know, steffy didn’t kill sheila.

Hope: Which would obviously have a big impact on you.

Finn: Yeah, yeah, it does. I’m not going to deny that. But, I mean, what she did, it was heroic. I mean, no, and that means a lot to me. She tried to stop sugar from hurting steffy and the kids. I mean, she offered her own life. And I’m not saying that the past doesn’t matter. And I’ve forgotten about the horrible things that she did. But people, they do change. I mean, they can reform.

Hope: I– I would love to wholeheartedly agree with you, finn, but there are still some issues that I’m struggling with here. And I think most people probably will for quite some time. Um… maybe there is another side of things where you and my dad might be right and sheila really has changed.

Finn: She has. And now, you know, not having to have this pit in my stomach because my mother died at the hands of my wife, I have a little bit of hope. And there’s reason to think that there’s a way to have her in my life. And having her back now, I mean, I want to encourage that growth. I don’t want to lose that opportunity again.

Hope: Well, for your sake, I, um… I hope that some day steffy will be able to see your side of things.

Finn: Okay, look, I’m not kidding myself. I know it’s going to take some serious convincing. And there’ll need to be a major mind shift for steffy to see sheila in a new light. But I think if she can just come to understand the situation and see how much sheila has reformed, and see the concern sheila has for her safety, I mean, at the very least, she’s going to be relieved that she didn’t kill my birth mother, right? Steffy, she’s– she’s going to come around. She believes in thomas. Man, life is too short. I– I want to have my birth mother in it and I’m determined to make that happen. I don’t want to waste this opportunity.

Finn: Thanks, um… I don’t know, thanks for– thanks for just listening to me and understanding. I– I need that. More than ever.

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