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by Michele & Cheryl

Chanel from Days

Did the writers forget the history of the show? We know they would never do that. When Johnny told Chanel where he got the oyster crackers from, he referred to Roman as “Uncle” Roman. The last time we checked, Roman is Johnny’s grandfather. He’s not his uncle. You would think the writers would have caught that mistake especially since Johnny was talking about Sami.

Speaking of Chanel, how long is she going to punish Paulina for her mistake? As a soon-to-be mother, Chanel should understand Paulina’s situation. If Paulina died, she would never forgive herself for the way she’s treating her. Paulina apologized to Chanel for risking her life, but she refused to let it go. Before Chanel found out she was pregnant, she was willing to forgive Paulina. Now that she knows she’s pregnant, she wants to give Paulina the cold shoulder. Her attitude doesn’t make sense especially since she plans on keeping the baby.

Holly confronted Tate about what she did to Nicole. She told Nicole that she deserved to have miscarriages and didn’t deserve to be a mother. Marlena recommended that she write a letter to Nicole. You would think Holly would have talked to Nicole. Why would she go to Tate? She must have wanted to go to Tate because he would have told her she was okay doing what she did. Holly should have gone to Nicole and made it right.

How convenient was it that Nicole was drunk when she kissed Eric? She can never do things on her own. Nicole conveniently had to go through something so she’s not responsible for what she does. She kissed Eric while she was drunk. EJ caught her kissing Eric. Speaking of Eric, Eric didn’t rush to push her away. Nicole was conveniently drunk, but Eric knew what he was doing.

EJ deserves a metal for defending Nicole. He saw her kissing Eric, but he still tried to defend her against Holly’s actions. EJ had the perfect opportunity to put her in her place, but he still tried to be a good husband to her. She gave him no reason to support her, but he did it anyway. He’s a better husband than he’s given credit for more times than not.

It shouldn’t have taken Melinda to empathize with Paulina for risking Chanel’s life by saving her. Paulina’s family and friends judged her for what she did like they wouldn’t have done the same thing, yet her former enemy understood. Who knew Paulina and Melinda would have something in common.

Why would Stephanie be concerned about Everett after what he did to Eric? Everett punched Eric in front of her, yet she was concerned about him. You would think she would be concerned about Eric since he is her cousin. Stephanie has no loyalty to her family.

We felt bad for Eric when Sloan told him the truth about the baby. He put on a brave front, but he was devastated by her telling him Jude was Nicole and EJ’s son. Sloan told him she loved him and didn’t want to lose him for why she lied. Did she really think he would have been moved by her love for him? She should have known he wouldn’t have cared to hear about that. It would have been better for her to leave him a note saying the baby was Nicole and EJ’s. It broke our hearts seeing him say goodbye to Jude. If she was going to tell the truth, she may as well have told him the whole truth. She was already going to lose Eric so she may as well have told him the truth.


Eric from Days

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