GH Update Friday, March 11, 2022

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Update written by Kathleen
Proofread by Suzanne

Michael and Willow are in the breakfast nook at the Q mansion. Willow remarks how much Willey loved Annabelle II. She wants to know when they can get a new dog and says that life will not slow down any when she becomes a nurse. They start to discuss their trip to Paris. Michael says he’ss looking forward to staying in bed late. Willow says she wants to see all she can of Paris. They kiss. Brook Lynn enters the room. She says she is glad some things haven’t changed. She is glad they are still together.

Chase comes into Finn’s office. He is counting the days down until he is off suspension. Finn tells him Violet is always ready for a tea party. Chase says to just let him know when his next date night is happening because he will come babysit. Finn says he’s welcome any time, but he and Liz won’t be going on any dates anytime soon.

At Liz’s house, Cam comes down the stairs. He has a disappointed look on his face as he looks at his phone. He walks into the kitchen, and Liz asks what he wants for breakfast. He tells her that he’s not hungry, which she finds strange. Jake comes in and asks what is for breakfast. Elizabeth comments how nice it is that they are all there together for breakfast. Jake asks her if that means Finn is there. She responds that they need to talk about Finn.

Nik and Ava are at the Metro Court. They discuss how much they are looking forward to the vow renewal. They will mean the words this time.

Esme is in an elevator. She is holding something in her hand. She then rolls up her sleeve and puts it back down.

Carly is in her kitchen when Joss comes in. She says that she hopes it was okay that she slept there last night. Carly asks if anything is wrong. Joss says she can’t go back to school, ever. They hug.

Esme gets off the elevator and walks up to Ava and Nik. They discuss the vow renewal. Esme says that Laura told her it was going to be with just the two of them. They tell her they have changed their minds and want family there. Esme tells her she hadn’t heard that. She tells them they shouldn’t bother inviting Spence.

Back in the Quartermaine kitchen nook, Michael and Willow ask about Brook Lynn’s visit with her mom. She says she had a good visit. Michael tells her that he and Chase already moved her stuff out of the beach house.

Liz tells Jake and Cam that she and Finn are taking time apart because she needs to focus on her family. Jake asks if it is because of the weird stuff that has been happening. She replies that’s part of it, but she just wants to make sure her boys are happy and safe. That’s why she made him an appointment with a psychiatrist. Jake is not happy. He accuses her of thinking he is a psycho.

Chase asks Finn what’s going on with Liz. He tells him that she thinks Jake might be acting out. Chase asks if her breaking up with him is an overreaction. Finn tells him that he doesn’t think it is, considering what she’s been through.

Joss doesn’t want to tell Carly what is going on. She tells her that in the cabin that weekend, she and Cam had sex for the first time. Carly asks if she’s pregnant.

After Ava leaves the table, Esme tells Nik he really doesn’t know what Spencer is thinking.

Brook Lynn says that she’ll be fine. Having Bailey go back to Maxie was always the plan. He reminds her that he had a similar situation when he had custody of Avery. He says that even though he knew giving her back was the right thing to do, it didn’t make it any easier. Brook Lynn points out that when she needed help, Chase was right there.

Finn and Chase talk about all the things Jake has been through and wonder if maybe now he’s crying out for help.

Liz and Cam try to assure Jake they don’t think he is crazy. They just think that it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone, after all he’s been through. Jake gets a strange link on his phone. He says his friend wants to know if it’s really Cam. Cam tries to stop him from clicking the link.

Carly is relieved Joss that isn’t pregnant. Joss tells her about the incident in class.

Esme tells Nik that Spencer loves him and says great things about him. She admits that she was sort of jealous of their relationship.

Carly is very upset about Joss’ situation. She says she will call Spinelli to get it off the web. She asks how it could have happened. Joss says she doesn’t know. She implies that it could have been Trina.

Cam jerks the phone away from Jake. Liz demands to know what’s going on. He asks her to just leave it alone. Liz tells Cam he may as well just tell her what’s happening. He says he can’t tell her if she’s looking at him, so she goes into the kitchen and turns her back. He admits that there is a video going around of him and Joss having sex.

Chase asks how long the “pause” between Finn and Liz will last. Finn says that he doesn’t know. He changes the subject to ask about Chase and Brook Lynn. He responds that he hasn’t heard from her.

Michael points out to Brook Lynn how she was talking about Chase and wonders if she would like to be part of a couple.

Chase tells Finn that he texted Brook Lynn, but she just sent back a thumbs up emoji. Finn makes a sarcastic comment about how millennials communicate.

Brook Lynn tells Michael she and Chase are just friends. She doesn’t have many friends. Michael relates that he can tell Chase is lost without her and Bailey.

Joss tells her mom that she doesn’t think it was Trina. Carly says it sounds like something Esme would do. Joss is upset that some people think she put out the video on purpose.

Liz tells Cam she’s sorry it happened. He says that it’s even worse for Joss. There is still a double standard for women. Cam says he doesn’t want to talk about it, especially to Liz. He wishes Franco were there.

Esme tells Nik she wants to make amends for helping Spencer with the stalking. She offers to speak to Spencer about the vow renewal. Ava comes back to the table. She says that her call was about Ryan.

Jake tells Liz he won’t see the therapist. Liz tells him she knows he is quiet, like his dad. However, it’s sometimes easier to talk to a stranger. She tries to convince him to talk to Dr. Massey.

Carly tells Joss that all of this will pass. People will forget soon.

Brook Lynn says it is not worth telling Chase how she feels, just to be rejected.

At the hospital, Willow walks quickly away from Chase. She said she got caught up talking to Brook Lynn and is late. He asks if she means on the phone. She says no, she was at the house. He looks interested.

Ava informs them that Kevin told her Ryan still doesn’t speak. As she talks, Esme clenches her fist under the table. Ava asks her if something is wrong. She says no. Ava says she is just glad there’s nothing Ryan can do to her from Spring Ridge.

Nik says he needs to go. Esme says she would like to talk some more, but he assures her that he’ll be back in a minute.

Liz sees Finn when she brings Jake to his appointment. She smiles at him but says nothing.

Brook Lynn has flashbacks to times with Chase. She looks at his contact info on her phone and says, “What would I even say”? Just then, Chase walks in the room.

Carly tells Joss that Spinelli was able to wipe the video from all the public web sites. Joss is somewhat relieved but still embarrassed. Carly tells her that Spinelli is going to the cabin to find out how it got recorded and who is responsible. Then, she says, they will make them pay. They get off the elevator at the Metro Court right next to Esme’s table. Esme asks how she is doing and says she thinks she is brave.  She gets up to leave, but Carly stops her.

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GH update Thursday, March 10, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Kathleen
Proofread by Suzanne

Michael and Willow are at The Savoy. Willow tells Michael that she messed up.

At Sonny’s apartment, he tells Nina that it’s the anniversary of his sister’s death. He assures her that he isn’t going on a bender. She tells him they have to talk about their grandson.

Alexis tells Diane that she is enjoying her new job. She tells her that she invited Harmony to join them,  and instructs Diane to “be nice.”

At the hospital, Maxie talks to Austin. He starts to kiss her when they are interrupted by Mac clearing his throat, loudly.

At the Metro Court, Gladys scrambles toward the elevator. She leaves a voice mail for Brando, telling him not to rush into anything. When Carly gets off the elevator, Gladys tells her that Brando is about to make the biggest mistake of his life and she’s going to help her stop him.

Sasha and Brando impatiently wait on the car to be repaired, so they can hurry and get to the wedding chapel.

Carly refuses to help Gladys stop the wedding. Gladys tells her that if she won’t help, she’ll ask Sonny. Carly insists that she drive her because she’s been drinking.

Nina tells Sonny that she is suing for visitation rights with Wiley. He doesn’t blame her for doing what she needs to do for her family, but he tells her not to do that.

Harmony approaches Diane’s and Alexis’ table. She thanks them for letting her join them. Diane steps away from the table to get drinks. Harmony spots Willow and Michael across the room and walks over to them. They thank her for getting the birth certificate.

Back at the hospital, Felicia and Mac tell Maxie and Austin that Mac’s checkup went well. Felicia asks if they’re an item now. Maxie says that their relationship is new. Mac wants to get to know Austin better, which he says in a protective father tone. Maxie apologies for him as they walk away. Austin asks about the box Maxie is carrying. She says it’s something she needs his help with – she needs to get rid of Peter.

In the elevator, Felicia and Mac discuss their concern over Maxie getting into a relationship too soon. Mac says he will keep an eye on Austin to make sure he stays in line.

At the car repair shop, Brando and Sasha learn that their car needs a new fuel pump, and it won’t be ready until tomorrow. Brando says he may know a way to temporarily fix it. The mechanic tells him that he can try. After he leaves, Sasha pulls pills out of her purse.  She stares at the pills and then puts them back in her purse. She pulls her phone out, but it says, “no service.” She flashes back to the conversation earlier in the car about hearing wedding bells. She pulls the pills out again and takes one. Brando walks up from behind and says her name.

At the Metro Court, Robert tells Anna that she has nothing to feel guilty about with regards to Peter. She tells him she’s now worried about what Victor might do.

Maxie gives the box to Austin and says that it’s Peter’s effects, but Brit didn’t want them. She asks if he’ll dispose of them, and he replies, “no problem.” He starts to kiss her when Liesel comes up and pushes him away, telling him to stay away from Maxie.

Harmony asks Willow if she has her passport yet. She says no, but she has an appointment for them to look at her birth certificate and application, to expedite getting it.

Diane points out an attractive man at the bar staring at Alexis. Just then, he walks over and asks if he can buy her a drink. She tells him she already has a drink.

Sonny tells Nina not to do anything drastic. He asks her to let him talk to Michael first. Nina reminds him what an influence Carly has over Michael. He assures her that she doesn’t have to worry about Carly. There is a knock at the door. It’s Carly and Gladys.

Liesel reminds Austin and Maxie of the problems Austin caused with Peter. Maxie asks Liesel to forgive him.

Diane gets on Alexis for turning down the man’s offer. Alexis tells her that she’s not interested in having anything to do with any man right now.

Willow tells Michael about her conversation with Nina at the hospital. She admits that she she snapped and went too far, so now Nina is going to pursue her legal rights with Wiley. Michael says that he won’t let her near their son.

Gladys apologizes for “crashing” Nina and Sonny’s date. Nina corrects her, saying that it’s not a date. Sonny and Carly tell Gladys that they won’t help her stop the wedding because it’s not their business. Nina takes Glady’s side, saying that they owe it to Brando and Sasha to make sure that they’re getting married for the right reasons.

Brando, disappointed, tells Sasha that the car can’t be fixed until tomorrow. Sasha wants to call a ride share service, instead, to take them to the chapel. She’s worried that if they don’t get married that night, they never will. The mechanic overhears them. He tells them he is an ordained minister and offers to marry them.

Having drinks at the Metro Court, Robert, Anna, Mac, and Felicia discuss Drew and Dante having a plan to trap Victor. Felicia tells them if that fails, she and Anna have a plan.

Michael comes over to the table where Alexis, Harmony, and Diane are sitting. He asks to speak privately with Diane. She steps away with him. Harmony asks what the tension was between was between Alexis and Diane. Alexis tells her about the incident with the man offering to buy her a drink. Harmony tells her it is perfectly alright if she’s not interested in dating.

After Sonny and Carly tell Gladys their reasons for not wanting to get involved, Nina agrees with them.

At the car repair shop, the wedding march plays on a cassette, and Sasha enters with a bouquet.

Sasha and Brando tell the minister/mechanic that they didn’t have time to write vows. He says they can do traditional or speak from the heart. They choose to speak from the heart.

Robert wants to know Anna and Felicia’s plan. Anna says she is going to Austria. Felicia will go as her cover. Mac and Robert don’t want Felicia to go along; they think it might be dangerous because she isn’t a trained agent.

Brando and Sasha exchange vows.

Maxie tells Liesl that her relationship with Austin is not her concern. Liesl warns Austin that he’d better behave.

Brando and Sasha exchange rings and are  pronounced husband and wife.

Diane tells Willow and Michael that although Nina has rights, she still has to convince a judge. She suggests that it would be better if they can work things out and not go to court.

Brando calls his mother to tell her they have gotten married. She tells them that they have her blessing for a happy life.

Mac finally agrees to support Felicia going to Austria. Robert suggests that he and Mac distract Victor back in Port Charles.

Austin tells Maxie that they can dispose of Peter’s ashes in the morgue.

Alexis, Diane, and Harmony decide to just lighten up and have fun. Alexis announces that she is going to dance.

Nina reluctantly agrees to hold off on legal action so that Sonny can convince Michael to let her see Wiley.

Since they are in an isolated area, Sasha and Brando accept the mechanic’s offer to stay with him and his wife for the night.

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GH Update Wednesday, March 9, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Kathleen
Proofread by Suzanne

Dante tells Sam and Drew that Peter’s belongings have already been delivered to someone who hates him as much as they do. Drew guesses that it’s Britt.

Britt tells Maxie that Peter made her executor just to torment her. Maxie asks if she can refuse and send the box back. Britt says that she has a better idea. Maxie suggests opening the box. Britt says no because she wants to call the bomb squad.

Sasha and Brando are driving in a car. They discuss how great it is that they’re about to be married.

At the Metro Court, Gladys sits at the bar alone, leaving a voice mail for Brando. She tells him that she knows he’s away with Sasha but just wants to make sure everything is okay. Lucy comes up. She tells Gladys that Sasha and Brando need this trip. She says that when they come back, Sasha will be rich.

Victor tells Ava and Nik that he wonders about their motives for inviting him to their vow renewal.

Esme approaches Ryan’s cell just as he is returned to it.

Sasha and Brando realize that they’re lost. The GPS is broken, and their cell phones are out of range. She accuses him of  not wanting to get married.

Lucy tells Gladys that when Deception goes public, Sasha’s net worth will skyrocket. Gladys says that she had her doubts about Sasha at first but was impressed with how she dealt with Liam’s death. However, Gladys and Lucy agree that Sasha bounced back too quickly.

Dante, Drew, and Sam are at Sam’s. Drew gives them reasons why it makes sense Peter would make Britt his executor. They decide they need to hurry before Britt throws his things away.

Britt wants to throw the package of Peter’s things in the garbage. Maxie stops her, saying that there might be something of value.

Victor tells Nik and Ava that Esme has a lot of sway with Spencer. She will encourage him to attend the vow renewal.

Esme uses a pass card to get into Ryan’s cell. Esme scolds Ryan for speaking out loud where people might hear. He tells her he was thinking about her and how she had failed him.

Brando denies that he’s trying to get out of being married. Sasha flashes back to taking pills. He tells her to roll down the window. She says that she hears the river and wedding bells. He assures her that the bells are ringing for another couple but will soon be ringing for them.

Maxie tells Britt that there might be something of financial value in the box that the baby could use one day. They decide the best place to open it is on the terrace, just in case there is something bad in it.

Dante tells Sam and Drew that Britt has already received Peter’s belongings. They rush out the door to find her.

Victor convinces Ava and Nik to invite Esme as well.

Back in Ryan’s cell, Esme and Ryan discuss the failed plot to break up Ava and Nik. Ryan tells her that she has wasted too much time with adolescent games. She tells him she had to make her relationship with Spence look real. She calls him “Daddy” and asks if he likes it when when she call him that.

Still in the car, Sasha receives a call from Gladys. She pretends to have a bad connection in “The Falls” and hangs up. Lucy and Gladys suspect they’re in Niagara Falls, to get married.

Ava informs Nik that his mother warned her to watch out for Victor.

As Britt starts to open the box on the terrace, Dante, Sam and Drew arrive, yelling at her to stop.

Victor arrives at the Metro Court and orders a top shelf Manhattan. He  tells the bartender that he would like to drink it on the terrace.  Drew walks up and tells him his timing couldn’t be any better.

Esme wants Ryan to let her in on the rest of his plan. He says he’s not sure that he can trust her. She threatens to tell Kevin that he can talk and has for months, so he grabs her by the wrist.

Brando tells Sasha to look in the glove compartment, where she finds wedding rings.

Gladys tells Lucy she is afraid Brando and Sasha are eloping. They are just getting married to escape the pain of losing Liam.

Esme reassures Ryan he is the boss. That has always been the plan. She will do whatever he says. He tells her they need to go back to square one, Ava.

Ava tells Nik they have to be careful of Victor. He assures her that nothing will ever come between them again.

Drew tells Victor he will make him pay for what he did to him.

Victor walks out onto the terrace where Sam, Maxie, Britt and Baily are gathered. They point out Peter’s box to him. Maxie and Britt start to fight over it, purposely spilling it on the ground. A tarot card is visible.

The Check Engine Light comes on in Brando’s car, so they pull over.

Gladys tells Lucy that she’s afraid Brando and Sasha are only getting married to escape the pain of Liam’s death.

Ryan and Esme discuss plan B. He suggests that she try to make herself more likable to Ava and Nik.

Maxie, Britt, and Victor clean up the spilled box. After the others leave, Victor pulls the tarot card out of his sleeve.

Lucy urges Gladys not to try to stop the wedding.

Brando calls for a tow truck. He notes that it could take a while. Sasha starts to freak out that they weren’t meant to get married that night. Just then, the tow truck arrives.

On the terrace, Victor looks at the card and says he will make good use of it.

Esme wonders what good it will be for her to break up Ava and Nikolas when Ryan will still be serving a life sentence. Ryan tells Esme to just do what he says, and she will have everything she ever wanted — not just Spencer and his fortune, but the family that she has always wanted. She reminds him that Ava is not her family. Ryan points out that Ava is his family, adding, “And what’s mine is yours. My beautiful… gifted daughter.” As he says this, he stands up and strokes her face. She smiles.

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GH Update Tuesday, March 8, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Kathleen
Proofread by Suzanne

Trina comes into the classroom where Joss, Cam and Esme are talking. She asks what going on. They tell her about the video playing in the class. She says sincerely that she is so sorry. Esme responds, “are you, though?”

At Spring Ridge, Harmony is working with Ryan. Kevin walks up. Harmony says she knows he is Dr. Collins, Ryan’s brother. However, she doesn’t think she’s seen him visit before. He tells her he tries to limit contact with his brother. He asks her what her assessment is of Ryan’s condition. She lets him know that Ryan only communicates by blinking.

Britt is sitting in a room when Maxie brings in Bailey Lu. Brittremarks that it’s about time she meet her niece. Maxie asks if she will forgive her for keeping the secret.

At Sam’s house, Sam, Laura, and Drew are talking about how they could deal with Victor. They agree that the fewer people who know their plans, the better.  Dante knocks at the door. He sees she has company and asks if he should come back.

On Spoon Island, Victor tells Ava that Spencer is struggling and that she and Nik are making it worse.

Back at the prison, Harmony tells Kevin that Ryan can communicate pretty well with her using a letter board.  However, it’s not so easy with other staff members. Nik walks in and tells the guard that he wants to see Spencer. He knows that his Uncle Victor hired him to look out for Spencer, but he insists on seeing his son. The guard wonders if Spencer will want to see him. Just then, Spencer enters the room.

Britt tells Maxie there is nothing to forgive. She understands and is proud of what Maxie did.

At Sam’s, Laura invites Dante in on the plan. She must leave to meet Kevin. She tells them to not make a move without letting her know.

Victor tells Ava that Spencer was upset about not being able to visit his mother’s grave. He tells Ava it’s her fault because she pressed charges. He tells her she and Nik should rethink their vow renewal.

Spencer agrees to talk to Nik.

Esme continues to accuse Trina of being responsible for the video. Trina tells Joss and Cam they were set up.

Brittt tells Maxie that her mom is sure that Victor helped Peter with his misdeeds. Maxie tells her that right now she just wants to spend time with her kids. James and Georgie are in love, Maxie informs her with a smile. Britt can tell Maxie is, too. She means with Bailey, but Maxie thinks she means someone else.

Laura and Kevin meet at the Metro Court. Kevin tells her that Ryan refuses to communicate with him. It bothers him that he doesn’t know why.

Spencer tells Nik that Victor has urged him to give his dad a chance. Nik reminds Spencer that he is there because it is the anniversary of his mom’s death. Spencer tells Nik that he lost him twice, but Nik counters that he is the one who lost Spencer.

Ava snaps at Victor that their vow renewal is none of his business. Victor replies that she and Nik are so involved with each other that it’s hurting Spencer. She says that Spencer needs to be more concerned about his own love life than theirs.

Joss and Trina remind Esme of all the things she has done. Cam wants the discussion to stop. Trina remarks that she’ll defend herself.

Maxie tells Britt that she and Austin are trying things out. Britt agrees that it’s good to take things slow after all she has been through. Maxie asks if she’s seeing anybody. Britt says no because she’s too busy with work. Maxie doubts that’s the real reason.

Esme snarks that she didn’t know Trina had so many issues and was so dysfunctional. Trina calls Esme a “conniving bitch.”

Nik tells his son that he loves him and that he’s sorry for failing him. Spencer asks about Ava — where does she fit into their relationship?

Victor tells Ava that he’s only concerned about family unity. He suggests they include Spencer in the vow renewal.

Drew tells Dante that Victor tried to activate him and wants access to his memories. He says those memories can’t be accessed. They are going to fool Victor into thinking it is still possible so that they can find out what his objective is.

Cam lashes out at Esme, saying that she is toxic and needs to leave. She hopes one day they realize who their real friends are. Cam and Joss still can’t figure out how she videotaped them. Joss wishes that night had never happened. Cam looks surprised and hurt.

Maxie asks Britt when she last went on a date. She makes lots of excuses and tells Maxie that she sounds just like her mother. Maxie asks if she has ever considered a matchmaking service.

Laura tells Kevin that she and the others are working on a plan to trap Victor. She says they may not be able to put him in jail, but maybe they can at least get him out of Port Charles.

Ava informs Victor archly that she and Nik will make a decision about the vow renewal together. He replies that Cassadines can be their own worst enemies and that he wants to change that. She flashes back to her conversation with Laura about gaining Victor’s trust. He tells Ava that he has big plans but needs her help.

Harmony is discussing the plot of Wuthering Heights with Ryan as he stares at Spencer and Ryan talking across the room. Nik asks Spencer if they can start fresh. Spencer agrees because that’s what his mom would have wanted. Esme comes into the room and walks up to them. Nik says he will visit again next week and suggests that when Spencer is out of Spring Ridge, they can properly celebrate his birthday. Spencer asks Esme to forgive him for the way he acted about her parents. She assures him that it’s okay. Her grief his nothing compared to his, she tells him kindly. He also tells her that he knows she is sensitive about Trina, so he won’t bring her up again. Esme says she is not sensitive – she is just wise to Trina’s games.

When Nik comes home, Ava and Victor tell him they want to invite the whole family to the vow renewal. Victor offers to speak to Spencer. Nik tells him that he doesn’t mind him getting close to Spencer — as long as he doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

Drew, Dante, and Sam decide that they should plant the tarot card in Peter’s things (which Bailey will get), so that Victor can find it.

Laura tells Kevin that she wants to go to Austria with Anna to look into Luke’s death.

Spencer and Esme argue about his friendship with Trina. She tells him about the video tape. She thinks that Trina must be to blame. He speaks up for Trina, saying that she wouldn’t do something like that. Esme gets angry and leaves.

Joss realizes Cam took her statement the wrong way, so she assures him that she didn’t mean that she wishes the whole night hadn’t happened. Trina’s phone goes off. She says that someone sent her a link to an X-rated website. Joss is worried that they have gone viral.

Laura says that she wants to go to Austria because she still feels a loyalty to Luke. Kevin says he understands; he’s just worried about her safety. However, she changes her mind, saying she’s not going to go because she is needed for too many reasons in Port Charles.

Victor tells Nik that he just wants to reunite the family. Nik and Ava give each other a doubtful look.

Dante finds out that someone other than Maxie is the executor of Peter’s estate.

Britt receives a letter and a box. She tells Maxie it is “what is left of Peter.”

Trina tells Joss that she is there for her. Then she receives a text from Spencer, asking if she is okay.

Esme goes backs to the prison to see Spencer. When he has to leave the room, she walks over to Ryan. She asks if he needs anything. He looks at her and says, “What the Hell are you doing?” Esme looks very scared.

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GH Update Monday, March 7, 2022

General Hospital Updates

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Update written by Kathleen
Proofread by Suzanne

At Liz’s house, Finn comes down the stairs and says that the shower has great water pressure. Liz tells him Franco installed a new head right before he was killed. She says it sometimes feels like he is still there. Finn notes that someone wants her to feel that way.

Brando laughs and says that he doesn’t know what to say about Sasha wanting to get married that day. She tells him to just say yes!

Lucy is showing Jax’s house to Portia and Curtis. She hints that Sonny might also be interested in buying the house.

At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Carly he remembers that today is the anniversary of Courtney’s death.

At the cemetery, Trina walks up behind Spencer. She wants to know why he is out of prison. He is concerned that somebody might be with her.

In the classroom, the video of Joss and Cam continues to play on the large screen. Joss yells for it to be turned off.

Lucy tells Portia and Curtis what a great house it is and that it would be a wonderful place to start a family.

Brando asks Sasha if she’s sure she won’t regret getting married so quickly without any friends or family there. She assures him she won’t. He is all she needs.

Back in the classroom, the teacher has dismissed class. She tells Joss and Cam that she’s sorry for not shutting down the video sooner. The kid who transferred it up to the large screen will face disciplinary action. She then cautions them to keep better track of their intimate, personal files. After she walks away, Joss and Cam look at each other, bewildered.

Spencer explains to Trina why he is at the cemetery. They hear someone start to approach. Spencer tells her not to let them know he is there. He runs and hides. Jordan walks up.

Carly asks Sonny if he would like a drink. He tells her he is trying to cut back. They discuss missing Courtney. Carly tells him that it hurts when she sees him, so maybe she should see him less.

Brando reminds Sasha that they never really discussed marriage before. She flashes back to holding Liam for the last time. She tells him that while they never specifically talked about marriage, they had been planning a life together. She is concerned that his feelings for her have changed. He assures her they haven’t; he just doesn’t understand why she wants to get married now.

Liz tells Finn that she didn’t sleep well. He mentions that he didn’t sleep well on the couch, either. She asks if he felt like he was being watched. He says  that he didn’t but felt that it was unsettling to find out Betsy wasn’t involved in the strange occurrences. He asks her if she’s asked for some sleep aid medication from her doctor. She replies that she’s taking something but doesn’t want to take anything too strong. She’s worried about her boys, especially Jake. He needs help, but she doesn’t think she can give it to him.

Jordan tells Trina that she heard voices. Trina said she was just taking voice notes on her phone for a class.

Joss and Cam are upset as they realize how many people have received their video. For a moment, Cam thinks Joss is accusing him of sending the video. Esme, eavesdropping outside the room, smiles.

Sasha tells Brando that she doesn’t see any reason to wait. Brando wants to make sure it’s about them and not Liam.

Finn and Liz discuss who might be behind the strange occurrences. They are worried that it might be Jake. Finn suggests that a change of scenery might help.  He wants to take her and the kids to the beach. She responds that she can’t go anywhere with him.

Portia and Curtis like the house. However, Curtis is concerned it’s too big. She reminds him that Trina will still be around for a few more years. She suggests that his dad could move in as well.

Jordan is at her old friend Mark’s grave. She says she is back and “the bad guys are on notice.”

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t want to be the reason she’s hurting. He suggests that they could go back to not seeing each other at all, like when he was dead. Carly laughs, and remarks, “Nina would love that.”  He tells her that if she wants to avoid him all together, then he’ll do it.

Spencer assures Trina that he didn’t escape;  Victor arranged for him to have a furlough. She calls him overprivileged and spoiled. He assures her that he’s only there because it’s his dead mom’s birthday. She is touched as he talks about Courtney.

Cam denies that he recorded them in bed. Joss apologies for doubting him, but she can’t figure out who would have done such a thing. Esme, still listening outside, makes a noise. She starts to run away, but Joss stops her.

Spencer tells Trina that he knows being his friend must be exhausting. She says that every time she’s ready to give up on him, he does something to redeem himself.

Esme, acting nice, says to Joss and Cam how awful it is about the video. They have her full support. She asks if there is any way it can be unsent or if it is just out there for the whole world to “enjoy.” Joss says that there is only one person enjoying this: “the bitch in front of me.”

Finn says to Elizabeth that he understands why they can’t go away, under the circumstances. She tells him she needs to concentrate on her boys. He  gets that because Violet is his priority. She responds that his coming in second won’t work for her, either.

Sasha thanks Brando for being honest. She tells him he brings her great joy, and she never wants to let him go.

Jordan comes into the Metro Court. She thanks Carly for her help with getting Cyrus. Sonny tells Jordan that they worked well together. She agrees but says that was when they had a common enemy — now their collaboration is over.

Curtis tells Portia that he’s not interested in having his father move in, but he does want to buy the house.

Trina tells Spencer to be careful. He is close to the end of his sentence and doesn’t shouldn’t do anything to miss it up. He asks her how she liked the book he gave her. She says she’ll discuss with him after her gets out of prison.

Esme denies that she had anything to do with the video. She claims that she only wants to be their friend.

Brando tells Sasha that he’ll marry her any time and place she wants.

Finn tells Liz he will give her some time, but he’ill wait for her.

Jordan tells Sonny that whatever happens, he should know she won’t be looking the other way.

Sasha takes a pill.

Spencer tells Courtney’s grave that the next time he comes back, he’ill be a free man… one she can be proud of.

As Esme continues to deny she is responsible for the video, Joss and Cam scoff that it’s obvious it was her. Esme says it couldn’t have been her because she wasn’t there. She says that they should blame someone who was.  Right then, they turn and look as Trina enters the room.

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