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Michael and Willow are at The Savoy. Willow tells Michael that she messed up.

At Sonny’s apartment, he tells Nina that it’s the anniversary of his sister’s death. He assures her that he isn’t going on a bender. She tells him they have to talk about their grandson.

Alexis tells Diane that she is enjoying her new job. She tells her that she invited Harmony to join them,  and instructs Diane to “be nice.”

At the hospital, Maxie talks to Austin. He starts to kiss her when they are interrupted by Mac clearing his throat, loudly.

At the Metro Court, Gladys scrambles toward the elevator. She leaves a voice mail for Brando, telling him not to rush into anything. When Carly gets off the elevator, Gladys tells her that Brando is about to make the biggest mistake of his life and she’s going to help her stop him.

Sasha and Brando impatiently wait on the car to be repaired, so they can hurry and get to the wedding chapel.

Carly refuses to help Gladys stop the wedding. Gladys tells her that if she won’t help, she’ll ask Sonny. Carly insists that she drive her because she’s been drinking.

Nina tells Sonny that she is suing for visitation rights with Wiley. He doesn’t blame her for doing what she needs to do for her family, but he tells her not to do that.

Harmony approaches Diane’s and Alexis’ table. She thanks them for letting her join them. Diane steps away from the table to get drinks. Harmony spots Willow and Michael across the room and walks over to them. They thank her for getting the birth certificate.

Back at the hospital, Felicia and Mac tell Maxie and Austin that Mac’s checkup went well. Felicia asks if they’re an item now. Maxie says that their relationship is new. Mac wants to get to know Austin better, which he says in a protective father tone. Maxie apologies for him as they walk away. Austin asks about the box Maxie is carrying. She says it’s something she needs his help with – she needs to get rid of Peter.

In the elevator, Felicia and Mac discuss their concern over Maxie getting into a relationship too soon. Mac says he will keep an eye on Austin to make sure he stays in line.

At the car repair shop, Brando and Sasha learn that their car needs a new fuel pump, and it won’t be ready until tomorrow. Brando says he may know a way to temporarily fix it. The mechanic tells him that he can try. After he leaves, Sasha pulls pills out of her purse.  She stares at the pills and then puts them back in her purse. She pulls her phone out, but it says, “no service.” She flashes back to the conversation earlier in the car about hearing wedding bells. She pulls the pills out again and takes one. Brando walks up from behind and says her name.

At the Metro Court, Robert tells Anna that she has nothing to feel guilty about with regards to Peter. She tells him she’s now worried about what Victor might do.

Maxie gives the box to Austin and says that it’s Peter’s effects, but Brit didn’t want them. She asks if he’ll dispose of them, and he replies, “no problem.” He starts to kiss her when Liesel comes up and pushes him away, telling him to stay away from Maxie.

Harmony asks Willow if she has her passport yet. She says no, but she has an appointment for them to look at her birth certificate and application, to expedite getting it.

Diane points out an attractive man at the bar staring at Alexis. Just then, he walks over and asks if he can buy her a drink. She tells him she already has a drink.

Sonny tells Nina not to do anything drastic. He asks her to let him talk to Michael first. Nina reminds him what an influence Carly has over Michael. He assures her that she doesn’t have to worry about Carly. There is a knock at the door. It’s Carly and Gladys.

Liesel reminds Austin and Maxie of the problems Austin caused with Peter. Maxie asks Liesel to forgive him.

Diane gets on Alexis for turning down the man’s offer. Alexis tells her that she’s not interested in having anything to do with any man right now.

Willow tells Michael about her conversation with Nina at the hospital. She admits that she she snapped and went too far, so now Nina is going to pursue her legal rights with Wiley. Michael says that he won’t let her near their son.

Gladys apologizes for “crashing” Nina and Sonny’s date. Nina corrects her, saying that it’s not a date. Sonny and Carly tell Gladys that they won’t help her stop the wedding because it’s not their business. Nina takes Glady’s side, saying that they owe it to Brando and Sasha to make sure that they’re getting married for the right reasons.

Brando, disappointed, tells Sasha that the car can’t be fixed until tomorrow. Sasha wants to call a ride share service, instead, to take them to the chapel. She’s worried that if they don’t get married that night, they never will. The mechanic overhears them. He tells them he is an ordained minister and offers to marry them.

Having drinks at the Metro Court, Robert, Anna, Mac, and Felicia discuss Drew and Dante having a plan to trap Victor. Felicia tells them if that fails, she and Anna have a plan.

Michael comes over to the table where Alexis, Harmony, and Diane are sitting. He asks to speak privately with Diane. She steps away with him. Harmony asks what the tension was between was between Alexis and Diane. Alexis tells her about the incident with the man offering to buy her a drink. Harmony tells her it is perfectly alright if she’s not interested in dating.

After Sonny and Carly tell Gladys their reasons for not wanting to get involved, Nina agrees with them.

At the car repair shop, the wedding march plays on a cassette, and Sasha enters with a bouquet.

Sasha and Brando tell the minister/mechanic that they didn’t have time to write vows. He says they can do traditional or speak from the heart. They choose to speak from the heart.

Robert wants to know Anna and Felicia’s plan. Anna says she is going to Austria. Felicia will go as her cover. Mac and Robert don’t want Felicia to go along; they think it might be dangerous because she isn’t a trained agent.

Brando and Sasha exchange vows.

Maxie tells Liesl that her relationship with Austin is not her concern. Liesl warns Austin that he’d better behave.

Brando and Sasha exchange rings and are  pronounced husband and wife.

Diane tells Willow and Michael that although Nina has rights, she still has to convince a judge. She suggests that it would be better if they can work things out and not go to court.

Brando calls his mother to tell her they have gotten married. She tells them that they have her blessing for a happy life.

Mac finally agrees to support Felicia going to Austria. Robert suggests that he and Mac distract Victor back in Port Charles.

Austin tells Maxie that they can dispose of Peter’s ashes in the morgue.

Alexis, Diane, and Harmony decide to just lighten up and have fun. Alexis announces that she is going to dance.

Nina reluctantly agrees to hold off on legal action so that Sonny can convince Michael to let her see Wiley.

Since they are in an isolated area, Sasha and Brando accept the mechanic’s offer to stay with him and his wife for the night.

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