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Michael and Willow are in the breakfast nook at the Q mansion. Willow remarks how much Willey loved Annabelle II. She wants to know when they can get a new dog and says that life will not slow down any when she becomes a nurse. They start to discuss their trip to Paris. Michael says he’ss looking forward to staying in bed late. Willow says she wants to see all she can of Paris. They kiss. Brook Lynn enters the room. She says she is glad some things haven’t changed. She is glad they are still together.

Chase comes into Finn’s office. He is counting the days down until he is off suspension. Finn tells him Violet is always ready for a tea party. Chase says to just let him know when his next date night is happening because he will come babysit. Finn says he’s welcome any time, but he and Liz won’t be going on any dates anytime soon.

At Liz’s house, Cam comes down the stairs. He has a disappointed look on his face as he looks at his phone. He walks into the kitchen, and Liz asks what he wants for breakfast. He tells her that he’s not hungry, which she finds strange. Jake comes in and asks what is for breakfast. Elizabeth comments how nice it is that they are all there together for breakfast. Jake asks her if that means Finn is there. She responds that they need to talk about Finn.

Nik and Ava are at the Metro Court. They discuss how much they are looking forward to the vow renewal. They will mean the words this time.

Esme is in an elevator. She is holding something in her hand. She then rolls up her sleeve and puts it back down.

Carly is in her kitchen when Joss comes in. She says that she hopes it was okay that she slept there last night. Carly asks if anything is wrong. Joss says she can’t go back to school, ever. They hug.

Esme gets off the elevator and walks up to Ava and Nik. They discuss the vow renewal. Esme says that Laura told her it was going to be with just the two of them. They tell her they have changed their minds and want family there. Esme tells her she hadn’t heard that. She tells them they shouldn’t bother inviting Spence.

Back in the Quartermaine kitchen nook, Michael and Willow ask about Brook Lynn’s visit with her mom. She says she had a good visit. Michael tells her that he and Chase already moved her stuff out of the beach house.

Liz tells Jake and Cam that she and Finn are taking time apart because she needs to focus on her family. Jake asks if it is because of the weird stuff that has been happening. She replies that’s part of it, but she just wants to make sure her boys are happy and safe. That’s why she made him an appointment with a psychiatrist. Jake is not happy. He accuses her of thinking he is a psycho.

Chase asks Finn what’s going on with Liz. He tells him that she thinks Jake might be acting out. Chase asks if her breaking up with him is an overreaction. Finn tells him that he doesn’t think it is, considering what she’s been through.

Joss doesn’t want to tell Carly what is going on. She tells her that in the cabin that weekend, she and Cam had sex for the first time. Carly asks if she’s pregnant.

After Ava leaves the table, Esme tells Nik he really doesn’t know what Spencer is thinking.

Brook Lynn says that she’ll be fine. Having Bailey go back to Maxie was always the plan. He reminds her that he had a similar situation when he had custody of Avery. He says that even though he knew giving her back was the right thing to do, it didn’t make it any easier. Brook Lynn points out that when she needed help, Chase was right there.

Finn and Chase talk about all the things Jake has been through and wonder if maybe now he’s crying out for help.

Liz and Cam try to assure Jake they don’t think he is crazy. They just think that it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone, after all he’s been through. Jake gets a strange link on his phone. He says his friend wants to know if it’s really Cam. Cam tries to stop him from clicking the link.

Carly is relieved Joss that isn’t pregnant. Joss tells her about the incident in class.

Esme tells Nik that Spencer loves him and says great things about him. She admits that she was sort of jealous of their relationship.

Carly is very upset about Joss’ situation. She says she will call Spinelli to get it off the web. She asks how it could have happened. Joss says she doesn’t know. She implies that it could have been Trina.

Cam jerks the phone away from Jake. Liz demands to know what’s going on. He asks her to just leave it alone. Liz tells Cam he may as well just tell her what’s happening. He says he can’t tell her if she’s looking at him, so she goes into the kitchen and turns her back. He admits that there is a video going around of him and Joss having sex.

Chase asks how long the “pause” between Finn and Liz will last. Finn says that he doesn’t know. He changes the subject to ask about Chase and Brook Lynn. He responds that he hasn’t heard from her.

Michael points out to Brook Lynn how she was talking about Chase and wonders if she would like to be part of a couple.

Chase tells Finn that he texted Brook Lynn, but she just sent back a thumbs up emoji. Finn makes a sarcastic comment about how millennials communicate.

Brook Lynn tells Michael she and Chase are just friends. She doesn’t have many friends. Michael relates that he can tell Chase is lost without her and Bailey.

Joss tells her mom that she doesn’t think it was Trina. Carly says it sounds like something Esme would do. Joss is upset that some people think she put out the video on purpose.

Liz tells Cam she’s sorry it happened. He says that it’s even worse for Joss. There is still a double standard for women. Cam says he doesn’t want to talk about it, especially to Liz. He wishes Franco were there.

Esme tells Nik she wants to make amends for helping Spencer with the stalking. She offers to speak to Spencer about the vow renewal. Ava comes back to the table. She says that her call was about Ryan.

Jake tells Liz he won’t see the therapist. Liz tells him she knows he is quiet, like his dad. However, it’s sometimes easier to talk to a stranger. She tries to convince him to talk to Dr. Massey.

Carly tells Joss that all of this will pass. People will forget soon.

Brook Lynn says it is not worth telling Chase how she feels, just to be rejected.

At the hospital, Willow walks quickly away from Chase. She said she got caught up talking to Brook Lynn and is late. He asks if she means on the phone. She says no, she was at the house. He looks interested.

Ava informs them that Kevin told her Ryan still doesn’t speak. As she talks, Esme clenches her fist under the table. Ava asks her if something is wrong. She says no. Ava says she is just glad there’s nothing Ryan can do to her from Spring Ridge.

Nik says he needs to go. Esme says she would like to talk some more, but he assures her that he’ll be back in a minute.

Liz sees Finn when she brings Jake to his appointment. She smiles at him but says nothing.

Brook Lynn has flashbacks to times with Chase. She looks at his contact info on her phone and says, “What would I even say”? Just then, Chase walks in the room.

Carly tells Joss that Spinelli was able to wipe the video from all the public web sites. Joss is somewhat relieved but still embarrassed. Carly tells her that Spinelli is going to the cabin to find out how it got recorded and who is responsible. Then, she says, they will make them pay. They get off the elevator at the Metro Court right next to Esme’s table. Esme asks how she is doing and says she thinks she is brave.  She gets up to leave, but Carly stops her.

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