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Update written by Kathleen
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At Liz’s house, Finn comes down the stairs and says that the shower has great water pressure. Liz tells him Franco installed a new head right before he was killed. She says it sometimes feels like he is still there. Finn notes that someone wants her to feel that way.

Brando laughs and says that he doesn’t know what to say about Sasha wanting to get married that day. She tells him to just say yes!

Lucy is showing Jax’s house to Portia and Curtis. She hints that Sonny might also be interested in buying the house.

At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Carly he remembers that today is the anniversary of Courtney’s death.

At the cemetery, Trina walks up behind Spencer. She wants to know why he is out of prison. He is concerned that somebody might be with her.

In the classroom, the video of Joss and Cam continues to play on the large screen. Joss yells for it to be turned off.

Lucy tells Portia and Curtis what a great house it is and that it would be a wonderful place to start a family.

Brando asks Sasha if she’s sure she won’t regret getting married so quickly without any friends or family there. She assures him she won’t. He is all she needs.

Back in the classroom, the teacher has dismissed class. She tells Joss and Cam that she’s sorry for not shutting down the video sooner. The kid who transferred it up to the large screen will face disciplinary action. She then cautions them to keep better track of their intimate, personal files. After she walks away, Joss and Cam look at each other, bewildered.

Spencer explains to Trina why he is at the cemetery. They hear someone start to approach. Spencer tells her not to let them know he is there. He runs and hides. Jordan walks up.

Carly asks Sonny if he would like a drink. He tells her he is trying to cut back. They discuss missing Courtney. Carly tells him that it hurts when she sees him, so maybe she should see him less.

Brando reminds Sasha that they never really discussed marriage before. She flashes back to holding Liam for the last time. She tells him that while they never specifically talked about marriage, they had been planning a life together. She is concerned that his feelings for her have changed. He assures her they haven’t; he just doesn’t understand why she wants to get married now.

Liz tells Finn that she didn’t sleep well. He mentions that he didn’t sleep well on the couch, either. She asks if he felt like he was being watched. He says  that he didn’t but felt that it was unsettling to find out Betsy wasn’t involved in the strange occurrences. He asks her if she’s asked for some sleep aid medication from her doctor. She replies that she’s taking something but doesn’t want to take anything too strong. She’s worried about her boys, especially Jake. He needs help, but she doesn’t think she can give it to him.

Jordan tells Trina that she heard voices. Trina said she was just taking voice notes on her phone for a class.

Joss and Cam are upset as they realize how many people have received their video. For a moment, Cam thinks Joss is accusing him of sending the video. Esme, eavesdropping outside the room, smiles.

Sasha tells Brando that she doesn’t see any reason to wait. Brando wants to make sure it’s about them and not Liam.

Finn and Liz discuss who might be behind the strange occurrences. They are worried that it might be Jake. Finn suggests that a change of scenery might help.  He wants to take her and the kids to the beach. She responds that she can’t go anywhere with him.

Portia and Curtis like the house. However, Curtis is concerned it’s too big. She reminds him that Trina will still be around for a few more years. She suggests that his dad could move in as well.

Jordan is at her old friend Mark’s grave. She says she is back and “the bad guys are on notice.”

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t want to be the reason she’s hurting. He suggests that they could go back to not seeing each other at all, like when he was dead. Carly laughs, and remarks, “Nina would love that.”  He tells her that if she wants to avoid him all together, then he’ll do it.

Spencer assures Trina that he didn’t escape;  Victor arranged for him to have a furlough. She calls him overprivileged and spoiled. He assures her that he’s only there because it’s his dead mom’s birthday. She is touched as he talks about Courtney.

Cam denies that he recorded them in bed. Joss apologies for doubting him, but she can’t figure out who would have done such a thing. Esme, still listening outside, makes a noise. She starts to run away, but Joss stops her.

Spencer tells Trina that he knows being his friend must be exhausting. She says that every time she’s ready to give up on him, he does something to redeem himself.

Esme, acting nice, says to Joss and Cam how awful it is about the video. They have her full support. She asks if there is any way it can be unsent or if it is just out there for the whole world to “enjoy.” Joss says that there is only one person enjoying this: “the bitch in front of me.”

Finn says to Elizabeth that he understands why they can’t go away, under the circumstances. She tells him she needs to concentrate on her boys. He  gets that because Violet is his priority. She responds that his coming in second won’t work for her, either.

Sasha thanks Brando for being honest. She tells him he brings her great joy, and she never wants to let him go.

Jordan comes into the Metro Court. She thanks Carly for her help with getting Cyrus. Sonny tells Jordan that they worked well together. She agrees but says that was when they had a common enemy — now their collaboration is over.

Curtis tells Portia that he’s not interested in having his father move in, but he does want to buy the house.

Trina tells Spencer to be careful. He is close to the end of his sentence and doesn’t shouldn’t do anything to miss it up. He asks her how she liked the book he gave her. She says she’ll discuss with him after her gets out of prison.

Esme denies that she had anything to do with the video. She claims that she only wants to be their friend.

Brando tells Sasha that he’ll marry her any time and place she wants.

Finn tells Liz he will give her some time, but he’ill wait for her.

Jordan tells Sonny that whatever happens, he should know she won’t be looking the other way.

Sasha takes a pill.

Spencer tells Courtney’s grave that the next time he comes back, he’ill be a free man… one she can be proud of.

As Esme continues to deny she is responsible for the video, Joss and Cam scoff that it’s obvious it was her. Esme says it couldn’t have been her because she wasn’t there. She says that they should blame someone who was.  Right then, they turn and look as Trina enters the room.

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