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Trina comes into the classroom where Joss, Cam and Esme are talking. She asks what going on. They tell her about the video playing in the class. She says sincerely that she is so sorry. Esme responds, “are you, though?”

At Spring Ridge, Harmony is working with Ryan. Kevin walks up. Harmony says she knows he is Dr. Collins, Ryan’s brother. However, she doesn’t think she’s seen him visit before. He tells her he tries to limit contact with his brother. He asks her what her assessment is of Ryan’s condition. She lets him know that Ryan only communicates by blinking.

Britt is sitting in a room when Maxie brings in Bailey Lu. Brittremarks that it’s about time she meet her niece. Maxie asks if she will forgive her for keeping the secret.

At Sam’s house, Sam, Laura, and Drew are talking about how they could deal with Victor. They agree that the fewer people who know their plans, the better.  Dante knocks at the door. He sees she has company and asks if he should come back.

On Spoon Island, Victor tells Ava that Spencer is struggling and that she and Nik are making it worse.

Back at the prison, Harmony tells Kevin that Ryan can communicate pretty well with her using a letter board.  However, it’s not so easy with other staff members. Nik walks in and tells the guard that he wants to see Spencer. He knows that his Uncle Victor hired him to look out for Spencer, but he insists on seeing his son. The guard wonders if Spencer will want to see him. Just then, Spencer enters the room.

Britt tells Maxie there is nothing to forgive. She understands and is proud of what Maxie did.

At Sam’s, Laura invites Dante in on the plan. She must leave to meet Kevin. She tells them to not make a move without letting her know.

Victor tells Ava that Spencer was upset about not being able to visit his mother’s grave. He tells Ava it’s her fault because she pressed charges. He tells her she and Nik should rethink their vow renewal.

Spencer agrees to talk to Nik.

Esme continues to accuse Trina of being responsible for the video. Trina tells Joss and Cam they were set up.

Brittt tells Maxie that her mom is sure that Victor helped Peter with his misdeeds. Maxie tells her that right now she just wants to spend time with her kids. James and Georgie are in love, Maxie informs her with a smile. Britt can tell Maxie is, too. She means with Bailey, but Maxie thinks she means someone else.

Laura and Kevin meet at the Metro Court. Kevin tells her that Ryan refuses to communicate with him. It bothers him that he doesn’t know why.

Spencer tells Nik that Victor has urged him to give his dad a chance. Nik reminds Spencer that he is there because it is the anniversary of his mom’s death. Spencer tells Nik that he lost him twice, but Nik counters that he is the one who lost Spencer.

Ava snaps at Victor that their vow renewal is none of his business. Victor replies that she and Nik are so involved with each other that it’s hurting Spencer. She says that Spencer needs to be more concerned about his own love life than theirs.

Joss and Trina remind Esme of all the things she has done. Cam wants the discussion to stop. Trina remarks that she’ll defend herself.

Maxie tells Britt that she and Austin are trying things out. Britt agrees that it’s good to take things slow after all she has been through. Maxie asks if she’s seeing anybody. Britt says no because she’s too busy with work. Maxie doubts that’s the real reason.

Esme snarks that she didn’t know Trina had so many issues and was so dysfunctional. Trina calls Esme a “conniving bitch.”

Nik tells his son that he loves him and that he’s sorry for failing him. Spencer asks about Ava — where does she fit into their relationship?

Victor tells Ava that he’s only concerned about family unity. He suggests they include Spencer in the vow renewal.

Drew tells Dante that Victor tried to activate him and wants access to his memories. He says those memories can’t be accessed. They are going to fool Victor into thinking it is still possible so that they can find out what his objective is.

Cam lashes out at Esme, saying that she is toxic and needs to leave. She hopes one day they realize who their real friends are. Cam and Joss still can’t figure out how she videotaped them. Joss wishes that night had never happened. Cam looks surprised and hurt.

Maxie asks Britt when she last went on a date. She makes lots of excuses and tells Maxie that she sounds just like her mother. Maxie asks if she has ever considered a matchmaking service.

Laura tells Kevin that she and the others are working on a plan to trap Victor. She says they may not be able to put him in jail, but maybe they can at least get him out of Port Charles.

Ava informs Victor archly that she and Nik will make a decision about the vow renewal together. He replies that Cassadines can be their own worst enemies and that he wants to change that. She flashes back to her conversation with Laura about gaining Victor’s trust. He tells Ava that he has big plans but needs her help.

Harmony is discussing the plot of Wuthering Heights with Ryan as he stares at Spencer and Ryan talking across the room. Nik asks Spencer if they can start fresh. Spencer agrees because that’s what his mom would have wanted. Esme comes into the room and walks up to them. Nik says he will visit again next week and suggests that when Spencer is out of Spring Ridge, they can properly celebrate his birthday. Spencer asks Esme to forgive him for the way he acted about her parents. She assures him that it’s okay. Her grief his nothing compared to his, she tells him kindly. He also tells her that he knows she is sensitive about Trina, so he won’t bring her up again. Esme says she is not sensitive – she is just wise to Trina’s games.

When Nik comes home, Ava and Victor tell him they want to invite the whole family to the vow renewal. Victor offers to speak to Spencer. Nik tells him that he doesn’t mind him getting close to Spencer — as long as he doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

Drew, Dante, and Sam decide that they should plant the tarot card in Peter’s things (which Bailey will get), so that Victor can find it.

Laura tells Kevin that she wants to go to Austria with Anna to look into Luke’s death.

Spencer and Esme argue about his friendship with Trina. She tells him about the video tape. She thinks that Trina must be to blame. He speaks up for Trina, saying that she wouldn’t do something like that. Esme gets angry and leaves.

Joss realizes Cam took her statement the wrong way, so she assures him that she didn’t mean that she wishes the whole night hadn’t happened. Trina’s phone goes off. She says that someone sent her a link to an X-rated website. Joss is worried that they have gone viral.

Laura says that she wants to go to Austria because she still feels a loyalty to Luke. Kevin says he understands; he’s just worried about her safety. However, she changes her mind, saying she’s not going to go because she is needed for too many reasons in Port Charles.

Victor tells Nik that he just wants to reunite the family. Nik and Ava give each other a doubtful look.

Dante finds out that someone other than Maxie is the executor of Peter’s estate.

Britt receives a letter and a box. She tells Maxie it is “what is left of Peter.”

Trina tells Joss that she is there for her. Then she receives a text from Spencer, asking if she is okay.

Esme goes backs to the prison to see Spencer. When he has to leave the room, she walks over to Ryan. She asks if he needs anything. He looks at her and says, “What the Hell are you doing?” Esme looks very scared.

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