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Dante tells Sam and Drew that Peter’s belongings have already been delivered to someone who hates him as much as they do. Drew guesses that it’s Britt.

Britt tells Maxie that Peter made her executor just to torment her. Maxie asks if she can refuse and send the box back. Britt says that she has a better idea. Maxie suggests opening the box. Britt says no because she wants to call the bomb squad.

Sasha and Brando are driving in a car. They discuss how great it is that they’re about to be married.

At the Metro Court, Gladys sits at the bar alone, leaving a voice mail for Brando. She tells him that she knows he’s away with Sasha but just wants to make sure everything is okay. Lucy comes up. She tells Gladys that Sasha and Brando need this trip. She says that when they come back, Sasha will be rich.

Victor tells Ava and Nik that he wonders about their motives for inviting him to their vow renewal.

Esme approaches Ryan’s cell just as he is returned to it.

Sasha and Brando realize that they’re lost. The GPS is broken, and their cell phones are out of range. She accuses him of  not wanting to get married.

Lucy tells Gladys that when Deception goes public, Sasha’s net worth will skyrocket. Gladys says that she had her doubts about Sasha at first but was impressed with how she dealt with Liam’s death. However, Gladys and Lucy agree that Sasha bounced back too quickly.

Dante, Drew, and Sam are at Sam’s. Drew gives them reasons why it makes sense Peter would make Britt his executor. They decide they need to hurry before Britt throws his things away.

Britt wants to throw the package of Peter’s things in the garbage. Maxie stops her, saying that there might be something of value.

Victor tells Nik and Ava that Esme has a lot of sway with Spencer. She will encourage him to attend the vow renewal.

Esme uses a pass card to get into Ryan’s cell. Esme scolds Ryan for speaking out loud where people might hear. He tells her he was thinking about her and how she had failed him.

Brando denies that he’s trying to get out of being married. Sasha flashes back to taking pills. He tells her to roll down the window. She says that she hears the river and wedding bells. He assures her that the bells are ringing for another couple but will soon be ringing for them.

Maxie tells Britt that there might be something of financial value in the box that the baby could use one day. They decide the best place to open it is on the terrace, just in case there is something bad in it.

Dante tells Sam and Drew that Britt has already received Peter’s belongings. They rush out the door to find her.

Victor convinces Ava and Nik to invite Esme as well.

Back in Ryan’s cell, Esme and Ryan discuss the failed plot to break up Ava and Nik. Ryan tells her that she has wasted too much time with adolescent games. She tells him she had to make her relationship with Spence look real. She calls him “Daddy” and asks if he likes it when when she call him that.

Still in the car, Sasha receives a call from Gladys. She pretends to have a bad connection in “The Falls” and hangs up. Lucy and Gladys suspect they’re in Niagara Falls, to get married.

Ava informs Nik that his mother warned her to watch out for Victor.

As Britt starts to open the box on the terrace, Dante, Sam and Drew arrive, yelling at her to stop.

Victor arrives at the Metro Court and orders a top shelf Manhattan. He  tells the bartender that he would like to drink it on the terrace.  Drew walks up and tells him his timing couldn’t be any better.

Esme wants Ryan to let her in on the rest of his plan. He says he’s not sure that he can trust her. She threatens to tell Kevin that he can talk and has for months, so he grabs her by the wrist.

Brando tells Sasha to look in the glove compartment, where she finds wedding rings.

Gladys tells Lucy she is afraid Brando and Sasha are eloping. They are just getting married to escape the pain of losing Liam.

Esme reassures Ryan he is the boss. That has always been the plan. She will do whatever he says. He tells her they need to go back to square one, Ava.

Ava tells Nik they have to be careful of Victor. He assures her that nothing will ever come between them again.

Drew tells Victor he will make him pay for what he did to him.

Victor walks out onto the terrace where Sam, Maxie, Britt and Baily are gathered. They point out Peter’s box to him. Maxie and Britt start to fight over it, purposely spilling it on the ground. A tarot card is visible.

The Check Engine Light comes on in Brando’s car, so they pull over.

Gladys tells Lucy that she’s afraid Brando and Sasha are only getting married to escape the pain of Liam’s death.

Ryan and Esme discuss plan B. He suggests that she try to make herself more likable to Ava and Nik.

Maxie, Britt, and Victor clean up the spilled box. After the others leave, Victor pulls the tarot card out of his sleeve.

Lucy urges Gladys not to try to stop the wedding.

Brando calls for a tow truck. He notes that it could take a while. Sasha starts to freak out that they weren’t meant to get married that night. Just then, the tow truck arrives.

On the terrace, Victor looks at the card and says he will make good use of it.

Esme wonders what good it will be for her to break up Ava and Nikolas when Ryan will still be serving a life sentence. Ryan tells Esme to just do what he says, and she will have everything she ever wanted — not just Spencer and his fortune, but the family that she has always wanted. She reminds him that Ava is not her family. Ryan points out that Ava is his family, adding, “And what’s mine is yours. My beautiful… gifted daughter.” As he says this, he stands up and strokes her face. She smiles.

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