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Update written by Joseph

Eric goes home to Sloan, who says she got his message and it sounded urgent. Eric confirms that it is so Sloan asks what it is. Eric thinks back to Marlena advising him to look in to his heart and tell Sloan how he really feels. Sloan tells Eric to just say whatever he wants to say.

Stefan and Gabi go to their room to propose a toast. EJ storms in and questions what the hell game they are playing. Stefan and Gabi respond that they are toasting to EJ’s shotgun wedding and his early retirement. EJ tells them that this is enough of this charade where they pretend to take over DiMera because they know damn well that’s not happening. Stefan and Gabi tell him that it is happening and there’s nothing pretend about it. Stefan then reveals that Li turned his shares over to them which means they are majority shareholders and EJ is out.

Marlena calls Li to check on him and see how he’s feeling since their session was productive but intense. Li thanks her and claims he’s feeling good. Marlena encourages that he made a lot of progress but they have a lot to work on. Li states that his fixation on Gabi is a thing of the past. Marlena is glad he’s feeling positive about it but she thinks they need to work more on it and his feelings for Gabi because he’s not out of the woods yet. Li picks up a knife and declares he has no feelings for Gabi anymore as she’s as good as dead to him.

Stefan tells EJ that there is nothing preventing them from calling an emergency shareholders meeting and ousting him as CEO. EJ questions them tricking Li in to believing Gabi was kidnapped and then blackmailing him for his shares. Gabi says she did what she had to do which is the DiMera way. EJ argues that Gabi is no DiMera. Stefan points out that Gabi is his wife. EJ calls Gabi a scheming bitch while Stefan is the idiot that she has wrapped around her gold digging finger. EJ remarks that Stefano would be disappointed to see Stefan with Gabi while Stefan mocks EJ being the product of Susan. Gabi gets in between them and comments that EJ wouldn’t want to get blood on his suit before he and Nicole take wedding photos.

Sloan tells Eric that he’s making her nervous and to just say what he wants to say. Eric then informs Sloan that he wants them to get married today which surprises her. Sloan asks what brought this on and what made him want to get married today of all days. Eric thinks back to talking to Nicole. Eric then asks Sloan if it’s so wrong to want to spend the rest of their lives together. Sloan feels it’s just a little spur of the moment but assures it’s what she wants more than anything so Eric asks what are they waiting for as they kiss.

Chad goes in to the living room and tells Nicole that Holly and Johnny are putting the food away. Nicole hopes they can have some after EJ finishes setting Gabi and Stefan straight. Chad comments on them hijacking the wedding with bogus claims about firing EJ. Nicole then remarks that Chad better beef up security when he and Stephanie tie the knot.

Stephanie runs in to Everett in the town square and asks what he’s still doing in Salem. Everett then reveals that he lives here now. Stephanie questions since when. Everett informs her that he just accepted a job here. Stephanie argues that makes no sense since he was a hotshot newspaper reporter in Seattle, hustling like crazy for big stories so he could move to a big market like New York or DC. Stephanie asks why he’d want to move to Salem. Everett explains that he got a good offer as Xander just hired him to be the editor-in-chief of the Salem Spectator since the previous editor suddenly left town. Stephanie confirms that was her cousin Gwen but she still doesn’t get why Everett would want to work at a local paper since it seems like a big step backward. Everett admits the restarting his career hasn’t gone as smoothly as he hoped since his old job was already filled by the time he recovered. Everett states that this job at the Spectator does offer a decent salary and a chance to start fresh. Stephanie points out that it’s also in her hometown. Everett asks if that will be an issue.

Nicole apologizes for assuming Chad and Stephanie were getting married, feeling that it obviously upset him. Chad says it’s fine and goes back to her wedding. Chad notes that EJ told him that he wasn’t on good terms with Gabi and Stefan, but he had no idea it was that bad. Nicole remarks that they thought Gabi and Stefan couldn’t sink any lower.

EJ argues that Gabi and Stefan may have Li’s shares but the board will never approve his removal. Stefan responds that the board has nothing to do with it. Gabi says the shareholders will vote and she’s called a meeting for this afternoon. Gabi remarks that once they give EJ the boot, they can start rebuilding the company as they see fit. EJ calls her a snake. Stefan mocks that EJ’s going to be looking for a job soon.

Marlena realizes Li’s feelings for Gabi are heightened and that’s one of the things they need to work on. Li hears the concern in her voice, but assures that he was speaking figuratively when he said Gabi was dead to him. Li says he’s just eager to put this toxic relationship with his ex-wife behind him. Marlena looks forward to their next session and they hang up. Wendy then comes home and asks what Li is doing with that knife.

Eric tells Sloan that they love each other and are starting a family together, building a life, so he thinks that’s all the reason to make it official. Sloan points out that it would strengthen their chances with adoption agencies. Eric asks again what they are waiting for. Sloan says there is nothing, so she agrees to getting married today as Eric hugs her.

EJ thought Stefan forgave him but says that obviously never happened so this is a pathetic attempt at revenge. Gabi remarks that they are taking over DiMera while EJ is about to be out on his ass. Stefan advises EJ to go to the office and pick up his things. Gabi notes that if he leaves anything, it will be going in the trash. EJ warns that they won’t get away with this while Stefan says they already have.

Li claims that he was just about to start dinner but stopped to check the recipe on his phone first. Li questions why Wendy is looking at him like that. Wendy reminds Li of the voicemail he left her, saying he needed help. Li laughs it off, claiming he doesn’t remember and he’s fine. Wendy points out that he didn’t sound fine. Wendy asks how his therapy went. Li says it was great and calls Marlena amazing. Wendy tells li to drop the act and tell her what’s wrong.

Eric goes to Marlena’s, dressed in a suit. Marlena asks what the occasion is. Eric responds that he’s getting married and he wanted to ask Marlena to officiate and marry them.

Sloan looks at a framed photo of her and Eric, saying she thought this day would never come, especially after she lost their baby but finally, here it is. Sloan declares that she is going to be Mrs. Eric Brady and there is nothing Nicole or her baby can do to stop it.

Nicole informs Chad that Gabi and Stefan got Megan and Dimitri’s shares and then last night, they got Kristen’s. Chad questions how. Nicole says she’s not exactly sure, but unlike EJ, she’s not worried about it. Chad checks his phone so Nicole asks if everything is okay. Chad mentions leaving a message for Stephanie, but she hasn’t gotten back to him. Nicole says they missed her and brings up that when she made that crack about him getting married, his expression turned dark. Nicole asks if everything is okay with Chad and Stephanie.

Stephanie asks why Everett living in Salem would be an issue for her. Everett says he’s not saying it would, it’s just their history. Stephanie says history is exactly what it is and he has a right to live where ever he wants. Everett tells her that he will respect her boundaries, since he knows she’s living with somebody else now. Everett guesses he was cool when she told him that she ran in to her ex. Stephanie informs him that Chad doesn’t know she saw him.

Li informs Wendy that Gabi tricked him  in to thinking she was kidnapped and it was all a ruse to get his DiMera shares. Wendy asks what Gabi did. Li says it doesn’t matter as it’s over now. Li brings up when their father finds out and says he can hear him now, telling him that he let Gabi make a fool of him. Wendy argues that they both know their father is a tyrant with absurd expectations. Li says if he fails to meet his father’s approval, he doesn’t listen to him or care how he feels, he’ll just take over his life and ruin everything. Wendy asks what he’s talking about. Li informs Wendy that he lost the first woman he ever truly loved because of their father. Wendy notes that he never told her that. Li says she was a little girl at the time so he wasn’t going to burden her with it. Li notes that he hadn’t told anyone until he told Marlena today and she helped him see the direct line from that loss to his obsession with Gabi. Li says after their session, that revelation lifted his spirits and gave him hope, making him think that he could actually let Gabi go. Li says that was then, but now, he wishes that lying bitch nothing but pain and misery.

EJ tells Stefan that he should’ve told Dr. Rolf to rip Jake’s heart out of his chest, the moment he learned that he was on ice. Stefan talks about being a better chess player than EJ since he’s always five moves ahead. EJ responds that this match isn’t over. Stefan remarks that EJ doesn’t realize he’s been bested. Gabi tells EJ to enjoy his extended honeymoon. EJ warns them to enjoy their victory because he assures that it won’t last and he will make sure they pay dearly for what they have done. EJ declares that his next move will end them as he then exits the room.

Chad tells Nicole that Stephanie wants to know that he’s committed to a future with her and he gets that, but he can’t make any promises to her right now. Nicole says she’s sorry about that as she didn’t realize Chad was still struggling to move on and she just thought that he and Stephanie were so happy. Chad confirms they were, but now they are barely speaking. Nicole says that’s too bad but points out that it seems Chad has been honest about Abigail and his lingering grief and since Stephanie loved Abigail, she should understand. Chad says he thought she did. Chad adds that in the beginning of their relationship, they were open and honest about everything but now she seems disappointed and to be shutting him out. Chad declares that he doesn’t know what’s going on with her.

Everett questions Stephanie not telling her boyfriend that she ran in to him. Stephanie explains that it’s not like she’s keeping it from him, she just didn’t get a chance as she had an early meeting. Everett brings up that they are having problems, reminding her that he saw them arguing at the Pub. Stephanie calls that no big deal and tells him not to spy on people because it’s creepy and weird. Everett says he couldn’t hear anything they were saying while Stephanie mocks him watching them through the window and following her home. Everett explains that he only did that to tell her how much he wants her back. Stephanie doesn’t want to have this conversation. Everett suggests she tell him about the argument with her boyfriend then, but Stephanie says that’s none of his business. Everett disagrees, saying he may have dropped out of her life for a few years, unintentionally, but he still cares deeply about her and he knows that she doesn’t like to keep things bottled up. Everett gives his word that he won’t judge her, criticize her, or tell her what to do and he will just listen like he used to. Everett suggests it could ease the burden of what she’s going through. Everett urges her to talk to him.

Chad tells Nicole that he loves Stephanie, but after officiating the wedding today, he can’t imagine exchanging vows with anyone other than Abigail. Nicole tells Chad that she understands, noting that her situation with Eric isn’t the same as Chad’s with Abigail since Eric was the love of her life like Abigail was Chad’s, but now he’s happy with Sloan and she’s happy with EJ. Nicole states that once someone has your heart like that, she’s not sure it’s possible to fully let them go.

Marlena tells Eric that ever since he was little, he’s been so thoughtful about his decision making process. Eric knows this sounds impulsive, but swears it isn’t. Marlena reminds Eric that a couple hours ago, he told her that EJ and Nicole were getting married today. Marlena questions believing that his rush to marry Sloan had nothing to do with that. Eric admits that part of him will always love Nicole but he won’t let that stop him from living his life. Marlena responds that nobody wants him to do that and she just wants him to be very clear about what he’s feeling and why he’s taking this very big step. Eric assures that he is clear and sure about this decision. Eric declares that he really wants to marry Sloan today and asks Marlena to marry them. Marlena agrees to do it, so Eric thanks her and they hug.

Everett asks Stephanie why her boyfriend would ask her to move in with him and kids if he was still mourning his late wife. Stephanie assures that Chad was upfront with her about Abigail from the very beginning, so she knew how much he loved her and that he would never get over losing her, but also that he hoped to see a future with her. Everett calls it risky. Stephanie says they decided to take a leap of faith and admits they are going through a rough patch but says that’s all it is. Stephanie is confident they can work through it, saying that Chad is a wonderful man and what they have is worth fighting for. Everett thanks her for sharing with him. Stephanie notes that Salem is a small town, so he probably would’ve heard about it anyway. Everett assures that he didn’t take the job at the Spectator because she lives here as the last thing he wants to do is make her life more complicated. Stephanie says she believes him. Everett offers to treat her to a pumpkin spice latte.

Nicole tells Chad that they all wish they had some magical power to keep the people they love from leaving them, but they don’t, so when someone precious to them leaves them, they have to choose to either stop living or to take a chance at happiness. Nicole knows what she’s done with EJ and thinks Chad should do the same with Stephanie. Chad calls her a very wise sister in law. Nicole knows he’s heard it a million times, but she thinks Abigail would want him to find love and be happy. Chad confirms he’s heard it a lot, but now it’s registering. Chad thanks Nicole and tells her that he’s going to make things right as he hopes it’s not too late. Nicole wishes him luck as he exits the mansion.

Roman joins Eric and Marlena. Roman congratulates Eric and says he’s happy for him. Eric asks if he means that since he knows he doesn’t like Sloan. Roman jokes that if Sloan gives his chowder another chance, all is forgiven. Sloan then arrives and greets them. Marlena and Roman tell her that she looks lovely. Brady comes home, so Marlena calls it perfect timing and says he can join them. Brady asks what’s going on. Roman informs Brady that Eric and Sloan are getting married and Marlena is about to get things started. Eric then asks Brady to be his best man. Brady says he’d be honored and agrees. Marlena calls to get the party started.

EJ returns to Nicole in the living room. Nicole asks how it went. EJ informs her that Gabi and Stefan have called a shareholders meeting. Nicole argues that they can’t do that but EJ reveals that Li gave them his shares, so they have the power to oust him from DiMera and there’s not a damn thing he can do to stop them.

Li complains to Wendy that he feels so stupid. Wendy says she’s furious and hates that Gabi did this to him. Li says he’d love to see Gabi get what’s coming to her, but it’s not coming from him as he’s not going to retaliate. Wendy assures that Gabi is not worth it and has taken enough of his energy. Wendy encourages Li to focus on his work with Marlena which Li says he plans to do. Wendy tells Li that she loves him and whatever he needs, she’s there. Li thanks her and says it means a lot to him as they hug. Wendy then gets a text from Tripp, reminding her that they were supposed to have dinner tonight. Wendy says she will cancel to stay home with Li but Li tells her not to do that and to go be with her boyfriend. Wendy asks if he’s sure. Li responds that at least one of them should be happy.

Gabi and Stefan talk about taking over DiMera. Gabi offers to go to the office with Stefan, but Stefan tells her to stay and relax, then when he gets back, they will pick up where their celebration left off. Gabi says she can’t wait as Stefan then exits.

Nicole tells EJ that the baby just kicked hard. EJ jokes that the baby is probably just as mad as he is about Stefan and Gabi. Nicole says the baby is certainly mad about something.

Marlena begins the wedding of Eric and Sloan. Marlena asks if Sloan takes Eric as her husband and she says I do. Marlena then asks Eric if he takes Sloan as his wife. Eric says I do, so Brady hands over the rings. Eric and Sloan put the rings on each others’ finger. Marlena pronounces Eric and Sloan as husband and wife, then they kiss.

A few hours later…

Roman tells Brady and Marlena that it’s a done deal and Eric is once again a married man. Marlena asks how he feels about that. Roman says he’s fine and hopes Eric’s new wife treats him right.

Eric and Sloan have sex on the couch at home. Sloan calls it their first time making love as husband and wife. They talk about feeling more connected to each other. Sloan asks if he’s sure. Eric asks what she means. Sloan asks if Eric is sure this is what he really wants or if he’s having second thoughts about marrying her. Eric assures this is exactly where he wants to be with her as his wife. Eric tells Sloan that he loves her and kisses her.

EJ tells Nicole that it appears the shareholders just voted to oust him as CEO. Nicole assures that they will do everything they can to take back what Gabi and Stefan stole from him, tomorrow. Nicole suggests for now, they go down to the secret room and consummate their union. EJ jokes that it’s a naughty suggestion. Nicole jokes that he hasn’t seen nothing yet as they kiss.

Stephanie and Everett walk to the park. Stephanie thanks Everett for urging her to open up and for listening, admitting it really helped. Everett hopes that Chad knows how lucky he is as they hug. Chad then approaches and calls out to Stephanie.

Wendy walks through the town square and calls Li, leaving a message that she and Tripp just finished dinner so she’s calling to check up on him. Wendy states that what Gabi did to him sucks, but she knows he will put Gabi behind him and find the woman who is right for him that will love him and only him because he’s a great guy with his whole life ahead of him…

Li Shin is lying face down on the floor of the apartment with a bloody wound in his back. Stefan bursts in to the apartment to find Gabi, holding a bloody knife in shock.

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Days Update Thursday, November 2, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Chad tells EJ that he should get in to a tuxedo but EJ tells him that what he has on is fine. EJ says they have all the elements they need and they decided last night that today is the day. EJ talks about Nicole’s due date drawing near and says he does not want his child born out of wedlock. Chad jokes that it’s never stopped him before. EJ says now he has a chance to do things right this time. EJ says he and Nicole have been through a journey and the path is finally clear so they are going to make the most of it.

Eric sits in the town square, thinking back to Johnny telling him that EJ and Nicole are getting married. Nicole then approaches Eric and comments that he was a million miles away. Eric responds that he was thinking about her because Johnny told him that she and EJ are getting married today. Eric congratulates Nicole.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny asks Holly if she’s really not cool with the wedding. Holly says not exactly. Johnny asks why she doesn’t want his dad to marry her mom. Johnny questions if she has some kind of problem with EJ. Holly assures that EJ has been great to them, so Johnny asks why she isn’t happy for him. Holly then declares that if EJ marries Nicole, she’ll never have a chance with the man of her dreams.

Li questions Gabi saying she’s been kidnapped and asks where she is. Gabi says she can’t figure it out and she needs him to help her. Li questions why she’s calling him and not Stefan. Gabi claims Stefan can’t help her, so she needs him. Li tells Gabi that he will call the police right not but Gabi says he can’t and then hangs up.

Stefan meets Dr. Rolf in the park and tells him that cooperation is crucial to their success.

Nicole tells Eric that the baby will be there soon and they decided they would like to be married before that happens, so today is the day. Nicole admits they probably shouldn’t have sprung it on Holly the way they did. Eric questions Holly not being happy. Nicole says something about them getting married is bothering her. Eric asks if Holly doesn’t like EJ. Nicole assures that she likes him a lot, but it just surprised her until she explained what she was feeling. Nicole informs Eric that it seems Holly has been holding out hope that she and Eric would find their way back to each other.

Johnny questions Holly being in love. Holly feels stupid and says she should’ve kept her mouth shut. Johnny says it’s okay and that she can talk to him. Johnny adds that he thinks he might know what this is about since he was at the Pub earlier and overheard Tate telling Eric that Holly is in to an older guy. Holly questions Tate saying that. Johnny assures that Holly can talk to him since after today, he’s going to be her big brother. Johnny then asks Holly who her dream man is. Holly then claims that it’s EJ.

Chad tells EJ that he’s glad at least one of them is doing well in the romance department. EJ says he’s sorry that Chad and Stephanie have hit a rough patch. EJ asks if he’s sure that he doesn’t want to invite Stephanie to the wedding. Chad feels even if he did, she might not come since she’s not happy with him, plus being at a wedding when he just made it clear that he’s not ready for marriage might be a little much. EJ says he gets that and tells Chad that if it’s difficult to be around the wedding, he’ll bribe a judge or something. Chad assures that he’s happy to marry EJ and Nicole, but he should probably get ordained if they want to get married today. EJ tells Chad that it means a great deal to him that he’ll be a part of this. Chad acknowledges that he and EJ have had some bad times but they’ve had some good times too. Chad declares that EJ is his brother and he loves him very much as they hug. Chad jokes that Stefano would be beaming now.

Dr. Rolf questions why he would help Stefan. Stefan tells him that he owes him. Stefan brings up Dr. Rolf helping Megan brainwash Harris Michaels to kill him. Dr. Rolf argues that he also kept Stefan alive for four years and he never thanked him. Stefan then thanks him. Dr. Rolf adds that he only got involved with Harris Michaels because Megan assured him that it’s what Stefano would’ve wanted. Stefan argues that what Stefano would want is for Dr. Rolf to help him get rid of Megan’s partner in crime, Li Shin, and remove his hold over DiMera shares so they’ll finally be back in the family. Dr. Rolf admits he sees his point, so Stefan asks if he’ll do it. Dr. Rolf declares “Long live the DiMeras”

Eric tells Nicole that he’s sorry that Holly is upset. Nicole says it will be alright and assures that Holly adores EJ, but she misses Eric. Eric says he misses her too. Nicole calls it a shame that they couldn’t be great together. Eric says if she’s happy, then he’s happy for her. Eric asks if this is what Nicole wants and it’s not just because of the baby. Nicole assures that she does love EJ. Eric says he’s not asking her to justify anything. Nicole thinks they need to talk about it. Nicole talks about her and EJ having a crazy history where they were in love and then ended up hating each other. Nicole says when they first got together, she was pregnant and then she lost the baby, then Sami happened but now that she’s out of the picture, she and EJ are finally seeing each other clearly. Eric asks if she likes what she sees. Nicole acknowledges that EJ is far from perfect, but says so is she. Eric questions if Nicole would be marrying EJ today if she hadn’t got pregnant or if the baby was Eric’s. Nicole admits she probably wouldn’t, but says the baby is EJ’s and she’s finally going to give birth to a healthy child so it seems like a sign that she and EJ were meant to be. Nicole asks how Eric is doing and if there’s any progress on the adoption since they last spoke. Eric says there’s been a little, but it’s going to take awhile. Nicole encourages that he and Sloan will look better on paper once they get married and that will speed things up. Eric mentions that Sloan said the same. Nicole tells Eric that she’s happy if he’s happy. Eric wishes Nicole luck. Nicole thanks him and says the same as she then walks away with tears in her eyes.

Johnny questions Holly saying her dream man is his dad. Holly calls it just a stupid crush and says nothing is going to happen obviously, so once he marries Nicole, she has to get over it forever. Johnny asks if she’s really cool with all of this then. Holly insists that she is and gets that her crush is totally inappropriate. EJ then walks in and asks if he’s interrupting.

Gabi meets Stefan in the park. Stefan informs Gabi that he sent Dr. Rolf off to work on phase two while Gabi informs Stefan that Li took the bait.

Li goes home and calls Wendy, saying he needs her help. Li then remembers Wendy has a new job at the police station so he tells her to forget he called and says he’ll figure it out as he hangs up. Li declares that he’s going to look for Gabi himself. Li goes to leave the apartment as Dr. Rolf arrives. Li questions what he’s doing in Salem. Dr. Rolf responds that he has something very important to discuss with him. Li says it will have to wait as he’s on his way out. Dr. Rolf suggests he make time to hear what he has to say and walks in. Li tells him that he’s dealing with an emergency as Gabi has been kidnapped. Dr. Rolf tells him that’s why he is here and claims that Megan is the one who kidnapped Gabi. Li asks why. Dr. Rolf says Megan wishes to assume her place at the head of DiMera Enterprises and that she plans to use Gabi to take Stefan’s shares of stock. Dr. Rolf claims that Megan wants Li to be her ally. Li questions why Gabi called him for help then. Dr. Rolf says that Gabi’s life depends on his cooperation. Dr. Rolf talks about Li working with Megan to brainwash Harris but they wanted Stefan dead for different reasons. Li declares that he never should’ve joined forces with Megan and he never should’ve tried to have Stefan killed. Li admits what he did was wrong. Dr. Rolf points out that it was also criminal. Li says that he realizes that now and that’s why he’s going to therapy, to get over his obsession with Gabi. Dr. Rolf questions if he really thinks that will work. Li assures that it will as he talked to Marlena today and had a major breakthrough.

Eric goes to see Marlena in her office and hopes it’s not a bad time. Marlena says she always has time for him. Eric says it won’t take long. Eric informs her that he spoke with Belle. Marlena asks how she seemed. Eric responds that Belle wanted him to tell her that she doesn’t have to worry about her. Eric says that Belle misses Shawn but she’s glad to hear he’s in rehab and making it progress. Eric adds that Belle is doing really well under the circumstances. Marlena says that’s good but then questions why Eric is really here.

Holly claims to EJ that she was just saying that Nicole thought her dress was inappropriate for the wedding but she likes it. EJ tells her to wear what she wants and he will smooth it over with Nicole. Holly apologizes about this morning. EJ understands they threw the wedding on her rather abruptly. Holly feels she still should’ve been cool about it but she wasn’t. Holly insists that she’s fine now and happy for them. EJ says that means a great deal to him and it will to Nicole as well. EJ then heads upstairs to change. Holly thanks Johnny for not saying anything to EJ. Johnny says he would never do that. Holly says she’s over EJ and that she knows she should be with guys her own age but says high school guys are the worst. Johnny suggests she stick with guys her own age until she’s at least 18. Johnny jokes that he’s already being a protective big brother. Johnny decides to go help EJ get ready and heads upstairs. Holly can’t believe that she told Johnny she was in to his dad but there was no way she could tell him the truth. Nicole then walks in and asks who she’d be telling the truth about what.

Dr. Rolf tells Li that it’s good that he’s seeing Marlena about his little problem because he should be in a prison cell for what he tried to do to Stefan. Li responds that he knows what he did but he’s trying to change. Li says for starters, Dr. Rolf can tell Megan to find someone else. Dr. Rolf asks if he doesn’t care what happens to Gabi then. Li says he does and demands Dr. Rolf take him to Gabi now. Dr. Rolf is not convinced of his breakthrough. Li grabs Dr. Rolf and orders him to tell him where Gabi is. Gabi then walks in and tells Li to stop shouting as she’s right there. Li is relieved that she got away but Gabi calls him a dumbass and reveals that she tricked him. Gabi asks if he didn’t know he was being played and declares that he fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Li doesn’t understand who was playing him. Gabi then brings Stefan in to the apartment, revealing that Stefan recorded Li confessing what he did to Dr. Rolf. Li questions how. Dr. Rolf then reveals that he was wearing a wire. Li realizes he was set up. Stefan guesses he must be disappointed since he’s been such a model citizen up until now. Stefan asks Dr. Rolf to give them a moment and tells him nice work as he exits. Stefan then tells Li that he has a choice to make as either Gabi takes the recording to Rafe or he just sign his DiMera shares over to them. Li asks if they’re kidding. Gabi says he could hang onto his shares and go to prison for a long time, so it’s his call.

Holly swears to Nicole that she wasn’t just talking to herself and claims that she was running her lines because she’s going to be in the school play. Nicole asks what the play is and what her part is. EJ then returns with Johnny. Holly complains that EJ can’t see the bride on the day of the wedding. EJ says it’s late for that. Holly points out that Nicole has her dress now, so it counts. Johnny assures that everything is under control. Holly and Nicole then head upstairs to get Nicole dressed. Johnny shows EJ the rings and assures that everything is safe and sound. EJ tells Johnny that he’ll never be his best man again because this will be his very last wedding. EJ declares that he and Nicole have been through Hell and back, but he feels in his soul this time, that they are going to live happily ever after.

Eric asks Marlena if he can’t just come say hi to his mom without an ulterior motive. Marlena points out that he answered a question with a question and says that’s always been a tell for him. Marlena asks Eric to tell her what’s going on. Eric then informs her that Nicole and EJ are getting married today. Marlena says he knew this was coming. Eric says he did and he told Nicole that he was happy for her. Marlena asks if he meant that. Eric assures that he did and he wants her to be happy, but he has a really hard time believing that EJ is that guy. Eric prays that he’s wrong. Marlena comments that it sounds like he still has feelings for Nicole. Eric states that they have a long history together, so part of him will always care for Nicole, but that ship has sailed as she’s about to give birth to EJ’s baby. Marlena asks how he feels about that. Eric brings up when he thought the baby could be his and he couldn’t help imagine how things could be. Marlena feels it sounds like he’s saying that if the baby was his, he would’ve reconciled with Nicole. Eric confirms he would have in a heartbeat.

Chad arrives at the DiMera Mansion and asks where everyone is. Johnny says he and Holly are it and they were put to work. Chad figured there wouldn’t be a lot of DiMeras but that Nicole would have some friends. Holly says there was no time to invite anyone since they decided on getting married last night. Holly asks Johnny if Chanel is coming. Johnny says she isn’t because she’s visiting her sister Lani in prison. Holly remarks that it’s a shame she has to miss the wedding. Chad says he’s ready as EJ and Nicole then arrive in the living room.

Li signs over his shares, so Stefan hands over the recording. Li can’t believe Gabi did this to him as he thought her life was in danger and he was scared to death. Stefan says that’s what they were going for. Li says they disgust him and deserve each other. Li yells at them to get out. Gabi says they are going to claim what is theirs as she and Stefan exit together.

Chad begins EJ and Nicole’s wedding ceremony. Chad asks if they are ready to proclaim the foundation of love in front of these witnesses which they confirm. Chad asks if EJ takes Nicole to be his wife and he says I do. Chad then asks Nicole if she takes EJ to be her husband. Holly starts to imagine marrying Johnny. Johnny then calls out to her to snap her out of her day dream. Chad asks Nicole again if she takes EJ to be her husband.

Marlena asks if Eric heard what he said, that he would be with Nicole in a heartbeat if it was his baby. Eric asks why that’s surprising since he wouldn’t be with Sloan while Nicole was raising his baby across town. Marlena asks if it’s really about the baby then. Eric responds that it doesn’t matter since the baby’s not his and he’s happy with Sloan. Eric states that what he said was an impulse and finds it natural to have feelings for somebody that he’s loved for so many years. Eric asks Marlena for a tip on putting Nicole behind him. Marlena says that if he’s truly committed to Sloan, then his feelings for Nicole will just fade, but before he marries Sloan and starts a family, he has to look in his heart and see how he really feels because that’s only fair to Sloan. Eric says that’s exactly what he needed to hear and hugs Marlena. She tells him that she loves him so much. Eric says he loves her too.

Chad asks if Nicole is okay. Nicole apologizes and says the baby is moving so she thought it was turning in to a contraction but it didn’t. Nicole then asks where they were. Chad continues from asking Nicole if she takes EJ to be her husband. Nicole says I do.

Eric leaves Marlena’s office at the hospital and looks at Nicole’s number on his phone. Eric then calls Sloan and leaves a message that there’s something they need to talk about.

Johnny hands Chad the rings, which he then hands to EJ and Nicole. Nicole and EJ place the rings on their fingers. Chad then pronounces EJ and Nicole husband and wife and then they kiss.

Li questions Dr. Rolf crawling out from under his rock just to do this to him. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s allegiance has always been to the DiMeras. Li states that his allegiance is now to himself as Dr. Rolf walks out of the apartment. Li slams the door shut in frustration and declares that Gabi made a huge mistake picking Stefan over him. Li shouts that no one makes a fool of him.

EJ pours sparkling cider for everyone since Nicole can’t drink. Holly complains to Johnny about being unable to have a glass of champagne. Chad decides he’d like to make a toast to his brother. Stefan and Gabi then walk in as Stefan questions which brother. Gabi remarks that it seems they walked in on a celebration they weren’t invited to. EJ responds that he and Nicole were just married. Gabi jokes that maybe the third time’s a charm and congratulates them and themselves. EJ asks why they are congratulating themselves. Stefan says for dumping him and then tells EJ that he’s fired.

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Days Update Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gabi wakes Stefan up in bed. Stefan asks why she’s in such a good mood. Gabi claims she always is which Stefan laughs at. Gabi then admits that today she’s in an exceptionally good mood because today is the day they put their plan in to action. Stefan declares that they are finally going to get Li Shin.

Li returns to Marlena’s office and thanks her again for seeing him on such short notice. Marlena knows how eager he is to get started on their first formal session. Li declares that he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get over Gabi.

Holly calls Tate and tells him that she had a dream that he was in. Holly then explains that in her dream, she asked Tate to help her get Chanel away from Johnny and then Chanel killed him and tried to kill her for going after her boyfriend. Johnny then walks in to the living room.

Stefan and Gabi talk about revenge being sweet. Stefan asks if Gabi has any ideas on how to make Li’s shares theirs. Gabi reminds him that they pried Kristen’s shares by threatening her with blackmailing over abusing her daughter through manufactured proof. Stefan assures that he’s ruthless when it comes to Li for trying to kill him. Gabi says that Li needs to pay and if they can prove he tried to take Stefan out, they can force him to fork over his shares.

Marlena asks Li to tell her about previous relationships. Marlena then asks if Li did have previous relationships before falling in love with Gabi. Li informs her that he only had one, so Marlena asks about her. Li responds that she was someone he met in high school and he knows it might be silly to call that a serious relationship, but it was important to him. Li recalls spending every moment they could together and they talked about their future plans. Li admits he thought that she was his one true love and they would be together forever. Marlena asks what happened. Li responds that his father found out and that was that.

Tate jokes about Holly’s nightmare being crazy with Chanel killing them both over her trying to get with Johnny. Holly tells him that she has to go and hangs up. Johnny says he’s sorry to interrupt her. Holly says that it was nothing important. Johnny questions her saying some girl tried to kill her. Holly says it was just a dream and claims it was just someone from school that’s jealous of her because she thinks her boyfriend is in to her. Johnny asks if he is. Holly responds that she’s not actually sure. EJ and Nicole then walk in. EJ says they are just the two people they were looking for because they have some news. Nicole then announces that she and EJ are getting married today.

Tate works at the Pub. Eric comes in and greets him, saying he heard he was in town and sees that Brady has put him to work. Eric adds that he’s sorry Tate got kicked out of school and he knows coming to Salem must be a change. Tate admits leaving all his friends was depressing. Eric encourages that he’ll make new friends at Salem High. Tate informs him that he already made one friend, but he kind of wants it to be more than friends.

Holly questions EJ and Nicole getting married today. Johnny calls it big news. EJ feels they’ve been dragging their feet long enough and their baby will be there soon enough. Johnny calls it so great and hugs EJ, telling him he’s so happy for him. Nicole tells Johnny that his blessing means a lot to them. Nicole adds that Holly’s blessing would mean a lot too and asks if she’s okay with this. Holly imagines Johnny telling her that he wanted to be her boyfriend, but now that their parents are getting married, they’re like siblings. Nicole points out that Holly didn’t answer and asks again if she’s okay with them getting married. Holly responds that she actually doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.

Stefan asks Gabi if they should go downstairs for breakfast. Gabi thought they were strategizing. Stefan says he does his best thinking on a full stomach. Gabi suggests coming up with a plan and then she’ll give him a reward which Stefan agrees to. Gabi tells him to start thinking. Stefan states that the best way to get proof that Li was in on the plan to kill him is to get it from one of his co-conspirators. They agree that they can’t get anything from Harris or Megan so Stefan states that they will have to get Li to confess. Gabi assures that Li is not stupid and will know he’s being played, so they’re going to have to be very shrewd. Stefan says it’s good that they know that Li’s Achilles heel is his obsessive love for Gabi.

Marlena assumes Li was keeping his high school relationship a secret from his father. Li confirms that he was afraid of how his father would react because she was working class and his family was not, so he knew that his father would never approve of their relationship but he never expected him to do what he did. Marlena asks what he did. Li explains that one day, she told him that she had to break up with him because her and her family were moving far away and they would never see each other again. Li remembers being unable to breathe in that moment and his father eventually became impatient with his dark mood and lost his temper. Li reveals that his father told him that he was dishonoring him because of a girl that never really cared about him and that’s when he told him what he did. Marlena asks again what he did. Li informs her that his father found a note that he had written to her, so he went to her and offered her a father a well paying job 2000 miles away from where they live and she accepted immediately. Marlena wonders if it wasn’t true and that his father just made up that story. Li admits he doesn’t know because he and the girl never spoke again. Li adds that his father expected him to just get over it and the truth is, he did as he eventually just buried his feelings and never mentioned her name again until now. Marlena asks how it made him feel. Li says he felt powerless as she was the best thing in his life and his father just took her away from him. Marlena imagines he wanted to make sure nothing like that ever again. Li admits at the time, he thought he would never love anyone again and he never did until Gabi. Li talks about feeling the same way for Gabi but he was afraid that someone would take her from him, like Stefan.

Gabi reminds Stefan that she pitched preying on Li’s obsession with her. Stefan points out that Li knows Gabi hates his guts, so he will sense that something is up. Stefan suggests a more unconventional approach involving a certain asset that could nudge Li in the right direction. Gabi asks how they acquire this asset.

Eric asks Tate about the friend he’s met. Tate explains that he met the first day he got to town in the park. Eric says that’s great and asks what she’s like. Tate realizes that he probably knows her and reveals that it’s Nicole’s daughter, Holly.

Nicole questions Holly not thinking it’s a good idea for her and EJ to get married. Nicole notes that it’s getting late and suggests EJ and Johnny start getting ready, so they exit the room. Nicole then asks Holly what’s going on as she thought that she liked EJ. Holly says she does, so Nicole questions why she doesn’t want them to get married. Nicole points out that they’ve been planning this wedding for awhile now and she thought Holly was happy about it, so she asks if something changed. Nicole encourages that she can talk to her. Holly then claims that it’s because of Eric.

Stefan informs Gabi that the asset has already been acquired and should be arriving any minute. Gabi asks how he’s so sure. Stefan responds that he put out feelers and should be hearing back anytime. Gabi asks if he has any idea what they should do while they wait. Stefan thinks he has a few ideas.

Marlena realizes that Li was afraid that Stefan was going to do what his father did and take away his girl. Marlena imagines that Li did everything in his power to make sure that wouldn’t happen which included hiring someone to kill Stefan. Li questions Marlena thinking that everything he did to keep Gabi was because of what happened with his father all those years ago. Marlena thinks his obsessive behavior comes from that early trauma he suffered. Marlena thinks that may be the core of his problem.

Chad calls Stephanie from home and leaves a message, saying he’s sorry to bug her as he knows she had an early meeting but he thought maybe they could talk. Chad tells her to call her back if he can as he hangs up. EJ then arrives. Chad asks what brings him by. EJ says he’s been meaning to stop by for ages and see his new place. Chad jokes about it comparing to the DiMera Mansion. EJ says as long as he’s happy and he would’ve brought a housewarming gift but there was no time as he came on an urgent matter. Chad asks if everything is okay. EJ informs him that his life is about to change for the better.

Nicole questions Holly saying this is about Eric. Holly turns away and talks about how much she always cared for Eric and she loved him as her stepdad. Nicole encourages that Eric is still always there for her. Holly says she always thought Nicole and Eric would get married again one day. Nicole admits that she used to think that too but that’s not going to happen because Eric has moved on with Sloan and she has moved on with EJ. Nicole states that her, Holly, EJ, and the baby are going to be a family.

Eric questions Tate being in to Holly. Tate says she’s great. Eric talks about spending a lot of time with Holly when he was married to Nicole. Tate says he was sorry to hear about their divorce as they seemed like the perfect couple to him. Eric asks if Tate asked Holly out. Tate responds that nothing is going to happen. Eric asks why not. Tate tells Eric that he has to promise not to say anything or else Holly would be pissed at him. Tate informs Eric that Holly is in to another guy who is totally wrong for her and way too old for her. Johnny then enters the Pub.

Li tells Marlena that he hasn’t thought about his past in so long but talking about it has made him feel more free. Li declares that maybe now he can finally be free of the hold that Gabi has had over him. Marlena is glad and hopes so. Marlena tells Li that he should be so proud of himself for having the courage to be so open about his feelings and his pain. Marlena hopes that he continues his therapy and to be as open as he has been today and that he’s determined to drop his destructive behaviors. Li assures that he is determined. Li says he’s just been telling himself that he could get over Gabi on his own, but he knows now that wasn’t true and that he needs help. Li states that today because of Marlena for the first time, he actually thinks he can get over Gabi.

After Stefan and Gabi have sex, Stefan checks his phone and tells Gabi there’s no word yet. Stefan then gets a text and says he has to go pick up the asset.

Eric asks if Johnny needs a table. Johnny says no but he needs a tray of sliders. Eric asks if he’s having a party. Johnny then informs Eric that EJ and Nicole are getting married today. Eric calls that great and notes that Nicole always loved the sliders. Johnny comments that EJ wanted to make sure Nicole had everything she wanted today.

Nicole tells Holly that she knows how she feels about Eric, but in time, she hopes she will have just as close of a relationship with EJ. Nicole asks if Holly can find it in her heart to come to their wedding. Nicole says she doesn’t want to pressure her but admits she’d be really sad if she didn’t come. Holly assures that she’ll be there as she knows how much it means to her. Nicole calls her the best daughter. Nicole says she has to go pick up her wedding dress. Holly offers to go with her but Nicole suggests she go get ready. Holly mentions a black dress but Nicole convinces her to go with the green dress. Nicole tells Holly that she will see her at the wedding and she loves her as Holly heads upstairs.

Chad is surprised to learn that EJ and Nicole are getting married today. EJ calls it nothing extravagant and they just have Johnny and Holly there. Chad asks about Tony and Anna. EJ notes that they are out of town and he’s not on the best of terms with Stefan and Gabi. EJ tells Chad that he would like for one of his brothers to be there and he’d be thrilled if it were him. EJ adds that they’d be delighted to have Stephanie as well. Chad informs EJ that they are not in the best place right now. EJ is sorry to hear that and asks what happened. Chad tells him they got in a fight and he’s not really sure what’s going to happen. EJ asks what the fight was about, then says it’s not his business but Chad says it’s fine. Chad admits that it’s Abigail as Stephanie feels threatened by him not being able to move on like she wants him to and he can’t fully commit to anyone else. EJ says he gets that. Chad says he doesn’t know what the rest of Stephanie’s day looks like but declares he’ll be happy to be there. EJ tells Chad that they can’t have it without him and reveals they want Chad to perform the ceremony which surprises him. EJ says he’s not really religious and jokes that a priest wouldn’t want to step foot in the DiMera Mansion. EJ feels that a justice of the peace is too impersonal and he wants to be surrounded by people they love. EJ tells Chad that he admires him and that he looks at him as a role model. EJ knows they’ve had ups and downs, but says Chad is the type of the man he wishes he was. Chad hugs him and tells him that it would be an honor to marry them. EJ says everything is set and now all he needs is his bride.

Eric sits in the town square, thinking back to Johnny telling him that EJ and Nicole are getting married. Nicole then approaches Eric.

Johnny returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells Holly that she looks great in her dress. Johnny asks her if she’s really not cool with the wedding. Holly says not exactly. Johnny asks why she doesn’t want his dad to marry her mom.

Li exits Marlena’s office at the hospital and then gets a call from Gabi. Li hesitates but answers the call and asks why she’s calling him and what she wants. Gabi claims that she needs his help because she’s been kidnapped.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric and Sloan lay together at home, watching a horror movie as Sloan jokes about hating that she let Eric talk her in to watching this. Eric then gets a call from the hospital and sounds concerned as he says he understands and thanks them for calling. Eric hangs up and says he can’t believe that he died.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny and Chanel finish watching Scream along with Holly. Chanel talks about passing on wanting to watch anymore while Holly talks about being a big fan and wanting to watch more. Chanel says she has to get to the Bakery to prepare for tomorrow. Johnny walks Chanel out while Holly remarks that maybe a little danger can bring her and Johnny closer together.

Abe and Paulina sit together at Paulina’s apartment. A thunderstorm starts so Paulina tells Abe that he’s welcome to stay. Abe thanks her but says he’s trying to take John and Marlena’s advice of not trying too hard. Paulina tells Abe that just hanging out sounds good to her. Paulina then gets a call from an unknown caller. Paulina asks if they are serious and says to keep her updated. Paulina hangs up and informs Abe that it was Rafe telling her that a homicidal maniac just escaped from Bayview.

Chad sits at home watching Pet Sematary as Stephanie walks in and asks if he’s coming to bed. Chad responds that he thought he would give her some space and sleep in the living room. Stephanie says she hates that they had that fight and asks if they can talk. Stephanie tells Chad that she thinks they weren’t meant to be together and breaking up may be the right thing to do, but she loves him so she wants to bring Abigail back to life. Chad questions what she’s talking about. Stephanie explains how Steve and Kayla once found a diary from the 1800s by a man named Gideon who lost his wife tragically but was able to bring her back through a magic spell. Stephanie claims that she’s going to do that with a little help to bring back the love of his life. Kayla then arrives and tells Stephanie they have everything they need to cast the spell. Chad questions Kayla believing in this as a doctor. Kayla mentions coming back from the dead herself and says she just needs something of Abigail’s. Chad says he doesn’t have anything but Stephanie reveals that she found Abigail’s wedding ring hidden in his closet. Stephanie declares that she’s glad he kept it because tonight he will get to put it back on her finger.

Sloan asks Eric who died. Eric responds that it was Mr. Dorsey who he visited in the hospital last week. Eric repeats that he can’t believe it and says he needs to pay his last respects. Sloan decides she’s going with him.

Holly meets Tate outside. Tate questions what the big favor she needs is. Holly instructs him to put on a mask and stalk her which Tate questions. Holly says it’s helping her out. Tate asks what he’s supposed to do. Holly explains that she will run all scared to Johnny and then Tate just has to let Johnny chase him out while then she will let Johnny comfort her. Tate remarks that it seems like a lot of trouble to get a boy to like her. Holly asks if he wants to be her friend or not, so Tate gives in and puts on the mask. Holly gives Tate a knife from the kitchen to go along with it.

Paulina complains to Abe that this is the second break out in a month from Bayview. Abe wonders who got out this time. The storm knocks the electricity out which worries Paulina. The power comes back on and Abe is suddenly knocked out while Nurse Whitley appears and reveals she did it. Paulina points out that Abe is still alive but she could’ve killed him. Whitley calls Abe her husband. Paulina wakes Abe up and checks on him, assuring that he’s okay. Abe says this is going to sound strange, but he remembers everything. Paulina questions if he remembers her. Abe then calls her Whitley King, the lunatic that kidnapped him and tried to make him believe that she’s his wife.

Eric and Sloan go to the hospital where the electricity is flickering. Sloan wonders where everybody is. Eric goes to find a nurse to see where they put Mr. Dorsey. Sloan complains about hospitals being creepy at night. Nicole appears and startles Sloan. Nicole didn’t think she’d scare so easily. Sloan responds that Halloween has her on edge and asks what she’s doing here. Nicole responds that she’s picking up another prescription. Eric comes running back, screaming for them to run. Sloan questions what’s going on. Eric says he doesn’t have time to explain but they both better come with him if they want to live as they rush off together.

Holly runs to Johnny in the DiMera Mansion, telling him that someone is outside and was watching her. Johnny tells her to stay there while he goes to check it out. Holly complains so Johnny allows her to come with him and tells her to just stay close.

Kayla, Chad, and Stephanie attempt the magic spell to resurrect Abigail. Chad calls it dramatic but doesn’t think it worked. There’s a knock at the door, so Stephanie says that must be Abigail. Chad then goes to answer the door.

Johnny and Holly go to the living room as Johnny says the storm was just banging against the doors. Holly insists on seeing someone while Johnny blames horror movies. Holly decides that she’s going to lock the front door but someone appears in the costume and cuts Holly, so Johnny chases him out.

Paulina argues to Abe that she’s Paulina, not Whitley, while Abe stands with Whitley who claims to be Paulina. Whitley says she’s his wife here to rescue him from this homicidal maniac.

Eric barricades himself, Sloan, and Nicole in a hospital room. Sloan questions who is out there. Eric explains that Mr. Dorsey isn’t dead anymore and tried to bite him like a zombie, but he got away. Nicole guesses that explains the lockdown. Eric then reveals that the hospital is on lockdown because he saw at least five other zombies out there. Sloan laughs that it must be a Halloween prank and asks if Eric is in on this. They see the zombies through the door as Eric worries that they can’t hold them off forever.

Chad answers the door to see Steve, who says he hopes he got there in time because he found some torn pages from the diary that revealed that when Gideon resurrected his wife Emily, she wasn’t the kind soul he remembered but a rotting corpse. Kayla says it’s too late as they already performed the ritual. Chad points out that it didn’t work since Abigail isn’t there. Stephanie then hears footsteps. Steve says if the spell did work and Abigail is there, the only thing to do is send her back to her grave. Steve declares that whoever comes through the door might look like Chad’s dead wife but it won’t be Abigail. Chad questions shooting her and says he won’t just stand by and watch this happen. Steve tells Chad to close his eyes and he’ll make it quick. Chad grabs the gun and struggles with Steve as the power goes out. The power comes back on and Steve is unconscious on the floor. Chad questions what happened since the gun didn’t go off. Stephanie claims that it was Abigail, who snapped his neck and then disappeared. Kayla notes that Steve’s not breathing and his heart has stopped. Chad questions how this could happen. Stephanie cries that they have to get Steve to the hospital while Chad decides he has to go find Abigail and rushes out.

Nicole worries about what to do about the zombies. Eric declares there’s only one way to stop them. Eric notes that they moved on from the door but they will be back as they are hungry. Nicole blames herself and then argues with Sloan, who wants to hear her confession. Nicole brings up how a few months ago, she made up a lie about a virus running rampant in the hospital to get a swab of Eric’s DNA and now it’s really happening. Nicole doesn’t want to die with a guilty conscience and says her baby deserves better. Eric appreciates her honesty. Sloan decides if they are all going to die here, she has a confession to make too. Sloan tells Eric that Nicole’s baby is his and not EJ’s.

Paulina insists to Abe that she is his wife, not Whitley, and shows him their wedding photo but Abe says it’s Whitley in the photo which shocks Paulina. Paulina accuses Whitley of switching all their photos. Whitley then has all her stuffed animal cats appear in the apartment.

Eric questions what Sloan is saying. Sloan tells Eric about switching the paternity tests at the hospital. Eric argues that she knew how much he wanted a child while Nicole questions how she could do this. Sloan apologizes. Eric realizes he was bitten by a zombie and declares it won’t take long before he’s one of them.

Johnny returns to Holly and says she lost the guy in the rain but he needs to get her to the hospital. They hear a sound from upstairs so Johnny goes to check it out. Tate then appears in the living room in his costume and reveals that he just got there, so the person who cut her wasn’t him. Holly questions who it was then. The other person in the costume returns and stabs Tate.

Chad returns home to find Kayla unconscious next to Steve and questions what happened. Stephanie tells him that Abigail came back and killed her mother too.

Johnny return to the living room and asks Holly what happened. The person in the costume then stabs Johnny. Holly panics, asking what’s wrong with them and who they are. They then unmask to reveal Chanel. Chanel goes after Holly and talks about when she was in love with an older man too and his wife is dead now too. Holly questions killing Johnny. Chanel blames Holly and complains about their feelings but she wasn’t going to just let Holly have him. Chanel declares he got what he deserved and now it’s her turn.

Paulina tells Abe to call Chanel and she can tell her the truth. Whitley then points out that her and Paulina swapped clothes, claiming that Paulina broke out of Bayview and came to kill them. Abe tells Whitley that he will protect her. Paulina continues to protest that he has to remember. Abe then calls Rafe to tell him that they have Whitley King and she needs to be locked up.

Nicole says they have to get Eric help and they can’t stay there in case he turns. Eric decides there’s only one option and grabs a syringe, instructing Sloan to kill him before he kills them both. Sloan says she can’t lose him. Nicole says if she really loved him, she would do what’s right for him and his unborn child. Nicole then injects Eric. Sloan calls her a bitch for killing Eric. Nicole responds that she had to because she couldn’t just sit back and watch the man she loves turn in to an undead monster.

Chad asks Stephanie if she’s sure that Abigail did this. Stephanie responds that she murdered her parents, so she shot her over and over again but she didn’t flinch. Chad calls it horrible. Stephanie tells him not to worry because she saved one bullet for him. Stephanie says she tried to make him happy but his obsession with Abigail did this. Stephanie tells him that he can wait for her in Hell. Chad then wakes up from his nightmare on the couch and tells himself that it was just a nightmare.

Holly wakes up from her nightmare of Chanel coming after her with a knife. Holly looks over and sees Johnny and Chanel kissing, which she calls her worst nightmare.

Sloan tells Nicole that Eric didn’t deserve this. Nicole then injects Sloan as well and declares that she will always have Eric’s baby to remind her of the love they shared. Sloan then wakes up from her nightmare on the couch with Eric. Sloan apologizes for waking him. Eric says he was having the craziest dream but he doesn’t remember it and now he’s suddenly really hungry.

Paulina wakes up from her nightmare next to Abe, who is looking at their wedding photo and saying he wishes he could remember that day. Paulina confirms the photo is of them. Abe asks if she’s alright since she dozed off while they were watching a movie. Paulina assures that she’s better now and that she dreamed Abe forgot her again. Abe acknowledges that she’s the one and only Paulina Price. Paulina says it was too much scary stuff but being with him now is all treats and no tricks. Abe and Paulina wish each other a Happy Halloween as a stuffed animal cat remains behind them.

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Days Update Monday, October 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Marlena is in her office, on the phone with John. Marlena says she’s sorry to miss the first dinner at his dad’s new place. Marlena mentions not knowing what she has other than an emergency patient going through a crisis. Marlena then hangs up as Li Shin arrives. Li says thank God they got in touch with her and he knows it’s late, but he thinks he’s losing his mind.

Stefan and Gabi walk through the town square. Stefan says he knew Brady would be upset but he was not expecting that. Gabi understands why he’s mad. Stefan says at least they owned up to what they did. Gabi relates that she would be horrified if she was kept from her daughter but says that’s behind them now. Stefan says there’s actually more of that to come because when EJ catches wind of what they’ve done, it’s going to register on the Richter scale.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ has a drink and says those bastards. Nicole walks in and asks if he’s having a bad day. EJ tells her that Gabi and Stefan got their hands on Kristen’s shares which results in their camps being deadlocked in a tie. Nicole points out that doesn’t mean they have control. EJ worries that all they need is one more shareholder on their side and he’s as good as dead, as he then throws his drink glass in frustration.

At the Brady Pub, Kate asks Chad what happened. Chad responds that they weren’t on the same page and it turned in to a fight. Kate mentions that she sensed things were getting tense and asks what it was about. Chad admits it was about Abigail. Chad doesn’t know what to do as he can’t go chasing after her or they will get in the same fight again. Kate agrees that there’s no point in that. Chad suggests they go get the kids. Kate warns that the kids will no Chad’s upset and says he needs to vent. Kate thinks Chad and Stephanie both need to talk to a neutral party.

Stephanie tells Steve on the phone that she thinks she just needs to be alone for awhile. Stephanie says she loves him too and hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Stephanie assumes it’s trick or treaters and answers the door, but then drops her bowl of candy in shock as she sees a man (portrayed by Blake Berris, who previously played Nick Fallon), who wishes her a Happy Halloween.

EJ swears that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay for this, arguing that they had a balance of power until Gabi’s greed tipped it and Stefan lets her lead him around. Nicole asks if EJ knows why Kristen signed over her shares. EJ says she wouldn’t say so he believes it’s blackmail. EJ decides he’s going to find out what it is and bring her to her knees. EJ screams after everything he’s done for that bitch. Nicole argues that EJ would have no problem doing the same thing to Stefan and Gabi. Nicole warns EJ against going to such a dark place.

Li tells Marlena that he’s grateful she could see him tonight as he didn’t feel like he could wait another day. Li tells her that when he sleeps, nightmares wake him up and he paces while being hard on himself, wondering how everything in his life went so wrong. Marlena asks how long this has been going on. Li says it’s been weeks. Marlena is very glad he called and asks if he has any idea what happened to start these symptoms. Li responds that it was when he knew he lost the woman of his dreams.

Gabi gets startled by someone in a zombie costume in the town square. Stefan laughs and says zombies aren’t real. Gabi tells him that he missed a lot when Dr. Rolf had him on ice. Stefan asks if he missed a zombie apocalypse. Gabi informs Stefan that a few years ago on Halloween, she came face to face with a very undead Nick Fallon.

Stephanie can’t believe she is seeing the man at the door. He says he knows it must be a shock and he’s the last person she expected to see. Stephanie asks why he is here. He responds that he came to find her.

Kate tells Chad that she was right that he and Stephanie had a problem, but she hoped it was a minor one. Chad says it was anything but that. Chad reminds Kate about the dinner they had where Steve and Kayla were pushing him to marry Stephanie and after everyone left, they finally got a chance to talk about getting married. Kate asks how it went. Chad thought it went okay as he told her that he wasn’t ready and she seemed to go along with it by saying she wasn’t in a rush, so he thought that was the end of it but she was just telling him what he wanted to hear. Kate guesses she was hurt and disappointed that he wasn’t ready. Chad admits he sees her side and gets that Abigail looms over everything. Chad suggests maybe he moved on too fast and doesn’t think Stephanie understands what it’s like to love somebody like that. Chad mentions that Stephanie was with Alex and that was over pretty quickly and there was a guy in Seattle, but Abigail was his wife and the mother of his children. Kate remarks that Stephanie doesn’t have her past looming over her like Chad does.

The man tells Stephanie that he came a really long way to see her and asks to come in so he can explain. Stephanie says to first let her explain how she felt when he disappeared without a word and didn’t have the balls to tell her they were over. He says she has every right to be upset but there’s another reason for what happened. He tells her that he never ghosted her and he never wanted to break up with her, but there’s a reason for all of this. Stephanie questions if he’s here to tell her and says he’s had long enough to come up with a story. He then reveals to her that he was in a coma.

Stefan questions Gabi about bumping in to Nick Fallon. Gabi points out that Stefan was dead before too. Stefan says his was more hibernation. Gabi admits she might have been the only one to see Nick and that he had help from Marlena, who at the time was possessed by the Devil. Stefan comments on Nick having help from people in undead places.

Marlena asks Li about not being over Gabi. Li says they were in love, but he knew if Stefan came back, that would be in jeopardy so he did everything he could to prevent that from happening. Li adds that when Gabi found out what he had done and what he was capable of, they were done in her mind but it was different for him. Marlena tells Li that she knows he had nothing to do with the plan to brainwash Harris to go after Stefan. Marlena asks what he is thinking. Li responds that it’s important that she knows that what she just said is not true. Li then admits that he was in on the plot against Stefan.

EJ thanks Nicole and apologizes for losing control. Nicole tells EJ that his ultra rational persona that he pulls out when she tries to talk him off the ledge won’t work. Nicole complains that EJ uses that as a cover to get revenge and there’s nothing she can do to stop him. EJ understands that he might have overreacted, but he doesn’t think she can expect him to shrug his shoulders after being stabbed in the back by a brother, sister, and a money grubbing interloper. Nicole can’t believe she’s bringing a baby in to this family. Nicole adds that sometimes, she feels like they are finally a “we”, but just now it felt like her and her baby didn’t exist and nothing did except EJ’s hate, anger, and revenge. Nicole states that what’s scary is that sometimes they are a team and a couple, but then another example of feeling invisible to him is when he decided that Ava needed to pay for what he thought she did to his mother. Nicole feels just like that he goes full DiMera again and that her and the baby factor in to nothing. Nicole tells EJ that she loves him, but she’s responsible for her baby and sometimes, she doesn’t know if she can trust EJ to be the father that the baby needs.

Stefan encourages that Gabi is strong, fierce, and tough as he calls her his favorite human on the planet. Stefan adds that if any undead creatures come after her again, they’ll have to get through him first. Gabi worries more about EJ coming after them when he finds out that they got Kristen’s shares. Stefan says they have serious work to do as he doesn’t see anyone flipping from EJ’s side. Gabi reminds him about Li Shin.

Marlena assumes that Li wanted Stefan out of the way, so he could have another chance with Gabi. Li admits that he was ready to go to the limit to make that happen. Li declares that he did horrible things and was willing to do more, but he still lost Gabi and now he can’t live with the man he turned in to.

Kate asks Chad if this has been brewing for a long time which he confirms. Chad brings up taking the kids to visit Abigail’s grave on Abigial’s birthday and Stephanie said she wanted to join, but he told her that he didn’t want her to and she seemed to understand, but he knows she was hurt and felt excluded. Chad tells Kate about how today, Stephanie was wearing the exact same costume that Abigail wore on her last Halloween, so he didn’t know what to say but she could see he was upset, so he told her about it. Chad says they both knew something bad had happened. Kate realizes that’s why Stephanie wasn’t wearing a costume. Chad talks about having to pretend everything is fine which they both hated. Chad tells Kate that he asked Stephanie if what Steve said was true and it all kind of spilled out that Stephanie wants to get married and he doesn’t. Kate tells Chad that she’s so sorry for both of them. Chad wishes he could make Stephanie understand that there’s not some time table he could follow that leads to a wedding. Chad repeats that he maybe he moved on too soon. Chad admits that he’s scared because he doesn’t want to lose another person he loves and he’s scared that Stephanie just wants to nail him down because of what happened with her ex in Seattle who ghosted her. Chad is scared that Stephanie just wants to get married so that never happens again.

Stephanie questions her ex being in a coma. He insists it’s the truth and reminds her of the last day that they saw each other. Stephanie recalls asking him to mail something for her and then never seeing him again. He says that he was hit by a car right after leaving the post office and all he had was his cell phone with no ID, so they had to put him in a medically induced coma to save him. He knows it sounds far fetched and ridiculous but says that’s the truth. He adds that after he was revived, he had physical issues and he lost his memory which is why he couldn’t contact her, because he couldn’t remember her. He explains that he’s been trying to get better, figure out how to walk and talk again, and figure out who she was. He admits it was hard but tells her that the one good day in that mess was the day he remembered how much he loved her as he then kisses Stephanie. Stephanie pushes him off, identifying him as Everett and argues that he can’t just show up at her door after all this time and expect things to be the same. Everett apologizes and says that hoping things could be the same is all that got him through everything. Everett says he’s here to tell her that she may not realize it, but she saved him. Stephanie tells him that she thought he dumped her, so she moved on and she doesn’t live here alone as she’s with someone new. Everett responds that he knows which she questions. Everett explains that he found out that she moved back to Salem and she runs her company from here. Stephanie questions if he’s been spying on her. Everett explains that he came by earlier and knocked on the door, but when he heard a dude’s voice, he took off. Stephanie recalls Chad answering the door and no one being there so they thought it was a prank. Everett adds that after that, he had to know what he was up against, so he followed her to the Brady Pub. Everett says he just wanted to catch her alone to tell her all this. Everett tells Stephanie that he wants her back and he doesn’t know how serious it is with the other guy, but he saw an argument. He asks her if she’s married or engaged. Stephanie responds that she’s definitely not.

Kate encourages Chad that Stephanie knows he’s a substantial person who is loving and caring, so she doesn’t think she would compare Chad to someone who ghosted her. Chad says maybe not consciously, but Stephanie thought she misread him and his intentions, the same way he did with the guy in Seattle. Chad thought moving in with Stephanie felt right, but now he’s thinking maybe it was too soon. Chad asks Kate if he should have held off. Chad declares that all he knows is that this fight left a lot up in the air for them as Stephanie wants him to move on from Abigail so they can move forward. Chad remarks that he can’t go back and he can’t go forward. Kate guesses that he feels trapped.

EJ tells Nicole how most people felt about Stefano, but he never doubted that his family was the center of Stefano’s world. EJ tells Nicole that he owes that to her and their baby. Nicole calls it scary because not long ago, EJ wanted to elope in Italy but on the way to the airport, he had to have someone killed. EJ admits that he loses track of what really matters and what’s really important which is her and the baby. EJ swears not to lose track of that ever again but Nicole doesn’t believe him. EJ asks her for a leap of faith, reminding her that he still has the marriage license so he can call up the jet to fly to Italy and that nothing will stop them this time. Nicole responds that she is not getting married on Halloween, but says he better be telling her the truth that DiMera Enterprises is just a job and not his life. Nicole remarks that his dysfunctional family isn’t going to change, so he has to which EJ agrees with. Nicole comments that he is such an accomplished liar. EJ tells Nicole that he’s agreeing to marry the one woman on the planet who isn’t scared of him and can see right through him. EJ says he hates that but he loves her so much that he’s signing on for a lifetime of it as they kiss.

Stefan asks Gabi what about Li Shin. Gabi reminds him that she could exploit certain animal urges that she stirs in him. Stefan points out that Gabi has pitched this numerous times and he’s shot it down every time. Stefan argues that Gabi would be willingly putting him back in the crosshairs, reminding her that Li tried to kill him to clear a path to her. Gabi then excitedly calls him a genius.

Li assumes Marlena has dealt with a lot of patients that have obsessions and asks if it’s ever led to the confession of a felony before. Marlena says she doesn’t recall that. Li knows the rules and that what he says here is confidential, including committing a crime. Marlena says that’s if it’s a crime in the past, but if it’s a crime that’s about to happen then that’s a different story. Marlena questions if Li is saying he’s about to do something to get Gabi back that could be criminal. Li pleads with her to understand that he’s here because he doesn’t want to do anything like that ever again or even think about it. Li tells Marlena that he wants to move on as he doesn’t want Gabi in his thoughts or dreams. Li declares that he’s desperate to get past Gabi but without Marlena’s help, he doesn’t know if he can.

Gabi tells Stefan that they need leverage on Li just like they used on Kristen, and Stefan just gave them a way to get it. Stefan acknowledges that it could work but points out that they are missing the proof.

Kate asks Chad how she can help. Chad responds that she already has by listening, so it’s going to be up to him to fix, once he figures out how to get started. Chad says it probably involves him going home so he should go get the kids. Kate says the kids are probably still watching the movie and that they would love to keep them for the night so that Chad can go home to have some privacy with Stephanie. Chad calls that a lovely offer and accepts. Chad decides he will just go say goodnight to the kids then. Chad hugs Kate, who assures him that it’s going to be alright. Chad thanks her and heads upstairs.

Everett questions Stephanie not being engaged, but she says it doesn’t mean anything for them. Stephanie points out that it’s been years. Everett gets that it’s a lot to take in, she has questions and will take time. Everett tells Stephanie that he loves her as much as he did the day he left for the post office and he always will. Everett then guesses her boyfriend will be home soon, so he will take off. He tells her to take care and exits.

EJ says if Nicole doesn’t want to get married on Halloween, they will do it the day after on November 1 as they kiss.

Li thanks Marlena for seeing him at the last minute as he’s very grateful. Marlena states that they will start tomorrow with a formal session. Marlena asks if he’ll be alright tonight. Li responds that he already feels a little better. Marlena notes that he’ll have to put in the work and it will take time, but she will be right there with him and they will work together to help Li close this chapter of his life. Li declares that he will start a new chapter without Gabi in it.

Gabi tells Stefan that if they want proof against Li bad enough, they are going to get it because that’s what they do. Gabi and Stefan then bump in to Everett, who stops and asks if he knows Gabi from somewhere but she says no. Everett wishes them a Happy Halloween and walks away. Stefan asks Gabi if she’s sure she doesn’t know that guy considering how he was looking at her. Gabi responds that she’s never seen him before in her life as they walk off.

Chad comes home and tells Stephanie that the kids are going to stay over with Roman and Kate. Chad tells Stephanie that he’s really sorry and asks if she wants to talk. Stephanie thinks they’ve done enough talking for one day. Chad agrees and decides he will get ready for bed then. Chad heads to the bedroom while Stephanie tearfully looks down at her phone at an old photo of her and Everett.

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Days Update Friday, October 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Brady comes home as Marlena is finishing a call with John. Marlena informs Brady that John wants them all to have dinner at Grandpa Tim’s new place. Brady calls that a great chance to celebrate because it looks like he might be getting his daughter back, thanks to Stefan and Gabi.

Stefan joins Gabi in their bedroom and tells her that Brady played Kristen perfectly and he got it all recorded. Stefan asks Gabi about Rachel. Gabi says she was perfect and she’s uploading the video on the computer now. Stefan questions her not seeming happy about it. Gabi worries about them stooping too low and relates to how she would feel if she was accused of abusing her daughter. Stefan agrees that this is low but says they need to focus on this being a means to an end and a strategy to get Kristen to give in to their demands, so they can finally oust EJ and be in control of the company. Stefan assures that the video will go no further than Kristen seeing it and realizing she has no choice but to sign over her shares. Stefan insists the video won’t go public and Rachel won’t be harmed by this. Gabi feels sorry for Rachel having a crazy mother. Stefan says that they are almost finished and when they are, Kristen’s shares are as good as theirs.

Kristen and EJ walk through the town square after their lunch together. EJ is glad they found the time. Kristen offers EJ a ride home but EJ first wondered if they could discuss an important business matter. Kristen says he finally stopped beating around the bush and guesses it’s about her company shares.

Someone watches through the window as Chad and Stephanie sit together at the Pub. Stephanie asks what exactly Steve said. Chad tells her that Steve said she made a commitment to him and the kids, and to Steve that means she’s ready for marriage sooner than later. Stephanie wishes her parents would back off and calls it embarrassing. Chad tells her that she doesn’t have to be embarrassed and asks if Steve is right. Stephanie then admits that he is. Chad questions why Stephanie didn’t tell him that she was ready to get married. Stephanie responds that she was embarrassed because he overheard her blurting it out to her mom, so she downplayed it. Stephanie feels Chad was relieved when she said it because he didn’t want to rush in to anything. Chad thought she felt the same way but Stephanie admits she was disappointed. Chad argues that she should’ve said something because they have to be able to talk about this stuff. Stephanie says she didn’t want to pressure him after everything he’s gone through. Stephanie knows he’s still mourning Abigail but says it’s all out in the open now, so she admits she’s a little confused and questions why Chad invited her to move in if he didn’t see marriage on the horizon. Chad calls it the next natural step. Stephanie asks what the next step is after that. Chad admits it’s marriage, eventually. Stephanie gets that there’s no set time table for this stuff but she can’t help wondering now that they’ve moved in together, if Chad is having second thoughts about them.

EJ is sure Kristen is aware that Stefan and Gabi are building a power base. Kristen confirms that she heard they somehow obtained Megan and Dimitri’s shares. EJ explains that they did it by threat of death after Vivian shot Dimitri as they refused to call an ambulance until he signed over the shares. Kristen jokes that she kind of respects that but admits it’s ruthless. EJ calls it out of control and warns that they could target any one of the DiMera shareholders next, including Kristen.

Stefan calls Gabi a brilliant director and editor. Gabi says the quicker they finish, the faster they can blackmail Kristen out of her shares. Stefan guesses EJ is probably already working on Kristen. Gabi worries that EJ could’ve already won at their lunch and Kristen could be signing over her shares as they speak. Stefan insists that Kristen wouldn’t do it without incentive which is what they have. Gabi argues that EJ is just as likely to blackmail Kristen and could be pulling a gun on her in a dark alley. Stefan encourages Gabi to work faster.

Brady informs Marlena that Stefan came by and filled him in on wanting him to provoke a fight with Kristen, so he did it in the town square and Stefan caught it all on video. Marlena questions what Brady has gotten himself into. Brady doesn’t think he should give her the details but Marlena demands to know. Brady then reveals that they are going to make it look like Kristen has been abusing Rachel which shocks Marlena.

Stefan praises Gabi for her work on the video of Rachel and admits it’s pretty disturbing, so Kristen is going to freak and she’s going to do everything she can to make sure the video doesn’t get in front of a judge because she would lose custody. Gabi still feels bad about framing Kristen for child abuse. Stefan encourages that no one will see it if Kristen signs over her shares. Gabi asks about Brady since he’s going to want his daughter back. Stefan admits he feels a little guilty about that, but says Brady is a big boy and if he wants custody of his daughter, he’ll find another way.

Marlena questions Brady. Brady knows it’s extreme but says he’s desperate and he doesn’t care because he wants his daughter back. Marlena argues that it’s a terrible lie. Marlena says she’s no fan of Kristen and thinks she can do unspeakably terrible things, but she does not believe Kristen would ever hurt her daughter. Brady agrees that she wouldn’t physically, but emotionally, they know her handiwork. Brady talks about Kristen turning Rachel against Chloe and argues that she’s going to turn her against him. Marlena urges Brady to use that and the truth in court. Brady doesn’t believe that will work and declares that what will work is the video that Stefan and Gabi are going to put together to make Kristen look like a terrible mother. Marlena can’t believe this and calls it unethical. Marlena argues that this is not who he is. Brady argues that Kristen plays dirty and told a judge that he killed Philip, knowing he didn’t. Marlena thought Brady and Belle would appeal in court now that Philip is alive. Brady says they decided against it since he did wave a gun at Kristen. Marlena asks how the judge will feel when finding out this is all fake and how Rachel will feel when she finds out that he framed her mother. Marlena warns Brady that he’s going to lose his little girl.

Kristen asks if EJ thinks Stefan and Gabi are going to shoot her and force her to sign over her shares. EJ responds that they are certainly capable of it. EJ admits that with Kristen’s help, he could get ahead of them, oust Stefan, and take control of the company with the family’s best interests. EJ states that his main concern is Kristen’s well-being and asks her to help him take the target off her back by transferring her shares to him, temporarily, to ensure her safety which Kristen laughs at.

In Kayla’s office, Steve tells Kayla that he told Chad that he needed to tell Stephanie if he’s not in it for the long haul because he doesn’t want to see their daughter get hurt again. Kayla says she doesn’t either but it’s not their place to interfere. Steve argues that he was just trying to get Chad to step up. Kayla worries that he might have made things worse. Steve says he hopes not. Steve wants to go back to the Pub but Kayla stops him and says the best thing he can do is butt out.

Chad tells Stephanie that he’s glad that he moved in with her and that he gets to wake up every morning to her beautiful face and that she’s there for his kids. Chad admits that he’s really caught off guard because he thought things were going well. Stephanie responds that a lot of it has been great, but on top of the marriage issue, there has been other tension between them lately and she can’t help but think maybe it ties back to the same problem of Abigail.

Kristen questions EJ seriously trying to convince her to hand over her shares for her own protection. EJ tells her to keep her shares then but she must help him neutralize Stefan. EJ says he will call a board meeting and if she votes with him, they can oust Stefan from the company. Kristen questions trusting EJ and says that hasn’t always worked out for her so well. EJ admits he has let Kristen down in the past but argues that it’s come to the point where she can no longer safely play both sides from the middle anymore and she’s going to have to make a choice. EJ knows they haven’t always seen eye to eye but points out that she knows him and has helped him before so why not again. EJ suggests Kristen take the olive branch he’s offering. Kristen supposes they can put their differences aside but says she needs time to think about this. EJ warns her not to take too much time because he feels Stefan is ready to make his move.

Steve tells Kayla that it won’t be easy for Stephanie to compete with the love that Chad and Abigail had. Kayla agrees and says when she thought she lost Steve all those years ago, she never got over it because her heart always belonged to him and that part of her died when he was taken away from them. Kayla flashes back to when she lost Steve years ago. Steve then hugs her.

Chad asks Stephanie if she’s upset that he brought up that she was wearing Abigail’s costume. Stephanie says she wasn’t upset but that he was. Stephanie adds that the look on his face drove home the point for her in a way that she can no longer ignore. Chad questions what point. Stephanie declares that she will never escape her cousin’s shadow. Chad is sorry he hurt her feelings but argues that she can’t expect him to never bring up Abigail’s name. Stephanie says she’s well aware that Abigail was the love of his life and she’s tried to respect that but he hasn’t made it easy. Chad asks what that means. Stephanie brings up Chad pulling away from her on Abigail’s birthday and excluding her from going to the cemetery. Chad thought they needed to do that as a family. Stephanie questions what she is then. Stephanie then says it hurts but she understands. Stephanie states that adding all this together feels like she’s not wanted in her home and like she doesn’t belong there. Chad insists that he never intended to make her feel that way. Chad tells Stephanie that he wants to build a life with her but he needs a little bit of leeway. Stephanie asks how much is enough because she’s been trying but it feels like she’s walking around on eggshells all the time. Stephanie says she’s trying to respect his feelings but doesn’t feel she’s getting the same in return. Chad remarks that she’s not the one who’s wife was brutally murdered.

Brady tells Marlena that Stefan and Gabi are going to make the video as real as possible. Marlena questions Brady putting so much faith in Stefan and Gabi. Brady responds that they seem highly motivated. Marlena argues that if it goes wrong, Brady is the one who will pay. Brady knows it’s risky but doesn’t know what else to do. Brady calls it the only way to regain his kid and says he needs to check in with Stefan so he calls him. Brady asks Stefan when he can expect the video. Stefan responds that they’re almost done and will be right over. Brady thanks Stefan and hangs up, then tells Marlena that they are on their way.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s not sure how much longer they can put off Brady. Gabi says they should call Kristen then. Kristen then comes home and enters the living room. Stefan and Gabi ask about her lunch with EJ. Kristen admits that EJ talked her ear off at the end. Stefan guesses EJ wanted Kristen’s DiMera shares. Kristen confirms he made his pitch about why she should throw her lot in with him. Gabi thinks she should hear their pitch before she decides as she’s pretty sure it will be very persuasive. Gabi then opens her laptop and tells Kristen to have a look. Gabi plays the video of Rachel saying that Kristen gave her a black eye. Kristen questions what the hell that is and why her daughter has a black eye. Kristen warns them about laying a finger on her. Gabi tells her it’s makeup. Kristen questions why they would do this and if it’s a Halloween joke because having her daughter accuse her of hurting her is not funny at all. Stefan states that it is a very serious accusation. Kristen calls it ridiculous and says she would never hurt her child. Gabi asks if she’s sure about that. They then continue the video showing Kristen telling Brady that she will discipline Rachel however she sees fit. Kristen shouts that they set her up and questions why they are doing this to her. Stefan thinks she knows. Kristen calls him a son of a bitch.

Marlena warns Brady to put a stop to this. Brady knows she doesn’t approve and says he doesn’t like stooping to Kristen’s level, but he doesn’t know what else to do because he’s miserable without being able to see his little girl. Brady tells Marlena that Tate called him an absent father and he’s not wrong. Brady says that’s why he needs to make sure to do what’s right by Rachel and be there for her. Marlena encourages that he is there for her but Brady argues that Kristen has frozen him out of Rachel’s life. Marlena says she understands but this is not the way to fix it. Brady questions what he’s supposed to do when Rachel is down the road and he can’t see her. Brady asks when he’s supposed to be able to see her again and argues that Rachel won’t want to be part of his life by then. Marlena tries to encourage him but Brady shouts that he’s not going to let that happen and declares that to him, the ends justify the means.

Kristen demands Gabi and Stefan delete the video. Stefan responds that they will be happy to and that all Kristen has to do is sign over her shares, or else they will be forced to turn the video over to Brady. Kristen questions Brady being in on their twisted plan. Stefan says sort of but he’s under the impression that they are going to give him the video to give to the judge to get custody of Rachel. Gabi explains that Brady doesn’t know that they are giving Kristen a choice and the video can go away forever if she does what they want. Kristen realizes they are double crossing Brady. Gabi thinks she should be grateful to have a choice and tells her to take her time, then warns her not to take that long. Kristen argues that it’s obvious the video has been doctored and no judge will believe such a disgusting farce. Stefan points out that Kristen finally has everything she ever wanted and asks if she’s really willing to risk it all. Stefan asks what’s more important; her DiMera voting power or a long lasting healthy relationship with her daughter?

Steve tells Kayla that he hates that she and Stephanie were on their own for so many years and he’ll always regret not being there. Kayla admits it was hard, but then one miraculous day, he walked back in to her life and she counts her blessings every day because she honestly thought she would live her life, never feeling true love again. Steve asks what if the same is true for Chad and he can never get over Abigail. Kayla responds that they just have to let them figure it out for themselves and all they can do as Stephanie’s parents is be there for her no matter what happens.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie. Stephanie knows he’s suffered a great loss and she hates that she may be coming off as insecure or impatient, but she has her own baggage and it might not compare to his but she refuses to make herself small to be in this relationship. Chad argues that he’s not asking her to do that but she needs to tell him how she feels because he’s not psychic. Stephanie wants him to acknowledge that this isn’t easy for her either but says it doesn’t compare to what he’s gone through. Stephanie calls what happened to Abigail such a tragedy. Chad urges her to talk to him. Stephanie then brings up what happened with her ex in Seattle that ghosted her and says it seems terribly insensitive to seem like she’s feeling sorry for herself about that when nobody died and it was just hurtful. Chad understands it was obviously very painful for her. Stephanie admits that she thought things were going really well and she was falling hard for the guy and thought he felt the same, but then he suddenly disappeared on her. Stephanie guesses deep down, she’s worried that Chad will do the same thing. Chad assures that he would never do that to her. Stephanie explains that she got her heart broken before because she misread the situation, so she doesn’t want to do that again but it looks like she already has misread the situation because she thought Chad wanted to marry her. Chad insists that he does, eventually. Stephanie wishes she could believe that. Chad tells Stephanie that he loves her. Stephanie then remarks that he just doesn’t love her as much as his dead wife. Stephanie then storms out of the Pub and walks away as someone watches from the bushes.

Marlena tells Brady about how she tried to drop off a little Halloween bag for Rachel but Kristen wouldn’t let her visit with her. Brady points that out as Kristen being unreasonable. Brady says at least Tate got to spend a little time with Rachel and tried to talk him up to her but he doesn’t think it worked. Brady is sure that Kristen is already working on turning Rachel against her. Marlena doesn’t believe she would do that but Brady says she already is. Brady remarks that Kristen is going to warp Rachel’s mind the same way that Stefano warped Kristen’s and he’s not going to let that happen. Marlena remembers when Kristen first came to Salem and how Stefano had everyone believing that John was the evil one. Brady states that’s why he knows Marlena understands more than anyone that he needs to keep Rachel out of Kristen’s grasp. Marlena admits she understands but she hates what it’s doing to Brady because this is not who he is. Marlena gets a text from the hospital and has to go see a patient. Marlena tells Brady that she hopes he gets his daughter back, but this is not the way to do it as she then exits.

Kristen returns to the living room with her DiMera shares. Stefan thinks she’s making the right decision. Kristen thinks Dimitri had the right idea when he pulled a gun on them. Gabi claims that their intention was never to take Rachel away from her, they just wanted the shares. Stefan adds that they only care about the voting power. Stefan needs Kristen to remind Peter where he’s loyal to. Kristen reminds them that this won’t give them enough power. Stefan says not yet while Gabi notes it will stop EJ from ousting Stefan. Stefan says the sooner they get the shares signed over, the sooner they delete the videos. Gabi questions what the problem is. Kristen calls it too hard to swallow and says she wants to take her chances with the judge and tell them to go to Hell.

Kate returns to Chad and tells him that the kids finally found a suitable film in Roman’s collection, settling on Labyrinth. Kate then asks where Stephanie is. Chad responds that Stephanie is gone.

Stephanie goes home to her and Chad’s apartment. Someone approaches the door after she heads inside.

EJ joins Kristen in the living room. Kristen stops EJ and tells him that she doesn’t have her shares and that he lost because she signed her shares over to the demonic duo. EJ questions why she would do that. Kristen responds that she had no choice.

Stefan and Gabi go to see Brady. Brady asks where the video is but Gabi reveals it’s been deleted and it’s gone for good. Brady questions what they are talking about. Stefan explains that the video was never for him to use against Kristen, but for them to use against her. Brady asks if they double crossed him. Stefan calls it nothing personal. Gabi tells him it’s done. Brady tells them to get out and calls it unbelievable as they exit.

Kate asks Chad what happened. Chad responds that they weren’t on the same page and it turned in to a fight. Kate mentions that she sensed things were getting tense and asks what it was about. Chad admits it was about Abigail.

Stephanie calls Steve and says she knows he didn’t mean to cause any trouble. Steve can hear it in her voice that he did. Stephanie informs him that she and Chad had a long talk that didn’t go well. Steve asks if he and Kayla should come over. Stephanie says no as she thinks she just needs to be alone for awhile. Steve says he loves her and they will talk soon. Stephanie says she loves him too and hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Stephanie assumes it’s trick or treaters and answers the door, but then drops her bowl of candy in shock.

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Days Update Thursday, October 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Konstantin is at the Kiriakis Mansion and calls Theresa, asking if she’s settled in to her new home and making in roads with Alex. Theresa is in the park and responds that she’s playing the long game because she doesn’t want to scare Alex off. Konstantin says he understands, especially after she went through all the trouble of making Alex the long lost heir of Victor. Sarah appears with baby Victoria in the doorway as Konstantin tells Theresa that he’s grateful because neither one of them wanted it to be Xander.

Xander is at his apartment, on the phone with Sloan, telling her not to hold back and hit Sarah with both barrels. Xander declares that with the hearing coming up, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get custody of his daughter. Xander tells her to let him know if she needs anything else. Xander hangs up as Maggie shows up at his door and questions how dare he try to take her granddaughter away.

Steve, Kayla, and Marlena are at the Brady Pub with Halloween candy. Kate arrives with Thomas and Charlotte in their Halloween costumes. Thomas mentions that Chad and Stephanie are at home working.

Chad is dressed as a vampire at home as he works on his laptop. Chad reads what he has so far on an article about Titan to Stephanie, who advises him on some adjustments. Stephanie mentions that she’s putting last minute touches on her costume as the doorbell rings. Chad answers the door expecting trick or treaters, but when he opens the door, no one is there.

Konstantin tells Theresa that he must go and hangs up as he greets Sarah and Victoria. Konstantin calls Victoria’s name a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man in Victor. Sarah brings up that Victor wasn’t always happy with Victoria’s father, Xander. Sarah notes that she couldn’t help overhear that when she came in, Konstantin was talking about Xander.

Maggie goes off on Xander trying to take Victoria and calling Sarah an unfit mother. Xander argues that she is unfit but Maggie calls her a wonderful mother. Xander remarks that Sarah wasn’t wonderful to him when she lied to him and let him believe that his daughter was Rex’s. Xander then points out that Maggie did too.

Chad shuts the door and tells Stephanie that no one was there so it must have been kids playing a prank. Chad asks if she needs help with her costume, joking that it’s taking forever. Stephanie thinks it’s finally finished and comes out in a princess costume. Chad calls it nice but Stephanie notes his change in demeanor and questions what’s wrong. Chad tries to say it’s nothing but then admits that on the last Halloween he spent with Abigail, she wore a costume exactly like that.

Alex comes through the park and slips as Theresa panics upon seeing his shirt covered red. Alex quickly points out that it’s not blood and explains that protesters were unhappy about Titan moving local turtles from their habitat and threw what he believes is food coloring on him. Alex guesses he could pass it off as a sick Halloween prank but figures it’d be better go home and change. Theresa adds that he could use a shower and a clean shirt. Alex suggests she come home and join him.

Xander talks about Maggie knowing the truth the whole time while he was an idiot that thought they had a real connection. Maggie insists that they do and he knows how she feels about him. Maggie says she hated lying to him and she pleaded with Sarah to tell him the truth, but she was so angry with him because of what he did to Bonnie and Susan. Xander remarks that Sarah convinced herself that he was a murderer. Maggie talks about Sarah thinking Xander reverted back to his scheming ways with terrible consequences. Maggie says she thought Xander deserved a second chance but Sarah disagreed and she had to respect her daughter’s wishes. Xander apologizes for losing his temper with her and says he can’t imagine how hard things have been for her since losing Victor. Maggie accepts his apology and admits it is hard but says it’s been a little easier lately thanks to Konstantin .

Konstantin questions Sarah hearing him say something about Xander. Sarah says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Konstantin claims he was talking to a friend in Greece who is running his restaurant while he’s away. Konstantin remarks that Xander has quite the reputation in Greece and everyone knows that he’s the black sheep of the Kiriakis family despite his misguided delusions of wanting to be the golden boy. Sarah says that sounds about right. Konstantin mentions hearing from Maggie that Xander is trying to take custody of her daughter. Konstantin says he had to tell his friend in Greece that Xander added another horrible deed and that Xander has hurt a lot of people including his family. Sarah says she’s so sorry but Konstantin says there’s no need for her to apologize. Konstantin asks Sarah what her lawyer is saying since they can’t believe Xander could get custody. Sarah informs him that her lawyer is Victor’s nephew, Justin and he doesn’t think that a judge would give Xander custody but he also warned that they could. Konstantin questions how a judge could possibly find Sarah unfit. Sarah admits that she lied and told Xander that he wasn’t Victoria’s father and he only found out because of something that someone else overheard. Konstantin calls that unfortunate and guesses that Sarah thought it was in Victoria’s best interest that Xander never learn he was the father. Konstantin says he completely agrees with her. Sarah hopes the judge will be that understanding. Sarah declares that right now, she has to do everything she can to look like the perfect parent for her daughter and she thinks she knows just how to do that.

Steve and Kayla give candy to Thomas and Charlotte. Kayla then takes Steve aside and says she wanted to talk to him before Stephanie and Chad get there so he doesn’t ask them about getting married. Steve responds that he won’t make that mistake twice and asks if Chad proposed. Kayla explains that Chad told Stephanie the other day that he finally admitted he doesn’t see himself getting married anytime soon.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s sorry as she had no idea. Chad tells her it’s not her fault that her and Abigail’s outfits are almost identical. Stephanie guesses Abigail got her costume from the same place in the town square. Chad states that Abigail always went all out for Halloween. Stephanie says she will go change. Chad tells her that she doesn’t have to but Stephanie says she doesn’t want to wear something that upsets the kids or Chad either as today is supposed to be fun.

Theresa tells Alex that she doesn’t think showering with him falls under roommate duties. Alex thinks they are little bit more than roommates. Theresa knows they slept together really fast but thinks now that they are living together, they should hold off and get to know each other. Theresa suggests Alex buy her lunch which Alex agrees to. Alex remarks that he just inherited a gazillion dollars so he can spare it. Alex says he’ll be back and walks away.

Chad and Stephanie arrive at the Brady Pub. Kate comments on Chad’s vampire costume and questions Stephanie not having one. Stephanie responds that she just decided not to wear her costume. Marlena questions why. Stephanie claims that it just wasn’t the right thing and that it didn’t really fit her. Kayla says she needs to get work and says goodbye to everybody as she then exits. Thomas and Charlotte show Stephanie their candy. Steve then tells Chad that he needs to talk to him.

Xander tells Maggie that it sounds like Konstantin has been a great comfort to her which she confirms. Xander says he’s grateful that Konstantin can give her that but he’s afraid that Konstantin is not as fond of him as he had some unfortunate business dealings with his family. Xander says he’s glad that Maggie has someone to lean on, though she can always lean on him too. Maggie tells Xander that his friendship means so much to her. Xander responds that they are more than friends, they are family as they hug. Maggie declares that they will always be family because of baby Victoria. Maggie says Victoria deserves to be loved and cared for by both of her parents, so she hopes that Xander and Sarah can work things out. Maggie then exits the apartment.

Konstantin tells Sarah that whatever she has to do will be more than worth it if it means keeping her baby with her where she belongs. Sarah knows Maggie is very happy that Konstantin is there and that he’s been a comfort to her. Sarah mentions running late and that she has to run an errand so she has to find Victoria’s nanny. Konstantin offers to take the baby to her nanny upstairs so Sarah hands Victoria over to Konstantin. Sarah thanks him and then exits the mansion. After Sarah leaves, Konstantin tells Victoria that he hates to break it to her, but her namesake was one horrible son of a bitch and he intends to get all of Victor’s money.

Alex and Theresa sit together in the town square. Alex worries about the protestors following him. Alex and Theresa flirt with each other as Xander approaches. Theresa asks what he wants. Xander warns Alex that he’s making a huge mistake being anywhere near Theresa. Alex thinks he can handle himself. Xander is unsure and calls Theresa a grade A manipulator. Xander remarks that the only reason Theresa would hang out with someone like Alex is because she’s after his fortune.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Konstantin excitedly greets her. Konstantin informs Maggie that while she was out, a gift that he had made for her was delivered. Maggie calls that sweet but unnecessary. Konstantin argues that she’s been gracious enough to let him stay here so he wanted to repay her kindness. Maggie talks about Konstantin already giving her Victor’s photo album. Konstantin hopes this gift gives her comfort as well. Maggie opens the gift which is a framed painting of Victor.

Sarah goes to Kayla’s office at the hospital. Kayla asks about Victoria. Sarah says she’s amazing. Sarah talks about being exhausted. Kayla knows the first few months are brutal but tells Sarah that she looks great. Kayla asks if Sarah brought Victoria for a checkup. Sarah says no and that she came in because there was something she hoped Kayla could help her with. Kayla asks what she needs. Sarah responds that she needs a job.

Chad asks Steve what’s going on. Steve apologizes for bringing up marriage the other night, but Kayla just told him that Stephanie told her that Chad didn’t see himself getting married anytime soon. Chad confirms they talked about it and that Stephanie feels the same way about it so they are on the same page. Steve questions if they are and thinks they may need to turn to a new page.

Kayla didn’t know Sarah decided to stay in town. Sarah confirms that she is definitely staying. Sarah doesn’t know how much Kayla has heard but informs her that Xander is suing her for full custody of Victoria. Kayla argues that she can’t really be worried that a judge would grant that. Sarah explains that Justin said a judge could because she lied about her paternity. Sarah cries that she’s doing everything in her power to look like the best parent to her daughter, but now she and Rex are getting a divorce and her situation is a lot more precarious now. Sarah adds that Xander will probably use anything and everything, so she just wants to be prepared and showing the court that she is employed would help her prospects. Kayla asks if she’s sure she’s ready to come back when she has a newborn. Sarah insists that she is and hoped she could start part time and then slowly work back up to full time. Kayla declares that will work as she just had a part time doctor resign. Sarah agrees to start as soon as she wants. Kayla says she will get her assistant to get the paperwork together and they will e-mail her. Sarah hugs her and thanks her. Kayla is sorry that she’s going through all of this, but she’s happy to have her back. Sarah thanks her and says she’ll see her soon as she exits.

Theresa tells Alex not to listen to Xander and argues that their living situation has nothing to do with money. Theresa adds that she asked Alex out before she even knew he was Victor’s son. Xander calls that unbelievable and says he wouldn’t be surprised if Theresa had inside information on Victor’s will. Alex tells Xander to get lost. Theresa asks how she would know what’s in Victor’s will. Xander insists there’s a way. Xander warns Alex to watch his back because Theresa comes off sweet but can turn in a dime. Xander reminds Alex that Theresa wanted Brady so badly that she falsely accused him of raping her and he went to jail for it. Theresa remarks that she worked so hard to make amends that she’s a totally different person. Xander says she’s the same witch to him and warns Alex to guard his fortune with his life.

Maggie cries to Konstantin that the painting is beautiful and asks how he had it done. Konstantin says he just found an artist in town, brought a photograph, and he brought it to life. Maggie says she can’t get over it and it’s too much. Konstantin argues that it’s never too much as Victor was such a wonderful man, so he wants everyone to feel his presence here.

Chad tells Steve that he and Stephanie are on the same page, so he doesn’t understand what Steve is getting at. Steve explains to Chad that Stephanie may have told him that she doesn’t want to get married right now, but she’s moved in with him and gotten close with his kids so anyone can see how committed she is to him. Steve says if he knows his daughter, she’s thinking marriage. Steve understands everything Chad has gone through with Abigail and says his heart goes out to him, but if he’s not willing to give Stephanie everything she’s expecting, then he needs to end it. Chad asks for a minute to explain. Steve repeats that Chad needs to end it not just for Stephanie’s sake but for Thomas and Charlotte too because the longer he lets this go on, the more painful it will be for the kids. Chad assures that he would never do anything to hurt his kids. Steve relates as a parent and says that’s why he has to protect Stephanie. Steve advises Chad that if he’s not in it for the long haul, he needs to tell Stephanie now. Stephanie comes over and asks if everything is okay. Steve says everything is good and that he has to go. Marlena says she has to go too but says it was nice to see Chad, Stephanie, and the kids. Marlena wishes Chad a happy Halloween as she and Steve then exit the Pub.

Steve goes to Kayla’s office at the hospital. Kayla hugs him and calls it a surprise, asking what he’s doing there. Steve wishes he was just there for a nice surprise. Kayla questions what he did. Steve is afraid he might have caused a problem between Stephanie and Chad.

Chad asks Kate to watch the kids a little longer so he can talk to Stephanie. Kate takes the kids to look through Roman’s movie collection. Stephanie asks Chad what is going on and if something happened between he and Steve. Chad says it’s not really about Steve. Stephanie questions what he’s talking about. Chad tells Stephanie to be honest with him as he asks if she was telling him the truth when she said she didn’t want to get married.

Alex gets that Xander thinks he’s helping but says he’s just being rude. Alex says he and Theresa just want to enjoy a peaceful lunch. Xander remarks that if Alex keeps hanging out with her, this lunch may be the last peaceful thing he enjoys. Xander tells Alex that it’s his funeral and walks away. Xander then runs in to Sarah and says he’s glad he ran in to her as he was going to try and track her down this afternoon. Sarah questions what he wants. Xander thought maybe they could grab a coffee and talk about custody. Sarah doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to talk about custody without their lawyers. Sarah tells Xander that she’ll see him in court and walks away.

Theresa hopes Alex didn’t take what Xander said to heart. Alex assures that he didn’t as everyone in his family knows that Xander blames everyone else for his problems and he’s just jealous that he’s not Victor’s heir. Theresa remarks that thank God that Xander isn’t Victor’s son.

Konstantin hangs the painting of Victor above the fireplace and declares it’s exactly what the room needed. Maggie agrees and thanks him for the amazing gift. Konstantin calls it his great pleasure. After crying, Maggie says she’s going to fix her makeup and hurries out of the room. Konstantin speaks to the painting of Victor and declares that Victor may have screwed him out of his will, but it’s not over between them yet. Konstantin asks why he should settle for a cut of his son’s half when he can take all of his wife’s half. Konstantin remarks that now Victor will get to watch all of it.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Brady is at home with a to-go order from the Pub which he tells Marlena about Tate getting the order wrong and wonders if he’s doing it on purpose to get fired. Brady asks if he’s being hard on Tate. Marlena thinks Brady is holding him accountable but suggests everyone deserves some grace. Brady agrees that he could be overparenting and trying to make up for lost time for what he can’t give to Rachel right now, but that might be about to change. Marlena asks what he means. Brady responds that something has come up which might help him regain custody of Rachel and a chance that Kristen may just lose this battle big time.

Kristen goes to Gabi’s room and asks if she’s seen Rachel because she keeps disappearing. Gabi responds that it’s a big house so she’s sure she will turn up. Kristen mentions that she just wanted to say goodbye to her before she leaves. Gabi asks where she is going. Kristen informs her that EJ is taking her to lunch at the Bistro and says it will be nice to have some brother-sister bonding. Gabi thinks back to planning with Stefan against Kristen and EJ. Gabi is surprised as she didn’t know Kristen and EJ were buddy-buddy these days. Kristen responds that they are putting aside old grudges and getting closer all the time.

Stefan is with Rachel in the living room and tells her that she has three questions left in their game. Rachel calls that not fair and says she would’ve won yesterday if Holly didn’t drag her out for math tutoring. Stefan encourages that she’s this close and knows she can do it. Rachel asks for a hint. Stefan says it’s really big. Rachel guesses a giraffe in a hot air balloon which Stefan says is correct. Rachel asks what she gets for winning. Rachel guesses Taylor Swift tickets which Stefan says it is. Rachel asks how since even Kristen can’t get Taylor tickets. Stefan says Rachel is going to be the one doing it but there’s just one small condition that must be met.

In the town square, Gil tells Ava that he’s sure Clyde would not appreciate her going behind his back to try to influence him. Ava apologizes and says she doesn’t want any part of this. Ava begs him and says there has to be another solution. Gil responds that if she wants her son to keep breathing, this is it and there is no other option. Harris and Jada then walk up. Harris greets Ava and notes that she seemed upset, so he asks if something is wrong. Ava claims she’s fine. Harris asks who Gil is. Ava introduces him as the new owner of the Bistro and now her new boss.

Leo complains about his sheet as a ghost costume not working for him. Dimitri reminds Leo that it was his idea. Leo says it’s triggering his claustrophobia but they don’t have any other costumes. Dimitri encourages that people will just think they are ghosts and it will be great. Dimitri suggests Leo is just nervous. Leo worries that if they get recognized, his entire life becomes a dumpster fire. Dimitri reminds Leo that he has an out since he’s the fugitive while Leo is just along for the ride. Dimitri asks if this is really what Leo wants to do, because this might be his last chance to change his mind.

Marlena asks Brady about Gabi and Stefan helping him get his daughter back and questions Brady not asking how or why. Brady feels he’d rather not know more than he needs to and calls it plausible deniability. Marlena calls that a strategy. Marlena states that she is fond of Gabi but can’t help but wonder what’s in this for her. Brady guesses Kristen pissed Gabi off and there’s always DiMeras stabbing each other in the back. Brady doesn’t want to be involved in any of that and says he just wants his daughter back.

Rachel tells Stefan that she calls BS. Stefan says he’s trying to help her here. Stefan knows how much Rachel and Holly love Taylor Swift and he saw an ad online for a Halloween costume contest where the prize is front row seats to Taylor Swift. Stefan says his first thought was that Rachel would win hands down. Rachel complains that Kristen wouldn’t let her be a pirate wench so now her costume is stupid. Stefan encourages that they have their own costume designer so Rachel will have this in the bag.

Kristen tells Gabi that she and EJ are on fine terms now and that EJ is so thrilled that Susan is alive, that he wants to go celebrate with her. Kristen remarks that she apparently reminds EJ of Susan. Kristen says she’s just so happy that her and her brother have gotten close again. Kristen tells Gabi that she is going to continue her search for Rachel. Gabi thinks back to planning with Stefan to use Rachel to get Kristen’s shares. Gabi then claims that she heard Harold say something about taking Rachel out to carve a pumpkin. Gabi tells Kristen to go ahead to lunch and she will tell Rachel that she said goodbye. Kristen thanks her and exits.

Harris congratulates Ava as he knew she’d get something but notes that he had no idea she applied for the Bistro. Ava says it sort of just fell in her lap. Ava introduces Gil to Harris and Jada. Gil comments on them being cops and says it’s a pleasure to meet some of Salem’s finest and he’s thankful for what they do. Jada talks about loving the Bistro and says he’ll be seeing her a lot. Gil says he’s going to give Ava a tour of the kitchen so they walk off together.

Leo tells Dimitri that he wouldn’t be here now if he was going to leave him. Dimitri argues that Leo hasn’t had a chance to pause and think all this through when he sprung him out of the hospital. Dimitri reminds Leo that not long ago, he was promised a cut of the Von Leuschner fortune and now here they are with $14.42 and two bedsheets. Dimitri says it’s not lost on him that this is not what Leo signed up for. Leo assures that it was never about money, just about Dimitri making him happier than ever before as they kiss.

Jada comments on Ava landing a job at the Bistro straight out of Bayview. Harris points out that he didn’t think Rafe would hire him either. Jada brings up Harris having a skillset. Harris says that Ava does too but worries that something was off with Gil. Jada thinks Harris is just being protective of Ava. Jada wants to give Gil the benefit of the doubt since she does like the Bistro. Harris agrees that he’s probably just being overprotective as they walk away. Leo and Dimitri then arrive in the town square, dressed as ghosts with their bed sheets over them.

Ava and Gil sit together in the Bistro. Gil questions Ava not telling him that she’s tight with the cops. Ava points out that he didn’t ask. Gil argues that this is not good for business and he doesn’t need law enforcement sniffing around. Ava reminds him that he and Clyde strong armed her in to taking the job so if she cuts ties with Harris now, it will look rather suspicious so if he wants her, he’s stuck with Harris. Ava suggests he could just find someone else to run the drug front operation and then they could all live happily ever after.

Marlena asks Brady if he’s sure that Gabi and Stefan aren’t doing something illegal. Brady says he doesn’t know or care as he’s desperate to get his kid back. Brady complains that the judge that granted Kristen custody had an axe to grind and there’s nothing he can do about it unless Kristen goes off the rails and does something to jeopardize Rachel. Brady says he doesn’t want her to do that and she’s not going to, but if he wants to fight Kristen, he has to fight dirty. Marlena asks if he’s sure they can’t work out a co-parenting agreement. Brady argues that there is no co-parenting or good faith with Kristen. Brady doesn’t care what Gabi and Stefan are up to as he knows they have their own agenda, but as long as their interests align, he will take whatever help he can get to get Rachel back.

Gabi joins Stefan in the living room and asks if he has any updates on Rachel. Stefan informs her that Rachel is trying on concert outfits as they speak. Gabi worries that they need to step up their plan because EJ is taking Kristen out to lunch to celebrate Susan not being dead and they both know the topic of conversation will be Kristen’s DiMera shares. Gabi says they need to work quickly on getting her shares. Stefan says that Rachel is game and asks what they are waiting for. Rachel comes back in and asks if they were talking about her. Stefan says he was just talking about what a great team Rachel and Gabi are going to make. Rachel brings up her costume idea of a vampire princess pop star. Gabi says she was thinking something different and pulls out her bag of makeup which excites Rachel.

Dimitri and Leo make it to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and find the envelope of cash that Leo had. Dimitri can’t believe they went right past Jada in the town square and wonders why she was with Harris Michaels. Leo says they just need to stay one step ahead of them.

Harris and Jada walk through the town square and talk about going up to Leo’s room. Jada talks about a fresh set of eyes giving an angle they haven’t seen yet. Jada says that Leo and Dimitri could be long gone by now and if they fled their jurisdiction, then it’s onto the next case for them.

Stefan goes to see Brady, who assumes he’s there about the plan. Stefan wants assurance that Brady is in. Brady assures that he’s in 1000% but asks if he should be worried about what’s in it for Stefan and Gabi. Stefan says it’s just family stuff that would bore him. Brady tells Stefan that he appreciates him getting his daughter back. Brady knows they didn’t get off on the best foot after his comeback. Stefan agrees since usually kidnapping and trying to unbrainwash him would be a deal breaker, but if he hadn’t have done that, he wouldn’t have gotten his life back so he’s grateful. Stefan notes that time is of the essence. Brady asks what he needs him to do. Stefan responds that Kristen is on her way to the Bistro, so he needs Brady to intercept her. Brady says he’s got it and asks him to tell him more.

Gabi does Rachel’s makeup in her room and tells her that she reminds her of her daughter Arianna. Gabi finishes and tells Rachel that she looks amazing as she put red makeup on her to make it look like she has a black eye.

Stefan asks if Brady can pull off making it look like he’s gotten in a fight with Kristen. Brady assures he could pull that off in his sleep.

Kristen exits the DiMera Mansion and thinks back to arguing with Brady in court when she won custody of Rachel. Kristen then runs in to Marlena and asks what she’s doing there. Marlena responds that she brought a Halloween goody bag for Rachel and she’d like to give it to her, herself. Kristen responds that Rachel has moved on from glow in the dark vampire teeth and she doesn’t allow her to eat candy but it was very kind of her. Marlena says she came all this way and would like to see her granddaughter as she misses her. Kristen responds that she doesn’t miss her and storms off.

Rachel tells Gabi that her makeup looks so real and she can’t wait to show her mom. Gabi says they thought they could surprise her. Gabi then tells Rachel that the contest claims they can’t have help from anyone but parents. Rachel worries about wanting to win the Taylor Swift tickets. Gabi encourages that there is always a work around.

Leo and Dimtiri go over making sure they have everything they need. Leo then stops to go use the restroom before they leave.

Gil tells Ava that when Clyde pulls you in, the only way out of the arrangement is in a bodybag. Ava agrees to do the job, but says she can’t do anything about Harris. Ava says she can tell him that she doesn’t like to eat where she works. Gil notes that she raises a good point about cops and suggests maybe her friendship with Harris isn’t a bad thing after all and they can make it work in their favor.

Jada and Harris go to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and note the crime scene tape is gone. Harris questions if Leo would be stupid enough to show up here. Jada decides they are about to find out. They burst in but find the room is empty. Jada says they must have just missed them. Harris asks about the two ghosts they passed in the lobby a few minutes ago so they rush out.

Leo and Dimitri travel through the town square in their ghosts costumes while Leo complains that he’s starving.

Brady runs in to Kristen in the town square. Brady asks for a word. Kristen says she’s on her way to lunch but Brady says it won’t take long. Brady tells her that he wanted to thank her for allowing Tate to visit Rachel the other day as he said he had a great visit with her. Kristen says she’s so glad Tate enjoyed it but if Brady is asking to tag along next time, the answer is no. Brady says that’s okay and he wanted to talk to her about something else. Kristen tells him to make it quick. Brady informs her that he got an e-mail from Rachel’s teacher about Rachel having a D in math. Kristen responds that she hired her a tutor. Brady points out that’s Holly Jonas and calls her a sweet girl but questions if that’s the best Kristen could do. Kristen argues that Rachel just needs a little brushing up. Brady argues that Kristen put her at a level she’s not ready for. Kristen question if Brady is saying their daughter isn’t smart and remarks that she takes after Brady’s side of the family. Brady tells Kristen they are not through yet.

Rachel asks Gabi where the rest of her black eyed pea costume is. Gabi says she still has to sew it but assures she’ll be ready and takes a picture of her with the makeup on.

Kristen reminds Brady that she has custody of Rachel, not him, so she will make the decisions on her schooling. Behind them, Harris and Jada chase after two men in ghost costumes.

Gil questions Ava about her relationship with Harris but he gets the impression that they are tight which means they have an inside track to what’s going on in the Salem police department and Ava will be sure to know. Ava warns Gil that Harris is a trained assassin, so he should tread carefully. Gil warns Ava not to go spilling her guts to her cop/trained assassin friend because Clyde has eyes and ears everywhere.

Jada and Harris catch two men dressed as ghosts but it’s not Dimitri and Leo.

Leo and Dimitri return to their motel and celebrate getting away with it. Leo credits Dimitri as they kiss in bed.

Brady tells Kristen that he knows they aren’t getting along lately and they may hate each others’ guts but they want what’s best for Rachel. Brady states that Kristen has full custody now but he was the single parent before. Kristen asks what his point is. Brady says that Tate told him that Rachel was very upset the other day and didn’t want to do her homework while Kristen made her do pages worth of extra problems. Kristen argues that she’s exaggerating. Brady accuses her of punishing her like that. Kristen complains that there are consequences for not doing homework and that she’s a trained social worker. Stefan walks by with his phone recording as Kristen tells Brady that Rachel is her daughter and she will discipline her in any way she sees fit.

Gabi records Rachel saying that her mom gave her the black eye and that she would never make up something like that since the contest said she could only have parents help. Gabi tells her she was perfect.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ava is on the phone at home, turning down a job as a personal chef and saying that she received another offer that she couldn’t refuse. Ava hangs up and then gets another call from Harris. Ava wishes him a good first day at the Salem PD. Harris thanks her and jokes that it feels like it’s been 100 years since he was in the police academy so he hopes he knows what he’s doing. Ava encourages that he’ll do great. Harris asks if she’s okay as she sounds stressed. Ava claims she’s fine. Harris promises that she will find a job soon. Ava advises Harris to be careful out there. Harris says he’ll call her when his shift ends as they hang up. Kate then approaches Harris and asks about him getting a job. Harris thanks Kate and says because of her, he talked to Rafe about a job at the police department and she was right about him needing help with the criminals in town.

Ava answers the door to the apartment and meets a man, who says he’s a friend of Clyde Weston and he asked him to stop by to see how Tripp is doing.

Tripp and Wendy wake up in bed together. Tripp talks about trying not to sleep on his arm where he was cut but now he has a stiff neck. Wendy says she can help with that and massages him which Tripp says feels amazing.

Leo has a nightmare about Rafe and Jada bursting in to arrest he and Dimitri. Leo then wakes up in a panic in bed with Dimitri and tells him about the nightmare.

At Rafe’s office, Kayla gives him her statement about what happened at the hospital. Kayla remarks that she can’t believe Dimitri handcuffed her to a bed and that Leo helped him escape. Kayla asks if Rafe can make an exception and tell her about an ongoing investigation. Kayla asks if Rafe has any leads on catching them but Rafe says not yet as they are a little short staffed at the moment, which he’s working on.

Kate asks Harris if Rafe actually hired him. Harris notes that she sounds surprised and questions why Kate told him to ask for a job if she didn’t think Rafe would hire him. Kate explains that she knew the Salem PD could use someone like him but she also thought his past employment would raise red flags. Harris confirms that it did but Rafe knows that working for Megan was not his choice. Kate knows that Megan can cause havoc. Harris assures that Megan doesn’t control him anymore as he was completely deprogrammed and is still seeing Marlena. Kate knows that Harris is no longer a danger. Harris questions Kate still thinking that Rafe is taking a chance by hiring him. Kate acknowledges that Harris’ associates may be a problem. Harris questions who she’s talking about so Kate admits it’s Ava.

Ava asks if the man at the door is the one who hurt Tripp and threatens to do the same to him. He acknowledges knowing about the famous Vitali temper and warns her not to do anything she’ll regret. Ava responds that if he hurts her son, she won’t regret a damn thing. He informs her that he never let a hand on her son.

Wendy mentions having to get up and look for a job. Tripp thanks her for the massage as they kiss in bed.

The man tells Ava that he’s more middle management with Clyde but he’s willing to get his hands dirty. Ava warns him. He responds that if Ava stays in line, she’s good but if she doesn’t, Clyde has plenty of people on the payroll who will have no problem putting her son in the ground.

Dimitri encourages Leo that it was just a dream. Leo says it felt so real. Dimitri assures that they are safe as they got out of the hospital and are now in a motel where no police officer will ever think to look for him. Dimitri says it’s all thanks to Leo. Leo asks what their next move is, pointing out that they can’t stay here because the police will come looking for them and then his nightmare will come true. Dimitri asks what they should do. Leo responds that they have to get out of dodge.

Kayla can’t believe she let Leo Stark get the better of her. Rafe tells her not to blame herself since Leo wasn’t acting alone. Kayla still feels embarrassed after being married to Steve all these years but she couldn’t handle these two. Rafe calls them two particularly slippery weasels. Kayla just wants them caught. Rafe encourages that their pictures are all over and someone’s going to catch them if one of their officers doesn’t. Kayla asks if there’s any lead on the guy that attacked Tripp at the hospital. Rafe says no and talks about how they don’t even know where to look. Rafe wishes he could make Tripp’s case the top priorty. Kayla knows it’s not the first time that someone like that has attacked her staff, she just wishes to get him off the streets. Rafe feels the same and points out that crimes with no motives are harder to solve.

Harris tells Kate that he knows Rafe and Ava have history, but he doesn’t see why that matters to hiring him. Kate thinks Rafe might have questions about Harris’ relationship with Ava. Harris asks if that’s because their relationship ended badly. Kate points out that Ava used her mob connections to try to make Rafe out to be a dirty cop. Harris calls that a long time ago. Kate remarks that she thinks Rafe would have reservations about hiring an officer who is cozying up to the woman that tried to ruin his life. Kate says that’s no exaggeration that Ava nearly ruined Rafe’s life and brings up what she did to Steve. Harris responds that he’s not really in to the whole gossip thing. Kate says it’s not gossip but a warning. Harris thought they were talking about his job. Kate responds that Harris needs to be careful in his job, just like he needs to be careful if he gets romantically involved with Ava. Harris informs Kate that he and Ava are just friends. Kate asks if Ava knows that since he broke her out of Bayview and then took off to London. Harris says it was to rescue Susan Banks. Kate calls that a grand gesture for someone he doesn’t have feelings for. Harris states that he did feel for Ava as she needed help, so he helped her out and that’s it. Kate believes Ava didn’t deserve his help. Harris says she’s entitled to her opinion but he should get going. Kate tells Harris that she likes him, she’s rooting for him, and she’s happy that he has a job and is rebuilidng his life. Kate doesn’t want to see Ava derail that. Harris assures that won’t happen. Kate says that Harris rescued Ava because that’s what he does, but she’s not a victim, she’s a predator. Kate adds that she knows that because Ava is either obsessed with a man or using them. Kate brings up that Ava used her son to launder mob money through Titan. Harris informs Kate that Ava has told him everything about her past and that she says she left it behind. Harris adds that it would be awkward considering he’s now a cop. Harris then gets up and exits the Pub.

Ava tells Clyde’s man that she understands Clyde needs a new business partner but she made it clear that she’s not interested. He argues that Ava owes Clyde for screwing up his plan. Ava argues that it was an accident as she had no idea what Clyde was planning with EJ. The man tells her that because of her interference, EJ is no longer an option, so she needs to step up in his place. Ava repeats that she can’t do that. The man thought yesterday’s incident would be enough of an incentive, but decides maybe she needs more convincing. Tripp then comes out from his room and asks if everything is okay. Ava claims everything is fine and introduces Tripp to Gil Carter, who says that Ava just told him what happened at the hospital and he hopes he’s okay. Tripp says he’s fine and questions what he was talking about Ava needing convincing on. Gil reveals that he’s the owner of the Bistro and claims that he was offering Ava a job as manager because he’s so impressed by her skills but that she seems reluctant to commit. Tripp tells Ava that it sounds perfect for her and asks what the problem is. Gil assures he won’t treat her differently because of her past and that he’s a big believer of second chances. Tripp relates to that as well. Ava then tells Gil that she will take the job and thanks him. Tripp hugs Ava and says that’s amazing.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub to pick up breakfast and runs in to Kate, who asks if she’s okay after what happened at the hospital. Kayla says that she just has a bruised ego but she’s fine and confirms that Dimitri handcuffed her to a bed. Kayla brings up how Dimitri held Kate prisoner on a boat. Kate hopes the police have tracked Dimitri and Leo. Kayla says not yet but Rafe is on it and is certain that they will be caught and put in jail where they belong.

Leo and Dimitri talk about where they want to go. Dimitri suggests leaving the country. Leo says they will need help. Dimitri suggests his mother Megan but Leo says no as they are on the run and have to be stealthy under the radar while Megan is all about attracting attention. Dimitri asks if he has a better idea. Leo suggests someone must be able to help them. Dimitri says his only family member he could reach out to would be Kristen, who was last pointing a gun at him and Leo’s only friend was Gwen. Dimitri says that brings them back to Megan. Leo reminds him that Megan is a fugitive and they have no idea where she is. Dimitri decides they will have to track her down then. Leo argues that every law enforcement agency has failed to track her down so that would take them some time. Leo says they will have to be on the move and they need cash. Dimitri says they will have to make a plan and stay ahead of the police.

Rafe meets with Jada at the police station. Jada notes there still being no tips on Dimitri and Leo. Rafe comments that she looks like she could use a break. Jada complains that she still has the same case load and no partner, so she could really use some help. Rafe agrees and then introduces Jada to her new partner, Harris Michaels. Rafe calls Paulina, who signs off on the hire so he welcomes Harris to officially being a member of the force. Harris says he’s happy to be here. Rafe says he’ll get him a gun and a badge. Jada mentions looking in to Harris’ file and seeing it’s not all pretty. Harris admits that and hopes this will be a fresh start. Jada assures that Harris is more than qualified and she likes the idea of a Navy SEAL having her back. Harris looks forward to learning from her. Harris asks if their first assignment is still to find who delivered Susan to Edmund Crumb. Rafe responds that he’s decided to start with something a little closer to home. Rafe presents photos of Leo and Dimitri, declaring that they need to find these two punks and make them pay.

Dimitri and Leo come up with $14.42 and thought they had a bit more. Leo questions where the rest of Dimitri’s cash is. Dimitri argues that his inheritance is in jeopardy and says they just need to get their hands on some money. Leo responds that he knows just where they can find it.

Kate tells Kayla that Leo is a real piece of work. Kayla explains how Leo disguised himself as a nurse to wheel Dimitri out of the hospital. Kate calls them a couple from Hell. Kayla asks about Kate and Leo going way back. Kate confirms that she did take over one of Vivian’s plots to have Leo falsely accuse Sonny of sexual harassment but she doesn’t want to think about that. Kayla asks if Kate doesn’t miss the intrigue and scheming. Kate admits that she does a little but, but she’s happy being married to the former police commissioner and decides that’s better than living on the other side of the law.

Tripp congratulates Ava and tells her that he’s so proud of her. Tripp thanks Gil for giving Ava the opportunity. Gil remarks that what they will be doing at the Bistro will be exciting stuff and he’ll be counting on Ava to keep the operation humming along. Gil suggests they head there now to work on their game plan, so Gil and Ava exit. Wendy comes out and asks Tripp if someone was there. Tripp informs Wendy that Ava is going to be the new manager of the Bistro. Wendy jokes about getting a family discount and calls it amazing news. Tripp says he’s really happy for Ava as she was stressed about finding work. Wendy says she was too but she thinks she found a solid lead on a job. Wendy says she’ll tell him if she gets the job as they kiss.

Tripp joins Kayla at the hospital and tells her that his arm is healing well. Kayla mentions speaking to Rafe and he’s not optimistic about the person who stabbed him. Tripp says he’s not too worried about it. Kayla says she is and has security on alert. Tripp thanks her for looking out. Tripp adds that on a happier note, Ava got a job. Kayla is surprised as she thought he wasn’t even sure if she was staying in Salem. Tripp says the job was too good to pass up and reveals that Ava is going to manage the Bistro. Tripp mentions that he met the new owner and he seems like a nice guy. Kayla calls running a restaurant a lot and asks if he’s sure that Ava can handle all the stress. Tripp admits she was nervous but says it’s in her wheelhouse and honest work. Tripp knows Kayla and Steve are concerned about him getting too close to his mom, but insists that she’s better now and dedicated to getting her life back on track. Kayla advises Tripp to promise to stay cautious and to call her or Steve if anything happens. Tripp agrees to do so but assures this job will be good for Ava.

Ava and Gil walk through the town square. Ava doesn’t appreciate him threatening her son. He tells her to focus on the positive that she went straight from the looney bin to a job. Gil says she’ll be making good money and good food. Ava argues that it’s not a restaurant, but a drug front. Gil warns her to keep her voice down. Ava tells him that her heart isn’t in it as she gave up this kind of business a long time ago and she has no desire to get back in to it. Ava proposes an alternative and brings up how she handed over her family business to her cousin Angelo, but she’s sure he could recommend someone more qualified. Gil says she’ll need to speak to Clyde about that. Ava argues that Gil seems more reasonable and smarter than Clyde. Ava suggests they put their heads together and come up with a way to know that this just isn’t going to work out.

Rafe, Jada, and Harris go over how Leo busted Dimitri out of the hospital but there have been no leads. Jada worries that they are already gone. Harris suggests they are holed up somewhere in town and they just have to figure out where to look. Jada suggests starting at Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and that maybe with a fresh set of eyes, they’ll find something they missed. Rafe decides it’s worth a shot and they exit the station.

Leo tells Dimitri that in his room at the Salem Inn, he has an envelope full of cash with enough to get them out of town but they have to figure out how to get there in broad daylight without being seen. Dimitri says he’ll do it since Leo has done enough for him. Leo doesn’t want to risk losing him. Dimitri says they have to do something as they can’t just hide under the sheets. Leo suggests maybe they can.

Rafe has issues with his laptop in his office. Wendy arrives and says she heard that the department needs a new I.T. person and asks what’s going on. Rafe tells her that his screen is frozen and now ads are popping up. Wendy offers to take a look. Rafe asks if they have been hacked. Wendy says it’s just annoying spyware and says that she will remove it. Wendy fixes it which impresses Rafe, who says he’s glad they didn’t get hacked. Wendy warns that they could’ve been easily as they have no anti-spyware installed to protect against viruses. Wendy then guesses Rafe’s password is his birthday and says he needs to up his tech game. Rafe decides that Wendy is hired then and tells her the I.T. job is hers. Wendy argues that he hasn’t interviewed her or seen her resume. Rafe says he saw what she just did. Wendy questions that being impressive enough to hire her on the spot. Rafe jokes that he figures if he hires her then she won’t have time to make phony passports and help fugitives escape.

Leo cuts holes in the bed sheets so that he and Dimitri can dress up a ghosts, insisting that since it’s Halloween time, no one will notice. Dimitri worries that this could get them killed but Leo insists that they will get the money and float on out of Salem.

Tripp reassures Kayla that his arm is fine and asks how her day is going. Kayla mentions being behind on her charts and she hasn’t even started the report on what happened to Tripp yesterday. Tripp says he keeps going over that interaction with the patient and wonders what went wrong. Kayla encourages that he was only trying to help. Tripp feels that he failed. Kayla argues that when someone is under the influence of drugs, they don’t always know what they are doing and are often hallucinating so that could’ve been happening. Tripp just wishes he knew for sure. Kayla knows as doctors they always want answers but they don’t always get them. Kayla adds that when something like this happens with a patient, they may never know his motive.

Gil tells Ava that her being the face of the Bistro is settled and not up for discussing. Gil adds that he’ll keep her suggestion between them, but he’s sure Clyde would not appreciate her going behind his back to try to influence him. Ava apologizes and says she doesn’t want any part of this. Ava begs him and says there has to be another solution. Gil responds that if she wants her son to keep breathing, this is it and there is no other option. Harris and Jada then walk up. Harris greets Ava and notes that she seemed upset, so he asks if something is wrong.

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Days Update Monday, October 23, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric and Sloan talk at home about their excitement for becoming parents. Sloan claims that Melinda said it’s practically a done deal which Eric calls the best news as they hug. Sloan asks about Eric’s visit with his friend in the hospital. Eric says it went well and then he had to step out during his procedure. Sloan question if Eric waited alone the whole time but Eric reveals he actually wasn’t alone because Nicole was there.

Nicole goes home to the DiMera Mansion and sets down her DNA test results envelope. EJ comes in to the room on the phone and goes to write down an account number but Nicole tells him not to write on the envelope.

Alex sits at home when the doorbell rings and he answers to see Xander.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, surprising Maggie. Brady says he just wanted to check up on her. Brady mentions hearing a rumor that Constantine was staying there which Maggie confirms. Maggie says they had an amazing day as she took him on a tour of Salem and then he cooked, but sadly he’s leaving tomorrow. Brady asks if he’s upstairs. Maggie says he went to take a walk and take in more sights as he loves it in Salem.

Theresa packs her bags at the Salem Inn when Constantine shows up at her door to surprise her. Theresa responds that she told him to stay put in Greece until he heard from her and questions what the hell he’s doing here. Constantine tells her to let him in and he’ll tell her, pointing out that they don’t want anyone knowing that they are friends.

Brady tells Maggie that he was surprised that an old friend of Victor’s popped in without notice. Maggie talks about Constantine brightening her day through his connection to Victor. Brady says it’s nice to see her smiling again which Maggie says is thanks to Constantine, who came all this way just to lift her spirits.

Theresa questions what exactly Constantine is doing here. Constantine asks what kind of friend of Victor’s he would be if he didn’t visit Maggie. Theresa asks about him coming to see Maggie. Constantine talks about bringing her a photo album and cooking her dinner, but says he also came to see Theresa. Constantine asks Theresa if she is still trying to get her hooks in to Victor’s long lost son.

EJ questions if he did something wrong. Nicole explains that the envelope just contains everything they need to know about their baby which makes EJ happy. Nicole says she lost the last copy, but if their baby gets sick this could be helpful. EJ adds that another reason to keep the document safe is that it names him as the father of her child which makes him ecstatic as they kiss.

Sloan complains to Eric that Nicole has a way of just showing up where ever he is. Sloan then stops and asks why Nicole was there, making sure the baby is okay. Eric explains that she was just refilling a prescription and apologizes for even bringing Nicole’s name up since it always just upsets Sloan. Sloan admits it’s because she’s envious that Nicole is pregnant and can carry a child to term. Eric reassures and encourages her while mentioning that Nicole picked up a copy of her original DNA report on the baby, which causes Sloan to panic. Eric asks if she’s okay as she’s starting to look pale. Eric questions why she even cares about the genetic report of Nicole and EJ’s baby. Sloan claims she doesn’t care but just thought Nicole would be more careful with something so important to the baby. Sloan then claims that she got a text from a client and has to go help them. Eric questions it being that much of an emergency right now. Sloan says if she doesn’t go now, her client will spend the night in jail. Eric offers a ride but Sloan declines and says she doesn’t know how long it will take but she’ll call him. Sloan rushes out and tells herself to think. Sloan says she still has the copy that says EJ is the father, so she has to get there and make a copy.

EJ tells Nicole that he’ll keep the DNA results with his documents in the safe. EJ asks if she minds if he looks at it before they lock it away. Nicole jokes that he’s already memorized it. EJ says he wouldn’t mind reading it over again as they can’t have too much information where the child is concerned. EJ then gets a call from an investor and steps out to answer it, leaving the envelope behind on the table.

Brady tells Maggie that it’s obvious that Victor and Constantine share a lot of memories together, but Victor never mentioned him to Maggie. Maggie says Victor didn’t like to deal with the past, but it’s clear there was a real bond between them going back to when they were kids. Maggie mentions that Victor loaned Constantine money to open his own restaurant and wouldn’t let him pay him back. Brady remarks that doesn’t sound like Victor. Maggie thinks that shows how important Constantine was to Victor. Maggie says after so many years of loving Victor, he was always unpredictable. Brady agrees and says his latest revelation certainly seemed out of character for him. Brady still can’t believe that Victor kept Alex being his son a secret from them for all these years.

Alex tells Xander to forget it because the Titan job is his. Alex brings up his dad so Xander questions which dad and calls Justin his fake dad. Xander points out that Victor did not name Alex CEO of Titan in his will, so he thinks he should honor Victor’s wishes. Xander remarks that’s what he would do if he were Victor’s son.

Theresa tells Constantine that she is going straight to Alex’s apartment to move in with him. Constantine comments that she doesn’t waste any time. Theresa says from what she remembers, neither does he. Theresa flashes back to being in Greece and reading the letters in Victor’s briefcase until Constantine showed up, found Victor’s will, and was angry that Victor left him nothing in it. Theresa calls it not Constantine’s favorite day. Constantine responds that it got better for both of them.

Marlena goes to see Eric, which he calls a lovely surprise and asks how everything is going. Marlena talks about worrying about Belle every day. Eric asks how she’s doing. Marlena says that Belle claims to have everything under control. Eric acknowledges Shawn leaving the country and going to rehab. Marlena says she’s tried to spend time with Belle and asks Eric to check on her which he agrees to do. Marlena then asks where Sloan is.

EJ finishes his call and tells Nicole that now they can take another look at the DNA report. Nicole says she’s first going to check on Holly to see if she needs help with her homework. Nicole tells EJ to let her know if he finds anything new and surprising in the report as she exits the room. Sloan then appears outside the door.

Brady tells Maggie that Alex didn’t waste any time stepping in to the role of Victor’s son, staking his claim on Titan and quitting Basic Black without notice. Maggie mentions turning down the position that Alex offered her in the company because she and Alex are like oil and water. Maggie calls it surprising considering how well she and Victor got along.

Alex tells Xander that he is Victor’s son so his take on what he wanted is all that counts. Xander argues that Victor did not want Alex running his company. Alex argues that he has controlling interest and talks about letting Maggie live in the mansion. Alex asks if Xander wants a job. Xander says no and he just can’t buy this insanity. Xander questions Victor tearing up his will and writing a new one just to cut all of them out and give Alex everything. Xander asks how that makes any sense.

Theresa tells Constantine that she was interested in Alex before she met Constantine and before she read Victor’s will. Theresa says she just didn’t want to take any chances and then when Brady and Alex came back, she purposely asked Brady to stay with him so that he would turn her down harshly in front of Alex. Constantine acknowledges that she knew Alex would have pity on her. Theresa remarks that it helped that she knew Alex was about to inherit a fortune, while he had no clue. They flash back to Constantine being furious about not being included in Victor’s will and that he wouldn’t have his fortune without him. Constantine told Theresa that he sent Alex and Brady on a wild goose chase while he came here to find the will because he wanted to know how generous Victor decided to be. Theresa responds that he wasn’t very generous with anyone but his wife and his son. Constantine complained about it being a son that Victor never even acknowledged and then found the letter that would explain everything. Constantine decided he and Theresa would read the letter together, where they found out Victor’s long lost son is actually Xander Cook! Back in the present, Constantine acknowledged that Victor had an affair with his brother Titus’ wife and the end result was Xander. They continue their flashback with Constantine and Theresa complaining that Victor left Xander half of everything. Theresa then suggested changing it from Xander to Alex. Constantine calls it a pity that Alex will never know what they have done for him.

Alex and Xander continue to argue over Victor leaving Alex everything in his will. Alex talks about finding out that Justin wasn’t really his father. Xander talks about Alex’s place in the family not changing while he was always the outcast. Xander talks about wishing Victor would’ve acknowledged him that way. Xander calls Alex one lucky bastard.

Eric tells Marlena that Sloan just left to deal with a client’s bail situation. Marlena questions doing that at this time of night. Eric says that’s the life of a criminal lawyer. Marlena feels that Sloan is not comfortable around her. Eric feels that’s because Marlena doesn’t like her. Marlena says she doesn’t know her that well. Eric encourages that they can fix that. Eric says a lot of people don’t like Sloan but he knows her better than anyone and she makes him happy. Marlena says that’s all she cares about, so she’s fine with her.

EJ prepares to open the DNA report when the doorbell rings. EJ calls for Harold but guesses he’s on dinner break so EJ goes to answer the door. Sloan then sneaks in through the side door. EJ answers the front door but no one is there. Sloan approaches the envelope left on the desk.

Marlena tells Eric how good it is to see him optimistic about the future and if that’s because of Sloan, she’s grateful. Eric thanks her. Marlena would also love to have a beautiful grandbaby and says Eric deserves to have someone love him, who is true and loyal which seems to be Sloan. Marlena adds that Eric also deserves to have a child. Eric hugs her and tells her that he loves her.

EJ calls out at the front door but no one is there. Sloan picks up the DNA report with another copy of the same envelope. EJ guesses the Halloween pranks showed up early and closes the front door. Sloan swaps the envelopes and escapes the mansion as EJ returns and questions the noise he heard.

Brady tells Maggie that Victor knew it would be shocking for all of them and devastating for Justin, Maggie, and Alex. Brady questions Victor just leaving them all to sort it out and why he would let Alex’s true paternity remain a secret all these years. Maggie wishes she had the answers and is the question she would ask if she had one more minute with Victor.

Alex gets why Xander and every other shallow idiot in town thinks he should be eternally grateful for his fortune, but it’s hard to see it that way when his whole world was turned upside down. Xander thought Alex would be gloating instead of a pity party. Alex says he would’ve never traded Justin as a father. Alex tells Xander that at least he knows who his parents are and he finds it highly unlikely that he’ll be told he was wrong and that his life was a lie.

Constantine asks if Theresa is having second thoughts. Theresa says of course not but she does feel somewhat guilty. Theresa remarks that Xander can live on the streets but it’s Alex. Constantine argues that they made Alex rich while Theresa points out that they also made him fatherless. They flashback to Theresa coming up with the idea of changing the names so that Alex becomes the heir and Xander ends up with nothing. Constantine agreed that he would bring her a forged letter that no one would question and they agreed to become partners. Theresa states that Alex asked her to move in but getting him to pop the question, she doesn’t know how long that it will take so Constantine might have to wait for his payday. Constantine responds that he will just have to find a way to stick around.

Xander tells Alex that no one likes to hear billionaires whine about their hurt feelings. Xander then goes to leave right as Theresa arrives to move in. Xander is not surprised that Victor has a new rich son and Theresa is already on the case. Xander then exits. Alex tells Theresa not to listen to Xander as he’s just jealous and wishes all of this happened to him instead.

Constantine returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and brings daffodils that he found on his walk for Maggie. Maggie acknowledges them as her favorite and she can’t believe he would remember that but she also doesn’t believe they were blooming in the park in October. Constantine admits he bought them for her, feeling it’s the least he could do after spending the night. Constantine talks about his time in Salem being magical but says his time here has come to an end, claiming he never planned to stay more than a day or so. Maggie argues that plans change, so if there’s nothing urgent in Greece, he’s welcome to stay with Victor’s family for as long as he’d like. Constantine doesn’t want to impose but Maggie says having him would be a pleasure.

Sloan returns home. Eric notes that she got back sooner than he thought. Sloan says sometimes things just work out and greets Marlena. Eric says he was just walking Marlena out. Marlena notes that they were just talking about Sloan as Eric was telling her about all the wonderful things upcoming in their life. Marlena then invites Eric and Sloan to dinner which she says she would love. Marlena says she will call with dates and set it up. Eric then exits with Marlena. Sloan pulls out the DNA report envelope that she stole from the DiMera Mansion.

EJ opens the safe as Nicole returns and asks if he finished reading. EJ says he got interrupted and now has another work call, so he’s going to put the envelope in the safe so they don’t lose it again. EJ declares that no one will have access to it but them.

Sloan puts the DNA report in the paper shredder.

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Days Update Friday, October 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Theresa goes to see Alex at his apartment and brings him a bag which she says is something he is in need of.

Sarah and Justin sit together in the town square. Sarah complains that this is a nightmare while Justin encourages her to stay calm. Sarah questions how she can stay calm when she’s sleep deprived with a newborn and just when she thought things were thawing out with Xander, she finds out he’s suing for full custody. Sarah asks Justin to tell her that they can stop Xander.

Xander goes to see Sloan, who questions why he’s there when they didn’t have an appointment. Xander argues that she said she’d be available to him any time he needed when she took his case, so he asks her if he has a chance at winning full custody or not.

Nicole runs in to Eric at the hospital. Eric mentions waiting to see a patient while Nicole is waiting on a prescription so they decide to wait together.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Constantine thanks Maggie for giving him a tour of Salem. Constantine says that Victor choosing Salem and finding true love with Maggie there makes the place very special.

Xander tells Sloan that he’s never seen Sarah so furious. Sloan asks what he expected from trying to take her daughter. Sloan says they don’t call it a custody battle for nothing and if he wants to see this through, he’ll have to ignore Sarah being furious. Sloan reminds Xander that Sarah said Rex was the father and their goal is to get Xander full custody.

Justin reminds Sarah that she has a lot going in her favor while Xander is an outsider with a criminal record and he will let the judge know all about his past. Sarah asks if they will win then. Justin notes that they need to anticipate what Xander and Sloan may use against Sarah, like this not being the first time that she lied about a child’s paternity.

Steve sits with Roman at the Pub. They talk about Tate working at the Pub as a dishwasher until he can pay back the damages he caused at boarding school. Steve remarks that Tate sounds like a real piece of work. Roman talks about Tate inheriting a lot from Theresa, but notes that Theresa has a lot of drive and energy. Steve mentions hearing that Theresa is staying in Salem. Roman notes that Theresa wanted to move in to the Pub but he had just rented out the last room to Harris Michaels. Steve says that’s too bad as Kayla hoped Roman could keep an eye on Theresa. Roman says he wouldn’t worry about Theresa since while she does have a knack for getting in to trouble, she also has a gift for landing on her feet.

Alex opens Theresa’s bag to find dishes. Theresa says that now that he’s CEO of Titan, he won’t have time to shop for houseware and he had been using paper plates, so she helped him out. Theresa adds that as CEO, he has an image to maintain. Alex suggests they eat leftovers on the new dishes while talking about his image.

Nicole asks Eric about the adoption process. Eric says it’s going well, thanks to Melinda Trask which surprises Nicole. Eric explains that Sloan and Melinda have gotten kind of friendly over the last couple of months. Nicole remarks that they both have a lot in common since they’re both driven and ferocious as lawyers. Eric mentions that Melinda is starting her own private practice so she has a lot of time to devote to their case. Nicole responds that she’s happy for them and hopes things work out so that Eric gets to be the father he always wanted to be.

Sloan tells Xander that to win custody, he’s going to have to be as unscrupulous and underhanded as Sarah, who was prepared to let another man be the father to his child. Xander asks what their plan is. Sloan says they just have to illustrate to family court that Sarah is a pathological liar and mentally unstable. Xander points out that the mentally unstable part wasn’t really her fault. Sloan says she’s done her research. Xander blames that on Sarah being drugged but Sloan says she’s the lawyer and he can’t go around making excuses for Sarah if he wants full custody of his daughter. Sloan declares that they are going to have to demonstrate that Sarah is an unfit mother.

Sarah questions how the court can hold it against her for lying about the paternity of her first child when she was switched. Justin explains how Sarah deceived Eric. Sarah argues that Eric was with Nicole and she didn’t want to damage their relationship. Justin talks about how the court could view that. Sarah knows she made a mistake in marrying Rex to try and pass off Victoria as his but she recognized her mistake and they are getting a divorce. Justin is afraid that Sloan may try to spin it as too little, too late. Justin then brings up Sarah’s mental health issues. Sarah argues that was only because she was drugged. Justin feels Sloan might try to use it against her. Sarah feels she won’t succeed because Xander does have a conscience and knows the hell that Kristen and Gwen put her through and how much she suffered because of them, so she knows Xander won’t let Sloan use that against her.

Nicole asks Eric if Melinda mentioned how long the adoption process would take. Eric guesses there’s no way to know but they aren’t going through an agency, so they are going to start interviewing birth parents through verbal networking. Nicole asks if they could use a surrogate, so that way the baby would be their biological child. Eric says he’s realized that the child having his genes is not as important as passing on his love. Eric admits when he thought about having a child of his own, they would resemble the Bradys in some way, but then he accepted that having a child was not in his cards.

Xander repeats to Sloan that Sarah was drugged. Sloan questions being sure those drugs are not still in her system. Xander points out that Sarah was hired back to the hospital. Sloan talks about Sarah having family connections at the hospital. Xander hates using it against Sarah when it wasn’t her fault and argues that she would never hurt their child. Sloan argues that Sarah’s hormones could trigger the drugs again. Xander insists that Sarah is totally rational. Sloan asks if he’s sure about that since Sarah married Rex and divorced him two days later. Sloan adds that Xander is sounding more like Sarah’s defense than the guy who wants full custody. Sloan states that she’s prepared to do whatever it takes for Xander to get his daughter but he has to decide if he has the stomach for it.

Justin understands why Sarah wants to believe there are lines that Xander would never cross, but custody battles bring out the worst in people. Sarah says this was all set in motion because she didn’t tell Xander that she was pregnant. Justin brings up that Xander had just kidnapped two women and everyone thought Susan died as a result, so Sarah did what she thought she had to do to protect her child and it’s his job to convince the judge of that. Sarah says she has to get home to check on Victoria, so Justin says he’ll see her back there.

Constantine tells Maggie that he is making dinner tonight. Maggie argues that he is their guest but Constantine says it would be his pleasure to make the dinner that Victor would come to his restaurant for. Constantine promises a Mediterranean feast that she will never forget.

Alex and Theresa eat leftovers from Julie’s Place. Alex praises the food. Theresa asks how Alex is adjusting to being Victor’s son. Alex admits it’s been surreal and hard to process, because Justin is such a great guy and he was really sad for them both that he’s not really his father even though he is in all ways that matter. Alex calls it baffling and frustrating that Victor isn’t around to explain. Alex says that’s enough about him and asks what’s going on in her world. Theresa responds that she’s very happy to be here with him and she’s loving being in Salem. Theresa says her son is here now so she guesses this is home. Theresa just wishes she was calm about her living situation as she doesn’t know where she’s going to live. Theresa asks if Alex has any ideas. Alex questions her not being happy at the Salem Inn. Theresa mentions being unable to pay the rates. Alex thought she was a hotshot fashion designer. Theresa says business isn’t booming and the money she had saved, she put in an investment that went under so she is strapped. Alex says he’s sorry to hear that. Theresa wishes she could live with John, Marlena, and Tate but Brady wouldn’t like that. Theresa adds that she asked Roman about the Pub but Harris just took the last room. Theresa says she asked Kayla but Steve is not that fond of her. Alex tells her to forget all of them and move in with him which makes her smile.

Sarah goes home and hugs Maggie, who asks if something is wrong. Sarah responds that she just found out that Xander is suing for full custody of Victoria. Maggie can’t believe it and says she will call to talk some sense in to him. Sarah tells her not to because Xander might try to use it in court to try and prove she’s an unfit mother because he’s determined to take Victoria away from her. Maggie says she’s so sorry. Sarah mentions that Maggie told her not to lie to Xander and she didn’t listen, so she made a very stupid choice and she’s made such a mess of things. Maggie understands she did what she thought was right at the time. Maggie encourages that Justin will see to it that she does not lose her baby. Constantine comes back in, so Maggie introduces him to Sarah. Constantine informs Sarah that he’s making dinner tonight and invites her to join them which she accepts. Sarah says she’ll go check on her daughter and be right down.

Sloan tells Xander that she wants to know tonight whether he’s all in or not because if he’s not, she’ll just give him his retainer back. Melinda shows up. Sloan tells her that they were starting to get worried. Melinda explains that her flight was delayed. Sloan tells Xander that she’s going to need to speak to Melinda alone but to think about what she said and get back to her on it. Xander agrees to think about it and exits. Sloan pulls out her phone to call Eric but Melinda says not to yet because she needs to talk to her without him being present. Sloan asks why. Melinda informs her that they’ve hit a snag and that securing a private adoption for Sloan and Eric could prove problematic which Sloan questions. Melinda brings up Sloan’s lawsuits against Paulina and Chanel and how she covered up for her brother’s illegal actions. Sloan argues that he deserved a defense. Melinda notes that some of the adoption lawyers she spoke with were worried which upsets Sloan. Melinda explains that they are concerned about Colin playing a role in Sloan’s child’s life. Sloan argues that Colin is in prison and won’t be in her child’s life. Sloan pleads with Melinda to make this happen because Eric wants to be a father so bad and Sloan feels she has to be the one to make that happen for him.

Nicole gets her prescription and tells the nurse that she lost her copy of the genetic testing results that she and EJ had done, so she asks if she can get another copy. The nurse confirms she can and offers to make one for Eric too but Eric clarifies that they are just friends and he’s not the father of her baby…

Roman tells Steve that Eric is all excited about he and Sloan adopting a baby. Roman admits he still has a bad feeling but Eric seems to have convinced himself that Sloan is the one. Kayla barges in and declares that she needs a vodka on the rocks which Roman goes to make. Kayla sits with Steve, who asks if she had a bad day at the hospital. Kayla responds that it didn’t start out that way until the day took a turn and she was handcuffed to a hospital bed. Roman returns with Kayla’s drink. Steve declares that he’s going to give Dimitri a beat down for handcuffing Kayla. Kayla insists that she’s fine and that Dimitri didn’t want to hurt her, he just wanted to get away. Kayla adds that Rafe and Jada showed up as Dimitri and Leo were getting away. Steve questions Leo being involved in this too. Kayla asks Steve to just let the police handle it and insists that she’s fine. Kayla suggests Steve stay and have a drink with her. Kayla tells Roman to get Steve anything he wants on her and that he can get himself something too. Kayla says she just wants a drink and then dinner and to forget about this day. Steve vows to make Dimitri regret every laying a hand on her.

Theresa claims that she hopes Alex didn’t think she was hinting at staying with him. Alex admits he’s not crazy about living alone and thinks he would like having her as a roommate since she makes decent company. Alex brings up what happened between them in Greece and admits it was impulsive and maybe a mistake so he suggests they take a step back, slow it down and get to know each other better. Alex asks what she thinks. Theresa responds that if he’s serious about the offer, she’d be a fool to say no. Theresa then agrees to become Alex’s new roommate. Theresa tells Alex to save some closet space as she heads to pack her things at the Salem Inn.

Sarah compliments Constantine on the dinner he made and Maggie thanks him as well. Constantine decides he will go take a walk around the city. Maggie offers to go with him but Constantine says he’ll be fine and he won’t be long as he exits. Sarah calls him a lovely man which Maggie agrees with.

The nurse goes to print Nicole’s DNA report. Eric and Nicole joke about that being awkward. Nicole remarks that the nurse didn’t know that at one time, they thought he actually could be the father. Nicole says that’s over now and one day, Eric and Sloan will have a baby of their own. Eric tells Nicole it was good to see her and to take care of herself as he walks away.

Melinda tells Sloan to calm down. Sloan argues that it’s bad enough that she lost Eric’s baby and she’s the reason that he doesn’t know he’s the father of Nicole’s baby. Melinda argues that what Eric doesn’t know won’t hurt him and that she doctored the DNA results so good that Nicole has no idea that she’s carrying Eric’s baby. Sloan worries about Colin screwing this up for her. Melinda assures that he won’t. Melinda vows to get Eric and Sloan a baby. Sloan calls her a good friend. Melinda calls this her first case in private practice and says she will keep her posted as she exits. Eric comes home and kisses Sloan. Sloan comments that he was gone a long time. Eric talks about just getting in to see his friend at the hospital and asks what Melinda said. Sloan claims that Melinda said everything is looking good, it’s all smooth sailing and that before Eric knows it, he’ll be a dad as they hug.

The nurse returns to Nicole with the DNA test results and hands them to her in an envelope.

Xander confronts Justin in the town square about not telling him that he was the father of Sarah’s baby. Justin argues that he, Bonnie, and Maggie all tried to convince Sarah to tell him the truth. Justin says that Sarah is a wreck while Xander complains that he’s the one that was lied to and how that feels. Justin relates to feeling the same about Anjelica lying to him about being Alex’s father when it was really Victor. Justin adds that at least Xander found out while Victoria is still a newborn so he has her whole life to do right by her. Xander thinks Justin means he should settle for having her every other weekend, if that. Justin tells Xander that he and Sarah need to stuff their anger and put Victoria’s interests first. Justin then walks away. Xander pulls out his phone and calls Sloan. Xander says he thought about what she said and he wants her to do whatever she has to. Xander doesn’t care as long as he brings his little girl home with him.

Sarah tells Maggie that it does her heart good to see her enjoying herself. Maggie admits she likes having an old friend of Victor’s around. Maggie calls it a miracle that Constantine showed up when he did. Sarah is happy for anything that makes Maggie smile. Maggie responds that she’d smile more if Sarah was less stressed. Sarah assures she’ll be fine. Maggie suggests that Sarah go rest so she goes to do that.

Alex prepares extra blankets and pillows as he comments on Theresa staying in his second bedroom. Alex hopes this isn’t a bad idea.

Theresa packs her bags at the Salem Inn when Constantine shows up at her door to surprise her. Theresa responds that she told him to stay put in Greece until he heard from her and questions what the hell he’s doing here.

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Days Update Thursday, October 19, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Gabi asks Stefan how they are going to get Kristen to sign away her shares while kicking EJ out. Stefan responds that Kristen won’t sign the shares willingly so they are going to have to use her Achilles heel; her daughter, Rachel.

Kristen brings Rachel home to the DiMera Mansion and they talk about having the best time shopping together. Kristen suggests they do it every week. Rachel wishes they could do it every day but Kristen reminds her that she has school, swimming lessons and piano lessons. Holly then storms in and calls Rachel a brat. Kristen questions if there’s a problem. Holly responds that someone needs to set Rachel straight or she’s going to break her face.

Tate goes to the Brady Pub where Brady and Roman are waiting. Brady informs Tate that Roman has decided to give Tate a job and calls it a great way for Tate to begin paying back his sizable debt. Roman welcomes Tate to the family business and says he will be the maintenance manager or dishwasher. Brady jokes that it will be pretty tough on the hands as Tate shakes his head.

Rafe and Jada wait at the hospital as Rafe questions what is taking so long. Jada encourages him as Rafe complains that he won’t be happy until they get Dimitri in a cell. Kayla comes over so Rafe tells her that they are ready to take Dimitri to jail but she has to sign off on his release. Kayla responds that she’s sorry but she can’t do that.

Dimitri asks Leo if he’s going to bust them out. Leo asks why it’s all on him and complains that Dimitri got himself arrested for attempted murder. Leo says he didn’t say he would bust him out and just questioned how they would do it. Leo asks how he would know how to sneak out of a hospital. Dimitri calls Leo brilliant and declares that it’s up to him to make sure they have a happy ending.

Rafe tells Kayla that Dimitri’s doctor said he’s ready to be transferred. Kayla says that may well be but they have a strict protocol and the doctor has already left for the day and they are the only person authorized to sign that kind of letter. Jada argues that Kayla knows what Dimitri has done and they can’t risk him slipping away again. Kayla offers to try to find another doctor. Rafe asks why Kayla can’t do it. Kayla responds that she’s swamped. Jada pleads with Kayla, arguing that the hospital is not secure and Dimitri needs to be behind bars.

Leo tells Dimitri that he would do anything for them to sail off in to the sunset together. Dimitri tells Leo to focus as he is his only hope and his only way out or else they will toss him in a cell and throw away the key. Leo declares that now is the moment and asks himself what would Lucy and Ethyl do.

Roman tells Tate that he’s glad he’s on board with them at the family Pub. Roman says he will go call his grandma Kimberly to tell her the good news. Brady encourages Tate to give it a chance. Tate argues that it doesn’t make sense. Brady says it isn’t just about the money but about him. Brady asks if he thought he was just going to let him skate on pulling the fire alarm at school. Brady understands boarding school might not have been the best choice for him but he has to find a way to take a different path and start over. Tate mocks this being a father-son moment after two years of only seeing him at sports events. Brady warns Tate to watch his tone. Tate argues that he’s only the center of Brady’s world now because he doesn’t have Rachel anymore, so he’s making due with him.

Kristen warns Holly that it’s not a good idea to threaten a DiMera in the DiMera Mansion. Holly calls Rachel an annoying brat who takes what isn’t hers. Holly accuses Rachel of using her shampoo which Rachel denies. Kristen questions this being over shampoo. Holly complains that she had to beg her mom to buy it as it’s Taylor Swift’s brand and really expensive while now it’s almost empty. Rachel remarks that the boys won’t like her anyway. Kristen tells her that’s enough and declares this fight is over. Rachel argues that Holly started it. Holly remarks that she always wanted a little sister, but after living with Rachel, she’s now praying that Nicole’s baby is a boy.

Gabi asks Stefan how they get Rachel to force Kristen’s hand. Stefan admits he’s not quite sure but they do know that Rachel is the one thing that Kristen values more than anything on the planet, so whatever they do has to make Kristen feel cornered and desperate. Gabi can only think of one way to accomplish that and declares they have to kidnap Rachel. Stefan says that would certainly get Kristen’s attention. Gabi calls it her only idea. Stefan says he’s not saying it won’t work but thinks it’s overdone since Brady and Eric tried the exact same thing but it didn’t go too well. Gabi questions him nixing her idea because it’s not original. Stefan brings up the risks and consequences like them going to jail for 10-20 years. Stefan points out that kidnapping can be traumatic for the victim. Gabi argues that Rachel is a DiMera and in that family, kidnapping is like a rite of passage. Stefan thinks it’s overkill but says there is a germ of an idea there since they’ve established that Rachel is Kristen’s one vulnerability. Stefan suggests bribing the judge who awarded Kristen custody to help them realize their dreams.

Kristen reminds Rachel that Holly is a guest in their home until Nicole blows it with EJ and tells Holly that Rachel is still a little girl. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen for cookies. Kristen then tells Holly that she will replace her shampoo and offers to give Holly her own money to buy the shampoo because she wants Holly and Rachel on better terms. Holly questions if Kristen wants to pay her to get along with her kid but Kristen says not exactly.

Brady admits to Tate that he should’ve seen him more in California and he apologizes as that’s on him. Brady adds that he does miss Rachel like crazy but he’s not pivoting to Tate because he lost custody of her. Tate remarks that maybe it’s not on a conscious level. Brady says he’s trying to catch up with him here and he loves him which is why he’s trying to instill responsibility in him with this job. Tate knows he messed up and he’s sorry but insists that making him work here will be a waste since he will terrible at washing dishes and miserable the entire time. Brady wants him to take responsibility for his actions. Tate asks what if he did something for Brady instead that’s really important and could change his life for the better. Tate says Brady misses Rachel like crazy, so what if he helps him with that by talking Brady up to Rachel and getting her to admit she misses him too. Brady then asks what’s in it for Tate.

Jada suggests she and Rafe just get Dimitri out of here and deal with the hospital later but Kayla comes back with Dimitri’s chart. Jada asks if they can take him now. Kayla says she still has to examine him but she’ll make it quick. Kayla insists that after what happened to Kate, she wants Dimitri out as fast as they do.

Leo tries to come up with a way to get Dimitri out of being handcuffed to his hospital bed. Dimitri worries that they are running out of time. Leo offers to try to pick the lock with a paperclip. Kayla comes in and interrupts them. Kayla asks Leo to leave so she can examine Dimitri before the police take him to jail. Leo asks for a few minutes to say goodbye but Kayla says no, so Leo exits. Kayla goes to examine Dimitri but he escapes the handcuffs and grabs her.

Tate questions Brady thinking he needs an ulterior motive to help him out. Brady calls it right out of Theresa’s playbook so Tate admits that he does have an ulterior motive. Brady says he’s not getting out of the job. Tate says it’s not that and explains that he needs a reason to go to the DiMera Mansion and Rachel is that reason because Holly sent him a text, saying that he’s dead to her. Brady asks what he did. Tate says he accidentally told Nicole something that Holly didn’t want her to know. Brady guesses he needs an excuse to go over there and grovel. Tate states that he’ll help Brady with Rachel if he helps her with Holly and asks what he says to that.

Kristen brings up Nicole talking about Holly being on the honor roll which means she can help Rachel in math. Holly questions tutoring Rachel. Kristen assures that she’ll make it worth her while. Holly responds that she’ll be able to afford whatever she wants when Nicole marries Kristen’s rich brother EJ, so she declines. Holly then decides maybe she’ll do it if Kristen will help her score points with the boy that she loves.

Gabi tells Stefan that bribing a judge is just as risky and illegal as kidnapping. Stefan jokes that Gabi does her best thinking when she’s turned on. Stefan suggests tweaking the idea to dangle custody over Kristen’s head with minimal risk. Gabi decides they don’t need the judge to pull this off, they just need Brady. Gabi says Brady would do anything to get Rachel back and Kristen knows that. Stefan adds that Kristen knows if Brady had something on her, he’d be back in the court room so fast. Gabi says they need something to make Kristen look like a bad parent. Stefan goes over manufacturing proof, show it to Kristen and threaten to go to Brady, using it to force Kristen to sign over her shares. Gabi calls it a good plan but says it’s not complete because Kristen actually is a good mother, so they have nothing on her. Stefan says that’s true but he knows Gabi will come up with something.

Kristen questions Holly wanting to use her daughter to get what she wants with some boy. Kristen doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Holly mocks her thinking it’s unethical. Kristen warns her about getting on her nerves. Holly brings up Kristen’s reputation for arranging things and says she could really use the help while making Rachel a math whiz. Kristen first wants to know the boy’s name. Holly then reveals that it’s Kristen’s nephew, Johnny. Kristen argues that Johnny is not a boy and is about to become her stepbrother. Holly argues that they aren’t blood related. Kristen thinks Holly is a bit young for Johnny. Holly points out that they get along really well and that Johnny said living there has been more bearable since she moved in. Kristen remarks that it sounds like the love affair is pretty one sided. Holly insists that Johnny would be interested if he thought about it but he’s distracted right now, so he sees right through her. Holly says Johnny and Chanel are just starting to get back together, so she could use the help before they get too far along. Kristen doesn’t think she has much influence over Johnny and questions Holly thinking she can’t do this herself. Holly notes that Chanel isn’t her only problem as Nicole almost found out how she feels thanks to this jerk Tate Black. Tate then arrives and tells Holly to tell him how she really feels.

Roman tells Brady that Kimberly was really happy that Tate’s going to be working at the Pub and thinks they are doing the right thing. Kate comes over and calls it a wonderful day, mentioning that the news said the police are at the hospital to transport Dimitri to the county jail. Roman guesses he’ll finally be paying for what he did to Kate. Kate says he won’t be paying until he’s in Hell but it’s a start.

Rafe finishes a call and informs Jada that a nurse is on the way from the 5th floor with a wheelchair to get Dimitri out. Leo overhears this and heads for the 5th floor.

Kate and Roman relate with Brady about dealing with angry children. Brady talks about Tate thinking he hung the moon and now being his severest critic. Brady says he agreed with most of what Tate said. Kate encourages Brady and asks if Tate is working yet. Brady clarifies that Tate went to the DiMera Mansion to see Rachel as he’s apparently going to help him with his custody arrangement which Roman laughs at.

Kristen hugs Tate and says he’ll always be Christopher to her. Kristen comments on how he’s grown up. Tate greets Holly, who asks what he’s doing here. Tate says he came to see Rachel since he hasn’t seen her since coming back from California. Kristen says she’s sure Rachel would love to see him and asks how long he’s in town. Tate informs her that he actually moved back. Kristen calls that wonderful and goes to get Rachel. Holly doesn’t buy that Tate came to see Rachel and asks what he didn’t get about he’s dead to her. Tate knows he messed up and apologizes as he didn’t know Nicole was her mom. Holly talks about having to lie to Nicole to cover up. Tate asks who it is that Holly is in love with, then says it’s none of his business. Holly decides that everyone’s going to know sooner or later and tells him not to spread it around. Holly then reveals that she’s in love with Johnny DiMera. Tate is surprised and comments on Johnny being a little old for her. Holly responds that she didn’t ask for his opinion, so Tate apologizes. Tate knows texting her hasn’t done any good so he took the first excuse to come over and apologize in person. Tate talks about the night he met her in the park and how he was in a bad place after getting kicked out of school. Tate tells Holly that Nicole bought her story so if he sees her again, he promises to back it up. Tate adds that Holly is the only friend he has in town, so he’d really like to start over.

Gabi tells Stefan that they don’t need Kristen to be a bad parent, they just need Rachel to be in some kind of trouble that Kristen can be blamed for. Gabi is sure Brady will help and suggests cooking up something that makes Kristen look bad then tell her it’s either the shares or she loses Rachel. Stefan points out that this means they’ll have to stab Brady in the back after he helps them out and Kristen will insist on destroying the evidence. They wonder what’s next and if they need another plan.

Jada wonders what’s taking the nurse so long with the wheelchair while Rafe wonders what’s taking Kayla so long. Rafe says screw it and for them to go get Dimitri so they head to his room.

Dimitri has overpowered Kayla and handcuffed her to the hospital bed, then takes her phone so she can’t call for help. Kayla asks how he got out of the handcuffs. Dimitri responds that Leo is very good with his hands and he’ll be back any minute to bust him out. Kayla argues that he won’t get away with it and asks how they’ll get past security. Leo then returns dressed as a nurse with a blonde wig and brings in the wheelchair for Dimitri.

Kate questions Tate infiltrating the DiMera fortress to get Brady closer to Rachel. Roman calls that good of him to do. Brady notes that Tate does have an ulterior motive of scoring points with a girl.

Tate tells Holly that if Nicole ever finds her blunt, she can blame him. Holly says whatever and they’re good. They agree to be friends as Tate promises that he won’t try to kiss her again. Holly agrees to move on. Tate offers a handshake but Kristen comes back in and says it’s weird that she can’t find Rachel.

Rachel is eating ice cream in Gabi and Stefan’s room. Rachel notes that she’s not supposed to have this until after dinner. Stefan says it will be their little secret. Stefan brings up when they played 20 questions and suggests they play again, but this time he has a secret for Rachel to guess.

Gabi goes to see Brady and asks how he’d like to get his daughter back.

Rafe and Jada go to Dimitri’s hospital room and find Kayla handcuffed to the bed. Kayla explains what happened and that Leo wheeled Dimitri out.

Dimitri drops Kayla’s phone in the trash as Leo wheels him onto the elevator and they escape the hospital together.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Pub, Jada tells Rafe that she’s sorry for falling apart like this over Talia leaving town while Rafe assures her that it’s okay and understandable. Kate comes over and asks what’s wrong. Jada informs Kate that Talia is leaving town and on her way to the airport. Kate mentions Talia just getting a job at the hospital and she thought she was happy. Jada responds that she was until recently. Kate guesses it’s about sleeping with Shawn and the ramifications of it. Jada is surprised that Kate knew. Kate explains that Marlena told her. Kate says no judgment, but she thinks it’s probably best for Belle, Marlena, and Talia to not be in close proximity. Jada just wishes it didn’t end up this way. Kate understands it’s been great for her to have her little sister but assures that she and Rafe are always there for her.

Gabi catches up to Stefan outside the DiMera Mansion and asks how long he’s going to give her the silent treatment. Stefan brings up Gabi turning Vivian in to the police and her now being on the run. Gabi asks if it’s really so bad and thinks she did her a favor. Gabi encourages Stefan to focus on the positives in that they have Dimitri and Megan’s shares and now Dimitri will be headed straight to the penitentiary.

Leo brings Dimitri dessert in his hospital room then says he’s not going to share because he doesn’t deserve it. Leo declares that they could’ve had it all but Dimitri ruined everything.

John calls Marlena and informs her that he got his father set up in an assisted living home and how great he’s doing. John adds that it’s just a short drive up the road so they can all see him anytime. Marlena is glad they found room for him since they have a full house with Tate moving in. John says it would be almost perfect if Belle wasn’t going through such a rough time. John asks if Marlena can leave work early so they can go check on Belle. Marlena responds that she doesn’t have any other patients today so that could work well, but then Paulina arrives and tells Marlena that she needs her help.

EJ sits at home and calls Susan to make sure she got home safely. EJ tells her that he loves her and hangs up. Gabi and Stefan enter the room. Gabi jokes about how ruthless EJ and Stefan are but they turn in to total saps with their mother. Stefan remarks that Gabi doesn’t quite understand the bond between a mother and son. Stefan tells EJ that he was elated to hear that Susan is still alive. EJ thanks Stefan and says for what it’s worth, he’s sorry that Stefan’s mother was forced to go on an extended vacation. EJ questions Vivian only shooting Dimitri to protect them which Stefan confirms. EJ doesn’t understand why Dimitri snapped and asks why he decided suddenly that he wanted Gabi and Stefan in an early grave.

Dimitri didn’t realize that Leo was so angry with him. Leo reminds Dimitri that he told him not to kill Gabi and Stefan but he tried to do it anyway. Dimitri argues that he didn’t plan for it to happen. Leo complains that Dimitri threatened them with a gun and now the love of his life is going to prison.

Marlena tells John that she has to go and they’ll talk later as she hangs up. Marlena asks what she can do for Paulina. Paulina asks her to rescue her from her frustration and misery because Abe is on the brink of getting his memory back, so she needs Marlena to push him over the edge.

John calls Belle and says he was thinking that he and Marlena could stop by later with some of her favorite food. John says he understands she needs her space and tells her not to be sorry. John tells her that they are there for her if she ever needs them and they love her as he hangs up. Abe then arrives so John asks what’s going on. Abe apologizes for dropping in unannounced but says he was just wondering if he could speak with Belle. John says he’s afraid Belle doesn’t live here but he just got off the phone with her. Abe remembers that it’s John’s son that lives there and says it’s hard to keep track. John asks what he wants to speak to Belle about. Abe reveals that he was wondering if Belle could help him file for divorce. John questions Abe wanting to divorce Paulina and says he was under the impression that things were getting better between them. Abe says they were and talks about going to her place for dinner last night. Abe talks about how Paulina thought he remembered where the wine was and she was so excited that she went on and on about it for the rest of the night. John questions him wanting to end his marriage over that and asks why he would be upset with her over getting excited that she thought he got his memory back. Abe clarifies that he’s not upset with Paulina but he’s divorcing her because he’s come to care about her so much, that he’s divorcing her for her own good.

Paulina tells Marlena about Abe remembering where the wine was and insists it had to be a memory. Paulina wants to unlock more memories with hypnosis or electroshock. Marlena senses Paulina’s anxiety and pain means she could benefit from some therapy herself.

Jada asks Rafe if Harris is going to be her new partner. Rafe points out that it’s an unorthodox hire and that Paulina and Jada both have to sign off on it first. Jada responds that Harris was a navy SEAL so she’s sure he’s more than qualified for the position. Jada adds that Harris practically saved Rafe’s life in London. Rafe thinks he could’ve handled Edmund Crumb on his own. Jada jokes about bruising Rafe’s ego. Rafe notes that he did speak to Harris about their potential first assignment together, as he wants them to figure out who kidnapped Susan after the car crash and shipped her off to London.

EJ knows that Dimitri has always had homicidal tendencies but feels Stefan and Gabi must have done something to set him off. They think back to Dimitri holding a gun on them. Gabi informs EJ that they discovered Dimitri only married Gwen so he could inherit his fortune, found out that he was sleeping Leo behind her back, and decided to blackmail him. Stefan claims they were only blackmailing him for half of the fortune, but now Gwen is on her way to find it and leaves them empty handed. EJ remembers he has an errand to run and says they can pick this up later as he exits. Gabi questions why Stefan lied because she was looking forward to telling him that they got Dimitri and Megan’s shares. Stefan responds that it’s best that EJ doesn’t know until they figure out how best to use their shares.

Dimitri questions Leo saying he’s the love of his life which Leo confirms. Dimitri says he loves him too. Leo talks about never feeling this way about anyone before and calls Dimitri his fairy tale prince. Leo says he never thought in a million years that something like this could happen to him. Leo repeats that they were so close until Dimitri screwed it all up. Dimitri admits he let the ego get the best of him and made a royal mess out of everything. Dimitri says he’s sorry. Leo argues that’s not good enough as he screwed over his best and only friend to be with him. They talk about Gwen leaving town. Leo remarks that Gwen deserves the fortune after how they treated her. Dimitri argues that it’s his money. Leo asks what good it’s going to do when he’s probably going to spend the next 20 years in prison. Dimitri says not if Leo helps bust him out.

Rafe informs Jada that Edmund swears he can’t remember the man who called him about Susan and Susan can’t remember anything until she was dropped off in London. Jada notes they don’t have much to go on. Rafe says he has his best detective on the case, so he’s not worried. Rafe then gets a call from Dimitri’s doctor, who informs him that Dimitri is well enough to be transferred to a holding cell. Jada offers to be his backup so Dimitri doesn’t slip through fingers like his mom did which Rafe agrees with as they exit the Pub.

Leo questions Dimitri wanting him to help him escape. Dimitri says they have some time until the cops transfer him to jail so they can look at this as a golden opportunity to find a way together. Leo says they could do that but argues that they would be on the run for the rest of their lives. Dimitri understands he’s asking a lot, but he did just call him the love of his life. Dimitri insists that they can still have their happily ever after but they have to act now. EJ then arrives and comments that Dimitri is looking well and on the mend. Dimitri asks what EJ is doing there. EJ brings him chocolate peanut butter which Harold said was his favorite. Dimitri calls that strangely kind of him. EJ asks why since he is his nephew and says he was appalled when he heard that Vivian shot him. Leo accuses EJ of bad acting and asks why he’s really here. EJ responds that since Dimitri is heading to prison, he thought there was a discussion to be had about he and Megan’s DiMera shares. EJ thought it would be best if he took possession of those shares as his uncle and his family, he promises to have his best interests at heart. Dimitri responds that he’s touched, but unfortunately he’s a little too late as he no longer has the shares.

Stefan and Gabi go to their bedroom. Stefan talks about how they have Dimitri and Megan’s shares which doesn’t give them a majority but puts them on equal footing with EJ, so the key is how to get the upper hand. Stefan talks about no one switching from EJ’s side. Gabi offers to still work her magic on Li but Stefan says he’ll pass. Gabi talks about being solid with their shares but Stefan is not so sure.

John tells Abe that he’s not following him since Paulina loves him, so a divorce is the last thing she wants. Abe responds that maybe it’s what she needs as he doesn’t want her to live in disappointment so maybe she needs to find someone without this baggage. John jokes that maybe Paulina would be better off with someone else and he has the perfect guy in mind.

Paulina questions why she would need therapy when her memory is fine. Marlena is concerned about her fixation on Abe’s memory. Paulina talks about wanting Abe to remember. Marlena suggests focusing on their current relationship since their dates have been going well. Paulina complains that they would be even better if Abe remembered. Paulina questions how long it’s going to take before it all comes back to Abe. Marlena thinks Paulina needs to prepare herself for the idea that Abe may never get his memory back. Paulina questions just surrendering when they have created years of memories. Marlena says she can cherish those memories but Abe doesn’t have them so she will have to be okay with that. Paulina refuses and says she’s very stubborn. Marlena urges her to find her way to acceptance or else she will be pressuring Abe to remember and he will feel like he’s let her down which could be the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Abe asks John who he thinks would be perfect for Paulina. John responds that it’s his dad which Abe questions. John calls it a long story but says they recently reconnected. Abe asks why he thinks they would be a perfect match. John says he has a lot going for him. Abe questions how old he is since John’s not exactly a spring chicken. John jokes that his dad is only 97 and how he really thinks Paulina would like him a lot. Abe questions if he’s out of his mind. John remarks that if he didn’t know better, he’d think Abe was getting a little jealous.

EJ asks Dimitri what happened to his shares. Dimitri reveals that he gave them away to Gabi and Stefan. EJ questions why the hell he did that. Leo argues that Dimitri doesn’t have to explain himself but informs EJ that Dimitri had no choice since Gabi and Stefan were blackmailing him which is why he pulled a gun on them. Leo adds that they refused to call an ambulance after Dimitri was shot until he signed over the shares. EJ calls them bastards. EJ gives Dimitri prison advice and throws away his dessert as he storms out. Leo calls that unnecessary and a total waste.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s more worried about Kristen and Peter’s shares. Gabi doesn’t see Kristen turning on them when she and EJ have a rocky relationship. Stefan worries about EJ trying to get Kristen to align with him, so they need to make sure Kristen is feeling warmly towards them. Gabi suggests they could also just take Kristen’s shares like they took Dimitri’s.

Paulina tells Marlena that she can’t lose Abe as he’s the love of her life. Marlena encourages her to stop worrying about the past and to focus on their future to start making new memories with Abe. Paulina agrees to take her advice and back off because all she wants is for Abe to have peace of mind and be happy, so she will do her damndest to help him get there. Paulina declares that she will do anything for Abe.

John says that Abe is talking a big game about letting Paulina go but he doesn’t think he’s ready to do that. Abe agrees that maybe he’s not, especially because he thinks he’s falling back in love with her. John calls that music to his ears and says filing for divorce would only hurt both of them. Abe asks what if he’ll never be enough for her or if he’s never going to be the man he was. John says he’s known Paulina for a long time and all she wants is him, with or without his memories. John assures that Abe and Paulina are meant to be together.

Gabi tells Stefan that maybe she shouldn’t have ratted out Vivian since she could’ve been useful right now. Stefan asks if she’s saying they should have Vivian shoot Kristen and refuse her medical attention until she signs her shares over to them. Gabi points out that it worked before. Stefan argues that he doesn’t want his sister to die. Gabi says they need to find a way to exploit her weakness like they did with Dimitri. EJ storms in and says they make him sick as Dimitri informed him that they forced him to sign over his shares. EJ thought they had a truce and questions what’s next. Stefan tells him to cut the holier than thou act and not to pretend that he didn’t go to the hospital with the same exact intention. Stefan remarks that EJ is just pissed because they beat him to the punch.

Leo tells Dimitri that he can’t stay mad at him. Dimitri asks if that means Leo might help bust him out of here. Leo says that would subject them to a lifetime on the run. Dimitri asks what is keeping Leo in Salem and what he has to lose. Leo brings up that his mother is in prison and he hates her but his therapist is working to reframe that. Dimitri points out that Leo doesn’t have any other friends now that Gwen is gone. Leo asks about his career with the gossip column. Dimitri asks if Leo loves his column or him more. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Rafe says he hopes they’re not interrupting.

Marlena goes home and asks John what time they are going to Belle’s. John responds that is not going to happen because Belle said she needed time alone right now. Marlena is so sorry she’s going through all this. John encourages that Belle is strong like Marlena. John asks Marlena about her last appointment. Marlena explains that it was more of a visit from Paulina who is going through it with Abe. John calls that interesting since Abe showed up here and they gave similar advice. They talk about being a team as they kiss.

Paulina and Abe meet in the town square. Paulina says she was really happy to get his call. Paulina apologizes if she seemed overzealous the other night about his memory possibly coming back as she knows it’s a lot of pressure to put on him. Abe notes that she was pretty intense but he does admire that about her. Paulina thanks him for understanding and asks why he wanted to meet. Abe responds that he thought he would take her to the Bistro for dinner which she agrees to and they walk off together.

EJ tells Gabi and Stefan that they are not going to push him out of the family business. Stefan says no one said they were going to. Gabi adds that they just want things to be fair and are happy to work side by side. EJ doesn’t believe them and warns that two can play at this game as he storms out. Stefan says that EJ is going after Kristen’s shares. Gabi says there is no time to waste then. Stefan says he just got a brilliant idea.

Rafe informs Dimitri that he and Jada are there to escort him to a cell at the Salem police department. Leo argues that Dimitri is still recovering from a gunshot wound. Jada points out that he’s also accused of attempted murder and his doctors said he made a full recovery and is fit to stand trial. Rafe says as soon as Kayla signs off on it, they’ll be on their way. Leo argues that they still have a few minutes. Rafe and Jada then leave the room while Leo then asks Dimitri how to get him out of here.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Rafe and Jada are in Rafe’s office where Rafe is reading Shawn’s letter of resignation. They talk about being surprised as Jada asks what Shawn is going to do now. Rafe states that Shawn is leaving town to be closer to his parents and there’s a great rehab facility out there. Jada says at least Shawn will get the help he needs. Rafe asks what she’s thinking. Jada knows Shawn promised it was just a one night stand with her sister and that it would never happen again, but she still can’t help but feel relieved that they will be very far apart from each other.

Talia finds Belle outside the Brady Pub and assures her that she’ll never have to worry about her dropping in on Shawn ever again. Belle responds that she knows, because Shawn just left town.

Chad sits in the park as he looks at he and Abigail’s wedding photo on his phone and wishes her a happy birthday, calling her still the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. Chad knows it’s been awhile since she’s been gone but he still misses her every day. Chad states that she’s still with him in his heart. Chad says they have a good birthday planned for her as Julie is going to meet him at the cemetery with the kids and he brought her flowers while the kids made a few things. Chad says they will remember the good times and how happy she made them all and how grateful they were for the time they had with her. Chad argues that they should’ve had so much more time and he’s tried to get rid of this anger because he knows that’s what she wants, but he can’t, because every time he thinks about finding her that night, he thinks about how she was taken from them. Chad states that when he thinks about Clyde Weston and what he did to them, he questions how that son of a bitch can live with himself.

Ava then gets a call from an unknown number. She answers and it’s Clyde, who informs her that a little birdie told him that Tripp had an accident at work today but he thinks she should know that it was no accident. Ava questions who this is. Clyde responds that she’ll find out soon enough because they have a lot to talk about. Ava questions why he attacked her son. Clyde says she misunderstood as he wasn’t able to do the deed himself since he’s locked up. Clyde repeats that they need to talk in person so he invites Ava to the prison and tells her to ask to see Clyde Weston. Ava questions why he would attack her son. Clyde responds that he will await her arrival, when all will be revealed and then hangs up. Tripp comes back out and questions where Ava is going. Ava responds that she has to take care of something and she’ll be back.

Talia asks Belle about Shawn leaving town and says she had no idea. Belle clarifies that they are still together and that Shawn just went to spend time with his parents and get the help he needs. Talia questions her not going with him. Belle says it’s none of her business but confirms that she’s staying in Salem. Belle then asks Talia to just stay away from her.

Rafe tells Jada that he knows how upsetting Talia and Shawn sleeping together was for Jada. Jada says Belle is the one really going through it. Rafe blames the alcohol for clouding their judgment but says Shawn realizes he has a problem and is going to get the help he needs. Rafe adds that in the mean time, he’s going to have to find Jada a new partner and since they are understaffed, he’s going to have to hire someone new. Harris then arrives and asks if Rafe has a moment.

Kate and Marlena sit together at the Pub. Kate asks if Belle is okay since she saw her earlier and she seemed off. Kate knows she and Shawn were having problems but she thought Marlena said he was doing okay and that Belle was encouraged. Marlena confirms that she was but then things went from bad to worse and it makes her sad, because Belle has supported and stood by Shawn during his drinking and his depression over his father and grandfather. Marlena then reveals that Shawn cheated on Belle with Talia Hunter.

Belle tells Talia that she doesn’t blame her entirely for what happened as she knows it’s on Shawn, but she knows she can understand why she doesn’t want to be around her. Belle acknowledges that it will be hard to avoid each other, so she suggests they just agree to steer clear of each other forever.

Ava goes to the prison and meets Clyde, asking what the hell is going on. Clyde says it’s a pleasure to meet her. Ava asks why he had her son attacked. Clyde responds that it’s because Ava screwed up his plans. Clyde explains that he’s trying to build a business empire from in prison and they were all but ready to launch when Ava nearly destroyed the entire operation. Ava asks how she did that. Clyde states that he couldn’t run a business from in prison so he needed a partner on the outside and the partner was a less than willing participant, but he found the means to force him to do his bidding until Ava stole his leverage. Ava questions what he’s talking about. Clyde responds that the partner he’s talking about is EJ DiMera.

EJ sits at home reading the article on Susan’s return until Chad arrives. EJ asks what brings him by. Chad explains that Thomas and Charlotte wanted to see Rachel and he thought it would be good for them to have a play date as they just came from Abigail’s grave. EJ acknowledges it as Abigail’s birthday. Chad is surprised he remembered. EJ responds that she was his sister in law and he misses her too.

Rafe asks what he can do for Harris. Harris responds that he was hoping to have a word with him and his assistant said now might be a good time, but he doesn’t mean to interrupt. Jada says she was just about to go grab lunch and exits. Rafe asks Harris what’s up. Harris admits he’s a bit reluctant given the circumstances and recent history. Harris then decides he thinks this is a mistake but Rafe stops him and asks what’s on his mind. Harris tells him he’s here because he needs a job.

Chad tells EJ that he still can’t believe the news about Susan and says EJ must be so happy and relieved. EJ confirms that he is and just wishes Susan could’ve stayed, but she went back to Memphis. Chad envies him since Susan may have gone home, but she’s just a flight away. EJ wishes that was the case with Abigail as he knows today is especially difficult on her birthday. Chad suggests they focus on the good news that EJ got his mom back and hugs him. EJ doesn’t think he’ll ever forget the moment that Harris Michaels brought Susan through those doors.

Rafe questions Harris needing a job and asks if he means here which Harris confirms. Harris knows he may not have experience with law enforcement, but Kate mentioned that the training skills he does have might could be of value to Rafe. Rafe asks if he means training in the Navy. Harris explains that he went to the police academy before the military. Rafe is sure he has quite the skillset and brings up how Harris worked for Megan Hathaway and kidnapped John and Steve. Harris says that’s not what he meant by being qualified. Harris thanks Rafe for his time and goes to leave but Rafe questions why he’s rushing off so fast when he didn’t say no.

Belle asks Talia if they understand that they are going to do everything they can to stay as far away from each other as possible. Belle then walks away. Talia starts crying as Jada approaches and asks if she’s okay. Talia states that Belle has every right to hate her. Jada argues that she has no right to be cruel to her. Jada offers to go talk to Belle but Talia asks her not to because she doesn’t want to cause more trouble and asks her to just leave it. Jada tells Talia that Shawn was complicit in what he did and Belle is going to have to realize that Talia didn’t mean to hurt her. Jada insists that this will get better and easier in time. Talia responds that she knows it will, because she won’t be here.

Wendy comes home to Tripp and says she didn’t expect him to be there. Tripp asks how it went at the unemployment office. Wendy says she filed her claim and then got out of there, calling it the worst afternoon which is why he’s a sight for sore eyes. Tripp says the same after the day he had as they kiss. Wendy questions him being home instead of work. Tripp says he got out of there. Wendy asks about Ava coming back. Tripp hopes it won’t be soon but Wendy is not reassured. Tripp admits he doesn’t know where Ava is but she left in a hurry. Wendy asks if everything is okay. Tripp says that Ava did seem rattled as she said she had to take care of something.

Ava questions what Clyde is talking about in regards to leverage. Clyde reveals that he had Susan on ice in London, so Ava realizes it was Clyde that handed Susan over to Edmund Crumb. Ava questions how he did it from in prison. Clyde explains that an associate of his just happened upon an injured Susan right after the crash and it wasn’t difficult to find Edmund, so he just had her shipped on over. Ava questions him just sitting on her for a year. Clyde admits that finding investors for his business was more difficult than expected but Edmund had no problem keeping Susan under wraps until he had everything lined up, then he was going to use Susan to force EJ to run his business. Ava asks why EJ. Clyde tells her that he and EJ did business together before and last time he was out, he pitched working together again but EJ shot him down, so he found the incentive to force his hand until Ava stole his leverage. Ava says she rescued Susan and questions him trying to kill her son because she accidentally messed up his plan. Clyde clarifies that he didn’t try to kill Tripp and that it was just a warning. Clyde declares that he needs someone to replace EJ and that’s going to be Ava.

Jada and Talia go in to the Brady Pub. Jada asks Talia to tell her everything and asks what she meant by saying she’s not going to be here. Talia responds that she was thinking it’s probably best to go back to California. Jada argues that she’s settled here with a great job at the hospital. Talia says she’s grateful to Kayla for setting that up for her but she still has connections from Stamford and graduated top of her class. Jada encourages Talia not to let Belle run her out of town, arguing that she deserves to be here just as much. Talia is not so sure about that.

Rafe tells Harris that he was just giving him a hard time and says he’s going to have to be able to take that around here. Rafe admits Harris would be an invaluable asset to Salem PD, especially since they are severely understaffed. Harris asks if that means he’s hired. Rafe admits he has to run it by the mayor first, especially since it would be an unorthodox hire, and it might put him back in the headlines. Rafe says as long as the mayor doesn’t have a problem with it, he welcomes Harris to Salem PD as they shake hands.

Chad guesses they are lucky that Harris Michaels blew in to town. EJ supposes that’s true, but says none of this would’ve happened if Ava hadn’t remembered seeing Susan escape the car before it exploded. EJ hates to admit it, but he also has Ava to thank for bringing his mother home to him. Chad jokes about EJ having to eat crow and asks if EJ is actually turning over a new leaf and if he and Ava are square. EJ assures he won’t do anything drastic but he wouldn’t say they are square. EJ states that Ava may have brought Susan back to him, but she’s also responsible for her disappearing in the first place. EJ declares that he lost a year with Susan and he won’t forgive Ava for that.

Ava questions Clyde wanting her to run his new drug empire. Clyde points out that she used to run the Philly mob. Ava calls that a long time ago and says she’s starting over by getting a legitimate job. Clyde says he can get her one as he has connections at the Bistro in the town square. Clyde notes that it will be a front but she’ll look the part and none of her loved ones will know. Ava refuses to do it. Clyde expected her to put up a fight which is why he sent his friend to visit Tripp as a warning. Clyde warns Ava that if she doesn’t do what he asks, then her son’s a dead man.

Tripp tells Wendy that it might be about Harris Michaels since he was there when he came home and they were a little more than friendly. Wendy asks if he thinks something is going on between them. Tripp notes that Ava tried to deny it but says they are planning to have dinner. Wendy talks about the best relationships starting out as friendships like them. They kiss until Wendy notices Tripp’s bandage and questions what happened. Tripp admits he was attacked at work by a patient. Wendy questions not hearing a word about this. Tripp calls it not a big deal. Wendy argues that he got stabbed while Tripp calls it a minor cut. Wendy asks if the guy is facing charges after being arrested but Tripp reveals that he got away. Wendy worries that he’s still somewhere out there and could come back. Tripp assures that he won’t and that it was just some junkie that went nuts and it’s not like he was out to kill him…

Ava questions if she doesn’t agree to help Clyde. Clyde says from his perspective, it looks like she’s trapped. Ava calls that interesting coming from a guy in prison. Clyde thinks he’s proved that he can get to anyone on the outside and his friends would be too happy to visit Tripp on his behalf again. Ava guesses she doesn’t have a choice if she wants to keep her son safe, then she has to run Clyde’s business. Clyde believes she finally gets it. Clyde warns Ava to keep her mouth shut about their arrangement which he doesn’t think should be a problem as she strikes him as someone really good at keeping secrets. Clyde believes this is the beginning of a very profitable friendship.

Harris tells Rafe that he really appreciates this and maybe there’s still a chance he can get a confession from EJ now that he’s working for the Salem PD in an official capacity. Rafe admits that thought crossed his mind but reveals he has something else in mind for Harris.

Jada insists that Talia belongs to be here but she disagrees. Talia asks how she’s supposed to have a life here when she works at the hospital with Belle’s mother. Talia says not to even get her started with Chanel as she thought that would be something but now seeing her with Johnny hurts way too much. Talia calls Salem a failed experiment for her. Jada knows she had a lot of disappointment but she’s still here and she loves her. Talia says she loves her too, but this isn’t just spur of the moment as she’s been thinking about it for awhile now. Talia asks Jada not to try to talk her out of leaving because it’s something she really needs to do. Talia then heads to their room to go pack her bags while Jada holds back tears. Rafe arrives and joins Jada. Rafe knows it’s been hard for her but Talia’s grown up a lot in the last few months, so if she says it’s time to go, then he believes her. Rafe adds that it’s not necessarily forever and maybe she’ll come back. Talia comes back with her bag packed and confirms she booked the last seat on the last flight to California tonight. Rafe hugs her and says they will miss her but he can’t blame her leaving before the Midwestern winter. Rafe offers a ride to the airport but Talia says she has a car coming. Jada asks if she has everything. Talia thinks so but knows if she forgets anything, Jada will mail it to her. Jada jokes that their mom would buy her new things anyway. Jada cries that she’s going to miss her so much and they hug. Jada tells Talia to be safe and she loves her as Talia then exits the Pub. Rafe hugs Jada as she cries.

Wendy looks on her laptop that her unemployment was approved but in order for her benefits to continue, she will need to show meaningful proof that she’s actively searching for a new job. Tripp suggests it could be a bonding opportunity with Ava since she’s looking for a job too.

Harris finds Ava in the town square and asks if she’s okay. Ava says she’s fine. Harris then informs her that he just got a job at the Salem PD. Ava is surprised Rafe hired him but calls that great. Harris admits he couldn’t believe it and reveals that Rafe has already assigned him his first case, as he wants him to find the person who delivered Susan to Edmund Crumb.

Chad tells EJ that he’s going to round up the kids for ice cream for Abigail’s birthday. EJ says his heart breaks for Chad and he may not want to hear this, but EJ wishes he killed Clyde when he had the chance, especially when he’s around Chad’s children after their mother was cruelly taken away from them. Chad responds that he doesn’t mind hearing that because he’s often consumed with anger. EJ calls it a shame that Belle and Shawn showed up last year before they had a chance to take Clyde out as it would’ve been quite fun watching him bleed out in the cemetery.

Clyde looks over the article on Susan’s return and declares that it looks like this is going to work out after all as he laughs.

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Days Update Monday, October 16, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad sits at home as Stephanie walks in and thanks him for letting her sleep in as she was up until 3 AM with a PR crisis. Stephanie adds that Chad was dead asleep when she got home so they didn’t get to end the night like they usually do. Stephanie suggests they can start the day that way instead and goes to kiss Chad but he pulls away.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sarah tells Xander that she wasn’t expecting to come face to face with Susan Banks, alive. Sarah says it must be such a huge weight off Xander’s shoulders to know he’s not a killer after all. Xander admits he’s so glad she made it as he spent so many sleepless nights racked with guilt over what happened to her. Xander acknowledges that Sarah thinks he’s a horrible person but Sarah says she never thought that. Sarah says it was just everything that she thought happened that made her scared to let him back in to her life, but now here he is. They get close but Sarah apologizes and says this whole thing has gotten her emotional but she knows he’s with Chloe. Xander then reveals that he’s not because Chloe is moving to New York with Philip, so they are over. Xander declares that it doesn’t change anything between them because Sarah tried to deprive him from his own daughter and did everything to keep the truth from him. Sarah admits she regrets that and acknowledges that Victoria is just as much his and that depriving him of his daughter was terribly unfair. Sarah knows that she was wrong.

Ava guesses her and Harris both know what it’s like to want something so much that they’ll do anything to hold onto it. Harris takes Ava’s hand and they kiss. Ava then stops and questions what the hell they are doing.

Clyde Weston is sitting in prison with a tablet, reading the article about Susan Banks being alive.

At the hospital, Tripp greets Kayla, who welcomes him back. Kayla mentions hearing he had an adventure in London. Tripp still can’t believe all that happened with Susan being alive and getting Ava off the hook for murder. Tripp adds that Ava is now doing really well mentally and they released her from Bayview. Tripp calls it a lot to take in. Kayla asks if Ava is staying around Salem now. Tripp states that she hasn’t made a decision yet but he hopes whatever she decides to do gives her stability and peace of mind because the last thing she needs is more drama.

Harris tells Ava that he’s wanted to kiss her for quite awhile. Ava admits she has too, even though she just told Tripp that her feelings for Harris were not romantic. Harris relates to telling Marlena the same. Ava guesses they meant it at the time. Harris agrees and they continue kissing.

Xander questions Sarah admitting to him that she shouldn’t have kept him in the dark about his daughter. Sarah explains that it wasn’t a random decision. Sarah repeats that she knows it was wrong now, but at the time, it felt completely justified. Sarah thinks Xander can understand that but he says he doesn’t. Xander knows he’s been a screw up many times and made terrible decisions, but when they were together, every choice he made was because he loved her. Xander questions how she couldn’t know that he would also love their daughter with all his heart and be a good, loving father. Xander adds that he would never place Victoria in danger and would protect her with every cell of his being. Xander asks how Sarah could not know that.

Clyde reads about Susan being held captive by her ex-husband Edmund Crumb and that Edmund claimed in his statement that he received an unsolicited phone call after the crash, who then delivered Susan to him, and that Edmund claimed not to know the man’s identity. Clyde remarks that Edmund does speak the truth because there’s no way he would know who arranged his reunion with Susan. Clyde adds that even if Rafe and the cops put their heads together, they’ll still never figure out that it was him who accomplished that. Lucas then enters the prison waiting area and questions what the hell he accomplished.

Stephanie asks Chad what’s going on. Chad claims it’s nothing and apologizes. Stephanie argues that it’s clearly nothing and ask what she did to make him pull away like that. Chad responds that it’s not her, it’s him and apologizes for sounding cliche. Stephanie tells him that it’s okay and he can tell her what’s wrong. Chad then informs her that it’s Abigail’s birthday today. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry as she forgot and calls it thoughtless of her. Stephanie understands the day would be hard for him. Chad admits it’s been much harder than he thought it would be and that it was around this time last year that they found out it was Clyde Weston who took Abigail from them. Chad remarks that he almost killed Clyde and part of him wishes he would’ve shot him when he had the chance.

Clyde tells Lucas to keep moving. Lucas says he will with no problem because Clyde is the last person he wants to run in to today because it’s his niece Abigail’s birthday today. Lucas asks if Clyde remembers Abigail since he’s the one who murdered her in cold blood.

Tripp explains to Kayla how Ava got discharged but she had nowhere to go. Kayla understands he wants to be there for her. Tripp knows Kayla is not too thrilled about Ava staying with he and Wendy. Kayla admits that she is concerned and so is Steve. Tripp understands given their history with Ava, but assures that Ava is really doing better, has gotten treatment, and is going to therapy. Tripp declares that Ava seems committed to doing whatever it takes to get her life back on track. Tripp then gets paged to the emergency room and walks away.

Ava tells Harris that she’s been through a lot which has made them close. Ava states that even thought they both admitted to having feelings for each other, she’s having second thoughts. Harris agrees that they can put this on hold until they get their lives back on track, before they start something.

Tripp checks on the patient in the ER, Mr. Galvan, who tells him that he just took his regular meds and now he’s fine so he doesn’t need to be here. Tripp is concerned that the man may be hurting himself so he wants to take some blood and get him checked out. The man then pulls a scalpel out and declares that Tripp is not taking his blood, but he’s going to take some of his.

Sarah tells Xander that maybe she should’ve known that in spite of all of his screw ups, he would never actually put his own child in danger, but she didn’t. Sarah admits that she shortchanged him and says she’s truly sorry for that. Sarah feels that Xander is now shortchanging her if he’s not going to at least try to see it from her perspective. Sarah argues that she didn’t want her daughter to grow up with a father who could end up in prison or dead and she could never live with herself if something happened to him that affected their child. Sarah cries that she had to protect her and asks if he can understand that. Xander supposes that he can, but says he just wanted her to be happy and to give her a good life. Xander sees now that he got so desperate to make that happen that he made the terrible choices that caused him to lose the best thing to ever happen to him and the love of his life. Sarah insists that she loved him too and that when things were good between them, he had her whole heart. Sarah adds that he did make her so happy and calls walking away from him the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Kayla goes to the ER where Tripp is holding a towel over his arm and questions what’s going on. Tripp informs her that the patient got paranoid when he tried to take his blood and pulled out a scalpel before taking off. Tripp states that he got cut but it’s not too deep and just missed the artery. Kayla is sure security will catch the guy and tells Tripp to let her fix it up.

Ava tells Harris that she knows they are both kind of disoriented right now but she just doesn’t know where her life is headed right now. Ava points out that she’s staying with her grown son and his girlfriend on their couch, has no money, and doesn’t even know what kind of job she could get. Ava jokes that her only experience is a mob princess and she’s not interested in that kind of work anymore. Harris suggests not knowing exactly who she is could be a clean start and opportunity to reinvent herself. Ava says she has no idea what to do. Harris decides they can think for a second as they sit together. Harris asks Ava if she could do anything in the world, what would it be? Ava responds that she does love to cook so Harris suggests she could find a way to feed people for a living. Ava agrees to think about it, then asks what Harris would be if he could be anything.

Kate and Marlena sit together at the Brady Pub. Kate talks about doing her best to get her kids through the toughest times, but wonders if there’s more she could’ve done to make their lives easier now. Marlena encourages that all they can do is their best and the way their children turn out is up to the hands of God. Marlena declares that they can just hope they find their way. Kate guesses she’s just feeling abandoned with Philip going off to New York, Rex back in Chicago, Austin in Europe, and then Lucas. Kate talks about how Lucas had so much promise.

Clyde tells Lucas that he didn’t intend to kill Abigail. Lucas calls him a pathetic psycho and asks why it matters what he intended to do. Lucas argues that Clyde went to the DiMera Mansion with murder in his heart. Clyde argues that Belle just would’ve been collateral damage because he had to send EJ a message. Lucas calls him a sick bastard and asks how he lives with himself, knowing all the pain and suffering he caused. Lucas states that Clyde doesn’t deserve to be alive.

Stephanie reminds Chad that Clyde is locked up in prison where he belongs, so he can’t hurt him or anyone else he loves ever again. Chad points out that if he had killed Clyde, he wouldn’t be here for his kids. Stephanie adds that so many people love and need Chad. Stephanie hopes he knows that she’s one of those people as she hugs him. Chad apologizes for pulling away. Stephanie says it’s okay and he doesn’t need to apologize, especially not today. Chad decides he’s going to go to Abigail’s grave for a little while. Stephanie offers to go with him but Chad says he’d rather her not. Chad explains that he just needs it to be him and the kids today, so he hopes that’s okay. Stephanie assures that she totally gets it and she’ll see him later. Chad then exits the apartment.

Clyde tells Lucas that he won’t get all choked up for Chad’s loss since he and EJ are not so upstanding citizens. Clyde brings up that it was Chad that tried to kill him and then when he choked him back, EJ put a bullet in him. Lucas remarks that Clyde’s still here sucking up all the oxygen out of the room. Clyde asks if Lucas thinks he can change that and says he’d like to see him try, arguing that Lucas doesn’t have the guts. Clyde mocks Lucas losing his nerve when he wanted to kill Orpheus. Lucas argues that was because he thought Orpheus killed Kate but she turned out to be alive while Abigail’s not coming back. Clyde laughs at Lucas and says he couldn’t kill a stuffed deer. Clyde reminds Lucas that he has clout in prison and outside, so he warns him to be careful about who he threatens. Lucas doesn’t care and says he’s not scared of him. Clyde warns Lucas that he should be, because he doesn’t have to hurt him to hurt him. Clyde guesses that Lucas doesn’t want to be mourning another loved one as he then exits the room.

Kayla gets a text from security that they lost the patient who stabbed Tripp. Kayla then tells Tripp that he’s good to go. Tripp responds that he’s going to go back to work but Kayla reminds him that hospital policy says after being assaulted, he must be either be admitted into the hospital or go home. Tripp argues that he already missed all those days while in London. Kayla decides he’s going to miss one more and tells him to get going, so Tripp then exits.

Harris tells Ava that he’s got a room at the Brady Pub so he has to figure out how to pay rent. Harris mentions that Kate seemed pretty convinced that ths Salem police department could use him. Ava questions him wanting to be a cop. Harris says he did go to the police academy before enlisting in the military, but he’d have to talk to Rafe. Ava jokes that she can’t be a reference because she is not Rafe’s favorite person. Harris responds that he’ll try not to hold that against him.

Sarah tells Xander that the moment Bonnie and Maggie found out she was pregnant, they thought she should tell Xander that the baby was his and that Maggie was very upset with her for keeping it from him. Sarah talks about Maggie always being on Xander’s side and always reminding her that he did love her. Xander states that Maggie has a heart of gold. Sarah adds that Rex had nothing to do with her decision and it was all her, as she chose to keep Xander’s child from him. Sarah declares that now Susan is alive and she sees how affected Xander is by that, she thinks she’s made it clear that changes things for her. Sarah states that Victoria is Xander’s daughter and he was there for them the moment she was born. Sarah tells Xander that he is Victoria’s father and she wants him to be a part of her life.

Chad sits in the park with flowers when he gets a call from prison and it’s Lucas. Chad asks him if everything is alright. Lucas responds that it’s okay but he knows it’s Abigail’s birthday so he was calling to check on him. Chad says that’s nice of him and he appreciates that he remembered. Lucas wishes he could be there with Chad and the kids today. Lucas hopes Chad is around people who love him, assuring that he does have a lot of people who love him.

Stephanie goes to the hospital to see Kayla. Kayla hugs her and says she’s so glad to see her. Stephanie asks about all the security. Kayla says there was an incident with a patient who assaulted Tripp. Kayla notes that it was a minor cut but she still had to send him home. Kayla then asks what Stephanie is doing here. Stephanie says she wanted to take her to lunch but Kayla says she can’t take that long of a break since they are swamped and are already down a doctor. Stephanie remarks that it’s just one of those days where she’s going to keep hearing no. Kayla questions what she means. Stephanie then informs Kayla that today is Abigail’s birthday and she offered to go with Chad to visit her grave, but he told her that he didn’t want her there.

Lucas tells Chad that he ran in to Clyde Weston and he told him what a waste of life he thinks he is. Chad warns Lucas that he needs to get out of there in one piece so Thomas and Charlotte can spend more time with their Uncle Lucas, so he needs to steer clear of Clyde Weston. Lucas remarks that Clyde is the one that should steer clear of him. Chad tells Lucas not to do anything stupid. Lucas says he has to go as his time is up and tells Chad to take care of himself as they hang up. Chad then looks at a photo of Abigail on his phone.

Harris tells Ava that maybe once he gets a job, he can take her to dinner. Ava admits she would like that. Ava knows they decided to hold off on anything but friendship, but she doesn’t think a hug would cross any boundaries, so they hug until Tripp comes home and asks what’s going on. Ava thought he was going to be at work. Tripp says he was and apologizes as he didn’t know Harris would still be there. Harris says he was just leaving so Ava tells him to take care as he then exits. Tripp asks Ava what he missed.

Xander tells Sarah that he’s so happy they were able to work this out. Sarah suggests she go get their daughter to introduce her to her daddy. Sarah then gets a call from Justin and tells Xander that she will tell him they’ve decided to share custody and then they will figure out where to go from there. Sarah answers the call and is taken aback by what Justin tells her. Sarah hangs up and then turns to Xander to inform him that Justin just told her that Xander filed for full custody and that Sloan was going to make the case that she’s an unfit parent. Xander tells her that he was very angry when he made that decision since she was keeping Victoria from him and he thought she was being unreasonable. Sarah tells him to just wait until she gets him in court. Xander argues tha they can work this out but Sarah declares that now he has a fight. Sarah says she’s heard enough and she thought he changed. Sarah tells Xander to talk to his lawyer and get out because she doesn’t want to see his face until she has to see him in court. Sarah then storms out.

Stephanie tells Kayla that this is what she was worried about when she and Chad first started dating, knowing she could never take Abigail’s place in his life. Kayla calls just a very sad day in Chad’s life and encourages her to be patient because she knows Chad loves her. Stephanie declares that she believes that, but she doesn’t believe Chad will ever love her as much as he loved Abigail because she was the love of his life.

Chad looks at he and Abigail’s wedding photo on his phone and wishes her a happy birthday, calling her still the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. Chad knows it’s been awhile since she’s been gone but he still misses her every day.

Ava jokes with Tripp about having to check with him before having a friend over. Ava admits there is an attraction and they might have dinner soon. Ava then questions what happened to Tripp’s arm. Tripp says it’s nothing and explains that a patient got a little violent but he’s fine. Tripp adds that the cut isn’t deep and he’s taking antibiotics just to be sure. Ava hopes they caught the guy but Tripp says not yet. Ava hugs him and then Tripp goes to change clothes. Ava then gets a call from an unknown number. She answers and it’s Clyde, who informs her that a little birdie told him that Tripp had an accident at work today but he thinks she should know that it was no accident. Ava questions who this is. Clyde responds that she’ll find out soon enough because they have a lot to talk about.

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Days Update Friday, October 13, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric and Sloan are at home as Sloan finishes a call with Melinda. Sloan tells Eric what Melinda told her about their plans for private adoption and that Melinda can speed up the process once they get their marriage license, which is in the works. Eric jokes that before they know it, they’re going to be an old married couple with a kid as they kiss. Eric says he’s going to run down to the Pub for coffee but Xander shows up at their door. Eric questions what the hell he’s doing there.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Rex, who questions what the hell she was thinking by going behind his back to tell Sarah that she needs to set him free. Rex then informs Kate that Sarah took her advice and asked him for a divorce. Kate calls that the best news she’s had in ages.

Sarah sits in the town square, on the phone with Maggie. Sarah thanks Maggie for getting her daughter to sleep after she was up half the night with her. Sarah hangs up and then is shocked to see Susan Banks is alive.

Ava sits at home at Tripp’s apartment when she receives a call from Harris, who asks how her first night out of Bayview was. Ava says she had clean sheets, a knife that actually cuts, and time with her son so it’s Heaven. Ava mentions being glad to hear that Harris found a place above the Pub. Harris says now he just has to find a way to pay rent since there’s not a lot of help wanted from a washed up Navy SEAL, who’s most recent job was as a mercenary/hitman. Ava tells him not to say that about himself, pointing out that he saved her and Tripp’s lives and helped bring Susan home, so she would call him a hero. Tripp comes out from his room and hears Ava on the phone.

EJ joins Susan in the town square. Sarah tells him that this is incredible and asks if it’s really her. Sarah apologizes as she thought she was hallucinating but Susan really is alive. Sarah asks what happened and when she got back. Susan says it’s been all over the news and asks where she has been. Sarah responds that she has a newborn and has been so sleep deprived. Susan calls it wonderful that she has a baby. Sarah repeats that Susan is alive. Susan thanks God and a few very caring humans. Sarah decides she needs to sit down. EJ asks if she’s alright. Sarah sits down and realizes that she’s been so angry at Xander, blaming him for Susan’s death. Susan says now she doesn’t have to be angry anymore.

Eric asks Xander again what the hell he’s doing here. Xander informs him that he has a meeting with his lawyer. Eric argues that Sloan isn’t his lawyer because she would’ve told him, but Sloan reveals that she actually is. Eric questions what Xander did this time. Xander says he happens to be the injured party. Sloan reminds Eric that he was going to get coffee. Eric argues that Sloan should’ve told him which she admits. Eric agrees to leave them to their meeting. Sloan says she’ll see him soon as Eric then exits. Xander comments on Eric being ticked off. Sloan tells him to stop talking about Eric and to tell her why he thinks she can help him win full custody of his daughter.

Rex tells Kate that it’s not the bad news because he doesn’t want to divorce Sarah or turn his back on Victoria, who he calls his daughter. Rex doesn’t appreciate Kate going behind his back to tell Sarah that she’s leading him on and ruining his life. Rex adds that it was his idea to step up and be a father to Victoria. Kate argues that was to keep Xander from finding out the truth, but now he knows. Rex argues that it doesn’t make a difference but Kate says it does. Kate asks if he just thinks Xander is going to step aside and let Rex be the father to his baby. Rex insists that it’s not Xander’s call. Kate argues that Sarah has it hot for Xander and she thinks Rex deserves better. Rex says that’s enough. Kate tells him that she doesn’t like saying these things but the longer the charade goes on, the worse and more painful it will be in the end for him. Kate says she cares about Rex and tells him to take the out that Sarah is giving him by agreeing to the divorce and letting her go.

Harris tells Ava that’s nice of her to say, but he doesn’t think most people would agree. Ava states that he’s a hero to her. Ava then tells him that Tripp is there so she has to go. Harris says he’ll see her around as they hang up. Ava hugs Tripp and wants to make him breakfast to thank him for everything he did for her. Tripp says she’s his mom and she doesn’t have to thank him. Ava points out that if it wasn’t for Tripp and Wendy helping her and Harris get out of the country, she’d be dead now. Ava adds that she’d like to make breakfast for Wendy too but Tripp notes that Wendy already left for a job interview. Tripp praises Wendy, so Ava asks how serious things are between them. Tripp confirms they are very serious and that he’s in love with her. Ava says she’s so happy for him. Tripp then asks how serious it is between Ava and Harris.

Eric goes to the Pub to get his coffee and Harris greets him at the counter. Harris is sure that Eric is heard nothing good about him. Eric asks how Harris knows who he is. Harris explains that Roman just rented him his old room upstairs and gives Eric some pictures he found left in a desk drawer.

EJ tells Susan that it’s great that she’s alive, but that doesn’t change the fact that Xander kidnapped her and she lost a year of her life as a result. Sarah declares that Xander is not a murderer. EJ says not this time. Susan tells EJ to soften his judgment. Sarah says she’s so thrilled that Susan is alive and that she needs to get back to her baby. Sarah adds that she will tell Maggie the good news and walks away. Susan comments that Sarah certainly seemed hit hard by finding out that Xander didn’t kill her.

Sloan brings up that Xander said he wanted parental rights, but now full custody. Sloan reminds Xander that she knows what he has done and Sarah is a doctor. Xander argues that his big sin was killing Susan Banks but she’s alive and well so Sarah can’t call him a murderer. Sloan says that might help with parental rights, but he still kidnapped Susan. Sloan talks about how extreme it would be to take the baby from Sarah now. Xander calls Sarah an unfit mother for lying to him about not being Victoria’s father and putting another man’s name on the birth certificate. Xander adds that Sarah did the exact same thing to Eric and remarks that only a monster would keep a man from their own baby.

Ava tells Tripp that there is nothing between her and Harris but friendship. Tripp mentions hearing her call him her hero. Ava repeats that he is a hero for saving their lives. Ava adds that she knows Tripp doesn’t like Harris. Tripp says they’ve come a long way and acknowledges that he is grateful for everything Harris did. Tripp talks about Ava and Harris meeting in Bayview and everything they went through together. Ava states that they bonded. Tripp asks if she’s sure it wasn’t more than that.

Harris tells Eric that parts of his life have been a blur, but he’s been in treatment with Marlena, who swears that he’s no longer a threat or menace to society. Eric notes that Marlena is usually right about things. Harris tells him that he actually grew up in Salem and he knows people might find it strange that he’s sticking around after everything that went down, but it’s the only place he ever called home. Harris declares that now he’s looking to find out who he is and who he wants to be.

Sloan tells Xander that Eric mentioned something about that but it was vague, so she asks how exactly Sarah kept Eric from her baby. Xander explains that she did the exact same thing and told him another guy was the father. Xander adds that knowing how much Eric wants to be a father, she can imagine what that did to him. Xander says his point is, Sarah has a history of lying to keep men away from their own children. Sloan questions thinking that makes her an unfit mother, but admits it gives them a good play in court especially if they have a male judge. Xander doesn’t want to leave anything to chance and wants Sloan to go for the jugular, declaring that he hates Sarah’s guts.

Rex tells Kate that it’s not a question of him letting Sarah go. Kate points out that Sarah married Rex to fool Xander while Rex married Sarah out of love, so she no longer has any use for him. Kate worries that Rex will spend the rest of his life pining after Sarah. Rex stops her and says she’s not helping. Sarah stands in the doorway as Kate tells Rex to accept the fact that Sarah is never going to feel for him what he feels for her. Kate then turns around and sees Sarah, noting that they were just talking about her. Kate mentions that Sarah told her that she wants a divorce. Kate calls that sad because she knows exactly how hard she tried to save the marriage. Sarah agrees that it is sad. Kate calls it an inconvenient marriage. Rex asks Kate to leave so they can talk. Kate tells Sarah to leave Rex the hell alone as she then exits. Rex tells Sarah that he’s sorry about that but Sarah admits that Kate has a point that she asked so much from him and gave nothing back. Rex argues that they’ve been over this so many times. Sarah then informs Rex that she saw Susan Banks in the town square and it seems like she’s the last person in Salem to know that Susan is back and not dead. Rex mentions seeing the news and he was going to tell her. Rex asks what her reaction was. Sarah brings up that it gives Xander more of a leg to stand on in court. Rex asks if that changes Sarah’s mind about the divorce. Sarah says no and that she thinks Kate is right that it’s time for all of them to move on.

EJ and Susan sit together in the town square. Susan talks about seeing Sarah’s eyes light up when she realized that Xander was innocent. EJ argues that Xander is not innocent and that Susan was one of his victims. Susan urges EJ to lighten up and reminds him that they agreed that he would leave Ava and Xander alone. EJ argues that Ava and Xander are dangerous people who have done terrible things. Susan points out that EJ has too and brings up that Xander felt bad about kidnapping her which EJ mocks. Susan gets suspicious about what EJ is thinking and tells him to swear on her life that he will never harm a hair on their heads. EJ responds that he wouldn’t dream of it.

Eric tells Harris that he’s not the only one trying to figure things out. Harris says it was nice of Roman to give him the room but he does need a job. Eric mentions hearing Roman was looking for help at the Pub. Harris points out that Roman already hired Tate. Kate arrives and greets them. Kate brings up Vivian being arrested and shooting Dimitri. Kate then suggests Harris should go apply for a job at the police station. Harris questions doing that when he was just in a mental institution. Kate points out that they are looking for serious help and offers to give him a serious recommendation. Harris adds that he also just left the country on forged documents while Kate brings up that Harris saved Susan Banks, so he actually gets things done. Harris acknowledges that he and Ava did have some help from Susan.

Susan tells EJ that he better be telling her the truth, because she won’t be there to keep an eye on him which EJ questions. Susan then informs EJ that she’s going home to Memphis.

Rex tells Sarah that if she’s sure about the divorce, he’ll just go back to Chicago and she can send the divorce papers there. Sarah tells him that she’s really sorry. Rex says she has nothing to be sorry about as it was all his idea and he doesn’t want to drag it out. Rex hopes that Sarah won’t get taken in by Xander again.

Xander asks Sloan if she thinks he could win full custody. Sloan admits it will be an uphill battle since Sarah is the child’s mother and doesn’t have a criminal record. Sloan asks if Xander can’t see co-parenting. Xander says not after what Sarah did and if she stays married to Rex. Xander questions what kind of woman can lie to a man she says she cares about and remarks that as far as he’s concerned, a woman like that doesn’t deserve a second chance. Xander then walks out of the apartment.

Tripp asks Ava if she has any big plans for the day while he’s at work. Ava talks about it being the first time she’s had a day to herself in so long. Ava tells him to stop worrying about Harris and how he’s determined to leave his past behind and be a different person. Tripp points out that Ava did become pretty dependent on Harris in Bayview. Ava responds that after the last few months, she’d like to believe she’s finally a different person too.

Eric tells Harris that if there’s anything he can do for him, he can let him know. Harris thanks him and says it was nice to meet him as Eric then exits. Kate insists that Harris should go to the police station and offers to put a good word in for him with Jada, who Kate calls the only competent detective on the force. Harris agrees to think about it and thanks Kate as he then exits the Pub.

Rex asks Sarah if this is goodbye. Sarah says it’s not forever. Sarah hugs Rex as she cries. Rex says he will go pack and say goodbye to Victoria. Sarah thanks Rex for being the best friend in the world. Rex tells Sarah to be happy as he then exits.

EJ complains that Susan can’t leave when he just got her back. Susan reminds him that she has a husband waiting for her in Memphis. Susan jokes that EJ is just as jealous as Edmund was. EJ argues that he’s not about to kidnap her and chain her to the wall. Susan points out that Edmund didn’t do the kidnapping himself. EJ questions who handed her to Edmund.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Sarah that he wants to see his daughter. Sarah informs him that Rex is upstairs with her now and asks Xander to have the decency to let him say goodbye which Xander questions. Sarah explains that she asked Rex for a divorce and he agreed, so he’s going back to Chicago. Xander asks why. Sarah responds that it’s because of Xander.

Tripp tells Ava that he’s off to work and to let him know if she needs anything. Ava asks what he wants for dinner. Tripp says to surprise him. Harris then shows up at the door. Ava says they were just talking about him. Tripp tells Harris how grateful he is to him for saving their lives. Tripp then tells Harris that Ava has been through Hell more than once, so she doesn’t need to be dealing with anyone else’s baggage. Ava reminds Tripp that he has to get to work, so he exits. Ava tells Harris that she’s sorry about that. Harris gets that her son is being protective. Ava acknowledges that Tripp knows she’s been known to get obsessive about a guy and then get real stupid. Harris jokes that they might have that in common since he got obsessed with Hope and didn’t tell her that her husband was alive, then by the time he had a change of heart, it was too late. Ava guesses they both know what it’s like to want something so much that they’ll do anything to hold onto it. Harris takes Ava’s hand and they kiss.

Marlena meets Kate at the Pub and tells her that Harris texted her to let her know that he’s happy at the Pub and that everyone has been welcoming and kind. Kate is glad that Harris is feeling comfortable and mentions that Marlena just missed him as he just left. Marlena says she wasn’t looking for Harris and wanted to talk to Kate, to see how she’s doing with Philip leaving town for New York. Kate admits to feeling dread because he’s leaving with Chloe, but she is accepting that it’s his decision and there is nothing she can do about it. Rex arrives with his bag packed. Kate questions if he’s leaving town. Rex confirms he’s going back to Chicago. Kate asks why and argues that just because he’s leaving Sarah doesn’t mean he has to leave Salem. Kate complains that this is hard on her because Philip is leaving for New York with Chloe. Kate says now Rex is coming here to break her heart. Rex tells Kate that he loves her and he knows leaving is making her upset, but she can smile because he and Sarah are getting a divorce like she wanted.

Eric returns home to Sloan and says he knows that he needs to respect her professional judgment, but Xander pushes all his buttons. Sloan says she gets that but notes that Xander told her something that she didn’t know; that Sarah kept Eric from his child. Eric admits that’s not a part of his life that he likes to revisit. Sloan points out that Eric and Sarah get along now and are friends. Eric understands why Sarah did what she did, but the pain of what happened was all because of the result of a lie. Eric admits it’s not easy to forget the pain she caused him and everyone. Sloan looks worried as Eric hugs her.

Xander questions Sarah asking Rex for a divorce because of him. Sarah explains that she realized Xander was going to make her life a living hell as long as Rex was with her. Xander admits he wasn’t expecting this. Sarah tells him that she wasn’t expecting to come face to face with Susan Banks, alive. Sarah says it must be such a huge weight off Xander’s shoulders to know he’s not a killer after all. Xander admits he’s so glad she made it as he spent so many sleepless nights racked with guilt over what happened to her. Xander acknowledges that Sarah thinks he’s a horrible person but Sarah says she never thought that. Sarah says it was just everything that she thought happened that made her scared to let him back in to her life, but now here he is.

EJ tells Susan that he sat at that cliffside all night long after the crash and he doesn’t remember seeing anything or anyone. Susan calls that a shame since it doesn’t help solve the mystery of who dragged her to the home of Edmund Crumb. Susan talks about EJ thinking she was gone all those months and she doesn’t want him to drive himself crazy anymore. EJ complains that someone forced her in to captivity and he wants to know who it was and why they would put her through that.

Someone is reading an article about Susan Banks returning home.

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Days Update Thursday, October 12, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex sits at home, reading an article in the Spectator about him being Victor’s long-lost son until Justin shows up at his door. Alex asks what he’s doing there. Justin asks if a father can’t visit his son.

Constantine from Greece arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and introduces himself to Maggie as a lifelong friend of Victor’s. Constantine says he came to offer his apologies for the loss of a great man as he can only imagine how hard it must be for Maggie and her family.

Brady talks to Theresa on the phone and says Tate is fine, settling in the guest room. Brady hangs up as Chloe shows up at the door. Chloe informs Brady that she came to say goodbye as she is leaving Salem.

Philip and Belle sit together in the Brady Pub. Philip informs Belle that he’s leaving Salem with Chloe and he knows it’s sudden. Belle comments that he just got back and asks if he and Chloe are back together. Philip clarifies that they are just friends but admits he still has feelings for Chloe. Belle asks if Chloe still has feelings for him which Philip confirms. Philip notes that Chloe just ended things with Xander, so he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. Philip states that going to New York is about both of them getting a fresh start. Philip insists they will be back and that Belle and Shawn can visit anytime they want. Belle informs Philip that is not going to happen because she doesn’t know where things stand after Shawn cheated on her.

At the police station, Shawn makes a call about needing to get his life back on track after all the mistakes he made. Talia then arrives and sees Shawn.

Brady questions if Chloe is moving to New York because of what happened with Xander. Chloe says yes and no, but that was definitely part of the decision. Chloe feels like she needs to hit reset and be close to her son Parker. Brady mentions how he and Theresa don’t agree on much but they do agree that it’s nice to have Tate with them. Chloe asks how that’s going. Brady says Tate is a teenager but they are working through it. Chloe says it will be good for Tate to be around Brady. Chloe then informs Brady that she is leaving tomorrow morning with Philip which surprises him.

Philip questions Belle about Shawn cheating on her with his partner’s sister. Belle notes that Shawn said it only happened once as a drunken fling and she believes him cause he has no reason to lie. Philip asks if they are trying to work things out. Belle responds that they are not because there’s no point as she doesn’t think there’s anything they can do to get things back on track. Belle thinks that her marriage may be over.

Shawn asks if Talia is looking for Jada. Talia informs him that she actually came to see him because she figured they should talk since Belle knows about them now. Talia asks if Shawn thinks Belle will be able to forgive him. Shawn doesn’t know and says Belle has put up with a lot from the past couple months, but this might be her breaking point.

Alex and Justin have beers together. Justin says he just wanted to state the obvious that Alex is still his son in every way that counts and nothing will change that, so he hopes Alex feels that way too. Alex responds that he does and apologizes for not reacting well when he first found out the truth. Alex says now that he’s had time to process it, he needs Justin to know that he loves him very much and he’s grateful for him and his brothers. Justin is relieved to hear him say that as they hug. Justin then asks Alex what about Maggie since he heard that he took her spot as CEO of Titan. Alex confirms that he did because he’s Victor’s heir. Justin asks if that means Alex will be staking his claim to the family home next.

Maggie comments on her home feeling empty without Victor. Constantine knows how much Victor loved and cherished her. Maggie is sure he didn’t come all this way just to share his condolences. Constantine states that a letter or phone call felt too impersonal but reveals that he has something for her.

Talia tells Shawn that she’s so sorry that he has to go through this and encourages that maybe he and Belle can move past this. Shawn says it’s a lot more complicated. Talia hates the thought that she’s the one that ended his marriage. Shawn responds that the marriage was on shaky ground since before Talia entered the picture, so if this is the end, the blame falls squarely on him.

Belle tells Philip that some people would say she had this coming, like Jan Spears or Sami. Philip calls Jan a jealous psychopath and says Sami wouldn’t want her marriage to fall apart. Belle brings up that when she slept with EJ, Sami warned her that karma would bite her in the ass one day. Philip says who cares what they think. Belle says they are right and points out that she cheated on Shawn with EJ and with Philip. Philip argues that they weren’t married then and they were practically kids while Shawn and Belle were separated when she slept with EJ. Belle brings up the guy in Maine as well. Philip insists that Shawn has not been sitting around waiting to even the score and urges her not to give up on her marriage. Philip states that Shawn’s in a dark place now but she can help him through it and insists that she go talk to him which Belle agrees to do. Belle asks if she will see Philip again before he leaves for New York. Philip admits probably not. Belle tells him that it’s been really nice having him back after all this time and she’s so proud of him for getting his life back together. Philip states that Shawn can do it too and tells her to go tell that jerk that she still loves him. Belle then hugs Philip.

Brady asks if Chloe is giving Philip another chance. Chloe clarifies that they are moving to New York at the same time but they are not a couple. Brady feels there’s a chance they could end up getting together. Chloe admits it could happen since he still loves her and she still has unresolved feelings for him. Chloe understands how Brady would think she’s crazy to even consider that after all that Philip put them through, but she hopes that Brady trusts her to make the right choices. Brady tells Chloe that all he’s ever wanted is for her to be happy. Brady says he shouldn’t be surprised since she and Philip were high school sweethearts and you never really get over your first love. Chloe doesn’t think that’s true but Brady does because she was his first love and he doesn’t think he will ever really get over her.

Constantine presents Maggie with a box which includes a photo album that belonged to his parents. Maggie looks through it and sees old photos of Victor when he was young. Constantine says their families were very close. Maggie thanks him for letting her see this. Constantine says it’s hers to keep and he hopes it gives her comfort. Maggie calls it a special gift and asks how she could ever repay him. Constantine brings up that Victor loaned him money when he started his restaurant and would never let him pay him back. Constantine considers them even and calls Maggie’s smile payment enough.

Alex argues that Justin is making it sound like he just kicked Maggie to the curb but points out that he offered to let Maggie stay on and work for him which is more generous than when she fired him. Justin asks if this was payback which Alex denies. Alex repeats that he’s Victor’s heir and he knows the business, so he belongs at the top of the company. Alex acknowledges that Maggie and Victor loved each other and he would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. Alex states that he was sincere in offering her a job. Alex adds that Victor left half of the mansion to him but the other half to Maggie and he doesn’t want to give Maggie the boot. Justin apologizes for coming off accusatory as he didn’t know how it all went down. Alex understands and jokes that it’s not like he’s suddenly swimming in gold coins after finding out Victor is his dad. Alex says he’s still him and he’s just trying to come to terms with this new reality like everyone else.

Philip questions Kate pretending she doesn’t see him at the Pub. Kate comments on wishing he was smart enough not to get ensnared in Chloe’s web again.

Brady wants Chloe to know that he’s sorry for everything. Chloe responds that he has nothing to apologize for. Brady brings up the hell that Kristen and Rachel put her through. Chloe understands that he tried his best in an impossible situation. Brady feels his best wasn’t good enough because now they are saying goodbye. Chloe assures that she doesn’t regret a single moment of their time together. Brady brings up the times that Kristen threatened her. Chloe tells Brady that sitting here as friends, she’s so grateful for all of it and says Brady will always be in her heart. Brady says she will be in his as well as they hug.

Talia tells Shawn that they both made bad decisions as they were both hurt. Shawn agrees it was a recipe for disaster. Talia encourages Shawn to give himself the same grace that he’s giving her. Talia calls him a great guy and says everybody knows that except for him. Talia holds Shawn’s hand as Belle arrives and says she hopes she’s not interrupting. Belle says she needs to speak to her husband, so Talia quickly exits. Shawn informs Belle that Talia came to apologize. Belle says she’s not here to talk about Talia but about them. Belle tells Shawn that she’s hurt and she hates what he did, but she would like to try to forgive him and get this behind them so they can try to save their marriage.

Chloe tells Brady that she better get going if she’s going to leave tomorrow since she has so much packing to do. Brady tells her that he’s going to miss her. Chloe cries that she will really miss him too. Brady tells her to give Philip his best. Brady says he wants Chloe to have the best life and if she can find it in her heart to forgive Philip, he must be on the right track.

Kate tells Philip that Chloe is the reason that he was in a mental hospital halfway across the world. Philip argues that Chloe didn’t do anything wrong. Kate remarks that she never does but the people who get involved with her end up with their life in ruins. Philip says that’s not true while Kate brings up that Philip did terrible things because Chloe made him crazy. Philip points out that he’s better now. Kate questions why risking relapse by running off to New York with Chloe when he’s barely back on his feet. Kate insists that Chloe will drag him down again. Philip knows it’s easy to blame Chloe for how things went last time, but she didn’t make him do those terrible things to her and Brady. Philip adds that they aren’t running off to New York together so Kate asks what he calls it. Philip calls it two friends who share history getting a fresh start. Kate argues that what they have isn’t history but toxic baggage. Kate warns that if Philip values himself at all, he will call off this trip before it’s too late.

Constantine hopes he didn’t make Maggie sad. Maggie says the photo album was beautiful and made her feel like she was getting to know a whole new side of her husband. Constantine was glad to provide a glimpse in to Victor’s past. They talk about Victor embracing life. Constantine says he should get going and mentions staying in Salem for awhile. Constantine says that Victor told him so much about Salem, so he’s excited to explore it. Maggie asks where he’s staying so Constantine asks for a motel recommendation. Maggie declares that no friend of Victor’s will stay in a motel and tells him to stay here. Constantine says he can’t impose but Maggie insists. Constantine argues that she doesn’t even know him. Maggie tells him that tonight, she’s felt closer to Victor than she has since she lost him thanks to Constantine so he will stay in Victor’s home.

Justin asks Alex if he’s going to move back in to the Kiriakis Mansion, pointing out that he does own half of it so he doesn’t think it makes sense for him to stay in a modest apartment. Alex asks if Justin wants him to move back in. Justin says it’d be nice to have him there. Alex jokes that most parents can’t wait for their grown ass kids to move out. Justin jokes that he’d be the one freeloading. Alex says he’ll think about it and asks Justin to keep an eye on things for him. Justin says there’s not much to keep an eye on, pointing out that it’s just Maggie, him, and Bonnie with a full staff. Alex repeats that he’ll think about it. Justin tells Alex that he’s proud of him for not swimming in a pool of gold coins. Justin says he’s seen how money and power can corrupt and change a person, but he can tell already that Alex isn’t letting it go to his head. Alex says he’s trying his best. Alex tells Justin to let him know if he ever starts to not recognize him which he promises to do. Justin says he has to get to work and thanks Alex for the beer as he exits.

Brady sits looking at a photo of he and Chloe on his phone. Marlena comes out and says she heard voices so she assumed he had company. Brady confirms Chloe was there. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Brady responds that he just found out that she’s moving to New York with Philip. Brady acknowledges that they’ve been over for awhile but he’s going to miss her. Marlena knows they always had a special relationship. Brady gets a text from work that shocks him.

Philip tells Kate that the plans are made and he’s going to New York with Chloe. Kate reminds him that Chloe just broke up with Xander and asks if this is not just an elaborate ploy to make him jealous. Philip assures that Chloe is done with Xander and over him. Kate calls it a mistake to believe her. Philip insists that they are taking things slow and he has no interest in how he became last time. Philip assures that he learned his lesson so she doesn’t have to worry about him but Kate says she does because she’s his mother and she loves him. Philip knows she wants the best for him. Kate thought she lost him forever and watched him struggle through the past year to come out of it, only to find out he lost his father. Philip says that if Kate and Victor didn’t help him get the best care possible, he could’ve ended up in prison or locked up in Bayview. Kate says they did what they did because they loved and believed in him. Philip says he loves her more than she realizes as they hug. Chloe then enters the Pub and greets them, saying she’s sorry to interrupt.

Shawn tells Belle that he wasn’t expecting this. Belle admits she was ready to give up, but she thinks if they put in the time, then maybe they can get through this since they’ve come this far. Belle thinks their marriage and family deserve a chance to heal. Shawn tells her how nice it is to hear her say that she wants to forgive him and to work on their marriage, but reveals that he’s not going to be there to do that.

Brady goes to see Alex and questions him quitting Basic Black to go work at Titan and having to find out about Victor’s will from Bonnie of all people. Alex says he meant to call him. Brady thinks that’s a face to face scenario. Alex agrees and apologizes, noting that things have been a little chaotic recently. Brady goes over Alex being Victor’s son. Alex says when he found out, he felt he owed it to Victor to go back to Titan to run it properly but admits he should’ve told Brady. Brady points out how he hired Alex right after Maggie gave him his walking papers. Alex tells Brady that he’s going to make it up to him and he’s already figured out how. Alex states that Basic Black’s exclusivity rights with DiMera Enterprises is ending soon, so he invites him over to Titan to make him a better deal than ever and then Brady will be part of the empire. Alex points out that it would be Victor’s son and grandson back together again. Brady remarks that first, Alex stabs him in the back and now he wants to own him. Brady declares that Alex really is Victor’s son.

Justin comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie introduces him to Constantine as a very dear friend of Victor’s. Constantine says he’s heard so much about Justin and his family. Justin asks if he came to offer his condolences which he confirms. Maggie then adds that Constantine will be staying with them for awhile.

Kate tells Chloe that Philip just told her about their plan and if her son is happy, then she’s happy. Philip thanks her for saying that. Chloe thanks her as well. Kate is sure they have a lot of details to iron out, so she will let them get to that. Philip tells Kate that he will stop by tomorrow to say goodbye before they leave. Kate warns Chloe to be careful with Philip’s heart and walks away. Chloe notes that went better than she expected. Philip asks how it went with Brady. Chloe responds that he wished them both well which surprises Philip as he thought they’d get nothing but grief. They consider it a good sign. Philip mentions seeing Belle and that she’s not doing well as the rough patch for her and Shawn just got a whole lot rougher.

Belle questions Shawn going away. Shawn reveals that he found an outpatient rehab center near where his dad is being treated. Shawn adds that Ben and Ciara are both there and he can spend some time with his nephew. Belle says it will be good for him to be near family to look after him. Belle asks how long he’s thinking like six weeks and offers to put off some of her case load or put in a leave of absence. Shawn stops her and informs her that he’s not going to be gone for just a couple of months. Belle asks how long he’s thinking. Shawn responds that he doesn’t know, as long as it takes for him to get his head on straight. Shawn adds that he needs to do this without her.

Chloe tells Philip that she knew things were rocky but she never thought Shawn would cheat on Belle. Philip says she’s pretty messed up but he convinced her not to give up on Shawn without a fight. Chloe says she’ll be sure to check in on Belle before they leave tomorrow. Philip suggests if Belle and Shawn’s talk goes well, maybe they can all have a going away breakfast. Chloe says she would like that. Philip states that they are really doing this with no expectations or promises, but a whole lot of hope.

Belle questions Shawn not wanting her to go with him. Shawn explains that if she’s there, his focus will be on trying to save their marriage when he needs to focus on trying to save himself. Belle asks if he doesn’t think she can help. Shawn says he can’t be worried about their marriage having oxygen when he can’t breathe himself. Belle takes it as he can’t breathe when she’s around. Shawn feels he’s not saying this right and that he just needs some time away to work on his problems if they are ever going to stand a chance of rebuilding their marriage. Shawn says he’s sorry and hopes she understands. Belle says she doesn’t like it, but she gets it, but she doesn’t understand why he can lean on his mom and sister but not his wife. Shawn argues that it’s not about choosing but showing up for them and facing what he’s done. Shawn says when he left his dad and came back, he just spiraled down. Shawn adds that he didn’t see the damage he caused, but he left his mom and sister to pick up the pieces so he feels like he needs to be there with them to help himself heal. Belle asks if he will come home to her when he heals. Shawn assures that he will as he hugs her.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

In the town square, Nicole tells Tate that she’s glad to see him but she knows it’s not easy moving and leaving all his friends behind. Tate mentions that he did just meet a nice girl in the park. Nicole jokes that was fast. Tate adds that he feels really stupid but she doesn’t need to hear about it. Nicole asks him about it, so Tate explains that he kind of thought the girl was in to him but she shot him down quick and it turns out that she’s in to somebody else. Nicole calls it her loss and assures that he’ll meet plenty of potential girlfriends here. Tate comments on it just being weird to be the new guy in town but notes that this girl, Holly, did give him her number. Nicole then stops him and questions if he said Holly.

Holly goes to the DiMera Mansion where she excitedly greets Johnny. Johnny talks about preparing to watch a movie. Holly sits with Johnny as Chanel comes back with popcorn. Johnny tells Chanel that Holly has joined them. Holly questions them being back together which Chanel confirms. Holly is disappointed but claims to be really happy for them. Holly then adds that she’s surprised since they got a divorce, so she thought their relationship was totally over. Johnny responds that Chanel decided to give him another shot. Holly thought Chanel was in to girls now. Chanel clarifies that she’s in to both. Holly calls that a bummer which Chanel questions. Holly then says she meant it’s a bummer for the dating pool in Salem because Chanel is such a catch. Johnny agrees and says he was lucky to catch her again, leaving Holly uncomfortable.

Marlena joins Harris in the interrogation room at the police station. Harris asks what she’s doing there. Marlena responds that she came to thank him personally as Susan filled her in on how he and Ava rescued her from Edmund Crumb. Marlena adds that Susan thinks Harris is a real hero. Harris is not sure the police would agree but thanks her. Marlena tells Harris to call her if she can vouch for him in any way. Harris appreciates that but says right now, he’s more worried about Ava because he thinks there’s a good chance that she could be sent to prison.

Ava sits at the police station as Susan arrives with EJ. Ava asks how Susan is. Susan responds that the doctor said she’s fine which Ava says she’s glad to hear. EJ adds that he is too because now Susan can finally press charges against Ava for attempted murder.

Nicole asks Tate what Holly’s last name is. Tate says she never said. Nicole asks what she looks like. Tate responds that she’s hot which Nicole jokes is not helpful. Nicole then pulls out her phone and shows a photo of Holly, which Tate confirms is her. Nicole then reveals that Holly is her daughter.

Holly tells Johnny and Chanel that she will get out of their hair but Johnny invites her to watch the movie with them. Holly says she doesn’t want to crash their date night but Chanel says the more the merrier. Johnny says to just slide over and make some room for Chanel but Holly instead sits in the middle of the couch. Johnny and Chanel awkwardly sit down on opposite sides as Holly declares that this is going to be fun.

Marlena tells Harris that Ava was already in a lot of trouble and he put a lot on the line for her. Harris asks what else he was going to do after someone tried to kill her at Bayview, so he had to step in. Marlena argues that he did more than step in as he helped Ava escape from Bayview, evade the police, and create an international rescue mission. Marlena says he did quite a bit for Ava. Harris admits one thing led to another but Ava was worried that no one would believe her side of the story and she knew EJ sent the hitwoman after her, so the only way to get EJ off her back was to prove that Susan was alive. Marlena goes over how they forged two passports and fled the country to go on the run, avoiding the police at their own risk. Harris feels like there’s a question somewhere. Marlena asks why Harris did all that for Ava.

Ava argues that she is the reason that Susan is here. EJ argues that Ava is the reason that Susan went missing for a year. Ava says she was not in her right mind when she did that, unlike EJ who knew exactly what he was doing when he sent the hitwoman after her. EJ denies that while Ava calls him a liar. EJ tells Ava to prove it. Rafe interrupts and asks what’s going on here. EJ informs Rafe that Susan is ready to make a statement about how Ava tried to kill her. Susan declares that she actually will not press charges against Ava.

Tate is shocked to learn Holly is Nicole’s daughter. Nicole acknowledges that she is all grown up and feels like it happened overnight. Tate calls it a crazy coincidence. Tate then asks if Nicole will put in a good word for him, but then says there’s no point if she’s in love with another guy. Nicole questions Holly being in love. Tate says that is what Holly said and asks if she didn’t know. Nicole confirms that Holly hasn’t mentioned anything, so she wonders who she is talking about.

Johnny pauses the movie to ask Chanel and Holly what they think so far. Holly talks about hearing of Clueless but never seeing it and thinking it was older. Johnny starts to talk about movie history but Chanel reminds him they are here to have fun. Holly tells Johnny that it’s really interesting. They joke around until Johnny chokes on the popcorn so Holly offers to get him a drink. Chanel asks for one too so Holly goes to get them waters while Chanel moves closer to Johnny on the couch.

Harris tells Marlena that helping Ava seemed like the right thing to do as she was scared and had no one on her side while he was there. Marlena feels it might have been simpler if Ava told her about Susan during her therapy sessions. Harris thinks she can understand Ava’s trust issues. Marlena points out that Ava trusts Harris. Harris states that being locked away together can bond people and admits it’s lonely at Bayview, so they became friends. Marlena asks if that’s all. Harris questions why she’s asking. Marlena says on a personal level, it’s none of her business, but as his therapist, she feels the need to caution Harris that he seems to be in denial about his feelings for Ava.

EJ questions what Susan is talking about, arguing that Ava drove her off a cliff and tried to kill her which is why she was held captive for a year. Susan argues that Ava and Harris rescued her so she’s made amends and she forgives her. Susan adds that she’d rather have Rafe focus on the mystery man that shipped her off to Edmund. Rafe assures that he’s on it. Susan tells EJ that they can go eat now. EJ asks if there’s nothing he can do to get her to reconsider which Susan confirms. Ava thanks Susan and says she has no idea what this means to her. Susan and EJ then exit the police station together. Ava asks Rafe about letting her go but Rafe tells her that she’s not out of the woods just yet.

Johnny tells Chanel that he hopes the night wasn’t too much of a bust. Chanel says it’s never a bust when she’s with him and she’s loving watching Clueless again. Johnny says he’s kind of glad that Paulina kicked them out of her place, though says it’s been a bit more lively at the DiMera Mansion with so many people moving in and out over the past year. Chanel says that includes Holly. Johnny says she’s cool though. Chanel jokes that all she has to do is not try to kill anyone. Johnny hopes his murderous family is not deterring from the point he’s getting at. Johnny wonders if Chanel would like to be the next person to move in to the DiMera Mansion. Chanel says she’s really glad they are back together and having fun, but suggests not getting ahead of themselves. Johnny proposes a compromise that maybe after the movie, they can go to his room and start practicing for when she does move in. Johnny and Chanel kiss until Holly comes back with their waters. Johnny thanks her while Chanel apologizes fro stealing her spot. Holly then pretends to trip and spills the water all over Chanel.

Tate tells Nicole that Holly didn’t mention who the guy is that she’s in love with. Nicole suggests she could’ve been joking about a celebrity crush. Tate notes that Holly said she thinks the guy feels the same way about her. Tate then gets a text from Brady and says he has to go. Tate tells Nicole it was nice seeing her and walks away. EJ then approaches and tells Nicole that he has the most amazing news and he doesn’t even know where to begin. Susan then rushes up with a corn dog and says this is what she’s missed the most. Nicole can’t believe that Susan is alive. Susan sees that Nicole is pregnant and remarks that Rafe didn’t say anything about finally becoming a daddy.

Ava questions if Rafe is seriously going to press charges against her for escaping Bayview and fleeing to London. Rafe informs her that the district attorney’s office has been a mess since Melinda was fired, so they are going to let that slide since she rescued Susan. Ava asks if it’s because she and Harris didn’t get EJ’s confession even though they tried. Rafe says it’s not that either, so Ava questions what it is. Rafe reminds Ava that she wasn’t exactly a free woman when she escaped Bayview as she was there under a court order. Ava argues that she got better and Susan is alive. Rafe declares that where she goes next is not up to him, but up to her doctors.

Harris tells Marlena that he really doesn’t want to talk about this. Marlena says she understands and she wouldn’t ask if she wasn’t his therapist, but it’s important for her to know because it affects him and his recovery. Harris admits he won’t deny that he cares about Ava and they grew close in Bayview then even closer on the run, but he doesn’t know about the kind of feelings Marlena is talking about. Rafe then brings Ava in to the room. Harris asks what’s going on. Rafe explains that Susan decided not to press charges against Ava and the district attorney is going to let everything go. Rafe says they got lucky since what they did was unlawful but it did lead to the rescue of Susan, so they are off the hook and no one’s going to prison. Harris asks if that means he and Ava are free to go, but Rafe says not quite. Ava tells Harris that they technically have to complete their court ordered stay at Bayview. Marlena states that she can make a call. Ava asks if Marlena thinks she really needs to go back since she feels she’s made so much progress. Marlena says that’s not up to her, but she’d be glad to talk to her doctors about it. Marlena then exits the room.

Nicole questions EJ not telling Susan. EJ says there was a lot going on. EJ then informs Susan that Nicole is pregnant with his child, not Rafe’s. Susan thought Nicole was married to Rafe. EJ notes that Susan has missed out on a lot since she’s been gone as he and Nicole are back together and engaged. Nicole tells Susan that it’s her future grandbaby. Susan asks if she’s sure about that because she’s not feeling a familiar connection. EJ assures her that the child is definitely his because they even did a paternity test which Susan questions why he’d have to get a test to find out if the baby was his. Nicole admits there were some issues around the time she got pregnant and she was high and so was the person she was with because of tainted biscuits. Susan asks who the other person was. EJ asks how that’s important and tells Susan to just be happy for them and the wonderful news. Susan agrees and says she’s just so happy for both of them. Susan comments that children really are a blessing.

Tate goes home where Brady questions where he’s been since he’s been texting him for hours. Tate reminds him that he wanted to get reacquainted with the town and remarks that not much has changed since he was a kid. Brady says that wasn’t long ago. Tate mentions going to the park where they used to see the ducks. Brady is surprised he remembers that. Tate tells Brady about running in to Holly there.

Holly apologizes for spilling water on Chanel and says she must hate her. Chanel says it’s fine. Holly remarks that now Chanel is going to have to go all the way home to change. Johnny disagrees and says he’s sure he can give Chanel a t-shirt and pants that fit. Chanel says she remembers where he keeps his things, so she will go upstairs and change quick then come back. Johnny tells her where everything is. Holly apologizes again. Chanel says it’s okay and she’ll be right back as she heads upstairs. Holly asks Johnny if she ruined everything. Johnny assures that it’s fine and was an accident. Johnny adds that he was just telling Chanel that he thinks Holly is really cool. Johnny comments that the DiMera Mansion has been a lot more bearable since she and Nicole moved in. Holly then asks if she can tell him a secret.

Harris guesses there was nothing on the tape that Rafe could use against EJ. Rafe says unfortunately not but thanks him for trying. Harris notes it was weird how EJ just kind of left but he just hopes that he doesn’t try to come after Ava again. Ava notes that EJ isn’t known for forgiving and forgetting which Rafe agrees with. Marlena returns, so Ava asks what her doctors said. Marlena informs her that the doctors agreed that Ava has made an amazing progress and that they were actually considering releasing her before she escaped. Marlena adds that the doctors believe Ava has learned right from wrong and is no longer a risk to society, so she is free to go. Ava can’t believe it and excitedly hugs Harris.

Holly tells Johnny that she’s been debating whether or not to keep this to herself, but maybe now is the time to speak up. Holly worries that he will think she’s crazy. Johnny promises there will be no judgment. Holly starts to tell him but Susan rushes in, shocking Johnny as they embrace. EJ and Nicole come in behind her. Johnny can’t believe it and asks how this is possible. EJ calls it a long story, but all that matters is that Johnny’s grandma is home safely. Nicole asks to speak to Holly and tells her that she spoke to Tate, informing her that he is Brady’s son. Holly admits she didn’t put that together. Nicole then asks Holly who the boy is that she’s in love with.

Brady tells Tate that Holly is a sweet girl, so he hopes they can be good friends. Brady questions if he hoped to sweep her off her feet and have her fall in love with him. Tate questions there being a problem. Brady argues that Holly is not just some girl, she’s Nicole’s daughter. Brady tells Tate that he can feel whatever he wants to feel, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to act on it right now. Tate says he’s going to his room but Brady stops him. Brady knows he’s being tough on him and apologizes, but what with happened at school, he wishes Tate was more focused on making up for that. Brady talks about the disruption caused by having to get him from California. Tate says he already apologized. Brady says sometimes that’s not enough and declares that tomorrow, he’s going to enroll at Salem High and when he’s not studying, he’s going to be working. Tate questions what he’s talking about. Brady informs him that as a favor to Theresa, Roman said Tate could work at the Brady Pub. Tate calls that so not fair as he thought Brady was joking about that. Brady insists that Tate’s going to pay back the damage he caused with his prank at school. Tate complains that it will take him forever to make that much. Brady says that’s good because it means he will stay out of trouble forever.

Rafe warns Ava that now that she’s free to go, he doesn’t want to see her back at the police station ever. Ava says normally she’d have a snarky response but promises that she plans to walk the straight and narrow. Rafe hopes she keeps that promise. Ava asks for a phone to call Tripp to pick her up and guesses she’ll need a place to stay. Rafe agrees to take Ava to his office to use the phone. Marlena then tells Harris that Bayview is willing to re-admit him if he wants her to drive him here. Harris responds that after everything he’s been through, he’s feeling good about his mental health. Marlena asks what he means. Harris explains that when he asked her to commit him, he felt he was still a danger but after all the stress of being on the run, he felt like he was back in control. Harris says with Marlena’s approval, he would like to end his stay at Bayview but keep seeing Marlena on an out patient basis. Marlena thinks that’s reasonable and agrees to make the call. Harris thanks her for everything. Marlena says she’s curious on if his decision to leave Bavyiew has anything to do with the fact that Ava will no longer be there. Harris says not at all.

Marlena goes home and hugs Tate, saying she can’t believe how grown up he is and there’s nothing like seeing him in person. Marlena says she’s so glad he’s back as Tate jokes with her. Marlena goes to set up Tate’s room and Brady goes to help her. Tate then pulls out his phone.

Holly steps out of the living room with Nicole and complains that she’s embarrassing her by being nosey about her love life in public. Nicole asks if she’s in love then. Holly claims she just made that up because Tate tried to kiss her but she’s totally not in to him, so she made up a story about a boy she was in love with to let him down easy. Nicole says that makes more sense than her not telling her that she was in love. Holly insists she would tell her if she was. Nicole feels like they have a close relationship and she would be open to telling her something that important. Holly repeats that she would. Nicole asks if she wants to go back in to the living room. Holly then gets a text message and tells Nicole to go ahead and she’ll catch up. Nicole then heads in to the living room. Holly reads her text from Tate, asking if she wants to hang out tomorrow. Holly texts back that Tate’s dead to her. Chanel comes back downstairs and asks if she’s alright since she looks upset. Holly says she’s fine. Chanel asks if something is going on in the living room. Holly tells Chanel that she’ll never believe this.

Johnny asks Susan if Ava was right that she’s been alive this whole time. Susan confirms that Ava and Harris rescued her from being chained to the floor in Edmund’s flat. Nicole thinks maybe Ava has redeemed herself which EJ calls impossible. Susan orders EJ to leave Ava alone. Johnny agrees that it’s time for EJ and Ava to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. EJ guesses he’s outnumbered and agrees to a fresh slate which Susan excitedly hugs him for.

Rafe looks at EJ’s file at the police station and says he knows he tried to have Ava killed. Rafe remarks that Ava may be off the hook but EJ is not.

Harris calls Kate and mentions hearing that Eric’s old room above the Pub is available, so he asks if Roman would take him on as a tenant. Kate thinks Roman would be happy to do that and says she’d be happy to have him as well. Harris says that’s great and thanks her. Kate says she will let Roman know and they will see him at the Pub soon as his new home. Harris says he looks forward to it and hangs up. Ava returns to the interrogation room and tells Harris that she wanted to say goodbye and thanks. Harris says no thanks required. Ava asks if Harris is heading back to Bayview. Harris reveals that he’s actually not going back and Marlena agreed to have him released. Ava calls that terrific and asks what he will do now. Harris says he came to Salem to keep an eye on Megan DiMera, but now she’s gone. Ava guesses he will leave town then but Harris says no and that he grew up in Salem and it seems like a nice place to live. Ava asks if he has somewhere to go. Harris informs her that Marlena told him that Eric moved out and Kate just agreed to rent the room to him at the Pub. Ava says that everything is working out. Ava tells Harris that she’s really glad he’s staying in Salem. Ava guesses she will see him around.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny goes to pick up Chanel and talk about their plans but neither decided on where they are going. Chanel mentions that she hasn’t seen Paulina since this morning. Johnny realizes that means they are alone, so might have just solved what they should do tonight.

Tate sits in the park on the phone with a friend, complaining about his parents dragging him back to Salem so now he’s stuck here and there’s nothing he can do about it. He hangs up when Nicole’s daughter Holly, also now a teenager, walks by and drops her bag, so Tate picks it up for her and she calls him a lifesaver.

Stephanie assures Chad that Kayla was just pressuring her to tell her how serious they were and she was just saying that she could see herself marrying Chad someday but she wasn’t dropping a hint that she wants to get married now. Chad doesn’t think they need to rush anything if they like the way things are. Chad mentions having to go pick up the kids from Doug and Julie’s, so he’ll see her in a little bit as he then exits.

Alex tells Theresa that he’s just getting settled in at Titan. Theresa points out that he has to eat and questions him turning her down for work. Theresa guesses it was pity sex in Greece then after all.

Paulina and Kate sit together at the Pub. Paulina jokes about dating her husband but she hopes they don’t go their separate ways tonight as Abe is definitely coming to her place and she’s so damn nervous about Abe not wanting to remember that she’s his wife. Kate encourages that Abe has lost his memory, not his mind. Paulina decides she better get home to start cooking. Kate encourages Paulina to let Abe know how lucky he was and is going to be to share a life with her. Paulina thanks Kate for the pep talk as they hug. Paulina then exits the Pub.

Abe sits in the town square, reading an article about Body & Soul. Nicole approaches and hopes she’s not interrupting. Nicole knows he doesn’t remember her but she’s glad they ran in to each other because she’s been meaning to come see him. Abe acknowledges who she is and that she has a daughter named Holly. Nicole gets excited, thinking that means Abe has his memory back.

Holly thanks Tate as they introduce themselves to each other. Holly asks if he goes to Salem High. Tate explains that he used to live in Salem but he moved away and now he’s back. Holly notes that he doesn’t sound too happy about it. Tate admits he wasn’t at first, but maybe it won’t be so bad. Holly asks what brought him back. Tate responds that he got in some trouble at school, so his parents brought him back to straighten his life out as his dad thinks he’s way too much like his mom.

Alex assures Theresa that it was not pity sex at all as he wanted to be with her and promises her a first date soon but tonight, he has work to do. Theresa reluctantly accepts that. Alex promises again they will have that date. Theresa suggests putting that in writing. Theresa then ponders if Alex is saying no because he thinks maybe she’s just after his money.

Johnny and Chanel kiss until Paulina comes home. Paulina says she’s happy to see them back together again, but they’ll have to take this some place else because she’s got a date tonight.

Nicole questions Abe sitting here reading his tablet, when he should be dancing in the streets over having his memory back. Abe thinks she’s getting ahead of herself and reveals that he’s sorry, but he doesn’t remember her or any of his life before waking up in the hospital. Nicole points out that he knew her name and her daughter’s name. Abe responds that’s because of his education since when he moved in with Steve and Kayla, Kayla was showing him photos of people from his past and told him about who they are and their lives. Nicole guesses she did get ahead of herself and asks what else Abe knows about her. Abe recalls that they were friends. Nicole responds that Abe has been like a father to her and she’s missed him very much.

Alex questions why he would suddenly think Theresa is after his money. Theresa thinks he’d be a fool for it to not cross his mind. Alex asks if she’s trying to get him to not trust her. Theresa says she’s just reminding him that they talked about going out before she knew about his inheritance and that she had no idea he was Victor’s son when they slept together. Theresa thinks back to reading the letter and then hiding it back in the briefcase when Alex and Brady came home. Alex tells Theresa that it didn’t occur to him that she could be gold digging. Theresa tells Alex that he has no excuse to blow her off then. Alex reminds her that he has to work. Theresa argues that it’s after hours and he needs to relax and enjoy a little bit. Theresa tells him that he can work tomorrow.

Tate tells Holly about how he pulled the fire alarm at boarding school and caused the sprinklers to go off in every classroom which caused $50 thousand in damages, so now his parents are trying to get him a job as a dishwasher. Holly suggests maybe it was good she dropped her bag as she pulls out a joint and remarks that it sounds like Tate needs to light up and forget his troubles.

Nicole explains to Abe how his son Brandon is her half-brother and Faye was their mother. Nicole notes that Abe loved Faye very much and that’s how they connected. Nicole calls Abe wise, kind, and the person that she would turn to when she felt lost as he was always there for her. Abe hopes he gets his memory back soon since she seems like a very special person. Nicole calls herself very flawed as she’s been known to make bad choices. Abe wishes he could be that guy for her again. Nicole assures that he will and hopes that Abe will be a big part of her baby’s life. Abe notes that Holly must be excited about having a brother or sister on the way. Nicole is unsure since Holly is a teenager and supposes she’s excited about boys, but she hopes not because she’s not ready for that yet. Nicole asks if she’s keeping Abe. Abe admits he has somewhere to be soon and he’s a little nervous because he has a date with his wife as he and Paulina are having dinner tonight.

Johnny asks Paulina what the plan is. Paulina says it’s a lovely, quiet home cooked dinner. Paulina starts to worry about how she’s dressed. Chanel assures that she’s perfect and encourages her to not to be nervous. Paulina feels tonight is different since they aren’t meeting at a restaurant but Abe is coming here where they once lived together before he left. Paulina worries about Abe leaving for good.

Stephanie calls Kayla and tells her that she and Chad talked about what he walked in on the other night and it turns out that Chad is not interested in getting married anytime soon. Stephanie mentions telling Chad that she’s totally on the same page, but admits that she was lying because she doesn’t want to come off desperate. Stephanie then hangs up as Chad comes home and informs her that the kids wanted to stay at Doug and Julie’s for the night, so it’s just them for dinner. Stephanie asks if he wants to order in but Chad suggests they go out to the Bistro. Chad mentions that he was thinking about their conversation about marriage and he doesn’t want things to be weird. Stephanie assures they are good and that she doesn’t want to rush in to things either.

Alex makes a call and tells Theresa that he got them a reservation at the Bistro. Theresa jokes that he needs an assistant that can do that. Alex says maybe next time. Theresa asks if that means there will be a second date. Alex says he’s down for that, even though he’s not sure about one thing. Alex then questions if Theresa is not using him to make Brady jealous. Theresa tells Alex that she and Brady just picked up their son from California because he got kicked out of school and Brady blames her. Theresa adds that if Alex flew with them on the plane, he would not be questioning her feelings for Brady since they got in a fight about everything. Alex questions what Tate did to get kicked out of school. Theresa says he said it was just some prank gone wrong. Alex jokes that he sounds like his kind of kid and asks where he is now. Theresa responds that he’s with Brady and that hopefully Salem will be good for him while all the drama will be in the past…

Tate questions where Holly got weed. Holly points out that it’s legal. Tate argues that it doesn’t mean they let teenagers buy it. Holly asks if he’s going to remind her of the laws or if he wants to get high. Tate admits he could stand to chill out a bit. Tate then sees there is a cop nearby, so Holly guesses it wasn’t a good idea. Tate suggests they save the idea for later and hang out sometime. Holly and Tate then exchange phone numbers. Holly tells Tate that she still owes him for finding her bag. Tate says she’ll have plenty of time to make it up to him. Holly thanks him again. Tate leans in to kiss her but Holly steps back and questions what he’s doing.

Nicole asks Abe about being nervous to go back to his old place. Abe talks about having to face the weight of Paulina’s expectations, so now he’s concerned about being along there with her and if those expectations might rise to the surface again. Nicole encourages that Paulina won’t pressure him. Nicole talks about how she would come to him with problems and he’d dish out sage advice, so now she will give it a try. Nicole advises Abe to just go with the flow, live in the moment, and to not get caught up in expectations because there are worse things than having a wonderful woman madly in love with him. Abe responds that he may not remember her, but he’s starting to understand why they were so close. Nicole is glad they had this time together and hugs Abe. Nicole wishes him luck and assures they will talk again soon.

Johnny assures Paulina that she’s got this so he and Chanel will stay out of her way. Chanel reminds Paulina that Abe’s memory may be spotty but deep down, his love for her is still there, waiting to resurface again and will be even stronger than before. Paulina jokes that sometimes Chanel drives her crazy but sometimes she knows the right thing to say. Johnny encourages that it’s going to work out like he and Chanel finding their way back to each other because it was meant to be. Paulina hugs Johnny and Chanel, joking that they might need to repeat that to Abe. Paulina says she ha a date to prepare for, so Johnny and Chanel exit.

Marlena joins Kate at the Pub and comments on Paulina and Abe having a date tonight. Kate notes that they are not on neutral territory this time, so it could lead to more than a goodnight kiss. Kate talks about how excited Paulina is but also very nervous. Marlena understands and talks about how full of fun Paulina is. Marlena says even if Abe doesn’t get his memory back, she thinks he might fall in love with Paulina all over again. Kate mentions talking to Chad, who was talking about his feelings for Stephanie. Marlena understands they are very happy together. Kate confirms they are, so she just hopes that continues.

Chad and Stephanie go to the Bistro where Stephanie sees Theresa. Stephanie hugs her and didn’t know she was still in Salem. Theresa responds that things have changed a little. Chad asks what’s going on. Theresa calls it a long story but notes that Tate is in town as well. Stephanie invites Theresa to join them so she doesn’t eat alone but Theresa reveals that she’s expecting someone, as Alex then arrives. Alex tells Chad and Stephanie that it’s good to see them. Theresa explains that Alex was going to spend the night working, but she wore him down and now he’s having dinner with her. Theresa invites Stephanie to the restroom to talk and she can tell her about Tate. Chad tells Alex that Stephanie filled him in on everything going on with him and his family, so he asks if he’s okay. Alex says it hasn’t fully sunk in yet but he’s rolling with it. Alex admits he didn’t see it coming. Chad says for what it’s worth, he went through something similar when he found out Stefano was his father so he’s one of the few who knows what he’s going through. Chad knows they’ve had their issues but says he’s here if he needs anything. Alex tells him that he appreciates it. Chad asks Alex about Theresa. Alex talks about Theresa just having to uproot her son and drag him to Salem, so they are all just dealing with their lives being turned upside down.

Tate apologizes to Holly and says he feels bad. Holly tells him not to worry about and clarifies that she’s cool being friends but she’s kind of involved with someone already. Tate asks about her being with someone. Holly explains that they haven’t gone out yet but she’s pretty sure he’s in to her. They agree to be friends as Tate notes he doesn’t have any other friends in town. Holly promises they will hang out soon and it won’t be awkward. Tate asks if Holly has known the guy for a long time. Holly responds that she’s pretty much known him forever…

Johnny and Chanel go to the DiMera Mansion to watch the movie Clueless. Chanel stops and asks if it’s going to go okay with Paulina. Johnny assures it will go great.

Paulina sets the table at home as Abe arrives. Abe tells her that she looks beautiful and Paulina says he looks great himself as she invites him in. Abe brings a bottle of wine which Paulina calls an excellent choice. Paulina talks about looking forward to tonight. Abe says he is too. Paulina talks about cooking lamb chops because he always liked them. Abe goes to prepare the wine as Paulina smiles and questions how he knew where the glass was. Abe suggests it was just a guess. Paulina points out that Abe bought that after they were married and he decided where to keep it. Abe says he doesn’t remember but Paulina takes it as a sign with more good things to come.

Nicole walks through the town square, talking on the phone with Brandon about how Abe doesn’t have his memory back but sitting with him was like old times. Nicole hangs up and runs in to Tate. Nicole says she just recognized him from pictures and she didn’t know he was in town. Tate says it wasn’t planned as he was kind of forced to come back. Nicole guesses he isn’t happy about it and asks if something happened in California. Tate calls it a long story but he’s sure Brady will tell her all about it. Nicole says she’s glad to see him but she knows it’s not easy moving and leaving all his friends behind. Tate mentions that he did just meet a nice girl in the park. Nicole jokes that was fast. Tate adds that he feels really stupid but she doesn’t need to hear about it. Nicole asks him about it, so Tate explains that he kind of thought the girl was in to him but she shot him down quick and it turns out that she’s in to somebody else.

Holly goes to the DiMera Mansion where she excitedly greets Johnny. Johnny talks about preparing to watch a movie. Holly sits with Johnny as Chanel comes back with popcorn. Johnny tells Chanel that Holly has joined them. Holly questions them being back together which Chanel confirms. Holly is disappointed but claims to be really happy for them.

Chad and Stephanie sit together at the Bistro. Chad asks about Alex and Theresa. Stephanie says she’s not surprised as Alex was Theresa’s type even before he came in to the Kiriakis fortune. Chad hopes it works out. Stephanie remarks that when Theresa is motivated, she wouldn’t want to be in her way. At their table, Alex thanks Theresa for convincing him to come out as it felt easier to bury himself in work. Theresa repeats that work can wait and he needed to get out to have some fun. Alex agrees and thanks her again. Alex toasts to working so hard for this.

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Days Update Monday, October 9, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Bonnie is sitting at the Brady Pub, happiy looking at her phone when Kayla joins her. Bonnie shows Kayla that there’s a warrant out for Vivian on possession of a deadly weapon and violating her parole. Kayla calls that great news and says if Vivian goes to jail, Maggie gets her house back. Bonnie realizes Kayla hasn’t heard and reveals that Victor had a will after all so Maggie kicked Vivian out which Kayla calls even better news. Bonnie notes that it is for Maggie and mentions being tired of the hard mattress at the Salem Inn, assuming that Maggie will be okay with her and Justin moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion.

Maggie sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion when Justin walks in and greets her. Maggie hugs him and asks how he is. Justin says he is hanging in there. Maggie asks what she can do for him. Justin asks if Maggie will welcome he and Bonnie back to the family fold with Vivian out of the picture. Maggie assures that she will and said she would’ve called him herself but she’s been so distracted. Maggie adds that now that she will be out of the company, she will be spending more time at home than anticipated which Justin questions. Maggie guesses it was karma for taking too much pleasure for kicking Vivian to the curb, because Alex did the same to her.

Stephanie goes to the Titan office to confront Vivian but instead finds Alex at the desk.

Kate goes to see Chad and brings back the flowers he sent for the birth of her grandchild as it turned out that Victoria wasn’t really her grandchild.

Marlena is in her office, talking on the phone with John about Kate finding out that Philip is going to New York with Chloe. Marlena says she tried to talk her down but doesn’t know how effective she was. Marlena asks if John’s heard from Brady since leaving for California.

Brady and Theresa (now played by Emily O’Brien, who had portrayed Gwen) arrive at the airport, returning from California. Brady questions her needing so much luggage while Theresa responds that she’s not just anyone.

Bonnie and Kayla talk about Victor having a will, so Maggie gets to keep her inheritance. Bonnie adds that it came at a price as it cost Justin his son.

Stephanie questions what Alex is doing at Titan. Alex reveals this is his office now and guesses she hasn’t heard that he is the new CEO of Titan. Stephanie thought he worked at Basic Black and asks about Vivian. Alex explains that it turned out Victor did have a will and he left half of everything to Maggie and half to him. Stephanie asks about the rest of his family and acknowledges Victor as Alex’s great uncle. Alex then reveals to Stephanie that Victor was actually his father.

Justin tells Maggie that he will talk to Alex as it’s not right that he fired her. Maggie says they had a misunderstanding as she just assumed that she would remain CEO since Victor passed Alex over in the first place but Alex didn’t see it that way since Victor left him controlling interest, so Alex wanted the top job. Justin argues that it wasn’t Victor’s intent and if it was, he would have put it in writing. Maggie decides it doesn’t matter which Justin questions. Maggie explains that Alex told her that the board was on his side and would select him. Justin can’t believe Alex threatened her with a board vote. Maggie notes that Alex offered to let her stay on in a side role but she decided to bow out gracefully. Maggie thanks Justin but says there’s nothing he can do. Justin is appalled that Victor would do this to all of them.

Brady complains about Theresa on the flight while Theresa wants coffee. She questions Brady being in such a hurry. Brady says he just wants to get home. Theresa reminds him that they are waiting for their son, Tate. Brady wonders what’s keeping him so long. Tate, now a teenager, then joins them and explains that he was talking to the flight attendant about what there is to do in Salem. Brady jokes about him getting her phone number while Tate asks if they can not do this right now. Brady and Theresa both say that Tate gets it from the other.

Kate explains to Chad how Rex knew the baby wasn’t his but volunteered to put his name on the birth certificate to protect her and Sarah from Xander. Kate adds that Rex still has feelings for Sarah, even though he denies that’s the reason he married her. Chad asks what happens now that the truth is out. Kate responds that she is stuck with a daughter in law she can’t stand while Rex is in Xander’s crosshairs. Chad says it sounds messy. Kate notes that now she knows Rex was keeping her at arms length because he didn’t want her to get too close to a grandchild that didn’t really belong to her.

Kayla is shocked to learn Alex is Victor’s son and can’t believe Victor could do this to Justin for all these years. Bonnie says it would’ve been a lot easier if Victor just took the secret to his grave. Kayla asks how Justin is taking it. Bonnie says it’s about how she would expect.

Maggie tells Justin that she thinks Victor knew he would’ve been a better father to Alex. Justin argues that all of this would’ve been easier if the truth came out 30 years ago. Justin can’t explain how it feels to change everything he thought he knew about his family and his son. Justin questions revealing the truth after keeping it secret for all these years. Maggie says it just seems that spending time on Bo’s bedside changed Victor’s thought process but all he did was leave them more questions. Justin declares they are questions they will never get the answers too.

Stephanie questions learning that Victor was Alex’s father and Justin being his cousin. Alex adds that Sonny is not really his brother. Stephanie argues against that. Alex talks about going over every interaction he had with Victor and says he never would’ve guessed this in a million years. Stephanie asks if his will said he wanted Alex to be CEO instead of Maggie. Alex admits not exactly and that’s been a point of contention since Maggie said Victor would’ve made him CEO while he was alive if he wanted him to be CEO. Alex says he may never understand why Victor never told him or waited until now to tell him the truth. Alex guesses Victor thought the money and controlling interest in Titan would make up for the lost years but declares that nothing can make up for the fact that Victor lied to him for his whole life.

Tate tells Brady that the flight attendant shot him down. Brady suggests he focus more on his future because he didn’t just bring him back to Salem for kicks. Tate complains that he got booted out of boarding school for bogus reasons. Brady argues that Tate wasn’t thinking when he pulled the fire alarm. Tate brings up pranks that Brady pulled back in the day. Brady says this isn’t funny and that Tate has to pay for doing something wrong. Brady informs Tate that he’s going to get a job. Theresa argues that he’s just a kid. Brady says that Tate is going to learn the skills and thinks he knows exactly where he’s going to do that.

Kate tells Chad that she doesn’t care if Rex thinks she’s an overbearing mother but she’s not going to let Sarah break his heart, even if he did break her heart first. Chad thinks she should stay out of it or she’s going to make things worse. Chad adds that he’s been through something similar very recently with Steve and Kayla as they cannot wait for he and Stephanie to get married. Chad explains how they got together for dinner and he walked in on Stephanie telling Kayla that she wants to marry him and then Steve came asking what his intentions were. Kate calls that a lot of pressure. Chad doesn’t know how to feel since they haven’t been together that long. Kate asks if he thinks the marriage idea came from Stephanie or Steve and Kayla. Chad admits he doesn’t know and they didn’t get to talk about it. Kate notes that it’s possible that Stephanie was just trying to keep Kayla off her back. Kate then asks if Chad wants to marry Stephanie.

Alex tells Stephanie that he thought Vivian kicking them out of the house would be the worst thing to happen after Victor’s death. Stephanie knows it’s a shock but says there may be some perks to the situation like the job, the money, and the power which are all things Alex wanted. Alex says he did, but not like this. Stephanie guesses they won’t be neighbors anymore as she asks if he’s moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex is on the fence since he’s not sure it would be that fun for he and Maggie to be living together. Alex adds that if Justin and Bonnie move back in, that would be awkward too. Stephanie argues that Justin is still Alex’s dad and they still love each other. Alex just doesn’t think he’d be ready to live under the same roof as Justin right now. Alex tells Stephanie that he totally understands if she wants to quit working at Titan. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t and that they are still friends. Stephanie says she’s sorry that he’s going through all of this as she knows it hurts so he doesn’t have to act tough with her. Alex thanks her but admits he’s not really feeling that tough right now.

Justin asks Maggie if Alex mentioned moving back in. Maggie says not yet and senses that Alex likes where he’s living now. Justin admits that he’s not sure he’d be rushing to come back either if Bonnie didn’t hate the Salem Inn. Maggie understands it brings back a lot of complicated emotions but argues that this is Justin’s family home and Victor would want him there. Maggie declares that Alex is still Justin’s son and nothing will ever change that.

Kayla tells Bonnie to tell Justin that she’s thinking of him and if there’s anything she and Steve can do. Bonnie wishes there were but the damage has already been done. Kayla comments on Victor still stirring the pot from beyond the grave and asks how Alex is handling it. Bonnie says that Alex said all the right things to Justin but she imagines it might go to his head. Bonnie adds that now Alex is a very rich and eligible bachelor, so every woman is going to want to get their hooks in to him. Brady and Theresa then arrive at the Pub with Tate.

Justin wishes he was as sure as Maggie that nothing would change between he and Alex. Maggie reminds Justin about Mickey raising Mike Horton as his own for years and when the truth came out that Mike was Bill’s son, it was painful but in the end nothing mattered. Maggie feels that what matters is that Justin raised Alex to be a fine young man. Maggie understands it feels like a terrible loss, but promises he will get through it.

Brady tells Tate that they will see if his uncle is around. Kayla hugs Tate and says it’s been so long, asking if he’s on a break from school. Brady reveals that Tate was kicked out. Tate mocks everyone needing to know that. Kayla introduces Bonnie to Tate. Bonnie welcomes him back to Salem. Tate repeats that he got kicked out of school to make sure everyone knows. Kayla then introduces Bonnie to Theresa as well. Brady asks if Roman is around as he wanted to talk about Tate getting a job. Tate says that’s news to him. Brady explains that Tate caused damage so it’s time that he pays for it. Tate questions the idea of washing dishes. Brady tells Tate that he will do anything that Roman tells him to. Theresa questions if this is really necessary when Tate just moved to a new school in a new town. Kayla mentions that Roman is out so Brady decides he will text him. Tate asks if he can get lunch while they wait. Bonnie says she should go but Brady stops her to ask what was in Victor’s briefcase that the ISA recovered from the wreckage. Bonnie reveals it turns out that Victor did write a new will just before he died to replace the one he destroyed. Brady asks what was in it. Bonnie informs him that Vivian got exactly what she deserved in absolutely nothing which Brady calls good news. Bonnie adds that Victor left half of everything to Maggie. Tate asks if the other half goes to the rest of the family but Bonnie reveals that the other half went to the son that no one knew Victor had.

Alex gets a call at the Titan office and agrees to answer questions, confirming he is the new CEO of Titan and that it turns out he is Victor’s son. Alex is then asked how he feels about it and says no comment.

Chad tells Kate that he never really thought about marriage until he overheard Kayla and Stephanie talking about it. Kate points out that they are living together and Stephanie is helping raise his children. Kate assures that she’s not trying to pressure him as she knows what a big step it was for Chad to get serious about Stephanie in the first place. Chad calls it still kind of strange to be living with someone who isn’t Abigail since it’s only been 16 months and he thought he would spend the rest of his life with her. Kate says she’s really sorry and encourages him to take all the time he needs. Stephanie then comes home and asks if she’s interrupting something. Chad hugs her and welcomes her home. Kate assures she’s not interrupting and claims the flowers she brought back are from Chad to Stephanie. Kate then tells them to have a great day and exits. Stephanie asks Chad about the flowers. Chad confesses that he bought them for Kate but they are Stephanie’s now. Stephanie jokes that she’s not offended by second hand flowers. Chad says he missed her like crazy and asks if she told Vivian that she quits. Stephanie responds that she stopped by Titan, but it didn’t go as planned.

Justin thanks Maggie as he’d forgotten she lived through a similar experience. Maggie points out that in the end, Mickey and Mike were father and son in every way that counted just like Justin and Alex. Maggie understands that Justin is unsure about moving back in since right now, the family is hurting which is why she feels it’s so important for them to rally together.

Brady is shocked to learn that Alex is Victor’s son. Bonnie jokes that somebody needs to make a family tree. Bonnie says it was a pleasure meeting Tate and Theresa. Kayla says to send her love to Justin as Bonnie exits. Brady questions Victor announcing in his will that Alex was his son. Kayla explains that there was another letter in the briefcase from Anjelica to Victor. Theresa asks what kind of letter. Theresa then thinks back to when she broke in to Victor’s briefcase and found the stack of letters, while she pretends to not know what was inside. Tate says there’s a lot going on and suggests they focus on getting a job another time. Brady says nice try. Tate wonders if Maggie will share her fortune with the rest of the family. Tate asks Theresa to talk to Brady about the whole dishwashing thing. Theresa says there’s actually something she has to do. Brady questions her leaving now. Theresa tells Brady to go ahead and wait around for Roman. Theresa adds that she assumes Tate will be staying with Brady at John and Marlena’s while she figures out her living situation. Brady says he has to run it by them first. Theresa then exits the Pub. Tate questions Theresa staying in Salem. Brady says they haven’t really discussed it. Kayla notes that Stephanie did mention it. Tate questions why Theresa would leave now that he’s here and where else she would be. Brady and Tate sit together as Tate asks if he gets to eat at the Pub for free if he works there. Brady tells him no. Tate questions having to scrub dishes and pay to eat. Brady tells Tate that this is not the way he would’ve chosen for him to come live with him, but he’s glad he’s here. Brady offers to drive him to go see Rachel. Tate asks how Rachel is doing. Brady admits he doesn’t know since he doesn’t see a lot of her since Kristen got custody. Tate notes that he hasn’t been in Salem in forever so he’s going to take a walk around town. Brady wants Tate to stay and talk to Roman. Tate suggests he just text him and says he’ll see him later as he exits the Pub.

Bonnie joins Justin at the Kiriakis Mansion with her bags packed and says they are home sweet home as she knew Maggie would say yes. Bonnie hoped Alex might move back in now that the house is 50% his but admits she’s sure he’d be a little uncomfortable. Justin then reveals that Alex just ousted Maggie to take over as CEO of Titan. Bonnie is shocked as she didn’t think he would move that fast. Justin hopes Alex gets over himself soon before anyone else gets hurt…

Theresa goes to see Alex at the Titan office. Theresa brings up Brady humiliating her in Greece while Alex welcomed her with open arms. Alex says he’s glad he could be of service. Theresa mentions hearing what happened with Victor’s will. Alex calls it wild. Theresa claims she had no idea what a bombshell would be in the briefcase that Shane gave her and says Alex must be overwhelmed. Alex admits he is a little bit. Theresa asks if he’s taking care of himself by eating, sleeping, and having fun. Alex says he’s doing his best but Theresa doesn’t believe him. Theresa tells Alex that she’s free for dinner tonight and she gives really good fun.

Stephanie informs Chad about Alex being Victor’s son. Chad is surprised Kate didn’t say anything but guesses she has too much going on with her own son. Stephanie notes that Alex is running Titan again, so she will report to him. Stephanie knows the other night there was some weirdness but Kayla was just pressuring her to tell her how serious they were and she was just saying that she could see herself marrying Chad someday but she wasn’t dropping a hint that she wants to get married now. Chad doesn’t think they need to rush anything if they like the way things are as he hugs her.

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Days Update Friday, October 6, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Vivian goes to Gabi’s room at the DiMera Mansion and says she’s glad she caught her before she left. Gabi tells Vivian to leave because she was about to get changed for a meeting at DiMera. Vivian tells Gabi that it doesn’t matter what she wears because she’s going to be the one sitting at the meeting which Gabi questions. Vivian responds that since Maggie kicked her out of Titan, the only place for her to be is at her son Stefan’s side.

Maggie returns to the Titan office and dumps Vivian’s nameplate in the trash before putting her own back on the desk. Alex walks in and asks what she’s doing there.

At the hospital, Leo complains about needing service for Dimitri. Kristen then arrives off the elevator.

Dimitri wakes up in his hospital bed to see Gwen, who says she could kill him for worrying her like that and then calls him a bastard.

Stefan sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, reading the Spectator article about Dimitri being shot in the DiMera Mansion until Jada walks in. Stefan assumes that she’s there for follow up questions about Dimitri’s shooting. Jada responds that she just has one and asks why he lied to her.

Kristen greets Leo. Leo responds that he knows what she did because Gwen told him about her diabolical plan to kill his boyfriend. Kristen thinks back to pulling a gun on Dimitri. Leo argues that Kristen went through with it even after Gwen told him that she called it off. Kristen insists that she did call it off. Leo questions if she’s going to claim to have had a change of heart. Kristen swears to Leo that she did not shoot Dimitri. Leo doesn’t believe her but questions who the hell did if it wasn’t her.

Vivian tells Gabi that she doesn’t need to worry about business now that she’s here and she can just be a real housewife of Salem. Gabi responds that she hates to disappoint her, but no matter how much Vivian tries to charm them, she is not going to take her job. Gabi warns Vivian not to get too comfortable in the house either. Vivian acknowledges Gabi as her new daughter in lie and advises her not to underestimate her. Vivian declares that she’s not leaving the house and warns Gabi that if she gets in her way, she will regret it.

Stefan repeats to Jada that he and Gabi were upstairs when they heard a gunshot, then they came in and found Dimitri bleeding on the floor. Jada informs him that they dusted the gun for prints and found Dimitri’s but they also found Kristen’s prints on them too. Stefan says it must have been Kristen that shot him then. Jada says that Kristen didn’t and the prints don’t even matter because the bullet didn’t match the gun. Jada states that Dimitri was shot with another gun.

Dimitri asks Gwen what happened. Gwen informs him that he was shot and asks if it’s much of a surprise considering what a dirtbag he is that it was bound to happen eventually. Gwen states that Dimitri lied to her and got her to marry him so he could inherit the Von Leuschner fortune, while having an affair with her best friend. Dimitri admits that was a despicable thing to do and says he is so sorry. Gwen mocks him and says that sorry just isn’t going to cut it as he pulls out a scalpel and says that will.

Alex tells Maggie that he didn’t expect to see her at Titan. They talk about Vivian trying to mark her territory. Maggie explains that she had the pleasure of ousting Vivian from the house and the company and reclaiming her job as CEO. Alex says he’s glad and wishes he could’ve been there to see Maggie kick Vivian to the curb, but reveals that Victor left him in charge of Titan according to his will which shocks Maggie. Alex brings a copy of the will to prove that Victor named him as CEO of Titan. Maggie argues that Victor didn’t name a CEO in his will. Alex shows her where it says that controlling interest in Titan is to go to him. Alex says he might not have named him CEO but he clearly spelled out his wishes. Maggie argues that Victor made his wishes clear when he was alive by making her CEO and he could’ve made Alex CEO but he didn’t. Maggie feels that if Victor wanted Alex to be CEO after he died, then he would’ve mentioned it. Alex argues that maybe Victor was in a hurry when he made the will or didn’t think it was necessary because he gave him controlling interest which means he’s in control. Alex tells Maggie not to fight him on this as he’s considered his options very carefully and he wants the job.

Stefan questions Jada saying that Dimitri was shot with another gun. Jada warns that if Stefan knows what really happened and is trying to hide it, she will get to the bottom of it and won’t hesitate to lock him up. Gabi then rushes in and tells Jada that she can’t lock Stefan up because he had nothing to do with this. Gabi then reveals that the person who shot Dimitri was her mother in law, Vivian Alamain, upsetting Stefan.

Vivian checks her purse in the hallway and wonders where her gun is.

Jada questions that Vivian shot Dimitri. Gabi confirms it by presenting the gun to her.

Kristen tells Leo that she doesn’t know who shot Dimitri and argues that Leo is hardly in a position to judge anyone since he was screwing Dimitri while screwing over Gwen. Leo argues that Kristen doesn’t care about Gwen and only cares about her half of the money. Leo declares he’s going to go check on his boyfriend and walks away.

Dimitri questions Gwen finding a scalpel. Gwen explains that somebody left it out on a tray. Dimitri asks what she plans to do with it. Gwen responds that she had a few ideas and then she remembered how Leo just wouldn’t shut up about Dimitri’s magic penis. Gwen suggests she could work a little bit of magic of her own and make it disappear. Dimitri pleads with her. Gwen remarks that it’s been awhile since she’s seen it herself and admits she was infatuated with it, but she’s not remembering why. Gwen suggests refreshing her memory as she lifts his blanket. Gwen comments on Leo falling in love with Dimitri. Dimitri tries screaming for help. Gwen tells him it will only take a minute as Leo walks in and questions what the hell she is doing.

Stefan questions what the hell Gabi is doing. Gabi responds that she’s telling the truth and she knows he wants to protect his mother, but if she has to choose between Stefan and Vivian, she’s choosing him every time. Gabi shouts that she’s not going to let Stefan go down for Vivian which Stefan calls unfair. Vivian then walks in, asking if anyone has seen her gun.

Maggie understands that Alex’s world has been turned upside down by finding out that Victor is his father. Alex argues that Titan is his birthright and that Victor knew he was cut out for the job. Maggie asks if this is payback for firing Alex. Alex admits he didn’t agree with some of the things that Maggie did while running Titan, but claims it’s not retaliation and that he’s taking the job because Victor was his father and this is clearly what he wanted.

Vivian complains about Gabi giving her gun to Jada and argues that Dimitri was threatening to kill Stefan and she couldn’t go through that again. Vivian adds that shooting someone in self defense is not illegal. Stefan confirms that Dimitri was trying to kill him and Gabi and that he likely would have if Vivian did not intervene. Stefan states that is why he had a hard time turning her in. Gabi adds that they want to press charges against Dimitri. Gabi and Stefan say they are willing to testify. Jada points out that this might mitigate Vivian’s attempted murder charge, but they lied to police and having a gun is in violation of Vivian’s parole, so she will be speaking to her parole officer. Jada then exits the mansion while Stefan and Vivian glare at Gabi.

Marlena is in her office, on the phone talking about Susan being alive. Kate walks in and tells Marlena that she’s sorry to barge in. Kate mentions hearing that Susan is alive but says she needs to talk about Philip. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Kate responds that he’s fine but she’s not because Philip is leaving town with Chloe.

Leo stops Gwen and tells her to put down the scalpel, calling this insane. Leo declares that he can’t let her hurt him. Gwen argues that it will hurt Leo a lot more. Leo complains that it’s going to destroy them and that Gwen wouldn’t be able to live with herself. Leo tells Gwen that she’s not a violent person. Leo talks about Gwen having a hard life and going to extremes to get revenge against people who have hurt her but says this is cruel and out of character for her because she is a kind and decent person. Leo adds that seeing Gwen trying to ruin someone’s life in the most horrific way is like she’s not the person he knows and loves and it’s breaking his heart. Gwen responds that Leo has no heart. Leo calls that untrue and says he’s not trying to make excuses but admits he messed up and he’s miserable a lot of the time. Leo talks about using humor to cover up how much he hates himself. Gwen argues that he’s just trying to make her feel sorry for him. Leo insists that he never meant to hurt her but his desperate need for love caused him to betray her. Leo acknowledges that he hurt her more than Dimitri did. Gwen agrees, pointing out that he was supposed to be her best friend. Gwen cries that she’s used to romances falling apart but they were supposed to be forever as she thought they would grow old together and comfort each other. Leo says he thought so too but then he did what he always does and sabotaged himself, because he felt like he had finally found love and a way to be happy which made him horribly selfish. Leo states that he sabotaged the only friendship that’s ever meant anything to him. Leo wishes they were honest with her from the start but guesses he was stupidly hoping that there was some way they could all get what they wanted out of this. Leo says he knows words are cheap but tells Gwen that he loves her and he’s always felt so lucky to have her as a friend and ally. Leo adds that he would be willing to do whatever he had to in order to make it up to her. Leo asks if she’s willing to let him try. Gwen says no and that she hopes Leo and Dimitri both rot in Hell as she then walks out of the room.

Maggie tells Alex that when she learned that he was Victor’s son, it warmed her heart because she thought she could be there for him since that’s what Victor would want. Alex asks if she has a point. Maggie says the point is that Alex is important to her and always has been, but now seeing Victor in him makes her feel even closer to him. Maggie believes that if Victor wanted Alex to be CEO, he would have made him CEO. Maggie suggests maybe Victor wanted them to work together as co-CEOs but Alex doesn’t see that working out since they don’t see eye to eye on how to run the business. Maggie questions just taking her job instead. Alex doesn’t see it that way but argues that he has controlling interest, so all he has to do to get her removed is call a board meeting.

Stefan questions why Gabi would give his mother up to the cops. Gabi insists it was either Stefan or Vivian. Stefan argues that now Vivian gets charged with attempted murder. Gabi points out that Jada said that’s off the table. Vivian mocks her and asks if Stefan is just going to let Gabi throw her under the bus. Stefan is afraid there is nothing they can do it about it now since Jada knows Vivian violated her parole and if she acts on it, the US Marshal is going to be at the door any second. Vivian supposes there’s nothing she can do now other than leave town, which Gabi celebrates.

Gwen runs in to Kristen, who promises she did not shoot Dimitri. Gwen questions who did then. Jada arrives and informs them that it was Vivian Alamain. Kristen questions why Vivian would shoot Dimitri. Jada explains that she apparently walked in as Dimitri was going to kill Stefan and Gabi, so she’s here to arrest Dimitri. Gwen exclaims that’s the best news she’s heard all day.

Maggie tells Alex that calling a board meeting won’t be necessary as she will go, but she must say that she’s very disappointed that she didn’t get through to him at all. Maggie says she knew Alex was a womanizer and somewhat full of himself, but she didn’t think he was so callous that he wouldn’t respond to what she said from the heart about seeing Victor in him and how it moved her. Alex says he’s not saying there’s no role for her at Titan because he will need capable people. Maggie agrees that something tells her them teaming up would work about as well as it did the last time. Maggie then gathers her things and exits the office.

Jada states that she needs to read Dimitri his rights and heads to his room. Gwen tells Kristen that Dimitri is finally getting what’s coming to him. Kristen says he’s not the only one because they are going to get what’s coming to them too which Gwen questions. Kristen explains that Dimitri will go off to prison while someone is going to get the Von Leuschner fortune.

Leo checks on Dimitri, who confirms that Gwen did not hurt him. Leo asks how this happened. Dimitri explains that he had his gun on Gabi and Stefan, then he got shot in the back. Leo argues that he promised he wasn’t going to kill Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri says he meant it but before that, Kristen pulled a gun on him. Leo questions who shot him. Dimitri reveals that it was Vivian and says he aimed the gun at Gabi and Stefan as an impulse move, then Vivian walked in and shot him. Leo kisses Dimitri and says the important thing is that he’s alive and now that the truth is out, they have nothing to worry about. Jada then enters the room.

Kristen tells Gwen that it’s time for her to pay her in-laws a visit to explain how poor, deranged Dimitri is going to prison, therefore his new wife is entitled to his fortune. Gwen asks if she really thinks that will work. Kristen asks why not since they are still married and they fulfilled the conditions, so she sees no reason they shouldn’t pay her. Gwen is not sure the Von Leuschners will see it that way. Kristen encourages that Gwen will have to persuade them. Gwen declares that there is nothing left keeping her in Salem and that the Spectator is tied up with Xander, while the only friend she had was Leo. Kristen tells her that she’s always got her. Gwen thanks her but says ever since she arrived in Salem, it’s been one debacle after another. Gwen decides maybe it’s time she sees what else is out there for her.

Vivian tells Stefan that she would never leave him, but she has no choice. Stefan asks where she will go. Vivian suggests back to Alamainia as their home. Vivian tells Stefan not to worry about her because she will always rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Marlena asks Kate if Chloe and Philip are back together. Kate hopes not and says Philip got the help he needed and was doing so well, but his obsession with Chloe is what made him lose his mind in the first place. Kate worries about that happening again. Marlena points out that Philip is a grown man and Chloe must have believed he has changed to agree to go to New York with him. Kate supposes so and admits she was hoping Philip would stay in Salem, especially now but that it was silly of her to think he’d want to be closer with her after losing his father.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and looks at her and Victor’s wedding photo on the mantle. Maggie places her old CEO name plate in front of the picture as she holds back tears.

Alex picks up a photo of Victor in the Titan office and says he really hopes he’s not mad about Maggie, but he doesn’t think Victor would’ve dangled this opportunity in front of him if he didn’t want him to grab the brass ring. Alex then places his own CEO nameplate on the desk and takes his seat in the chair.

Leo asks Jada what they can do for her. Jada responds that for once, this doesn’t concern Leo. Jada then informs Dimitri that he is under arrest for attempted murder.

After Vivian leaves, Gabi questions Stefan being upset to see her go and complains about her. Stefan knows Vivian is impossible but she’s his mother and he feels bad for her. Gabi argues that misery follows Vivian where ever she goes. Gabi states that he may not see it now, but she did him a huge favor.

Vivian goes to the airport and says she better be careful as she never know who she will run in to. Vivian walks on as Gwen prepares to board her flight. Gwen remarks that Salem hasn’t always been fun but it’s certainly been interesting. Gwen adds that there were things about Salem that she loved as well as things she hated. Gwen promises that this might be goodbye for now, but Salem hasn’t seen the last of her as she walks around the corner with her bag packed. Brady then comes around the corner of the airport, followed by Theresa (now played by Emily O’Brien, who portrayed Gwen)

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Days Update Thursday, October 5, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ asks Ava what the hell she is doing at the DiMera Mansion as he thought she was on the run. Ava responds that she’s back now and she brought him a little surprise, not that he deserves it after trying to kill her. EJ claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Ava tells him to spare her the phony denials as she knows he sent that woman to murder her at Bayview and that’s why she is here, to end this now. EJ asks how she plans to do that. Ava tells him to see for himself as Harris then brings in Susan, leaving EJ in disbelief. Susan runs up and hugs EJ.

Chloe meets Philip in the park to inform him that she’s leaving in Salem. Philip asks if she means with Xander. Chloe says no as now that Xander knows he’s the father of Sarah’s baby, what they had is over. Philip says he’s sorry. Chloe says she is too but they obviously can’t live together anymore and she can’t stay at the Spectator, so without a job and no relationship, there is nothing keeping her here.

Sarah is at the Kiriakis Mansion, hoping she can rest after putting baby Victoria down for a nap. Kate then walks in and startles her. Sarah asks what’s wrong. Kate complains that Sarah has dragged Rex in to this psycho drama with Xander and put a target directly on Rex’s back.

Rex shows up at Xander’s door. Xander questions what he wants while Bronson loads his gun behind them. Rex states that Xander texted him to come over which Xander denies. Rex says he has no time for his games and tells him to stop lying. Xander insists that he’s not and he didn’t send him a text, so Rex questions who did. Rex then shows Xander the text but Xander says that’s not his number. Rex asks again who sent it. Xander says he has no clue, but since he is there, they should talk about his baby. Rex argues that his name is on the birth certificate. Xander argues that it doesn’t change things and that he can show a judge a DNA test. Rex says he can fight it all he wants but no court will ever grant him custody so he should get over it and move on but Xander refuses. Xander tells Rex to give up any claim he has to Victoria and then divorce Sarah.

Sarah apologizes to Kate and asks what she is talking about. Kate tells her not to play on her sympathy as a mother because she has put her child directly in the line of fire. Kate says Sarah might want a romantic relationship with Xander and that’s her decision, but he is a homicidal maniac, so she does not appreciate using Rex as a human shield. Kate asks if Sarah wants to see Rex dead.

EJ tells Susan that he didn’t think it was possible that she could be alive and says he has so many questions but doesn’t know where to begin. EJ asks if she’s alright. Susan says she is, especially now that she is with her son. EJ tells her that he’s missed her so much as they embrace. Harris whispers to Ava that while EJ is so distracted, it’s time to make the move to get the confession they promised Rafe while he’s still wearing a wire. Ava then tells Susan that she was really glad that she could reunite her with her son but asks if she could help her out by asking EJ to apologize for sending the woman to Bayview to murder her. Susan tells EJ to confess his sins and beg Ava for her forgiveness.

Philip asks where Chloe is going. Chloe says her parents and Parker are in New York so that makes sense. Chloe adds that she just needs time to process all of this and figure out what’s next. Philip thanks her for telling him when she didn’t have to. Chloe says she wanted to and that she wouldn’t take off without saying anything. Philip notes that in the past she might have and he wouldn’t have blamed her. Chloe says in the past, she would have worried that this would send him in to an obsessive tailspin but she knows he’s changed and she’s not worried about him anymore. Chloe says she’s glad that he’s alive and she’s so proud of him for doing the work to get better. Chloe adds that reconnecting with him has been pretty great. Chloe comments that a change of scenery will be good for her but admits that she will miss him. Philip says he’ll miss her too.

Sarah tells Kate that she doesn’t want Rex dead and asks what kind of question that is. Kate argues that Sarah didn’t want Xander near her baby because she was terrified of him and knew he was a dangerous man and that she’d never be safe which Sarah confirms. Kate questions if it’s alright that Rex isn’t safe and says she doesn’t get her plan for Rex to pretend to be the father of the baby and asks if she really thought she could pull that off. Sarah hoped the truth would never come out. Kate argues that she knew Xander would be out for blood when it did come out. Kate questions why Sarah would do this and risk Rex’s life, asking if that’s okay. Sarah tells Kate to ask Rex because she didn’t come up with the idea to lie about Victoria’s paternity, Rex did

Rex tells Xander that he and Sarah just got married. Xander argues that Sarah only did that to stick it to him. Xander says he would never harm Victoria but he will cause Rex a great deal of pain. Rex warns Xander to stay out of their lives. Xander asks what he’s going to do, kill him. Bronson then suddenly hits Rex from behind and knocks him out. Bronson pulls his gun on Xander and declares that Rex isn’t going to kill him, because that’s his job.

Susan tells EJ that confessions are good for the soul, so she wants him to admit to Ava what he did and she wants him to call off the assassin. Susan points out that she’s alive, so there’s no need for vengeance now. EJ thinks back to sending Bronson after Xander and comes to a realization. EJ says he has to go as he just remembered a critical business arrangement that’s a matter of life and death. EJ says he’ll be back soon and rushes out of the mansion. Susan questions what would make EJ run out so fast.

Xander questions what Bronson is doing. Bronson responds that he’s going to shoot him and then put the gun in Rex’s hand. Xander asks if he knows Rex. Bronson says he knows Rex will go down for murder. Bronson explains that he’s sure neighbors heard them arguing, so by the time the cops come, he’ll be gone and Rex will take the fall for murdering Xander.

Chloe asks what Philip’s plans are. Philip responds that he doesn’t have any and he’s just taking it one day at a time, but jokes that he’s sure Kate has his entire life planned out for him. Philip remarks that the Kiriakis family doesn’t stick to the script and they keep things interesting. Philip jokes that it’s like Body and Soul. Chloe questions him watching that. Philip says he had a lot of time on his hands. Philip talks about Vivian showing up and how they found the will and now the estate goes to Maggie and Alex. Chloe mentions hearing that Alex is Victor’s son and Philip’s brother and how that must be strange for him. Philip acknowledges that Alex was always family, so now he’s just closer family. Philip comments on he, Alex, and Bo being Victor’s three sons but says he’s not sure where he fits in but he’ll figure it out. Chloe is sure that Victor loved them all equally which Philip agrees with. Philip acknowledges that he and Victor didn’t have the smoothest relationship, but he loved him very much and wishes he had the chance to say goodbye. Philip then declares that thankfully he at least gets to say goodbye to Chloe as he hugs her. Philip tells Chloe not to be a stranger and says goodbye. Philip turns to walk away but Chloe stops him and asks if he would want to try to figure things out in New York.

Ava asks Harris what just happened and if EJ is onto them. Ava worries that they missed their one chance to get EJ on tape admitting what he did to her. Harris says they could wait until he comes back but Ava is certain they won’t get another chance. Ava guesses they have to go back to the station to tell Rafe the bad news. Susan comes back in and suggests they all sit down and wait for EJ to come back. Ava says she and Harris were going to head out. Ava tells Susan that before they go, she wants to tell her that when she had her in that car, she was in a very bad place where she was hurt, angry, and not thinking straight. Ava states that her issues were with EJ, not Susan, and she never should’ve dragged her in to it. Ava admits that she was wrong and is truly sorry. Susan talks about believing in forgiveness like in the Bible. Ava says she’s grateful for that and she’s glad that Susan is okay. Ava goes to leave but Susan stops her and asks what’s next for her. Ava responds that she doesn’t know and guesses she will be sent back to Bayview. Susan suggests that could be the one place in the world to keep her safe. Ava and Harris then exit together.

Xander tells Bronson that he doesn’t have to do this. Bronson says he’s getting paid to. Xander offers to pay him but Bronson declines. Xander talks about being in Bronson’s situation. Bronson clarifies that he doesn’t need the money but he loves his job. Xander realizes someone hired him and guesses he knows who did that. EJ then bursts in. Xander asks if EJ came to make sure the job is done right.

Kate is surprised to learn that pretending to be the father of Sarah’s baby was Rex’s idea. Sarah explains that Bonnie showed up unexpectedly in Chicago and saw that she was pregnant, so Rex jumped in and said the baby was his. Kate asks why she didn’t just say that Rex was lying. Sarah admits she could have. Kate accuses Sarah of taking advantage of Rex’s feelings for her. Sarah argues that Rex has always known their relationship was platonic while Kate argues that Sarah knew that Rex wanted a lot more. Kate notes that she and Roman just had breakfast with Rex and he laid out his whole plan of how they are going to stay married. Sarah confirms that Rex called her and told her that Roman was very understanding while Kate was less so which Kate admits. Kate says even though Rex knows the relationship isn’t real, he’s going to do everything he can to win her back while Sarah will let him believe there’s a chance she will fall back in love with him when they both know she won’t. Sarah argues that they can’t predict the future. Kate accuses Sarah of stringing Rex along all the way to the altar and still feeding him false hope. Kate talks about knowing something was wrong with their relationship all along and says now it all makes sense. Sarah apologizes and says she had to put her daughter first. Kate responds that she’s not sorry for putting her son first, so Sarah is mistaken if she thinks she’s going to stand by and let Rex take a bullet for her.

EJ instructs Bronson to put the gun down. Bronson argues that they had a deal. EJ agrees to do his part while releasing him from his. Bronson insists that he needs to finish a job when he starts and adds that Xander will be a witness. Xander assures he’ll forget his face. EJ reminds Bronson that he works for him and he’s telling him that the job is done. Bronson agrees as long as he still gets paid which EJ assures he will. Bronson then gathers his things and exits. Xander assumes EJ sent Bronson because of what he did to Susan and questions why he called him off. EJ reveals that the circumstances have changed as it turns out that Susan is still alive, which shocks Xander.

Susan Banks goes to Marlena’s office to surprise her. Marlena can’t believe that Susan is alive and she’s not dreaming. Susan and Marlena then embrace.

Xander questions that Susan somehow managed to get out of the car before it blew up and she’s been living it up in London. EJ confirms she survived the crash and has been living in London. Xander excitedly calls this a miracle and thanks EJ for telling him and for stopping his goon from doing him in. Xander then grabs his phone and says he’s calling the cops to tell Rafe that EJ just hired somebody to put a bullet in him.

Ava walks in to the interrogation room where Harris has his shirt lifted up. Harris then asks her to help him with removing the wire which she does. They get close as Harris thanks her. Harris is sorry they couldn’t get EJ to admit he ordered the hit. Ava hoped it would help her case and maybe get the police off her back. Harris says they may not have gotten the confession from EJ, but Susan being alive has to help.

Marlena questions Susan being in London all this time. Susan explains that she was chained up in her ex husband’s back bedroom until Ava and Harris showed up. Marlena guesses Susan must have done a wonderful job of helping them find her. Susan admits that Ava and Harris got taken prisoner too at first but what matters is that they are all safe now. Marlena calls it a miracle. Susan tells Marlena that she missed her so much. Marlena says she missed her too but she doesn’t understand who found Susan to take her to Edmund in London. Susan says she still hasn’t solved that one yet. Marlena decides it doesn’t matter since she’s here now with all the people who love her the most in the world as they hug.

Xander tells EJ that he’s on hold. EJ asks if he’s sure he wants to do this. Xander is sure Rafe would love any excuse to lock EJ up. EJ is sure Rafe would relish the opportunity to put Xander behind bars too, reminding him that he’s only not in prison because Rafe couldn’t find a witness to implicate him since Bonnie never saw Xander’s face but Susan did. EJ adds that he’s sure Susan would like to press charges against Xander but he could convince her to let it go unless he’s incarcerated after Xander calls the cops. EJ states that Susan will go in to detail on what Xander did to her, so he’ll end up in a jail cell right next to him. EJ questions if Xander really wants to get to know his daughter in the visiting room in prison if Sarah and Rex would even allow it or if he wants to be free so he can fight for his daughter. Xander reluctantly admits that EJ wins and hangs up the phone. Xander agrees to say that EJ and Bronson were never there while EJ agrees to make sure Susan finds it in her heart to forgive and forget. EJ then exits the apartment. Xander then tells Rex to wake up.

Sarah tells Kate that Rex is a grown man, so she needs to let him make his own choices. Kate argues that it’s not about his own choices but her protecting him from a calculating predatory woman. Kate accuses Sarah of using Rex to keep Xander away. Kate adds that she’s also worried about Sarah hurting Rex and warns that if she does, she will naswer to her. Kate then exits the mansion.

Rex wakes up and questions what the hell happened. Rex accuses Xander of using the baby to get him over, only to have some thug knock him out. Xander claims not to know what he’s talking about and that Rex just fainted. Rex insists that he knows Xander did this because he hurts people, knocks people out, kidnaps them and kills them. Rex declares that biology or not, he will never be Victoria’s father. Rex tells Xander to stay the hell away from his family as he rushes out of the apartment.

Philip questions Chloe wanting him to move to New York with him. Chloe clarifies that she knows they both acknowledged that they have feelings for each other, but she just broke off her engagement and isn’t ready to jump in to anything new so she can’t promise him anything, but she’d still be really happy if they took this journey together. Chloe thinks the change would be good for him too. Philip says he gets it and promises to respect her boundaries. Philip states that nothing happens unless she’s comfortable with it. Chloe says that’s why she asked him to come. Philip asks if she’s sure she’s okay with him tagging along which she assures. Philip then agrees to accompany her to New York. Chloe decides this isn’t goodbye for them then, but there are a few people that she needs to tell that she is leaving. Philip says he does too so Chloe wishes him luck with that. Chloe calls Nicole and says she has news but she doesn’t want to share it over the phone, so she asks to meet for lunch anywhere except the Pub.

Philip meets Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate tells him that she’s so happy to have quality time with one of her sons. Philip says he knows how much she values their time together and he does too, but they aren’t going to be having quite as much of it as she would like.

Harris thinks the worst they can do is send Ava back to Bayview and if she goes back, he’s going with her. Ava doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Harris says it will if Marlena says so, reminding her that he asked to be committed. Ava thinks Harris is beyond needing to be locked up and that Marlena would say he doesn’t need it. Harris talks about all they have been through together and says there are a lot of dangerous people in the world. Harris asks who is going to watch his back if she’s in Bayview while he’s not. Ava compliments his back and says she’s crazy but not blind.

EJ goes home looking for Susan. Susan then joins him in the living room and says she just went to see Marlena so she would know she’s alive. Susan asks where EJ ran off. EJ repeats that he had business to take care of. Susan questions it being more important than being with her. EJ assures nothing is more important than that but now all his business is taken care of so she has his undivided attention. Susan then asks if EJ behaved himself while she was gone. EJ would love to say that he was but asks where the fun is in that as he hugs her.

Xander complains about Rex ordering him to stay away and calls his attorney to say there’s been a development in his case as he just found out Susan Banks is alive and well which changes everything as he’s suddenly a more suitable parent, so he wants to sue for full custody of his daughter.

Rex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Sarah that she won’t believe what just happened to him. Sarah says she wants to hear it but there’s something she has to tell him first. Rex questions what it is and says she can tell him anything. Rex tells her to just say whatever it is. Sarah holds back tears as she tells Rex that she wants a divorce.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Rex and Philip sit together at the Brady Pub. Philip talks about being relieved that they found Victor’s will and Maggie gets to move back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Philip calls Vivian a very bad person who he’s thrilled to be rid of. Rex relates to wishing he and Sarah could be rid of Xander. Rex adds that Xander has made it very clear that he has no intention of staying away from Sarah or the baby.

Chloe sits at home on the phone with her mom. Chloe talks about everything being new but she hasn’t had a chance to talk to Xander since he didn’t come home last night. Chloe then hangs up when Xander comes home. Chloe asks if he’s okay and asks where he was. Xander apologizes for worrying her and says he slept in his office as the day was just so crazy that he needed time to process it but he knows he should’ve called her. Chloe says she understands. Xander doesn’t know what to say. Chloe responds that while he was gone, she did some thinking too about her moving out.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ meets with Bronson, the man he had as his hospital contact, keeping an eye on Joyce. EJ explains that he is now representing Joyce and has advised her to remain silent. EJ then tells Bronson that he has a new job for him as he wants him to take over Joyce’s. EJ declares that he wants him to find and kill Ava Vitali.

In London, Ava tells Susan that she has to get them out of here since she lured her and Harris to London with her mental telegrams. Ava suggests Susan try sending a psychic message to someone who can help them out. Susan doesn’t know if she can do that. Ava warns him to figure it out soon or else Edmund is going to end up shooting someone.

Rafe informs Edmund that Ava and Harris were under the impression that Susan was still alive. Edmund calls that impossible since she was blown up in a car crash. Rafe says they believe they came to Edmund’s apartment. Edmund claims he hasn’t seen them. Tripp reveals that they looked up his address before going missing. Edmund says he’ll let them know if they show up. Rafe asks if he minds if they take a look around. Edmund then pulls his gun out and declares that he does mind. Rafe questions what’s going on and what the problem is. Edmund reveals that if he allows them to look around, they will certainly find his guests and he just can’t have that.

EJ tells Bronson that Ava is missing. He brings up Rafe wanting to put EJ away for years and questions giving him a reason to turn up the heat. EJ responds that he’s not worried about Rafe and feels he’s waited too long to get vengeance for his mother. EJ adds that Ava is trying to convince people that Susan is still alive. EJ says that couldn’t be so either Ava is delusional or she’s trying to trick him in to backing off. EJ declares that either way, he wants her dead.

Susan tells Ava that her gifts don’t work like that. Ava encourages her to try. Harris says there has to be someone she can reach. Ava tells Susan to focus and reach out to someone who can come save them. Susan doesn’t think it’s going to work but then she has a vision of Edmund pulling a gun on Rafe and Tripp. Ava asks if she saw something. Susan explains that she saw an image of Edmund pointing a gun at Ava’s son.

Tripp asks Edmund who his guests are. Edmund admits they are the two people they came looking for. Tripp questions what he did with his mother. Edmund questions Tripp being Ava’s son and brings up what Ava did to Susan. Edmund argues that Ava did her best to put out Susan’s light. Edmund remarks that Ava hurt him deeply, so now he’s going to hurt her deeply by killing her son. Rafe tells Edmund that no one needs to get hurt here. Rafe says they all see he’s suffering. Edmund argues that he has no idea and calls Susan his one true love. Edmund talks about wanting to keep her safe from the cruel world. Rafe calls her death a horrible tragedy. Edmund talks about it haunting him. Edmund says they were apart for years but he always hoped they would reunite. Edmund argues that Susan mistook his devotion for obsession because he said he would do anything to take care of her, even kill. Rafe argues that Susan’s gone so he doesn’t have to do that now. Rafe asks for the gun. Edmund warns Rafe to stand aside or else he’ll shoot him first and Tripp second.

Ava asks Susan if she’s saying Tripp is there. Susan responds that it sounds like he’s right out there in the living room and Edmund has a gun on him. Ava tries screaming for Tripp that they are back there. Susan tells her that won’t work since the whole place is soundproof. Susan starts to ramble until Ava yells at her to just stop talking. Ava then pleads with Harris to get out there and save Tripp.

EJ asks Bronson if he wants the assignment or not. Bronson responds that if he wants Ava dead, he will make her dead but he doesn’t know where she could be now. EJ says that he’s working on locating her, but until that happens there’s another sitting duck waiting for him in Salem and that’s Ava’s accomplice, Xander Cook.

Rex and Philip talk about Sarah wanting to keep her baby away from Xander. Rex brings up what Xander did to Susan and questions why he’s not in prison. Philip asks if Sarah doesn’t still have feelings for Xander. Rex says there’s only disgust, noting that Xander lied to Sarah over and over. Philip brings up that Rex and Sarah have had their issues too. Rex admits that he still has a lot of work to do to regain Sarah’s trust. Rex adds that unless Xander found a way to resurrect Susan Banks, there’s no way that Sarah is letting him back in to her life or her daughter’s.

Xander tells Chloe that he knows he just found out that he’s the father of Victoria. Chloe assumes that Xander wants to work things out with Sarah as she knows he loved her for a long time and maybe he still does. Xander insists that he doesn’t love Sarah anymore after she tried to keep his child from him and put another man’s name on his child’s birth certificate. Chloe agrees that he has every right to feel hurt and betrayed which is why she knew she had to tell him the truth that she overheard from Rex and Philip. Xander states that moment proved he could trust Chloe and he knows their relationship is strong and honest which he is so grateful for. Xander declares that he’s going to fight Sarah for the baby and he needs Chloe by his side when he does that.

EJ informs Bronson that Xander Cook kidnapped and terrorized Susan so he’s the reason that she ended up in the car with Ava. Bronson agrees that Xander deserves what’s coming to him but asks again if it’s safe considering EJ is already under suspicion for what happened with Ava, so if Xander takes a bullet then a lot of blowback will come EJ’s way. EJ reveals that he’s prepared for it and that’s why he’s going to frame Rex Brady for Xander’s murder.

Rex admits to Philip that Chloe overhearing them talking about Sarah really complicated things. Philip hopes he doesn’t blame Chloe for telling Xander. Rex understands she just did what she thought was right and that secrets have a way of coming out. Rex adds that Chloe also heard Philip say that he’s still in love with her and asks how she took that. Philip admits it was better than he could’ve imagined after everything he did to Brady as he never thought Chloe could forgive him or consider a relationship with him again. Philip adds that Chloe admitted that her feelings for him came back when he returned to Salem.

Chloe questions Xander wanting to win custody of the baby. Xander knows it’s a longshot with his history but he’s her father and deserves to be his daughter’s life. Chloe asks if he’s hired an attorney. Xander says he’s had preliminary discussions and was advised not to leave town so he apologizes as he knows they planned to go to New York to get married. Xander tells Chloe that he still wants to marry her and he doesn’t want to be with Sarah, especially after what she did. Xander repeats that he loves Chloe and wants to be with her. Chloe responds that she’s sorry but she doesn’t think she feels the same way anymore and she doesn’t want to be with him.

Ava tells Harris that she needs to get Tripp. Harris assures that he won’t let Edmund hurt Tripp. Ava points out that Harris can’t break the chains. Susan offers to help by praying for strength and says prayer is always the answer. Susan stands with Ava and says they are going to pray to the lord. Harris says he’ll take all the help he can get and then he successfully breaks the chain. Ava is shocked while Susan thanks God.

Tripp tells Rafe to move as there’s no point in both of them getting shot. Edmund says he makes sense and adds that this isn’t Rafe’s fight. Edmund tells Tripp to save a place for Ava in Hell and assures he won’t have to wait long. Harris then bursts in and fights with Edmund over the gun.

Ava shouts for Harris and worries about what is going on or if Harris doesn’t make it in time. Susan encourages Ava to have faith, pointing out that the Lord helped break the chains so now they have to hope he will stop Edmund from pulling the trigger. They then hear the gunshot and Ava screams.

The gun fired in to the ground as Harris wrestles the gun away from Edmund. Harris assures that he’s okay as Edmund complains that this is not right. Harris orders Edmund to sit down and not move. Rafe asks for the gun which Harris hands over. Tripp asks where Ava is. Harris tells him that she’s fine and to follow him. Rafe stops Harris but Harris assures Rafe that he doesn’t have to worry as they are done running which Rafe accepts. Harris then takes Tripp to see Ava. Rafe then informs Edmund that he is under arrest as he makes a call.

Ava worries that she doesn’t hear anything after one gun shot. Harris then returns with Tripp. Tripp embraces Ava and is shocked to see Susan is alive, realizing Ava was right. Harris says he will get them unchained. Susan thanks Harris. Harris responds that if she wants to thank him, she can tell EJ to leave Ava alone. Susan agrees to do that and tells him not to worry because EJ will listen to his mom. Harris hopes she’s right about that.

EJ explains to Bronson that Rex Brady has been presenting himself as the father of Sarah Horton’s new child but it’s come to light that Xander Cook is the true father. Bronson notes that could cause bad blood and guesses EJ doesn’t like Rex either. EJ responds that he has no feelings about Rex but they need a fall guy, so Rex is going to have to be collateral damage.

Rex knows it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Philip and Chloe, but he’s always believed they belong together. Philip responds that he won’t argue that, but he lost his way last time with her as his obsession took over and he did some terrible things. Philip admits he wasn’t well and he hurt a lot of people including Chloe, so he doesn’t want to be that guy again. Rex is happy to hear that and asks what this means for he and Chloe. Philip responds that he is sitting back and letting things happen the way they are supposed to. Philip states that Chloe knows how he feels so it’s up to her to decide who she wants to be with. Rex jokes that it’s crazy that the women they love can either choose to be with them or that thug Xander. Philip declares that he likes their chances.

Xander asks Chloe if she thought he was with Sarah when he didn’t come home last night or that he’d just give up on everything they have. Xander doesn’t blame her for having doubts. Chloe says that didn’t help but this isn’t just about he and Sarah. Chloe informs Xander that when he went to confront Sarah, Philip came over and said he still loves her and never stopped. Xander argues that’s Philip’s problem not Chloe’s. Chloe admits that she has unresolved feelings for Philip and guesses that she always has. Chloe thought Philip was dead so it didn’t matter but then when she saw him, all these feelings came rushing back. Xander asks if that means Chloe wants to be with Philip. Chloe says she doesn’t know since things ended really ugly for them and she’d never want that back but she guesses she needs some time to figure things out. Xander says he understands. Chloe tells Xander that she loves him and she has loved being with him, but thinks maybe somehow they ended up here because Sarah broke his heart and she never thought she’d see Philip again. Chloe admits that she’s not over Philip and she thinks Xander will realize he’s not over Sarah. Xander asks what now. Chloe guesses she will spend one last night here in her old room and then tomorrow, she will pack her things and go. Chloe kisses Xander goodbye and exits as Xander holds back tears.

Harris, Ava, and Tripp bring Susan out to Rafe, who is shocked to see that she really is alive. Susan can’t believe half of Salem came to rescue her. Rafe can’t believe that Edmund held her captive this whole time and asks how she even got here. Harris and Ava explain that Edmund said he got a phone call from someone who said they knew Susan survived the crash and then two men showed up with an injured Susan. Rafe asks Edmund who it was but Edmund reiterates that he has no idea who the man was. Rafe asks if Susan doesn’t remember. Susan confirms she’s coming up blank but says it really does scare her to think that whoever grabbed her is still out there…

The Next Day…

EJ puts a photo of Susan on the mantle at home and calls Bronson, who informs him that he’s about to text Rex and send him over to Xander’s apartment, where he will be waiting. EJ instructs Bronson to call him when everything is done and hangs up.

Rex sits with Kate at the Pub, complaining that she’s not hearing him. Kate assures that she is hearing that he is planning on remaining married to a woman who is using him and letting him raise another man’s child. Rex argues that Sarah is not using him and that they care about each other a lot. Rex adds that he already loves Sarah’s daughter like his own. Rex questions why Kate can’t be okay with this like Roman is. Kate argues that unlike them, she is thinking straight and she knows there is no way that Xander is going to back off and let Rex pretend to be the father. Rex responds that he’s not afraid of Xander while Kate warns that he should be. Rex then gets a text message from Bronson pretending to be Xander, saying he needs to see him at his apartment about the baby. Kate asks if Xander wants to squash him like a bug. Rex informs Kate that Xander wants to see him. Kate urges him not to go but Rex feels it’s the perfect opportunity to set things straight. Kate pleads with him but Rex exits the Pub.

Chloe packs her bags at the apartment. Xander guesses this is it. Chloe tells him that they’ll figure out another time for her to get the rest of her stuff. Xander tells her that she will always have a place there. Xander adds that he thought she should have their dart board. Chloe asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to keep it. Xander jokes about who’s picture he would put on it between Rex, Sarah, and Philip but never Chloe’s. Xander hugs Chloe as she cries. Chloe kisses Xander goodbye and they tell each other to take care as Chloe then exits.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that it’s all in motion as justice will be served to Xander and then Ava is next. Ava then walks in to the room, shocking EJ.

Rafe and Tripp return to the police station in Salem. Tripp thanks Rafe for letting Ava do this her way. Rafe assures that he’s not doing it out of the goodness of his heart. Rafe adds that Ava and Harris should be in a jail cell or at least back in Bayview. Tripp points out that Rafe knows as well as he does that it was EJ who sent the woman to kill Ava. Rafe declares that is why he’s going to do everything in his power to nail his ass.

EJ asks Ava what the hell she is doing here as he thought she was on the run. Ava responds that she’s back now and she brought him a little surprise, not that he deserves it after trying to kill her. EJ claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Ava tells him to spare her the phony denials as she knows he sent that woman to murder her at Bayview and that’s why she is here, to end this now. EJ asks how she plans to do that. Ava tells him to see for himself as Harris then brings in Susan, leaving EJ in disbelief.

Chloe meets Philip in the park. Chloe thanks him for coming as there was something she needed to tell him. Chloe then announces that she is leaving Salem.

Bronson shows up at Xander’s apartment and claims he’s from the gas company there to inspect a leak. Xander says it’s not a good time but Bronson warns that gas leaks can be deadly and promises it won’t take long. Bronson then enters the apartment. Rex then shows up at the door. Xander questions what he wants while Bronson loads his gun behind them.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Talia returns to Marlena’s office. Marlena asks if she has a moment to talk since they didn’t finish their session. Talia feels there’s not much more to say as she pretty much told her everything. Marlena reveals that Talia did not tell her that the man she slept with was her son in law. Talia claims to not know what she’s talking about. Marlena reminds Talia that when they agreed to start therapy, they agreed that she would be open and honest. Marlena asks Talia again if she slept with her son-in-law. Talia then tearfully admits that she did.

Jada and Shawn return to the police station. Jada tells Shawn to finish his notes while she takes the gun to forensics. Shawn stops her to ask if they are good. Jada tells Shawn to focus on getting his act together and they will see what happens. Shawn says he will but says it’s really awkward to ask. Jada then tells him not to worry as she’s not going to tell anyone that he slept with her sister, right as Belle appears in the doorway and reveals that she just did.

Rafe calls Jada from London and leaves a message, saying he’s just checking in and guesses she’s in the middle of something. Rafe notes that Ava and Harris still have not returned to their hotel room and he’s got local authorities out looking for them. Rafe says to give him a call when she gets the chance and hangs up. Rafe then pulls his gun when he’s startled by Tripp arriving. Rafe questions what the hell he is doing here. Tripp says he’s worried about his mom.

Ava and Harris wake up in the bedroom they were left in by Edmund Crumb. Harris checks on Ava, who asks what happened. Harris reminds her that Edmund poisoned their tea. Ava recalls Edmund saying that he had Susan locked up somewhere. Ava and Harris then discover they are chained to the wall by their ankles. Susan Banks then walks in, also chained, and declares that they found her.

Shawn asks what Belle is doing there. Belle says she was going to surprise her husband and take him to lunch, but she just lost her appetite. Belle adds that she was just telling Marlena that they turned a corner in their marriage and the worst was behind them. Jada apologizes that she found out this way. Belle responds that she’s glad that she found out because Shawn was never going to tell her. Belle then asks if she’s the last person to learn that Shawn is cheating on her with Talia Hunter.

Talia asks Marlena how she found out. Marlena responds that Belle was just there and she had been worried because her husband didn’t come back after attending his grandfather’s funeral and he said he had too much to drink, so he slept in Talia and Jada’s room. Marlena adds that Talia had also said she had too much to drink and slept with a married man, so it wasn’t hard to connect the dots. Talia cries that she’s so sorry. Marlena responds that she is too.

Rafe guesses Tripp was trying to tip Ava off that he was on her trail. Tripp argues that she’s his mom so he wants to help her. Rafe asks if Tripp knew she was staying here all along. Tripp says no and explains that Wendy tracked down the fake names used on the passports. Rafe questions how he got a key to the room. Tripp says he just told the front desk that he was Ava’s son. Rafe figures so much for security. Rafe asks why he didn’t just knock. Tripp didn’t think Ava would be happy that he followed her here. Tripp asks where Ava is. Rafe responds that Ava and Harris left their passports and haven’t been back since. Tripp wonders if they found out they were there and are staying away. Rafe thinks they went looking for Susan Banks and hopes they didn’t get in to any trouble..

Ava realizes she wasn’t hallucinating and that Susan is alive. Susan says no thanks to her. Ava acknowledges not being in her right mind when she drove off the cliff and says she’s so relieved to see her and to know that she’s alive. Susan questions who Harris is and what he’s staring at. Harris brings up Susan’s resemblance to her brother Thomas. Susan asks how he knows Thomas. Harris says she probably doesn’t want to know. Susan guesses Ava finally got her signals and now they are all chained up. Susan mocks this being a rescue mission. Ava argues that it could be worse and points out that Harris is an ex-Navy SEAL. Susan remarks that it took them long enough to find her. Ava questions why Susan sent her the signals of all people. Susan argues that anyone else would have thought she was just reaching out from the great beyond and wouldn’t rescue her. Susan also thought Ava would be highly motivated to find her because she’s not responsible for her murder since she’s not dead. Harris explains EJ putting a hit on Ava because he thinks she’s responsible. Ava confirms that EJ sent someone to Bayview to murder her. Susan first expresses excitement that EJ would do that for her but then expresses disappointment in him. Harris asks Susan to tell them everything she knows about Edmund Crumb. Edmund then enters the room and comments on them finally being awake. Harris brings up being poisoned. Edmund declares that he now has them both where he wants them.

Tripp question Rafe planning to track down Ava and Harris by just sitting and waiting in their hotel room until they come back. Tripp worries that they could be in trouble or if EJ has already gotten to them. Rafe assures that he’s working with local authorities and has an APB out on them now. Rafe brings up Tripp not being more forthcoming. Tripp asks if he’s making this his fault. Rafe asks why he had to trick him in to telling him that Ava thought Susan was alive, pointing out that it could’ve exonerated Ava. Tripp says that’s if it’s true. Rafe adds that if it is true, EJ will probably call off his hit on Ava. Tripp argues that Rafe doesn’t care about helping Ava and just wants to bring her back to Salem to throw the book at her. Rafe shouts that he wants to bring her back to Bayview so she can get the help she needs. Rafe then gets a call and writes down a name that he is given. Rafe says he’s on his way and hangs up. Tripp asks if that was about Ava. Rafe says maybe. Tripp argues that he has to tell him. Rafe tells Tripp to go home and that he’ll call him when he finds something. Tripp refuses to leave, so Rafe warns Tripp to either leave willingly or he will handcuff him to the wall for obstructing a police investigation.

Harris asks Edmund why he is keeping them here. Edmund thought Susan would have told them by now. Susan argues that she doesn’t understand. Edmund talks about Susan walking out of his life with no warning. Susan complains about the terrible arguments they had every day. Edmund goes on about Susan not calling or writing letters until he saw on the news that Susan was dead. Edmund recalls getting a phone call that Susan was alive, then two men brought her here half dead, so he spent months nursing her back to health. Harris stops him and question who these men were and who else knows that Susan is alive.

Rafe threatens to handcuff Tripp right now. Tripp points out Rafe not having handcuffs on him. Tripp argues that they don’t like each other but they both want to find Ava, Harris, and Susan. Tripp insists that he knows Ava better than Rafe does, he knows her habits and what she’s told him so he can help him. Rafe feels they are wasting time. Tripp agrees, so Rafe reluctantly gives in and exits with Tripp.

Talia tells Marlena that she feels horrible about all of this. Marlena brings up this being about her family. Talia cries that she feels very ashamed right now since Marlena has been so good to her and Belle is the reason that she’s not in prison. Talia hopes Marlena will agree that Belle doesn’t need to know about this since it was just one time and she promises it will never happen again. Talia asks if Marlena is going to tell Belle. Marlena admits she would like to but she is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena adds that in her experience, secrets have a way of getting out…

Jada assures Belle that no one else knows about this and Talia didn’t want anyone to know because she knew how much it would hurt Belle. Jada repeats that she’s so sorry for all of this as she then exits the room. Shawn tells Belle that he’s sorry and he will do anything to fix it, but Belle slaps him.

Talia knows she and Marlena still have to work together and it will be uncomfortable. Marlena agrees but say she can behave professionally. Marlena asks if Talia can do that. Talia guesses Marlena can now agree that she needs a new therapist which she confirms. Talia tells Marlena that she really helped her and she’s so sorry that she let her down as she then exits the office.

Shawn acknowledges that he deserved the slap. Belle says that’s the least of what he deserves. Shawn knows she’s feeling hurt and humiliated. Belle argues that he has no idea how she feels. Belle brings up how Shawn was throwing her past in her face while he was sleeping with Talia the whole time. Shawn argues that it happened one time. Belle argues that they weren’t married when she was with Philip and they were separated when she was with EJ. Belle points out that they were only separated because of Shawn moving Jan Spears in to their home. Shawn argues that they weren’t separated when Belle slept with her professor in Maine. Belle asks if they are keeping score now. Shawn argues that she’s the one doing that while Belle yells at him to just stop. Belle knows Shawn has been going through hell with everything happening with Bo and Victor. Belle cries that she tried everything in her power to be there for him through everything. Belle talks about giving him grace when he wouldn’t stop drinking and almost lost his job twice, but she stayed by his side and even went to an AA meeting with him yesterday. Belle brings up that they said at the meeting to be honest with yourself but he still lied to her. Shawn says he knew the truth would hurt her more. Belle cries that she thought this was the one thing he would never do to them and now she knows she’s living a lie.

Rafe and Tripp go to the café where Ava and Harris were. Rafe confirms that the waiter identified them as being there yesterday and that Harris used his phone to look something up. Rafe reveals that he checked the history and found out that they looked up Susan’s first husband, Edmund P. Crumb. Tripp says he will call Wendy to look up an address for the guy but Rafe reveals that he’s already got it.

Edmund says he had no idea who the men were or who their boss was, but they just told him that no one could know Susan was alive because of some deranged woman driving her off a cliff. Harris questions his idea of keeping Susan safe being to chain her up like a dog. Susan says there’s a bit more to it than that and recalls when she finally woke up and saying she needed her husband Roger which upset Edmund. Susan says that’s how she ended up chained up. Susan asks if Edmund is giong to keep Ava and Harris here too. Edmund questions Ava being the one who tried to kill Susan. Edmund declares that he wasn’t going to hurt innocent people but now he knows Ava is not innocent, so he will have to do something to take care of her as he then exits the room.

Jada goes to the hospital and finds Talia, who questions what she is doing here. Jada says she came to check on Dimitri and also to warn Talia that Belle knows about her and Shawn.

Shawn tells Belle that he loves her and nothing’s going to change that. Shawn says what happened with Talia was a mistake and he didn’t want her but he was drunk after they got in a terrible fight. Shawn states that Talia was just there. Belle questions him jumping in bed with someone he barely knew who had just been through hell too. Shawn admits he didn’t feel better and takes full responsibility for what happened. Shawn asks Belle not to blame Talia for this. Belle confirms that she only blames Shawn and guesses this is Shawn’s way of getting back at her for being with other people. Belle feels Shawn is using the past to justify cheating on her. Shawn assures that he knows nothing justifies this. Shawn then guesses that Belle’s past did in some way justify what happened because if he forgave Belle for everything she did, he would think she would understand and forgive him. Belle responds that she doesn’t understand or forgive him. Shawn swears that he will do anything to fix this. Belle states that there is nothing he can do.

Ava asks Susan what she thinks Edmund is going to do. Harris asks if Edmund has a history of violence. Ava remarks that he obviously has a screw loose somewhere. Ava argues that if Edmund was going to kill them, he would have by now. Susan points out that Edmund didn’t know who Ava was until now. Harris notes that she still didn’t answer. Susan doesn’t think Edmund would kill someone out of the blue for no reason, but admits he has killed before.

Edmund loads a gun and puts it in his pocket when Rafe and Tripp arrive at his door. Edmund answers and asks if he can help them.

Harris questions Susan saying that Edmund committed murder. Susan explains that Edmund thought he was killing Kristen to protect her. Ava questions what she is talking about. Susan continues that Edmund mistook her late sister Penelope for Kristen and they got in to a struggle where Penelope fell in to the pool and Edmund drowned her. Susan guesses that since Edmund’s done it before, she thinks he is capable of killing again.

Rafe introduces himself to Edmund and says that Tripp is his associate. Edmund states that his late wife Susan used to live in Salem and claims it’s a coincidence. Rafe explains that they are looking for two Salem locals that have gone missing in London. Rafe shows photos of Ava and Harris and asks if he’s seen them. Edmund identifies Ava as the woman who killed Susan and claims that he thought she was in a mental institution. Rafe responds that she was but she escaped. Edmund argues that she shouldn’t be free and calls her a menace to society who shouldn’t even be alive.

Jada explains to Talia that they were in the interrogation room and didn’t think anyone would walk in. Talia questions why she would talk to Shawn about it. Jada says she felt she had to confront Shawn for taking advantage of Talia while she was vulnerable. Talia argues that Shawn was vulnerable too and didn’t force her, so she is just as responsible. Talia says that Jada can’t let what happened affect her work relationship. Talia calls Shawn a good guy who made a huge mistake. Jada hates that it’s all coming out like this. Talia feels it was going to eventually. Talia hopes that Jada doesn’t look at her differently because of this. Jada assures that she loves her and is not judging her. Talia thanks her for never giving up on her and for always being there as they hug.

Shawn asks Belle to go home but Belle says she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. Shawn asks where do they go from here. Belle has no idea but she wants him to leave her alone as she storms out of the room.

Talia thinks back to the day after she slept with Shawn. Belle then shows up at the hospital to confront Talia. Talia tells her that she’s so sorry. Belle tells Talia to go to Hell and walks away.

Belle goes to Marlena’s office and informs Marlena that Shawn cheated on her. Marlena hugs Belle as she breaks down crying.

Shawn holds a photo of he and Belle at the police station and thinks back to when they got back together after being separated. Jada returns to the station and tells him that she’s really sorry. Shawn responds that Belle was going to find out one way or another. Jada asks if he wants to talk about it but Shawn says he’s good. Jada mentions speaking to Kayla and that Dimitri is in recovery. Jada adds that she just heard from Rafe that he got a good lead on Ava and Harris.

Ava worries that Edmund thinks she’s a danger, so he’s going to kill her. Susan argues that they don’t know that. Ava feels they need to find a way out. Harris says he’s been in worse situations than this and promises that Edmund will have to kill him before he touches her.

Rafe informs Edmund that Ava and Harris were under the impression that Susan was still alive. Edmund calls that impossible since she was blown up in a car crash. Rafe says they believe they came to Edmund’s apartment. Edmund claims he hasn’t seen them. Tripp reveals that they looked up his address before going missing. Edmund says he’ll let them know if they show up. Rafe asks if he minds if they take a look around. Edmund then pulls his gun out and declares that he does mind.

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Days Update Monday, October 2, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Marlena is in her office on the phone with Kate, who is at the Brady Pub. Marlena wants details on what happened with Vivian. Kate wishes she had more but confirms that everything she said was going to happen is now official, so Vivian is out. Kate hopes that Vivian will never darken their doorways again. Kate adds that Victor made it clear that Maggie is his widow so Vivian is entitled to nothing. Marlena says that makes her day and she’s grateful for the update. Marlena then hangs up as Talia arrives. Marlena thanks her for coming on time but Talia reveals that she came to tell her that she thinks it’s time she starts seeing a different therapist.

Shawn is at the police station, on the phone with Belle. Shawn talks about things being quiet since Rafe and Jada left for London. Belle says he doesn’t have to explain and apologizes if he felt like she was checking up on him. Shawn understands after everything he put her through. Jada arrives at the station and hears Shawn declare that he’s more determined than ever to put his life back together to be the husband that Belle deserves.

Leo questions what Gwen is talking about, claiming he would never sleep with her husband. Gwen reveals that she saw them together in Iceland. Leo asks what she means. Gwen explains that she had her suspicions and a gut feeling ever since his preposterous story about a Madonna concert but she wasn’t sure until she left to get Leo a frozen treat but doubled back to confirm her suspicions. Gwen declares that she walked in and saw her best friend and her husband going at it. Leo then admits that she’s right that he has been sleeping with Dimitri. Gwen responds by punching Leo.

Dimitri pulls a gun on Stefan and Gabi at the DiMera Mansion. Gabi pleads with him and says he can keep his shares as they have plenty. Dimitri remarks that they will make beautiful corpses. Stefan turns to cover Gabi while Dimitri is suddenly shot from behind by Vivian! Vivian states that in situations like this, she prefers to act first and ask questions later. Stefan thanks her as Vivian declares that she always had perfect timing.

Marlena asks Talia if she’s been unhappy with their sessions. Talia says no and that she’s done so much for her. Marlena thanks her and asks if she’s uncomfortable because they are colleagues now. Talia claims that’s it and that she’s just worried about things getting awkward. Marlena notes that she has several patients from the hospital and they are able to keep their professional boundaries. Marlena adds that Talia only has a couple sessions left of her court ordered therapy and she’s not sure what would happen if she switches therapists. Talia decides maybe she should continue with Marlena then. Marlena says it’s entirely up to her and asks if she wants to have a session now. Talia confirms that she just got off work and agrees to sit down. Marlena asks Talia to tell her what has happened since their last session.

Shawn tells Belle that after work, they should go out dinner and have a little makeout session like they were in high school. Belle jokes that they are too old for that but says it’s a maybe. Shawn says he’s looking forward to it and will see her at home. Shawn then hangs up and is surprised to see Jada, noting that he thought she was in London with Rafe. Jada explains that she got back a few hours ago as Rafe thought one of them should come back to keep an eye on things. Shawn asks how it went with Ava and Harris. Jada informs him that they tracked them to a hotel room but they never returned to their room. Jada then tells Shawn that they need to clear the air about the fact that he slept with her sister.

Leo complains about Gwen’s punch but admits he deserved it as Gwen yells at him for what he did. Leo apologizes and says he’ll beg for forgiveness which Gwen laughs at. Gwen asks if he really thinks she’s going to forgive him after this. Gwen states that Leo knew she was falling in love with Dimitri, yet he still went after him. Leo argues that it was not like that and talks about how he didn’t trust Dimitri when he and Gwen first got together. Gwen recalls Dimitri somehow convincing Leo that he didn’t have an ulterior motive. Leo explains that he found out that Dimitri had to be married by the age of 40 to inherit his fortune. Gwen reveals that she knew that Dimitri was using her the whole time, hence the whole whirlwind romance. Leo explains that when he first found out, he was mad and ready to go off on him but then Dimitri kissed him. Leo adds that at first he thought it was just another straight guy using him to get what he wants but it turned out Dimitri isn’t straight and was genuinely attracted to him. Gwen remarks that it worked because Dimitri screwed Leo and then he screwed her.

Stefan checks on Dimitri and says he’s bleeding pretty badly so they need to call an ambulance. Gabi questions why they would do that when he just tried to murder them and says he deserves to die. Vivian can’t believe she’s saying this but she agrees with Gabi.

Gwen states that all it took was one night of sex for Leo to stab his best friend in the back. Leo insists that he felt awful for betraying her. Leo says he’s not making excuses but Dimitri was in a bind as he couldn’t marry a man and he was running out of time to find someone to marry. Gwen guesses no other woman would be as stupid as her to fall for his act. Gwen says she was such a fool, going on to Leo about how deliriously happy she was to find a man who loved her and only her. Gwen remarks that Leo and Dimitri must have been snickering behind her back the whole time. Leo assures there wasn’t and that he has been racked with guilt. Gwen shouts that Leo doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, otherwise he never would have let her walk down the aisle with Dimitri. Leo says he tried to stop it. Gwen points out that he didn’t stop it and he threw away their friendship for Dimitri and his magic penis. Leo argues that it wasn’t just about the sex and declares that he loves Dimitri. Leo says this is him being real with her. Gwen mockingly congratulates Leo for being real. Gwen hopes his love is real love because when it comes to money, they won’t see one cent of Dimitri’s inheritance. Leo asks what she is talking about. Gwen calls it revenge and asks if he honestly thought she’d just suck it up and let them make a fool of her. Gwen tells Leo that she and Kristen are cooking something up. Leo thought Kristen was Dimitri’s ally. Gwen responds that she was until Dimitri swindled her out of her half of the prize money. Gwen adds that Kristen didn’t like that and told her that Leo and Dimitri already got the first part of the installment when they tried to pass Leo off as Gwen with a wig. Leo says that didn’t work as expected, but now that she knows about everything, he’s certain that Dimitri would be happy to share the money with her. Gwen responds that won’t be necessary because she went to the bank today to pull out a very sizable withdrawal. Gwen then presents Leo with the check and says she’s never seen so many zeroes. Gwen adds that Dimitri is lucky that his money is all she took because Kristen originally wanted to kill him.

Stefan argues that they can’t just let Dimitri die. Gabi tells him to speak for himself as she’s not lifting a finger to help him. Stefan reminds her about the DiMera shares and that Dimitri needs to be alive to sign over the stock certificates which Vivian questions. Stefan explains that Dimitri has full control of he and Megan’s shares of DiMera and that he and Gabi were in the process of blackmailing him for them. Vivian asks why he didn’t say so as Dimitri begins to regain consciousness, so she demands the stock certificates. Gabi warns Dimitri to sign over the shares right now or they are going to let him bleed out. Dimitri laughs her off and says “screw you”. Stefan tells Dimitri that he’s been vouching for him but if he stops cooperating, that ends now. Dimitri gives in and gives Gabi the combination to his briefcase which she opens to retrieve the certificates. Gabi brings them to Dimitri to sign them which he does. Vivian remarks that now they can let him croak but Stefan says he’s a man of his word so he will hold up his end of the bargain.

Shawn takes Jada in to the interrogation room and assumes that Talia confided in her. Jada says not exactly and explains that she ran in to Eric, who said that Shawn claimed she let him stay the night in her room which was not true. Jada notes that she didn’t tell Eric it wasn’t true, but when she spoke to Talia, she figured it out and then they talked. Jada asks when Shawn is going to get it together. Shawn says he’s trying. Jada tells him to try harder because he’s not just hurting himself but everyone around him, mostly his wife but also her and Rafe and now Talia.

Talia tells Marlena that her job is going really well and everyone has been super welcoming. Marlena then asks about her personal life with Chanel. Talia informs Marlena that Chanel broke up with her and admits she was completely blindsided, but guesses she should’ve expected. Talia adds that she was a mess and went straight to the Brady Pub to get wasted. Marlena understands her reaction but warns that getting wasted can become a very self destructive behavior and she doesn’t want that. Talia responds that it’s too late which Marlena questions. Talia states that she did something really stupid and self destructive after getting wasted. Marlena asks what she did. Talia reveals that she slept with a married man. Talia cries that Marlena must be thinking she’s a terrible person. Marlena reminds her that she’s here to listen, not judge. Talia appreciates that but feels she’s a terrible person. Talia says they didn’t plan to sleep together but it just sort of happened which Marlena questions. Talia explains that it was a chance meeting at the Pub as she and the guy were both going through so much, they started talking and the drinks were flowing. Talia says they went up to her room to have more drinks and one thing led to another, then they were in bed. Belle comes in to see Marlena but apologizes, noting she didn’t know she was in a session. Talia tells her it’s okay as she just got a text that the hospital wants her back on duty due to being short staffed. Talia thanks Marlena for listening and tells Belle that it’s nice to see her as she exits the office. Belle apologizes to Marlena for interrupting. Marlena says she was about to reach out to Belle to ask how it’s going with Shawn. Belle says that’s actually why she is here.

Jada tells Shawn that she knows Talia is not blameless but wishes Shawn would’ve thought about how this would affect her as now Talia has to keep secrets from Belle and Marlena. Shawn says he knows and apologizes for screwing up bad. Jada assumes Shawn is going to tell Belle. Shawn says he doesn’t know because he loves her so much and he can’t lose her as he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. Jada gets a text and tells Shawn that she has to go because there’s been a shooting at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn wants to go with her but Jada says she’d prefer if he didn’t. Shawn knows she’s upset with him but says that doesn’t change the fact that they are partners and she might need him. Jada gives in and they leave together.

Stefan informs Gabi and Vivian that the ambulance just took Dimitri away. Vivian questions what they are going to tell the police. Gabi suggests the truth but Vivian says that’s the last thing they should do.

Leo questions Gwen saying that Kristen wanting to kill Dimitri, saying he knew she was a bitch but no that she was bloodthirsty. Gwen explains that when Kristen found out Vivian was claiming to inherit everything from Victor because he didn’t have a will, she deduced that Dimitri didn’t have a will so if he died, everything would go to Gwen as his wife. Leo calls that pure evil. Gwen says lucky for Dimitri, she convinced Kristen to settle for a one time payout. Gwen adds that she will be divorcing him immediately which will result in Dimitri losing his inheritance. Leo then gets a call from a paramedic, informing him that Dimitri has been shot. Leo says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Leo then tells Gwen and says he knows she’s behind this. Gwen denies that and repeats that she talked Kristen down. Leo questions if she did and shouts that if Kristen did this then Gwen is just as responsible as he storms out of the room.

Leo arrives at the hospital and asks Talia for help as he’s looking for information on Dimitri. Talia asks if he’s family. Leo responds that he’s his boyfriend. Talia says she’s sorry. Leo pleads with her, arguing that Dimitri is his entire world so there must be something she can tell him. Talia informs him that Dimitri was just taken in to surgery to extract the bullet. Leo asks if he’s going to be okay. Talia says it’s too soon to say as he lost a lot of blood. Leo starts to panic. Talia tells him that she will let him know as soon as she knows anything. Leo thanks her. Gwen arrives. Leo questions what the hell she’s doing there and if she came to finish the job.

Gabi asks Vivian what is wrong with telling the truth since she shot Dimitri to stop him from shooting them, so she won’t go to jail for that. Vivian reminds her that she just got out of prison and for her probation, her second amendment rights were taken away from her. Gabi questions why she has a gun then. Vivian says it’s for protection. Stefan questions what they are supposed to tell the police then. Vivian suggests saying Gabi did it which Gabi turns down. Vivian argues that she just saved Gabi’s life so she owes her one. Stefan doesn’t think they should change the story in case Dimitri contradicts it. Vivian argues that it’s their word against his. Gabi tells Stefan not to listen to Vivian as they should tell the truth. Vivian reminds Stefan that she protected him and asks him to return the favor. Jada and Shawn then arrive. Jada announces they are here about the shooting and asks what happened.

Marlena asks Belle about her and Shawn’s recent fight. Belle says they are better now but Shawn went off the deep end, disappeared and got drunk, then she didn’t hear from him until the next morning. Marlena notes that she must have been so worried. Belle says she was playing every worst case scenario in her head, but it turned out that Shawn ended up crashing at the Pub in Jada’s room since she and Talia were at work. Marlena comes to a realization and thinks back to Talia telling her about sleeping with a married man. Belle asks Marlena what’s wrong. Marlena claims it’s nothing and that she just realized how bad the situation had gotten between her and Shawn. Belle says it’s getting better and that Shawn was very apologetic. Belle talks about Shawn committing to turning his life around, sounding authentic, and going to an AA meeting. Marlena advises Belle to remain cautious. Belle says she will but she is hopeful and is glad that Shawn is continuing his sessions with Marlena. Marlena states that she will do all she can to help. Belle states that for a long time, she really feared their marriage was in deep trouble but she really thinks that she and Shawn have turned a corner and that the worst is behind them…

Jada asks who wants to go first. Stefan says he will tell them and claims that he and Gabi were upstairs where they heard a gunshot, so they came downstairs and found Dimitri bleeding badly on the floor so they called an ambulance. Jada asks if Dimitri said who shot him. Stefan claims that he was out of it and he couldn’t make out what he was saying. Shawn questions if he didn’t see or hear anyone leaving. Stefan says no but whoever did it must have taken the gun. Jada bags Dimitri’s gun which they claim to not recognize. Shawn asks if Vivian has any insight. Stefan claims that Vivian arrived afterwards and didn’t see anything. Jada asks if any of them have any idea who might want to harm Dimitri. Stefan claims to have no idea.

Gwen swears to Leo on everything she holds dear that she did not shoot Dimitri. Leo guesses Kristen did then which makes Gwen an accomplice. Gwen says it wasn’t so Leo questions why she’s even there. Gwen argues that Dimitri does not get to die before she cuts him off first. Leo warns her that he’s not letting her anywhere near Dimitri. Gwen reminds him that she is his wife. Leo responds that he’s the man he loves. Gwen realizes that Leo and Dimitri really are in love. Leo apologizes and admits they should’ve come clean to her from the beginning. Gwen cries that he was supposed to be her best friend and the one person in the world that she thought had her back. Gwen adds that they have done underhanded things to each other in the past but this is beyond. Leo admits he messed up and asks what he can do to fix it. Gwen tells him that he can’t do anything and declares that their friendship is over. Leo pleads with her. Talia then comes over and tells Leo that Dimitri is out of surgery if he’d like to see him now. Gwen tells Leo to go as they have nothing left to say to each other. Talia then takes Leo to Dimitri’s hospital room.

Leo sits at Dimitri’s side in his hospital room. Leo doesn’t know if he can hear him but tells Dimitri that he loves him more than he’s ever loved anything and he’s not leaving his side ever. Leo declares that now that Gwen knows the truth, Dimitri is all he has left in the world.

Gwen calls Kristen and leaves a message, asking where she is since Dimitri has been shot and she prays that Kristen was not the one who pulled the trigger.

Vivian thanks Stefan for covering for her. Stefan asks what Gabi expected him to do and argues that he had to protect his mother. Gabi remarks that at least this time Stefan didn’t have to take a bullet for her. Vivian says she knew she could count on Stefan and that’s why she is here. Gabi questions Vivian not being at the Kiriakis Mansion. Vivian reveals that Victor did have a will, so she has nothing except a son that takes care of his adoring mother.

Talia returns to Marlena’s office. Marlena asks if she has a moment to talk since they didn’t finish their session. Talia feels there’s not much more to say as she pretty much told her everything. Marlena reveals that Talia did not tell her that the man she slept with was her son in law.

Jada and Shawn return to the police station. Jada tells Shawn to finish his notes while she takes the gun to forensics. Shawn stops her to ask if they are good. Jada tells Shawn to focus on getting his act together and they will see what happens. Shawn says he will but says it’s really awkward to ask. Jada then tells him not to worry as she’s not going to tell anyone that he slept with her sister, right as Belle appears in the doorway.

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