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Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(to Stefan when he wanted to talk in public)
Kristen: We couldn’t have talked in the mansion with the 52 rooms.

(to Rafe)
Melinda: Anything I discussed with Ms. Peterson is under attorney privilege. I’m sure you heard of it.

(to EJ)
Leo: Make it quick. I have a low tolerance for boredom.

(to Roman when he ignored her)
Kate: I thought bartenders were supposed to be good listeners.

(to Kristen about Melinda not opening Gabi’s case)
Stefan: Do they want a signed confession from Gil from beyond the grave?

Leo: Can you tell me about the specials?
Roman: How about a knuckle sandwich? How’s that sound?

(when Goldman wouldn’t tell Ava and Lucas where Clyde was)
Ava: I guess Montana is as good as a place as any to get rid of a body.

(to Clyde when she was about to shoot him)
Ava: Give my best to the devil.

(when Clyde said Abby was alive)
Chad: What did you say?
Clyde: Did you need me to speak more clearly? Your wife is alive and well in the land of the living.

(when Konstantin said the door at the Horton house was open)
Konstantin: Did you realize no one in Salem lock their doors?

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