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Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(about EJ coming after her for taking his job)
Paulina: What’s he gonna do? Put a horsehead in your bed?
Melinda: You never know.

Leo: This lady is not going to blow your whistle.
Holly: Why not?
Leo: You sound disappointed.

(to Kate)
Ava: I think you should know by now since word gets around in this town that I don’t like being threatened.

(to Sloan)
EJ: I wouldn’t turn this into a trashy reality show if I were you.

(to Everett and Stephanie)
Leo: Have you two decided if you’re a thing or a thing thing?

(to Everett and Stephanie when they were talking gibberish)
Leo: Is this some ancient straight person language I know nothing about and don’t want to know about?

(to Theresa when she told him he would find love again)
Brady: Love will find you? You got any more greeting card expressions?

(about the prom)
Theresa: Let’s hope there aren’t any telekinetic kids trying to get revenge.
Brady: This is Salem. They are probably everywhere.

(about Everett getting arrested)
Stephanie: What are you saying? You think Everett got what he deserved?
Chad: Yeah, when you go around punching people in the face.

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