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Here you are, ladies. So, is there anything else I can get you? Um, I think we’re good. Yeah, me too. Thanks. Alright, well, here you go. Enjoy. Thank you.

This is insane. I know, right? How is Mr. Ronald’s final project due so soon? Oh my god, and there’s that creative writing assignment, which I haven’t even started yet. Have you? Yeah, I tend to create most effectively under pressure, so, no. Good for you, because I’m like, whatever the opposite of that is. Okay, can we please take a break from studying?

Talk about something fun, like prom? Fine. I assume you already have a date? Still working on that, actually. Really? Well, who are you thinking? Tate Black.

Got you. Smart thing to do would be to shoot for the Summer League team. Summer League? Mm hmm. Slightly less competitive, but still, I can see you joining the squad. You know, if you apply yourself. Yeah, but Oh, why? Extracurricular activities, dude. You need some kind of scholarship. And you need all the ones you can get, actually.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Making sure I’m not up to my eyeballs in student loan debt. So, you’re, like, what? You’re, like, Mr. Extracurricular? Uh, Mr. President of the SGA, actually. Yeah, VP of the Spanish club. Tight end of the football club. Wow. Busy man. A lot of responsibility. One of the more interesting things I get to do as leader of the SGA Plan prom!

Oh. That’s Joy. Well, honestly, I’m actually pretty proud of the work. It motivates me to go, since I’m throwing the whole thing together. You got a date yet? Um, working on that part. I want to ask Sophia Choi. Uh, I just don’t think she knows I exist. Like the plot of an 80’s teen comedy? Yeah, uh huh. Who are you taking, big man?

It’s great. What is wrong with me? It’s not like Clyde and Gil are geniuses. Why can’t I crack this code?

Hey. Baby asleep? Yeah. I, uh, I put a bottle in the fridge. I don’t know when I’ll be home. Tonight. Well, I’m sure Nicole will appreciate your being there. I’m sure. It’s just work, Sloane. It’s part of my job. I won’t wait up.

I love you.

Melinda, I need you to get over here, quick. And I appreciate your continued discretion, Dr. Rolf. You have all the samples then? Good, good. Now how long will the test take to complete? I’m afraid that patience is not one of my strong suits, Doctor, but you already knew that. I want those DNA results as soon as possible!

Is everything okay?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I’m sorry you had to hear that. And what exactly was I hearing? A rather indelicate display of Of indignant anger. Fair enough. Over DNA results? I just wanted to get some evidence process for a case. Well, I thought you had people to manage that so that you could focus on the case. If I’m being honest, I would prefer to focus on you.

Hey, listen, I’m worried that you’re going to burn out. You already have one job that’s overwhelming enough, but you are juggling two. I thrive on chaos. We’ve discussed this. Oh, maybe you think you do, but I’m not so sure. I’ll convince you. Give it time. By the way, Did you see the article on the map? I did.

Hmm. Your, uh, tip to Chad, uh, really got some serious reactions. Hmm. For a minute there I thought you were going to say clicks. Well, the news certainly made a lot of people very unhappy. I’ve heard that there’s, uh, serious talk of a possible resignation. Please tell me you are not going to add mayor to your current list of job titles, EJ?

If I get the call, who am I to deny the people what they want? And it’s not like I haven’t done it before. Oh, no, that is the worst possible answer. EJ. Oh. Hey, guys. Hi, wow. Yes, I know that aroma. That is chef’s special tea blend. You got it. I thought you were a coffee drinker. Yeah, well, it’s, uh, it’s not for me, actually.

Chanel’s just feeling a little bit under the weather. Well, I’m sure that will help whatever ails her. Fingers crossed. Mm hmm. All right. Mm hmm. Well, I should get going because this article is not going to write itself. Mm, well, you will be careful out there. I promise. Good. Mm hmm. And you, no more jobs. Mm hmm.

Yeah, it promises,

Hey, hey, thought you could use a little, pick me up. Ah, you thought, right? Yeah. Thank you. So, any luck? Hmm. Now I’ve gone through all the standard codes, we, the ones I’m familiar with and, and a few that I picked up out in the field and nothing. Nothing. Okay. So what next? Well, I sent the encrypted message, uh.

Encrypted file to an old Navy buddy. Now, it’s just, um, It’s just a waiting game. Who am I taking? No one. Dude, prom’s not really my thing. No, no, do not knock it until you try it, bro. This one’s gonna be different, okay? Like, way better than the last blast thing that’s in all the trophy cases. Wow, that’s quite the bold statement.

Well, it’s true. The difference is what I bring to the table. It is for sure going to be the biggest night of the year. Okay? I put like literally my lifeblood into it. Ah, speaking of blood, I need volunteers for the student blood drive. So what period might you be free? None. Dude, I faint at the sight of blood.

If someone sees that, I risk losing my hard earned street cred. Um, you can pass out cookies and juice then. Oh, come on. Oh, come on! Volunteering is good for the soul, okay? And maybe you could meet new people. It is time, little bird, for you to expand your social circle. It’s time for you to fly, young falcon.

Yeah. Fly! I’m good, man. Seriously, meeting girls right now is not my priority. Damn, I really hope Holly didn’t just ruin the rest of the female species for you.

So, so you’re gonna ask Tate Black to the prom? Why not? He’s cute, he’s hot, and he’s smart. Yeah, yeah he is, but don’t you already have like five guys that have asked you? Closer to ten, but I don’t know, I guess I’m just not feeling any of them. You sure? Because I heard one of them covered your entire front porch with flowers.

Oh my god, my mom loved it. Dad, not so much. Gotta admit, that’s pretty bold. Bold schmold. Besides, there’s something, I don’t know, alluring about Tate. Yeah, that’s one way of describing him. You know what? I’m just gonna make a move and ask him. Why not? And you said that you were totally over him, so you’re okay with it, right?

Yeah, sure. Mm hmm. Not too convincing. So seriously, if you want me to stop, it’s all good. Just say the word. It’s fine. Really, Sophia? It’s good? Okay, cool. Glad we squared that. We’re totally squared. So, now you, is your mom even gonna let you go? I got the feeling she’s been backing off her tyranny vibe a little bit.

Yeah, she has. I mean, she gave me my phone back, so there’s that. And she’s cool with us hanging, but I don’t know, in terms of prom, there’s nobody I really want to take, so probably not. Yeah, but we’d have so much fun. I mean, you really don’t want to go. Thank you for getting here so quickly. Oh, no problem.

And not that I don’t love seeing you, but where is my godson? I’m going through withdrawals. Wow, he’s getting so big. Right? So, lay it on me, how bad is it? Well, it is bad. I already told you about Eric finding out that I was sponsoring Leo’s semi lavish lifestyle. Huh? He put the kibosh on that right quick.

Well, at least your money flow issues are over. Oh no, that is the least of my concerns. Well, what else? After Leo got the Dear John letter from Dimitri, he got stupid wasted, and uh, he tried to extort EJ. I’m, I’m sorry, he, he did what? He also told him about the baby switch. Holy, uh. Yep. This is, uh. A nightmare.

I know.

I’m just curious, man. At one point, you’re super interested, and then boom? Just go sideways. Holly made a mistake. There’s nothing more to say. Nobody ruined anybody. Well, and then she didn’t say anything to correct the mistake for, like, a long, long time. Bro, she was in a coma. I understand, but I’m talking about after all that.

I mean, dude, what do you want me to say here? We all make bad choices. I’m not gonna be a guy that just holds a grudge. Besides, Holly and I have talked it out. I don’t know. I don’t know. The fact that you even give her the time of day is like Because I’m not a jerk. Not a jerk? I think you just nailed your yearbook superlative.

Your football game, on the other hand, that is not so super. Go.

Got a lot of work to do, Mr. Black. A lot of work to do.

Oh, wow, I didn’t realize how late it was getting. I should bounce. Uh, I’ll come with.

Where did Ava go? Did she like, go AWOL? I guess we just leave some trash. Oh, I only have plastic, sorry. No worries, I got you. Thanks. Hey! On our way out, we have to stop by that vintage shop on 3rd. They have this incredible collection of retro prom dresses. Uh, yeah, I’m gonna have to pass. Sorry, I really should keep working.

Oh, come on! That paper will be there when you get back. You need a mental pit stop, a blessed respite. Okay? It’ll be fun! And we can catwalk around the store, work it like Kendall and Gigi. Yeah, I am, okay. You know you want to! Bye! 30 minutes tops, though. Okay, not even. Yes, I see the notes. Please proceed with the preview for Q3.

I need those on my calendar by the end of the week. No half measures, Rita. Now, in terms of the Titan stock, I want you to monitor and push through the buy order when it hits my price point. Yes, max out the order. And text me if anything unusual happens. Okay? How’s Chanel feeling? Uh, actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.


Dad, I need a favor.

Okay, okay, I think you’re right. We just wait and we see what your contact can do. And in the meantime, Just keep things status quo. Status quo? Status quo is me losing my mind because I can’t decipher this thing. If we can’t decipher this, this is useless. Okay, okay, I know, I know, alright? But look, isn’t having it the most important thing?

If we’re smart, yeah, and we use this bait. Okay, okay, then try not to stress so much. I, I’m gonna stop stressing when Clyde’s back in custody, making sure that guy never escapes again. Okay. All right, look, why don’t we just stop talking about this until we hear from everybody, okay? All right? Maybe we just need to focus on each other.

Go ahead, pick it up.


Have I missed you? Shockingly, no. The book? No, I haven’t found it. Yeah, and I’ve searched the place twice. Yeah, I did look there. Yeah, you know, now that the restaurant has reopened, it’s getting a lot trickier rummaging around without arousing suspicion.

Okay, well, unless you can come up with the place you want me to look next, you’re just gonna have to wait until I can find it.

Yeah, Clyde, I hear ya. I hear ya loud and clear. Alright, so once I do find it, what comes next? A favor,

of course. Anything for my son.

Okay, Chanel and I haven’t told anyone this, okay? She doesn’t even know that I’m telling you, but she’s pregnant.

I’m going to be a grandfather? Possibly, yeah. Possibly. What’s going on, Johnny?

Somebody’s ready for tonight. Hey. Yeah, I also have some snacks for later. You know, I stuffed them in the side of the bag. Oh, smart man. Oh, by the way, the Metro knows our location, so we’re good to go. Great. You hesitated. Did I? What’s up?

Alright, I guess I was just wondering how Sloane was doing because she wasn’t very happy with us last night. We had a fight, which actually led to a very deeper conversation. It was very enlightening. How so? It made me realize that I was making the same mistakes with Sloane that I made with you, and I regret them deeply.

I am in both relationships.

Leo, Leo, Leo, how could he possibly think that this was a good idea? I mean, it’s E. J. DiMera for God’s sake. I know, I know. Exactly what did Leo tell him? Everything. So he knows that I was involved? Because if he does, that’d be very, very bad. I might as well be dead. Look, your name wasn’t mentioned, and if there’s even a hint at your involvement, you know I’ve got your back.

I’m gonna cover for you. It’s the least I can do. Have you had any contact with him? No. Who, EJ? Yeah. Uh, aside from him showing up at my house, demanding I return his child, uh, threatening to arrest me. No, other than that, very little contact. He actually said all of that. Yeah, but then he sort of backed off.

Backed off? Well, once I told him the truth, that Eric is Jude’s biological father.

Oh my god, I Sophia, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you when I threw the ball. Yeah, you sure threw it hard. Yeah, and like way wide of me, dude. Yes, I know. I feel so terrible. Well, you should, because you did see me and Holly. In fact, I saw you catching a look at her right as the ball left your hand. Girl, I didn’t even see him looking at me.

Well, he was. And that’s why the ball landed on my face. And I’m gonna have a shiner for the prom!

What’d he say? He said he’s calling me back in 48 hours and I better have the book by then. And? And I’m supposed to scan the pages and then I’m supposed to send it to some dark web email account and then after that I’m supposed to destroy the book. What? Yeah. And then he’s gonna send me specific instructions on how to do that as well.

So I make sure that I follow his directive. Yeah, but this book is the bait. If there’s no meetup, there’s no chance of hooking him.

I don’t understand. If EJ knows everything now, then how do you still have Jude? Once I mentioned Eric’s name, it was like some switch and EJ just flipped. I mean, at first he was in denial, but then he knew. Deep down? Yeah. He knew. I mean, he still took DNA samples to test anyway. That’ll just confirm everything.

This is a lot to process. It could pan out a lot of different ways. Yeah, prison being one of them. You could lose everything, Sloan. It’s not gonna happen. At least I don’t think it’ll happen. How can you be so sure? I persuaded EJ to keep the information between he and I. Told him it would be in both of our best interest.

Pointed out that, if Nicole knew, it was her and Eric’s baby, both of our respective relationships would be over. And I know that is not something he wants.

Well, um, this conversation took a turn for the deep. Yeah, it seems to be my ways these days. Especially when the stakes are higher. True. Yeah. Either way, I just, I just want to acknowledge the mistakes that I made. And I want to say to you, I’m sorry.

Here, don’t be sorry. We all, we all make mistakes, right? And the whole goal is to move forward and learn from them and, and, and, You know, hope that the next relationship is better and stronger, and we’re trying to do that now, right? Right. Right. And I want you to know that I am pulling for you and Sloane to really get through this.

Oh, yeah, yeah, we will. I mean, I’m too far not to. Yeah. Yeah. So she knows, right, that we’re working together? Yeah, she actually took it much better than I thought she would. That’s how I want it. Yeah, EJ knows, and I was encouraged by his response. Yeah, he’s happy that I’m happy. Which is how it should be.

Yeah, and there’s, see, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Right, I mean, I’m just delivering a story. Intrepid reporters. Colleagues.

And then when Kayla said it was going to be a high risk pregnancy because of the radiation explosion. Which never should have happened. How could Paulina have been so irresponsible? She was just being a mom. Johnny, don’t. The woman needs to be held accountable. Okay, a mother would not have risked exposing anyone to radiation, let alone her own daughter.

She knew the dangers and she didn’t give a damn. I know exactly why she did it, okay? What, because she thought she was doing the right thing? Yes, actually. Oh my god, don’t tell me you are a Paulina Price apologist. Oh, come on, dad. That’s not fair. Obviously, I’m sick about the entire situation, okay?

Especially because I would have found Chanel on my own. It’s not like there was an avalanche. She just, she wandered off and got her foot stuck. She wasn’t even far from where I was. I would have had her back at the cabin just a few minutes later. You know, the worst thing that would have happened was she would have been just a little bit colder.

But now, now,

now, our baby could have serious birth defects. Or worse, might not even make it. And I’m just, I’m just in shock. Okay, I’m just in shock and I don’t, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do. Okay, I’m

Chanel isn’t going through with the pregnancy, is she?

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Clyde has won. Again. No. No. Not by a long shot. He has no idea who he’s dealing with. You know, I have never, ever felt so out of my depth. You can email him, like he asked. Use it to track him. How? We can tag the images. Meaning what? Meaning once Clyde downloads the files from the email, we can trace his IP address and find his location.

Okay, well you make that sound easy. No, no, it’s not easy. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let this guy keep running. Speaking of running, I need, I need to run back downstairs because, because Roman took a chance on me by letting me move in and giving me this job. And so I need to show him how diligent and part Not to mention beautiful.

And sexy.

Thank you. Okay. Oh my god, I know where the ice machine is at the pub. Sophia, I am so sorry. Yeah, you said that already. What, what can I do here? Just buy it for a minute. Here, let me look. You know what, it’s really not. You’re kidding. You’re kidding. Don’t even say it. Let me take you To the hospital? Oh. Yeah, that’s, I mean, I was, I was just gonna say home, but, but if you think the hospital’s Oh, my nose.

Oh my gosh. It’s broken, isn’t it? No, hey, it’s huge. You don’t know if it’s broken yet, okay? Well, I can feel it actually getting bigger. Spelling’s supposed to go up before it goes down. Thank you, doctor. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken or close to broken. I’m gonna have a black eye. And nobody’s gonna want to take someone with a hideous looking shiner.

Say that, Sophia. Or I guess you could take me. I mean, you don’t have a date, right? You know, maybe before we go, you, you can put your bag in my car. I’m sorry, what? I’m confused. About what? You had time to go shopping before we did our job before coming here. And I thought you knew what they say about assuming.

They’re hygiene kits. I thought we could pass them out. That is incredibly nice of you, Nicole. Well, you know, maybe you thought the extent of my charity work only involved the soup kitchen. Oh. But. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. Yeah? Because your ladling is legendary. Second only to my philanthropic ability to throw a tea party.

Oh, a tea. Yeah, I know you do. I remember. Thank you. But, maybe what you don’t know is that my work that I did with the DiMera Foundation was about raising funds for the citizens of Salem. But that work, it You know, it didn’t mean as much to me. It wasn’t as personal. A personal connection, you know? Like this has.

This is genuinely useful. It is. We’re here to tell a story they don’t have a platform to tell. Mm hmm. Exactly. And when I was on the streets? Oh, God. What I wouldn’t give to have a bar of soap and a toothbrush. Wait a minute. Here we go. What do you mean when you’re on the street?

Uh, we, uh, we haven’t made that decision yet. But you must have at least talked about it. Yeah. Yeah, we have. And from what I can tell, Chanel is leaning towards keeping the baby, no matter what. And I’m gonna support her, whatever she decides. Mm hmm. Okay, but what do you want? I want answers. I just, I want answers and that’s why I need to ask you this favor.

Okay, you took care of Holly by getting her in front of the best doctors in the world. And that, that’s what we need from you right now. I, I just want to get Chanel in front of all the experts so that we can figure out what’s going on. Of course. Thank you. And Kayla said that we might not know the extent of the damage until the second trimester, or maybe maybe even later, and by then it could be too late.

Son, I’ve got this. We’ll get you the answers you need, access to the best doctors in the world, but you have to understand there is no magic wand here. I know, I understand that, it’s just it’s the what ifs that are killing me. Of course they are. And by the time you get answers, it might be too late for any decisions to be made.

Dad, please. Look, you and Chanel are young, just starting out. That means you have time on your side. You can have a healthy baby, several of them, but in the future, Johnny, this is just too risky. You can’t have this baby right now.

Dad, there’s no way that I’m going to tell my wife what she can and can’t do with her own body. Johnny, that child is a demure first and foremost. So what? What does that have to do with anything? Alright, calm down. No, no, no, no. I’d really like to know what you meant when you said that that baby is a Demera.

Because I’ll be honest, it sounded just a little twisted. Okay? The Demera bloodline doesn’t guarantee perfect offspring. And I’m a little shocked that I actually have to even point that out to you. That is absolutely not what I was implying. Okay, alright. Well, maybe you should just hold off on your advice for now if it’s going to be about superior genetics.

Okay? It was not about that at all. And it was not my intent to upset you.

Okay, look. Obviously, this is a, uh, difficult subject for both of us to talk about. Dad, I just, I just came to you because I need your help. As my dad. Okay, so that Chanel and I can make the best decisions for our family. You know I will. But I urge you some to think long and hard about the choices in front of you.

About your marriage and what you both need. And that is all I have to say. Well, I just pray that your persuasive argument with EJ worked better than it did with Leo. Leo. Every time I hear his name I want to get mad. Ugh. Then I feel exhausted. Because I am constantly putting out fires. I can’t tell you how many times the truth has been just on the verge of coming out.

And somehow I’ve just kept it together. Yes, you did. And you’re still here. But for how long? I don’t know.

You know, Eric is working with Nicole now. The one that got away. He’s always gonna love her. I mean, yes, I have his baby, but that’s not enough. Melinda, I don’t think anything is ever enough for Eric. I mean, after everything I’ve done for this family, was it worth it?

Beginning to think maybe it wasn’t.

Well, I, I, I did what I, I had to do to survive. Even if I wasn’t proud of it. Nicole, I had no idea you lived in your car. Well, on and off. You know those Misty Circle movies. Barely kept me afloat. Yeah, I mean, I knew you had a rough time, like, growing up, but I didn’t realize how bad. Well, I’m just grateful that I was resilient enough to come out of it with my sanity.

Well, I don’t want to come with my sanity. Anyway, but I’ve been really lucky since then. People have been really nice to me and you are on top of that list. And I have had some great opportunities and have great friends. And I have an amazing daughter. And that’s why I want to pay it forward and pass on the blessings that I was so lucky to receive.

Oh boy. Why are you looking at me like that? Like what? Like I have two heads or something. Come on, I mean, you just impressed me with how much strength and resilience you have.

Yeah, well, we should get to work. Yeah. Yeah. What? What? What? What? Nothing. Nothing? Nothing. It’s just Really? You just feel like you want to say something. It’s just When you think you know everything there is to know about somebody, you still surprise me.

It’s a simple yes or no question, Tate. You know what? Yeah, I think you guys should go. Together. It sounds really fun. Oh, yeah? Mm hmm. Sophia already has a super cute dress picked out. That’s 100 percent fucked. I’m all for it. Okay, then. I’m, I’m down, yeah. Cool. Hey, hey, Aaron. Why don’t you and I go together?

That is, that’s a great idea. Yeah, hell yeah, yeah, let’s, let’s do it. Well, we can double date. I mean, come on people. Best night ever! Oh, hey. Wow, that was fast. I just got Adlai covering for me right now. Oh, man. It’s crazy. It’s crazy how much this little book holds.

How’d you get food on this? Well, it’s sticky. You think that, um, you could have wine on it from being in the bottle where it was hidden? That’s impossible. I mean, that wine bottle is fake. There’s no wine there. Okay, it’s sticky. Okay.

That’s blood.

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