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Well, this sure is a coincidence. So, I guess we will be working together. Again. Not officially. Yet. Chad hasn’t signed off on the paperwork. Ah, good old paperwork. Yeah.

Hey, um, Jude’s still asleep. Would you mind keeping an eye on him? Sure. There’s something I need to talk to Chad about. Yeah, sure. Take your time. Thanks.

Well, hey there, sweet boy.

Hi, Hebby. Hello, darling. How did your first day go? Well, uh, it’s still going. I’m going to be here late, as it turns out. Uh, so will I. It’s only your first day and they’ve already got you working off the hours? I The exciting life of a reporter. Oh, and I got my first assignment. I’ll be doing a feature series on the unhoused of Salem.

You know, how they live, where they go. Sounds sketchy, Nicole. I’m not sure I like the idea of you prowling around alone at night. No, honey, tonight’s just the planning phase. But don’t worry, when I actually do go out in the field, I will not be alone. I will be with a A photographer.

Prospectus Damaris Scholarship in honor of Li Shen. Alright, I’s are dotted, T’s are crossed, and Sent. Hey, what’s the status to getting my wife out of prison? And hello to you too, Stephen. Sorry, Kristen, no time for pleasantries. The clock is ticking. If you want that CEO job, Gabby has to be out of prison before the big board meeting.

Okay, speaking of, I’d love to know just how your plan to make me CEO is going to work exactly. Okay, turns out, I have a little secret.

Hey, Roman. How you doing? Uh, hanging in there. Yeah? Good, good. So, um, hey, have you had a chance to look over my lease application? I have. Unfortunately, Ava, it’s, uh, denied.

Oh, Harris, how nice to see you. You too, Dr. Evans. You’re looking well. How is your, um, How’s your recovery? Well, uh, thanks to my excellent doctors and some much needed, uh, PT, uh, physically I feel 100%. And mentally? So far so good. Glad to hear that. So it sounds like your, your time at Bayview was a success.

Would you agree?

Hit me again, please. And none of this Namby Pamby stuff this time. I want four olives, extra, extra dirty. Oh, you look terrible. Ugh, so do you. Another martini, please! Why so miserable? All this because Eric cut off your cash flow? Oh, it’s not that. Not just that.

My heart is shattered. What happened?

I got a Dear John letter. Oh, a Dear Leo letter. From Dimitri. I’ve been dumped. No, no. Uh, you’re, you’re sure? It was from him. It was in his handwriting. And he used a pet name for himself that only Gweny and I know.

Leo, I’m sorry. You should be. This is all your fault.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

How is this my fault? The best damn lawyer in Salem? That is a laugh. I sent Dimitri to you for help, and instead, he ends up in the Super Slammer. Where he fell in love! Can you believe that? My Romeo tosses me aside to be with some big, stinky convict who probably makes license plates and eats paste.

Waiter, please, another martini. I’m all alone. I’m destitute. You are not destitute. You have a job. Do you know how much journalism pays? Barely enough to cover my office attire, let alone my out on the town attire. Not like I’ll be going out on the town ever again. I may as well don grey sweatpants with the elastic band and pockets, sneak into my unpaid storage unit, curl up into a ball on my my chaise with the peacock stuff on it and die denied come on roman i know that you were holding a grudge against me for all the crap that i’ve pulled in the past but look hey it’s got nothing to do with my personal feelings okay it’s just you’re unemployed no income take the help wanted sign out of the window

you want me to hire you you saw what i did with the bistro I did the same thing for the pub. Not to mention your coffee is weak, your staff is slow, and you’re obviously shorthanded. Come on. I will whip this place into shape in a heartbeat.

Well, I do like the irony. Okay, Ava, I’ll tell you what, you can start. Tomorrow morning, you got one week to convince me this is a good idea. Deal. Deal. Well, I’m certainly optimistic. You and the baby staff really helped me put my past behind me. So you feel strong and in control mentally? Yeah, I do. But what, what’s with all the questions right, right now?

Just concerned. You know, I care about you, right? Ashley John was asking me about, um, my time at Bayview not too long ago. If my treatment there really did help me get over my past. Is that right? Yeah. Is everything okay with him? It will be. Yeah, it will. Hey. Hey, sorry I was held up. Yeah, no problem. Hey, Marlena.

Hi, Ava. Good to see you. You too. Well, if you’ll excuse me. Nice to see you. You too.

Okay, so, what did Roman say? Did you get the room? He won’t rent to me without a job. So I work at the pub now. That’s great. Short commute. Yes, and it’s going to save on gas. I guess we’re gonna be neighbors now. I guess so. As long as we don’t get busted for breaking into the bistro. That’s not gonna happen.

I’m running late for my dinner date, so I’m heading out. See you in the morning. Actually, I need you to stay. As much as I missed your sparkling personality while you were gone, my days of working till midnight ended last century. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get your overtime, Rita. You’ll be home by 11, 11.

30 latest. I thought your father was a hard ass. So just go ahead and order us dinner, alright? Whatever you like. Gee, thanks. And I will have my usual. Right, stuffed shirt. I mean stuffed shells. Son of a beehive.

Well, you know how I love secrets, so Spill. EJ knew all about the drugs being run in and out of the bistro. Are you serious? As a heart attack. I went to our S. O. B. of D. A. brother a little while back when Clyde was really putting the squeeze on me. Begged him for help. He would not lift a finger to help me get out of it.

He’s just covering his ass as always. Exactly. But what was the one way he didn’t cover his ass? Nicole. Exactly. Can you imagine how furious Nicole would be if she found out EJ could have prevented Holly’s O. D.? Are you suggesting that I blackmail him? Your words, not mine. But think about it, Kristen, if EJ had a choice between his cushy CEO job and Nicole Okay, he’s a businessman.

He’s gonna choose DiMera. Wrong. EJ loves Nicole devotedly, passionately, and I’m willing to bet at this stage in his life. He values his marriage more than money and or power. So yeah. EJ will do anything and everything to prevent Nicole from slipping through his fingers. Sloane, it’s not what goes to me. I gotta talk about this tonight.

Call me back. Hey, how’s Jude doing? It’s good. Not a peep. I’m just happy I got to see him. Yeah, thank you. But, um, why did you bring him here? Um Eric, is everything okay?

So far, so good. Yeah, we got lucky with that alarm code. Stevan should have changed that. Yeah, he’s pretty careless. Say stupid. You’re going to take the kitchen and the office. I’m going to take the stock room and the freezer. Just like we planned. Okay, got it. How long do you think we have? Uh, well, the restaurant doesn’t open until four.

Uh, so no staff should be here for another three hours. Good. Let’s do it. Okay.

Leo, if wardrobe ranks higher than food and housing in your budget, well, priorities are out of whack. Hmm. FYI, Miss Sensitivity, I am way more upset about losing Dimitri than I am about being broke.

For months, I stood by my man. I waited patiently. I was faithful. And you’ve never been faithful before? Have you met me? I didn’t even know that side of me existed. And this, this is what I get for being honorable, for doing the right thing. But I guess I didn’t completely do the right thing. I did break my best friend’s heart by hopping into bed with her fiancé slash husband.

I suppose I could have inferred from that experience that Dimitri might turn out to be a cheating pile of scum. Oh, I guess I was just blinded by young love. Young love? Uh, no, don’t do that. Okay? Young ish love. No more paramour for this schlamazel. Huh. Go on.

Everything’s fine, it’s just I don’t know, I got stuff.

Eric, hey. You can talk to me. I know you better than most people.

This one and I got in a fight.

She walked out. What was the fight about?

She said she never feels good enough for me.

Sound familiar? Kinda. Nicole, I’m sorry if I ever made you feel You know, Eric, Eric, please. Don’t. I really cherished our time together, and I don’t want to look back. We’ve moved on, and I And I’m sure you as well will work things out. Yeah. But for the sake of harmony, In both our homes, I

Maybe it’s not a good idea that we work together.

Dinner’s on its way. Oh, good. I’m famished. I just sent you an email detailing all the information I need from Titan, spreadsheets, slide presentation, the full monthly. Got it. But before I dive in, might I ask you a question? Ask away. What in God’s name are you up to, young man?

So, I’m not putting all of my eggs in the blackmail basket. I’m also milking my connections with the board. Thank you. So am I. I submitted a proposal for a college scholarship in Lee’s name. Look at you. Smart move. Okay, so we know. We know that Shin has always preferred me over EJ, right? But there’s also no way that Shin is going to put me as CEO with a felony conviction.

So in the eyes of the board right now, EJ is their only option. But you and I are going to convince them that they’re wrong. You do spend a lot more than you can chew. Oh, District Attorney and then running the company. Uh, shouldn’t you bring that up to the board? As a, uh, potential conflict of interest?

It’s a very good idea and I thought about that, but The board loves having the Salem DA on their payroll. Ah, the ego, ego maniac, right? I mean, he thinks he can have it all. And that right there, that’s going to be EJ’s downfall. Because when we’re done, if we get what we want, he’s going to be left with nothing.

Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Well, Anne, good to see you. Hi. Having dinner? Uh, no, no, I’m, I’m just, uh, waiting for John to finish up a meeting at Black Patch, and then we’re going over to Maggie’s. Okay. Well, can I get you something while you wait? Coffee? Cappuccino? A glass of pinot? You got it. Everything okay? Oh, I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Okay. Well, you don’t want, you just ordered a drink that makes me a bartender and part of a bartender’s job description is to listen to his patron’s problem. Right. Well, I’m a little worried about Eric and Sloan. So am I. But this, uh, Seems like something more than that. Am I right?

Now, I want to make one thing very clear. I will not be your puppet, Stefan. When Gabby is released from prison, she’s not forming her way back into DiMera like she did before. Okay, you have my word. I will tell Gabby to stand down. But Gabby’s got to be out of prison first. Otherwise, our agreement Fine. I got it the first ten times you told me.

And I am convinced the way to get her out is to prove that she didn’t kill Lee. Of course, of course. We’ve tried that and we’ve come up with nothing every single time. Lee named Gabby as his killer on his deathbed. She was found next to the corpse with a freaking bloody knife in her hand. But you know what?

No one witnessed the actual stabbing. And yes, the police investigated, but the fact that there were two murders in that apartment in such a short time is too much a coincidence, if you ask me. I agree, I agree, except they haven’t realized that yet. Well, maybe they didn’t look hard enough. I’m gonna talk to my old friend Ava and see if she knows anything about this.

Maybe she’ll share something with me that she didn’t tell the investigators. Maybe, but, uh, what if she doesn’t? Oh, sweetheart. If I can’t prove that Gabby didn’t kill me, then I will just come up with another angle. You gotta trust me. I always have a guard up my sleeve. Mm. What, what am I, twelve? I didn’t realize I owed you an explanation for my actions, business related or otherwise.

Too bad I didn’t know you when you were 12. I’d have taught you some manners, made sure you turned out a little more reasonable. I have no doubt you would have, Rita. And don’t take this the wrong way, D. A. DiMera, but maybe you should wait for the board to vote you in as permanent CEO before you start exploring your imperial ambitions.

Strike while the iron’s hot, Rita. Titan’s never been weaker. Victor is deceased, Alex is a novice, and Maggie is no spring chicken. Age is just a number, my friend. And Titan’s number is up. And I am going to bring it to its knees. Success comes to those who don’t wait.

So you don’t think we should work together? Because it’s slow? It’s more than that, Eric. I mean, Ichi just called me and asked me how my day was. And I didn’t even tell him we’re working together because I know he wouldn’t like it. Yeah, so I wouldn’t like it either. Assuming I never have the chance to tell her.

Here, use this. You know what? The bastard wasn’t good enough for you anyway. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t you dare try and butter me up and flatter me, Stephen Peterson. My man dumped me. You went back on your promise to pay me to keep my mouth shut. Absolutely. Uh, hello. I paid you as long as I could. I told you not to come over last night.

I tried warning you, but you bulldozed your way in there like a mad woman on a mission. A suicide mission. I don’t believe it. Eric already knew I was paying your room. There’s nothing I could have done that would have stopped him from cutting you off. Except maybe wisen up. How could you have been so careless to let him see your bills?

Come on. I didn’t let him do anything, okay? He opened my statement. Honestly, I wish there was something I could do to help you out, but God, the cash cow has run dry. Yeah, as has my glass waiter, please. Hmm. Leo, You backed my cover story with Eric. And for that I’m grateful. But you also promised me that you wouldn’t tell him the truth about Jude.

I hope you haven’t changed your mind about that.

Alright, here you are. Thank you. Okay, I am ready to listen. Alright. Well, I am, um, I am worried about more than Eric and Sloane. I’m, um, worried about John. He’s been going through a lot lately. I got that impression.

You know, John always said that his life began when we met that day in the hospital. When our hands touched. He had no idea who he was. And I believe that’s true. Yes, but he, he’d had a life before that. And we uncovered parts of it together. We, we found his long lost father. That was a joy. But there was, there was so much missing for him.

So many memories that he didn’t have. But I tried. I’d, uh, try to help him uncover those, but I just didn’t have a lot of luck. That is one of my very great regrets.

Oh, the meeting’s over. I have to go.

Thank you for this. And for listening. Marlena. Let me take some of that word off your plate, okay? You focus on John. I’ll keep an eye on Eric. One way or another, our son is gonna get through this. He’s a survivor. He is a survivor. Thank you, Roman. Please, you take care. You too. Okay.

Listen, Sloane is a smart cookie, and she loves you. You will hear from her soon, I’m sure. Yeah, I suppose. Okay, but if working together is going to cause friction between the two of you, I understand, and maybe we just shouldn’t do it. No, no, no, it’s not going to be a problem, because I won’t let it be. I kind of need the job.

Yeah, me too. Alright, so then we’re cool? Yeah, yeah, we’re cool. Great, then let’s get to it, right? Where do we start? Well, you know, I work to help the homeless at St. Luke’s and kind of have a few ideas. Oh, and yeah, you ran the Horton Center. You volunteered there. Believe me, I remember. Oh, that Chad. He must know what he’s doing pairing us together.

No, I haven’t changed my mind, Sloan. I don’t want to hurt Eric or Jude. I wouldn’t mind strangling you right now. Huh. I just need to make sure that we have an understanding. I won’t tell anyone you blackmailed me if you don’t tell anyone that Jude is Nicole’s baby.

That’s it? That’s the best you’ve got. Before it was, I don’t tell. You cover my expenses. Now it’s, I don’t tell and I get dibbly butt kiss. You get to maintain your reputation as a stand up guy. That’s not my reputation. Who cares, you know what? I am a shell of my former self anyway. In the words of music legend Linda Ronstadt,

I forget the lyrics of the song I’m thinking of, but it’s something about being sad, And lonely, and pitiful, and miserable. And loveless.

Make sure I get the last ten years of Titan’s financial records. Chart the profit and loss, especially since Victor’s passing. I know, this ain’t my first rodeo. So, you want to take over Titan and dethrone the mayor who appointed you as DA and run day to day operations at DiMera? Why stop there? Why not buy a major league ball team?

Show up Musk and Bezos by colonizing the moon. Oh, hilarious as always. But I get your point, Rita. I know that deep down you’re only looking out for me. Just like you did my father for so many, many years. I do miss that old goat. Don’t we all? I really appreciate you. And, I’m glad you’re here.

Hey, any luck? Nothing. Yeah, nothing in the freezer. Turned it upside down, came up empty. Oh, well I’d warm you up around the clock here. Did you check the kitchen? Yeah, and the office. Top to bottom. What the hell are you two doing?

You know, you really should be thanking me, Leo.

For what? For cutting me off? Dimitri kicking me to the curb? I really wanted to do this as pleasantly as I could because, well, I do appreciate your help and bringing my beautiful baby boy into my life. But face it, you did commit a crime and the criminal penalty for extortion or blackmail is up to four years in federal prison.

Is that so? And what’s the penalty for kidnapping, cheeky baby? The truth is, Leo, it is in both of our best interests to keep our mouths shut. Don’t you agree? I really am sorry about Dimitri, Leo.

Yeah, well, I thought 14 was gonna get me another filthy martini.

Well, I’m ready whenever you are for a repeat of our little strategy meeting, Alex. No, it sounds good. Definitely a plan. All right, I gotta go. Hello, brother. Would you like some candy? Uh, I’ll pass. Although I do hear Alex Kyriakos is very interested in your goodies. Ah, excuse me. The help has been buzzing.

Servants talk, you know. Well, I’m glad I can liven up their tedious worker bee lives. I don’t suppose in between your roles in the hay you’d be interested in getting an actual job? Or are you satisfied living the life of leisure and mischief making? Huh. Huh. Boy, it’s bad enough that you took back half the family assets from Stefan and left me and Chad and Tony out in the cold, and now you want to kick me off the dole too?

Just thought you might be bored, eating candy all day and stirring up trouble. Well, you are right about one thing, brother. I do love keeping busy. And the truth is, I have a few irons in the fire. Just don’t get burned. Oh, don’t you worry, AJ. Like father, I will always rise from the ashes. Cheers.

Okay, if you two aren’t going to tell me what you’re doing busting into my restaurant, you can tell the police. I am the police. Really? Is breaking and entering part of your academy training now? It’s not what you think, Stefan. I don’t know what to think anymore, Ava. But here’s what I know. An ex mafia princess with a criminal record broke into my establishment, along with a cop who doesn’t have a warrant, obviously, or he would have served me with it.

Okay, you two have left me no other option but to call 911. Okay, stop, stop. We have to tell him. It’s hard to trust the guy who shot me. But yeah, the jig is up. Go ahead, tell him. Clyde called me a few days ago. You heard from Clyde? Yeah. He hasn’t reached out to you? No, for real? He has not. And, damn it, I thought finally, finally we’d be talking.

Free and clear of that son of a bitch. Should’ve known he’d find some way to reel us back in. Yeah, well, or at least me. He threatened to tell everybody that I was part of the drug operation unless I find this little black book that has all his contact information in it. Gil apparently hid it somewhere in the bistro and we’ve looked everywhere and found nothing.

You got any ideas? No. I itemized every single thing in this restaurant before we got ready for the re open. This book is how we find Clyde and take him down. Okay, we’ll see. Is how I want this book out of my restaurant. Yesterday, what can I do to help?

Melinda? You won’t believe this. Dimitri dumped Leo.

He sent him a letter? I mean, how cold is that? That’s not the point. Okay, I’m afraid Leo’s gonna be a loose cannon.

Well, the only saving grace is, Leo has no clue that Jude is really Eric’s biological child.

So, in the police statement, you said that Clyde had Gill stash the drugs in generic tomato cans. Yeah, right. He put it somewhere so it wouldn’t be opened. So, okay, if the drugs were hidden in plain sight, I mean, maybe, maybe the book is too.

The reserve wine. Nobody ever touches it, because it’s so damn pricey. Look, I remember when I first started working here, I was dusting the whole collection, and

I practically sneezed for a week. Look, there was one bottle, there was It’s the Gervon, it’s the Gervon of Petrus. And never this one, it never had any dust on it.

It’s lighter than the rest.

It’s cause it’s empty. Shh. Ah. Where in the name of all that is holy am I going to come up with the cash to support me in the manner to which I have become accustomed? Oh. Hmm.

Oh, it’s a good thing I started writing this before I was drinking. Okay. Organ donation. Nobody’s gonna want a piece of my liver after tonight. No. Rideshare driver. Oh, I have a pitiful sense of direction and I would have to get a car.

E. J. DiMera.

Hmm. I would be going back on my word to Sloan. But, I only promised I wouldn’t tell Eric. But I could go to jail. But, EJ is the DA. I could make sure I got a deal first. Okay, waiter, I’m out of here. Put this on Sloan Peterson’s tab, yeah? Okay. You need a change, little guy? No. Well, I guess he gets just a little cranky when he wakes up.

Yeah, don’t we all? Well, it’s a good thing, otherwise he’d be wide awake all through the wee hours. Hey there, sweet boy. Do you like keeping your daddy up at night? You’re a little night owl, aren’t you? Yeah.

Oh, my God, it’s on bloody fire. Oh, Leo, what the hell do you want? I want to tell you a secret. For a price. Good God, man, you reek. Martinis. Very, very dirty. Four olives. You’re plastered, not to mention unreliable and untrustworthy. Oh, that’s unfair. Okay, I may be inebriated. Intoxabrated. Okay, I’m four sheets to the wind, but But, but, but, but, but In vino veritas.

And I have some veritas for you. Fine, just spill it already. No, no, no, no, no, mister. Not so fast. This is going to cost you. But you’re going to want to pay. Because, the dish that I have for you,

is a doozy. John,

Marlena, thank you for coming. Always good to see you. Is, uh, can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? No, I’m fine, thanks. No. Okay, then. Um, I wanted you to come over because there was something I want to tell you. Constantine and I are engaged.

Well, that’s delicious. Well, there’s no need to pretend that you’re pleased about it. Um, I assure you the marriage is a name only. Not to be advertised as such, but we are keeping up appearances for immigration’s sake. So, I wanted my circle of family and friends to know the truth. Which is? That Constantine’s visa.

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