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Nicole and Eric start working at the Spectator. Nicole calls it a coincidence that they will be working together again. Eric points out that it’s not official for him until Chad signs off on the paperwork. Eric notes that Jude is still asleep, so he asks Nicole to keep an eye on him because he has to go talk to Chad about something. Nicole tells him to take his time as he exits. Nicole then gets a phone call from EJ, who asks how her first day went. Nicole responds that it’s just going and she’s going to be working late. EJ says he is too and questions her already working after hours on her first day. Nicole calls it the life of a reporter and says she already has her first assignment to cover the homeless of Salem. EJ feels that sounds sketchy and doesn’t like the idea of her prowling around alone at night. Nicole says tonight is just the planning phase but assures she won’t be alone because she will be with a photographer.

Kristen sits at home of the DiMera Mansion, working on sending in the scholarship fund in Li’s name. Stefan arrives and asks about the status of getting Gabi out of prison. Stefan warns Kristen that if she wants the CEO job, Gabi has to be out of prison before the big board meeting. Kristen questions how his plan to make her CEO is going to work exactly. Stefan reveals that he has a little secret.

Roman sees Ava at the Brady Pub. Ava asks if he had a chance to look over her lease application. Roman confirms he has and informs her that it is unfortunately denied.

Marlena runs in to Harris outside of the Pub and asks about his recovery. Harris responds that he physically feels 100% and mentally is so far, so good. Marlena is glad to hear and says it sounds like his time at Bayview was a success. Marlena asks if he would agree.

Leo drinks at the bar as Sloan arrives and comments that he looks terrible. Sloan asks why he’s so miserable and if it’s because Eric cut off his cash flow. Leo responds that it’s not just that. Leo then informs Sloan that his heart is shattered, so Sloan asks what happened. Leo then reveals that he got a letter from Dimitri and he’s been dumped. Sloan asks if he’s sure it was from him. Leo confirms it was his handwriting. Sloan tells him that she’s sorry. Leo argues that she should be because this is all her fault. Sloan questions how it’s her fault. Leo mocks her being the best lawyer in Salem and complains that he sent Dimitri to her for help, but instead he ended up in the super slammer where he fell in love. Leo calls for another drink as he says he’s all alone and destitute. Sloan argues that he has a job. Leo says it barely pays enough for his attire but that he won’t be going out on the town ever again. Leo remarks that he might as well curl up in his storage unit and die.

Ava questions Roman holding a grudge against her for her past. Roman says it has nothing to do with his personal feelings, but she’s unemployed with no source of income. Ava tells Roman to hire her then, bringing up what she did for the Bistro and how Roman is obviously short-handed. Ava insists that she will whip the Pub in to shape in a heartbeat. Roman admits he likes the irony and tells Ava that she can start tomorrow morning and she has one week to convince him that this is a good idea.

Harris tells Marlena that he’s optimistic that Marlena and the Bayview staff really helped him put his past behind him. Harris assures that he feels strong and asks what’s with all the questions. Marlena says she’s just concerned because she cares about him. Harris brings up John asking him about his time at Bayview not long ago and if his treatment there helped him get over his past. Harris asks if everything is okay with John. Marlena responds that it will be. Ava comes out from the Pub and tells Harris that she’s sorry she got held up and greets Marlena. Marlena heads in to the Pub so Harris asks if Ava got the room. Ava reveals that Roman wouldn’t rent to her without a job, so she works at the Pub now which thrills Harris. Ava guesses they are going to be neighbors now, as long as they don’t get arrested for breaking in to the Bistro. Harris tells her that’s not going to happen.

Rita tells EJ that she’s heading out for dinner but EJ tells her that he needs her to stay. Rita complains about that, so EJ says he will make sure she is paid overtime. EJ sends Rita to go ahead and order them dinner.

Kristen tells Stefan that she loves secrets and tells him to spill. Stefan then reveals that EJ knew all about the drugs being run in and out of the Bistro as he went to him awhile back to beg him for help with Clyde, but he would not lift a finger to help him out. Stefan points out that EJ didn’t cover his ass with Nicole and asks how furious Nicole would be if she found out that EJ could’ve prevented Holly’s overdose. Kristen guesses that Stefan is suggesting she blackmail EJ. Stefan tells her to think about if EJ had to choose between the CEO job or Nicole. Kristen feels that EJ is a businessman and will choose DiMera, but Stefan insists that EJ is in love with Nicole and bets that he values his marriage more than money and power, so he will do anything to avoid letting Nicole slip through his fingers.

Eric returns to the Spectator as he’s leaving a message for Sloan to stop ghosting him and to call him back as they have to talk about this, which Nicole hears. Eric asks how Jude’s doing. Nicole says he’s good and she’s happy to see him. Nicole then questions why Eric brought Jude to the office. Nicole asks Eric if everything is okay.

Harris and Ava break in to the Bistro. Ava says they are lucky that Stefan didn’t change the alarm code. Harris tells Ava to check the kitchen and office while he checks the stock room and freezer. Harris asks how long they have. Ava says Stefan shouldn’t be in for another three hours, so they go to search.

Sloan tells Leo that his priorities are out of whack if wardrobe ranks higher than food and shelter. Leo responds that he’s way more upset about losing Dimitri than being broke. Leo talks about standing by and being faithful for months, but this is what he gets for being honorable. Leo points out that he did break Gwen’s heart by jumping in bed with her husband. Leo guesses he shouldn’t be surprised that Dimitri turned out to be lying, cheating scum and that he was blinded by young love.

Eric tells Nicole that everything is fine but Nicole tells him that he can talk to her as she knows him better than most people. Eric then admits that he and Sloan got in a fight and she walked out. Nicole asks what the fight was about. Eric responds that Sloan said she never feels good enough for him and asks if that sounds familiar. Nicole says kind of. Eric apologizes if he ever made her feel that way. Nicole tells him that she really cherishes their time together and she doesn’t want to look back as they’ve moved on. Nicole is sure they will work things out, but for the sake of harmony in both their homes, she suggests maybe it’s not a good idea that they work together.

Rita returns to EJ and says dinner is on it’s way. EJ says he just sent her an e-mail detailing everything he needs on Titan. Rita then questions what in God’s name he is up to.

Stefan tells Kristen that he’s not putting all his eggs in blackmail as he’s also milking his connections with the board. Kristen says she is too and brings up the scholarship in Li’s name. Stefan talks about how Mr. Shin has always preferred him to EJ, but he won’t put him as CEO with a felony conviction so they feel EJ is their only option. Stefan says they are going to convince the board why they are wrong. Stefan notes that the board loving having the district attorney on their payroll. Kristen complains that EJ thinks he can have it all. Stefan declares that when they are done, EJ will be left with nothing which he and Kristen laugh about.

Marlena gets a table at the Brady Pub. Roman approaches and says it’s good to see her and asks if she’s here for dinner. Marlena explains that she’s just waiting for John to get out of a meeting and then they are going to Maggie’s. Roman asks if he can get her anything while she waits. Marlena orders a glass of wine. Roman asks if everything is okay. Marlena says she just has a lot on her mind. Roman jokes that part of a bartender’s job is to listen to his patron’s problems. Marlena admits to Roman that she’s a little worried about Eric and Sloan. Roman says he is too, but guesses this is something more than that.

Kristen tells Stefan that she will make clear that she will not be his puppet and when Gabi is released from prison, she will not worm her way back in to DiMera like before. Stefan agrees but reminds her that Gabi has to be out of prison first. Kristen remains convinced that the way to get Gabi out is to prove she didn’t kill Li. Stefan says they went over that and brings up that Li named Gabi as his killer and she was found with the bloody knife. Kristen points out that no one saw the stabbing and the fact that there were two murders in a short time in that apartment is too much of a coincidence for her. Stefan agrees but says they haven’t realized that. Kristen decides she’ll talk to her old friend Ava and find out if she knows anything. Stefan asks what if she doesn’t. Kristen declares that if she can’t prove that Gabi didn’t kill Li, she’ll just come at it from another angle, insisting that she always has a card up her sleeve.

EJ complains to Rita that he didn’t know he owes her any explanations when it comes to business. Rita suggests EJ wait for the board to vote him in as permanent CEO before he starts exploring his ambitions. EJ wants to strike while the iron is hot as Titan has never been at it’s weakest with Victor deceased, Alex a novice, and Maggie not being a spring chicken. EJ declares that he is going to bring Titan to it’s knees and that success doesn’t come to those who wait.

Eric questions Nicole thinking they shouldn’t work together because of Sloan. Nicole says it’s more than that and mentions EJ just calling her and she didn’t even tell him they were working together because she knows he won’t like it. Eric admits that Sloan might not like it either, if he ever gets the chance to tell her.

Leo cries at the bar. Sloan tells him that Dimitri wasn’t good enough for him anyway. Leo tells her not to try to flatter him. Leo complains that Dimitri dumped him and Sloan went back on her promise to pay him to keep his mouth shut. Sloan argues that she paid him as long as she could. Leo argues that he told her not to come over last night but she bulldozed her way in. Sloan complains that Eric already knew she was paying for his room so there was no stopping him cutting it off. Leo asks how Sloan could be so careless to let Eric see her bills. Sloan points out that she didn’t let him. Sloan wishes she could do something to help him out but says the cash cow has run dry. Sloan tells Leo that she’s grateful that he backed her cover story with Eric, but he also promised not to tell the truth about Jude so she hopes he hasn’t changed his mind about that.

Roman brings Marlena her glass of wine and tells her that he’s ready to listen. Marlena admits that she is worried about more than Eric and Sloan as she’s worried about John going through a lot lately. Roman says he got that impression. Marlena notes that John always said his life began when they met in the hospital and he had no idea who he was. Roman believes that is true. Marlena points out that John did have a life before that and they uncovered parts together like finding his long lost father, but there were so many memories missing for him. Marlena says she tried to help John uncover those but they didn’t have a lot of luck and that is one of her very great regrets. Marlena gets a text that John’s meeting is over, so she has to go. Marlena thanks Roman for listening. Roman offers to take some of the worry off her plate and tells Marlena to focus on John while he looks after Eric. Roman assures that one way or another, Eric will get through this as he’s a survivor. Marlena agrees, thanks Roman again, and then exits the Pub.

Nicole tells Eric that Sloan is smart and she loves him, so she’s sure that he will hear from her soon. Nicole adds that if them working together will cause friction, she understands and maybe they shouldn’t do it. Eric assures that he won’t let it be a problem and he kind of needs the job. Nicole admits that she does too, so they decide they are cool. Nicole asks where to start. Eric brings up working with the homeless at St. Luke’s so he has some ideas. They mention when Nicole worked at the Horton Center with him. Nicole comments that Chad must have known what he was doing by pairing them together.

Leo tells Sloan that he hasn’t changed his mind as he doesn’t want to hurt Eric or Jude, but he wouldn’t mind strangling her. Sloan just wants to make sure they have an understanding. Sloan says she won’t tell anyone that he blackmailed her if he doesn’t tell anyone that Jude is Nicole’s baby. Leo questions that being the best she’s got when before it was she cover expenses for not telling while now he gets nothing. Sloan argues that he gets to maintain his reputation as a stand up guy. Leo says that’s not his reputation but decides he doesn’t care as he’s a shell of his former self anyway. Leo talks about being sad, lonely, pitiful, miserable, and loveless.

EJ tells Rita to make sure he gets the last 10 years of Titan’s financial records, especially since Victor’s passing. Rita questions EJ wanting to take over Titan, dethrone the Mayor who appointed him as district attorney, and run DiMera. EJ gets her point and knows that she’s only looking out for him as she did for Stefano for so many years. EJ tells her that he really appreciates her and he’s glad she’s there.

Harris and Ava finish up searching the Bistro but have no luck. Stefan then arrives and questions what the hell they are doing.

Sloan tells Leo that he should be thanking her and says she wanted to do this as pleasantly as she could because she does appreciate his help in bringing her baby in to her life, but he did commit a crime and the criminal penalty for extortion and blackmail is up to three years in prison. Leo asks what the penalty is for kidnapping a baby. Sloan tells Leo that it’s in both of their best interests to keep their mouths shut. Sloan adds that she really is sorry about Dimitri as she then exits the bar.

Kristen talks to Alex on the phone about being ready when he is for another repeat of their strategy meeting. Kristen hangs up as EJ comes home. EJ tells Kristen that the help and servants have been buzzing about her and Alex. EJ doesn’t suppose Kristen would be interested in an actual job or asks if she’d prefer a life of leisure. Kristen complains that EJ took half of Stefan’s assets and left her, Chad, and Tony out in the cold. EJ says he just thought she might be bored stirring up trouble. Kristen tells EJ that she does love keeping busy and that she has a few irons in the fire. EJ advises her not to get burned. Kristen remarks that like Stefano, she will always rise from the ashes as she then exits the room.

Stefan tells Ava and Harris that they can tell the police what they are doing here. Harris responds that he is the police. Stefan questions if breaking and entering is part of his academy training now. Ava tells him it’s not what he thinks. Stefan responds that he doesn’t know what to think anymore but an ex-mafia princess broke in to his establishment with a cop who doesn’t have a warrant. Stefan declares that he has no other option but to call 911. Ava stops him and tells Harris that they have to tell him. Harris says it’s hard to trust a guy who shot him but agrees to let Ava tell him. Ava then reveals to Stefan that Clyde called her a few days ago which surprises him. Harris questions if Clyde hasn’t reached out to Stefan. Stefan confirms that he hasn’t and he thought they’d finally be free and clear of that son of a bitch but he should’ve known he would find a way to reel them back in. Ava explains that Clyde threatened to tell everyone that she was part of the drug operation unless she found his little black book that has all of his contacts information in it. Ava adds that Gil hid it somewhere in the Bistro but they have searched everywhere and found nothing. Ava asks if Stefan has any ideas. Stefan says no as he itemized every single thing in the restaurant before reopening. Harris declares that this book is the key to finding Clyde and bringing him down. Stefan says he wants the book out and asks what he can do to help.

Sloan walks through the town square on the phone with Melinda and informs her that Dimitri dumped Leo in a latter. Sloan is afraid that Leo will be a loose cannon but the only saving grace is that Leo has no clue that Jude really is Eric’s biological child. Sloan then sees Eric and Nicole walk through the town square with Jude in his stroller which shocks her.

Stefan helps Harris and Ava search the Bistro. Harris brings up the police report saying that Gil would stash the drugs in generic tomato cans so they were hidden in plain sight and maybe the book is too. Ava then points out the reserved wine and that nobody ever touches it because it’s so pricy. Ava recalls dusting the whole collection when she started but one bottle never had any dust on it. Harris picks it up and notes that it’s lighter than the rest. Stefan points out that’s because it’s empty. Ava then opens the bottle and discovers the black book.

Leo remains at the bar, wondering how he’s going to come up with the cash to support himself in the manner he has become accustomed. Leo pulls out his list of ideas and remembers he wrote down “EJ DiMera”. Leo says that would be going back on his word to Sloan, but he only promised not to tell Eric though he could go to jail, but EJ is the district attorney so he could get a deal first. Leo calls for the waiter to put it on Sloan’s tab as he stumbles out of the bar.

Jude wakes up crying as Eric and Nicole watch over him while Sloan watches them from around the corner.

Leo goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers the door and asks what the hell he wants. Leo responds that he wants to tell him a secret for a price. EJ tells him that he’s plastered while unreliable and untrustworthy. Leo admits that he’s intoxicated but he has something for him. EJ tells him to just spill it already but Leo says not so fast as it’s going to cost him but he’s going to want to pay because the dish he has for him is a doozy.

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