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Nikki: Now that we have established that I’m not drinking, will you please give me claire’s number so I can contact jordan?

Victoria: Mom, the idea of putting you in any danger–

Nikki: Honey, I have already agreed that you and cole can be a part of it. After I make contact with jordan, I will tell victor and let the police and our security people handle it. I will be perfectly safe.

Victoria: This is jordan we’re talking about. How do you outsmart a psychopath?

Nikki: Well, she’s desperate, and she’s cornered with very few escape routes. I’m the best chance that she has. We will lure her out of hiding–

Victoria: Using you as bait?

Nikki: But she will have no choice but to hand over claire and harrison.

Cole: If everything goes as planned.

Nikki: We can debate this for hours, but we don’t have that kind of time. Claire and harrison have already been missing for too long. Victoria, if you don’t give me claire’s number, I will go to kyle or michael if I have to, but then that would tip everybody off and ruin the plan. Honey, it’s all up to you. Will you do what needs to be done?

Jack: We have offered you money. You know what the stakes are. There are lives at risk. A little boy and a young girl, they’re family of ours, that we care about a great deal. Out with it. What do you know?

Victor: We can just dispense with you.

Dave: I want guarantees.

Kyle: No, you’re in no position to negotiate.

Dave: How do I know this is legit? You offer me money, I spill my guts, then you turn me in as an accomplice.

Jack: Are you an accomplice?

Dave: No!

Jack: Then, you have nothing to worry about.

Dave: I’m just supposed to trust you?

Victor: Look at me. You’re dealing with guys who are men of their word.

Devon: All right, that’s two votes in favor of nate joining the board of directors and two against it. Lily?

Lily: Well, nate joining the board was not on the agenda today, and suddenly I’m the deciding vote?

Devon: I apologize for just springing it on you like this, but I thought it was important, and I thought that nate has earned this spot.

Lily: I mean, this is a very important decision. I think maybe we should discuss it first.

Jill: No, the vote is in process. We need to proceed, lily.

Abby: Lily, you’ve been dealing with a lot lately. And I know how hard it is being caught between family votes. I’ve had to abstain quite a few times.

Lily: I’m not gonna abstain, abby.

Jill: Well, don’t keep us in suspense. Although, this isn’t exactly a nail-biter. The lines are pretty clearly drawn.

Nate: Uh, lily, if it helps you with your decision, I’m assuming, um, I’ll still have a job, board member or not, so you shouldn’t feel pressured.

Billy: That’s a good point, nate. Lily, go with your gut.

Nate: We’re still family either way. I’m just happy to be contributing to the company.

Lily: Well, I’m glad you feel that way because I’m gonna have to vote no.

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Billy: So, that is two votes yay, three votes nay, against devon’s motion to add nate to the chancellor-winters board of directors. The nays have it. Sorry, nate.

Jill: Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this.

Nate: Lily, may I ask, what is it specifically? Do you have issues with my work?

Lily: Nate, no, your work has been great. I just don’t feel like you’ve earned your place back on the board. So I’m sorry, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t revisit it in the future.

Nate: I understand.

Jill: Listen, nate, I am with lily on this. But once you put in your time and the rest of us have gotten past prior events, I would be happy to recommend we vote again to put you on the board.

Nate: I look forward to the opportunity to continue to prove myself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to it.

[ Lily sighs ]

Lily: Well, if there are no more surprises, maybe we can proceed with our actual agenda.

Devon: Do you mind if i talk with you for a second?

Lily: Devon, can we talk later? Because now we’re behind schedule. So, can we get back to why we’re actually here, which is discussing daniel romalotti’s lawsuit?

Jack: So, what’s it gonna be, dave?

Dave: I’m not going to jail. I didn’t do anything.

Kyle: My child is missing.

Jack: If we wanted to turn you in, the police would be here right now.

Dave: I already told them everything I know.

Victor: Hey, dave. This really how you want to play it?

Jack: Dave, look at me. All we care about is that we get the people we love safely home. The woman that took them is a murderer. She is capable of anything. If anything should happen to them, do you really want that on your conscience? We are offering you a chance here to do the right thing.

Kyle: Look, dave, my little boy is seven years old. He thinks a little brass bunny is good luck. He doesn’t go to sleep at night until we have read at least two books. He has told me all about his school, his friends, his favorite subject and every game he has played on the playground. Right now, he doesn’t have his school, his friends, his bed or his parents. So, how can you hear me say this and stay silent?

Victoria: Mom, I hate this.

Nikki: Did I make a mistake in telling you my plan?

Victoria: No! No, of course not. I– cole, what do you think?

Nikki: Why don’t you two talk about it? Maybe cole can convince you it’s the right thing to do. I’ll– I’ll step out and get some air.

Victoria: Mom, no. Mom. I know she feels like she has to do this, but I will never forgive myself if anything happens to her.

Cole: I– I completely understand. But listen, all we’re talking about here is one phone call. That’s it. We can always pull back, go in a different direction after nikki’s made contact.

Victoria: You think she should reach out to jordan?

Cole: I think that the authorities are following leads that have gone nowhere so far. I think nikki’s plan, it just– it just takes– it takes the guesswork out of it. It takes us directly to my aunt, offering her the only thing that might lure this maniac out of hiding.

Victoria: Herself.

Cole: Yes. But we’re not gonna let it go that far. Nikki’s plan might be our best shot at finding harrison and claire.

Victoria: Look, I know you might be right about that, but jordan is such a wild card. I mean, no telling what she might do if she’s provoked. What if she tries to hurt harrison or claire? How can we take that chance?

Cole: We have faith. And we gotta get ready to step in whenever and however we have to. If claire is anything like her mother, I know that she is doing everything she can to try to protect harrison and get back to us. You have to hold on to that. Our daughter is fighting just as hard as we are to end this. I know it. And nikki’s plan can possibly help us get closer to getting claire and harrison back home. If it can, I’m all for it.

Victoria: How do you do that?

Cole: What?

Victoria: You just make me feel, in the middle of this mess, that everything’s gonna be okay.

Nikki: Well, have you made a decision?

Victoria: I’ll send you claire’s number.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: Thank you.

Victoria: You know, you don’t have to do this, mom.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no.

Victoria: We can find another way.

Nikki: Voicemail. Hey there, jordan, it’s me. I know that you kidnapped claire and harrison. I assume that you meant to only take harrison, but then claire got in the way? Or maybe you intended to take both of them to make claire look like the guilty party, to punish her for turning on you and to punish my family for accepting claire as one of our own. But I know what you really want, what you’ve always wanted. You want to punish me. You hate me. So, let’s do it, once and for all. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Jill: Before we get to the vote on the romalotti lawsuit, this matter is very personal for you, lily, and I would like you to speak to that.

Lily: Well, I stand by my decision to terminate daniel and heather. And, you know, is there a personal element to it? Of course there is, but I think it’s what’s best for company productivity.

Jill: I wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted payback. If that’s the case, I mean, I sure as hell would. And you’ve been hurt enough, god knows. But there are legal issues to be considered here, and your decision has got to be a professional one. It can’t be emotional.

Lily: I hope you’re not implying that I would put the company’s welfare at stake because my feelings were hurt. I mean, the attorney said that our contract is ironclad. We own all of the intellectual property related to omegasphere. End of story.

Billy: But it’s not a guaranteed win. Our legal team has already informed us that heather is trying to exploit a loophole that would blow the whole thing up.

Lily: That’s fine. Let her try. Our lawyers are confident that she’ll lose.

Billy: Okay, but we got to think about the optics here because if daniel and heather continue to push the wrongful termination angle, that’s not a good look for chancellor-winters, and that’s the last thing we need right now.

Jill: All right. Let’s look at some alternatives to going to court. How about if we offer daniel a payout equal to the value of the games he wants to take with him?

Abby: No, I don’t think that’s gonna fly. If anything, it’ll offend him, and he’ll take a stronger stance against us.

Jill: How so?

Abby: Because it isn’t about the money for daniel. This is about his connection to his daughter. Princess louisa was named after lucy. This is very, very personal for him.

Lily: Yeah, abby is right. I mean, we’ve already given him a very generous severance package. I don’t think more money is the answer.

Jill: Why not let him have the games he wants to have and walk away.

Lily: Because daniel created them, but we funded the entire project. If we give daniel back those games, we have to start over from scratch, and it would be too much time and too much money lost. It’s a bad business decision, and– and I think it’s a mistake.

Jill: Let me ask you this. Have you thought about what this lawsuit will mean? It could get very, very nasty. Your personal life will be dragged through the courts, splashed across the tabloids. Are you sure you want to open yourself up to that?

Lily: I have nothing to hide, jill. It’s daniel and heather who should be embarrassed to air their dirty laundry and then play victim when they have to deal with the consequences.

Billy: You’ve been quiet. Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Devon: No, I don’T. You guys know where I stand on this.

Jill: Any other observations? Hm? Any, uh, comments? Speak up now. All right, then I propose we put this to a vote. And I vote against going to court. And, lily, I totally understand your point of view, and I respect it. I just feel that the company will suffer less if we just let daniel take his toys and go home. Okay, we take the loss, we move on. We’ve all been through it before. We’ll all be going through it again.

Billy: I agree with my mother. I vote against following through with the lawsuit.

Lily: Well, you know where I stand. We own omegasphere. We made it the success it is. I vote that we fight to keep it.

Abby: And I vote with lily. I think we should fight.

Billy: Well, now. Look who’s the tiebreaker.

Victor: Hey, dave. Look at me. I said look at me! If you won’t make a decision, we’ll make it for you. But I promise you, you’ll be much better off if you now cooperate with us.

Dave: I had no idea what that woman was planning. Sure as hell not snatching a kid, I swear.

Kyle: Okay, when did she approach you? Where were you? Was she alone?

Dave: I was at a bar. She sat down next to me. Out of nowhere, she starts talking about my gambling debts. Something that’s between me and my bookie. How the hell did she know about it?

Victor: She’s a woman who finds out what she wants to find out.

Jack: Is that when she offered you the money?

Dave: She said she needed my truck for a few hours. That she’d give me 10 grand. Five up front, five afterwards, no questions asked.

Kyle: And you agreed? Just like that.

Dave: She swore it would never come back to me. That she’d make it look like the vehicle was stolen from the convenience store parking lot.

Jack: And you just ga– gave her your truck? No curiosity about why she would go to such lengths? What crimes she might commit with it?

Dave: She paid me to make it not my business.

Kyle: Yeah, what a guy.

Dave: I’m in debt up to my eyeballs. It was a way out.

Jack: Then she abandoned the truck. What happened then? How’d you get the rest of your money? Where was the payoff? When?

Kyle: Answer him!

Jack: We don’t have a lot of time, dave. We don’t know how much time we have or what her next move is going to be. All we know is two people we love dearly are in serious trouble and you can help us!

Nikki: You lured me to oregon. You pumped me full of alcohol and wanted me to watch you kill my family. All because you think that your equally twisted sister would have ended up with victor if it hadn’t been for me. That was never going to happen. And I am going to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. You let harrison and claire go and I will take their place. You’re not going to get a better offer. And I promise you, victor will agree to any deal. Will pay any amount of money to get his wife back. I will be in the alley of euclid and seventh in an hour. Let’s end this one way or another.

You’re the one that I want

Victoria: Are you all right?

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Cole: Standing up to jordan the way you just did took a lot of courage.

Nikki: Well, I– I don’t know about that, let’s just hope that it worked. I mean, we wouldn’t even be in this situation if it weren’t for me.

Victoria: No, this is not your fault. You have to stop blaming yourself.

Nikki: I will make it right.

Victoria: No, mom, your part in this is done. That was part of the agreement. You would contact jordan, and then let dad and his team and the police handle the rest of it.

Cole: Yeah, they– they will meet with jordan, not you.

Nikki: Yes, that’s what I meant. Now, I’ve got to get up to the main house, and tell victor what’s going on.

Victoria: Well, cole can run you up to him.

Cole: Sure, sure.

Nikki: No, no, no, no. I’d rather walk. I need the air.

Victoria: Are you sure you’re okay?

Nikki: I’m fine, sweetheart. I mean, I will be once this nightmare is over.

Victoria: Thank you so much for doing this, mom. I love you.

Nikki: I love you, darling.

Cole: Nikki, thank you for helping us bring our daughter back.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: God. She puts on such a brave front, but she’s– she’s so fragile. You know she still blames herself for letting jordan live. I’m afraid that she– she won’t be able to bear it.

Victor: Now, dave… we can always rescind the offer. And tell jordan that her paid punk ratted out on her. And you can deal with jordan. How’s that?

Dave: Wait a minute–

Jack: My friend does not have a great deal of patience. I suggest you find a way to help us soon.

Dave: She told me to meet her at an all-night diner on fourth street.

Kyle: Yeah, I know it. It’s a dive in a residential area on the east side of town.

Jack: Great, that’s another piece of the puzzle.

Kyle: Okay, what was she wearing? What’d she look like?

Dave: She was dressed in sweats, long, brown, straight hair. Nothing flashy, a ball cap.

Victor: You stay right here. Keep an eye on him. Jordan would want to meet close to where she’s hiding claire and harrison.

Jack: To ensure that they won’t be unattended for too long.

Kyle: If that maniac would leave them alone at all, she must be certain that harrison can’t cry out for help or escape. That means he’s locked up or incapacitated.

Jack: Don’t go there.

Kyle: Unless… claire’s is the one watching him.

Victor: Kyle, claire is no threat. She’d do everything in her power to keep that boy safe.

Kyle: Victor, I want to believe you, but claire’s fooled people before.

Jack: Let’s stick with what we do know. Not start spinning scenarios.

Victor: Jack is right, okay?

Devon: Does this amuse you, billy?

Billy: Oh, I’m just trying to keep up.

Jill: Let’s just stay focused, please.

Billy: Yes, let’s stay focused. So, what is it, devon? How do you vote?

Devon: I’m voting with abby and my sister to fight the lawsuit.

Lily: Good, then it’s settled. Thank you for your support and I think you’ll see this is the best decision for the company. I have a meeting to get to. Excuse me.

Jill: Devon, could you stay, please?

Billy: Hey. Just wanted to say thank you for not urging the board to give me the boot, even though you think I’m a power-hungry ass.

Lily: Well, the meeting got kind of hijacked, but definitely not off the table.

Billy: Maybe I can change your mind.

Lily: Is that why you followed me out here? You think you can change my mind about pursuing the lawsuit?

Billy: I just want to say that I appreciate the way that you voted against adding nate to the board. I think it’s the right decision. It makes me think you thought about what I said earlier about who you can trust and who you can’t trust. And I’m hoping that means you’re ready to join me in taking over chancellor-winters.

A year after

a heart attack,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Lily: Okay, let me make something clear. I don’t agree with what devon did today, but I am not going to betray my family. And all of your talk of jill ready to step down, she does not seem like someone who’s going to pass her crown.

Billy: I think I know my mother pretty well. I know myself pretty well, and I think I know you pretty well. The person they saw in that room is ready to take no prisoners. That person who knows what she wants, who she is and what she’s capable of. Don’t be afraid to go for that.

Lily: Oh, but no pressure.

Billy: The pressure is coming from devon when he surprises you with a vote like that and he expects you to fall in line, and when you didn’t, he didn’t know what to do with himself.

Lily: I didn’t vote against nate because of devon’s tactics. I voted against nate because of our history with him. That wasn’t some signal to you that I’m ready to follow your dreams of the two of us ruling chancellor-winters.

Billy: We’d shake the dust off this company.

Lily: The dust?

Billy: We can take it to the next level, turn it into a powerhouse, how do you say no to that?

Lily: Very easily, because I’m not convinced that’s the direction I want to take this company.

Billy: That’s interesting.

Lily: What?

Billy: Your choice of words. You’re not convinced. Which means you could be convinced. So, with all due respect, I’m not going to give up.

[ Lily sighs ]

Victor: You tell them to search the area around the diner. You got that? Okay.

Jack: If we could just figure out what car she was driving after she ditched the truck, we could maybe spot it there in the neighborhood. You know what? I’ll make that my business.

Dave: I told you everything I know. We good?

Jack: You served your purpose. You will be compensated.

Dave: $100,000.

Jack: That’s what we agreed to.

Dave: And you’ll leave my name out of it.

Victor: Yes, dave, we will. Okay?

[ Dave sighs ] But I suggest to you that you take the 100,000 bucks, get the hell out of town, move somewhere else, all right?

Dave: I like this city just fine.

Kyle: Yeah, well, the woman you dealt with doesn’t like loose ends. Her last useful stranger found his way in front of a car.

Dave: He’s dead?

Victor: Dead like a roadkill. You better pray that we get to her first.

Jill: Talk to me about lily. How is she really doing with this breakup? She seems strong, she seems put together, but I just have to be sure that that’s the case.

Devon: It’s absolutely the case. She was, you know– she was definitely hurt by what daniel did, but she’s fine, she’s solid.

Jill: Well, sadly, it is not the first time that she’s had to deal with a cheating jerk.

Devon: Yeah, I mean, I agree with that, but I don’t think that she’s been acting unreasonable at all. I think that she did what she did because she really thought that it would be best for the morale of the company, and if she believes that we can beat daniel in court, we should trust her. I wouldn’t have voted the way I did if I didn’t believe that.

Jill: You feel the same way, abby?

Abby: I do. I think lily has the company’s best interests at heart.

Jill: Then, I guess I have my answer, don’t I? You two, give dominic hugs from me.

Devon: We will for sure.

Jill: All right, you take care of yourselves.

Abby: Okay, jill’s gone, you can drop the act.

Devon: I know.

Abby: Lily really threw you for a curve, didn’t she?

Lily: Sorry, I’m late.

Mamie: So, how was the board meeting?

Lily: Well, you know, full of surprises.

Mamie: Good or bad?

Lily: Did you know that devon wanted to vote nate back onto the board?

Mamie: No, but that’s wonderful. Nate certainly will have the votes. More power for the winters, where it belongs.

Lily: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the motion didn’t pass.

Mamie: And who ruined it?

Lily: I did. I voted against nate.

Mamie: Lily, why would you do that?

Mamie: Nate has done a fine job, surely you can see that.

Lily: Yes, he has, but he has broken our trust in a big way, and I don’t think that he’s earned his seat back on the board yet.

Mamie: Lily, that sounds like an excuse, not a reason.

Lily: Sorry, why are you fighting me on this?

Mamie: Because I’m trying to understand how you could do this to your family.

Lily: Sorry, I didn’t do anything. I made a sound business decision.

Mamie: Jill is already stacking the board against us. She is coming after us. We have to get ready. We have got to have reinforcements before she makes that move.

Lily: My god, mamie, please, this has to stop. All of this– this fighting between you and jill and the division. Enough is enough.

Mamie: I know, you’re right. We’ve certainly had our share. And I’m sure your heart must be broken over this danny romalotti thing and the lawsuit. The last thing you need is a war at work.

Lily: No, it hasn’t been easy.

Mamie: I’m sure it hasn’T. Maybe it’s been the thing that’s been distracting you from what’s really most important at work.

Lily: You did not just say that.

Victoria: Oh, damn it.

Cole: Hey, hey, hey. You are officially off tea duty.

Victoria: No, no, I’ve got this, I’m good.

Cole: No, I know, I know you do. Here, come on. I got it. Come on, let me get it. All right. Have a seat.

Victoria: Do you know, when I gave claire my book on mythology, she compared me to athena. And I bragged and told her that I had actually been known to throw a thunderbolt or two in my time, and now I can’t even pour tea.

Cole: Well, lucky for you, that’s one of my superpowers. And for the record, you have plenty of thunderbolts left in you.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I have gotten through some very difficult things in my life before. And usually, I don’t stop until I get to the other side. But this time, you know, I have to be strong for my daughter. Why do I feel so vulnerable?

Cole: Here we go. Now, to answer your question… the way that I see it is that you’ve been under a lot of stress for a very long time. And you’ve always known how to deal with it. You’ve always known what your next step is. But this, a daughter that we thought we lost? She’s alive? She’s back in our lives, our hearts. All of the love, the– the hope, the need to protect her, it’s primal. And the idea of losing her all over again is overwhelming. It’s enough to pull the rug out from underneath you. I mean, it makes total sense that you’re struggling. But we’re not going to lose her. Claire’s going to come home to us, you have to believe that. And if you need help, I’m here to remind you. But I’m not going anywhere.

Victor: Good. Keep me informed. Well, apparently they’ve arrived at the diner. They’re going to search the area now.

Kyle: Okay, I’ll go to the location where the truck was abandoned, see if there are any houses or businesses with security cameras.

Jack: Well, we could send some of our men.

Kyle: No, jordan took harrison on my watch. Whether claire’s involved or not, this is on me, okay?

Victor: Needless to say, this stays between us. Is that clear?

Jack: I imagine jordan is going to reach out to kyle sometime soon. How do we string her along if she starts making demands?

Victor: I’ll handle her. But you know, I seriously doubt she has shown her full hand yet.

Jack: What makes you so sure?

Victor: Because I know that she loves theatrics. And this time, I’m going to pull down the damn curtain once and for all. Hi, I’m greg.

Victor: Don’t give me all that nonsense. Keep me updated, is that clear? Okay, we need to stay in communication with each other. Time is of the essence. And if it’s the last thing I do, we’re going to get this woman. Where have you been?

Nikki: At victoria and cole’S. Jack, I didn’t expect to see you here.

Jack: How are you holding up, nikki?

Nikki: As well as can be expected, I suppose.

Kyle: I was just on my way out.

Nikki: Kyle, I’m sure that harrison will be found very soon.

Kyle: Thanks, nikki. I’ll be in touch.

Victor: How are victoria and cole holding up?

Nikki: Scared. I wish there was something I could do for them, but really the only thing any of us can do is pray. Uh, if you gentlemen will excuse me.

Victor: Baby, where are you going?

Nikki: We’ll talk about it later.

Devon: Yeah, I thought lily would fully support nate joining the board, so I was definitely surprised when she voted against me.

Abby: Maybe it’s the timing of it all. You kind of sprung it on her.

Devon: Maybe. I think it’s something else, though.

Abby: Listen, I voted in favor of nate joining the board, but I understand lily’s reservations. There are some loyalty issues.

Devon: Yeah, but see, that’s the thing. She was the first person to try to get me to forgive nate for everything he did and welcome him back here. So, I’m having a little bit of a problem believing her loyalty issue. And I think it’s not just that.

Abby: What else is there?

Devon: I think that her and billy have something going on. Just from the looks they were giving each other, and the vibe between them. I don’t know.

Abby: That could mean anything and nothing.

Devon: It could mean nothing, or it could mean that he’s privately working her.

Abby: Working her?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: How and why?

Devon: I don’t know. Maybe he’s trying to convince her that all the tension that we feel here at the company is coming from me and nate and not him.

Abby: Well, what would his endgame be?

Devon: To get what he wants, always, you know? I just know billy likes playing the victim card a lot, and lily usually buys into it because she’s always had a soft spot for him.

Lily: You know, I can and do run this company separately from dealing with my personal issues.

Mamie: I’ve seen that. You do a superb job, lily. There is nothing easy about helming a company as fractious as chancellor-winters has become.

Lily: Yeah, and who’s contributed to that?

Mamie: So, have you given any further thought to the idea that we divide the company internally?

Lily: You mean the idea that you pitched while I was out of town?

Mamie: Well, short of the ideal, it’s the best solution.

Lily: You know it was my idea to merge the companies, right? So, dividing them would completely go against my vision.

Mamie: There’s nothing wrong with changing your vision.

Lily: Excuse me?

Mamie: Just hear me out. As a family, we have an opportunity to create a true legacy here. Billy and jill, and even chance, they can get in the way of the future that should be ours.

Lily: Mamie, please, please, I’m not going to split this company down the middle.

Mamie: Well, then you better pay attention before it’s too late. Starting with billy. You can’t trust that one, and the sooner you realize that, the better.

Lily: You know, maybe I shouldn’t trust you.

Nikki: Come and get me, jordan. This is what we’ve both been waiting for.

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