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hey believe happened was a potential road rage incident between two individuals who, according to a witnes they had a how do you even know about this place? I know people. They tell me things. Hey.

[ Chuckles ] I wouldn’t think that this would be your kind of scene. Because? I didn’t think that you were cool enough.

[ Sighs ] My dear, I have been cool since before you were born. I know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, aunt stella. I shouldn’t have presumed like that. Ah, it’s “stella” in here. Oh. I got a reputation. Okay. Got it, stella. And since we haven’t had a girls’ night out in forever… yeah. …I thought this would be the perfect place for us to, you know, get it going again. Hi. Hey. Hi. I’m so sorry I’m late. I was helping brook lynn with her bachelorette party. Oh, that was nice of you to help out. Oh, well, it’s nice of you to invite me to this dinner. I haven’t been here. Well, not every place is for everybody. Aunt stella’s a regular.

[ Laughs ] Well, I happen to know a place where we can dance all night and have free food and free drinks. If you guys are interested. What is this mystical place? The savoy. Curtis said he was closing it up for tonight. Yeah, he did, but he said he had someplace to be and then was out the door. Well, I wonder what that was about. Well, it had to be good because he said he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Ha, ha! Okay! Now, that’s how it’s done. Wow. See, you always want to give it your best shot. You know, unless… unless what? Unless you want some of these people to leave, you know? Because this right here requires the utmost of finesse. Wow. Really? Oh, yeah. Okay. Listen. So, you know — excuse me. Oh. After you. When the good lord was handing out finesse, I got in line twice. Check it out. Oh! Yeah. Uh, maybe you should have gotten line three times. But I-I’m just getting warmed up. Just getting warmed up here. Let me try it again. Be careful, curtis. When drew gets warmed up, he may try and take down the whole wall and… keep all the pieces for himself. Really, ned? Seriously? Your party banter needs a little bit of work. All right, I’m calling a quartermaine ceasefire. No — no infighting tonight. It’s considered a warm-up for the wedding. Thank you all for coming. Honestly, seeing everyone, I’M… I’m at a loss for words. Someone take a picture. This could be the only time this happens. Thank you, maxie. I’m gonna speak for twice as long now. Yeah. But, no, in all seriousness, we have shared so much over the years. So I thought it was only right and kind of necessary to share this unbelievable celebration with all of you, my family and my friends. And I’ve never done this before, so I’m, uh, kind of nervous, to be honest, but, um, seeing all of your beautiful, loving, supportive faces, I know in my heart, that, um… you got this. I got this. [ Laughs ] Cheers. All: Cheers.

[ Cheers and laughter ] Sorry to interrupt. Quick, uh, psa for the night. As we get going here, let’s all try and remember what hand has the drink and what hand has the hatchet. All right? We do have a doctor in the house, but it’d be a real buzzkill if he’s gotta spend his night stitching up something. Okay, uh, the other thing is, I know some of you think we’re only here for the, uh, open bar of free food. That is not the case. We showed up tonight for this guy… man: Whoo! …Because he shows up for us every single day. The best partner a cop could ever want and the single worst wing man I’ve never seen in my entire life. We are very grateful to brook lynn for taking the single-yet-never-ready- to-mingle harrison chase off the market! I’m not even embarrassed about that. Nor should you be. There’s plenty other things you should be embarrassed about. Brook lynn is not one of them. She knows she’s out of your league, though, right? How could she not? Here’s hoping for brook lynn’s sake he’s a better partner to her than he is to you. And if he isn’t, I know where he lives. And now I know where to get a hatchet. Curtis: Ah! Yeah. To chase. All: To chase. Whoo! Cheers. Cheers. Good job, man. Cheers. Everyone needs to try the signature cocktail, the brook lynn chaser. And there is mocktail versions available if you want one.

Salut! All: Salut! One mocktail, please. Oh, make that two. You don’t need to deprive yourself on my account. I’m not. Tonight’s special. And I want to be clear-headed for all of it. Where’s the music?

[ Gasps ] The music. I forgot the music! How could I forget the music? Oh. Oh, wow. Uh, um… you know people, don’t you? Oh, yes, I know people. The port charles philharmonic is gonna be here in 10 minutes.

[ Sighs ] You’re no help. We have discussed this. I write checks. You chase musicians. Maybe you haven’t done it in a long time, but maybe you have numbers? What are we gonna do? Hey. What’s the deal with the music? You want me to sing? Oh, no. No, I don’T. Uh… hold the singing. The music just arrived. Ah! Oh, please tell me he’s not the stripper.

If curtis closed the club for brook lynn’s party, that means… that somewhere he had to be was chase’s bachelor party. Oh, that’s at the hatchet range. Oh. Drinking beer and throwing hatchets? That’s some combination. What could go wrong? But I’m just glad that he got out. I mean, after everything he’s been through, he just deserves to just cut loose and have some fun. The same could be said for some other people, too. And if you feel like letting loose tonight, then we should go to brook lynn’s party. She’s surrounded by her friends and family, and half of them are crazy, but in a really good way. I don’t know, joss. We didn’t even get an invitation. No, we did, from the mother of the bride herself. Oh, e-excuse me for a second. I-I’ll be right back. I don’t know, joss. I don’t — I don’t know if I feel good enough to go to a big party with people that are happy. And I don’t even have a gift. You don’t need a gift. It’s already handled. We — we got her, like, a spa getaway at the metro court. I don’t know. Trina, it’s one party. And we know everybody there. And if you hate it, then we’ll leave. Hey, you girls better get going. You don’t want to miss out on anything. But aunt stella, we’re having dinner with you.

[ Scoffs ] Not anymore. I gave our table away. What?! What?! Trina, you could have dinner with me anytime. Brook lynn’s party’s only happening tonight. Go. Well, uh, stella, do you want to come? No, no, thank you. But trina’s had enough of family lately. I think she should cut loose with people she’s not related to. Come on, go. Come on. Thank you so much. Oh, you’re welcome. You’re welcome. Thank you, aunt stella. Okay, sweetie. Have a good time, all right? Have fun. I’m so glad you’re here. I wouldn’t have missed it. Ah! So, what do you think of your mom’s vision? She definitely knows how to party. Well, she may need to remind me, because I haven’t been to a party-party in forever. Then we are gonna have to catch you up tonight. That is the plan.

[ Both laugh ] First, I-I want you to know how happy I am for you. Nobody knows better than I do what a great guy you’re marrying. I feel so lucky that chase and I found each other, that we could get past all of the regrettable decis–

my regrettable decisions and — and get here. Well, you’ll probably make some more, and so will chase. But now you know you have the staying power to make it through together. You’re so wise. I’m so married.

[ Laughs ] Laugh a lot. Forgive a lot. How hard could that be? I know, right? You’ll never have a rocky day in your married life. But you and chase are perfect for each other, so you’ll probably have a lot fewer than most couples. Thank you. I have to thank you again for saving deception’s bacon on home & heart the other day. If lucy had talked about our product as much as she talked about herself, we could have all retired. I think I learned more about lucy during that segment than in the whole time we worked together. So did america and the world.

[ Laughs ] Well, we have the footage, and one day we’re gonna watch it and laugh. No, not now, though. Too soon. I have to let you know, for self-preservation, I have moved you to the number-one slot on my speed-dial list. Well, I am always here for you. And I was happy to help. Plus, it feels really good to say that I am not to the face of deception anymore. Well, that makes one of us. So, how’s it going with blaze? She’s lovely. She really is, inside and out, but the ink is barely dry on her contract, so she hasn’t done very much with us yet. I’m sure she’ll be great. Things must be a lot better for you — all this free time to be spending with cody. Are we gonna be planning another bachelorette party soon? I don’t know. Are you gonna take the next step with spinelli? Okay.

[ Laughs ] Feel like I’ve been granted entrée to the inter sanctum of sisterhood. It’s a bridal shower, not a sorority. Oh, spinelli! Let’s get you set up over here. I-I need but a moment to link my playlist to the house sound system, and we will soon be rocking the casbah. I’m gonna need to see that playlist. Well, I’ll have you know it was a huge hit at bruce cooperman’s bar mitzvah last week. Yeah, I’m gonna need to see it. Those two work so well together. They really do. But they keep fighting it. They’re stubborn. They’ll give in eventually. It’s just a matter of time. Yeah, no matter how hard you try, you can’t fight it forever. I guess you’d know something about that. How did you do that? No idea. But that is my first and last shot of the night.

[ Laughter ] Seeing you up and out of that wheelchair is miraculous. Well, it feels better than you might imagine, and the view from up here — a lot better than the view from down there. Front-row seat to a lot of belt buckles, huh?

[ Sighs ] A lot of belt buckles. You know, I wouldn’t be back on my feet, literally and figuratively, if it weren’t for my family. I’m happy for you, curtis. Back at you. How exciting is it that, uh, tj and molly are expecting?

[ Laughs ] My baby is having a baby. Nobody tells you how weird it sounds the first few times you say it. So, I think I’m done with the desk-duty thing. What, after one day? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, who needs more than one day behind the desk, right? I’m ready to get back out there. Okay. What does your physical therapist say? Yeah, I mean, it’s — I’m good. Everything’s coming along fine. I mean, for a man who almost died, yeah. Just — just keep going to the therapy, and don’t miss any sessions. You don’t have to push. And it bears repeating you almost died. Yeah. You — you definitely said that twice, yep. Yeah, man, she’s right, and don’t sweat it. We got you covered. You’re doing invaluable work at the station behind a desk. Stop it. Thank you. Thank you. That’ll be enough of the gloating. I feel nothing but sympathy for you. Yeah? All those months I was off, I would have given anything to get back on the job. Department’s very lucky to have both of you. You know, not everyone’s cut out to be a cop, right? And when you are, it’s to be honored and thanked. You’re invaluable. You really are. Uhhh.

dex, you made it. I’m glad you’re here. Appreciate you inviting me. Ah, you worked your tail off on the job standard test today. You deserve a few beers. Feels like there’s a couple guys here who think I deserve one of those in the back of the head. Oh, some of them probably do. And some of them just look like that all the time. But you are here to celebrate the end of my bachelorhood, and you are here on my invitation! So it is officially time for you to kick back and enjoy. Thanks, man. Mm. I’d say any day, but if you keep performing like you did this morning on the jst, you’re not gonna need anybody running interference for you. So, does every recruit have to run the gauntlet? Surprised you have more than five cops on the force.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Well, dex might get more attention than others. His — his last job was riding shotgun for sonny. Ah. Okay. Exactly. Is your dad gonna come here tonight? No, I don’t think so. He’s home with violet and the sitter, which reminds me I can’t stay out much later than midnight. Turn into a pumpkin? Yeah. And that’s when the sitter leaves. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Okay, please tell me we’re good to go. It was more complicated —

[ Clears throat ] Um, take it away, boss. Oh! Okay. Oh, take that for me. Um, welcome, everybody. Uh, in case I have not met you yet, don’t worry, I will. But, um, I’m lois cerullo, and I am the mother of the bride. And tonight, we are celebrating brook lynn.

[ Cheers and catcalls ] Yes, yes, and I cannot tell you how proud I am of my daughter. I mean, she is juggling the music biz, the beauty biz, and true love, and you are doing such a beautiful job, in spite of her family, ’cause, you know, we can be a lot. There is no “we.” There is a “we.” Anyway, brook lynn, you bring out the best of all of us. And, you know, I wish I could take credit for that, but I can’t, ’cause the first time I ever looked at this beautiful face, I knew I was the lucky one to be her mother. And so, we are all

so lucky to have brook lynn in our lives. Chase is a lucky man. And I am lucky, too. Oh, come on, honey. This is your night. Chase is having his own party. And by the way, if anybody wants to see any baby pictures of brook lynn, I got my phone — okay, okay. Give it. Give me.[ Speaks indistinctly ] Let the games begin!

Salut! Not only are you standing, but you throwing hatchets better than everybody else?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you know, I worked on my arms when I was in physical therapy, too. But I gotta say, jordan, I, uh… I also did a lot of processing. I never thought I was gonna walk again. And now, now that I am, oh, there’s some things I want to do. Places I want to go. I want to walk, run, climb, hike, swim. And there’s some people that I want to give my time and energy to. And some people you don’t? Yeah, there was, uh… there were some things that I thought were important before that just don’t seem to matter at all now. Chances I took where the reward was never gonna match the risk. And, uh… I don’t know if it’s fate or — or the universe or whatever, but I have a new opportunity for a reset, and I’m not gonna waste it. All right, well, here is to fate, the universe, and that reset. No one deserves it more. Thank you. Excuse me. Hey. Hey, jordan, you’re up. Oh. I guess I am. Yeah. Thunk! Did we say we were gonna play against each other? We didn’t say we weren’T. Okay, I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s not a competition. It’s a bachelor party, right? So, just go ahead. Give it a throw. I’ll hold that, and then we’ll just take it from there. You got this.

[ Laughs ] That was awful. That was not awful! Most people’s hatchet doesn’t stick in the board the first time that they throw. That was actually really good. Mm. Thank you. And thanks for the save. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, don’t misunderstand. I’m really happy for curtis. His recovery is a miracle.

But it’s still not easy running into your ex in public. I get it. You could tell, huh? Only because I’ve been there, right? You gotta hang out with your ex and you gotta talk about how things are going and put that smile on your face like your life depends on it. Oh, my gosh. I was smiling for so long, I thought my face would cramp up. And then there’s the conversation. Oh. I’ve moved on. You’ve moved on. Isn’t it moving on the best? But you’re happy, right? Because I mean, like, I’m so happy, too. So happy it hurts. -Plate! -Saucer. Blaze: Mushroom! No! No! Table. Come on. This is a wedding, guys. Where do you see this at a wedding? Oh, hors d’oeuvre tray! No. Sasha: Cake tray. It’s a cake tray. Maxie: You’re getting warmer! Cake pedestal! Yes! Oh, finally!

[ Cheers and laughter ] -Rose petals. -Cookies. Sachet? Oh, uh, pearls. Olivia: A gown and peignoir. Oh, please. What about that looks like a gown and peignoir? I don’t know! Ice! Ice! No, it has to be wedding themed. There’s ice at a wedding. Bird! Birdseed! Birdseed! Birdseed! Yes! Birdseed!

[ Cheers and applause ] “Hotel bergamot, ithaca, walking in and finding brook lynn looking a little overwhelmed but completely determined with a baby in her arms.” That’s not you. No. Liv? Not me. All right. I’ll give you guys a hint. I called my cousin michael for a ride, and he brought the person who he trusts most in this world. Willow! Willow! Aw! Standing on stage at the nurses’ ball watching linc brown get escorted out by detective dante falconeri, courtesy of brook lynn’s epic takedown.” -Whoo-hoo! -Yeah! Blaze! Brook lynn: Yes! One of my favorite moments ever. Mine, too. -Yeah! -Excellent.

[ Music plays ]

[ Laughter ] -Go, go, go! -Nope.

[ Laughter ] Woman: Oh! Go!

[ Music stops ]

[ All cheering and exclaiming ]

[ Music plays ] -Aah! -Uh-oh.

[ Laughter ]

[ Music stops ]

[ All exclaiming ] I wanted to go to the bar anyway.

[ Music plays ] -Come on, kristina! -Lois!

[ Laughter ] Brook lynn: Come on, ma!

[ Music stops ]

[ All exclaiming ]

[ Music plays ] Let’s go, let’s go! -Come on, come on! -Go, go, go!

[ Cheering ]

[ Music stops ]

[ All exclaiming ] The winner and champion — granny!

[ Cheers and applause ] Here’s your prize.

[ Laughter ] Anthony: This making you uncomfortable?Good.

Mr. Spinelli, I’d like to know the truth, please. Were you instructed to make sure I won? I assure you I was completely impartial. Uh-huh. Well, if I ever find myself at an event again where you are dj, I better not win. Am I clear? Crystal. I’ve seen your deception campaigns. You’re gonna be a very hard act to follow. Nothing you can’t handle. You’re gonna be great. Stick with maxie. She knows what she’s doing. I saw you on home & heart . You made it look really easy. It’s easy when the products are great. And the people are really great, too. Most of the time. So why’d you leave? It was time for a change. And honestly, I got tired of having to worry about my looks all the time. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You’re a performer. Ugh. It can be exhausting having to worry about what the public sees when they look at you. Yeah. Well, it’s a lot easier when you have someone special standing beside you. It really is. That’s sweet.

[ Chuckles ] Ladies, strike a pose!

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Fantastic choices. You — you look great. You look like nobody paid your ransom. Am I supposed to be enjoying this?

[ Camera shutter clicking ] So very glamorous. Well done. Well done. Well done.

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Baby’s first party! Yay!

[ Camera shutter clicking ] All right, uh, well, since we’ve all established the fact that , uh, you are not a typical bachelor, we thought the typical bachelor party gifts would, I don’t know, maybe end up in an attic somewhere that your kids discover in 20 years, or a landfill. So, uh, we decided to get you a couple of things that, um, well, were a little more meaningful. So please take this out of my hand right now. It was painful to get for you. You’ll understand as soon as you open it up. All right. What is this? Are you kidding me? It… red sox world series champs? -Yeah. -Yeah. Just remember… what?! …The yankees have won the series 27 times to the red sox’s 9, okay? So you got a little catching up to do. Well, that doesn’t make this any less sweet. Thanks, partner. Yeah. Congratulations. Dude.

[ Laughs ] And,

uh, listen, this one’snowhere near as spectacular, but, um, it’s from your family. We love you. We couldn’t be happier for you. Violet picked it out. She did? Yeah, I just said that. Uh, dad and I couldn’t decide, and she picked those. Well, your daughter’s got good taste. She thinks you do, too. Brook lynn is — she’s special. Don’t I know it? Congratulations, bro. Chase: Thanks. And, uh, I want to thank you all for not putting me through the ordeal of opening bachelor-appropriate gifts. Uh, the real gift is having you all here, um, celebrating with me. And, yes, I know that brook lynn is way too good for me. But guess what? I still get to marry her.

[ Cheers and laughter ] Drew: Yeah, you do! All right, to chase and brook lynn, yeah? -To chase! -To brook lynn. -Okay. Congrats. -Congrats. -Cheers, cheers, cheers. -Cheers. -Nice. Nice. -Cheers, cheers. All right, so it’s an open bar, and the drinks are called the brook lynn chaser. So I’m gonna go get some. Oh, wait, no, no, no, not the — okay. Oh. Oh! Oh. Sorry about that. That’s fine. It was close. Good to see you. Yeah. Whoo! That could’ve been more awkward. Yeah, true. You could have doused her with your drink. Thought about it. Trina! Oh! So glad you made it! Me, too! Thanks for coming. Thanks for inviting us. I mean, this place looks great. I love it. Oh, thanks in large part to josslyn. Aw! Please. I was just taking orders. This is so exciting. Are there any nerves? Oh, there were, but I have been downing these brook lynn chasers all night. I’ve never felt better. Tell us what you think. All right. Oh, I think we’re gonna have some fun. Ah! Well, the bar is open all night long. Unfortunately, we just finished the games. Ah, no, we’re doing more games later. Right now we are doing the gifts. Oh! -Gifts! -Okay, gifts.

[ Gasps ] A day of relaxation at the metro court spa? Josslyn, trina, this gift is perfect! I’m gonna save it until after our honeymoon because I’m gonna have so much jet lag when we get back. I’m gonna need some extra pampering. Where are you going? Florence. Can you believe it? I’ve wanted to go my entire life and chase surprised me. All: Aw!

[ Clears throat ] Uh… this one is from me. What?

[ Gasps ] Ma. So, when you were a little girl, you used to always go through my jewelry box and try everything on — all my necklaces, my bracelets, my rings, the real stuff and the costume jewelry, but, um, this one was always your favorite, so now it’s yours. Ma, thank you for everything. Oh, I love you, baby.

Do you have a death wish? Death wish? Whether or not you make it through the academy and get your badge, sonny corinthos never forgets. Everything cool over here, calvin? Hey, yeah. Yeah, it’s cool. Yep? Just given the would-be rookie here some advice. Hey, you guys know dex? He’s one of the reasons, uh, I’m still alive and able to be here and keep making you look bad.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks for trying. Listen, man, uh, you should probably be prepared for that to continue happening if you join the force. I appreciate the gift and the speech, and I won’t forget the gesture if you ever try to take the leap again.

[ Laughs ] Hey, as you should, finn. I think you could make some woman, uh, moderately happy. Oh! [ Laughs ] I agree with michael, except not about the moderate part. You deserve to have someone great in your life. I have someone great in my life. I have violet. But I know what you’re saying, and, um, maybe I’m starting to believe that might be true. Believe it.

[ Tapping glass ] So, for those of you who don’t know, I’m ned quartermaine, father of the bride. Chase… since the, uh, dreaded day that my daughter reached dating age, one thing has become abundantly clear. No one is good enough for her. But you come closer than anybody ever has. Welcome to the family. -Hear, hear! -Hear, hear! Uh, most people know chase the cop. But as a nightclub owner, I know chase the reluctant superstar.

[ Laughter ] So here’s to you and brook lynn bringing out the best in each other on stage and off. -Yeah! -Cheers! -Cheers. -Cheers. Uh, to my partner, even though he’s a red sox fan. I didn’t know! I didn’t know until we started to work together. But, um, buddy, listen, you’re more than a partner. You’re family. So, to you, brother. And to the life you’re about to embark on with your beautiful bride that you so richly deserve. Cheers. Thank you. All: Cheers. Are we dancing or what?! Hit it, spinelli. Consider it…hit!

[ Dance beat plays ] Granny, may I have the honor of this dance? You know I don’t dance. But I’m certainly touched that you asked me. Let’s go, trina. You’re up! They’re great out there, aren’t they? Yeah. Too bad they don’t know what they’re doing, though. Bensonhurst in the house! Bensonhurst in the house!

[ Cheering ]

[ Laughter ] Oh! Ooh. This baby is totally going crazy right now. Oh, my gosh. It must love this music. Spinelli’s got a great set list. I wish I could stay. No, no, no, you have to go. You’re right, I do. Yeah. But just remember, you owe me a dance. Of course.

I can’t do wrong, I can’t do wrong come on, tracy, let’s show them how it’s done.

Oh, oh, oh, oh excuse me? This is brook lynn’s party. We’ve gotta celebrate with her.

This is the best day of my life! You know, if my grandmother was here, she’d be out on the floor. You know what? You are so right. Bobbie would be. And I will have you know that spencers are not the only people that can rise to the occasion. Look out.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cheering ] Olivia: Go, tracy! All: Go, tracy! Go, tracy!

[ Cheering ] All right, I see you. What I lack in ability, I make up for in commitment!

[ Laughs ]

Can’t do wrong, I can’t do wrong

when I get the feeling oh. Oh, twice in one night. Are you following me?

[ Chuckles ] My bad. You know, josslyn, I don’t know what your problem is with me, but you might as well just drop it because it’s not working. My god. My problem with you, kristina, is that you refuse to see your dad for who he really is, and you go on and on like it’s some fairy tale about sonny corinthos, and you completely ignore all of the damage that he’s caused. Or tell me, do you really not know what he did to dex? I saw what you did with dex and the guys just now. Oh. Yeah, well, you know, I feel like I owe dex. He did keep me alive until those paramedics showed up. But it’s also the kind of thing you do because you’re you. You know, I gotta wonder, uh, if dex’s connection to sonny would trump any qualifications he may have for joining the force. I mean, these guys aren’t gonna let him off the hook. They’re all gonna think that he’s gonna be giving intel to sonny. I know. Well, dex is gonna have to prove himself. Isn’t he? But, you know, I-I can’t help but wonder that you might be worried that he would give the pcpd intel to bring your father down. It’s fine. Just… go join the party. Leave dex to me, yeah? Hey, everyone, if I could just have your attention, please, for a moment, uh, we have a very special guest with us tonight, and, um some of you may know her as the other woman in chase’s life.

[ All exclaiming ] What? Hey!

[ Cheers and applause ] Aw!

I hope you don’t mind me crashing your party, but when your former duet partner marries your current manager, you gotta celebrate, make a toast, and buy a round or two. Thank you. Chase is the kind of partner you dream about. Yeah, we have different dreams. God, I hope so! Chase brings things to the stage very few ever can. First of all, he brings that incredible voice. But he also brings calm. And his calm creates a space where you can be great. It’s one of the most generous gifts I’ve ever experienced in my career, and I’m sure you guys have all experienced that same kind of generosity working with him. I love brook lynn. And I know you’re gonna be so great for her. Because you already are for the rest of us. So, let’s drink to this guy and to the wedding to come. It’s gonna be one to remember.

[ Laughs ] All: Cheers. I’m having such a good time. Can we take a selfie? Of course. Uh, who are you sending that to? Uh, my aunt stella. Um, I didn’t think I wanted to come to the party, but she told me to come, and she was right. We still got it. Oh, we more than got it. We’re teaching a master class out here, huh?

[ Both laugh ] And we got a happy brook lynn. And we did it. The party’s a huge success. Oh, hey, it’s not over until she’s dancing with her husband at the reception. Hallelujah.

[ Humming] Don’t dump your issues onto me just because you’re drunk. Oh, excuse me? I know that you’ve been drinking. And obviously, now you are finally saying what you’ve been waiting to say, but it doesn’t even make sense because dex doesn’t work for my dad anymore, so — you want to know why dex doesn’t work for your dad anymore? It’s the same reason that me and dex aren’t together. And why is that, josslyn? Because he couldn’t stand your holier-than-thou attitude and your virtue signaling either? No, actually, it’s because your beloved father — he sent dex to go kill cyrus in the hospital. I guess it wasn’t enough for sonny to almost kill him with his bare hands in the church, so he sent dex to go finish the job. Maybe you can live with that, but I can’T.

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