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Kayla gets Paulina set back in the hospital and warns her that she’s lucky to be alive. Kayla notes that Paulina checked out fine but her numbers are too high for her to let her go home. Kayla questions what Paulina was thinking by sneaking out to Smith Island. Paulina apologizes for worrying everyone. Kayla talks about Paulina commandeering a snow plow and driving on snowy roads at night while also exposing Johnny, Chanel, and Julie to radiation. Kayla says that’s a big deal so there’s going to be an investigation and reports. Paulina says she knows all that and she’s sorry that she put people’s lives at risk, but she felt she had no choice. Paulina asks if Kayla could sit still and do nothing if her daughter was missing. Paulina declares that she had to rescue her baby girl and nothing was more important than that.

Johnny and Chanel sit together in a hospital room, talking about their experience having to be checked out after being exposed to radiation. Chanel is sorry that Johnny had to go through this because of her. Johnny doesn’t blame her and points out that she went looking for him. Chanel says if she would’ve just waited for him to come back, she wouldn’t have gotten stuck and Paulina wouldn’t have risked so much. Johnny declares that all that matters is that Paulina found her, even if it means he didn’t get to be her hero. Chanel assures that he is her hero and he makes her happier than she’s ever been as they kiss.

Kate enters the Brady Pub as Roman is talking on the phone with Sami about the Horton Cabin being emptied and getting Johnny, Chanel, and Paulina checked out at the hospital. Roman finishes the call and asks Kate how Lucas is. Kate says he’s hanging in. Roman encourages that Lucas will be out soon but Kate worries that nothing is for certain with Clyde on the loose. Kate wonders if Lucas is still safe at the monastery or if he will have go back to prison and complains that there are so many questions. Roman gets the Lucas and Kate are in limbo right now. Kate admits it’s driving her insane. Kate asks if Harris is upstairs, complaining that he’s not answering her phone calls. Roman informs her that he left for work so Kate decides she will go to the police station to find him for her questions. Roman wishes her luck as she exits.

Harris and Ava walk through the town square and come across the Bistro, which says that it is closed for renovations. Ava comments to Harris that everyone knows it’s shut down because Stefan got arrested. Ava asks if Harris regrets being dragged in to this yet. Harris insists there is no way she’s doing this alone. Ava states that if it wasn’t for Clyde’s black book, the Bistro is the last place she would ever be. Harris notes that it could be their big break in finding Clyde and putting him away so they will just get it over with. Ava then heads for the Bistro.

Abe drinks coffee at the hospital and thinks back to getting Paulina set up in the hospital for radiation. Kayla comes over, so Abe tells her that he takes full responsibility for Paulina’s escape since he wasn’t keeping an eye on her. Abe wishes she called him before doing something so reckless and asks how she’s doing. Kayla notes that her levels are still higher than she’d like, but if she follows the proper protocols, she thinks Paulina could go home tomorrow. Abe promises to keep Paulina in line from now on. Kayla jokingly wishes him luck with that and walks away.

Johnny asks Chanel if they are supposed to keep their distance now until they are radiation free. Chanel says she will go nuts if they have to isolate. Kayla comes in and informs Chanel that she has no break or fracture, just a serious sprained ankle. Chanel is relieved and says she’s feeling better already. Kayla advises her to keep it elevated and iced while staying off it as much as she can. Kayla brings up Chanel being exposed to more radiation than Johnny and Julie so her levels are higher, but she doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about. Johnny asks if they are good to go then which Kayla confirms. Johnny calls it a relief. Kayla reminds Chanel to come back if she feels any nausea or dizziness. Kayla then tells them they can go and exits as Johnny kisses Chanel.

While waiting for Ava, Harris runs in to Kate in the town square. Harris tells her it’s not a good time. Kate tells him to make time because she’s left him three messages with no returned call. Kate questions why Harris has been avoiding her at the Pub.

Ava enters the Bistro and flashes back to talking to Harris about finding Clyde’s black book. Ava then begins searching the Bistro until Stefan comes out from the back and questions what the hell she’s doing. Ava claims that she was picking up the last of her things. Stefan questions her having things behind the wine bottles. Ava admits that he caught her as he figured a couple bottles of wine was the least the place owed her. Ava asks why she’s being interrogated and questions what Stefan is doing there. Stefan says he owns the place so he’s doing inventory. Stefan explains that EJ let him keep the Bistro when he kicked him out of DiMera, so he figured his people have been out of work long enough and with Clyde out of the picture, they are going to reopen and become the best restaurant in the state.

Harris tells Kate that he has not been avoiding her, but he’s been extremely busy recovering from nearly being killed and trying to track down Clyde. Kate argues that everyone wants Clyde caught but he’s not doing that alone, so she needs him to focus on getting Lucas out. Kate reminds Harris of his promise. Harris says it’s going to take some time. Kate remarks that it’s not his son that’s in the monastery going insane. Harris says he understands but Kate argues that he doesn’t because he almost got Lucas killed by dragging him in to all of this. Kate warns of what she’s capable of when it comes to protecting her children.

Paulina talks to Abe on video chat and says she would do anything for her children, feeling she had no choice but to do what she did. Abe disagrees, pointing out that she put people at risk and risked her own life. Paulina calls it a calculated risk as she was told the radioactivity would decrease with time. Abe argues that the doctors didn’t clear her so it wasn’t safe for her to leave. Paulina acknowledges that she abused her power and potentially hurt her reputation, but repeats that her daughter was missing and she was afraid of never seeing her again so she couldn’t stay in the room. Abe loves that she is the force of nature that she is, but says this was ill advised. Paulina admits that she took a chance and it was risky, but points out that they all made it out alive because of her and Chanel was reminded that she will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe. Paulina then asks if anyone found her phone.

Chanel tells Johnny that her ankle hurts when she puts too much pressure on it. Chanel jokes about ending their honeymoon at the hospital, limping while radioactive. Johnny brings up Julie walking in on them and then getting trapped in a snowstorm until Paulina showed up and gave them all radiation poisoning. Johnny asks about giving it another try at the cabin but Chanel says absolutely not.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub. Roman hugs her and says it’s good to see her as he asks if everything is okay. Kayla says it’s been quite a day. Roman offers her clam chowder and a shoulder to lean on which Kayla says she needs more than he knows.

Ava congratulates Stefan on going from CEO of a multi national company to a barkeep. Stefan tells her to hurry up because he has work to do. Ava argues that they built the restaurant together. Stefan points out that they also ran drugs through it. Ava reminds him that her son was kidnapped and nearly killed while Stefan reminds her that his wife had her leg broken in prison. Ava argues that Stefan tried to kill Harris twice, so she doesn’t know why he’s giving her grief when he should still be behind bars. Ava remarks that Stefan is lucky that he has a brother with pull. Stefan argues that Harris got him out of jail and he’s not going to take the blame for a deal that went sideways. Stefan complains that Ava should be kissing his feet since he took the blame for everything when Ava was just as guilty. Ava mocks him being a saint. Stefan admits that he has his regrets including what happened between them as Ava flashes back to when they had sex. Stefan adds that he would do it all again to protect his family. Ava admits she would too. Ava then tells Stefan that there’s something she’s been meaning to tell him. Ava then claims that she came to the Bistro because she was feeling nostalgic about the place and the good times they had. Stefan questions if there were any. Ava guesses she just wanted to see the place one last time and now she has everything she needs. Stefan reminds her that he will need her keys back.

Roman tells Kayla that he knows she’s used to taking on a lot, but this is way too much even for her. Kayla doesn’t want to complain and reminds herself of what others are going through. Kayla calls it a relief that everyone at the cabin was found and they are alright. Roman questions what the hell Paulina was thinking. Kayla talks about how they can relate to protecting their children but wishes there was another way of going about it. Kayla thinks Paulina feels vindicated now. Roman isn’t sure that she should but acknowledges they would do anything to protect and save their kids. Roman mentions not seeing Stephanie around lately and asks how she is doing. Kayla says she’s going through a rough time and a broken heart, so she wishes she could fix it but all she can do is be there for her. Roman says anybody that has Kayla on their side is better off. Kayla repeats that she’d do anything for Stephanie and her sons. Roman jokes for her not to go stealing any snow plows. Roman assures that he’s always here for her. Kayla calls him the best brother. Kayla decides to head to the restroom before leaving. Kate then returns and informs Roman that she ran in to Harris on the way and they had a few words. Kate states that she told Harris to get Lucas freed or else.

Ava tells Stefan that maybe she should hang on to the keys in case of emergency and she can always fill in if he needs her since she’ll have time on her hands while looking for work. Stefan says he appreciates that but he thinks they need to make a clean break. Ava reluctantly accepts that and hands over the keys. Ava tells Stefan to take care of himself as she then exits the Bistro. Stefan then thinks back to having sex with Ava. Ava heads back to Harris in the town square and tells him that Clyde’s book is nowhere to be found. Harris asks if she’s sure and he wants to go in but Ava stops him and says that’s not such a good idea. Ava reveals that Stefan is in there which shocks Harris. Ava explains that Stefan said he’s doing inventory before reopening and things got pretty heated between them, so he made her turn her keys back in. Stefan comes out, so Ava says they should go but Harris decides he’s going to hang back and talk to Stefan, just the two of them. Ava tells them to play nice and walks away. Stefan tells Harris that he’s unarmed. Harris says he’s not, but questions how the hell he’s out of jail.

Johnny helps Chanel to the front desk of the hospital. Johnny says they ran the gauntlet and spoke to his mother while waving to her mother through the glass. They get ready to go but Chanel talks about how it won’t be easy to go up the stairs to his bedroom. Johnny says that’s why they aren’t going back there yet. Johnny reveals that he had something else in mind and promises it’s a surprise that she’s going to like.

Kayla exits the Pub and runs in to Ava. Ava asks her to excuse her but Kayla refuses. Kayla asks where to even begin. Ava guesses it’s her reckless disregard to anyone but herself. Kayla complains that Ava thinks she’s so smart but she never learns. Kayla warns that there will be a reckoning with all the damage that she’s caused her family. Ava says she doesn’t have time for this. Kayla asks how Ava even sleeps at night after almost getting her son killed. Ava argues that she tried to protect Tripp and begged him to go to China with Wendy. Kayla mocks her solution being to get Tripp out of the continent so that he’s out of the way of the crosshairs of her crimes. Kayla asks if Ava even fathomed what it would do to Steve if he lost his son. Ava argues that Tripp is her son and what it would do to her. Kayla argues that Ava would’ve been responsible for it but would’ve blamed somebody else. Ava warns Kayla that she has no idea what she had to do to save her son. Kayla complains that she wouldn’t have had to save him if she didn’t get involved with Clyde in the first place. Kayla calls it another one of Ava’s self-centered schemes and then she got Steve involved, forcing him to break Clyde out of prison. Kayla tells Ava that she knows all about it. Ava warns her to keep her voice down unless she wants Steve to go to prison. Kayla complains about Ava abusing Steve over and over again. Kayla warns Ava to stay away from her husband. Roman then comes out from the Pub and asks what’s going on.

Harris tells Stefan that he and EJ must have cooked up some kind of deal or else he’d still be locked up. Harris argues that Stefan tried to kill him and confessed to working for a drug lord. Stefan argues that he did what he did because his wife’s life was threatened and that he provided the police with useful information that led to the significant dismantling of Clyde’s operation. Harris argues that the judge never would’ve considered time served without a recommendation from the district attorney. Harris then realizes that Stefan has something on EJ. Stefan points out that Harris had something on him too to force his confession. Harris notes that Stefan didn’t deny having something on EJ. Harris calls him an arrogant son of a bitch. Stefan says for what it’s worth, he’s truly sorry for shooting him and he was relieved that he pulled through. Stefan knows that may be hard to believe but calls it the truth and says if he could go back, he would change so many things. Harris asks what he wishes he could go back and change and if it includes helping Clyde escape. Stefan swears on he and Gabi’s lives that he did not help Clyde escape. Harris questions Clyde not reaching out to Stefan since escaping which Stefan confirms and that if he had, he would’ve alerted the authorities immediately. Harris mocks the idea of Stefan being an upstanding citizen. Stefan says that there is no grey area with him and Clyde so as far as he’s concerned, Clyde has gone far away, never to be seen again. Stefan admits he’s done a lot that he’s not proud of, just like Ava and Harris. Stefan swears to everything he holds dear that he had nothing to do with Clyde escaping prison. Harris questions who the hell did then.

Kayla tells Roman that everything is fine and that she and Ava are just clearing up a few things. Ava asks for the key to their room and says she’ll be out of everyone’s hair. Roman questions what room. Ava then informs them that she is staying with Harris. Roman argues that Ava’s name is not on the lease, so she can’t have the key and she can’t stay there. Ava questions if he’s really going to police who can stay in who’s room. Roman tells Ava that this is personal because of what she did to his sister. Roman adds that she can stay somewhere but it won’t be under his roof. Ava says they will see what Harris has to say about that. Roman declares that he’s the landlord, so it’s his rules and he calls the shots here. Ava then walks away. Kayla thanks Roman, who says it was his pleasure.

Paulina asks Abe where her phone was found. Abe says it was near where she found Chanel and they’ll go pick it up tomorrow. Paulina asks if that means he’s not angry anymore. Abe says he doesn’t love what she did, but he gets why she did it so he’s willing to let it go. Abe adds that he was more worried than angry. Paulina declares there is no need for worry anymore either as everyone is fine and safe and she will soon be radiation free at home with him. They say I love you to each other and finish their video chat.

Johnny carries Chanel into a room at the Salem Inn which he had set up with rose petals, candles, and champagne. Chanel questions him checking them in under John Doe. Johnny decides after everything they’ve been through, he thought it would be nice if no one could track them down so there’s no more unexpected surprises. Chanel acknowledges that he thought of everything. Johnny talks about setting this all up and reveals he also brought his guitar and he’s going to serenade her. Chanel talks about how lucky she is. Johnny then plays guitar and sings to Chanel. Chanel applauds and they kiss.

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