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okay. If we have to do this, we’re not gonna do it in the middle of my restaurant. Hatyou’re talking about. You’re gonna have to tell me more, sonny. I don’t get it. Okay. You spent months refusing any help. And you promised — no, you didn’t promise. Y-you insisted that you were gonna get the hotel back on your own. I wanted to help you. You said no. Jason comes in, gets it back, gives it to you, and you’re like, “thank you, jason.” Yeah. Well… that’s pretty much it. I’m sorry. You don’t have to be sorry. Are you mad I’m here? Never. So, uh, have you seen much of my dad since dante’s been home? Just a couple of times. Alone or…? Uh, once with ava and avery. And how did he seem? What do you mean? You know, like, how was he? Considering everything sonny’s been going through, I would say he’s pretty angry. And paranoid? No, I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe a little on edge. Why do you think? I don’t know. He’s not acting like himself lately. He’s pushing everyone away. Oh, you mean carly and michael. And nina. Look, I’m not okay with what nina did. But she does really love my dad, and he was happy with her. And now, apart from me, donna and avery and you guys, occasionally, the only person he’ll let close to him is ava. Can you believe we’ve got this whole place to ourselves?! Oh, brook lynn is gonna freak out when she sees it! All the decorations, her name in lights, and, oh, she’s got her very own signature cocktail. “The brooklyn chaser.” I mean, it doesn’t get any cutter than that! Mm-hmm. Hey! Anybody there? Sorry.

[ Chuckles ] You live for this stuff! I did. I mean, I-I do.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. It’s just all the stress at work lately. It’s been a lot. Do you want to talk about it? No. Okay. Lucy has been insufferable!

[ Chuckles ] Well. Gotcha. Trying to make herself deception’s spokesmodel? I mean you saw her at “home & heart.” Did I ever! All she can do is talk about herself. And because her followers are blowing up her social media, she is convinced she was this huge success. I don’t have the final numbers, but I’m pretty sure she was not. There’s just no reasoning with her. And now that sasha’s gone and brook lynn is understandably — you are left to deal with lucy all on your own. Yeah. Hmm. And we have this new skin care line coming out. The disruptor nourishing moisturizer was debuted on “home & heart.” Mm hmm. Lucy’s been holding up the release date because she would like to rename the product to lucy’s luminous skin serum.

[ Laughs ] Hard pass. Right? Yeah. Marketing is just about to lose their minds, and I’m right there with them. Well… why don’t you just call it deceptive? Deceptive? Yeah. The skin care that hides what you want, and no one’s got a clue. Madison! I need you to call my lawyer and see if there’s any way to void a contract that I signed under false pretenses. Oh. Right away. Actually… no. Don’T. O-of course. I-is there something i should do? Do you want some advice? Please. When people tell you who they are, believe them. Say someone who’s treacherous with an agenda and suddenly becomes your friend, guess what. They still have an agenda. Maybe it gels with yours for the moment, but as soon as it doesn’T… said friend… …will betray you in a heartbeat. Nina. Are you okay? You can go. You have a minute? For a “friend” like you? Always.

(Grunt) you’re always welcome here. Thanks. So, I-I didn’t see you downstairs. How’d you get in? -Uh, the — the fire escape. -Oh. It — it looked like you and carly were busy, so… and I don’t want anyone to know I’m here. Look, my mom said I couldn’t see you anymore, and this has to be a secret. Just like the boathouse. I’m really grateful you helped me. It was no big deal. Yeah, it was a big deal. And what I did, getting you involved, especially asking you to keep it from your mom, that wasn’t fair. But at the time, I didn’t see an alternative, but it shouldn’t have gone down like that. So… are you saying you’re sorry I found you? I’m sensing that you don’t like that ava’s living with sonny. I just don’t understand why. Well, what did sonny have to say about it? Not much. Just that ava and avery were moving in because of a “safety concern.” But I don’t know. I mean, if — if my dad were really at risk, then wouldn’t he want avery to be as far away from him as possible? Hm. I remember plenty of times as a young kid I would go long periods of time without seeing my dad, and it was always “for my own safety.” I-I don’t know. Maybe — maybe it is for “security reasons.” I mean, sonny’s is the best. I guess. Honestly, I was fine with ava and avery moving in there initially. I even asked ava to keep an eye on my dad because I was so worried about him after spencer died. But you’re clearly not okay with it now. Ava jerome? Living there permanently? That’s a different story. Uh, yeah, I know it is an interesting development. I-I just — I feel like he’s starting to rely on her. Like, he really needs her in his life. And ava — she played such a major role in morgan’s death. She tampered with his medication, and that basically forced him into a manic spiral. So how is she not responsible that he did something reckless and died? And I understand the concept of keeping ava close for avery’s sake, tolerating ava. You know, go along to get along. But I don’t know. Sam, it’s like every once in a while, I’m around ava, and I just am hit with this full-sensory memory of me at morgan’s funeral, you know, the dress I’m wearing, the way the flowers smelled. It’s like this mental snapshot that I-I cannot get rid of. And my dad is the one who uncovered that. So how does he go from loathing someone to totally trusting her? I offered to buy back the hotel for you. I remember. And you refused. I remember that, too. Well, what the hell, carly? Why would you take it from jason and not me? Because you made the offer out of guilt, sonny. That’s not true. Yes, it is. It’s true. You wanted to make yourself feel better for bailing on our marriage. Me? Like it was some kind of consolation prize or something. I didn’t bail on the marriage. You’re the one that ended things.

[ Scoffs ] I hit pause for about five minutes, and you took that opportunity to jump in bed with nina. You’re rewriting history, carly. Really? Yeah. Yeah. You are. What part is the lie? All parts. You wanted nina, and you got her. Look at you now. Madison. Please make sure that we’re not disturbed. Have a seat.

[ Door closes ] Nina, I am so sorry. For what? I had no idea that sonny would react that way to you selling jason the hotel. I mean, I-I knew he was under a lot of stress. Sonny was? Yeah. But that was over the top. Even for him. Rest assured I’m gonna do whatever I can to smooth things over. I just — I hope you understand. Oh, I understand. How transparent and manipulative you are. I’m so embarrassed. Why? That I ever believed one word that came out of your mouth. I of all people should know better. With our history… all the ways I admittedly have wronged you, the ways that you’ve wronged me. How could I have ever trusted you? That’s just not being naive. That’s — that’s borderline deluded. How long? How long what? How long have you been working your agenda, ava? Does it go all the way back to when you told me to turn in carly and drew to the sec? Nina, I never told you to do any such thing! How long… have you been playing me for a fool?

Ll, you might have justsaved the future of deception, but you’ve definitely saved me a huge headache. My pleasure. Okay. So there are four products in this new line — the deceiver serum, defiance dual use toner, defender deep cleanser, and disruptor nourishing moisturizer. I am excited to try every one of them. Consider me a focus group of one. Have you used our products? Oh, yeah. I was a big fan of deception back in the day. My best friend was the “face” in the ’90s, but, you know, that version of the company folded. Have you used any of the products recently? Um, I think the deceptor is a home run. Yay! Yeah. Yeah. I use it while doing my sudoku. As good a time as any, I suppose. Why not, right?

[ Both laugh ] Sorry I’m late! Maxie: Oh. Oh. I see you drafted some backup. Yes, joss was nice enough to not only help me put together the favor bags, but lug the boxes over here. Ohh! Thank you, josslyn. You’re a lifesaver! Oh, my gosh, guys. Of course. Whatever you need help with. I’m — I’m happy to help. Careful. Because we will take you up on that.

[ Laughter ] Alright, ladies. Josslyn: Hoo hoo! It’s show time.

[ Laughter ] I’m sorry I put you in that position. But I would never be sorry to have that time with you. I really like talking. Me too. Turns out, I’m actually pretty good at getting places and staying under the radar. I was even at your arraignment. Did your mom know? She was busy at the hospital with dante. Danny — the only person that saw me was elizabeth, and she was cool about it. Okay. You can’t keep doing stuff behind your mom’s back. But she doesn’t want me to see you. And I won’t let her keep me away from my own father. It’s not fair! After what happened with nina, I would rather wait tables for the rest of my life than take anything from you. But you got no problem taking it from jason. None. Because jason’s offer was genuine. You? You were just trying to buy me off! That’s not true, carly. Why would you say that? Jason gave me back my hotel because he believes in me, he supports me, and he will always have my back! And we all know you got his! Of course, I do! That’s not news, sonny! I will always be there for jason, and he will always be there for me, and I refuse to apologize for that. Ah. I can see that, carly. Do you? Do you see, sonny? Because you accuse me of rewriting history, but you’re the one who seems to have lost your grasp on things. I mean, this is jason we’re talking about! I know who we’re talking about! He’s the one who tried to kill me! Nina, you made the decision to turn carly and drew in all on your own. That’s true. You never came out and said, “turn ’em in.” You would never be that obvious, ava. No, t-they were more like suggestions and insinuations. I mean, metaphorical lay-ups so I could slam dunk. And, boy, did I ever. I told you all along, it was a mistake. You made the call. No me. Now you can sit back, play innocent, and watch your hard work pay off. Why would I do that? Yeah, that’s the question of the day, isn’t it? And I can only come up with one answer. Well, I’m all ears. Well, you encouraging me to turn carly and drew in to the sec, and then you saying that you’d work on sonny for me, help get us back together… but actually not do any of that. Then you were all-in for me selling half of the metro court to jason, but, oops, jason’s no longer sonny’s best friend, but his sworn enemy. All under the guise of having my back… …being my best friend. So you could have sonny for yourself.

It really is so sweet of you to help out! Oh, of course. After the day I’ve had, doing something fun is great instead of, you know — the opposite of fun. Yeah. Exactly. Well, I’m really sorry you had a crapola day. Oh. Thank you. You know what could turn that around, don’t you? A bachelorette party? Bingo! You get to eat, drink, and be all sorts of merry and dance the blues away. Oh. It sounds amazing. I appreciate the invite. I really do. But I have plans tonight. They can’t be any better than this. I know, but I’m having dinner with my friend trina and her aunt sella. Perfect. Have dinner and then afterwards bring them back here. I mean, come on. The more the merrier. Lois is living her best life, isn’t she? I have definitely met my match in the party-planning department. I’m guessing you each bring your own individual styles to said planning. Um, how could you tell?

[ Laughs ] Anybody looking for this? I found it by the entrance. Oh. Those must be the party hats that lois ordered. Yeah, I’ll take them.

[ Laughs ] Great. Lois! Delivery! Oh, I thought they wouldn’t get here in time! Oh! Yes! Drew: Hey. Hi. Have you seen curtis by any chance? I want to run something by him. Oh. No. He’s giving the club a wide berth since we are taking it over for brook lynn’s bridal shower/ bachelorette party. Ohh. So he’s afraid of the girls. Precisely. Maybe I should be, too. I’ll get out of your hair. You guys have fun tonight. You know, actually, uh, since you’re — since you’re here, could I get your advice on something? Always, as long as it’s unrelated to the bachelorette festivities. It’s about amelia. Well, then it

better be unrelated. Michael and I want her to learn how to swim. That’s great! Really? Because I am terrified. Who sonny chooses to be a part of his life, it’s his decision. And if that’s ava, it’s ava. I don’t — s-she’s not a good influence on him, sam. I-I don’t disagree. And I think my dad is really hurting over nina so much more than he wants to admit. And then jason’s mysterious return. I feel like he’s in a vulnerable position right now. Okay. And — and maybe he is. But like I said, it’s your father’s choice who he wants to have in his life. Repeat after me. It’s not your choice. It’s not your choice.

[ Chuckles ] It’s not my choice.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sam sighs ] Jason did not try and kill you. He was with the sniper on the roof who did. The sniper who missed. Yes. Because of jason!

[ Groans ] And, yet again, jason stepped up to save your life. I mean, hell, you wouldn’t be standing here right now if it weren’t for jason. Okay. Carly, carly. Listen to me. Okay? This is serious right now. Jason is working with the feds, right? That’s a scary thing. He said it himself. That’s proof! Proof of what? P– that he’s working against me! Maybe he made a deal with the feds to save his own skin! Okay. You think, um, you’re a part of jason’s deal. And you don’t? Well, I think if jason’s job is to get evidence against you, then he’s really bad at it because here you are a free man! Okay. Look. I’ve been — I’ve been, uh — I’ve had a target on my back for over a year. Jason’s been M.I.A. Through it all. Why couldn’t he pick up a phone?! Why couldn’t he pick up a phone and just say, “hey. I’m alive. I can’t tell you anything, but I’m alive.” Sonny. If he could have, he would have. He betrayed me. Jason betrayed me. And you betrayed me. It’s so obvious now that I look back on it. Obvious to you , maybe. You kept sonny away from me, so you could move on in. Nina, sonny moved me in. For my safety and the safety of my daughter. And that was before the two of you even separated. Oh, I stand corrected. Yes. You did get a foot in the door before I was even evicted.

[ Sighs ] What about now, ava? Hm? Why you still there now? For avery. And you? Yeah. For me too. Because, “selfishly,” I’d like to be on good terms with my child’s father. Maybe at first. But you’ve grown to like being in sonny’s orbit… drawn into his circle of trust. Feels good doesn’t it? Makes you feel seen. Lovely. Like you’re the only two people in the whole world. Am I getting close? This is absurd. Mm. The only thing that I’m curious about now is, how do you think sonny’s gonna react if he finds out that not only were you the mastermind behind me narcing on carly and drew… come on, nina! Would you stop saying that?! …You knew the truth the whole time, and you kept quiet. How do you think sonny’s gonna react to that? I’m guessing… …not well.

Trust me. You’re gonna be doing her and yourself a huge favor by getting her comfortable in the water as early as possible. You did that with scout? Yeah. And look at her now. She’s like a little fish. Okay. That makes me feel better. Okay. You’re not gonna regret it. Well, when you say it, I believe it. If it’ll make you fe el betterto blame me, then go ahead… and tell sonny your little story about how I convinced you to turn in carly and drew. Maybe I will. Then you can tell him how I thought it was a fabulous idea for you to sell the metro court to jason. Does not matter. He will not believe you. Why is that? Because sonny considers you a traitor, and he knows that you will say absolutely anything to get him back. That’s how desperate you are. No, not desperate. Hopeful. Because you told me to be. Do you hear yourself? I told you. I convinced you. How about thinking for yourself once in a while, nina? Then maybe sonny would have just a little respect for you. Oh, and he has respect for you? Not only does he respect me… he counts on me. Poor sonny. Face it, nina. I know and understand sonny in a way you never could. Since when are you so quick to think the worst of me? Your family? Not all my family. Just the ones that — who “betrayed” you. Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re like a broken record. And you’re cherry-picking history to make it line up with your version of events. What pieces am I ignoring, carly? The one where michael

didn’t turn you in, where he gave me the evidence instead, and I destroyed it to protect you. What about

those pieces? If it weren’t for me and michael, you’d be in jail right now, sonny! If it wasn’t for michael and you, dex would never have been planted in my organization to spy on me and that evidence wouldn’t have existed. Okay. Michael made a bad choice. But he turned it around. And dex was put in your organization then to protect you and to watch your back, and that’s exactly what he did. Hell, he saved your life multiple times! Doesn’t that count for anything? Not to me. So you went to see your father when I explicitly told you not to. Danny! We — we should talk. We’ll talk later. Danny is my first priority. Yeah, he’s mine, too. I said we’ll talk later. Just listen to what he has to say, mom. Please. Hey. I have an idea. Danny, why don’t you come with me to get a cup of coffee and — I want to stay. Come on, dude. We haven’t spent time together in a really long time. And I am all up in my feels as a pregnant woman. I would hate for you to make your aunt cry. Really, aunt kristina? Really.

[ Sighs ] Fine. Thank you. Yeah, of course. Just text me an “all clear” when I can bring him back. Okay. Alright, bud. Let’s go. Bye, dad. I’ll see ya.

[ Door closes ] How could you do this to our son?

You don’t understand sonny. You never have. -Really? -Really. He is a powerful… turbulent… and, yes, violent man. Meanwhile, you want to sit by the fire and grow old with him, dandling grandkids on your knees. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing, I guess. But if that’s the kind of life you want, perhaps don’t choose a notorious mob boss to live it with. Sonny chose me, ava. He loves me. And I do understand him. You want to know why? Because sonny showed me a side to him he never shows anyone. Yeah. Mike? From nixon falls?

[ Scoffs ] Come on, nina. Mike was never real. You have to face it. You saw what you wanted to see. That’s not true. And in your defense, you know, he — he encouraged you. He kept the darkest parts of himself hidden as best he could, so your — your fantasy could live on. And that’s exactly what it was. A fantasy. You couldn’t really know sonny because you didn’t want to. Not the real man anyway. And you know him? We are similar creatures, sonny and me. What’s your end game, ava? What does that mean? You living there, raising avery under the same roof. I know you. What do you get out of this? You knew the risk of keeping dex in my organization, just like you knew what was gonna happen when I found out the truth. There are no surprises here, carly. Everything you do surprises me lately, sonny.,, From writing your son off… almost killing dex… your attitude towards chase. Add it to the list, huh? I barely recognize you anymore. Right back at you, carly. Is this really how it ends for us, sonny? After all these years? Everything we’ve been through? This is it? This is it. You sure you don’t want a ninth spoonful? That might really do the trick. I hate the taste of coffee. Then why are you drinking it? Everyone at school does. I don’t know. Wow. Well, that — that’s great. I’m gonna just be here with my sad, decaffeinated herbal tea living vicariously through you, while you sip what I consider to be the nectar of the gods, and you don’t even enjoy it. Sorry. Don’t be. I’m only teasing. So, uh… do you want to talk about anything? We don’t have to. All I wanted to do was see my dad and hang out for just a minute. Why can’t my mom understand that? How has it been having him back? Good. Yeah? It hasn’t been weird or anything since he’s been gone for so long? It’s been easy. He — he treats me like a person. You know? He doesn’t get all parental. Like your mom does. Well, she is your mom, danny, and by definition, she just wants to protect you. From my own father? Maybe, yeah. She doesn’t let me do anything. She — it’s like I’m a — it’s like I’m a prisoner. Okay. I wouldn’t go that far. When is my mom gonna realize that I’m not a little kid anymore? Have you maybe thought of this from her side? Jason is your father, and, of course, you want a relationship with him. That makes sense. But it also makes sense that your mom just wants to protect you and keep you safe. And it’s — it’s hard, it’s confusing, and it’s — it’s not that cut-and-dry. Mom’s not afraid that I’m gonna get hurt. She doesn’t want me hanging out with him ’cause she’s afraid I’m just like him. Like him how? Going fast, taking chances. It’s — it’s hard to explain, but dad… he understands. I’m danny’s father. Nothing’s gonna change that. So we just have to try to figure out a way to handle this. I thought I had handled it when I told you to stay away from our son. Okay. That’s — that’s not working, sam. He’s gonna come look for me. He already did. Then tell him to leave! That’s — you think that’s gonna stop danny? Where you go, danger follows. Danny is too young to understand the risks or to control his — his impulses, so we will have to control that for him. You mean control him. If we have to. Yes.

[ Sighs ] Danny is just like you, jason. Except he doesn’t have the maturity or the experience to guide him. What is he finds himself in a dangerous situation and he’s not able to get out of it?

It’s not that I want to worry my mom or lie to her. Of course not. She wishes I was just like rocco. You think so? Steady, safe. He never gives mom or dante a reason to freak out. And I’m not like that, and I won’t pretend that I am. Your mom loves you for who you are, danny. I can guarantee you she doesn’t want you to pretend. But with jason back, it — it is confusing. And your mom, like the rest of us, is just trying to figure it out. I get that. Of course you do. You’re a smart and pathetic young man. Very questionable taste buds. Don’t like coffee? But I’m willing to overlook that. So what am i supposed to do? About jason? I’m sorry my mom’s confused or whatever else, but i won’t give up on my dad. It’s not only about the physical danger. Okay. Then what else? What happens the next time you disappear? And don’t say that it’s not gonna happen again, because it already did. You were here with danny, and then you were gone. Look. I-I wish I could make promises, but you know I can’T. So how do I let him invest in you? How do I let him see a future with you when you might not even be around for it? Okay. Look. I’ll set boundaries with danny. Okay? I’ll make sure that he never comes to the warehouse. Ever! Okay. And — and I promise that I’m gonna be honest with you. If you call and ask if he’s there, I’m gonna tell the truth and I’m gonna encourage danny to do the same thing. Okay. Because lying to me is not okay. I agree. But I don’t believe cutting danny off from me helps or protects our son. I guess this part of the conversation’s over. I am sorry that this is hard. I’m sorry about a lot of things.

[ Door opens ] You gonna make that call? Yes, I will. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, um, willow? Yeah. I’ve been spending more time with nina lately, you know, because of, um, crimson. Okay. And she’s been talking about you a lot. You and the kids. I thought maybe you’d like to know. What I “get” is a strong relationship with the father of my only living child. What I “get” is a partnership with sonny. So instead of being grudgingly tolerated for avery’s sake, sonny and I have formed an alliance. How nice. It is nice. We help each other. We lean on each other. And it comes naturally because we have a shorthand. Because of your mob days. We both understand how the world works. And he doesn’t have to explain things to me. Like he did with poor, naive me. He doesn’t have to hide things from me, either. In simplest terms, sonny and I are compatible in ways that the two of you never were and never could be. Well, have at it, ava. Sonny’s all yours. I try to protect you… then you call me a traitor. Fine. You know, we’ll… go our own ways. I’ll focus on my life. You can focus on yours. Sounds good. You know, carly… out of all the people that I thought would abandon me… …never thought you would.

Oh, I’ll never forget the day you stood at my doorstep you put your hand on my face you told me, “girl, you look great” for this love, there was no regret just a ticking clock I knew that time would run out for us that’s okay, your love was true oh, a different time oh, a different place maybe we would… I know that time would run out for us true…

Madison, find an appropriate box for these and have them messengered to mr. Corinthos’ address at the harbor view towers. That’s all.

[ Sighs ]

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