Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Phyllis: Why is it I’m just hearing about those two psychopaths?

Summer: I didn’t know about Jordan and Claire until very recently, either.

Phyllis: And– and you, we– we– we had a real talk, and you failed to tell me that that– that Jordan person, she poisoned your whole family. And she stabbed you, and she escaped twice.

Nick: I just don’t know why Claire would do this. She was so happy at the party last night, like genuinely thrilled to be a part of this family. Why do it? What could she possibly gain from this?

Phyllis: The only thing that matters to me right now is that Harrison gets home safe.

Nick: Yes, of course, he is the number one priority.


Victoria: And we denied it. Adamantly.

Cole: Yeah, well, it’s because she poisoned us.

Victoria: Yeah, but even after that, when she was in jail, we still didn’t believe her.

Cole: Well, we had reason for that. We thought she had died, and we hadn’t learned the lie.

Victoria: But what if that harsh interaction left an impression on her? What if it caused a wound so deep that she couldn’t get over it?

Cole: But the minute that we got the DNA results, we were all in with helping her.

Victoria: But was it too late? I mean, in her mind, that we were rejecting her again? And prove Jordan right? That we didn’t want her to begin with?

Cole: Well, she– she might have felt that way at first. But after she did all of that work with the doctors–


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