Days Best Lines For The Week Of April 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

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Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(to Sloan when she said getting a lawyer was a bold move)
Stefan: What can I say? I’m a DiMera. Fearless is in our DNA.

Brady: We will protect you.
Tate: From Holly the teenage vampire.
Theresa: If the fangs fit.

(to Stefan)
Sloan: Let’s discuss my retainer.
(when Stefan hesitated)
Sloan: Not so fearless, are we?

(to Sloan about EJ)
Stefan: I know my brother. There’s no way he won’t turn against me.

Nicole: EJ’s not good at apologizing/
Theresa: Oh boo hoo. Poor EJ.

Eric: Who are you blackmailing these days?
Leo: Who am I not blackmailing that’s the real question.

(when Chad and Thomas were playing a wizard game)
Chad: Calculus is easier than this.

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