Days Short Recap Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie asked Konstantin to marry her. He was speechless. She wanted to help him and wasn’t ready for him to leave Salem. He was grateful to her, but he couldn’t accept her proposal. Kristen wanted answers from Stefan and EJ about what’s happening. Stefan let her know that EJ was supposed to give him back his things. EJ corrected him and said he would get half. Kirsten needed to know what was going on. Stefan wanted her to ask EJ. Maggie was surprised Konstantin wouldn’t accept her proposal. He didn’t want to cause problems with her family. She wanted to make amends for what Victor did. Maggie thought marrying him was the right thing to do regardless of what her family thought about it. He agreed to marry her after all. EJ felt like he didn’t owe Kristen an explanation. He said that blood meant more than anything. Kristen reminded him that she was just as much a DiMera as he was. EJ informed Stefan that he had to resign from the company. Stefan didn’t like how he ruined his reputation while EJ came out smelling like a rose. Maggie wanted Konstantin to keep their engagement to himself. She walked out the room. Konstantin thought all the pieces were falling into place. Maggie hoped she was doing the right thing by marrying Konstantin. Theresa had a conversation with Alex and he let her know that the magazine was going to close. She was upset and decided to quit. Theresa went to see Maggie and talked to her about what happened with the magazine. Maggie tried to make her feel better. Theresa realized she only got the job because she flirted with Alex. Maggie believed that she had the talent to make the magazine work. Theresa felt like she was a pretender. Maggie built her up so she would feel better. She blamed Alex for what happened with the magazine. Maggie wanted to talk to Alex about it.

Konstantin ran into Theresa at the mansion. Kristen wondered if Stefan was going to let EJ steam roll over him and take the business. Stefan said he had to quit or be fired. He realized that she was pardoned felon. Stefan thought she could be CEO. Kristen liked the idea. They felt like they were going to make a great team. Stefan wanted to take EJ out of DiMera Enterprises. Konstantin threatened Theresa. He warned her to stick with the plan or she would regret it. Stefan figured Kristen wanted the CEO position. She admitted that she wanted it. Kristen wondered what he wanted in return. He wanted her to help him get Gabi out of prison. Maggie met with Alex. She wanted to congratulate him to give him another chance to make the right decision. She wanted him to bring her back to Titan. Maggie knew the company was struggling and she wanted to make it successful the way it was. She thought they could work together. Theresa hated that Konstantin was lying to Maggie. He said he was fond of Maggie. Under different circumstances, the money should have been his. Theresa told him to leave Salem because no one will want to have anything to do with him after what he did to Maggie. He refused to leave Salem until he did what he went there to do. Kristen thought trying to get Gabi out of prison would be insane. Stefan thought she was overqualified for the job. He wanted to know if she wanted the job. Stefan asked her if they had a deal. She said she would think about it. Kristen asked if Gabi killed Li. Stefan said she didn’t. She told him that he had to find the person who killed him.



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