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[ Knock on door ]

Adam: Sharon, come in. And thank you for getting here so quickly.

Sharon: How could I not? You said you needed help before you made things worse. I know you, adam. I know that tone in your voice. Is this about connor?

Adam: He’s supposed to be getting help from these people. We’re supposed to trust that they know what they’re talking about.

Sharon: Slow down. Just tell me what happened.

Adam: Sharon, I have never felt so helpless in my life.

Sharon: I understand that. Was there an update or a meeting?

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes, there was definitely an update, and it’s not good.

Summer: Ready or not, here I come! Harrison! Harrison? Harrison? Where are you? Harrison? Harrison, where are you?

[ Summer panting ]

Victor: Michael baldwin will be here shortly.

Kyle: He’s the one who arranged the payoff the first time?

Victor: Yes.

Jack: This time, I insist on upping the offer, adding to this offshore account that she’s supposedly getting.

Victor: Jack, that’s very kind of you, very considerate of you, but I’ve offered her an enormous amount of money.

Jack: I’m sure you did. I would like to add to it. Damn it, this is my grandson, too. I want to do something.

Victor: If it makes you happy, then I’m sure that she’ll be very glad to receive the additional money.

Kyle: Okay, I need to go check in on summer, bring her up to speed. Apparently, traci checked in on her earlier, and she fell asleep in harrison’s bed.

Victor: Please give my granddaughter a big, big hug.

Jack: From both of us.

Victor: And assure her we will not rest until we bring her child home.

Kyle: Will do. Um, dad, victor, thank you. For both of you to set aside your differences to help my son.

Jack: Anything for harrison.

Victor: Anything. For people who feel limited

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-During an asthma attack,

Adam: Chelsea and i had a video call with connor’s psychiatrist today. She’s the main doctor in charge of connor’s growing team of specialists, and they filled us in on their latest cookie-cutter diagnosis.

Sharon: Well, it can be overwhelming to dive into the deep end of something like this. It’s a lot of information at once.

Adam: Oh, no, I can handle information. Okay, I can do a deep dive with the best of them, but this, it was just jargon. Just a bunch of jargon that was supposed to impress me, sharon.

Sharon: Well, I doubt that’s the case.

Adam: They were throwing around these terms and labels, and we’re talking about an actual child here, not just a collection of some disorders.

Sharon: That’s very true. And I’m sure that connor’s team sees him as the wonderful young man that he is.

Adam: I’m sure that they do.

Sharon: You know, it might help if you trust yourself a little bit more.

Adam: Sharon, I’m not the one that I’m worried about here, okay? According to connor’s cabal of doctors, there’s a whole new aspect to his illness.

Sharon: And what is that?

Adam: Trauma. And guess who’s responsible for it? Yep, you’re looking at him. According to these brilliant specialists, it’s most likely thanks to me that my son’s life has just been one traumatic event after another.

[ Summer sniffling ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Chance: Hey, sorry, I’ve been in and out of meetings the whole day. What’s going on? You okay?

Summer: I need your help.

Nikki: I just came by to see how you’re holding up.

Victoria: I’m– I’m– I’m fine.

Nikki: Oh, darling. Where’s cole?

Victoria: He’s gone to check in with the security team to see if there’s been any updates. I mean, of course, we both know if there were anything, we would have heard already, but, I don’t know, he’s got to stay busy. We both do.

Nikki: I– I wish he hadn’t left you alone. I mean, you could have walked down there with him. Get some air. Why don’t you and i go for a walk?

Victoria: Mom, I appreciate the offer. I really do, but I don’t want to leave, just in case. I’ve actually been rearranging the cupboards in the kitchen, thinking that maybe we would get a few new things, you know? Maybe some of the china that– that we lost in the fire.

[ Victoria sighing ] And, um, I’ve just been debating. I’ve also been going over the last few conversations that I had with claire, over and over again in my head.

Nikki: Yeah, I’ve been doing the same thing, but I haven’t come up with anything that might be helpful, have you?

Victoria: Several things, actually. She just kept talking about how happy she was that we were moving back in here, and she was so excited to meet her brother and sister, and how it was a dream to her that she was finally gonna find out what it was like to have a normal, happy family life. Mom, my heart won’t let me believe that claire would turn her back on that dream. Not for jordan. Not for anyone.

Jack: How’s nikki holding up?

Victor: Well, she went down to check on– on victoria.

Jack: I’m glad they have that relationship. That bond is priceless right now.

Victor: Yeah. You know, parenthetically, I’m very glad that the sponsoring business between you and nikki is moving rather smoothly. I thank you for that. Of course, it was interrupted by that fellow walking to her table and offering her a drink. I’m sure he was prompted by jordan to do so.

Jack: We still don’t know that jordan did that.

Victor: Jack, it was jordan. I promise you.

Jack: And she knew where we were and then orchestrated that disgusting trick.

Victor: You and I know that nikki could have fallen off the wagon.

Jack: Victor, nikki knows this one by heart. No matter what happens, it’s always one day at a time. And I know you and I aren’t too happy admitting it, but you and I have always had one thing in common.

Victor: What’s that?

Jack: Our love for our family. Our loyalty, our devotion to keeping them safe, whether it’s our wife, our children, or our grandchildren.

Victor: And you and I know we now have to get our grandson back. No matter what.

Jack: No matter what.

Michael: Jack, victor, I’m so sorry to be a– a few minutes later than I expected.

Victor: It’s all right, michael. The offer that I made to jordan, does all that still stand?

Michael: It’s all in place. The, uh, offshore account, the new identity complete with a new passport, and social security number, the deed to the house in france. But we never meant for jordan to walk free, obviously, but the documentation had to be legit for her to fall for it the last time.

Jack: That’s smart. It’s brilliant. Thank you for everything you have done. Hopefully, it works this time.

Michael: Unfortunately, this time, there’s a difference.

Jack: How so?

Michael: We don’t have a trap ready to spring on her.

Victor: We’ll set one.


Sharon: Adam, just slow down, and tell me exactly what the doctor said, because I don’t believe for a moment that they’re laying the blame on you.

Adam: Why? Why? Because highly skilled professionals aren’t capable of saying and doing anything wrong? I mean, they sure as hell made me feel like they were laying the blame on me.

Sharon: Well, did they make you feel that way, or are you making yourself feel that way?

Adam: They said that they’re still getting to the root of it, but there is evidence to suggest that connor’s ocd and his– his trauma are going on simultaneously. According to them, some traumatic event might have, I don’t know, pushed his ocd front and center. And you know as well as I do, connor has had plenty of trauma in his life through no fault of his own.

Sharon: It’s true. Connor has had a lot to deal within his short life. And I know all too well what it’s like when your own mistakes end up ricocheting onto your children. But adam, don’t take this all on yourself. That’s not gonna do you any good. It’s certainly not going to do connor any good. And you know what I’ll bet you? That he doesn’t blame you for a moment of it.

Adam: Well– well actually, you’re right, he– he doesn’T.

Sharon: See, there you go.

Adam: Sharon, according to his specialist, he’s at the point where he’s decided that all of the problems in our family are his fault.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Adam: Sharon, my– my son, my– my sweet, innocent, amazing kid. He’s at the point where he’s questioning if he ever should have been born.

Victor: I have two priorities, jack. One is to bring my great-grandson home safely and the other one is to put that bitch into a place from whence she cannot endanger either one of our families.

Jack: I’m with you 100%. Let’s just make sure this time, we lock her up securely.

Victor: What do you mean securely?

Jack: Well, I’m suggesting when we nail her this time, we learn from past mistakes at trapping her.

Victor: Do you have an example?

Jack: Victor, come on. If we hadn’t left her in her own trap, instead of putting her in a jail cell where she belonged, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to poison herself and run out of that hospital.

Victor: If it hadn’t been for the inept security at your home, she would not have been able to kidnap the boy.

Jack: Are you really suggesting I didn’t take enough precautions to protect you from this psychopath?

Victor: You’re damn right.

Michael: Gentlemen, gentlemen. I– I think we’re dealing with enough without having to add this conversation to the mix. I mean, we’re all keyed up here. And why? Because an innocent child’s life is at stake, and we’re worried sick about him. But we’re also all on the same team. Harrison’S. I think that’s something we should remember.

Summer: Kyle, where have you been?

Kyle: Victor and my dad, at the ranch.

Summer: Please tell me that you have some news.

Kyle: I do. I got the demands from jordan.

Summer: You mean the demands from claire.

Kyle: We don’t know that for sure yet.

Summer: My god, kyle, the communications are coming from her phone. She was the last person with harrison.

Kyle: Okay, let’s just not do this right now, okay? Victor filled dad and me in on how he caught jordan the last time around. We’re going to use that same blueprint again.

Summer: Okay, how did he do it?

Kyle: Victor offered her millions in an offshore bank account. And a new identity, complete with passport, birth certificate, all the necessary documents. Safe passage out of the U.S. And a deed to a house in france with her new name. She will be free to live out the rest of her days.

Summer: Oh, my god. No wonder she was tempted. What do jordan and claire want now?

Kyle: Well, she wants him, wants us, to make good on that promise this time. No tricks, no traps. And once she’s safely tucked away in europe, she’ll reveal the location of harrison.

Summer: No. No, absolutely not. We are not doing that. Once she’s safely tucked away in europe? How long is that going to take? Days? Weeks? While our son is god knows where wondering if we’re ever gonna save him? If they even bother to tell us the truth at all once they’re gone.

Kyle: Summer, summer, summer, we will figure it out as we go along, okay? You have to admit, this is a start.

Summer: Give me the phone number.

Kyle: What?

Summer: Give me claire’s phone number.

Kyle: Why? What do you want her phone number for?

Summer: I’m gonna offer myself in exchange for harrison. He will come home. I will be their hostage until all the demands are met.


Adam: I have no idea how to process this, sharon. Connor should be excited about his new video game. You know, playing soccer. Or going to the movies with his friends. He’s a smart, kind, caring kid.

Sharon: Yes, he is. He always has been.

Adam: Yeah, in spite of him never really ever getting a break. You know, it’s not fair. His life has just been way too unpredictable. It’s been way harder than he’s deserved. To the point where he’s questioning why he was even born. It’s too much, sharon. It’s like when I think about this stuff, I can’t breathe. There’s like this– this weight on my chest and it just– it gets heavier and it gets heavier and…

Sharon: Okay, listen to me, adam. That is not connor questioning that, okay? It’s his ocd. It is a demon hiding somewhere in his mind. It’s filling it with ideas like that. Ideas that connor would never have on his own. You have to believe that.

Adam: I do believe that. Because I know exactly what that feels like. I mean, this whole ordeal. This is the demon in my mind, sharon.

Kyle: Summer. I’m not surprised you’d risk your life for our son. But I can’t let you do–

Summer: No, kyle. There’s no buts about this. I’m doing it. I don’t care what happens to me. I just want to bring our son home.

Kyle: Summer, I know. I do. But it’s not going to work.

Summer: How do you know that? Claire hates me. She might jump at the opportunity to trade me for harrison.

Kyle: I will tell you why it’s not going to work. Because I already tried.

Summer: What are you talking about?

Kyle: I sent a text asking to trade places with harrison. It was immediately rejected.

Summer: Why?

Kyle: I don’t know. All I got was a simple “not a chance” as a response.

Summer: You– you don’t think that…

Kyle: What?

Summer: Why– why would they care if it was harrison that they were holding on to? Unless they… they already–

Kyle: No, no, summer, do not go there. Do not let that thought into your mind for one second.

Victor: I don’t want to hear that bs. You keep searching. Is that clear? I don’t pay you to fail.

Jack: Still no luck tracing the cell phone, huh?

Victor: No, none.

Michael: The logical explanation is that jordan knows that a cell phone can’t be traced when it’s turned off. She’s obviously turning it on for a few minutes here and there when she needs to use it.

Jack: There’s got to be some other way to find out where she has taken harrison.

Michael: Jack, they could be absolutely anywhere.

Jack: Argh!

Michael: I’m sorry. Look, jack, I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to hang in there.

Jack: The thought of that poor little boy scared to death with that lunatic hovering over him. I swear to god if she hurts a hair on his head…

Victor: I promise you one thing. That bitch will pay.

Nikki: No matter what claire has or hasn’t done, we both know that jordan is behind all of this.

Victoria: Exactly, mom. She’s been tormenting my daughter from the moment she stole her from the hospital. Since the day she put cole and me through such hell. Thinking that we lost our baby.

Nikki: And she hasn’t changed her colors at all.

Victoria: You know, I think she might just hate claire the most, though. For seeing through her and for rejecting her. Mama, I think that claire might be in as much danger as harrison.

Nikki: I agree. And I need you to promise me something.

Victoria: What is that?

Nikki: That someday, you’ll find a way to forgive me. Even if I never forgive myself.

Victoria: Forgive you? What are you talking about?

Nikki: We stood there and watched jordan collapse after drinking that poison. If I hadn’t called for help, if I had just stayed out of it, she would’ve died and none of this would be happening.

Victoria: No, no, no, no. You can’t blame yourself for having human decency. You saved someone who’s done nothing but torture you.

Nikki: And I keep trying to tell myself that, but there is nothing decent or moral about any of this. How can I look at what’s happening and think that I did the right thing? I mean, even my idea of using our anniversary party to lure jordan out, I mean, that backfired miserably.

Victoria: I know, but mom, you can’t, because you can’t think that way. You don’t think that way. Thank god.

Nikki: Well, maybe it’s time that I learned.

Victoria: What are you saying?

Nikki: When you were a little girl, I taught you that if you make a mess, it’s your job to clean it up. So, the way I see it, this is my mess to clean up. I need to be the one to save harrison and claire and put an end to jordan’s reign of terror once and for all.

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Summer: How am I supposed to shut out these feelings, kyle? How? Did any of the messages include a picture of harrison? A video? Anything? I mean, I need to know that he’s actually okay.

Kyle: There was nothing like that, no. But that doesn’t mean we can assume he’s hurt. Jordan might be avoiding sending a picture because she doesn’t want to give away a clue about his location. Or she might be rejecting a trade because she thinks it’s a trap.

Summer: It’s possible, right? It’s possible.

Kyle: Besides, harrison will be a lot easier to control than an adult. He won’t be looking for a chance to turn the tables on jordan like you or I would.

Summer: Or like claire would. If she actually gave a damn. If she cared about harrison like she said she did, if she was innocent in all of this, she would’ve found a way to get the drop on jordan or at least send us some sort of signal. Wouldn’t she have?

Kyle: Summer, I’m not saying claire is innocent.

Summer: No, you just keep on blaming it all on jordan.

Kyle: Okay, we can work out what claire did after we get our son back, okay?

Summer: Fine. What’s my grandpa’s plan? He’s got to have one.

Kyle: Victor and dad were waiting for michael baldwin when I left. Hopefully, they are working out a plan to bring harrison home safely and put jordan away for good. In fact, I should probably head back over there. See if they’re getting anywhere. And maybe if I can help.

Summer: I’m coming with you.

Kyle: Okay. Chance.

Chance: Hey. I came as fast as I could.

Summer: Go ahead. I’ll meet you there.

Chance: What’s going on?

Summer: I’m afraid I’m never gonna see my son again.

Chance: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Adam: You know, this is happening to connor. It’s just– it doesn’t make sense. You know, none of it– none of it feels real. I keep trying to focus on him, but I can’t get past my own guilt. You know, it’s like I don’t need a team of specialists to make me feel responsible for what connor is going through. I know what I’ve done and what I didn’t do and I should’ve done.

Sharon: What do you mean by that?

Adam: Why didn’t I see it, sharon? From the beginning, you know? When his behavior first started to change. I mean, maybe if I didn’t chalk it up to just a phase or connor’s being quirky, I could have– I could’ve done something about it.

Sharon: Like what? What could you possibly have done?

Adam: I don’t know. But if I was paying the right kind of attention, I could’ve stopped it. But I wasn’t and I didn’T. I didn’T. And how am I ever supposed to forgive myself for that?

Sharon: By accepting the fact that connor has an illness that you knew nothing about and you still don’t understand. Accepting that you are human and fallible and that being a parent is a lesson in humility. We are always going to have moments where we feel like we failed and then we get over ourselves because we know that our children need us. So we have no choice but to keep going and do our best.

Michael: Kyle, any further contact from claire’s phone?

Kyle: Nothing. Still no pings?

Michael: No, it’s just a couple of very brief ones from cell towers that are miles away from each other. So, still no way to pin down a location. I’m telling you, that cell phone is turned off, definitely turned off, when jordan and claire aren’t using it.

Jack: Have you talked to summer?

Kyle: Yeah, at the house. She’s there with chance right now, but she’ll be here soon. She wants to help in any way she can.

Victor: How is she holding up?

Kyle: Exactly like you’d think. She’s a wreck. And it’s come out in anger. Mostly towards me, but if her getting angry at me is what helps her through this nightmare, I’ll take it.

Victor: You’re a good man, kyle.

Kyle: Thank you. Okay, what are our next steps?

Jack: We can’t just sit around waiting for texts and phone calls. We– we have to figure out where jordan has taken harrison.

Victor: And claire. Whatever that lunatic is up to, we have to stay one step ahead of whatever she’s planning. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

Sharon: I know you don’t like taking a backseat to anyone, especially when it comes to parenting your son, but I think you need to be realistic about your limitations here.

Adam: What limitations? About recognizing when my own son is in trouble?

Sharon: The limitations about understanding ocd. Even the experts don’t really know what it is. They’re still learning. There’s new research happening every day. What’s happened to connor is scary and it’s unfair, but you are no more responsible for that than anyone else is responsible for the fact that I once had cancer.

Adam: Do you really believe that, sharon?

Sharon: Yes, I do. And I think that instead of dwelling on what you did or didn’t do in the past, you should be giving yourself credit for the fact that right now, you’re doing the right thing. That facility is the right place for connor. Believe it and find a way to overcome your instincts to disbelieve anything the therapists say simply because you don’t like what it is they’re telling you.

Summer: So, as of now, the only people who know where harrison is are the two people who took him. Claire, fresh out of a mental institution, and jordan, who’s a serial killer.

Chance: Summer, I am so sorry. I had no idea. I– I haven’t heard anything from anyone, not even my friends on the force.

Summer: No, I know. My grandpa’s trying to keep it under wraps. We don’t want anything getting out. It seems like jordan has eyes and ears everywhere and we’re not taking any chances.

Chance: Well, the good thing is I think jordan is cautious in her own way. I don’t think anything’s gonna happen to harrison.

Summer: Do you really think that?

Chance: Yes, look, think about it. He’s the only bargaining power that she has. Without him, there’s no leverage. I guess– I guess maybe claire, but harrison likes claire, right? They’re buddies.

Summer: She made sure of that the moment she met him.

Chance: No, no, no, what I’m saying is that connection might get him through this until he’s back home in his own bed. Come here. We’re gonna get him back, okay? And tell me, what’s been done so far?

Summer: I don’t know. My– my grandpa and jack are trying to come up with a plan. I don’t know, chance. You know my grandpa. You know how he is sometimes. I’m– I’m scared that he and jack are gonna do something extreme and send jordan and claire into a panic or something and– oh, my god, I just can’t keep these what-ifs out of my head, and every single one I think of just frightens me more.

Jack: The funds are ready to be moved to the offshore account.

Kyle: Wow, that’s a fortune, dad.

Jack: It’s worth every penny if it saves your son.

Kyle: I know that I can’t thank you enough for putting this much on the line, but you have my word that someday, somehow, I will repay you.

Michael: Well hold off on the repayment plan, kyle. We’re not gonna just hand jordan what she wants and hope that she holds up her end of the bargain.

Victor: I think what we have to figure out is how to lure that woman to us, away from her captives.

Kyle: But how can we do that? She’ll see it’s a trap. It’s too risky.

Jack: Kyle, if we give her everything she wants, we lose our leverage. And she has nothing to lose by covering up her tracks before she disappears.

Victoria: Mom, I am not going to allow you to be the one to fix things with jordan, any more than dad would. Look, I know this is hard for both of us, but we just have to trust dad and the authorities to handle her.

Nikki: We both know full well that your father does not trust the authorities to handle her.

Victoria: Okay, well then, just trust dad.

Nikki: I– I don’t think you understand how personal this has become for me. I will never truly be free of jordan until I stop her myself. I have to do something. And I need your help.

Did you know…

Chance: I really do hope that jack and victor reconsider and decide to loop in the police ’cause victor’s been known to fly solo in the past, and more than once, it’s turned out more dangerous than it needed to be.

Summer: My grandpa has assured me that the police are gonna have a full report on all of this. Kyle is in denial about the fact that claire is involved. He can’t admit it because then, he will have to face the fact that it’s all his fault. It is!

Chance: I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna call my buddies. I’m gonna see what I can find out about the investigation, okay?

Summer: Thank you. And, um, I need to get going to the ranch. Hey, actually, will you, um… would you come with me, maybe? Hear what grandpa and jack have planned and weigh in? Maybe you could stop them from doing something that could make this worse.

Chance: I’m gonna tell you right now, I don’t think victor is gonna be interested in my input.

Summer: I– I think that they’ll take all the help that they can get to bring my son home. And if I’m wrong about that, I will insist that they listen to you. I know that you’re not a cop anymore, but you still have the skills and the instincts.

Chance: All right. If you think it’ll help bring harrison home, all right. Let’s do this.

Summer: Thank you.

Chance: Come on.

Kyle: So, how? How do we lure jordan out of hiding and find out where she’s holding harrison at the same time?

Jack: There has to be some way to trace her movements after she abandoned the truck. She had to have had a car waiting.

Kyle: And someone must have seen jordan or claire with a little boy or something.

Michael: All right, we have a team checking security cameras in the area, but nothing yet.

Victor: I don’t think that jordan is doing this all by herself.

Jack: I’m not sure that ally isn’t claire. Look, I don’t know her, but for jordan to have had that kind of influence on her life as recently as last year?

Victor: Jack, with all due respect, I don’t think claire had a damn thing to do with this.

Michael: Either way, though, jordan must be working with other people.

Jack: Like nikki’s ex-sponsor, who agreed to work with her, and look what happened to that poor man.

Victor: What about the guy who sent nikki a drink at society?

Kyle: Okay, all right, I get it. I think it’s worth tracking down jordan’s accomplice.

Michael: Or accomplices.

Jack: And hopefully, they’re not too afraid of jordan to cooperate.

Victor: Trust me, they will cooperate. Everyone has a price.

Victoria: I’m not sure I like where this is going, mom.

Nikki: Darling, please just hear me out. Now, clearly, jordan hates me even more than she hates victor.

Victoria: Are you sure about that?

Nikki: She initially had claire approach me, not your father, to lure me to the lake house. Not him. I’m the one whose veins were flooded with alcohol. I’m the one that was sent the glass of vodka at society. Don’t you see? She doesn’t really want harrison. She wants me. I am her endgame.

Victoria: And everything that you just said makes my case as far as I’m concerned. We need to keep you as far away from jordan as we possibly can.

Nikki: Your father wouldn’t let me offer myself up as bait before. But this time, I’m not asking his permission. This time, I’m going to do it on my own.

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Jack: I imagine jordan is gonna reach out to kyle sometime soon. How do we string her along if she starts making demands?

Victor: She loves theatrics. And this time, I’m gonna pull down the damn curtain once and for all.

Nikki: Come on, jordan. I’m right where you want me.

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