GH Short Recap Friday, April 19, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Ava tells Sonny that Dex applied to the Police Academy and he tells Ava he will have to have Dex and Jason killed because they know too much about his organization.

Sonny intends to divorce Nina but he doesn’t know what he will do about Carly and Michael. Nina sells her half of the Metro Court to Jason hoping that Sonny will be happy she sold her half of the hotel to his best friend. Jason persuades Carly to take her half of the hotel back because if he would have been in town he never would have let her lose the hotel.

Josslyn asks Anna not to let Dex join the Police Academy because Sonny will have him killed.

Josslyn tells Anna Sonny hired two men to beat up John Cates. Anna tells Molly that she is thinking about prosecuting Sonny and, if she does, she insists that Molly be the prosecuting attorney.

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