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[ Exhaling sharply ]

[ Knock on door ] Carly: Jason? Great. You’re here. Okay. I really need your help. There’s a guy downstairs, and — when did you get that? About a year ago. Why? Diane miller to see nina reeves. She is expecting me. Yes, she is. Right this way. Diane miller here to see you. Thank you, madison. Nina, do you have news for me? Smile, diane. I’m going to give you what you want. It would be helpful knowing what you guys have planned for me and my bachelorette party/bridal shower. It’s gonna be fantastic. Don’t you trust us? Absolutely not.

[ Laughs ] Wise girl. Look, you know whatever it is, is gonna be fabulous. And with your mother running the show, it’s gonna be one for the ages. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy your surprise. Speaking of surprises, have I got one for you. Dex is becoming a cop? You sure? Well, I was with trina, and she told me. So, unless she’s mistaken… son of a bitch! He’s gonna go to the cops. He’s gonna tell him everything he knows. Unless I stop him cold. Come in. Thank you for seeing me. Of course. What’s on your mind, josslyn? Dex. I know that he applied for the police academy. Yeah. He took his fitness test today. Okay. You can’t let him into the academy. You have to turn him down. Why? Because if dex becomes a cop, sonny will have him killed.

I’m sure you’ll find everything’s in order. Yes.

[ Door opens ] Drew: Nina. Drew, we’re in the middle of something. So why don’t you leave word with madison, and I’ll get back to you. Excuse me, diane. I need to speak with nina. Well, I have a court date anyway. I’m sure we can pick this up tomorrow, nina. No, no. This is my office, and I can do what I want when I want to do it. So I’m sure drew can wait till we finish our business. Done and done. Excellent. Fully executed. A pleasure doing business with you, nina.

[ Both chuckle ] Drew. What was that all about? Well, my current situation wasn’t working for me, so I made some changes. Wow. I — I mean, I would’ve bet money that you… never got a tattoo. Guess you would’ve lost. Can I see it? Yeah. Why — why did you do it? ‘Cause I was alone. Obviously, I’ve been alone before. You know, and I thought I liked it, but — I don’t know — this time was different because I knew… that I couldn’t come home. So I guess I just wanted something that was mine, you know, something that couldn’t be taken from me or that I couldn’t be forced… to leave behind. Did it hurt? It doesn’t really matter. It took a while. Yeah. [ Chuckles ] You know, I, um… just never let myself think about home. And I would just shut it down. I wouldn’t think about it. There was nothing to do that night but sit there while this guy, joel, worked on me, and…

[Sighs] I guess I broke my own rule. I thought about home. Thought about jake and danny and how tall they were getting, if jake still liked art and if danny still liked football. I thought about sam and elizabeth, and I hoped that they were happy. And I thought about monica. I was just hoping that she was okay. She didn’t grieve for me. By that time, my arm was half done. So that’s when I let myself think about you. Sonny is coming to the wedding. Ah! How’d you manage that? Since he didn’t rsvp, I just assumed he didn’t want to come, and I didn’t want to push since he has all this stuff going on lately. That is where I come in. I push for you. Gently and lovingly, of course. Of course. Mm! Well, good for you, lois. Whatever you did, I am glad that you did it. Uh-huh. Ma, thanks. The wedding just wouldn’t be the same without uncle sonny there. And the bensonhurst brigade will be back together again. Yeah! Oh, wait. So, should we update the seating chart? Do you think uncle sonny’s gonna bring a plus one? I asked, and before he could answer, ava interrupted. I mean, what is up with that one anyway? Sonny better watch out ’cause she’s putting those roots down fast. You don’t think uncle sonny would bring ava as his plus one, do you? I should have taken care of dex when I had a chance, but carly talked me out of it. Why did I have to listen? Then michael hires dex to infiltrate me and spy on me. Michael was definitely wrong. But children do lash out in anger — how much am I supposed to forgive? Carly says michael redeemed himself. My son. He wanted to destroy his father. Then he changes his mind. “No, I don’t want to destroy my father now. I’m gonna hire dex to protect him.” What do I need protection from? Tell me! Michael and carly — they definitely overstepped. Yes! And when carly showed up, I should have, you know, had my men take her to the — to the car — or dragged her to the car, whatever was needed. But she insisted that dex was innocent, to let him go. So that’s what I did. I spared his life and let him go. And now he’s becoming a cop. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I mean, I do have a soft spot for dex. He helped saved my life, but I — he’s crazy to think he can get away with it. I’m done, ava. With all of them.

[ Breathes sharply ] I’m gonna get that divorce with nina. I’m gonna deal with — with dex. But what do I do about michael and carly? Especially jason? I see your concern, josslyn, but you need to calm down, okay? Anna, dex told you about how sonny ordered him to kill cyrus. That reason alone is enough for sonny to kill him. Dex joining the pcpd is the best way for us to keep him safe. Because sonny is hardly going to target a police recruit. No, anna, I’m sorry. You’re wrong. You know how I know? Because last night, sonny had an fbi agent beat up.

I knew you’d be okay without me. Wrong. Come on, carly. You’re tough. “Adaptive and resilient.” Where did that come from? Ah, just something they say on assessments and fitness reports, that if, uh — if you’re adaptive and resilient, you got a better chance of survival. And you’re the most resilient person I’ve ever met. I mean, nothing knocks you down for long. Yeah. Losing you. When I was happy, I didn’t have you to share things with. When I was sad and miserable, you weren’t there to fix it. It’s funny that you had a rule because I had one of my own. You know? You… when I would think, “I can’t do this because jason’s not here,” I would tell myself, “no, you do it for , jason. Jason wouldn’t let you quit.” So, even though you weren’t with me, in a way, you were. You were with me. Come here. I like it. It looks good on you. Thanks. I just needed to finalize some paperwork. For your divorce from sonny? No. You know, why don’t you just say what you needed to say and get out, drew? First I want to hear about your business with diane. What you do on company property affects me. So, if you’re planning some new revenge scheme, you got to keep it away from me. Are you paranoid, drew? That’s why I don’t want to tell you anything. But since you insist, I just sold my half of the metro court to your brother. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Jason’s just gonna turn around and give it to carly. But I have to hand it to her. She didn’t waste any time having jason do her bidding. Yeah, well, a buyer can’t buy without a seller. I’m sure you made a kind of sweet profit on that. Well, my father was in the real estate business. I learned a lot from him. You have to wait till someone really wants your property, and then you make them pay. So much for your loyalty to the metro court. Oh, carly can have the hotel. It brings me one step closer to the real prize. Which is? Getting sonny back. Accusing sonny of targeting a federal agent. That is a serious allegation. I mean, do you have proof to back it up? Anna, I don’t need physical evidence to put two and two together. My mom found agent cates on the ground, beaten up, not far from corinthos coffee warehouse. And it wasn’t a robbery because he had his gun, he had his wallet. So, what does that tell you? I don’t know. Maybe the assailants were interrupted before they could rob him. Oh, come on! You know that’s not true. You know that it was sonny. He’s dangerous. And dex becoming a cop — it’s not protecting him. It’s making him even more of a target. You have to turn him down. Please. Alright, josslyn, I can see how much this means to you. But assuming that dex gets accepted into the academy, ultimately, it is his choice whether he decides to move forward or not, and I believe he understands the risks involved. So you’re not gonna do anything? Really? Oh, josslyn. Okay. But when you throw him some big funeral after sonny has him killed and you invite all of his family, I don’t think that they’re gonna be there, but I will, and I’ll be sitting front row. And when I look at you, we will both know that you could have saved him and you chose not to. So do not hand me the flag from his coffin.

[ Door closes ] Yes. It’s commissioner devane. Can you come to my office? Immediately. It’s important. I understand your anger, sonny. And I’ve been there. Not knowing who you can trust and — and who you can’t, not even sure of the ground beneath your feet. I know it’s tempting to turn your back on everybody that’s failed you. But please tread lightly, okay? Betrayal by family is a tricky thing. And sometimes family is all you got. We’re family — I mean because of avery. That counts, right? Yeah, it does to me. And we’re on each other’s side. And as for michael and carly and — and even jason, up until now, they have been very loyal. No, no, no. That’s wrong. Everything changed when I was in nixon falls. When I came back, the trust was broken. First of all, my wife was married. And I was gone, what, less than six months? Jason supposedly died, and he was gone for over two y–. He couldn’t pick up a phone and say, “hey, you know, I’m alive”? I didn’t know what he was doing. Then he tells me to my face that he’s an informant for the feds. And all I know — that he was on the roof with the guy who shot at me. I have to defend myself. Did you need me to help you with something? You know, it’s okay. I-I don’t — I can handle it. No, carly. The gas has been shut off downstairs, and there’s an obnoxious man from the city downstairs telling me it’s all my fault. I could use some backup. I’ll be right down. Thanks. I can’t wait for him to meet you.

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Okay. Here. So, sonny is seated unaccompanied. I purposely did not invite ava, even though she was standing right there. Sonny knows not to bring her. You hope. Sonny can read me like I can read sonny, and he knows not to bring her.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Sounds like you got it all under control. So, I got to get back to work, unless you need anything else for the bachelorette party. No, go on. Okay. I’ll see you tonight. Yeah! See you!

[ Laughter ] So, this looks good, right? Wow. Have you started packing for the honeymoon? I am narrowing down my choices. I can’t bring half my closet. I have to leave some space for shopping. Yeah! Ma, I’m going to florence!

[ Squeals ] I dreamed about this my entire life. And now I not only get to go — I get to go with the man I love. I mean, how perfect is that? Yeah. Well, it’s — it’s not entirely perfect. Chase did have to sell his truck to pay for it. Which I think was very sweet of him. And noble. I do, too. I very nearly ruined it, though. Thank god tracy stopped me. I’m sorry. Did you just say thank god for tracy? I know I shouldn’t ask, but how does jason buying back the metro court for carly get you closer to sonny? Why, drew, I didn’t know you cared. I don’T. So forget I asked. You do you, nina. I just — I was hoping that sonny would appreciate that I gave my stake up at the metro court so his best friend could have it. Well, good luck with that. That’s it? Yeah, that’s it. What did you come here to talk to me about? Never mind. I’ll shoot you an e-mail. It had to do with the wellness article that you’re running. I’d like to read some of the research, maybe talk to a reporter. I’ll let you know. Mm. The updated revisions are in your inbox. Do you want me to print you hard copies? No, not yet. I want you to contact the hotel manager because I want to know when olivia gets in. I have something very important to discuss with her. Notifications about the essential repairs were sent. I didn’t get a notification, okay? Will you please have my gas turned back on? The repairs will take three days. Your carelessness or disorganization is not the city’s fault. I am not careless or disorganized, and unless you have proof that those notifications were delivered, I have grounds to sue. The city followed policy. Well, I guess we’ll find out when my lawyer subpoenas — mr. Tandy, we know things get lost and misdelivered all the time, but we can’t run a business without gas for three days. Is there anything that you can do to help us out? I’ll speak with the gas company. They may be able to expedite the repairs and get your gas restored by tomorrow. I’ll get right on that. Good day. Thank you. So, what did you need me for? Oh, come on. You’ve been arrested enough times to know how “good cop, bad cop” works. Which cop was I? The good cop.

[ Scoffs ] I understand that it’s difficult for you to trust anybody right now. But isolating yourself from everybody that might care about you — sonny, that could put you at a disadvantage. And who — who might that be, ava? Carly? Michael? The only ones I got left is kristina and dante, and I can’t talk to dante ’cause he’s a cop. And michael, carly, jason, dex, nina… …have all turned on me. I’m not saying that you don’t have the right to feel the way you do. I’m just suggesting that things aren’t always black and white. Carly and michael — I think, in their own warped way, they probably thought they were protecting you. And dex — he put his life on the line for you more than once. I was in puerto rico. I saw it myself. That was before he became a cop, ava. And michael and carly can think whatever they want, but they put a spy — they put a spy in my organization. Well, least you know jason didn’t have anything to do with that. Mm. Based on what? You don’t think carly and jason could be having contact? You don’t believe that. Here’s what I believe — they are loyal to each other. I’ve seen it for years with my own eyes. Carly would lie for him, do anything for him. So, do I believe that she may have had contact with him? Hey, you know what? Of course I believe that. She may have known he was alive, didn’t tell me for months. Maybe even years. That’s unforgivable. (Avo) kate made progress with her mental health… …but her medication caused unintentional movements in her face, hands, and feet cay nourished, at the first sign, call your doctor, stI’m making my own way forward. Thank you for coming. Yeah, of course. What’s going on? You said it was important? It is. In this file, there are two statements. One from cyrus renault, one from dex heller. One details how sonny corinthos viciously assaulted cyrus at all saints chapel on new year’s eve, landing him in hospital. The other details how sonny corinthos ordered his then employee, dex, to kill cyrus when he was a patient at gh.

[ Sighs ] Questions? Yeah, one. Um… I have to ask. What’s changed? I’m sorry? May I speak plainly? Please do. I thought you and sonny were friends. Well, I think we had a friendship of sorts. Mutual understanding, maybe. Mostly because of his relationship with robin. And I think at times perhaps we were on the same side, so to speak, battling a common enemy. That being said, when I was police commissioner before, I gave sonny no passes, and I give him none now. And this case falls in my jurisdiction, and I have to pursue it, even if it implicates someone who has been kind to me in the past. And why show it to me? Why not just go directly to da scorpio? Robert loathes sonny, and I think he would enjoy it too much. That can’t be the reason. In so many words. If robert were to prosecute corinthos, then it’s just too personal for him. Do you see? Well, it’s personal for me, too. You know what you need? Some air. It’s beautiful out. So why don’t we go for a walk? We could even walk across the park and get something to eat.

[ Chuckles ] It’ll do you good. Plus, if you’re seen out and about in public, it’ll let everybody know that, as far as you’re concerned, it’s business as usual. They’re not getting to you. Yeah. I’m not gonna get holed up in this place like I’m trying to hide something. I’m not gonna be a victim. Come on. I’m hungry. Let’s go get something to eat. Nina: That bureaucrat messed up, but he didn’t want to admit it. That’s why I brought you into it. I knew you could get him to compromise without losing face. Or maybe he just didn’t want you to sue him. I would have won, by the way. But I didn’t want to lose three days of business. My way was faster. You’re closed? Ugh! Why? It’s a long story. You here to see jason? No. I’m here to see both of you, actually. Oh. Jason, there you go. Sign, sealed, and delivered. You are now half owner of the metro court. You bought the metro court? Just nina reeves’ half. Now, all that’s left for you to do, both of you sign the transfer of ownership and jason’s half is once again yours, carly. Jason: Thank you, diane. I’ll get it back to you to finalize it. Good job. Carly, very happy for you. You can’t give me the metro court. Why not? Because — because it’s on me to get it back. I’m the one who lost it. I did it all on my own. Drew and michael — they told me not to invest, but I did it anyway. I’m the one that put the metro court up for — whoa, whoa. Okay. Okay. If I had been here, do you think it would have happened that way? No.

[ Crying ]

[ Exhales heavily ] Hey. This deal is done. Enjoy it.

[ Exhaling heavily ]

Explained how me buyingchase a fabulous brand-new truck would just devalue the sacrifice he made in order to pay for the honeymoon. And she would be right, which is surprising for me to say. Well, it was surprising how glad I was to take her advice. It actually prompted chase and I to talk about money, including my trust funds. Ooh. How did that go? Really good, ma. I’m glad we finally did it. It’s actually kind of a relief. And I think we’re in a really good place with it now. Oh, honey. That’s wonderful. I’m so proud of you. I just never wanted to talk to chase about a prenup or my money because I never wanted chase to think that I thought he’d ever take advantage of it or me, you know? Mm-hmm. But the whole “what’s mine his” — that wasn’t working, either. It was actually doing quite the opposite. Anyway, I’m just glad all that stuff is behind us. Oh, well, it’s better late than never, right? You know, some — some people don’t even have those open lines of communication to discuss the important things, you know? So it’s a good sign that you and chase do. What do you think? Can we get a conviction? It’s pretty comprehensive. Someone could definitely make a case for assault, conspiracy, and attempted murder. Someone? I’m giving it to you. Anna, I couldn’t possibly prosecute this case. Why not? Conflict of interest. My sister is sonny corinthos’ daughter. She’s currently pregnant with my child. Oh, god. You should give it to robert. He’ll be aware of the stakes. He’ll do what he needs to do to keep emotion out of it. Or there are other adas who can work with him and give him the objectivity that he needs. Maybe he’ll even assign the case to one of them. Well, I’m not ready to move forward with it just yet. Well, then why did you need to see me? Because I want you to do it, molly. So consider this fair warning that when i am ready to pull the trigger on it, I will be pushing robert to give it to you to prosecute.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Hey, you guys. Hey, olivia. Heard you got a visit from lois this morning. Yeah, she won’t take no for an answer. Does she ever? Not really, but I stopped fighting.

[ Laughs ] How’s dante? He’s good. I talked to him this morning. He’s back at work, grumbling about being behind a desk, so… well, at least he’s healing quickly, right? Yes. Hear, hear. Hi.I-I need to talk to you. It’s very important. One sec. Okay. Yeah. What’s going on? Welcome me back! What are you talking about? I got my half of the metro court back. What? Are you serious! Yes! I’m your partner again. Oh, my god! Oh!

[ Both laughing ]

Sonny is my uncle. He’s my sister’s father. It’s a clear conflict of interest. That’s usually the judge’s call to make. I mean, yes, of course, you know, you can go to the court and inform them of your relationship, but ultimately, it will be the judge’s decision whether you stay on the case or not. Not if I recuse myself first, which I would. Oh, my god. I’m asking you to reconsider. Please, molly. It has taken me a while to recognize the fact that sonny is not the person that I thought he was all these years. And I’m gravely concerned, and I’m disappointed in some of his recent actions. And that is why I want you — because I know you will prosecute him fairly. You won’t seek to make him pay or showboat, nor will you be too lenient. Do you feel that you’ve been too lenient with him all these years? Maybe. And sonny corinthos is a larger-than-life figure in this town. He has been for decades. And he’s a generous benefactor, and, in his own way, he has kept port charles safe from others less scrupulous than he is about the drug trade. And I imagine that most city officials feel that he’s the lesser of two evils, that he is, like, a power to be tolerated and not eliminated. But I — that is over. Because I now have tangible proof of what sonny has become. And, frankly, it’s disturbing. And I am going after him for something that he actually did. And he needs to be stopped. I agree. There’s absolutely a case here, and it needs to be prosecuted. But not by me. There are four other adas in this office who don’t have close ties to sonny. Okay, in a perfect world, every case would be black and white. It would be clear who is right and who is wrong, who the good guys are, and who the bad. But that’s not reality. In reality, most cases, they’re layered, they’re complicated, they’re messy. And that is why we have to adhere to the rule of law. You know, we can’t just decide that we’re going to pick and choose who we’re going to investigate and who we’re going to prosecute. If we start relying on our own personal bias, that’s when the entire system breaks down, we have to do our duty. And it is mine to investigate. And it may well be yours to prosecute. Thank you. Yeah. You know, you’ve never really asked about me and your dad. I don’t know. I guess I just accepted that things didn’t work out between the two of you. I mean, my dad was always present in my life, and you guys were really good at, you know, co-parenting. Yes, and I am very proud about that. You know, ned — he’s a wonderful man. And we loved each other so, so much. We just — [ Sighs ] We just didn’t agree on things like money and, you know, a bunch of other things, which is why I was so adamant about raising you in bensonhurst. You know, I didn’t want you to be around all that quartermaine money and the drama that accompanied it. And it’s a decision I have never regretted. I will forever be grateful for my upbringing, ma. Growing up with the bensonhurst brigade was a gift.

[ Laughing ] Oh, ho! They’re all gonna be there, right? Yeah. Oh, my goodness. And look. See? I seated sonny over here next to kristina and her girlfriend, blaze. And then I put michael on the whole other side of the room because, you know, something’s still going on between michael and sonny and — yeah. Oh, gosh. Hmm? I hadn’t even thought about that. Thought of what? Should we invite jason?

[ Sighs ] Danny? How did this happen? Jason. Nina sold him her half, and he signed it over to me. Honey, this is so fantastic! I have missed you so much. The hotel has missed you so much. Please tell jason “thank you” a million, million, million times!

[ Laughing ] I will! Carly? What? Yeah? Can I have a moment? No. Whatever you need to say, you can just say it. Go. You. Jason. Nina. Three liars. Three traitors. You all deserve each other.

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