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Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: Hi. Glad you could get away. You want to, uh, you want to grab a table?

Chelsea: No, actually, I just came to tell you I’m so sorry I have to cancel. I only have a few minutes.

Billy: Oh, okay. Is it to do with connor?

Chelsea: Yeah, his therapist wants to do a video meeting today to talk about his status and talk about his treatment.

Billy: Okay, well, hopefully that’s a good thing. At least you’ll know what comes next.

Chelsea: It’s driving me crazy, billy, not being able to talk to my son when I want to.

Billy: Yeah, I know, I hear you. But maybe the doctor will give you a little better timeline on that, you know? When you can actually talk to connor directly.

Chelsea: Yeah, I’m desperate to know what’s going on. What are his days like? Is there any progress? But I’m also so anxious. I mean, there’s so much I don’t understand.

Billy: I hear you, chels. It’s hard to be behind the curve, you know, especially when it’s your kid. But again, hopefully, the doctor tells you something that’ll put your mind at ease.

Chelsea: Well, hearing about connor’s treatment isn’t the only thing I’m worried about.

Billy: Okay, what else is there?

Chelsea: I’m not doing the call alone.

Adam: Are you ready to hear what these so-called doctors have been doing to our son?

Phyllis: Baby, summer, I know this is horrible, but you have to calm down. You have to. Harrison is going to be found between jack and victor and everybody he’s gonna hire. He will absolutely be found. Okay, well, do you know what? Let me come with you. No, just– okay, just for– okay, I won’T. I promise I won’T. You know what? Have you told your brother about any of this? Okay, I promise I won’t say anything. No, I promise. I’ll let you take care of it, really. I won’t do something crazy, I promise.

Devon: Hey, hey.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: You called us in because you want to have a meeting?

Nate: I hope it’s to celebrate our latest earnings report. Pretty spectacular, right?

Lily: Yeah, the numbers are great. But, uh, no, unfortunately, I have bad news.

Devon: What’s wrong?

Lily: Well, daniel is making good on his threat. And he is suing us to keep control of princess louisa and other games on the omegasphere platform.

Devon: Well, that’s great. What does, um, what does legal have to say about our position in it?

Lily: They’re saying the contract is clear and ironclad. I mean, we own all the intellectual property related to our gaming division.

Devon: Okay, that’s a good thing then, right?

Lily: Yeah, but I mean, I’m sure heather, who, shocker, is daniel’s attorney, is gonna try to find a loophole. But our legal team is confident that she’ll lose. And so am I.

Nate: Any chance this will stay out of the business press?

Devon: I highly doubt that. Why?

Nate: I mean, is it worth really going to war with the guy? Maybe we should give daniel what he wants.

You can’t leave

without cuddles.

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Billy: You know, these are actual doctors taking care of your kid. You know, respected and accredited.

Adam: This video call is just gonna be the two of us, right?

Chelsea: Right. Billy is not gonna be on the call, if that’s what you’re asking. But he’s right. These are doctors trained to deal with the things that connor’s dealing with.

Adam: But they don’t know our son, not like we do. And I just– I don’t want them to forget that.

Chelsea: You’re right. We’ll make sure we give them insight into our son. Because, yes, we know him better than anybody.

Billy: Okay, well, it sounds like you’re both on the same page, so I’ll head back to the office. I’ll talk to you in a bit.

Chelsea: Bye.

Billy: Bye.

Adam: So, shall we do this?

Chelsea: Not until you promise me you will drop the attitude and the resistance. Adam, you have to go into this with an open mind.

Adam: Of course, I have an open mind. I’ll do my best.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Daniel: Shouldn’t you be back at the apartment doing some last-minute frantic packing?

Danny: Well, actually, there has been a change in plans.

Daniel: Oh, how big of a change?

Danny: Not small.

Daniel: Don’t tell me that my rock star father’s gonna hang up his keyboard, cancel the tour, and possibly move back to genoa city full-time.

Danny: Sorry, son. Your dear old dad is gonna be a rock star forever. No matter where I live. Some things just never change. But, um, yeah, I, uh, I have had to push my travel schedule a bit while cricket decides if she’s even gonna go.

Phyllis: Oh, while cricket decides. My goodness, cricket is waffling yet again.

Lily: Sorry, you don’t think it’s worth it to fight the lawsuit? I mean, omegasphere is a huge reason why our profits are so great right now. Why would we just give daniel what he wants?

Nate: I am aware of the financial ramifications, but daniel did create the flagship game. Hell, he built the whole division. And you’ve already taken away his job to punish him. Isn’t that enough?

Lily: I’m not punishing anyone. I’m sorry, he was fired for the sake of company unity and morale. Okay, what are you– what are you trying to say? That I should– I should reward him for hurting me?

Nate: No, no, I’m not defending what daniel did or how he handled it. I understand you’re upset, but I want you to take a moment and think about how this could play out. Think about the spin heather would probably put out there. Do you really want to be accused of destroying someone’s career because of a bad relationship? Out of spite? That’s not who you are or what this company should be.

Billy: Oh. Daniel versus goliath lawsuit? With us as the big bad monster? It’s not a good look, which is what I’ve been arguing from the beginning.

Lily: Yes, we know, billy, thank you.

Billy: Makes you look petty, and it opens up the opportunity for people to question your leadership, which does not mirror the trust that we all have in you.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: This is ridiculous. Sorry, how did I become the bad guy in this situation?

Chelsea: What? I’m nervous. I don’t wanna look like a mess on the outside just ’cause that’s how I feel on the inside.

Adam: You look good. You look calm.

Chelsea: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Adam, I know you have doubts about this facility, but you promised you would hear the doctor out. You won’t fly off the handle, right?

Adam: Okay. Are you ready? Okay.

Hammond: Good morning, chelsea. Adam.

Chelsea: Hi, dr. Hammond, good to see you. Oh, I– I didn’t realize you would be alone. Um, did the rest of connor’s care team give you updates and reports?

Adam: Yes, we were hoping to get as much information as we can on how connor is doing. You know, what his day looks like since we cannot talk to him ourselves, to ask questions.

Hammond: I understand. And chelsea, to answer your question, yes, connor’s ocd therapist, his trauma therapist and I are always working in tandem. And I hope to answer any questions you might have.

Adam: Trauma therapist. Why does he need that? I told myself I was ok

Daniel: Are you meeting someone or picking up takeout?

Phyllis: Um, are you saying that you want me to go?

Daniel: No, of course not.

Phyllis: Well, thank you for the invite. I’d love to stay with you. So the bug is backing out, is she? Interesting. I’m not shocked by that. I mean, I’m sure that no one can see her living, you know, a carefree life, living life on the edge, letting it all hang out.

Danny: Phyllis, you don’t know the whole story.

Phyllis: I don’t?

Danny: No, you don’T.

Phyllis: Oh, what am I missing?

Danny: Christine was offered a very important case. And right now, she’s deciding whether or not she should take it.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. So you’re holding up your entire tour on her deciding whether or not she should take a case? Wow. You’re putting your career on hold for the bug. She’d never do the same for you, by the way. Never.

Danny: Not that it’s any of your business, all right, but we’re leaving a little early so we can have a few days before the first concert. I didn’t cancel any shows by pushing the trip back, okay?

Phyllis: I am going to make a bet with you. I’m gonna make a bet, um, an order of empanadas, that she chooses her career over you.

Chelsea: Well, that’s new, isn’t it? A trauma therapist? How did that come about?

Hammond: We’re really still getting to the root of what’s happening with connor. And he’s a smart, funny, charming kid. He’s taking part in activities and watching his nutrition, his caloric and protein intake.

Adam: And– and that is great, but can you tell us about connor’s trauma?

Hammond: In his first sessions with dr. Majors, the trauma specialist, evidence emerged of comorbidity.

Adam: Comorbidity?

Hammond: Two or more medical conditions that exist simultaneously. In connor’s case, it’s ocd and trauma. It’s a bit early to be definitive, but there’s a possibility that the presentation of connor’s ocd was a response to traumatic incidents. I want to be clear. Connor’s ocd doesn’t exist because of traumatic events.

Chelsea: But trauma helps open the door?

Adam: You– you keep throwing around these words, trauma, traumatic incidences. What instances are you talking about? I mean, what did– what did we do?

Chelsea: Adam, please.

Hammond: There’s many ways ocd manifests. And it can be very different from one patient to another. There’s no way to know when or in whom it’ll show up. And no one is to blame. But it does mean we have a couple of avenues to pursue for treatment.

Adam: Okay, so you don’t know what the trauma is or what it is doing to him, so why don’t we first focus on what, if anything, you do know for sure?

Hammond: That’s fair. In connor’s case, what we’ve learned so far beyond his fear of contamination is that he carries an overwhelming sense of guilt. The ocd has him believing that things that have happened between and to his parents are his fault.

Chelsea: No.

Hammond: The pain and concern is complex and deep. It’s led him to question why he was even born.

Lily: How am I the villain in this? Okay, daniel cheated on me with a woman who is now his attorney. Is that not a conflict of interest, right?

Billy: And now, you just fired that attorney for what can only appear to be personal reasons.

Lily: I’m the one who recommended her for the job in the first place, despite her being daniel’s ex.

Billy: But lily, you just fired her for being his current. And unfortunately, I feel like I have to point this out, but this is professional concern for me, not personal judgment.

Nate: I have to agree. Lily, we’re merely pointing out scenarios that could adversely affect the company. Would it be so terrible to just let daniel have what he’s asking for? Let him walk away with what he brought to the table.

Lily: What he brought to the table? Do you know what he brought to the table? He brought an idea, okay, and some artwork. Do you know what we brought? We brought, uh, the team, and coders, and designers, the office space. Okay, we funded the whole platform. And if we take that away, that undermines all the work that we’ve done. And to rebuild one is way too expensive. We lose time in the marketplace. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of our highly profitable gaming division.

Nate: Omegasphere will survive losing two or three of its video games. The division will be just fine.

Lily: That is not true because we don’t have any games in development to replace the ones that we would lose, okay? We would be stagnant for months, maybe even years.

Billy: Which could still be better than you being painted as a scorned, vindictive co-ceo. You don’t want to be seen that way. As someone that would rather chase after their enemies than run an empire.

Lily: Uh, devon, hello. Can you help me out here? Because I mean, this is smart business, right? If we give up the gaming division, we’re not just losing out on a few video games. We’re losing out on merchandise. Book rights, movie rights, trading cards. I mean, we’re giving up the whole store.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Right?

Devon: You’re right. Yeah. And I agree with you.

Lily: Thank you.

Billy: If it wasn’t me arguing that point, devon, would you still agree with your sister?


Devon: Uh, billy, are you implying that I’m making business decisions only to contradict you? ‘Cause nate wants to do a deal with daniel. So should I take that personally and make my decisions about him?

Billy: Devon, it’s a simple question. You know what pisses me off the most is that the winters are in here having a meeting about a major company issue without me. No warning, no fair play, nothing. If I didn’t walk by and pop my head in, I would have no idea that this company is headed for a train wreck. Not to mention the pr nightmare when the media gets a hold of this, which shouldn’t be very difficult.

Devon: Billy, you don’t have to act like you have to be a part of every single conversation that happens in this building. Get over yourself, man. Seriously.

Billy: Sure.

Lily: Please stop, okay? This is a huge waste of time.

Nate: Yes, you’re right. We need to keep this from devolving into a shouting match. We need to stay focused on the issue at hand. A decision has to be made on how to proceed from here.

Lily: Yes, nate, I’m aware. But we’re not gonna decide based off the winner of billy and devon’s argument. What we should do is go to the board and let them weigh in their vote. Let them decide if we should give daniel what he wants or take him to court.

Danny: You know, I still can’t believe that lily fired you over what happened with you and heather.

Daniel: I knew that was gonna happen. She didn’t want to see my face at the office every day.

Phyllis: But that was a cheap shot.

Danny: Yeah, your mother’s right. It’s very unprofessional and not like lily at all.

Phyllis: I’m right? See? We see eye to eye. Wow. Let’s ask christine what she thinks– oh, we can’t ask her because she’s more interested in her career.

[ Phone pinging ]

Danny: Hey, you guys, uh, yeah, I’ve got to, um, I got to get going.

Phyllis: Oh, was that the queen bug? Is she summoning you to her castle with all her royalty?

Danny: Goodbye, phyllis. I’ll see you at home, okay, daniel?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: See ya. See ya.

Daniel: Didn’t you say that you had finally accepted the fact that you and dad are never gonna be a thing and you had moved on?

Phyllis: Uh, yeah, and?

Daniel: So, I guess that was just a big old lie, huh?

Chelsea: How could he wonder why he was born?

Hammond: It’s one of his intrusive thoughts, something his ocd says. I know how hard this must be to hear, but I want to be as honest with you as possible so you understand what he’s up against with his ocd.

Adam: The ocd that we caused by the trauma that– that we inflicted on him. Is that what you and your team of specialists believe?

Hammond: Not at all. It’s a lot to process and can feel impossible when you know your child is in pain.

Chelsea: But what trauma are you talking about?

Hammond: We don’t know yet.

Adam: So, what’s the plan here?

Hammond: We think the best approach is to treat each disorder separately, but simultaneously. Oftentimes, the ocd and trauma are feeding off of each other, so we need to address them both.

Chelsea: But how did this happen?

Adam: Yeah, what did– what did we do wrong?

Hammond: As parents, you need to refrain from trying to find blame. It would be unhealthy and unproductive.

Chelsea: I still just don’t understand what we’re supposed to do, like how we’re supposed to help connor get better.

Adam: Yeah, you– you say that he is acclimating, but we don’t have any idea what that looks like.

Chelsea: Yeah, we haven’t spoken with him. We’re not– are we allowed to see him sometime soon or?

Hammond: Connor is a very strong and determined kid. One of the therapeutic tools we use is journaling. We’ve encouraged connor to write down his thoughts and fears. Today’s assignment was to write down the top three things that scare him the most. Writing about them will force him to explore how they make him feel.

Adam: And that’s supposed to help?

Hammond: I understand your concern, but you have to trust the therapy. It’s been very successful with patients suffering from the same disease. This is the first step. It’s what’s known as erp.

Chelsea: Yeah, the, um, exposure response prevention we’ve been hearing about?

Hammond: That’s right. We’ll expose connor to the things he fears so he can slowly build the tools he needs to handle them as others do.

Adam: Forcing him to repeatedly experience the things that trigger his ocd. Now, how is he supposed to get through that without us by his side? I mean, how are we supposed to get through that?

Chelsea: If it’s the thing that’s gonna make our son better, we have no other choice, do we? Slowing my cancer from growing

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Devon: All right, are you sure that you want to take this to the board? ‘Cause I think this is something we should probably handle ourselves.

Nate: I concur. We should hash this out right here without getting the board involved. The fewer people who know–

Billy: And I agree with lily. I think taking it to the board is a good idea. We’ll get the smartest compromise and the fairest solution.

Devon: Which means he thinks the board is gonna vote his way.

Billy: Well, I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Nate: Sorry about that. Didn’t mean for billy to overhear what I thought was a private conversation.

Devon: It’s– it’s fine. I’m glad you gave your honest opinion, though.

Nate: Thanks.

Lily: Okay, now that it’s just the two of us, be honest with me.

Devon: Hm?

Lily: If billy hadn’t been here arguing against my decision, would you have sided with me so easily?

Chelsea: It’s all so much. How did connor carry this with him for so long?

Adam: Yeah, well, I still have to wonder if they know enough about this disease to know for sure what works.

Chelsea: They have experience, adam. Like with any illness.

Adam: Yeah, ocd and trauma. And they’re gonna work on it separately, but together. I mean, come on. Connor deserves more than just– just guesswork.

Chelsea: It was me, wasn’t it? My issues. The rooftop. This all started with me, didn’t it? I think connor blames himself for my problems.

Adam: Chels, the doctor said that the ocd was inside of him, that it was gonna come out at some point. You know, it’s everything that connor has gone through.

Chelsea: Oh, god, I know dr. Hammond says we can’t blame ourselves, but how can I not?

Adam: I mean, he thought his father was dead, for god’s sakes. And then I just showed up. I mean, he was held hostage at gunpoint. He had to go to therapy for that, too.

Chelsea: No, adam, it all started with me. It started with me that night on the roof. And I put myself into therapy. I told connor the truth, ’cause I thought– I thought that was the right thing. The doctor said that I should be honest, but maybe– maybe that was the wrong thing. That combined with everything, you know, rey’s death, finding out that johnny was his brother.

Adam: We thought that we were protecting him, okay? We tried to see it, but we didn’t, okay? All the chaos that he’s been through. I mean, it’s too much to take for an adult, much less a kid.

Chelsea: It’s no wonder he’s so traumatized.

Adam: Hammond said the word trauma is often misused and overblown, but it’s really not in our family.

Chelsea: How did we not see that our son was suffering so badly?

Phyllis: I have moved on from your father. I have, you know? I just– I do care about him. And honestly, christine will hurt him.

Daniel: Well, dad’s a big boy, and he can take care of himself. He doesn’t need you worrying about him or feeling sorry for him.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’ll just negate all of my feelings then and shut my mouth.

Daniel: What’s really going on here, hm?

Phyllis: A lot going on.

Daniel: How much of it is work-related? Because I’m sorry. I know you were sideswiped by this whole thing, and your job, it shouldn’t be at risk because of me.

Phyllis: Hm. Let me guess. They know about your lawsuit.

Daniel: Well, they should be worried about the lawsuit. Heather thinks we got a solid case and that we can win it.

Phyllis: Good. You go after everything you can get.

Daniel: I just want what’s fair.

Phyllis: Um, I have some inside information, and your mess is not the only problem at chancellor-winters right now. Just know that. Consider yourself lucky that you got out and you’re moving on to greener, healthier environments.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I hope so. We’ll see.

Phyllis: I wonder what they’re talking about right now. Maybe it’s something that could be useful. Not for you, of course, just for me.

Daniel: Maybe we should slide over a little closer and see if we can eavesdrop a little bit.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness, I’d never do that. Don’t be silly.

Daniel: You’d absolutely do that if I wasn’t here right now. You think that they’re talking about something that could mean good news for you.

Phyllis: Who doesn’t want good news every now and then?

Danny: Hello, gorgeous.

Christine: Hi.

Danny: I was, uh, super thrilled to get your text. So, tell me, have you made a decision?

Christine: Um…

Danny: Oh, I’m sorry. Wait. Before you say it, I– I almost forgot. I’ve got something for you.

Christine: No, you didn’t have to get me anything.

Danny: Oh, no, I did. This is special just for you. It is an official concert t-shirt. Yes, I know it’s cheesy, but I was thinking, you know, you could wear it front row. Or if you don’t, you could do it side stage, in the wings, whatever you prefer. And as soon as I finish my show, I will come straight to you, my love. Wow.

Chelsea: We are here, and connor is there. There’s nothing we can do for him except allow his team to take care of him and do what’s best for him. We can’t sit down and talk to him. We can’t tuck him in at night. And I know he’s been at boarding school before, but this is different because we know he’s not okay.

Adam: They figure out his trauma. They figure out his treatment. I mean, they– they unravel everything that is wrong with him. Then what? What if this treatment leads him to hate us, chels?

Chelsea: Adam, no. Connor wouldn’t hate us. He– he loves us, and he knows we love him. And if– if something happened where he suddenly hated us, we’d work through that, too.

Adam: And what if we can’t? What if we can’t? What– what if this– he looks at us, and– and he blames us for all of this misery.

Chelsea: What– what are you saying? If connor eventually– when he eventually learns to manage his ocd and trauma, and he’s living a happy, healthy life, but yet he– he still hates us anyway?

Adam: Yes.

Chelsea: No, what do you want him to do? Just push everything down, pretend he’s okay, so we’re not worried?

Adam: No, that’s not what I’m saying.

Chelsea: He has to get better, adam. Connor’s ocd is not going away. It is always gonna be inside him. But he will learn to have the tools to get better and live a happy, healthy life, okay? But we can’t make this about us. We can’t make this about our– our insecurities and our fears and our– our guilt. We have to do what’s best for him. We have to do whatever it takes, whatever he needs.

Adam: And what if what he needs is to never see us again?

Connor: 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69.

Chelsea: I don’t believe that would ever happen. They’re not gonna take connor from us.

Adam: If we are the triggers–

Chelsea: They will give him tools to manage that. Our son is coming home to us.

Adam: And what if when he’s 18– what if when he’s 18, he comes and he says, “thank you for the trauma, but I’m never gonna come home again?”

Chelsea: You are being irrational, adam. No, these are your dark thoughts, and I can’t have this conversation.

Adam: Fine. But we can’t avoid this forever, either.

Danny: I really hope that you’re leaning in my favor. Just tell me what I can say to convince you. Please. Anything to, you know, tip the scale my way.

Christine: This isn’t about me not wanting to go with you. You know I do.

Danny: Then just go. I will dedicate every song to you. Put you front and center on stage and I will serenade you every night in front of everyone. Every love song that I’ve written will be sung to you. Anything and everything that your heart desires.

Christine: Oh, gosh, you’re always so loving and generous, and you– you make me feel adored. But, danny, this– this client needs me. I– I can’t walk away from this case any more than you could walk away from your tour.

Danny: Yeah. I mean, obviously, I’m disappointed, but I really do understand. And your client is very lucky to have you. I hope they know that, all right? They are getting– they’re getting the best of the best.

Christine: You’re really sweet to make me feel better. And I wish I could’ve told you what you want to hear.

Danny: I was just really looking forward to us spending time together. You know, I’d been thinking a lot about how much incredible fun that we would have together and…

Christine: Yeah.

Danny: You know?

Christine: Hey, it’s not like this is the end for us.

Danny: No. No. Never.

Christine: Okay, so I was thinking, maybe I can come on weekends every now and then. I mean, that’s better than nothing.

Danny: Yeah, of course. Yes.

Christine: Why don’t we go and, um, and make the most of the time that we have together before you go?

Danny: Well, that’s an offer that I can’t refuse.

Devon: Yes, I would have still sided with you either way.

Lily: Thank god. I really am alone in this, aren’t I?

Devon: No, you’re not alone. You’re not alone at all, because I hear everything you’re saying about us needing to hang on to our valuable ip. Makes perfect sense. But billy and nate also made really valid points. ‘Cause heather has the ability to really make us look bad in all this. And if we settle and give daniel what he wants, we get to avoid all that and avoid going to court. And I think it’s just– at this point, about us trying to not let things get ugly.

Lily: Devon, don’t you realize? Things have already gotten ugly. And I don’t plan to lose out on anything else because of daniel and heather ever again.

Phyllis: Why would you care if I want to exploit some conflict in a company? A company that dropped you like a hot potato.

Daniel: I just don’t understand why you would want to be entangled in an already contentious situation. One that’s only gonna be more complicated by your son’s own lawsuit.

Phyllis: Well, I’m not entangling myself in anything. And don’t think you know what’s going on up here.

Daniel: Oh, no, no, I can see those gears turning.

Phyllis: Can you?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Then watch this. Hello, gentlemen. Hey, I’m gonna go right to the point. Um, I actually am shocked by these firings, my son and heather. I can’t believe that lily and devon would fire them over something so petty. I can’t imagine that the two of you would condone such firings. Hm? Nothing comes close to this place in the morning.

Nate: I don’t see what business it is of yours, what we think. Sure, you want to defend your son. I get it. But this is a business move.

Phyllis: Oh. What do you think about that, chance?

Chance: It’s above my pay grade.

Phyllis: Oh, above your pay grade. Well, congratulations, new on the job, and already mastering the art of corporate doublespeak. Yeah, you know what? I’m gonna ask billy what he thinks. What do you think billy thinks?

Chance: You’d have to ask him.

Phyllis: I will. You see, it’s just interesting because I’ve been hearing that there’s a lot of, um, discontent going on in the chancellor-winters c-suite.

Nate: Oh, there’s nothing going on you need to worry about.

Phyllis: Okay, I won’t worry my pretty little head. I’m still a chancellor-winters employee, nate. So, I guess I’m gonna have to get together with billy and ask him what’s going on myself, see where he stands. Maybe he’ll give me an actual answer.

Devon: Lily, this is gonna get as ugly as you want it to get.

Lily: If I got what I want, daniel would have resigned, okay? And there would be no talk of a nuisance suit.

Devon: Right, but you understand that he has a case, ’cause you fired him without cause, right?

Lily: What do you mean? There was plenty of cause. He cheated on me while I was helping my daughter through an emotional trauma, okay? And did I throw a fit? Did I– did I, you know, break stuff? No, I graciously accepted the situation for what it was.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I can’t argue with that.

Lily: Okay, and now daniel wants to fight me, all right, and let his girlfriend trash me in the court of public opinion? Well, let them try, okay? Daniel is not walking away with anything. I am tired of playing nice.

Billy: There you go. So, you want to talk about the conversation with the doctor?

Chelsea: There’s no way to know what’s really going on in someone’s head, is there? No matter how much you love them, no matter how many times you’ve held their hand and watched them fall asleep.

Billy: What did the doctor say?

Chelsea: Connor’s been diagnosed with both ocd and trauma. Not only are they treating him for one thing, they’re treating him for two.

Billy: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, chelsea.

Chelsea: Yeah, adam was pretty good on the call. But then afterwards, he, uh, he’s afraid that by pushing connor through this program, we’re gonna lose him.

Billy: What? Why would he say something like that?

Chelsea: He thinks connor’s gonna resent us. Be angry with us for everything he’s going through. Not just the illness, but the treatment. It’s our fault.

Billy: Okay. This is not your fault. Adam is gonna have to figure out another way to process all this without dumping all his panic onto you. That is not what is gonna happen.

Chelsea: You can’t know that. I mean, what if after this whole journey, connor decides he’s better off without us?

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Sharon. Hi. Yeah, it’s me. Um, I was wondering if you could, um, can you help me before I make things worse?

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