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okay. There you go. Thank you so much for understanding. Ms. Spencer. Uh, please call me carly, right? So, how’s it going back there? Don’t quit. Please don’t quit. Katrina and i are making it work. Okay. I just came out to keep the barbarians at bay. Well, keep up the good work. Yeah. Are you sure that I can’t help with anything? No, no, I want you focusing on studying. Study for that pre-final, please. Okay. Katrina’s great, but is she qualified to take over for the cook? Yeah, yeah, she knows her way around a kitchen. I just wish the stove was working. There’s no stove?! Mnh. And I keep trying to call the usual repairman, and he is on an emergency. Okay. This is an emergency. I have a jack-of-all-trades. At least I used to. You have to complete the jst in under 4 minutes and 28 seconds. Any questions? Ready whenever you are.

[ Whistle blows ] You best kick whoever’s sitting at my desk out of my chair because I am on my way. That is right — I am back. All right. [ Laughs ] Yeah. Hey, finn. Hey, dante. How’d it go? Yeah, yeah, good. I just got a clean bill of health, actually. I’m on my way back to work now. Good. That’s — that’s good news. I’m sure chase will be happy to have his partner back. Yeah. Yeah, should be good. Uh, are you okay, man? No. No, no, I’m not okay. Everything’s not okay. I — chase’s bachelor party just went sideways. And I don’t know what to do. Mm. I was meaning to tell you. I’m almost done with the video teaser for the kevin hoover opening. Ah. Great. I can’t wait to see it. Look, trina, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the extra time that you’re putting in at the gallery. Thank you. I’m happy, too. I mean, I’m not in school, so [Chuckles] And, um, you know, I got to start saving up for things, like my own place.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Really? I didn’t — I didn’t realize…

[ Ringing continues ] Need to get that? No. [ Chuckles ] No. If it’s important, they’ll call back.

[ Water running, running stops ]

[ Sighs ] And I’m telling you, frank — tell your ma to use arnica. It’s gonna help her lumbago. Arnica. Got it. The only issue is, she’s gonna have to stay off the garlic while she’s using it. I don’t think my mother could sacrifice garlic.

[ Laughs ] I know what you mean. My ma is the exact same way. Boss, miss cerullo’s here. Mm. Yeah, I think I know that, frank. Bye. You’ve never met a stranger, have you? Oh, no. Come on. They’re only strangers until you say hello.

[ Chuckles ] I love hearing people’s stories, which is exactly why I’m here. Something’s off with you. So what’s your story?

[ Telephone rings ] Yes? He’s here now? Yeah, send him in. Ah, commissioner devane. Well, thank you for agreeing to see me. What brings you here, mr. Renault? My duty as a citizen. Um. When I was attacked at all saints chapel on new year’s, I wasn’t prepared to make a statement, but, uh, after talking it over with my sister, I’m, uh… I’m ready to make one now. I see. Well, you can… we can do it here. Oh. Thank you. I-I have to inform you that, once you make the statement, you know, it will be — it will be officially evidence and may be used to prosecute your attacker. Understood.

[ Beeps ] Present — commissioner anna devane, taking a victim statement. It is, oh, april 17, 2024. Would you state your name for the record, please? Cyrus renault. Mr. Renault, can you identify the individual who assaulted you on january the 1st, 2024? I can. I-I… I was attacked by, uh, sonny corinthos.

Look, don’t get me wrong. I-I love my parents. I love my grandfather with all my heart. You know I do. I know. I just think that it’s time that I found a place of my own. I mean, I can’t be a kid all of my life, right? Well, that’s true. Children have to grow up. Parents have to let them. I just wonder, though, if this is a good time for you to be alone. I mean, I know that it’s — it’s hard to process a loss like yours without some solitude. I also know that — that there is such a thing as being alone too much… where the space that you want becomes a void. Yeah. I hear what you’re saying. And I appreciate it. But? But… between my family and joss and my family and you and — did I mention my family? Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I think I’m good. I’m good. And I don’t think a little self-reliance is — is a bad thing. Just

when I thought I couldn’t be prouder of you. Oh, speaking of space, I’ve been dying to ask…

[ Chuckles ] How are you doing living at sonny’s?

[ Chuckles ] It’s okay, I guess. Really, I — I suppose when you spend so much time fighting with somebody and then you’re forced to be together and there’s a child involved and — you just get used to each other. Well, miracles do happen.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. They certainly do. And we’ve settled into a routine. Sonny relies on me, avery does, too, of course. Well, I’m glad you two are making things work. In the meantime, I have to go open up the gallery. Right. Oh, and since we discussed business at breakfast, it’s a write-off. Why do you think I’m off? I mean, it’s not like my life isn’t going incredibly well. I know you’re going through it. Yeah? I do, okay? But it doesn’t explain why you haven’t responded to my only daughter’s wedding invitation. ‘Cause you know how much brook lynn wants her “uncle dimples” to be at the most important day of her life, right? Yeah. So why you gonna leave your favorite niece hangin’? I was just thinking of just sending a gift. Ohh. Yeah. Oh, send a gift instead of coming. Oh, okay. So — so what’s that gift gonna be? What, a-a gravy boat? A toaster oven? Spatulas? No, I was — I was gonna buy her an espresso machine. I think she’d love that. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. Eh. Well. You know. She loves you. I love you. Yeah. You’re my oldest friend, you know, from the neighborhood. And the wedding, it — it wouldn’t be complete without you. I don’ t want to ruin the dayfor you and brook lynn. Oh. Oh, okay. So this is — this is about me and — and about brook lynn. It doesn’t have anything to do with you being seated next to one of the growing list of people that you can’t stand being around anymore? Hm?

[ Whistle blows ]

[ Rock music plays ] Hey. How are you? With everything? With the breakup? That. I mean, losing spencer. Trina moving out. I’m fine. I’m fine. I-I appreciate you asking, but you have more important things to worry about. Okay. I hate when you do that. There’s nothing more important than you. Okay. More urgent then. I will be fine. Your customers, not so much.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Help has arrived. Where? Thank you for getting here so fast. Yeah. Please tell me you brought the help. I am the help. We’re doomed. Josslyn.Thank you for the vote of confidence. Your brother is a capable young man. Yes, he’s capable of picking up his platinum card. I just don’t know about a wrench. I think I’m gonna go back to the office, where I’m appreciated. And then mom can call her new boyfriend to help.

So, I called everybody on the list, and I invited them to show up at the savoy tonight. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like it’s gonna be a great night, man. Right? Just found out the savoy is booked for a private event tonight. Do you have a plan b? Plan b? No, I don’t have a plan B. I was all-in on plan A. I mean, who books the savoy on a weeknight? Alright. Look. We can — we can — we can still salvage this thing. W-what did chase say he wanted his bachelor party to look like? You know chase, right? Nothing fancy. No strippers. Of course. Right? And he said no techno music.

[ Chuckles ] Other than that… other than that — we can work with “other than that.” We can? Yeah, of course we can. Look. Look. Don’t worry about a thing. I was just gonna go do boring desk work at the pcpd anyway. Now I got a case. “The mystery of the missing bachelor party.” That’s right. My first assignment. Time.

[ Beep ] How’d I do? You’ll get your results from both the written and physical tests after they’ve been reviewed. You did well. Has mom told you about the new man in your life? Who’s this mystery man? Some fbi agent. Oh, my gosh! How serious is it? I’d say it’s pretty serious. I mean, I have it on good authority that they’ve already graduated to sleepovers at the metro court. Ohh! Okay. That is enough! On whose good authority did you hear this? Nina. Oh. Well, I should have guessed. This is just like that time where willow and tj were having that torrid affair. Exactly. So are you gonna go in the kitchen and fix my stove? Yeah. I’ll take a look at it. Right. You can do some damage in there and stop doing damage out here!

[ Laughs ] So…? Nothing! I was — I was driving to the coffee warehouse, and I saw this man being attacked. Thank you, shelby. Thank you. Okay. Mr. Renault, if you would review and sign, please. -Sure. -Okay. Here we go. Uh, commissioner, as I say here in my statement, I do not believe the young man in scrubs who visited my hospital room was G.H. Personnel. Uh… is there something that you want to add? I have since discovered that he was, in fact, working for sonny, and while I can’t prove it, I believe he was sent by sonny to do me harm. Then again, no harm came to me, at least not that day, so… yes, I-I am aware of the situation. And for what it’s worth, I happen to know that the young man in question has severed all ties with the corinthos organization, entirely. Well, I’m relieved to hear that. Okay. Okay. Thank you. So, uh, what happens now? I’ll make a copy for you, and then I will file the statement. And do I need to make arrangements to leave town for my own safety? Oh, no, this information will remain confidential for now. Uh, but not forever, hopefully. Until I find the best possible use for it. Lab tech stewart:

Applied analytical labs. Hello. Uh, I-I just missed a call from a stewart. Can you connect me, please?

I’m stewart. Yeah, well, I’m calling about, uh, sample number h6784.

Uh, yes, like I said

in my message,

we completed the analysis

of the capsules you sent us. Uh, can you tell me the results?

If you don’t mind my asking,

where did you get

those capsules? It’s my husband’s medication. We got it at the pharmacy. I explained all this when I called. Is there a problem? It appears the compounding pharmacy made an error. W-what kind of error? Each capsule has an imprint code that tells us the name and dosage of the medication that’s supposed to be there. Supposed to be? The contents of the capsule match the imprint code — it is indeed lorphenadine, but the dosage should be 50 milligrams. Well, h-how much is it? Closer to 10 milligrams. 10? 10 milligrams. Your husband is getting less than a quarter of his prescribed dosage. If this is a pharmacy error, they failed to satisfy their standard of care. Well, thank you. You have been very helpful.

[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, hey! Oh, yeah. Thank you. Thanks. It means you remember who I am. Thank you. Ah, look at this. Look at this. Oh, wow. This will, uh… this will make for some good kindling at the fireplace back home, whoever’s responsible for that. Who do you think? I-I’m guessing it was that guy, yeah. Welcome back. Thank you. It’s good to be back. Yeah. Even though I’m probably looking at, uh, doing a lot of filing. Oh, yeah. We’ve been saving it all up for you. I’m sure you have. Yeah. Want me to start with whatever that is? Oh, no, it’s okay. I’ve, um — I’ll handle it. You just got settled, yeah? Yeah. Oh, oh, hey. Uh, chase’s bachelor party — tonight, hatchet range. Oh, a bachelor party? Isn’t that more of a guys’ thing? Yeah. Ah, come on. Whatever. That’s old tradition stuff. Yeah, see, it’s the tradition part that… oh, oh, yeah, like, no — no strippers or anything like that, but drunk people throwing axes. God, it sounds so tempting. Doesn’t it? Mm. Yeah, it really does. Why are you having this? I thought finn was his best man. Oh, he is, but he tried to book something at the savoy, but someone’s actually booked up, like, the entire club. On a weeknight? Yeah, that’s what he said. So, uh, anyway, we want to give chase a good sent-off. Could you, uh, help spread the word, do you think?

[ Chuckles ] Sure. Yes, absolutely. Okay. I got, uh, calls to make, I guess. Yeah, no personal calls, ’cause time theft is still theft, right? Right. Yeah. You know, um… but we can agree that celebrating chase’s final day as a single man constitutes as, uh, police business, right? All right.

[ Dialing ] Listen, one of these days, I’m paying for breakfast. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. But I’m gonna make it happen. Okay, well, you are more than welcome to try.

[ Laughs ] Hey, I have a question for you. Yeah. You liked living with josslyn, right? Yeah, I loved it. Why? Well, I’m just thinking maybe she’s ready to move off-campus, too. Maybe the two of you could get a place together. I love that idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself. Yeah. It could be perfect. And when her boyfriend comes to visit her, there’ll be a lot more room. Oh, I didn’t — I didn’t tell you. Joss and dex broke up. Oh, they did? What — what happened? Long story. But the craziest part is that dex is now trying to become a police officer. Dex wants to be a cop? Mm-hmm. Talk about a change in direction, huh? Right. Nobody could be more shocked than joss. I can think of somebody who will be. I’m fine with all kinds of people. Oh, yeah, yeah. I can see you dancing the funky chicken during the reception next to ned — hey! — And michael — hey, michael! — And tracy. You don’t have to list all the people.

[ Chuckles ] Come to the wedding, sonny. Rise above your petty grievances. My grievances are not petty. They are when you compare them to the magnitude of my daughter’s heart, and to the joy she should be guaranteed on this, the happiest day of her life. You need to put up with those people who, in turn, have to put up with you. That’s what I’m talking about — all those people. That’s the point. A large celebration like that is — is, you know, there’s safety issues. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a target right now.

[ Sighs ] Agent cates may not be my favorite person, but I didn’t want to hear from olivia that housekeeping found him on the couch in a coma the next morning. Is that him? Uh, yeah. You study. Hey. Hi. Um, so, can i get you something? No. No, you have given me plenty. It’s, uh — it’s time I finally gave you something in return. Here’s your copy. What, do I frame it? The department understands your legitimate concerns about your safety. And just to let you know, I will give you a heads-up when I intend to charge mr. Corinthos. I appreciate that. You’re welcome. I would wish you well, but… but you don’T. And with a history like mine, how could you?

I know that safety is paramount, which is why security has already been handled. Who? Some of yuri’s people. They– they’re enormous. I’m telling you, sonny, I gotta book a trip to belarus during beach season. But with his people and your people, it’s gonna be the safest wedding in years. So, please, can I tell my daughter that you will be attending her nuptials? Well?

[ Chuckles ] Fine. Fine! Fine! Wonderful. All right. Uh, oh! Will you be bringing a plus-one? Ah, hello, lois. Frank said you were visiting. Ah, ava.

[ Chuckles ] You’re still here. I hadn’t realized. Yeah. For the time being, yeah. Ah, okay. Well, I just figured you’d want a place of your own, you know, something that better suits your aesthetic. Lois, I’m here because sonny insisted that avery and I be here for our safety. Yeah. Yeah, but things have been quiet recently, right? You know, and lucy coe — she is such a great real-estate agent. I’m sure she could find you and that adorable daughter of yours a place, lickety-split. Or maybe you want to stay at a suite at the metro court hotel, you know, since your bestie nina co-owns the place. Ooh.

[ Chuckles ] Those are really terrific suggestions, lois. Thank you for thinking. Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I’m here to help. Ciao. Okay. You have something for me? Uh, first off, my sincere thanks for rescuing me the other night. Oh. Well, I mean, you know, if it stopped you from falling into a coma or bleeding all over the upholstery, it was worth it.

[ Laughs ] Carly: Not that I really care what… oh, look, it’s mom’s fbi agent.

[ Chuckles ] Back so soon? What — did you already get a grease stain on your egyptian cotton? I’ll have you know, I scoured all the build-up off the burners and the gas jet. I’m just waiting to see if katrina and hunter can get the stove going again. I get the sense that you really enjoy being right. Oh, yeah.

[ Laughs ] Absolutely, especially when other people have to admit it. Mm.

[ Laughs ] You don’t think that she actually likes him, do you? Uh… no, I’m just — I’m just — I’m just messing around with her. But still, I-I think we should keep an eye on that guy. Officially, we can’t talk about the results, but I can tell you that I admire your decision to quit sonny and apply to the force. Thank you, sir. I read in your application file that you did a tour in afghanistan? That’s right, sir. “Detective” when we’re at the station, and you can call me “chase” when we’re on the street. I’ll remember that, detective. Anyway, I never, uh, did the service myself, but I can’t imagine what you went through. But you lived it. And you’re here now. And I admire that. Thank you. I appreciate you saying that. Yeah, hatchet range. 8:00 P.M. You gonna be there? Okay, good. Do it. And just keep it on the downlow. It’s gonna be surprise for the guest of honor. Okay. How much did you hear? About my super-secret bachelor party at the hatchet range? I didn’t get the time. Did you get the time, dex? I did, actually. It was at 8:00. Great. I’ll see you there if you’re free. Thank you, detective. Detective. Dex. Mr. Renault. I almost didn’t recognize you without your scrubs. So, um, do you have any suspects in the attack? As a matter of fact, I know exactly who’s behind it. Really? Who? You. E-excuse me? See, the way I see it, ms. Spencer, you planned that little beatdown as payback for me coming to your door with a search warrant. And why would I do that? Well, isn’t it obvious? Give me a warning. You want a warning? Call first. I don’t have your number. So, I guess I’ll have to give you mine.

[ Knock on door ] Is this a good time? You’re always welcome. What — what can I do for you? Oh, well, I am glad you asked. Um, planning brook lynn’s wedding has become a full-time job. Yeah. And I was hoping that maybe you could help me tick one little item off the list. If I can. Please. Oh! Okay. Well, I wanted to inquire about the rehearsal dinner, which happens to be something that is traditionally organized by the groom’s family. A-absolutely. Don’t — uh, don’t worry. My — my dad and I, we’re — we’re on it, yeah. Oh, good. Okay, ’cause, you know, I was a little worried about broaching the subject. No, no, no. It’s, uh, totally under control, completely under control. Matter of fact, I think my dad e-mailed all the details to tracy. Ah. Well, okay, see, originally, we were planning on doing the rehearsal dinner over — on coney island. No, w-we’re aware, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, of course, everybody who lives in bensonhurst could easily get to coney island, you know, seeing as how the rehearsal dinner is the night before the wedding, and the wedding is gonna be here in port charles… here. Right. Uh, tracy had offered up the elq jet, which might be a violation of wedding etiquette, but since my family doesn’t own a jet and chartering buses would mean everyone arriving in coney island just in time to turn around and come all the way back… mm-hmm. Yes, exactly. And listen, the jet is essential, and I’m very happy that tracy stepped up. So, um, here’s the favor that I would love for you to ask your dad for me. Mm-hmm. Anything he happens to e-mail tracy about the wedding, um, would he mind bcc’ing me on all of it? That way, I know what’s going on without tracy having to know that I know what’s going on. Ah. I will pass along the suggestion. Oh, good. Okay. And maybe — maybe you could also have him forward me the e-mail that he sent to tracy about the rehearsal dinner, you know? In case tracy gets busy with, you know, whatever tracy happens to get busy with. That I can promise you. Thank you so very much. Oh! Yeah. I cannot tell you how excited I am for you and your dad and my future son-in-law to meet the whole bensonhurst posse. Oh, we’re already fastening our seat belts. Oh, well, yeah, you actually should.

[ Laughs ] You know, it actually feels like this — this wedding is coming together. Oh, yeah. Fingers crossed, right? Um, hey. Do you mind if I ask you just one more thing, if you don’t mind? How’s your dad? So, how’s the studying going? I haven’t looked at it. What’s the deal with your fbi buddy? How badly was he hurt when you found him? Pretty bad. Would have been worse if I hadn’t found him. And do you think that was random? They didn’t take anything. He still had his cash, credit cards, phone, and gun. Where’d you find him? Couple of blocks from corinthos coffee. So, do you think sonny’s behind it? I don’t know. It could have been random. Could have been sonny. And if he’s gonna do that to an fbi agent, then imagine what he’s gonna do to dex when he finds out that he’s becoming a cop. Oh. Ooh, is that what I think it is? Heller’s application, physical and psych exam report, and standard test scores. Well, can you give me the cliffs notes? Heller’s in the 98th percentile of academy applicants. This year? Ever. Really? Wow. I was right about him. Yes, commissioner, you were right — about his skills. Oh, but you still have reservations. Okay, let’s hear them. You look exhausted. Although, who wouldn’t be after a visit from lois? Who happens to be one of my oldest friends. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I admire her… high-spiritedness.

[ Laughs ] Do you? Yeah. Yeah, I do. She is very…vibrant. That said, I, um — I get the feeling there’s precious little lois admires about me. She’s just — she’s just overprotective of me. Does she have a point, sonny? About what? Well, is it — is it safe for avery and me to leave? Have we overstayed our welcome? Should I be looking for another place for us? Well, I mean… that’s up to you. I mean, I’m not in a rush. Well, good. That’s very nice to hear. I like having you and avery here, both of you, ’cause I can — I can keep an eye on you. It’s funny. Wasn’t very long ago that you… keeping an eye on me would have been out of suspicion.

[ Laughs ] Well, you know what? Uh, I gotta say that I, uh… I-I appreciate you looking out for me. What kind of lookout would I be if I didn’t ask you if you took your meds this morning? I gotta get on that. Yep. Hey, uh, sonny. Do they make you sleepy? They used to. Not anymore? No, not anymore. I-I think I’ve gotten used to them. Why do you — w-why do you ask that? Looking out for you.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Ah.

[ Exhales sharply ]

You’re concerned,and you have every right to be. But this is dex’s decision, and you’re gonna have to respect it. Uh, bad news. Oh. Hunter, katrina, and i tried everything. Either you need a new stove, or there’s something wrong with the gas. There’s no — there’s no pilot light. There’s no gas whatsoever. Oh. All right, well, I’ll have to try the gas company and call the repairman again. Thank you so much for trying. Yeah. Sorry I couldn’t help, mainly because I’m not gonna hear the end of it from josslyn. Mm. You know you’re always my hero. And you’d also be mom’s hero if you bought her a new stove. Ooh! Oh. All right, I’m gonna call the repairman. Let’s see.

When you don’t like what you see

and if you look at us now my dad has stopped sharing any medical updates. Oh, that’s not good. I’m so sorry. No, no, it’s, uh… it’s all right. I, um… I think he’s been, uh, keeping things to himself to avoid putting a — a damper on the celebration. I think in many ways, this wedding is what’s keeping my dad going. Oh, I think that’s beautiful. Just like his invocation is gonna be beautiful. I’m sure it will be. Listen, I-I know when brook lynn and chase asked gregory to officiate the wedding, he agreed only on the condition that they arrange for a backup, you know, just in case. Mm-hmm. And, uh, I know that they haven’t actually done that. So… would you like me to arrange for a backup? Quietly? Uh…yes. Thank you. Um… yeah, my dad’s right, you know. Um, whether he’s sharing what his doctor’s saying or not, a — a backup is probably a good idea. Yeah. All right. Hey. Hmm? I’m on it. Not that we’re gonna need it. If nothing else, sheer force of will is gonna see my father through the day. Mm. Okay. Hey, uh… I’m sorry. I’m just — I’m glad you’re back. Ah, me too, man, even if it is desk duty. Anywhere, brother. Brother. Ah! Your brother’s gonna kill me, man. Oh, come on. I can act surprised.

You? You can? Yeah. Watch.

[ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh! That’s what I thought. You’re just — you’re too honest, you know? What’s wrong with that? Nothing. It’s a great quality in a cop. It’s a terrible quality if you’re pretending to be shocked to see all your friends hoisting a drink to celebrate your, uh, impending wedding. You probably have an idea of what I was doing in your room at G.H. Well, I have my suspicion. I’m sorry for that. I took a wrong turn in my life. And I’m — I’m trying to correct it. That’s why I’m here. What a coincidence. You know, I came here to the pcpd so I could do the very same thing. Applicants like this don’t come around very often. I know. That was my impression, too. By every objective standard, dex heller could make an excellent cop, assuming he doesn’t need police protection himself. All right. I feel pretty good. There you go. Oh, thank you. Uh-huh. You know, it’s amazing that, out of everybody on the planet, you’re the only one right now that I would let into my daily routine. Well, I consider that trust quite an honor. Where did you go this morning? I took trina out to breakfast. Oh, yeah. How’s she doing?

[ Sighs ] She’s okay. I mean, all things considered. Poor kid. Yeah. She did tell me something pretty interesting. What’s that? Well, don’t kill the messenger. Are you aware that dex heller is joining the pcpd?

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