B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

At home, Finn tells Steffy that he already picked up dinner, so they can just heat it up for a romantic evening when she gets home late from work. When Steffy realizes he got the food from Deacon, she guesses that he’s still saying that Sheila might still be alive. Finn tells her that Deacon is still struggling with Sheila’s death. After some discussion, he assures her that he’s focused on her and the kids now, not Sheila or her death. They kiss and say, “I love you.” He tells her that he’ll give her a back rub later, and then they go back to talk about Deacon and Sheila.

Lauren is in town again, visiting Eric. She asks about his health, so he tells her that he’s doing well. She mentions once more that they’re so lucky not to have to worry about Sheila again. She lets him know that she saw Steffy last time she was visiting. They discuss her and Finn, and then Eric mentions that Deacon is not celebrating Sheila’s death. She can’t believe that he fell for her. Eric reminds her that he once did, too. Lauren reminds him that he was conned by Sheila, not knowing she was a psycho (unlike Deacon). They both agree that they beat Sheila by surviving her.

Deacon keeps wondering who Sugar is. He does a search online but doesn’t find anything. He wonders again if he’s going crazy, but he’s sure that he saw ten toes, so he vows not to give up looking for her. Later, Lauren finds him look at Sheila’s picture on her computer while he thinks. She tells him to detail that photo and any reminders of Sheila. He knows that she had a bad history with Sheila, but he knew her differently. She’s glad Sheila’s gone, but he wonders if Sheila could still be alive. They go through what happened (with Steffy stabbing Sheila). Lauren is walking out when Deacon asks her if she knows someone named, “Sugar.” She stops, shocked, and looks at him. It’s clear that she knows the name.

Zende keeps arguing with RJ to forgive Luna for sleeping with him. RJ gets annoyed and tells RJ that he stabbed him in the back. Zende says that he’s sorry that he betrayed his cousin, and he hopes that he forgives him one day. He urges RJ not to blow his relationship with Luna. RJ also blasts Poppy for her drug use. Zende and Poppy leave Luna and RJ alone to talk. He asks her why she didn’t tell him right after it happened. She wishes she had, but she explains that she didn’t want to ruin his relationship with Zende. He tells her that he needs some time. Luna agrees, looking miserable.


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