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Ah. Uh.

Hey. Hey, Tripp, honey. Ah. I see you’re all packed. Uh, yep. This is the last of it. Oh, and, um, I left you my meditation pillow. Something for you to remember me by. That’s not funny, mom. Come on, I’m just trying to lighten things up here. You’re so serious. Yeah, because I still don’t understand why you’re doing this.

Why you’re moving out. Baby, I already told you why. I know you did. But I don’t buy it. So, just be honest with me, please. What kind of trouble are you in now? Ah, Broski. Isn’t it a wonderful day to, uh, Ah, Broski. Uh, better make it a double. You mind pouring me one of those? You know, on second thought, I think I’m gonna have Harold run down to the cellar and grab the finest bottle of bubbly we got.

Oh yeah? What’s the occasion? Occasion? I just visited Gabby in prison and I’m feeling Pretty optimistic about the future. Oh, how romantic. Two criminal lovers. One incarcerated, the other having evaded justice. You’re not gonna bring me down today, Captain Cynicism. No, I have a new lease on life. Stephen, aren’t you supposed to be in jail?

Tell me it’s not true. I’m afraid it is. Oh, my God. What happened? Green Industries. They decided to pull out of the issue. They said it didn’t align with their brand. It was very last minute. Yeah, no kidding. I mean, they’re our biggest advertiser. I’m I have worked so hard to turn things around, Alex. I know you have, Theresa.

I’m sorry. Can we get Green Industries on the phone? There’s no point, Teresa. They’re out. And I appreciate everything you’ve done here, I really do, but the numbers do not lie. The magazine’s failing. Again. Well, there has to be something we can do. Like, maybe we can get a new advertiser to take some of the pages in the new issue.

It’s too late. There’s not going to be another issue.

As much as I hate to say this, I think we’re going to have to pull the plug on Bella. Today. Constantine

Melionis, will you marry me? Maggie! I, uh, I am speechless. It’s very unusual for me, as you know. I just want to help, Constantine. And I’m not ready for you to leave Salem. Nor am I, Maggie. I am so grateful for you and to the universe for bringing us together, but As time goes by Touched as I am in good conscience, I cannot accept your proposal.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hi. Hey, Wendy. Hey, I’m so glad that I get to see you before. Yeah, it’s everything. No, I’m concerned about my mom, as you know, and I want to make sure that she’s moving out for the right reasons. Okay. I know what you two may be thinking, but I promise you, I am not in any kind of trouble. All right? And this move, it has nothing to do with the two of you.

You guys have been great. You’ve always made me feel welcome here. It’s just, I think it’s time that mommy was no longer underfoot, you know? I know. Okay, and it’s not like I’m shacking up with some stranger. I’m gonna be moving in with Harris. Kind of like we’re taking our relationship to the next level, you know?

Oh my god, glum face. All right, I’m just gonna be down at the Brady pub. We’re gonna see each other all of the time. All right, so please just stop worrying. It’s for the best. For everyone.

Hey guys.

Did our brother not tell you? EJ, our esteemed district attorney, cut a deal to keep me out of the Crossbar Hotel. And he was just about to return to me all of my worldly possessions that he tried to, with such zeal, purloin from me. Half eel possessions, Stefan. Do be accurate. Uh, why am I the last person to know what’s going on around here?

And what is this business about EJ trying to purloin your possessions? I mean, wouldn’t they be our possessions before you stole them from us? Okay, well, since we are in the business of being completely accurate, Gabby and I staged a very lawful takeover of our family run corporation. Spoken like a dollar store Gordon Gekko.

Oh, God. Wall Street? The movie? Oh, you guys are such jerks. All right, um, the point. So what? is actually going on here. Why don’t you ask our dear brother? All right. Dear brother? What are you up to now? Alex,

wait, please. Please don’t pull the plug on this yet. Please just give me a chance. It’s not gonna happen, Teresa. I spoke with the client for over a half an hour. They don’t believe that Bella can expand its circulation enough to make it cost effective for them. They already reallocated the funds and I did everything short of getting down on my hands and knees begging.

There is nothing more we can do.

Okay. Okay. You know what? It’s their loss because I’m going to find an even bigger and better multinational client and, and with our 10 year vision, I can Hey, hey. It’s not going to happen. And I admire the tenacity, I really do. But I mean, I’ve gone over all the numbers. It’s not economically feasible. Hey, we’re spending more publishing, Bella, than it even has the potential to make.

Even though I didn’t go to Wharton, I know that’s not a good thing. So I think it’s time to take the right down before it gets even worse. There’s no changing your mind. Sorry. Look, I wanted this to be a success story, too. I really did. But I think it’s best if we just take our losses and move on.

Okay, I get it. Okay. Hey, Teresa, it’s not the end of the world. I’m gonna get you another job. You know what? Don’t bother.

I quit.

You won’t accept my proposal? No, Maggie, I cannot. I would never want to put you in an uncomfortable situation with your family, your friends. Constantine, if my family and friends don’t approve, that’s their problem. That’s not mine. And yes, this will be a marriage in name only, as you know. But given all that you’ve suffered because of my late husband, well, I feel like I need to make amends on his behalf.

I believe that marrying you is the right thing to do. And if anyone disagrees, to hell with them. Oh, Maggie. I am so overwhelmed by your graciousness. And as far as the marriage being a name only, well, I will accept that. I would never ask anything more of you than you feel ready to give. Okay, then. Well, the only thing left for you to do is to say yes.

Yes. I accept your kind and beautiful proposal.

I will marry you. Okay. And here you go.

You’re awfully quiet. I’m just thinking. You mean worrying. About your mom. Yeah. Yeah, I am. I am worried about her, obviously. I mean, Between Stefan leaving her out of his confession, and then the sudden decision to move out, I think something’s up. In fact, I am, I am sure. But what is it? I mean, she quit the bistro, she, I mean, Wasn’t accused of any wrongdoing.

No, but my mom is just, you know, one thing after the other and just as soon as you think that she’s on the straight and narrow, it’s boom, something just blows up in her face. Okay, well at least she won’t exactly be standing by the side of the highway with her thumb out, you know? She’s moving in with an ex navy SEAL, current police officer.

She might be safer living with Harris. So, You know, I didn’t think enough about my mom. So, let’s talk about you. How was your birthday back at work? In a word? Terrible. Mmm, Yeah. Oh, this is nice, huh? It’s nice just being able to kick back and relax after hauling all of my stuff up to your room. I’m just glad we found a place for you, Yooka Laylee.

And everything else. Yeah, I was never worried. Well, I was kind of. I was kind of worried.

Ava. You and I, we, uh, we fit together. Perfectly.

Alright, so, what should we toast to? Do you mean, um, besides me being able to hog the blanket every night? Which I do not mind, by the way. Hey. At all. Good. So what do you think? Two, uh, fresh starts.

I don’t owe you an explanation, Kristen. Oh, well, that’s where you’re wrong, dear brother. I am a DiMera as much as you are. Not really, blood is thicker than water, right? Okay, that is Seven. That is a vile thing to say. You know, we may not share the same DNA, but I am every bit of a DiMera as you are. And let me guess, hm?

Since our dear brother, the oh so ethical district attorney offered you a deal and got you out of prison, I bet you got a great payment, didn’t you? What, the CEO job? Half the DiMera fortune? Oh, I must inform you, Stefan, that our public relations department will be releasing a statement from you that you are resigning from the company effective immediately due to your own personal failings, your being a convicted felon, your inability to right the ship, et cetera, et cetera.

Got it all figured out, don’t you? You befoul my reputation and you come out of this whole thing smelling like a rose with that smug smile. Well, you can certainly restore your reputation, Stefan, by, um Doing some volunteer work, perhaps? Working in a soup kitchen? Oh, better yet, you can finally figure out what you’re going to do with the bistro!

That ought to occupy your time, what with all the damage control you’ll have to do. Which reminds me Ava sent me a rather curt email informing me that she quit, not that that was any great loss. The place has been open for weeks. Anyway, good luck to both of you. Kisses.

Why would you quit? Theresa, what happened? It’s not your fault. If anybody’s, it was mine. Come on. We both know that’s not true. It is true, I’m the one who resurrected the magazine just to make a damn point. To Maggie. To prove that I knew better than she did. It wasn’t even so much a business plan, as it was like an ego thing.

And I also wanted to make my father proud. You know, since the magazine was named after Isabella I suppose I wanted to feel closer to him. Through his memory. Anyway, I gave you an impossible task, Teresa.

I really appreciate you falling on the sword like this, I do, but I could have done more. I was just so distracted with Tate and Come on, let’s just admit it, I was a charity hire. No, that is not true. Yes, it is true! It is! Even when I was coming in to work, I was, I was struggling. Mightily, you know that.

Theresa, come on. You had some growing pains. Who cares? You also had some great ideas and everybody here loves you. No.

I, I really, really do appreciate you, Alex, but I think that, I think it’s better for you and for everyone if I just find a fresh start somewhere else. Teresa. So. Teresa.

So we’re officially engaged then. We are indeed. Words cannot express what this means to me. I’m just, I’m just happy that I could help you, Constantine. Like I said, it’s, it, in some small way, maybe it’ll make up for, I don’t know, for what your rivalry with Victor cost you. It was not your responsibility to do that.

Nonetheless. Well, so now I just have to have a word with my lawyers to, um, find out where, how we proceed and the necessary forms that all that. And in the meantime, do you think we could keep this between us? Okay. Of course. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Okay.

All the pieces are falling right into place. For me to get exactly what I deserve. Now if I could only find that damn card.

Okay, now you’re going to tell me, what’s going on.

I thought it’d be a good distraction. You know, being back in the office. But I was a total mess, Tripp. Like, I was completely useless. I just, I had this tunnel vision the entire time. I was obsessed with trying to find a lead on Clyde. And? Oh, waste of time. No, I just kept falling down all of these internet rabbit holes, and digging up similar cases, and thinking that if I dug deep enough, if I just hacked into one more server, maybe I would find something.

But nada. Well, I think you’re being really hard on yourself. I mean, this was your first day back at work. No, I know, but I just had this fantasy that I’d be back at the top of my game. But every road I went down, they were dead ends. And then, and then, I’d pass by Goldman’s desk, and I’d see her demonic face, and then I’d get these heart palpitations, and I just couldn’t breathe, and it was like we were back in that tank.

I’m sorry. I hate being like this. I hate being like this. No, hey, hey, hey. You have, you have nothing, nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry that you had such a terrible day. Maybe, maybe you went back to work too soon.

Okay, but hey, hey, you’re not, you’re not at work right here, right now. So I want you to sit back and just relax, okay? And look, I know you know this, and I’ve said this before, but it’s anxiety. Actually, we were held captive, and it is totally normal. Yeah, I know. I’m talking to you, aren’t I? Maybe.

So, no toasting fresh starts. Look, I do appreciate the vote of confidence, but I just, I don’t feel like there’s going to be a fresh start until I finish this last task for Clyde. Okay. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go get the book. You got the keys, right? I do, yeah. Okay, so we’re gonna walk in, we’re gonna get the book, we’re gonna hand it back to Clyde, that’s when we capture him, we put him back behind bars, and he’ll finally be out of our lives for good.

Oh. Oh, Victor.

I hope I’m doing the right thing.

Hey, Maggie. Teresa! Um, Henderson let me in. But if now’s a bad time, then No, it isn’t. It isn’t. I’m always happy to see you, you know that? Is everything okay? Hmm. No, not really. But I figured since you’re my sponsor, maybe I could burden you with hearing about it. You’re never a burden. Now, come on. Let’s just sit down and you tell me what’s wrong.

Okay? Okay. Okay. Come on. Come on.

Okay. It’s about Bella. Ah. Alex and I decided to shut it down. Um, I’m sorry to hear that, but it’s not a surprise. It hasn’t been doing well. No, it hasn’t been. No. I can’t feel like a total failure. Well, you’re not. You’re not a failure. I mean, the magazine was doomed from the start. I tried to tell Alex over and over again.

No, I know. It was Barely successful back then, but But? But? Come on now. You did good work. You know that. And I’m certain that Alex is going to find you another job at Titan. I don’t want another job at Titan. What? I told him I quit. Why? Because I don’t belong there. Oh, of course you do. I don’t, I never did.

I was never qualified. The job listing was, must have x amount of years in research and has to have worked x amount of years for this and that and prefer a master’s degree and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I, I never, I never had any of that. I was just a charity hire. Stop it. You are not a charity hire.

For heaven’s sakes, you ran the magazine before? Yeah, and again, it was not successful back then. Far from it. So really, if I’m being honest right now, the only reason that I got the job is because I pushed myself on Alex. And there you go, running yourself down again. Come on, Teresa. Come on, Teresa. You can’t make a man fall in love with you.

Alex did that all on his own. Yeah, well now I’ve blown that too.

I really thought that everything was coming together. I thought I was going to be rich and successful and happy.

Turns out that I’m just a pretender.

Oh honey, stop that. Mm mm mm.

What am I gonna do with you? Teresa, you are capable, you’re smart, you’re driven, you have everything going for you. I know you’re feeling demoralized right now, but the truth is, this is all on Alex. Bella was a sinking ship from the start. And you know what? I’m gonna have a chat with Mr. Kiriakis. Oh, no, you don’t need to do that.

Oh, listen, after I talk with him, I’ll see you at the meeting tonight.

Okay, I’ll be there. Okay! Uh, now chill out, okay? Everything is going to be fine. Okay. Miss Donovan, may I have a

word with you?

Are you cold? Are you cold? You know, it’s a little chilly in here.

How’s that? That’s great. Come on, I can see gears turning in that beautiful brain of yours. What are you, what are you thinking about? Actually, I was thinking about what you said. About your mom, how she’s always finding trouble.

Intrepid. If she finds it again, I don’t think I can deal with it. With getting caught in the crossfire, I mean. Yeah, I couldn’t either. But that’s not, that’s not going to happen. She moved out for one thing. No, she moved across town, she didn’t move across the globe. Look, if she gets in over her head again, and we both know that’s bound to happen, you’re going to want to protect her.

And you should.

What are you What are you trying to say?

Oh, well, hello there, you two. EJ. Ava, I’m glad I bumped into you. I received your resignation from the Bistro. And? Oh, I passed it along to Stefan, who will be managing the Bistro full time henceforth since, uh He’s been bounced from DiMera Enterprises. Hmm. You know when he might be planning to reopen? I don’t.

And, honestly, I don’t care. But while you’re here, could you please give me the keys and I’ll pass them along to him?

Are you really gonna let EJ’s team rule you like that? Take over the business you worked so hard for? Well, the way I see it, I have no choice. Let’s either resign or get fired. Can’t imagine the board would love the optics of having a convicted felon for a CEO. Well, I can’t argue with that. What does that look for?

What? It occurs to me that you are a pardoned felon. Right, so? So, while I can’t be CEO, no reason you can’t. I like where this is going. I like it too. I like it a lot. Stephen! Have I told you lately, uh, how much I admire your ingenuity? Have I told you that I admire your openness to my ingenuity? That’s why we are going to make such a winning team.

We are indeed. I’m going to help you knock that CEO crown off EJ’s inflated head before it even lands. Oh, and then you can put that big, beautiful crown on my head. Alex,

Maggie, I’m sorry to barge in on you, but I just spoke to Teresa and she told me about Bella, right? And I know that you are just dying to say I told you so, so you don’t have to sugar coat it. Lay it on me. I just overheard you and Maggie having a little chit chat, dear Teresa. Please don’t tell me you were having a sudden attack of conscience.

Have you forgotten our agreement? God, it’s not like you’re holding up your end. Oh, but I am. Maggie Kiriakis just proposed to me. You’re lying. I am certainly not lying. But, uh, spreading the word is strictly verboten, no? We both want to savor our newfound status, uh, before letting the world in to, to share our joy.

Oh my God. God, I just can’t believe a woman as smart as Maggie could be gullible enough to fall for a con artist like you and think that you actually care about her. I do care about her and I most certainly care about her dowry as well. Yeah, no kidding. Listen, Maggie only stands to inherit half of Victor’s estate.

And we both know she’s already giving it away, like crazy, huh? And since we both set it up so that Alex will get the other half of the estate, huh? And since I am entitled to half of your spoils when you marry him Okay, you know what? Maybe I’m sick of the deception. Maybe this little agreement that we have just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Fine! Walk away, if you want, after you get the money. Or, Maggie will find out you kidnapped her precious little grandchild. Hey, that is because you blackmailed me, and you know what? If I go down, I’m taking you down with me. Don’t you play games with me, dammit! Stick with the plan, Teresa, or you will live to regret it.

Just tell me. Wendy, what did you mean about her mom? Just that Look, I know you are always going to be there for her. And you should be. You’re her son.

Family is very important to me, too. I, I, I know that. Well, earlier today I spoke with my dad. He’s finally starting to sound like himself. I mean, I mean, he’s taking an interest in his work, and he’s riding his bike, and he’s tending to his garden, and, and Even though he and my mom are still grieving.

Obviously. He told me that they’re both They’re both trying to get on with their lives. Wendy, that is That is such great news. Yeah, it is. But still, they’re both very fragile.

And the way that it affected them, when they heard about what happened to me, that they almost lost another child. I’m scared of hurting them again. I understand that. And to be honest, I’m just, I’m tired. Okay, I’m tired of always worrying. Of always having to look over my shoulder and just waiting for the bad things to happen.

I don’t have the keys to the bistro on me at the moment. And quite honestly, I would prefer to return them to Stefan myself. You know, cut out the middleman. Suit yourself. I was only just trying to save you and my brother the awkwardness. Or maybe you relish the idea of rubbing it in his face. You know, how he took the fall for your misdeeds and, uh, let you off scot free so you could run off with Harris.

Slippin made his own bed. Oh, nonsense. We all know that Detective Michaels here is the one who floated that deal to my brother. You know, the one where if he kept you out of the money laundering slash drug trafficking charges, That Harris here would not have my brother prosecuted for trying to kill him.

Personally, I think that was an egregious dereliction of duty. Sacrificing an open and shut case of an attempted cop killer to save one of Clyde’s minions. Ew. Says the man who made the deal to set him free. How’d he get you to do it? What’s Stefan holding over your head?

I take it you want The CEO position, yes? What do you think? I think you are highly ambitious. I think you are addicted to status and power. Not to mention, you enjoy pushing people around. So yeah, I’d say you are lusting after the position. And you would be correct. Now, let me ask you, what are you going to want in return?

Ha ha, ambitious honesty. Yes, you scratch my back ends. You helped me get Gabby out of prison.

Come on, Alex. That’s not my style to gloat or to say I told you so. I came here to congratulate you. To congratulate me? For what? On making the right decision, at long last. Oh. I’m also here to present another chance to make the right decision. Well, I’m listening. You and I have not always seen eye to eye, but we are the stewards of Victor’s legacy.

I want you to bring me back on a Titan. Now, Alex, I know the company has been struggling since Victor’s death, but I want to make it as successful as it once was. You and I, together, I believe we can ride this ship.

Most about this stupid little agreement that I never should have agreed to. The fact that you are lying to Maggie. She happens to be the best person that I know. I am fond of Maggie, as I said. But the thing is, under different circumstances, everything that Victor amassed should have been mine anyway. And soon it will be.

Okay, here’s just a little piece of advice for you, yeah? Once you do get that money, run. Bar. You know why? Because nobody in Salem is gonna want to have anything to do with you. Least of all Maggie. Fair enough. But there is a rather important piece of business that has cropped up since I have arrived. Oh God, I’m afraid to ask.

I will tell you anyway. An opportunity to avenge a great loss. But there is something I must find to make that happen. And I will not be leaving Salem until I do.

I’ve always considered myself strong. And Cool under pressure. I, I hate being afraid. Okay, Wendy, I keep telling you this. That fear is totally normal and healthy. It’s what’s kept us alive on the savannah for like a bajillion years, okay? Wendy, look at me. You are one of the strongest people I have ever known.

Okay, but even the strongest people at times feel fear and uncertainty. Okay, but you don’t have to go through this alone. I am there for you. Always. Okay, it’s gonna be okay, I promise. Okay?

Stefan’s got something on you. I don’t know what it is, but I’m gonna make it my mission to figure it out. Don’t you have enough missions to accomplish already, detective? Because, and no doubt I don’t need to remind you, I know the truth about your deal with Stefan. And I suggest that you and he, with all of your skeletons in your respective closets, stay on my good side.

Or your rather irregular activities will see the light. And at the very least, you will be an officer of the law. No more.

Oh, you want me to help you get Gabby out of prison? I mean, why don’t we just get a pair of shovels and go find Jimmy Hoffa? I mean, this is insane, Stefan! Well, you are just the littlest bit insane, so I’d say you’re overqualified for the job. Alright, even if I were tempted by this preposterous quid pro quo, how do you propose we go about this feat?

You got yourself out of prison semi recently, didn’t you? Come on, Kristen. You want to be head of the DiMera empire? You want to shake hands with prime ministers? Make big deals with tech magnates on private peninsulas. You got this. Do we have a deal? I’ll think about it.

Is Gabby innocent? Oh, I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life. Well, if she didn’t kill Lee Shin The simplest legal way to get her out of prison would be to find out who did it. Well, there’s not really anything simple about it. See, the police have exhausted their every lead, and my P. I. and I have come up empty.

Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. I will find a way.

Previously on When Calls the Heart Previously on When Calls the Heart I wonder what it says We’re going to teach you to regret We’re going to teach you to regret Oh, I’m so sorry I know when someone’s up to no good I know when someone’s up to no good You should accept this fellowship You should accept this fellowship Are you leaving Hope Valley?

Life is more fun than surprises. The night seems as restless as ever, while we await word of Ned Yost’s condition after his collapse. Damn. Damn. With lemon and honey. With lemon and honey. Thank you. In case you’re hungry, I asked Gustav to prepare some sandwiches for all. He should be ready shortly. That was very nice.

That was very nice.

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