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Jack: Back up. What do you mean harrison’s missing?

Diane: And claire took him? We just saw her at the party.

Kyle: Okay. She came by. She came by to bring harrison his lucky bunny charm. He wanted her to read him a bedtime story. Dad, she’s the first person he’s liked. First person she’s liked out of all the nannies. The first person since linda. And they were just right there. I didn’t see the harm in it, so I… dad, I– I called the police, but… no, maybe we should drive around the neighborhood.

Jack: Kyle, kyle, kyle, listen to me. Slow down.

Diane: Yeah, and take a breath. You called the police?

Jack: Tell us what happened from the beginning.

Summer: Kyle, what is this voicemail? Harrison’s missing?

Diane: Kyle, where have you looked so far?

Kyle: I– I checked all over the house, but he… he’s gone. He– he’s gone. They’re both– they’re both gone. Claire must have taken him.

Summer: No, no, it can’t be. Harrison loves to play hide and seek. I mean, did you check under his bed?

Kyle: Yes, I checked all of his favorite hiding places. Dad, I wish this was a game, but it’s not. Damn it! Damn it! Why did I trust her with him?

Diane: Okay, so you think claire took him? And that he’s–

Jack: Have you tried calling claire?

Kyle: Yes, about 10 times, but it keeps going to voicemail.

Diane: All right, you guys, there has to be an explanation. This can’t be a kidnapping.

Summer: That’s exactly what this is. His bed’s still made. All of his favorite things are still there. How could you let this happen? How could you let that psychopath take our son?

Jack: Don’t panic.

Summer: She poisoned my family, jack, and now she has our son.

Jack: Summer, we don’t know that yet.

Diane: I know you’re upset. We all are, but jack’s right. Panicking won’t help us figure out what happened.

Summer: Kyle left harrison alone with her and now they’re both gone. What more do we need to know?

Diane: Well, pointing fingers won’t help either. We need to all work together to figure this out.

Jack: Son, talk us through this, step by step.

Kyle: Okay, um, harrison, he left his lucky charm at the party. That bunny figurine he has.

Jack: We know it well.

Kyle: Then you know he was beside himself without it. Claire, she showed up with it. Apparently, she spotted it at our table. After we left, they talked about it at the party. She knew how much it meant to him. She had called his lucky bun, so she brought it over.

Summer: Wait, she left the party before I did. She could have easily given it to me.

Kyle: Um, harrison, he was upstairs. We were chatting down here. And then, he came down. He was ready for bed. And when he saw that she had brought the lucky charm, it was like the whole night was saved. I mean, he was on the verge of a meltdown before. I was worried how I was going to get him to fall asleep without it and then… he– he was so grateful. He asked her to read him a bedtime story.

Summer: And you let her?

Kyle: Yes, I didn’t see the harm in it. I mean, they were up there and I– I– I was right there. But then when I went up to check on them, they were gone.

Summer: Kyle, you left her alone with harrison, knowing her history, knowing how I feel about her, all because harrison thinks she’s funny and she brought back his toys?

Kyle: Yes! Yes! Because he likes her! And she went out of her way to bring him that stupid bunny charm. He should have seen them talking about charms. It was sweet. And I knew ashley and traci were upstairs. And then when I went up to check on harrison, tell him goodnight, he and claire were gone. I never in a million years thought that she’d take—

Summer: No, you didn’t think, did you?

Kyle: No.

Summer: Has anybody even called the police?

Kyle: I called them. The police are on their way.

Diane: All right, kyle. I know you’ve searched the house, but what about the property? I mean, could harrison have taken claire out back to look at his tree fort or something?

Kyle: Yes, mom, I checked everywhere. I checked inside and out, the pool shed, the garden shed.

Jack: Let’s not all jump to the worst possible outcome yet.

Summer: Jack, she’s a convicted felon. She just got out of the psych ward and now she– she has her little boy.

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Jack: Okay, our security is working with gcpd, combing the grounds for any clue as to what might have happened.

Diane: Here, honey, have some water.

Summer: I just want my son back. I want to tuck him into bed. I want to curl up next to him.

Jack: We all want that, believe me, but we have help now to figure out what happened, to find harrison. We have to trust the authorities to do their job.

Summer: Harrison thinks he’s a big kid, but he’s not. He’s so sweet and innocent still. He– he thinks that everyone in this world is good, but there are bad people out there who do bad things, even if they seem harmless, like claire.

Diane: Summer, I’m as scared as you are, but come on, let’s think through this. Why would she want to take him?

Summer: Why would she poison my dad and my grandparents, her own parents? She’s a crazy person.

Jack: As I understand things, that was her aunt jordan’s plan.

Summer: Why does everybody give claire a pass? She’s not a child. She’s a grown woman and she went along with everything that jordan did.

Diane: All right, worst case scenario, this is a kidnapping. Should we be prepared for a ransom?

Jack: No, no, if that’s the case, there’s no problem.

Summer: She doesn’t need money. She’s a newman now. Victoria and cole have accepted her and she’s been living at the ranch. She could be set for life. I– I don’t get this. I don’t get why she took harrison.

Traci: What is going on here?

Jack: How is ashley? Any changes?

Traci: She’s still asleep. Why are the police here?

Jack: Harrison is missing. Claire was with him. She was reading a book. When kyle went to check on them, they were both gone.

Traci: How is that even possible? I’ve been here all night.

Jack: We’re trying to figure that out. Did you see anything, hear anything that was out of the ordinary?

Traci: No, no, no. I was checking on ashley every hour or so.

Kyle: Dad, do you have the number for the alarm company? The officer needs to review the security footage.

Traci: Oh, they’re gonna find something on the security footage, right?

Summer: How long were you chatting with claire before harrison came down? Were you having drinks?

Kyle: Really? I had half a glass of whiskey and then she had water.

Summer: Of course, she did. She needed to stay sober while she got you drunk so that she could take harrison. The police should check your drink for poison.

Kyle: She didn’t poison me. I poured my own drink.

Summer: Oh, my god. She probably stole harrison’s lucky charm so that she could use it as an excuse to come over here and to get harrison alone. How long has she been planning this? Charming harrison with her stupid kid jokes and pretending to be his friend?

Diane: Do you think it’s possible?

Summer: Of course, it’s possible and you wanted her to be harrison’s nanny. I cannot be here anymore. I can’t wait around while claire’s getting farther and farther away with our son.

Jack: Summer, I think we all need to stay here in case they get in touch.

Kyle: Or claire calls.

Summer: You stay here. I’m gonna go get my own answer since I definitely can’t trust you.

Kyle: Oh, where are you going? Huh? Damn it!

Jack: Kyle, let her go. She wants to do anything, something that would help things.

Kyle: Oh, and I don’t?

Jack: She is upset, kyle. She’s lashing out.

Traci: Kyle, just don’t even pay attention to her accusations. We all know you would never do anything to put harrison in harm’s way.

Kyle: I mean, did I completely misread claire?

Diane: Well, if you did, you’re not the only one. The newmans have welcomed her into their family.

Kyle: No, not summer. She’s wanted nothing to do with her since she found out about her past. I mean, my god, what if– what if summer’s right? What if she’s been planning this all along, playing me?

Jack: I hate to say this, but we have to consider all the possibilities.

Diane: Jack.

Jack: We have no choice. Claire was alone with him. Now, both of them are gone.

Traci: I just– I just wish I had heard them come upstairs. If I had run into them in the hall checking on ashley, maybe it would have deterred her.

Kyle: Tonight, claire said she brought his toy back because she had a lucky charm of her own when she was a kid, and jordan took it from her.

Traci: She told you that?

Kyle: Yes. She talked about how hard it was and how– and how happy she was to be free of jordan’s lies and rebuilding her life as a newman. I mean, the story, it seemed so real. The details. It’s like telling it, it brought up painful memories for her.

Traci: And it’s these tiny details that make a made-up story sound very real.

Kyle: So, you’re saying she was lying to me? That she was playing me? This is some manipulation to win me over?

Traci: No, I’m not saying anything. I’m just suggesting that we consider it.

Kyle: Yeah. How could I have been so vulnerable?

Jack: Hey, we will find him. We will bring him home.

Traci: Diane? Where are you going? Kyle needs you right now.

Diane: I know no one wants to think about it, but there is an emotionally unstable person right upstairs.

Traci: Are you suggesting that ashley would do something to harm harrison? She loves that boy.

Diane: So do I. He’s my grandson. But like jack said, we have to look at all the possibilities.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Frantic knocking on door ]

Victoria: All right. All right, I’m coming. I’m coming, I’m coming. Summer, what are you doing here? It’s so late.

Summer: Is claire here? Did she bring harrison? Claire!

Victoria: Last I heard, she was dropping off his good luck charm. She texted me that she found it at the jazz lounge. Why would she bring harrison here?

Summer: Claire took harrison. They’re both missing. If advanced lung cancer

Summer: Claire!

Victoria: What are you talking about? There must be some misunderstanding. Claire would never take harrison.

Summer: They’re not here. You’re sure?

Victoria: No, I’m positive they’re not here. I’ve been waiting for her to get home. I’ll call her. Let me call her. Claire, uh, it’s mom. It’s getting late. I’m worried about you. Where are you? What’s going on? Just give me a call as soon as you get this, all right?

Kyle: This is what he looks like. He’s about this tall… he has brown hair.

Traci: Well?

Diane: Ashley’s sound asleep.

Traci: Well, I could have told you that if you had let me.

Diane: All right, you want me to say it? Okay, I’m wrong. I’m wrong, but can you blame me with how she’s been acting lately?

Traci: You know, I don’t blame any of us for heightened emotions at a time like this, especially with our sweet boy missing. Diane, I know my sister. And no matter what she’s going through, she would never harm an innocent child.

Diane: I know, I know. But whoever has harrison might.

Victor: So, what happened?

Summer: I’m really sorry to stop by so late, but this is an emergency.

Victor: Is it claire or jordan?

Summer: Claire’s missing. So is harrison.

Nikki: What do you mean they’re missing?

Victoria: Tell them what you told me.

Summer: Claire found harrison’s good luck charm at the lounge. He had lost it and she brought it to the abbott house to give back to him. And kyle let her go upstairs with harrison to read him a story and then the– the next thing he knew, they were gone. She took him.

Victor: How do you know claire took him?

Victoria: That’s my point exactly. It’s a leap to blame her.

Summer: A leap? I know that claire took him because of her history and because kyle would have heard if someone else was in the house. Grandpa, I told you that I didn’t trust her. I was right.

Nikki: My god, it’s jordan. She’s behind this.

Victor: Well, let’s not jump to conclusions, all right? Let’s stick with the facts. So, go on.

Summer: The last you tracked jordan, she had left town. Claire, on the other hand, was at the abbott house with harrison alone. She’s been fixated on harrison since the moment that she met him.

Victoria: Come on, she loves children. Harrison is the first little cousin that she’s had a chance to meet. Fixation is going a bit far, don’t you think?

Summer: She stole his good luck charm. She was using that as an excuse to get to the abbott house and she knew that she could get away with it because we were all going to be distracted celebrating you guys at the jazz lounge.

Victoria: Claire would never kidnap a child. There has to be some other explanation.

Nikki: I am telling you, this is jordan. I knew our party would lure her out of hiding. Oh, my god. That’s why we had all the security.

Summer: Stop, please. Just can you all stop giving claire an out? You let her into your lives and you let her into your home and look at what’s happened. She tricked you all again.

[ Phone ringing ]

Jack: Victor, I take it you’ve heard?

Victor: Yeah. Summer and victoria are here.

Jack: That’s where she went. She ran out of here saying she needed answers.

Victor: Do you have any update?

Jack: The police are here searching the grounds with my security team. They’ve already spoken to kyle. They’re going over security cam footage as we speak.

Victor: Okay, now listen carefully. I’m going to send my head of security to meet with your team. Together, we will find our grandson.

Jack: Thank you. How are summer and nikki?

Victor: Emotions are running high, all right? And summer’s blaming claire. So, obviously it doesn’t sit well with victoria. What do you think? You think it was claire?

Jack: I don’t want to. And for the record, neither does kyle. But given the information we have, no other explanation really makes sense.

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Jack: Oh, good. My security team tells me you’ve completed your own search of the grounds and the security cam footage.

Kyle: Please tell us you found something that explains what happened.

Guard: A delivery truck arrived late tonight.

Traci: Oh, that would be our weekly floral delivery. It arrives like clockwork.

Diane: I’ll go check.

Guard: Tonight it was late. It parked at the back entrance for 10 minutes, then left.

Kyle: Okay, what about the driver?

Jack: Did you maybe see who it was?

Guard: Unfortunately not.

Diane: Okay, the flowers did arrive, but they’re just in a pile outside the kitchen door like someone tossed them there.

Traci: No, that’s not at all how it usually happens.

Kyle: This doesn’t make sense. There’s more going on here.

Cole: Claire would never hurt a child. And she would never run off with jordan willingly. This is all my aunt. She has our child and yours.

Summer: I am so sick of you all blindly trusting claire. And I’m furious at kyle for leaving harrison alone with her, knowing how I felt about her.

Victoria: She’s your cousin. She’s my daughter. Your own father has forgiven her. You would think that you’d be able to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Summer: When my child is missing?

Cole: What possible motive could she have?

Victoria: Exactly. Her sole focus has been getting stronger. She’s been overcoming all kinds of psychological and emotional abuse that she’s suffered from her aunt jordan, who, by the way, she’s cut all ties with and tried to draw close to her true family, which includes you, by the way. Do you know she’s trying so hard to be your friend?

Summer: Why is that? To get closer to harrison?

Cole: Okay, summer, just think about it. Why would she do this?

Summer: I don’t know why she would do this. I’m not a psychopath like her and her aunt. Maybe it’s time that you two give me some answers.

Victoria: Like?

Summer: Like, why is claire so obsessed with working with children, being around them, helping them? What is that about? Maybe she does take after her aunt. Maybe she stole a kid for her own insane reasons to have a do-over on the childhood that she never had or to… to punish another kid the way that she was out of some sick, twisted revenge.

Victoria: Look, I understand that you’re upset, all right? I understand that this is terrifying, but you’re spinning all of these theories that don’t make any sense whatsoever.

Summer: Psychopaths don’t make sense. I don’t know what’s going on in her head. I don’t know. What I do know is that you all are blind when it comes to claire. You’ve been enabling her. You’ve been coddling her, telling her that you forgive her. She tried to kill you, and she fooled you. You know that she’s a master manipulator. She fooled you, grandma. And you’ve just somehow forgotten all about that because– because you’re desperate to accept her back into the family. Because you feel bad that she felt abandoned growing up. Even you, grandpa. Even you. You want us all to be a big, happy family so badly that you’re just you’re blinded by your feelings. My son is the one that’s paying the price. I said tonight that I learned everything that I know about family from you. What about my family? What about harrison? Do any of you care about harrison? He’s just a little boy. He should be home, asleep, safe in bed. But you’re all too busy defending claire, who you barely know.

Victor: Sweetheart, sit down. Now, look at me. Do you know anyone who is more careful about people coming into our circle? Or even to our family? No one is more suspicious. No one. I would not do anything to hurt my family. And harrison is part of my family. We love him as our son. Now, I brought claire in here. I thought about that. But I brought her in here as suspicious as I am. That should give you assurance that claire did not do this.

Jack: I’m not sure we can rule out claire’s involvement quite yet.

Kyle: But don’t you see? The delivery truck being late, the flowers not being delivered in their usual way. Someone could have come in here and taken harrison.

Diane: But why would the flower delivery person want to kidnap harrison?

Kyle: The delivery truck was a cover.

Traci: That’s possible, but is it likely?

Kyle: Yeah, anyone in search of a ransom could target harrison. It’s part of why we have security in the first place.

Traci: That’s very true.

Kyle: We have to at least entertain the possibility that someone else did this. And just finding claire was an accident. I mean, did I hear anything? And just assume it was traci or ashley. My instincts can’t be that bad. To leave my son alone with someone who would take him?

Jack: We need to consider every possibility. We’ve already given the police the name of the floral company. They’re going to reach out to the driver to see if anything out of the ordinary happened tonight.

Diane: And if that’s the case, we should be prepared for a ransom demand soon.

Kyle: Okay, if someone would risk it all and kidnap harrison for money, what if they freak out and think that they’ll get caught? What happens to harrison then?

Jack: We have to stop spinning scenarios. We have to stay calm.

Kyle: How can I? How can any of us?

Jack: We can because we must. To get through this crisis, to get harrison back here safely. When anyone in this house wears white,

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This year,

Summer: I know that you love harrison.

Victoria: We all do. Do you know he was my stepson before he was yours?

Summer: Then why can’t you see the danger that he’s in?

Victoria: We see the danger that harrison and claire are both in.

Summer: I can’t talk to you about this anymore. You let claire into this family and now she has harrison. That is on all of you. So do whatever it takes to find them. You at least owe me that. Find her, appeal to this so-called empathy that she has for children, and make her bring harrison home. And then make sure she never has the opportunity to hurt a child ever again. Or I will never forgive any of you.

Victor: Very sorry you had to hear all that.

Victoria: Summer’s never trusted claire. That’s why she’s blaming her now.

Nikki: I’m sorry, darling, but we all know damn well that this is jordan. Summer didn’t want to hear it because it’s too terrifying. And we have no confirmation that jordan got on that train. Look at the timing. The night of our anniversary party, I knew it would draw her out and it did, just not in the way I expected.

Victoria: Did you really think that jordan planned to kidnap claire and harrison? I mean, how could she have known that claire would find his good luck charm and go to the abbots?

Nikki: So, she pivoted. Like that night in the dungeon when we saw her swallow her own poison. When she realized she couldn’t infiltrate our party because there was so much security, she had to come up with another way to get to us.

Cole: I hate to say it, but this does sound like my aunt.

Victor: You know that she’s a master opportunist.

Victoria: What if claire was her target, but then harrison just ended up collateral damage?

Cole: Looking only for claire at the abbott house? No way.

Nikki: Okay. I know you don’t want to consider this, but I think that we have to. What if summer is right and claire did do this? What if jordan somehow was able to draw claire back in?

Jack: Thank you, officer. I appreciate the update.

Traci: Okay, did they talk to the delivery driver?

Jack: If anything, it is more confusing. The floral delivery service can’t seem to get in touch with the driver and he didn’t make any of his other deliveries tonight.

Kyle: So he and the truck are both missing?

Jack: Not exactly. The truck was abandoned on a roadside just outside of town.

Kyle: Okay, that proves it was hijacked. Someone had a plan.

Traci: Plan? That someone that was watching the house long enough to know what our regular deliveries were like.

Diane: Well, why haven’t they contacted us yet?

Traci: Because they’re waiting, they’re waiting. What are they waiting for? They’re waiting because they’re still watching the house. They’re waiting for the police to leave and they’re waiting so that their call isn’t traced.

Kyle: Or they’re waiting for the coast to be clear to drop off instructions.

Jack: We don’t know that this is a ransom or maybe something else.

Diane: Jack, I know that your team is working on this and so is victor’s and so is the police.

Jack: Yes, it’s all hands on deck.

Diane: But we will find them, right? And harrison’s going to be okay? I mean, honey, the thought of him scared and alone.

Summer: What’s happened? Has there been news?

Kyle: Yeah, we just got an update from the police. The truck that usually delivers the flowers was late tonight.

Traci: And the flowers were dumped out back.

Jack: They weren’t able to identify the driver on the security footage. The driver is apparently missing in action. And the truck is found on the side of a road.

Kyle: So, it proves that it had to have been someone else, an outsider. I mean, we should contact the fbi. Isn’t that who handles kidnapping?

Summer: Hey, hang on. Hang on. How does that prove anything? How did claire get here tonight?

Kyle: She took a ride share.

Summer: Did you see her arrive?

Kyle: No.

Summer: So she could have said whatever she wanted. She could have come here in a delivery truck and parked out back.

Kyle: Why would she do that? She didn’t need to sneak in.

Summer: So that she can make a quick escape with harrison.

Kyle: Okay, summer, I know you’re scared. I’m terrified too, but we do not have enough information to blame claire and just zero in on her. The delivery truck was here for 10 minutes. Claire was here a lot longer. So someone else, the kidnapper drove the truck onto the property.

Summer: It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t involved. The person on the inside.

Kyle: So, she’s part of some kidnapping ring now?

Summer: My grandma thinks that jordan could be behind this.

Diane: Oh, god.

Traci: Not our sweet boy.

Summer: Claire was jordan’s loyal accomplice before. On the drive over here, I had to… face the possibility that it might be true. They could be back at it again. Jack, we’ve got to get the newman and the abbott security teams on this. They need to be checking claire’s phone calls, her text messages, her web searches. And they need to be on the lookout for all three people. And we need to let the police know that jordan… is still in genoa city.

Jack: You’re right. I’ll make those calls now.

[ Phone ringing ]

Summer: What is it?

Kyle: It’s claire.

Jack: Read it, son.

Kyle: Um… “I have harrison. You can keep him safe by helping my aunt. She knows the newmans will never let her go free. It’s up to you and summer. Details to follow.”

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Summer: Call her. Call her now. Demand that she bring harrison back right now.

Kyle: Summer, summer, just give me a second to think.

Summer: What do you need to think about?

Kyle: Jordan could still be a part of this.

Summer: She is. And claire is her accomplice.

Kyle: What if she’s threatening claire? What if she has claire’s phone and she doesn’t know that she’s using it?

Summer: Why can’t you accept that you’re wrong about her? Why do you insist on defending her?

Kyle: Because I can’t stand knowing that my son is alone and terrified with two lunatics! That I put my son in danger by trusting the wrong person! That he trusted claire! He called her his new friend. And she did this to him. That I let this happen.

Summer: I hate this too. But the sooner you accept that she did this…

Kyle: Just think about it. If claire isn’t a part of this, if this is all jordan, our son has an ally. A protector. Someone who will look out for him and make sure he gets home safe.

Summer: It’s wishful thinking, kyle. And it’s pointless. Because the truth is our son is out there somewhere. And he needs us.

Jack: What this text tells us is that jordan, with or without claire, is willing to negotiate.

Traci: Oh, I really think that we need to look at this as a positive sign.

Victoria: How could you even say that, mom?

Cole: Look, claire has seen jordan for who she is. She would never willingly be a part of her evil plan again.

Nikki: I don’t want to believe this any more than you do. And I’m not accusing her. But how could jordan pull this off without claire? I mean, how could she even get close enough to harrison on her own?

Victoria: Claire would never take harrison of her own accord. I refuse to believe that. This is just another twisted revenge plot of jordan’S. I can’t even bear to consider what she has in mind for harrison, or why she would even target him in the first place.

Cole: Okay, listen, we’re going to find them both, all right? Everyone’s minds are racing all over the place because of the shock of this all. We’re looking for logic here.

Victor: Yeah, but there’s no logic where jordan is concerned, you know?

[ Phone ringing ] Excuse me. Yes, jack. Any update?

Jack: It all ties back to jordan. Kyle got a text from claire admitting that she has harrison and saying that he and summer were going to have to help jordan.

Victor: What do you mean help jordan?

Jack: Details to follow, but she no longer trusts that the newmans are going to let her go.

Victor: You mean, and she trusts the abbotts?

Nikki: Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I don’t want to believe that claire is a part of this either. I mean, she was so happy at the party tonight being a part of the family.

Victoria: You know, she said it was the best night of her life.

Cole: I watched her listen to the toast, and you could just see how much it meant to her to be there.

Victoria: She would never use this as a cover to try to sneak away and help jordan steal harrison from this house.

Victor: Hold on for a minute. So, it seems claire has harrison, and some demands helping jordan are to follow.

Cole: But she has the boy?

Victoria: No, that can’t be right. Daddy, may I? Jack, did you talk to claire? I mean, did you actually hear her voice?

Jack: No, kyle got a text.

Victoria: Well, it could be that jordan has her phone. It doesn’t mean that she sent that text.

Jack: It’s possible.

Victoria: No, that’s what this is. This is jordan. She’s trying to manipulate us all again like she did before. She has claire hostage too.

Victor: Jack, I’m going to come over and see you, okay? So, seems that jordan has decided to include the abbots. Now, I’m going to go over to jack and figure this out together, okay?

Victoria: We’re coming too.

Victor: No, you’re not. You’re going to stay here. I’m going to get that woman, once and for all. I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Schwarzkopf has 125 years

Victoria: You know, I hate to say it, I hate to even think it, but what if summer is right? What if there were some signs in claire that we didn’t see? Not that she would ever hurt harrison, but maybe mom is right. Maybe– maybe jordan somehow got to her?

Nikki: If anyone can, jordan can.

Cole: Nikki, please don’t go down that road. You know better than that. This is what my aunt does. She makes people question their instincts. We know claire’s heart.

Victoria: You’re right. I do, but that means the worst could be true. Claire could be jordan’s victim again.

Jack: Well, victor’s on his way.

Diane: Oh, great. That’s all we need, for him to blow in here and insist that his way is the only way.

Traci: No, no, no. I think it’s good. Victor knows jordan. He knows what we’re going to be dealing with.

Jack: Exactly. We’re going to outsmart her. We need him. Who knows what the demands are going to be.

Kyle: Summer, harrison… harrison’s my world. I would die for him. The day I found out he was my son, my life changed in the best way possible. We are so lucky to have him.

Summer: I know.

Kyle: And he is so lucky to have you as his mother. I will move heaven and earth to get him through this. I promise you, whatever the demands are, whoever they’re from, we will meet them. No questions asked. We will get him home safe and soon.

Summer: You damn well better. This happened because of choices you’ve made. Trusting claire. If anything happens to our son, it’s on you.

Harrison: I don’t know you. I want to go home. I want my mom and dad.

Jordan: Oh, but harrison, I told you, your mom and dad don’t want you anymore. I’m your aunt jordan, and I’m going to take care of you from now on.

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