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Johnny and Chanel wake up on the couch at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. They kiss on the couch until Julie walks in. Julie worries that she did it again and says to pretend she’s invisible as she heads back out.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and notes that she’s up early. Nicole says she actually went for a run as she needed to clear her head, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how she’s spent the last two months of her life from grieving their son to almost losing Holly. Nicole questions what to do now. EJ asks what she wants to be next. Nicole responds that she doesn’t know. EJ encourages her to take her time and think about it as it will come to her eventually. Nicole mentions that she and Holly will go to the press conference and then she will take her to school. Holly comes in and remarks that she hoped it would be a snow day. EJ informs her that the storm just missed them and remarks that Smith Island got the brunt of it. Nicole encourages Holly that getting back in a routine will be good for her. Holly informs them that she wrote her apology letters to Tate and his family, but questions how to deliver them if she’s not allowed to see Tate.

Brady and Tate eat breakfast at the Brady Pub. Brady encourages Tate to eat but he says he’s not hungry. Brady guesses he’s anxious about the press conference and school. Theresa joins them and talks about how she can’t wait for EJ to have to eat crow in public. Tate asks who else they think is going to be at the press conference.

At the police station, Sloan is with Stefan in the interrogation room. Sloan informs him that they can move forward if he chooses to retain her services but notes it’s an unusual case since he had already worked out a deal prior to seeking an attorney. Stefan responds that he is a DiMera and fearlessness is in their DNA.

Chanel and Johnny eat breakfast at the Horton Cabin. Julie comes back in and announces that she’s not crashing their honeymoon anymore as she is leaving, but Johnny and Chanel revealed that Julie is not leaving because they are snowed in and the bridge is closed. Julie remarks that she’s trapped in a cabin with two newlyweds.

Theresa encourages Tate to eat his breakfast since he has a big day ahead of him. Brady adds that they do have something important to talk about. Tate complains that’s all they ever do. Brady informs him that they know it’s inevitable that he’s going to see Holly at school and instructs him to keep his distance. Theresa states that under no circumstances is he to hang out with Holly which Tate mocks. Theresa warns about Holly dragging him down again while Brady says they are trying to protect him. Tate says he gets it. Theresa hopes he does because Holly is trouble and will screw up his life.

Nicole offers to hang on to Holly’s apology letters so she hands them over. Nicole says she’s proud of her for writing them as she knows it couldn’t have been easy. Nicole asks if EJ is ready for his speech. EJ mocks that it being his dream to issue a public apology. Holly says she’s sorry that he has to do it. EJ says he did what he did because he was sure Holly never would’ve taken those drugs on her own, but she proved him wrong. Holly questions why she did it and suggests her life isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks. Holly brings up being on her third stepfather and EJ’s last name coming with a whole lot of baggage, pointing out that a DiMera put those drugs on the street. Nicole tells her to stop it and not to blame her or EJ because she made her choices and now has to live with it. Nicole tells Holly to get her stuff and they will go, so she exits. Nicole tells EJ that she’s sorry. EJ says that Holly is lashing out at them, but deep down is just mad at herself. EJ then gets a phone call and says he’ll be there. EJ hangs up and tells Nicole that he has to go to a meeting, but he will not be late to the press conference. Nicole says she’ll see him there then and kisses him goodbye as she exits. EJ then tells himself that in this “meeting” which is actually Stefan’s hearing, he will present the judge with a case so weak that she’ll have no choice but to reject his plea agreement.

Sloan tells Stefan that some would call his behavior rash. Stefan points out that he’s hiring her to represent him. Sloan calls it a little late but says they will first discuss her retainer and guesses he’s not so fearless on that. Stefan responds that his finances are in flux at the moment. Sloan notes that he’s a DiMera so funds are at his fingertips. Stefan states that his access to those funds is temporarily on hold. Sloan is suddenly not feeling confident about this arrangement and goes to leave but Stefan stops her and promises to pay her handsomely. Stefan adds that she could also benefit from representing him since he hears her practice has slowed down quite a bit. Sloan tells him that he’s mistaken as her practice is flourishing. Sloan tells Stefan that if he’s not paying upfront, it will cost him double at the end which Stefan agrees to. Sloan says she still has questions and asks why he needs her when EJ made him a sweet deal. Stefan says the deal is only sweet if the judge signs off on it and there’s no way that EJ won’t try to double cross him.

Julie asks Johnny and Chanel what they are going to do. Johnny says they will just have to ride it out, but at least they still have power. Chanel offers Julie some of the breakfast they made. Julie feels terrible, like she’s invaded their honeymoon. Julie suggests after breakfast, Johnny and Chanel can go make memories in the snow. Chanel says they didn’t pack for a snowstorm but Julie says she has them covered.

Tate tells Brady and Theresa that he won’t hang out with Holly. Brady tells him to just focus on making good choices. Tate asks if he can talk about something else and declares that he wants to start working at the Pub again, arguing that it’s good to be productive and he still has to pay back the damages to his old school. Theresa doesn’t feel like it’s a good idea since he’s starting school again and needs to focus on that. Brady agrees that Tate should focus on school work and summer is right around the corner. Tate argues that Roman needs him and he’d be helping family. Tate says if it gets to be too much, he can just quit. Brady decides they will table the conversation for now because today, they need to focus. Nicole and Holly then enter the Pub, so Holly and Tate see each other.

EJ meets Stefan in the interrogation room. Stefan remarks that he’s so glad he could fit him in to his schedule and asks if it’s a busy day. EJ wants to get it over with and asks what he needs. EJ mentions being surprised that his hearing was moved up to today. Stefan says his attorney arranged that for him. EJ questions why he needs an attorney. Stefan argues that his life is on the line. Stefan says EJ may be his brother, but he’s also the district attorney prosecuting him and he doesn’t trust him one bit. Stefan says he needs someone on his side that doesn’t benefit from sending him to prison. EJ feels that he’s wasting time and money. Stefan admits the offer is very generous and a win-win for both of them as EJ gets to brag to the citizens of Salem while he gets the time served sentence. EJ brings up Stefan blackmailing him in to agreeing to the terms. Stefan reminds EJ that he also won a high stakes chess game. Stefan states that at the end of the day, they are family, so he hopes EJ would return his half of the DiMera funds when he returns home. EJ laughs at Stefan thinking he’s coming home. Stefan warns that if he doesn’t, EJ will pay.

Theresa complains about Nicole and Holly entering the Pub. Nicole suggests to Holly that they go to the Bakery instead. Holly argues that it’s a small town, so they can’t just run away every time this happens. Nicole says they can now since she gave Brady and Theresa her word that they would keep Holly and Tate apart. Holly points out that she can give them her apology letters now. Nicole questions if that’s a good idea. Holly feels there’s no better way to make amends than in person. Nicole reluctantly agrees and gives her the letters. Holly then approaches their table and informs Brady, Theresa, and Tate that she wrote each of them a letter and gives them the letters.

Julie gets Johnny and Chanel dressed up in jackets and hats, pointing out that they always keep extra clothes here. Julie says she’s going to call Doug and encourages them to go play in the snow. Chanel decides they should just make the best of it, but says she will want a do-over on the honeymoon somewhere that is hot and tropical as they then exit the cabin.

EJ, Sloan, and Stefan see the judge. EJ talks to the judge about the drug epidemic but the police being able to cut off most of the pipeline. EJ says Salem is now a safer place to live and says the state agrees that time served is in the best interest for all parties. The judge asks if he’s joking, arguing that Stefan is his brother and the plea is nepotism. The judge declares that she is appalled which makes Stefan worry while EJ holds back a smile.

Chanel and Johnny head back inside and tell Julie about how it was cold but they had a lot of fun. Julie suggests they play charades after warming up. Chanel says she’s never played. Julie assures that she’ll love it and says she’ll make hot cocoa.

Tate reads his letter from Holly, which says she’s so sorry for everything she put him through and she wants to be better, noting that next time she’ll keep his sweatshirt to have something of him to keep close to her. Tate then thinks back to being in the park with Holly. Holly and Tate smile at each other. Brady thanks Holly and says she obviously understands how her actions hurt Tate. Brady adds that they appreciate the letters. Theresa thanks her as well. Brady feels like they are finally coming to an end of this situation and he’s very grateful for that. Nicole says they are too. Theresa warns Holly that the letters don’t change how they feel about her hanging out with Tate. Nicole insists that they understand and will continue to abide by their wishes.

EJ tells the judge that all required paperwork is included and the people have spoken. The judge argues that this plea does not support the interest of the public or address the nature of the offense. Sloan presents the judge with a sworn affidavit from the attorney general’s office including the information that Stefan provided, leading to the seizing of narcotics. The judge says that’s well and good but that Stefan shouldn’t get a free pass just because EJ doesn’t want to prosecute his brother. Sloan argues that they are all safer knowing that Stefan curbed the enterprise of Clyde’s. Sloan brings up Clyde having Gabi assaulted in prison because of Stefan refusing to take Clyde’s orders. Sloan says those additional crimes would add years to Clyde’s prison sentence when he is recaptured. Sloan feels time served is a reasonable sentence for Stefan, considering all he has done to make amends. The judge then states that she’s heard from both sides and they may have accepted the court to accept the plea agreement, but in the interest of justice, she will take it under advisement and her clerk will notify them when she has made a decision. She adds that the guard outside will escort Stefan back to his cell as she needs to get to court. EJ thanks her as she exits. Stefan asks Sloan what this means. Sloan says they just wait and she’ll check in on him later. Stefan thanks her for advocating for him today and says he appreciates it. Sloan then exits. Stefan confronts EJ and argues that he deliberately presented a weak case. EJ says that he did exactly what they agreed to and he doesn’t make the rules, so whatever the judge decides is under her discretion. EJ argues that it’s out of his hands. Stefan threatens that he may not have destroyed the only copy of the recording of EJ. EJ threatens back that he will have no problem revealing who really shot Harris Michaels and his blackmail trumps Stefan’s. EJ adds that he still has the agreement where Stefan signed over all off his possessions. EJ tells Stefan that he’ll see him in a few years and storms out.

Johnny, Chanel, and Julie play charades. Julie notes the fire getting low so Johnny decides that he will go out and get some more firewood and exits. Julie comments to Chanel that Johnny is a really lovely guy, bringing up Johnny standing by during Paulina’s illness. Julie asks how Paulina is doing. Chanel says she’s doing really well but is in radiation so she’s in isolation. Julie asks if that means she’s in the home stretch. Chanel says that’s what they are hoping for. Chanel calls the Horton Cabin a really special place. Julie calls it wonderful for the family with beautiful memories. Julie talks about her grandparents always having board games and puzzles for them on bad weather days like this. Julie then brings up the time capsule and informs Chanel how they found it after the house fire and they think it was something to challenge the new generation like a puzzle. Julie mentions it getting colder so Chanel decides she will go help Johnny to bring more firewood.

Nicole and Holly sit at table together at the Pub. Nicole asks Holly if she feels better after handing out the letters. Holly says she was nervous but is glad that it’s over now. Nicole thinks it will help her heal, make better choices, and understand the consequences. Holly apologizes and says she never wants to hurt her like that ever again. Nicole tells her that she loves her. Tate then loudly asks “what the hell” after seeing something on his phone but tells Theresa and Brady that it’s nothing. Theresa says he wouldn’t react like that if it was nothing and takes his phone to see. Theresa then reads a post from a student, saying today is the day that the pill pushing dirtbag comes back to school and asks when he’s going to cause Holly another overdose. Theresa shouts that she’s going to have a conversation with the principal. Tate asks her not to make this a thing today. Brady declares that all of this is going to stop when EJ makes the public apology as that will be all over the news and it will die down. Holly comes over and says she will tell everybody at school that what happened was completely her fault and had nothing to do with Tate. They thank her as Nicole says they are going to get going as they press conference is about to start. Brady says they will see them there as Nicole and Holly exit the Pub while Tate has a smile.

Brady, Theresa, Tate, Nicole, and Holly go to the town square where EJ is speaking at the press conference. Brady questions it already starting and if they were late. Nicole guesses EJ was early. EJ finishes his speech. Brady confronts EJ and asks what the hell was that.

Julie works on a crossword puzzle and complains about a snowstorm in the middle of April. Julie wonders where Johnny and Chanel are so she steps out to look for them. Julie calls out but there’s no answer, so she heads back inside, worrying that they’ve been out there too long.

EJ asks what Brady means. Theresa argues that he started before the press even got there. EJ points out the press but Brady says that’s just EJ’s PR guy and this is not an acceptable apology. EJ tells him it is what it is, so he can take it or leave it. Tate wants Brady to just let it go as he doesn’t care and says he wants to go so he’s not late on his first day back to school. Brady agrees to leave, but tells EJ that he wants a written copy of his apology sent to his office by the end of the day. Nicole tells them that she’s so sorry as she had no idea EJ was going to do this. Nicole knows it’s not what they wanted, but insists that EJ is very sorry and just isn’t very good at apologizing which Theresa mocks. Nicole knows it’s not an excuse but assures that their whole family is really sorry. Brady thanks her as he and Theresa walk away with Tate.

Julie decides that Johnny and Chanel have been out in the cold too long so she’s going to find them but Johnny returns with the firewood. Julie asks what happened. Johnny says the wood was wet so he had to go further to find some. Julie asks where Chanel is. Johnny thought she was here with her. Julie explains that she went out looking for Johnny. Johnny responds that he hasn’t seen her so Julie questions where Chanel is.

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