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Hmm. So, everything here is on my special diet, huh? Definitely. You want oatmeal? Wheat toast? Fresh fruit? Would you like some tea? Black coffee? Hmm. What I would like is a bear claw. Well, you’ll be able to have your bear claws very soon, my dear. I know, I know. And I don’t mean to complain. In fact, I am sorry.

I’m very, very grateful that this wonderful treatment exists and the only reason that I’m not looking forward to it has Nothing to do with food or even having no one to talk to for a few days. Oh What’s oh, it’s gonna be hard for me since in case you haven’t noticed I do like to talk I noticed Oh, no.

The reason I’m dreading the treatment is that I hate being away from you, Abraham, or, uh, for even one minute.

Hey, what are you doing here? What is that? The key to the Horton cabin. Sarah gave it to me. We are starting our mini honeymoon today. Today. Like, like now? Today. Yeah. A few cozy days away from it all. Just the two of us. Yeah. There’s just one problem after work, you know that. Oh, right, right. Um, well, I guess our mini honeymoon will just have to wait then.

I’m sorry. That’s okay. It’s your job. I get it. Thank you for understanding. Sure. I

don’t believe this. Stefan DiMera confessed to running illegal drugs out of the Bistro Cafe. Demira is currently behind bars? What the hell?

No, this spectator did not get an exclusive because it is run by Demira. My office will be releasing a statement as soon as possible today. You can follow up with my communications officer. Okay. Good morning. Holly. Yeah? Look, I know you’re upset about being punished. But you chose to do drugs, and then you decided to lie to us about it.

Excuse me, you’ve never lied? Everyone makes mistakes. But this needs to be a lesson learned. Hmm. Okay, well, if everyone makes mistakes, how’s it fair that Tate and I can’t see each other anymore? We’ve already been over this. That was Tate’s parents decision, and under the circumstances, I can’t say that I blame them.

Look, I know that you think you want to be with Tate right now, but I believe in time you’ll realize that this separation is for the best. You want to know what I really think? I think you blew everything out of proportion right from the beginning, arresting Tate when there was no real reason to. So guess what?

This is all your fault, EJ.

So? How was it? Your first day back at work? Uh, it felt good. Getting back to normal. Yeah. But, uh, what about you? Have you decided when you’re going back? I’m not sure. Rafe left it up to me. That’s very generous. Yeah. Okay. That’s good. You mind telling me what we’re doing out here? I’ll show you. It is pretty chilly out.

They say a storm’s coming in soon. Oh, that’s okay. We’re gonna work up a sweat. What are those for? You’re gonna punch me.

Hello? Well, hello there, little lady. I’ll bet you thought you were rid of me, huh? What do you want? Well, I want you to listen up. Okay, no, you listen to me. You almost killed my son and his girlfriend, so unless you have called to tell me where you are so I can come slit your throat and just watch you bleed out, I got nothing to say to you anymore.

Good gracious, such hostility. Take a chill pill, mama. Word on the street is your little boy’s doing just fine. Now, unless you want me to disavow Stefan’s mere culprit confession to the police, I suggest you just sit back and listen to what I have to say. Now, I just finished reading this morning’s news.

Uh, Stephan DiMera arrested, blah, blah, yeah. Here we go. The DiMera heir is currently behind bars awaiting arraignment. His ex business partner at the bistro, Ava Vitali, declined comment. Um, ex partner Ava? I don’t think so. Because I have one little more job I need you to do for me.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You want me to run your new drug empire? You used to run bangs for the Philly mob, didn’t you? That was a long time ago. I’m going straight. Trying to put my life back together in that. Starts with getting a legitimate job. Well, I’ll set you up with a legitimate job, all right? That’s not a problem. I got connections at the bistro.

You still there? Yeah. Good. You know, for a second there, I thought maybe you hung up on me. I’m here. Well, you’re a smart lady. Look, the bistro closed. I got forced out because of everything that went down. Well, you better force your way back in. Look, I don’t know or care how you and your robo cop boyfriend got Stefan to take the fall, but we both know that you’re far from innocent on this.

So if you want to keep flying under the radar, you’d best do what I tell you to do.

Punch you? Come on, put the gloves on. Physical activity is great for working off nerves and stress. You know, against the endorphins flowing. Hmm. Okay. Look, Wendy After what we went through, I mean, it’s no surprise that we have PTSD. And so it might be good for us to work some of our feelings out in a physical way that’s perfectly safe.

Okay, but boxing? I’ve never done it before. I mean, either, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try. You know, I was thinking more like jogging. But I guess I could give boxing a try. All right, cool. Let’s do this.

You are one sneaky fella. Oh, me? Uh huh. My second in command was wondering why I even showed up when I am supposed to be on my mini honeymoon today. Okay, okay, I admit I did speak to some of your staff and they agreed to cover you for the next few days. Okay, well that was good of them, but Johnny, it’s not right.

What? Of course it is. Look, Dee. Adore you. And I also conspired with them on your behalf to pay them time and a half while we’re gone. Don’t worry, I’ll cover it. Okay, that was very generous of you and really, really thoughtful, but But? What? You don’t want to go? No, no, I really want to go. Like, so much, but We’ll just go.

Mama, you know, she starts her treatment today. Which is why I scheduled this for right now, because she’s gonna have to be in isolation. You’re not gonna be able to be with her for the next few days, and I figured that you’re gonna want to spend as much time with her as possible once she’s no longer radioactive.

That’s true. And the Horton cabin is fairly close in case you have to come back here for any reason, which you won’t because everything’s gonna be fine with your mom with sweet bits. Well, how do I say no to that? Well, I’ll tell you. You can’t. And I promise you that this is going to be the best time ever, Mrs.

DiMera. Well, I already know that, Mr. Dupree. Because I’m going to be alone in a cabin with the sexiest husband in the world.

Yes, Mr. Shin, I have everything under control. I know the story’s out. Stefan was arrested and is incarcerated. I realize it’s not a good look for the company, but I just want to EJ! No. Mr. Shin, I promise you, you have my word. I’ll handle it. And furthermore Hello? You know what? I don’t believe this. Our brother is in jail on drug charges, and I have to find out about it in The Spectator.

Yes. What the hell?

One of my brothers locks up my other brother and my youngest brother Publishes a story about it and no one thinks to tell me get a grip Krista. Okay, you know what? I’d love to get a grip I’d love to get a grip around all three of your necks Stefan was running the company. Where the hell does that leave DiMera Enterprises?

Incapable hands. Look, you have nothing to worry about, and I have to run, so if you’ll excuse me. Oh, oh, nothing to worry about except the family business going under!

Dad! Oh, sorry son, I’m in a bit of a rush. Oh, hey, I just, uh, wait, I just, uh, I wanted to let you know that Chanel and I are going to be out of town for the next couple of days. We’re headed out to the Horton cabin for a mini honeymoon. That’s great, that’s long overdue. Oh, wait a second, I also wanted to ask you about Uncle Stefan, he’s in jail.

What the heck? You two, do you even care? Yeah, of course I do, he’s my uncle. And he was supplying the drugs that nearly got Holly killed. What? Look, everything is fine and taken care of, okay? So don’t worry. So please go enjoy your honeymoon. You both deserve some time off, okay? Oh my god. Oh my god, Tripp, are you okay?

Oh, I’m so sorry. I was aiming for the mitts. I guess I just went a little overboard. No, no, no. It’s okay. It’s okay. You, uh Mean right hook, though. You sure you’ve never done this before? Well, I studied taekwondo for about eight years. I’m a brown belt. Oh, well. But no, I’ve never punched anyone before. Well, I think you’re ready for the black belt, just saying.

Remind me to never get in a fight with you. Well, taekwondo. Is about kindness, forgiveness, building a peaceful world, not fighting. Good to know. Your turn. You know, uh, more than I think about it, uh, jockeying doesn’t sound that bad of an idea.

Then I’ll race ya.

Oh, I don’t care about flying under the radar. You want to tell someone that I was just as involved as Stefan? Go right ahead. It’s gonna be his word against yours. And I would rather park my ass in jail than ever do anything with you again. Is that so? I’m hanging up now. Do not call me back. What would Sweetie Pie Harris say if he knew how I got out of prison?

Yeah, that caught your attention, didn’t it? Love it like that. That’s a hard thing to give up when all I’m asking is just one itty bitty favor. Uh uh. No, I’m not doing it. I am not laundering your money. I am not your distribution hub. Well, who said anything about that? No, this job is easy peasy. Listen up.

Gil hid a little black book at the bistro. Inside that book. Is all the info on my suppliers and my dealers. There is no digital trail on me. Everything is in that book in pen and ink. Now, I need you to get that book to me. That book needs to be placed in my hands and no one else’s. And I mean no one.

Comprende? Now, I ain’t asking you to kill nobody or kidnap them or Or even betray your little PI friends. At least, not to their faces. But that little book is the only trail back to me. So, if you get it to me, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll pick up and move my operations elsewhere. You’ll never have to hear from me again.

Ava. Speak to me.

This is the last thing I will ever do for you. And then I’m out. Absolutely, Ava. Absolutely.

Finished! You? Not quite. Oh, you are strict. You need your strength for this treatment. I need my strength to sit all alone twiddling my thumb.

Happy now? Very. Now, don’t worry. You’re going to be able to eat all your favorite foods again. I know, I know. Mama. Oh, oh, my sweet baby girl. I brought you some treats. Oh, you’re an angel. But, uh, Oh, um, Chanel, honey, bear claws aren’t on the approved food list. Well, mama, you underestimate me because these are made with non iodized salt.

So, you’re all good. Oh, really? Oh, wait, wait, wait. Uh, uh, uh, are they made with iodate dough conditioners? Definitely not. Oh! Ha ha ha! Good amyloid! Mmm! Okay, uh, well, I have to run, but I will have my phone on me 24 7, so if you need me to come back, you just call me. Okay? Come back? From where? Oh, yeah, I forgot that little detail.

Johnny and I are going to the Horton Family Cabin for, like, a little mini honeymoon. Oh! How exciting! But, but if you want me to stay, I’ll stay. Ah, ah, ah, no, no, no, no. I’ll go. I insist. Oh, and you bundle up because it’s gonna get cold later. Oh, well, I’m sure they’ll find a way to keep warm. Ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah.

Ah, ah, ah. Ooh, ooh. Ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah. So, some spring break, right? Yeah, it was a total waste. I’m so not ready to go back to school. Yeah, me neither, but we don’t really have a choice. There is one good thing, and it’s our parents can’t keep us separated while we’re there. I know, right? So, how about we make a pact?

What do you mean? Okay, um, let’s agree to find each other between periods. And we’ll hold hands in the halls and talk. And then, and then for lunch we’ll find a really private, secret space to, you know, be together. With no one staring at us or anything. I have the perfect spot, under the oak tree at the far end of the quad.

Yes, that’s perfect. But, in the meantime The

gardeners? Hey, why don’t we sneak up to my room before anyone sees us? And I’ll be sure to lock the door this time. Yeah, yeah, I’m down. Let’s just make sure the coast is clear.


Holly! Hi. Uh oh. I’ve heard that tone before. What’s wrong? Nothing. Except that I literally have no life. And I already know what you’re gonna say. That I’m overreacting. Feeling sorry for myself. Oh, fuck. I’m not going to say that, because I have no idea what you’re even talking about. Um, Tate and I are not allowed to see each other anymore.

Ah, damn. That sucks. Yeah, tell me about it. Oh, and just so you know, I’m not in love with Tate. In case, like, anyone tries to tell you I am. Nobody’s told me that. Good, because I’m not. Okay, got it. I, I do really like him though. I mean, he’s a good guy. But it doesn’t matter because my mother and stepdad number three have decided we’re toxic for each other.

And like, they’re not. Sorry Johnny, I know EJ’s your dad and all, but I think him and my mom are a total mismatch. Well, I don’t know about that. But I am sorry to hear about you and Tate, that you can’t hang out with each other anymore. Me too. Bye. It’s my fault, really. I made such a mess out of everything.

Look, Holly, you messed up. Okay, we all do it. And now you’re paying the consequences. And pretty soon, this is going to be nothing but a bad memory for you. Okay? Um, hey, look, I hate to do this, but Chanel is gonna be here any minute. We’re getting away for the weekend, so I’m out. I kind of need to go back.

Yeah, I know. Totally. I’m really happy for you guys. You love each other so much. I hope I can find that one day. You will. You will. But don’t rush it, okay? You’ve got loads of time, okay? And hey, when we get back, if you still want to talk, I’m available. No judgment, okay? Okay, thanks Johnny. Have a good time.

Thanks. Holly? It’s me, girl! Hi! Hi, you busy?

You want to paint nails like we used to? Uh, yeah, let’s do it. Come on, let’s go get our mani pedi bag. Oh. You beat me by like 10 seconds. No, I slowed down so you wouldn’t choke on my dust. Or I caught up because of my lightning speed. Oh, nice try. You want some water? Yeah, please. Oh

my god, did you see this? What? The Spectator article about Stefan O’Meara. He confessed to running drugs out of the bistro. He’s in jail. Does it say anything about my mom? Just that his ex business partner declined comment. Hey. Mom. What’s wrong? You okay? Yeah, I’m fine, but you’ve got some explaining to do.

What’s, what’s going on? Mom, why would Seven confess? Beats me. I thought you were both forced into this shady stuff. I thought you were both threatened by Clyde. Yeah, we were. I guess He felt so guilty about what happened to the two of you. That doesn’t sound like Stefan. Who cares, right? I mean, this is great.

I mean, you can finally put all this stuff behind you. Yeah, absolutely. Yep, I’m going to, uh, make a fresh start, starting with quitting the bistro. You’re quitting? Yeah. I already did. Too much bad luck and too many bad memories. Again, a fresh start. And that includes finding a new place to live.

How’s this? Impressive. Very unique. My mom says I’m one of a kind. But you definitely are. So how’s school going? What’s your favorite subject? Lunch. Mine too. You were always good at math though. I remember when I was your tutor. It’s okay. I like reading better. Reading’s fun.

Okay, we’re taking off. Where are you going? On a much needed honeymoon. Aw, well, you guys have a great time. We will

all, I’m tapping away.

Mm. I am going to miss you. Oh. Oh. Not as much as I’m going to miss you, and I’m going through this procedure knowing that you are gonna be at home waiting for me, . And that you remember our history again? Oh. It comforts me so, knowing that you love me now, then, and always. And with all my heart.

You’re moving out. Newlyweds need their space. We’re not Exactly newlyweds. Well, I heard you exchanged vows. Wendy Shin, with my whole heart, I take you as my wife. I promise to respect you as a person, as a partner, and an equal. You know, before you came along, I wasn’t sure I believed in finding the one. And, uh, relationships brought me a lot of heartache, a lot of pain.

And now I know that things just didn’t work out in the past because fate was just sending me to you. Tripp Johnson,

with all my heart I take you as my husband. And I promise to be by your side, to learn with you, to encourage you. To respect you and accept you. We are equals. We’re friends. We’re lovers.

And now we’re husband and wife.

And I vow to love you and to cherish you with all my being. Till I draw my very last breath on this earth.

You gonna make it official? Maybe, but uh, for now our vows are on the back burner. Yeah, we’re just happy being together. Okay, well still, you two need your space. You don’t have to do this alone. Please, I nearly got you guys killed. Okay. Look, you guys have been too generous. You’ve let me stay way too long.

I just think moving out on my own is going to be the best for everyone.

Well, well, not the Ritz, but it’s pleasant enough. Well, it’s only for a couple of days. And then I’ll be, I’ll be back at home. But still having to stay a few feet away from everybody. Strange how a little tiny pill can radiate for days. Oh. Hello, Mayor. Former Mayor. Good to see you, Dr. Johnson. Good to see you guys as well.

You know, we’re so relieved that you and Wendy were rescued. Thank you. What a horrifying ordeal. It was, it was, but, you know, we’re, we’re doing okay now and we’re feeling very lucky. Oh, as am I. Yeah, I heard you had, uh, quite the ordeal yourself while I was away, but with a really happy ending. Well, you know, we are all, we’re all very blessed.

Yeah, we sure are. Well, I think, uh, we should get you started. Okay, and, uh, but one thing, though. There is something I have to ask all my female patients. Uh, is there any chance you might be pregnant? Oh, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh. Um. Are you gonna card me for alcohol, too? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I’ll take that as a no.

Boy, I’m big. I’m being this big. Okay, then we should be good to go. Alright, we’re gonna take you to a special room to take the radioactive pill, and then you’ll be brought back here to stay until the doctors give you the green light to leave, okay? Okay, um, before we, uh, go to the special room, can my husband and I just have a minute?

Sure. I’ll send the nurse to come get you in about ten minutes. Are

you going to do this every time we show up at a new place? Every single time. Wow. Wow. This place is really charming, isn’t it? It’s cozy. Private. Which means that we can be as loud as we want. Unlike Che DiMera. Well, that is a definite selling point. I wonder when was the last time anyone was here? Oh, well, judging by the firewood, quite a while.

So, I’m going to go outside and bring us some back in. Oh my god. Are you gonna chop down firewood to keep me warm? I am so turned on right now. Well, in that case, I won’t mention that Sarah told me there’s a wood pile outside. Yeah, definitely don’t mention that. Okay. Okay. All right, I’m gonna go chop some manly wood.

Woman, don’t worry, I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamp still.

Hey, Missy. What’s with the face? Do you like boys? Some of them. I don’t. I’m never getting married. Oh, yeah? Well, you don’t have to. What do you want to be when you grow up? A vet. No. A pilot. Wait! A professional scuba diver. To study sea animals. That sounds like fun. So you like animals, huh? Me too.

Rachel! Go upstairs. Why? Because I said so. Don’t you want me to paint your nails? Rachel! Now!

What the hell are you doing? We were just hanging out, that’s all. Well, not anymore. Do you understand? You stay away from my daughter.

Did you hear me? You stay away from Rachel. We were just doing manicures. That’s all. Like we used to. Like you used to. Well you used to not do drugs back then. I’m not doing drugs anymore. Oh Holly, is that just another lie? Like you lied about doing drugs before and let Tate take the fall? That boy was like a son to me.

Not to mention that he is Rachel’s half brother. How do you think she is gonna feel when she finds out what you did to him? You know what? Rachel and I No! No, no, no. There is no Rachel in you anymore. And unfortunately, we live in the same house. But mark my words, if I find you seeing her again, you will regret it.

Hey! That’s enough! You will not talk to her like that anymore! You know what? Rachel and Holly, they were getting down Oh, they were doing what? Doing their nails, listening to Cannibal Corpse? Are you serious? Okay, you know what? Rachel is my daughter, and I will decide who she spends time with. Oh, that is rich coming from you, considering your villainous history with Brady and Teresa, Malena, Eric, just to name a few.

Would you like me to list your villainous history? You know what? Get off your high horse, EJ. Okay. Oh,

that woman makes my blood boil. I, I’m sorry I lost my temper. I’m not. Thanks for having my back. You’re welcome. Um, if my sister gives you any more trouble, just let me know, alright? Okay. So, I

was, uh, thinking, you need help looking for a new place. Oh, I can manage. Eva, you really don’t have to go. You’ve been really good to me, Wendy. I appreciate it.

Okay, the fire. So we should start to warm up in here soon. Might take a little while, though. Well, you know, I have an idea of how we could speed that up. Oh, you do?

I will love you forever, my husband. I will love you forever, my beautiful wife. And dream a life Dream a life

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