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Good morning, Dad. Good morning. No, it’s a great morning. It’s a great morning because you’re finally home. Listen, coffee’s there, and I whipped up an amazing breakfast, which I will bring out. Okay? All your favorites. All right. Thank you, Dad. You’re welcome. Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m starving. How’d you sleep?

Um, great. Better than I have in months. I can imagine. You’re finally in your own room again. Yeah. You’re on bed. This is amazing. I just, I can’t believe that it’s April. I mean, three months wasted. I feel like I should still be telling people Happy New Year. Well, son, it is your new year. You know, because you’re finally a free guy again.

Hey, did you have fun over at, uh, what’s his name? Buddy? Buddy’s house? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I just hung out with a couple friends and they actually caught me up on all the cool viral videos that I missed while I was locked up. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good that you’re reconnecting with your friends again.

Yeah, make it up for lost time. Yeah, reconnecting was really great.

Well, your physical therapist was obviously impressed. And you’ve reached almost, what, 100 percent of your goals? Does that mean maybe I can stop going soon? You heard what she said, honey. You have a few more sessions, but you’re doing great. Listen, I’m, I’m really proud of your hard work. Are you proud enough to give me my phone back and let me leave the house by myself?

No. Not yet. Awesome. Well, at least I can be alone in my room, Mom. Honey. Holly!

Oh, I understand, Mr. Shinn. I know all too well the pain of losing a child. So I can’t imagine how terribly difficult this must be for you and your wife, losing your son, Lee. Yes, my brother Stefan has been put in jail, unfortunately, because he’s been in cahoots with Clyde Weston and his, um, drug ring. I know this must be dealt with, and rest assured, it will be.

Okay, so for my new Lady W Daily Horoscope page, you ready? Starting with Pisces, because I’m a Pisces. Hey, I’m a Pisces too. Chadwick! Well, perhaps you’ll want to take this to heart. Uh, probably not. Okay, here goes. Pickles will be a great source of joy for you this week. Tantric is not a cuss word you want to be using around the office.

Although it isn’t a cuss word at all, really. What it is is exhausting.

Okay, if you prefer, I can leave the tantric stuff out. You’re welcome. Chad, Leo. Good morning, Ev. Bobby, fellow Spectator employee. It’s Evan. What are you doing here? Well, uh, considering what’s been going on recently, I’ve been working from home, as you know. Um, but I thought I’d share this news with you in person since it directly affects you.

Me? Yeah. I was talking to my sources at Salem PD and they told me Stefan is in jail. What do you mean he’s in jail? I, I, I haven’t heard anything about that. There’s nothing out there yet about that. Do you mind telling us why? Chadwick’s brother is in jail? Not that it’s my business to ask, but he seems a bit too rattled by the news to do anything other than knit his brow and turn quite pale.

Chadwick, are you alright? No, I’m fine. It’s, I’m just, I’m, uh, Yeah, I’m in a bit of shock. I guess I shouldn’t be. Um, well, what do you, what do you know, Everett? Why is Stefan in jail? He confessed. To running drugs for Clyde Weston. Well, well,

I have to be on my way. Uh, Clyde meaning? Oh, and several more after that, actually. Wow, you’re working hard. No choice, really. Well, you know, now that we have a kid and all, just expenses are piling up. Yeah, I know. And my photography business isn’t quite raking in the money yet, so But it will. I’m sure in no time it’s gonna take right off.

Hey, you two. Hey, Stephanie. Hey. Oh, you brought the baby with you. We always do. Oh, look at him. He’s so sweet. And hey, you ever need a babysitter? Hey. Don’t hesitate to call. I miss being around babies. And kids. I especially miss being around Thomas and Charlotte. Yeah, I’m sure you do. I miss a lot of things, actually.

God, that sounded so self pitying. I just, I’m, uh, I’m going through a rough time. Is it about Everett? Did something happen? Yeah, something sure did. I was totally blindsided.

Well, hey. I didn’t think you’d be in today. Well, I’m not. I’m not officially. Uh huh. What’s all that stuff? I got it from my storage. It has all of my divorce documents in it, along with some other things like my receipts and tax docs. Right, right. From when you were living in Seattle with Robbie. Right. From that very awful time.

Although it did have its moments. Yeah. Listen, I, um, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what Vincent found. Oh, don’t be, because you know why? Vincent is misinformed. I am not still legally married to Bobby Stein. Somewhere in this box, there’s the proof.

Extend through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Ah, that was fast. I told you I was starving. That was good. Thanks, Dad. You are welcome. So, uh, hey, what are you, what are you doing for spring break? You got plans? Or no, I thought I would still be locked up in the halfway house. So I didn’t make any. Right. Well, I have an idea. This weekend, the Cubbies are playing.

And they’re playing the Dodgers. So it’s gonna be a good game, and I was thinking maybe You wanna go? Yeah! Yeah? Yeah! Yeah, that sounds like fun. Good, good. Actually, I have to find my mitt, though, in case we get foul balls. You have to find it. Can’t find your mitt? You can have Dad’s mitt. Okay. Alright. Thanks.


You know, buddy, I know, I know recently you’ve probably felt that like nobody believed you about the drugs and that no one was in your corner. And I understand how rough that must have been, but I want you to know that I, I’m proud of the way you handled it. Even when I stole mom’s phone and broke out of that halfway house?

No, I was not proud of that part, but my point is we make mistakes, right? I make mistakes, but it’s how we atone for them and amend and learn from our mistakes that builds character. And you have a hell of a lot of character, son. I’m glad you think so, dad. I do. I do, and I think you need to take, you know, the past and put it behind you.

Yeah, that’s, yeah. Why, why, why are you saying it like that? I just, I guess because I’m nervous to go back to school. Now that I have a phone, I can see what all the kids are saying about me and about what happened. Yeah, but you were, you know, you’re real friends. They, they, they They stood up for you, right?

Yeah, yeah, they did. Actually, Ted, do you mind if I take off for a while and I go hang out with them? Uh, sure. Yeah, which, which friends? Um, Ian and Aaron, the same friends I was with last night. We were actually, we were gonna go to the mall and check out some used video game deals. Okay, yeah, no, that, that sounds good.

I can give you a lift, because I’m on my way out. Totally fine, I can walk. It’s fine. Thank you. You can walk, okay. Alright, take care. Thanks, Dad. Have fun, man. Thanks.

Yes, finally! You found it? I found it. Decree of Divorce. Look at it, right there. That’s it, you found it. And you said you would. I gotta tell you, I am relieved to not be sleeping with a married woman. Don’t even joke like that.

So, Everett Is actually Bobby Stein. Apparently so. But he has no memory of being married to Jada. Claims he never laid eyes on her until they met here, in Salem. Wow, that is strange. And complicated. I don’t suppose that Jada ever really mentioned much about her marriage to Bobby? Nothing in depth about their marriage or divorce.

Well, it was obviously a very painful time for her. And now she finds out that I was the other woman. The one who came between her and her husband. Except, he doesn’t believe he ever was her husband. Anyway, it’s just, it’s crazy complicated, like you said. Hey, I hope for your own peace of mind you find forgiveness.

I hope so too. Because, You know, we’ll never really know whatever it was going through, will we? I just think that people shouldn’t judge unless they’ve walked in someone’s shoes.

Anyway, um, I wish I could stay in here more, but I have to meet a client now. Oh, of course. Stephanie, it was so nice to see you. You too. And good luck. Thanks. Hey, come here. Hey.

I’m really sorry you’re going through this, Steph. Yeah, well, I’m also sorry for the way I’ve handled it. Why do you say that? Well, it seems every time I Try to talk to Jada, she just gets more and more upset with me. See, she blames me for not knowing that Everett was married when we got together. Wonders why I didn’t do a background check.

Why I didn’t think it was odd that I never met his friends or family. And now that I know that. He cheated on her, blew up their marriage. Well, she’s furious that I haven’t turned my back on him.

Hey, so thanks for meeting with me this morning. Oh, of course. And coincidentally, I ran into Stephanie just a bit ago. Oh, did you? Yeah, I was having breakfast with Erica and the baby and she just walked in and she told us all about Everett and Bobby and how angry you were with her. Yeah. And him. Yeah, and I’m sure she played the victim role.

Poor Stephanie. So confused. Lost. Terrible luck with men. Well, she seemed, uh Well, she seemed really sad about the whole deal. I mean, why wouldn’t she be? But don’t worry, I didn’t let her know that you had just called, or let on to believe that I had known anything about what she was telling us. I just want you to know, I do keep client confidentiality very, very sacred.

Well, I do appreciate your discretion, but I just discovered this. So as you can see, Bobby and I are in fact legally divorced. Actually, I spoke with Rafe’s friend Vincent this morning and more details are coming to light. What details? Unfortunately, this is a legal divorce decree. But the one filed didn’t have Robert’s signature, only yours.

So, technically, you are still married to Mr. Stein. Well,

EJ confirmed that, uh, that Stefan confessed and was arrested. But he, uh, he declined to comment any further. Last time I saw Stefan, he was really drunk. It was an emotional mess. And, um Not knowing that he was involved in a drug rig and working under Clyde. I guess that makes sense. I don’t know, maybe it was a cry for help.

I’m sorry. I’ve got to go. I’ve got a lead on a story at Saxton’s I have to check out. Later, Gators. Okay, so I, I wrote up a story. Are we going to post it? Of course. You sure? Last time it looked like Stefan was involved in the Bistro drug ring, you asked me to look the other way. He was obviously not innocent that time either, so I don’t know.

Maybe you prefer I cover this up too. I’m sorry, excuse me. What, what the hell did your brother just say to you? The bistro, the OD, everything. It’s out of the piece, period. Damn it, Chad. That is outrageous. Not only is it outrageous, it is unfair to Holly Jonas. It is unfair to every single victim of the people who are perpetrating this.

How can you not see that? Yeah, how can you not see that? I call the shots. Now get back to work. And you, stay in your own lane from now on. Keep it down, baby. Come on, baby. Getting out of here.

So, you’ll do what you have to do. Listen, this is an assault on the integrity of this paper. Do what you have to do, Everett.

I will.

So, the Lamira board got wind of Stefan’s arrest. No surprises. And let me guess, the stocks are down, right? Oh, way down. And they are furious. They’re demanding that Stefan resign immediately as CEO, or they’re going to invoke the morality clause in his contract and kick him out. You can’t blame them. I don’t.

Not at all. They’ve been working hard to recreate a positive image for their customers and clients, and Stefan being connected to a drug ring, it’s, it’s, it’s the last thing that Tamira needs. EJ, you don’t think

What? Say it. I wonder if your brother’s responsible for the drugs that put Holly in a coma. It could be. All I do know is that Stefan helped Clyde traffic the drugs through the bistro because Clyde threatened to kill Gabby if he didn’t fall in line. In other words, He was trying to save his wife’s life.

Great. That doesn’t make it right. Yeah, well, none of this is right. Brady. Brady, this is a bad time. Well, given that my son lost three months of his life, you’re going to listen to what I have to say. Okay. What do you want, Brady? Nicole, I want what I already demanded. Alright? And since my demand seems to be going ignored, I’m I’m gonna remind you again, I want a public apology from E.

J. DiMera to Tate Black. Furthermore, I want D. A. DiMera to admit, with full remorse and full regret, that he was wrong. Egregiously so. To accuse my son of a crime that he did not commit that put him through hell. That’s what I want. That’s what I’m gonna get. For my son, for my son’s family. Do you have a problem with that, EJ?

But I don’t understand. I have the divorce decree right here. How is it not valid? Because Robert never signed the divorce papers. Right. And no one would have ever known that had the error not been discovered by Ray’s friend. Yeah, come on. Oh, it’s just for now. Oh, look, it would have come out eventually. I mean, you need that paper to be legit if you ever want to remarry again.

I mean, isn’t it better just to get it all over with now? Damn, I just, I can’t believe this is happening right now. Linda, this is not an insurmountable problem, okay? Not at all. Vincent already sent over the paperwork. All you have to do is get Robert Stein to sign them. Okay, I am going to do that. I’m going to do that right now.

Look, since the raid on the bistro didn’t actually uncover anything, I chose to believe my brother when he said he was innocent. Now, in hindsight, knowing what we know now, that was a mistake. That was my mistake. I own that. But no, we’re not going to cover anything up. You can write your damn story. Good.

Hey. Steph. Hey. Hope I’m not interrupting. No. What’s up? Well, I came to tell you that I decided to stay on as the Spectator’s PR person. That is great news. However ever it is, you and I discussed. I think it’s best if Chad be my primary point of contact. Okay, yeah. Um, makes sense. Oh, uh, excuse me. Sorry. Bobby, uh, Everett, or whatever you’re calling yourself.

I need you to meet me at the pub, right now. I can’t, I’m at work. It’s urgent, it won’t take more than five minutes of your time. Fine, I’ll see you soon.

I gotta run. More on the story? Not sure. But, uh, take a look at what I wrote. If you like it, post it. I’ll be back soon. What was that about?

I have no problem making a public apology to Tate. I didn’t think you would. Given what he’s been through, thanks to your bias against him, and your daughter’s deceit. Sweetheart, do you need anything? Nope, um, I’m just gonna take a walk around the garden. Hey, what are you doing? Shh, your

dad is here. What, my dad is in there? Yeah. Did he know you were coming here? No, no, no, no. Of course not. No, I told him I was going to the mall. And by the way, I’m sorry for throwing pebbles at your window, but since you don’t have a phone, it’s No, it’s, it’s okay. You’re just lucky I was in my room. Hello. I know.

Speaking of phones, I have a little surprise for you. Hmm. Oh my, is this a burner? Uh huh. Oh, And I already put my phone number in there, so we can talk anytime you just have to keep Damn right I will. You’re a lifesaver, Tate.

Ah! Look who’s here! It is the cutest father son duo on the planet. I’m Leo. And this guy, always giving me the sweetest, cutest little gummy smile. Hey Jude, what do you think of my new scarf? Oh, he’s unimpressed. What do you think of it? Snazzy, huh? And get this, I got it on sale at 99. In fact, everything in that store is on sale for at least 40 percent off right now.

If you want to go do a little shopping, I’m happy to watch Junior here for a minute. After all, I am his fairy godfather. He and I have a special connection, don’t we, my little sweet potato? That’s a very kind offer, but, uh, Sloane and I, uh, I’m kind of budgeting right now. We got a lot of expenses. Ah, yes.

Expenses. I’ll get you every time. Yeah. Well, moving off the crass subject of finances, that christening, what a marvelous ceremony. Truly, I was really honored to be included. Thank you. And thank you for such kind words. Well, I can be quite eloquent when the spirit moves me.

So, you’re doing okay? Adjusting to life on the outside? Uh, yeah, I’m doing so much better than just adjusting. Holly, I’m so relieved to be out of the halfway house. Weird people, stupid rules, cringy food. I mean it was beyond horrible. Tate, I’m really sorry. It’s okay. I’m out now. And I get to hang out with you.

So, Some spring break, right? Yeah, it was a total waste. I’m so not ready to go back to school. Yeah, me neither, but we don’t really have a choice. There is one good thing, and it’s our parents can’t keep us separated while we’re there. I know, right? So, how about we make a pact? What do you mean? Okay, um, let’s agree to find each other between periods.

And we’ll hold hands in the halls and talk. And then, and then for lunch we’ll find a really private secret space to, you know, be together with no one staring at us or anything. I have the perfect spot under the oak tree at the far end of the quad. Yes, that’s perfect. But in the meantime

Do you have the gardeners? Hey, why don’t we sneak up to my room before anyone sees us? And I’ll be sure to lock the door this time. Yeah, yeah, I’m down. Let’s just make sure the coast is clear.

Listen, Brady, I told Holly that she not only needs to apologize to Tate, but also to you and Teresa. Well, yeah, you need to make that clear to your husband as well. Although I will, as I said, issue a public apology to your son, do bear in mind that I went where the evidence pointed and did what the law allowed.

No, I will not bear that in mind, EJ, because the reason the evidence pointed towards my son is because of your bias against him, because of your hatred for Okay, okay, okay, stop. Both of you, please.

Excuse me. Honey. Look, none of this would have gotten out of hand if Holly didn’t do drugs in the first place. Or if she immediately told us the truth when she woke up from the coma and was lucid. And Tate screwed things up because he covered for Holly. In the beginning, anyway. But EJ, look, the truth is out now.

And the kids need us to be united. So we need to set a good example and do the right thing.

Well said, Nicole. And I agree that we all need to take the high road. So, Brady. I apologize for having accused your son of a crime it turns out he did not commit. The DA’s office will issue an appropriate statement as soon as possible. I look forward to that.

Hi, Jada. What, uh, what’s this about? It’s about a personal matter. I’ve hired Sloane Peterson as my lawyer. Okay. Hello, Mr. Stein. Uh, name is Lynch. Everett Lynch. Not according to the divorce papers. What divorce papers? Ours. I asked you for a divorce when I found out you were cheating on me. How many times do I have to tell you this?

I don’t remember you. Okay, so why would I remember being married, much less divorced? Well, I guess that last part is understandable. Apparently, you and I never actually got divorced. Under the law, we are still married.

Okay, well, uh, we’ll walk you out.

Take it. What the hell are you doing? My God. Holly. I can’t believe this.

I’m such an idiot for letting my brother use me like that. And then this story. Like anytime I think the DiMeras are rebuilding their image, something like this happens.

Hey, you okay? You distracted? Yeah, sorry. It’s about Everett. Yeah. That makes sense. Chad, it’s all such a mystery. Is he Everett? Is he Bobby? Should I hate him for deceiving Jada and me, or should I stand by him?

Just, I I don’t want to believe that he meant to hurt either of us.

Still married. Okay. Since I don’t remember being married in the first place. What you do or don’t remember is irrelevant at this point. Sloane, would you please just show him the papers? Here you go. You can just sign right here.

That’s it. I guess I will see you around. Uh, wait a minute! What? What the hell is this?

Damn, boy.

Dear Miss Peterson, it’s the month and you still haven’t paid rent.

Damn it, Tate, we are leaving right now. I told you, you were not allowed to see her. I want to see him, too. I don’t care. I don’t want my son to be around you, Holly, okay? You let him take the fall for your drug overdose and almost jeopardized his future. You Surprises me that he wants to be around you. Dad, I forgive her.

Well, you shouldn’t. Okay, um, I, I, I agree with Brady. You know, I think maybe you two shouldn’t hang out together. At least for the time being. No, no, you can’t do this to us. Dad, please. We’re not angry with each other. It’s only you guys who are angry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The adults agree on this. It’s for the best.

You two are not to see each other anymore.

Look, first and foremost, Seth, you gotta take care of yourself. Okay? And you do that by distancing yourself from Everett. I know right now you’re confused, and you’re hurt, and rightfully so. Okay, look, you asked yourself if you should stand by him. I don’t think that’s gonna be good for you, Steph. I mean, let him lean on somebody else for a change.

Sas just did. He doesn’t have anyone. Not in Salem. I will tell you what, what if What if I do it? What if I lend him an ear whenever he needs it? That’s very kind of you, Chad. With him, I don’t, I don’t think he’s gonna want to open up to you.

Take that personally, I guess. Listen, let him branch out then. Tell him to, uh, join a softball league or, or go to church. You know? I mean, find, find some way to meet new people. I don’t, I don’t think softball or church would interest him. Well, there’s plenty of other ways to meet people. Look, I This advice, I, you know, I don’t I don’t want it to come across as me sounding jealous, cause You know, that’s not it.

I just Look, you’re my friend. And I care about you a lot. And, and I just don’t want to see you get hurt any more than you already have. You

signed Everett Lynch. That’s who I am. Okay. Now I need you to sign Bobby Stein. That is who was married to Jada.

But I’m not that man.

Sorry. I can’t sign for him.

That’d be forgery. I’m, I’m so sorry, Detective Hunter. You’re, you’re gonna have to find another way to, to get your divorce. I’m sorry.

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