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Steffy: So, this monster puts a bullet in hope’s mom, in me, in my mother, my grandfather, I mean, half of L.A, and yet, hope is going to sheila’s memorial. What?

Liam: Look, you don’t get it and I don’t get it, but for hope, this is just about supporting her father. Listen, I don’t have a ton of sympathy for deacon either, getting all, you know, involved with sheila. But what hope says is that he’s, uh… like actually grieving.

Hope: Did you, uh, want to go with my dad?

Finn: Oh, what? To the crematorium? No, I think that’s a little much. Besides, I think it’ll be good for deacon to have some time with her.

Hope: You really doing okay?

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, no, it felt good to you know, say goodbye and get some closure.

Hope: Yeah. I’m sure it’s still difficult.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. That’s probably why I’m so mixed up inside. I don’t know. I can’t help it, hope. I mean, I know the world hates her, but part of me is sad about the death of my birth mother.

Lauren: Sheila carter.

Eric: No longer a threat.

Lauren: Finally. Hallelujah.

Eric: Yeah.

Eric: I have to say, it’s a little odd, you know, celebrating the demise of someone. An ex at that. You know, I’m not saying she’s worth mourning. I’m not. It’s just that… my feelings are a little complex. I mean, having been married to her and–

Lauren: Well, having almost been killed by her, my feelings aren’t complex at all. It’s utter relief. Pure bliss.

Carl: Mr. Sharpe, how was the ceremony?

Deacon: It was beautiful.

Carl: Glad to hear it. As a formality, can you confirm the name of the deceased?

Deacon: Sheila carter.

Carl: Thank you. And uh, just sign here, please. I’m really sorry for your loss, mr. Sharpe. With the freestyle libre 3 system…

Carl: Looks like we’re all set here, unless you have any questions.

Deacon: Um, actually, just one.

Carl: Okay.

Deacon: Can I, uh– could I… could I stay? I– I just– I don’t– I don’t want her to be alone. Can I… witness the cremation?

Steffy: As difficult as this was for thomas, realizing that he doesn’t have a future with hope, it’s better that it happened now so he didn’t get too sucked in.

Liam: You mean, so he didn’t start obsessing over her yet.

Steffy: Okay, let’s just say it’s good that thomas is in paris. He can move on with his life.

Liam: Yeah. Amen, sister. Hope, too.

Steffy: And this time, with someone who she’ll really commit herself to.

Finn: Thank you, by the way. I appreciate you listening and being so sensitive and caring about all this.

Hope: Well, I am happy to lend an ear anytime. I’m sure this isn’t the easiest subject to discuss with steffy. I mean, grieving sheila.

Finn: I mean, anything sheila, really. But I don’t blame steffy if she can’t be as understanding. Not after everything that sheila put us through.

Hope: Yeah.

Finn: But hey, enough about me. How are you doing?

Hope: Oh, okay. You mean now that thomas and douglas have left?

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: Oh.

Finn: I mean, I’m not the only one grieving right now, right?

Hope: I, uh… not going to lie and say that it’s been easy, because it has not been. It’s been extremely difficult. I miss them both a lot. So I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy with work. Overanalyzing as well, and also just coming to terms with the fact that I… I broke thomas’s heart. And that’s why he left, because I couldn’t accept his proposal.

Finn: Look, it may not seem like it now, but I think that you are going to look back at this time and be thankful it worked out this way.

Hope: All right, well, i guess I owe you a thank you now. Thank you for just being a support.

Finn: You’re welcome. Hey, look, the listening thing, it can go both ways, right? So, if you ever feel like you need to talk or cry, scream, whatever.

Hope: All of the above.

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: We can stick to talking.

Finn: Okay, good. So, what is on your mind?

Hope: I guess where do I go from here? So, any ideas? Do you have any thoughts on the matter, finn? I know what it’s like

Hope: All right, finn, you’re on the spot. Let’s hear the super strong opinions about what I should be doing with my life.

Finn: Well, you know me. I’m mr. Opinionated. And look, I don’t feel like I’m on the spot, but do you really want to know what I think?

Hope: Please. The floor is yours.

Finn: Okay. I think that before you decide on what happens next, you should probably reflect on what happened before. And why.

Hope: So, you mean with thomas? You think there’s a why?

Finn: I think a lot of what you did with thomas was just a reaction to liam and his feelings for steffy. And consciously or not, it was just a way to lash out.

Hope: I suppose there could be a grain of truth to that, but a very, very small grain.

Finn: Look, and I– I understand. Like, it’s– it’s complicated, right? I get it. You did have genuine feelings for the guy. He was someone who gave you commitment, and that is something that you and everyone absolutely deserves.

Hope: Just not with thomas.

Finn: Hope, given your history, I doubt that there could have ever been any real trust between you two. True commitment. I mean, not on your part, at least. Not after what happened with beth. And, look, maybe… maybe I shouldn’t say it, but–

Hope: Say what?

Finn: I think you should try and smooth things over with liam.

Liam: Well, I should probably head out. I’ve been avoiding work long enough.

Steffy: And distracting me from mine.

Liam: Hey, hey. You were going on and on about hope and thomas. I was trying to sneak out ages ago.

Steffy: Sure, sure.

Liam: See ya.

Steffy: Bye.

Lauren: Oh, I was just going to knock. I’m so sorry. I can come back.

Steffy: No, it’s fine. Do you know liam spencer?

Lauren: Yes, absolutely.

Liam: Always good to see you.

Lauren: Yeah, you too. Hi, sweetie.

Steffy: Hi. Oh, my goodness. So good to see you.

Lauren: So good to see you too.

Steffy: My grandfather’s not here. He’s out.

Lauren: Oh, no, I just came from the house. It’s so good to see him looking so well.

Steffy: We’re all so relieved.

Lauren: Well, I’m relieved about something else and that’s the reason I’m here. I came to check on you after everything that you went through with sheila.

Carl: You want to be a witness?

Deacon: Would that be okay? What about these flowers? I thought I’d–

Carl: Put them in with her? Yeah, we get that request a lot, actually. It can be healing.

Deacon: One step closer to healing, right.

Carl: I can see you love sheila very much.

Deacon: She loved me, too. Fiercely. In a way nobody ever– I just thought we’d have more time together. Should’ve had more time. Because sheila, I do love you. Say yes. Say you’ll be my wife.

Sheila: Yes, I will marry you, and I will be your wife because I love you.

Deacon: I’m never gonna forget you. What you gave me. What we shared together. Everybody wants super straight,

Hope: You think I should go back to liam?

Finn: All right, I’m sorry. I overstepped.

Hope: No, it’s fine. I, uh, I’m giving you a hard time. I asked for your opinion and you gave it.

Finn: Here’s the thing. Only you know what is in your heart, what you want, who you want.

Hope: Well, whatever the future holds, I know that I will be able to handle it. And one thing is for certain, I am going to concentrate on my career, my children. And if I need to take a little more time to figure out myself before I can be with someone else, then so be it. So, thank you.

Finn: For what?

Hope: Being a friend.

Lauren: If you ever need anyone to talk to who truly understands what you went through, call me. Must have just been so horrible having her break into your house and attack you and having to defend yourself.

Steffy: God, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I was so scared. I mean, the way she broke in, it was either her or me that night, and she was there to kill me.

Lauren: Don’t you dare feel an ounce of guilt or anxiety by what you did. You did us all a great favor by finally eliminating sheila carter. And I hope she burns in hell.

Carl: If you have any final words…

Deacon: I keep waiting for you to wake up. You know, just tear the sheet off. Tell me this is all some joke. Come on, sheila. Come on. Sit up. Just… show me that beautiful smile. Call me daddy. Sheila, please. I’ve been missing you so much. It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay because I’m here. I’m here to help you go. I just didn’t want you to go by yourself, so I had to be here to say goodbye. All you’ve ever wanted was to be loved. All these years, that’s what you were seeking. So much went wrong. So much could have been different if I had just come into your life sooner. I hope you felt it. I need to see her.

Carl: Of course.

Deacon. You… are… loved. You are.

Carl: Would you like to start the process?

Deacon: Yes.

[ Mechanical whirring ]

[ Fire roaring ]

Deacon: Ten toes. Stop it. Stop it! Ten toes. Ten toes! Do something!

Carl: Get your hand–

Deacon: Ten toes!

Carl: Please. That’s very hot.

Deacon: I swear, I saw ten toes in there!

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Deacon: Finn, they had ten toes. What if she’s alive?

Hope: So, luna, I would really love it if you could work closely with zende. I’m sure he has plenty of secrets to share.

Rj: Luna, did something happen after the party?

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