Y&R Best Lines Friday, March 15, 2024

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Kyle: Thanks for coming. It was nice to meet you. We’ll be in touch. Well, I guess we can cross nanny contender number five off our list.

Summer: Honestly, I feel really bad for her. She was nice. She was well-qualified. Lovely with harrison.

Kyle: Even when he just sat there pouting and scowling at her.

Summer: When he bothered looking at her at all. I wish we knew when Linda was gonna come back. She and Harrison are such great buddies.

Kyle: Yeah, from what she’d said about her mother’s surgery, it doesn’t sound like we can expect her back anytime soon.

Summer: So, what do we do? Just keep having the agency send us potential new nannies for harrison to be grumpy about? I mean, we both know what the actual problem is, since he keeps on saying the same thing after every interview.

Kyle: Why can’t mommy just come home?

******************* ********

Adam: Sally spectra and Audra Charles alone together at the same table. Wow, this is a little, uh…

Sally: Surprising?

Adam: I was gonna say scary, but okay, surprising’s fine. I, uh, didn’t even know the two of you knew each other.

Sally: We’ve met, but we’ve never really had a conversation.

Audra: Yeah, until now. And it turns out it was long overdue.

Adam: Yeah? Why is that?

Sally: Well, you wouldn’t believe how much Audra and i have in common


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