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by Michele & Cheryl

John from Days

Maybe it’s just us but we find it hard to believe that John was so broken up about killing Konstantin’s daughter. John has killed people in the past and some of them were probably innocent. Now he is suddenly so upset that he killed Konstantin’s daughter. Speaking of Konstantin, we find it hard to believe he forgives John for killing her. He was like a man on a mission trying to make John pay for what he did. Now suddenly Konstantin wants to forgive John. Since he still has the pawn card, Konstantin probably has plans to make John his pawn.

Was Theresa really angry about Alex was “dating” Kristen because she loved him or was she trying to hold on to her meal ticket? She was the one who didn’t want to be with Alex so she didn’t have a right to be upset that they could be together. Theresa should have thought about her plan before she decided to break up with him. She must have thought she could have things both ways.

Brady wasn’t acting like a man who wasn’t interested in Kristen. He seemed jealous at the idea of Alex being with Kristen. When Alex and Theresa got together, he seemed jealous that they were dating. Now that Alex is “dating” Kristen, Brady was jealous again. Does Brady secretly have feelings for both women? Brady is in denial about his feelings for Theresa and Kristen.

Eric proved he’s the worst husband in the world. We don’t know why Sloan would even want to be with him. Eric always puts Nicole ahead of her no matter what the situation is. We know Sloan is a kidnapper, but Eric doesn’t. He continues to put Nicole ahead of Sloan regardless of her feelings. Eric should think about his wife’s feelings instead of his ex’s. How would he feel if the shoe were on the other foot? He would expect Sloan to choose him over her ex.

Do the writers need to consult the soap bible so they can remember the history of the characters? The people in Salem tend to forget that they are related. Theresa referred to Sloan as Sloan Peterson as if they aren’t related through marriage. Tate referred to Johnny as Holly’s stepbrother as if they weren’t cousins. Johnny and Tate are linked more than Holly and Johnny, yet Tate acted as if Holly was closer to Johnny than he was.

We loved seeing Jada rip into Stephanie about Everett. At first, we thought Jada was being a little hard on Stephanie when she said she wouldn’t have hooked up with Everett if she knew he was married, but the longer they were talking, we were Team Jada. Jada was right about Stephanie standing by Everett’s side when Jada told her what he did to her. Stephanie was acting as if Everett needed her by his side just because he didn’t have anyone else in Salem. She didn’t care about her friendship with Jada. Jada doesn’t have family in Salem either, but Stephanie’s concern was Everett.

Why wouldn’t Eric’s siblings be at Jude’s christening? It’s not believable that Carrie and Rex would miss the christening. You would think the writers would have written an excuse for why none of them were there. It’s a safe bet that the christening wasn’t planned on short notice, so they had time to be there. We understand they aren’t on the show anymore, but they could have recasted them or made an excuse for why they are there.


Eric from Days

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