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Hey, uh, so, um, I’m glad you were available when I texted. Yeah, well, my meeting isn’t for a while, so Okay, uh, well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I just want to go over some of the details for the christening reception tomorrow. Of course. So, um, ooh! How’s Jude? I just put him down for a nap.

Aw, do you mind if I Sneak a peek at him? Knock yourself out. Oh my goodness. Can’t believe how big he’s getting. Lower your voice just a little bit. He’s a really light sleeper. Uh, yeah. I’m sorry. Hi honey. I didn’t know you were here, Nicole. I’m sorry.

Oh, hey. I thought you were working from home today. Where are you off to? I’m not going to the office, Doc. Look, I did what you and Steve asked me to do. I thought about this all night long. And I didn’t change my mind about what I need to do. Well, I know that you want to apologize to Konstantin, but We both think he’s a dangerous man.

And, admitting something to him could put you in harm’s way. Admitting it isn’t gonna change what he believes. It may just, just, confirm it. And maybe that’ll give a little bit of closure. So I can’t change your mind? No, you can’t. Okay. May I go with you?

I appreciate that support, but I don’t think you’re going to support the rest of it. What is the rest of it? When I finish my conversation with Konstantin. I’m grabbing a flight to Greece and I’m gonna turn myself into the authorities.

Where’s my brother?

What the hell are you trying to pull here, Stefan? I’m not pulling anything. Stefan walked in on his own, said he was turning himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering on behalf of Clyde Weston. And then he asked for you. Wanting to cut a deal.

Ah, there he is, just in time. Hey, did you know that by doubling up knights or rooks or rook and queen or bishop and queen, the pieces actually get stronger than the sum total of the pieces by themselves? And that if one of those pieces loses its partner, its value slightly decreases? That is, of course, with the exception of the king.

What sort of game are you playing here, Stefan? I think it’s pretty obvious. We’re playing chess and the stakes are very high, brother We’re playing for my freedom for yours

Like sand through the hourglass so are the days of our lives

Well Would you, uh, would you like one? Fresh out of the oven, I was told. Uh, not really much of a scone gal, but I am betting on Eric eating them. Oh, yeah, well, I mean, I just, I just picked them up, you know, when I was ordering the cake for the Christening reception. And, oh, Eric said that you prefer buttercream.

Uh, no, I don’t really care. It’s not as though Jude’s gonna be eating any of it, and he is the star of the show, as long as no one goes hungry. Well, my father in law is catering, so no one will. Eric also mentioned that you specified new clam chowder. So, is there anything else that you’d like the chef to supply?

By chance, did Eric ever mention anything to you about me not being fully on board with this? With what, the chef? With you having any involvement at all in my son’s christening. Oh, uh, I I I didn’t realize. Oh no, Nicole? You didn’t realize? Look, I know you came by at Christmas with your peace offering and this christening thing is Meant to be another one, and please believe me, okay?

I, I, I promise you that I, I dug deep looking for forgiveness for you kidnapping my son.

But the truth is, I haven’t found it. I don’t think I ever will.

No, no, please, please listen to me for a moment. John, who knows what the consequences might be if you turn yourself into the authorities of another country? Whatever the legal consequences are, I will face them. So you’ll just leave your family, your children, your grandchildren? Maybe forever? I was a killer.

No, you weren’t. Who’s to say I might not be one again? So, are you trying to protect your family here? Is that what’s happening? Why are you trying to punish yourself for something you might not even have done? Because I have always been afraid that I was capable of a heinous act like this. In fact, I think a part of me always knew I had.

I can’t do it anymore, Doug. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t wake up in the morning, I can’t eat my oatmeal and kiss my wife goodbye and go off to the office knowing who I am and what I’ve done. John, I don’t think you’re thinking rationally right now. No, no, no. Okay. Put yourself in my shoes. Come on, Doc. How do you move forward without dealing with the past and taking responsibility for it?

I know how you’re feeling. I did unconscionable things at a time when I was It wasn’t you! And this wasn’t you! It’s not the same! Of course it is. John, wait. I’ve waited long enough. I got him. Marlena? What’s happening? Steve, I

need your help. Ava,

hey. Stefan finally turned himself in. Oh, thank God. Yeah, I thought he skipped town. But listen, even though he turned himself in, it might not be smooth sailing. What do you mean?

I, uh, I can’t, I can’t talk about it here. Where can I meet you? My freedom.

What the hell are you talking about, Stefanie? You took all of my worldly assets. You signed them over to me willingly. In exchange for you giving me safe passage out of town. I believe I procured you a forged passport and a one way ticket out of Salem. But you didn’t show up. You were going to send me into a war zone.

You agreed that that was preferable to life and most likely death. Imprisoned for shooting a cop. And now you’re here, of your own accord. No mention of the attempted murder charges. You do know that Michaels knows you shot him. So why on earth would he entertain the idea of letting you plead to lesser charges?

Michaels has an agenda. Just like you have an agenda. Just like me. We all have our own agendas, EJ. Don’t we? Hmm. Well, agendas aside, since I am a DA, any deals have to go through me, and as I told you before, I’m not offering. Right. Because you don’t want to alienate your constituents. Hmm. And I I just can’t wait to get rid of you.

You may want to rethink your position on that. We’re

all set to depart, Stefan. I’ve secured your new passport and transportation out of Salem. Tomorrow morning, you’ll assume your new identity and be on your not so merry way.

So, EJ, what’s it going to be? You going to play ball? Or am I going to take this recording out there to Detective Michaels? Hey, maybe you and I can be cellmates. Uh,

fine, you know. If you don’t mind. Want me to host the reception, then I won’t. I just thought That Holly, after everything she’s been through, would want to be part of the festivities. And, and maybe it would be nice if Roman could actually sit and enjoy a family function for once. And you know what? Yeah.

Yeah, I thought it might help. To impress upon you how sorry I am that I took Jude from the from the square that day and I’m not trying to make excuses that I was dealing with depression, but I just would hope that you would understand now that you are a mother. That I was out of my mind with grief when I convinced myself that Jude was my son.

But Marlena helped me realize that my taking Jude, it was just because a part of me wanted to be closer to the baby I knew I would never have.

So with all that being said, Sloane, I, I, I understand if you, if you never forgive me.

That’s, um, that’s very good of you. But the thing is, Polly,

Polly looks at Eric as a dad and considers Jude like a little brother. And since we are going to be part of each other’s lives at some point soon, we are going to I have to figure out how to make this relationship work, and, and the truth is, Eric is an important part of Holly’s life, and consequently, he is an important part of mine, and I know that it’s probably something that you do not want to hear.

But I, what I, what I do want you to know is I love my husband so much, and I am thrilled that Eric has a wife and a baby who he adores, and who makes him happy.

I really do mean that.

Afternoon, Maggie. John, I wasn’t expecting you. I need to see, uh, Konstantin. Is he here? Listen, if you’re here to throw around more baseless accusations about his so called designs on my money, I am afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave. No, that’s not why I’m here. Steve? Marlena? What’s going on? Doc, Steve’s not going to change my mind any more than you could.

Change your mind about what? Listen, John, let’s go outside for a minute, okay? What is going on here? What is he doing here? Konstantin?

I know that I can’t ask for your forgiveness, so I’m not even gonna try. But the least I can do is just tell you how profoundly sorry I am.

Hey, what’s, what’s going on? What’s wrong? Look, even though I floated this deal to Stefan to get you off the, the hook on these drug charges, EJ’s the DA, okay? And I was gonna sell him on the idea when he got to the PD. I figured it’d be a notch in his ballot to get Stefan’s testimony against Clyde. What did he object?

I don’t know. Stefan insisted on speaking to his brother one on one first. I just got a feeling whatever’s going on between these two, it could really complicate our plans.

Why is Harris even offering to Ah, I see. He thinks that you alone can take the fall for running drugs, saving your accomplice from the consequences of her own sinful deeds. Ava Vitale is a plague. If she were drowning, I would throw her a barbell. I have zero interest in lifting a finger to help her. Well, you have zero interest in lifting a finger to help me.

Like that. You don’t really have a choice now, do you?

I suppose letting you plead guilty to a lesser charge is not as egregious as offering you a deal for shooting an officer. You dropped the charges in exchange for my testimony against Weston. Everybody’s happy. Well, except Zander Cook. He’s being charged with a crime he did not commit, but who cares about him, right?

Well, I can’t have the charges completely dismissed, but what I could do possibly is offer you a sentencing deal. I can live with that.

Let me just be clear here. If I offer you this deal, You are not going to show Detective Michaels that recording. That’s right. You get to keep your precious job as D. A. We both go free. It’s a win win. So what’s the point of this little chess game? Well, you can’t guess.

The fortune you signed over to me. Uh, uh, uh, no, that is not the ghost of Volgamet. I did exactly as promised. You did not do exactly as you promised. You promised to give me safe passage out of Salem. I’m still here. That was your choice. TJ, it leaves the terms of our deal a bit murky, wouldn’t you say? So here’s what I’m proposing.

We play this game. You win. You keep everything. But if I win, I get it all back.

No. No, I’m not gonna play your stupid little game.

I appreciate the words, uh, Sloane. They’re not words. Look, EJ moved heaven and earth to help Holly recover. And I feel so incredibly lucky. And my God, I can’t even believe I’m able to say those words again after we lost our son. I’m really glad to hear that. Truly.

Well, I guess nap time’s over. Hey, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Oh, it’s okay. He’s been so fussy lately. Yeah, and we tried switching his formula, seeing if that helps. Did he be hungry? No, I fed him right before you got here. Hey. Um, uh, may I? Okay. Oh, my goodness. Oh, okay. You know what? Holly loves twinkle, twinkle.

Maybe you will too. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky. Oh.

You’re so calm and collected now, aren’t you, Jude?

Thank you, Nicole. Teamwork.

So John, you came here to apologize for the way you treated Konstantin?

Yes, that. And, and you came here to stop him? No, no, we came here to stop me from confessing. Confessing? For what?

This is about Konstantin’s daughter, Katrina. I’m the one who took her life. I am the man who killed her.

What, you really think that Stefan is playing him? I mean, unless he wants to face capital charges, I don’t think he’d be foolish enough to turn down the best deal that he’s gonna get. Yeah, well, he’s definitely no fool. But, what if EJ’s not on board? Well, I mean, EJ did cover for Stefan about the bistro being a drug fraud.

Yeah, and he also refused to help us get out from under Clyde’s thumb. Look, at the end of the day, EJ’s just a son of a bitch who despises his brother and me even more. Look, look, look. If he refuses this deal, and he reports you, you could be in a world Love trouble. There could be charges brought against you.

You could lose your job. Look, I had to take that chance. I can’t lose you, Ava. You’re not after everything that we’ve been through.

We got it. I have absolutely nothing to gain from your silly little exercise. In other words, you’re afraid that I’ll win. No, no, no. I’m just not willing to waste all my time, that’s all. Come on, EJ. You know full well, as do I, fortunes have been won and lost playing poker, horseshoes. I cannot DiMera appropriate way to settle our disagreement than chess.

I mean, unless you want me to air my grievances about our agreement in an open court. Reveal our respective misdeeds.

With your cachet of misdeeds being quite a bit larger than mine. This month, maybe. But EJ, think about it. If you’re in prison, will you really be able to enjoy the spoils of my fortune? Come on, I’ll even let you be white. You’re not going to turn down the first move, are you?

I’ll agree to take another look at the deal. If I lose. Which I won’t.

I’m, uh, so sorry about that earlier. Oh, don’t worry about it. Uh, oh! Your new business. Is it going well? Yeah, pretty well. Great. Um, you know, I have to say, I am, I envy you both. I do. I mean, working full time and not having Jude in a daycare center or hiring a nanny. I do enjoy spending as much time with him as I can.

Yeah, Eric’s a great dad. Oh, I, uh, I was out in my morning jog and I, uh, I ran into Holly. It’s great to see her out and about. Yeah, she’s getting stronger every day. She’s resilient, that one. Is she starting to remember anything more about what happened to her on New Year’s Eve? No. She isn’t, and I really don’t know what else she could remember.

She doesn’t know how the drug slipped into her drink. Hmm. Anyway, I, I, I know that, that Brady believes Tate’s story, that the drugs were Holly’s and, and I admit, I had my doubts for a moment but then she woke up and she denied it and, and she would never lie, especially if it jeopardized Tate’s freedom and, and she cares so much about him and, unfortunately.

Unfortunately. Yeah, it’s just that EJ and I don’t think they’re good for each other, and it’s a toxic relationship. Come on, Nicole. I mean, Holly and Tate, they’re just, they’re young. What, you think the jury’s out whether they’re good enough for each other? There’s no jury out on that. And I am Holly’s mother.

And I think I know a thing or two about relationships, and if they aren’t meant to be, they’re meant to be.

But how can this be? Victor sent John to My God. Listen. There’s blood on my hands, too. I was working for Victor at the time. I was the pawn’s handler. I might have been able to do something to stop things from going so terribly wrong. Don’t do this, partner. Come on, you know damn well No one’s to blame but me.

I shot that young woman. Me. John, if no one witnessed it, are you sure? No, he’s not. There was no one else in the room. It was me. It’s a very moving plea, Mr. Johnson. But what he said is the incontrovertible truth. It was he who killed my daughter. Of that I have no doubt in my mind. None at all.

Me. You know, I have to admit that, after you found out about me and Stefan, I wasn’t sure that you were gonna feel the same way about me. I mean, we’ve both done things that we’re not proud of. And I know that your relationship with Stefan was a cover to protect me. Yeah. But you tried to warn me, and I was just being stupid.

But I want you to know, Harris, what happened between me and Stefan, it was one time, and it meant nothing. I know. I mean, I guess the only thing I’m worried about is whether or not there’s more information that I’m not getting that could blow this deal. Okay, well, not that I’m aware of. Now, granted, Stefan and I were not friends, but I mean, if it doesn’t interfere with his own interests, I, I just don’t think he’s going to go out of his way to screw me over.

But EJ, on the other hand, if there is a wild card we need to worry about, it’s him.

I’m afraid your queen is in dire straits, what with all your pawns off the board. And where are those pesky rooks? On holiday?

All right, how about we make it a serious best of three, huh? Let me think about that. Oh, no, check. You know, just the other day I was thinking that, uh, I’ll never be able to play chess with my brothers again, and that made me unaccountably sad. But it’s so Satisfying, isn’t it? To trounce the people we’re in conflict with.

Except I’m not really doing the trouncing here, am I? I really am.

But, truth be told, I wasn’t ready to be out of the DiMera family fold. I love being a DiMera. Something you and I have in common.

Well done. Learned that one from Chad. There’s always been a hell of a lot more ruthless in sport than in life. As opposed to you and I. Two ruthless sons of bitches. In any context. And speaking of ruthless,

Check. Damn it, I didn’t see that move coming. Oh. Don’t tell me you underestimated me, brother. Again.

I don’t see another move.


Nicole, you know I asked Brady to be Jude’s godfather. So if it’s going to be an uncomfortable situation with Tate Look, Brady and I, we’re good friends. You know, we’ll, we’ll work it out. Besides, I wouldn’t miss the christening for anything. And really, like I said before, I really envy you both. You know, I’m not a very religious person, but I do wish EJ and I were able to.

Baptize our, our son before he, um Nicole, I know your little boy. He’s with God. Yeah. I believe he is too.

I’m, so sorry. I, I didn’t mean to bring the mood down. I promise tomorrow will be nothing but positive good vibes. Yeah. Yes, Nicole. And, uh, thank you. Thank you for everything. Of course, I will see you at the reception. Yeah. Sounds good. Those are for you.

As a father myself, my heart’s breaking for you. And I can’t even I can’t imagine the pain that you have suffered all these years. That is right. You cannot imagine the pain I have suffered all these years. Because you did not know, my beautiful daughter. You did not know, her gentle soul. That she was the light of this world.


I have no doubt. That your daughter was a wonderful woman. And the loss of her was devastating. What I want you to know is that my husband, John, the man he is now, is also a light in the world. The man I am now.

I’m sorry, Doc, but I don’t even know who that man is. All I know is what I have to do. John. And I’m gonna get a car to the airport. There’s a red eyes that happens and once those wheels touch down I’m gonna turn myself over to the authorities for the crime that I committed john and no one’s gonna start I should get back to the station and see what’s going on.

Look, um Harris if things don’t work out Look, I just I want you to know I know that you tried your best And I appreciate what you’ve done for me more than you know. Hey, i’m not i’m not giving up yet

I’ll see you soon.

Okay then, Bobby Fisher, you’ve won the game. But your victory is meaningless, since I still have your very elegant John Hancock in black and white. Well, ask yourself this, E. J. A few million more a year? Or your freedom. And look, hey, I’m more than happy to let you keep the rules if that’s what you want. The details of who gets what will wait until you’re out of lockup and you can provide the DA’s office with the necessary evidence against Clyde.

Then the judge will agree to time served. Best I can do. Don’t

want this ending up in the wrong hands when I finally get arrested, do you? You got a deal?


Okay, the deal is done. He’s all yours. My brother will sign his confession. After he’s booked. I can take it from here. Okay. I’ll be seeing you in due time.

Stefan DiMera, placing you under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court of law. You have the right to an attorney. I can’t afford one. One will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as I’ve just read them?

Hey. I know you wish it wasn’t Nicole who was hosting the christening party, but No, it’s okay. I’m actually, I’m good about everything now. Well, if you’re good, then, well, I’m good.

Hey, I just, I just want you to know that coming home to you, to our son, is, well, it makes me happier than I ever thought possible.

Really? Really.

EJ. Hi. Hi. Is everything okay? Did you ever end up tracking down Stefan? Yes. Yes. I, I, I did. Okay. You must be Relieved? What happened to him? Oh, it was, it was all just a misunderstanding, but we got it all squared away. You know how the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.

John, you can’t do this. Hey,

you know what happened in the past? Happened because I lacked free will. Because others Manipulated me to do their bidding. Well, now I have free will and I’m gonna exercise it. And if you care about me, partner, you’re gonna let me do what I need to do now, okay? John. I hear you. We hear you. And like I said, Konstantin is never gonna forgive me here, so That is where you are wrong.

I do forgive you, John

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