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Adam: Okay, well, I have a better idea. How about you tell us what’s going on? There’s probably a lot going on in your head right now, and it can be stressful, but your mom and I, we’re ready to listen. So whatever you wanna say.

Connor: I hate this. I hate the doctor. I hate being here. I hate myself.

Chelsea: Connor, don’t say that. It hurts my heart to hear you talk that way about yourself. Don’t you know you are the most lovable boy on this earth?

Adam: To mom and to me. You’re upset and we totally understand, but you don’t mean what you said, right? That you hate yourself? We say things sometimes when we’re angry and we’re frustrated. Connor, believe me. I know how you feel. There have been a lot of times in my life where I’m angry and I’m frustrated because things aren’t the way that I want them to be, and there’s nothing that I can do about it. Everything is just out of my control. But things got better for me, and they’re gonna get better for you, too. Look, I understand why you don’t wanna be here. It feels weird coming to a stranger for help about this thing that we just learned about just a little while ago. But this is gonna help you. It’s gonna help all of us, and we’re gonna get through it together. Your mom and I, we’re gonna do anything, and we’re gonna do everything to give you the best life.

Billy: Yeah, no, the numbers just came in. I’ll take a look at them as soon as I get back to the office. Okay, great. Um, I, uh… yeah. Yeah, no, that works. Um, listen, I’m gonna take off here soon, so I’ll let you know if I have any questions or updates, all right? Okay, thanks. Ashley. Hi.

Ashley: Hey, bro. What’s up?

Billy: Hey, sis. Everything okay?

Victor: Well, jordan thought she had me right where she wanted me. Overconfident as always.

Nikki: But you turned the tables on her.

Victor: Yeah, but to be honest with you, I couldn’t have done it without nicholas. His help was invaluable. You should’ve seen the look of horror on that woman’s face when she realized she had been had. I love it.

Nikki: I’m just so glad this is over and nobody was hurt. I mean, when I think of the risk you took, you realize this could have turned out very differently.

Victor: I’m protecting my family. Obviously I’m gonna take a risk. No big deal. Worked out. Here I am. And she can no longer hurt us.

Nikki: And I am so grateful for that. She is the devil, and now she is suffering in a hell of her own making. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

Victoria: It’s been very exciting for claire to meet her relatives.

Summer: That’s amazing. I can’t believe that grandpa and granddad haven’t at least had a family dinner yet.

Victoria: Uh, well, things have been a little hectic.

Kyle: That’s to be expected when you get your own personal miracle.

Victoria: I’m just grateful for every minute that I get to spend with my daughter. The ball is out and there’s a pile-up.

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Summer: Well, I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you, but I got to admit, I feel kind of out of the loop. I mean, I have no idea how all of this happened.

Victoria: It’s complicated.

Claire: Yeah.

Victoria: Well, we’ve been waiting to share the details for when we were ready. Years ago, after cole and I… well, we thought we lost our daughter after she was born, but as it turns out, we were deceived by someone intentionally. And claire was alive all of these years.

Summer: And you had no idea that someone…

Victoria: No, none. If we had known that things were not as they seemed, we would’ve never stopped looking for her. But lucky for us, claire was determined to find her parents, and after years of looking and research, she found us. So, we did a dna test, and needless to say, it was a match. I mean, it’s taken a little while for us to acclimate to all of this, but now we get to move forward as a family.

Kyle: So, the person who did this is still–

Victoria: That person does not deserve any more of our attention.

Kyle: Fair enough. The story I recently read said you were released from the hospital. You’re okay, aren’t you?

Claire: Yeah, I’m fine now, thank you. Um, it’s just been a lot to process. Your family has been so–

Victoria: Our family.

Claire: Our family has been so supportive.

Summer: Wow. I mean, this is just so incredible, and I’m really happy for you both, but why do I get the feeling that there’s more to the story that you aren’t telling us?

Victoria: Well, there are some specifics that we should probably save for another time.

Harrison: Why’d everybody stop talking?

Claire: Hey, harrison, how many marshmallows do you have?

Harrison: One, two, three, four. I have four.

Claire: You got four? I only got two. That’s not fair. I love marshmallows. Hey, I got cheated. What’s up with that?

Nikki: I can only imagine how desperate and frightened jordan must feel. Locked up in a room, cut off from the rest of the world.

Victor: You got that right.

Nikki: What am I saying? I don’t have to imagine it. I know exactly how she feels. I lived it, thanks to her. And now she’s living it, thanks to you.

Victor: You know… it’s absolutely amazing how sick that woman is. She has no– no problem imprisoning and torturing people that she considers enemies.

Nikki: I can only hope that she is feeling every bit of the terror that I did when I was her prisoner.

Victor: This is poetic justice, considering what that woman has done to our family, and especially to you.

Nikki: Prison is too good for her.

Victor: Much too good.

Nikki: Well, that is still your plan, right?

Victor: Oh, yeah. She’s gonna pay for what she’s done. She’s really gonna pay for it.

Nikki: Well, I certainly hope so. But before the authorities arrest her, I need to see her.

Victor: That’s ridiculous.

Nikki: I want to confront her for the last time, face to face.

Chelsea: Hey, connor, I pulled up some highlights from that soccer match we were talking about. You wanna see? He was like this since before we got here. Quiet, nervous. I did everything I could to calm him down, tell him everything was gonna be okay, that these sessions with dr. Alcott will help him learn to control things. But he doesn’t wanna listen to anything I have to say.

Connor: I can hear you, you know.

Adam: Yeah, well, that’s fine. We’re not trying to hide anything from you. All we’re trying to do is to help figure out what’s going on with you.

Connor: Why don’t you ask me? I can tell you. We just get out of here. That would help. Can we please just do that? Can we go now?

Chelsea: Connor, I’m sorry, but this is too important. I thought you felt safe here. That’s what you told billy last time. I mean, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Connor: All she’s gonna do is talk. She’ll ask me more questions, but it’s not like it’ll help.

Chelsea: It might feel like that right now, but these things just take time.

Connor: How much time? Because all I know is that I hate this.

Adam: I mean, he has a point. I mean, maybe we should listen to our son. Would it be that horrible if we canceled today’s session? I mean, if he’s not in the mood to talk to anybody, we’re gonna be wasting everyone’s time.

Chelsea: Adam, no.

Adam: Look, the kid deserves to feel like he has some control over his life. I mean, we could go see a movie or something, and we can pick this up tomorrow.

Chelsea: What kind of precedent would that set? No. Adam, connor needs this. We all do. Right now, not later, not when he feels like it, not when you feel like it.

Adam: Okay, this isn’t about me.

Chelsea: That’s exactly right. This isn’t about you.

Alcott: Chelsea, adam, connor, good to see you. We ready?

Connor: Mom, dad, please. Please.

Chelsea: Connor, I’m sorry, but this is too important, okay? We’re here. The doctor is ready to see us. It’s all part of the plan, so we can help you get better, even if it doesn’t feel like it right this second.

Adam: I’m with mom on this. We can go see a movie after, okay?

Connor: Okay.

Adam: And I will be joining the session today because I think this situation needs both parents there.

Ashley: Everything’s good. Why wouldn’t it be?

Billy: I mean, I don’t know. You’ve hit a few rough spots lately. I’m your brother. I’m concerned about you.

Ashley: Yeah. No. That’s sweet, but, you know, I have everything under control.

Billy: Okay. So, does that mean tucker is fully and completely out of your system?

Ashley: He’s such a jerk, isn’t he? I’m so totally over him. So is… everything good. It’s all good. It’s all– it’s all good.

Billy: No, please, finish. You were gonna finish that sentence. And so is who? Alice loves the scent of gain so much,

she wished there was a way to

make it last longer.

Ashley: I’m saying that I am over tucker. I mean, he’s gross, isn’t he? So the family’s over him, and you’re over tucker, right? I mean, because if you’re not, you should be, right? I mean, good riddance.

Billy: Yeah, no, I’m– I’m over tucker. The family’s been over tucker for a very long time. He’s nothing but trouble and lies. But I know that it’s been a little bit more challenging for you to move on. Maybe you… maybe you have a handle on that now.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. It wasn’t easy. I did it. I did it.

Billy: Ash, what’s going on? You… you don’t really sound like yourself.

Alcott: So, how are you feeling today, connor?

Connor: Fine.

Alcott: How do you feel about what we talked about last time, getting a name for what you’re going through? Does it help you understand what’s happening?

Connor: I don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t even wanna be here.

Chelsea: Connor, why don’t you tell dr. Alcott what you said in the waiting room?

Adam: Yeah, connor, you can talk to the doctor about your feelings.

Connor: What’s the point?

Adam: Because the doctor knows things that we don’t about how to deal with the emotions, like what you were saying about yourself.

Chelsea: And that you wanted to leave instead of have your session? Don’t worry. I’m sure she won’t be offended. Connor, we all know that this is hard. Can you just stop doing that for a second and focus on the conversation, please?

Connor: You just don’t get it, do you? None of you understand.

Alcott: Chelsea, let me caution you not to look at connor’s preoccupation with his hoodie strings as something that he’s doing, but something that manifests because of the ocd. It’s important that we view ocd as a separate entity. That will help us work out the tools that connor needs to deal with it.

Adam: Oh, okay. Well, finally, something practical that we can do. What are these tools that you’re talking about? I mean, please, tell us what we can do to help connor beat this thing.

Victor: I think it’s a horrible idea that you want to go see her and confront her.

Nikki: I don’t wanna wait for jordan to be in a courtroom or some prison waiting room. I wanna confront her in a place where I know she will be feeling completely vulnerable and at my mercy, just exactly like what she did to me.

Victor: Well, why don’t you just let her, you know, suffer the fate that obviously has befallen her?

Nikki: Victor, she’s caught. She’s locked up. She can’t do anything to hurt me now.

Victor: What’s the purpose of this? What do you wanna do?

Nikki: Don’t worry. I’m not going to strangle her, as tempting as that might be.

Victor: Sweetheart, there’s some other concerns I have.

Nikki: What are they?

Victor: I do not want this to be a trigger for you to start drinking again.

Nikki: Oh, darling, no, don’t you see? This could give me the strength to stay sober. This is my opportunity to reclaim my power. I mean, this is the moment that I can start to move on and put this nightmare behind me. I need to do it.

Summer: Claire, this must be so shocking and new for you.

Kyle: It’s quite the family to suddenly fall into.

Summer: She couldn’t have fallen into a more loyal and loving family.

Claire: Yeah, everyone’s so brilliant and strong and so loving. My new family has been more amazing than I ever could’ve dreamed.

Victoria: I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to hear you say that.

Kyle: So tell me, what are your plans? Are you gonna stick around genoa city and get to know everyone?

Summer: Oh, I hope so. We’ve got a lifetime of catching up to do.

Kyle: Perhaps you’ll go back to work as nikki’s assistant or maybe another job at newman enterprises.

Summer: All newmans are required to return there at least a few times in their career. It’s kind of like a home base.

Victoria: Generally, that’s true, but it’s totally up to claire. Whatever you want. No pressure, of course.

Claire: Uh, yeah. I’m still figuring everything out. I had a really good conversation with nikki earlier. She knows how much I would love to work with children. I find their inquisitive minds fascinating. So, maybe I’ll try to find something in that field.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victoria: It’s dad. He wants me to come back to the ranch.

Claire: Is everything okay?

Victoria: I think we should go now. Just in case. Looking for a smarter way to mop?

Alcott: I understand you’re anxious to help your son, but it’s important for you to know that we need to set expectations here. It’s very important that you know that there is no miracle cure, so we won’t be speaking in terms of beating this.

Adam: So, you’re saying that nothing can be done for connor? What are we even doing here, then, if that is the case?

Alcott: What we do is treat the disorder. We bring all the symptoms under control so they’re manageable.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay, well, that’s good. That sounds less stressful, less painful. So, um, what are things that we can do to help him?

Alcott: Well, one of the most successful forms of treatment is residential therapy.

Adam: Okay, and what is that?

Chelsea: How does that work?

Alcott: Connor is introduced to a safe, nurturing, controlled environment for therapy and erp.

Chelsea: Erp?

Alcott: Yes, exposure and response prevention. The exposure part refers to connor practicing confronting the images, the thoughts, the objects, and the situations that make him anxious and or trigger his obsessions. Facing it head on instead of hiding from it or pretending it doesn’t exist.

Chelsea: In other words, if you identify and recognize the cause of the behavior, you can begin to fix it?

Alcott: That’s right. That’s the response prevention part of erp. Once you’ve trained yourself to identify the triggering events when they happen, then you can learn the ways not to do the compulsive behavior. Of course, this is done under the guidance of a therapist in the beginning, but soon, you and connor will learn to do your own erp exercises to manage the symptoms. And in time, the treatment retrains the brain so the object of the obsession isn’t a threat.

Adam: Okay, so you’re saying that we intentionally expose him to the things that make him anxious?

Alcott: I know. This may sound counterintuitive, but you’ll be working with a trained erp doctor and you’ll devise a plan for the exposure. Then that therapist will coach connor through the confrontation, helping him to find ways to resist the urge to do the compulsive behavior.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, well, that makes sense.

Adam: And this works?

Alcott: It has been proven to be successful and very effective for patients with ocd like connor. And it’s done in the same type of school that he’s already in.

Connor: Except that it’s not a school, is it? It’s a hospital for sick people.

Ashley: I don’t know. I don’t sound like myself? Then… then, who do I sound like?

Billy: I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on, but you don’t really sound like yourself, especially the way you’re talking about tucker.

Ashley: Wait. So… I’m not supposed to feel my feelings? Because I am my own person.

Billy: I get that. You always have been, and I don’t expect that to change. But look… ash, breakups are hard. I get that, okay? And this one in particular was pretty rough on you, but you don’t have to cover up for me.

Ashley: I’m okay. I told you that, all right? I’m okay.

Billy: Just like that?

Ashley: Yes.

Billy: All of a sudden, you’re fine. Okay, well, you’ve never called me bro in your entire life, okay? That’s never come out of your mouth. Bro.

Ashley: I was trying to be cool. Oh, epic fail. That was a grand miscalculation I just made.

[ Phone chiming ]

Billy: I gotta take off. I have a board meeting at chancellor-winters. You know how those go.

Ashley: Yeah. Absolutely. Good luck with that.

Billy: I’m actually gonna need that. I don’t know if abby’s filled you in, but things are pretty tense over there right now. Devon and I are not seeing eye to eye, and I’m a little nervous that things are only gonna get worse.

Ashley: Yes. Corporate infighting. It’s very bad for everything that happens in the corporation, and, I mean, if you want my humble advice, I would say that you should just, you know, stay out of that boxing ring because it’s better to be peaceful about all that, and– and it’s more– it’s, uh, beneficial for everybody.

Billy: Ashley.

Ashley: I think it’s better.

Billy: Are you okay?

Ashley: Yes, I’m okay. Why do you keep asking me that? You don’t have to worry about me. Could you please not worry about me anymore?

Billy: Yeah.

Ashley: Okay.

Billy: I can try.

Ashley: Okay.

Billy: All right. I’ll see you soon.

Ashley: Okay. Hey, sir? Could– could I please get a ginger ale? With a cherry. Thank you. Boy that was a close one.

Did you know you waste

200 hours a year

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Ashley: Thank you. Ash? Ash! No. Shut up. No, no, no. No. No. I’m not going back in. Your plan is too dangerous. I’m gonna protect her. I can do it.

Summer: Oh.

Kyle: That was fun, wasn’t it? New book, some hot chocolate.

Harrison: Claire’s funny too.

Kyle: Oh, she is, isn’t she? I think she thinks you’re funny, too.

Harrison: We’re friends now, so when can I see her again?

Kyle: Oh.

Summer: I really liked claire too, but I don’t know just when we’ll see her again. It seems like she’s really busy with other things right now.

Victoria: Mom? Dad? Is something wrong? Why did you text me to come right over?

Nikki: What? You had victoria drop whatever she was doing just to come to the ranch?

Victoria: Yes.

Nikki: Oh, you think that she’s going to talk me out of this, right?

Victoria: Talk you out of what?

Victor: Your mother is proposing that I stand back while she goes and confronts jordan. Now, kindly tell her that this is a very bad idea. She will not get the satisfaction that she’s looking for.

Nikki: I need to find that out for myself.

Victor: It’s only gonna exacerbate things. It’s gonna make things worse for her.

Nikki: Victor, you know that I am made of tougher stuff than that. I need to confront jordan face to face to let her know that she hasn’t and never will destroy me or my family. It’s the only way I know how to regain my power.

Victor: Can’t you tell your mother it’s a bad idea?

Victoria: Actually, dad, I agree with mom.

Victor: You what?

Victoria: I see her point and I completely support her plan.

Claire: I know I don’t have a vote, for good reason, but I support nikki too. Only, I don’t think it should be one-on-one.

Victor: What do you mean by that?

Claire: I’d like to be a part of it. I wanna go with you to confront jordan.

Victoria: So do I. See? Homequote explorer lets you easily compare

Victor: The three of you concur. I don’t give a damn. It’s a lousy idea.

Nikki: It’s not your call to make.

Victor: Yes it is. You don’t even know where she is. You have no idea where to go to find her, do you? So, end of story.

Victoria: Dad, you need to listen to mom. You need to really hear what she’s saying.

Nikki: Victor, I understand your concerns. That after everything that jordan did to me, she deserves to hear from me directly.

Victoria: She deserves to hear from all of us, dad.

Claire: And we deserve to be heard.

Nikki: It just has to happen. I mean, we need to let her know that everything she tried to do to us, she failed. She lost.

Victoria: Daddy, the three of us, we can keep each other safe. But we need a chance to be able to look into jordan’s eyes and let her know that we’re in control and that she will never have control over anyone ever again.

Nikki: That’s right. She’s had her fun. It’s over.

Victoria: She stole my daughter from me. She poisoned our whole family! She burned down my house, dad. I want to see her suffer for these atrocities.

Nikki: This needs to happen. We need it for closure.

Alcott: Connor, we don’t think of it that way. It’s less like a hospital and more like a retreat. It’s a place of healing where people go to find the peace they need to focus and revitalize.

Connor: So it’s like a hospital for sick people, only farther away?

Alcott: No, and no. There are several excellent locations across the country, and like I said, think of it like a vacation retreat. The people are nice, and there are others there going through what you’re going through.

Chelsea: It sounds pretty great.

Alcott: It is. And the school here is completely on board. They’ll make arrangements for you to keep up with your studies so you don’t get behind.

Connor: What about the soccer team? Does this retreat of yours have that?

Alcott: No, but there are activities, arts, music, and a gym, especially at one place that I’m thinking of. And your coach has promised to keep your spot on the team open for when you return.

Chelsea: What do you think, connor? It sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

Connor: No, I don’t wanna go.

Adam: Look, connor. Look, we– we don’t need to decide any of this right now, right?

Alcott: No, of course not.

Adam: Okay, good. Then, we will have time to think about it, and we can weigh the pros and cons, and we can come to a decision as a family.

Alcott: Absolutely. Take your time, discuss it, and let me know what you decide.

Chelsea: Connor, are you okay?

Connor: No. I don’t wanna go to some treatment place. It’s like admitting I’m crazy or something.

Chelsea: Hey, hey. You are not crazy, okay? Hey, you heard what dr. Alcott said in there. There’s you. Wonderful, clever, sporty you. And then there’s the ocd, which is separate from you, and we just have to learn how to treat it and manage it.

Adam: Yes, that’s right. Okay? You did nothing wrong. And you’re not crazy. This is just something that happened, and even though we don’t know why, it doesn’t mean that we can’t deal with this.

Chelsea: Sweetie, what you have is an illness. But you remember last year, I went somewhere to get extra help, and listen, your place sounds like a lot more fun, right? Yeah, it’s just– it’s just how we get the ocd behaviors and thoughts to– to back off and leave you alone. Isn’t that a good thing?

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Connor: Can I go back to my room at school now?

Chelsea: Yeah, sweetie, of course. Of course you can. Adam, do you mind taking him back? I’m just gonna ask the doctor a couple more questions.

Adam: All right, connor, come on. We’ll grab a bite on the way? Probably hungry, right? All right, come on. We’ll get you something.

Chelsea: Thank you. Excuse me, dr. Alcott?

Alcott: Yes, chelsea, come in. I know how difficult this is for a family to go through.

Chelsea: Yeah, it’s– it’s been tough and– and we’re all struggling in our own way.

Alcott: Something like this affects the whole family. We can discuss connor’s case further if you like. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Chelsea: Yeah, that– that would be great actually, because I have– I have a lot of them.

Alcott: I can see connor’s having a hard time accepting and understanding his diagnosis. Feel free to ask me anything. I’m here to help all of you through this.

Chelsea: Thank you. Um, I appreciate that. Um… because I think if it’s okay, I wanna talk about myself. Um, because I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to deal with this.

Kyle: Okay, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you go upstairs and pull up a game you want all three of us to play? Mom and i will be up in a minute, and then maybe you and I can team up against her again. Cool?

Harrison: I bet me and claire can beat both of you.

[ Kyle laughing ]

Kyle: Okay, get up there. We’ll be up in a minute. Well, that’s a relief. Seeing him actually smile again. He’s been so surly with the nannies we interviewed.

Summer: Yeah, well, he misses linda. It’s nice that he was cheerful with claire.

Kyle: Yeah, he was. It’s kind of a coincidence she’s interested in working with kids.

Summer: Well, she knows how to speak to them on their level. She didn’t talk over his head or baby him.

Kyle: And she’s got jokes. He meant it when he said he wanted to hang out with her again.

Summer: And that’s really sweet, but it sounds like she has to build her life up from scratch, so.

Kyle: Well, she needs a job.

Summer: Victoria’s gonna make sure she has plenty of options.

Kyle: Or maybe we could consider her as a potential babysitter for harrison.

Summer: Do you really think that claire is a good idea?

Kyle: She’s the first person he’s smiled at since linda left. Maybe we can consider her temporarily or at least until she figures out what she wants to do and we can find someone on a more permanent basis.

Summer: I don’t know. I mean, what do we even know about her? Yes, she is victoria’s daughter, but victoria just met her. And yes, she was my grandma’s assistant, but I highly doubt she has any experience with children or formal training or references.

Kyle: Okay, victoria may not have known her long, but those two have bonded. I mean, complete acceptance. That says something, doesn’t it? And she was hired at newman, working directly under nikki. Her background may not be in child care, but her resume’s got to be solid.

Summer: True.

Kyle: Okay, so we get a reference from her about claire and, you know, go from there.

Summer: Okay. Yeah, yeah, I’ll talk to my grandma about it. But trusting somebody in an office, it’s a lot different than trusting somebody with your kid. You know, being a great assistant, that’s one thing, but taking care of a little boy, it’s a whole different ballgame. Literally. Our son can run a person ragged.

Kyle: That’s a good point. But checking in with nikki’s a good place to start. I get the feeling that there’s more to claire’s story than victoria and she were willing to share in front of harrison.

Summer: That’s true. I got that sense as well. I mean, if it’s something that you can’t talk about in front of a kid, then it’s got to be messy.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: What if it’s so bad that they’re not willing to talk about it at all?

Nikki: Victor, you really have nothing to worry about.

Victoria: The three of us will protect each other, dad.

Nikki: We can handle her. You just need to trust us, okay?

Victor: All right.

Nikki: Wonderful. Now all we need is for you to give us the address.

Victor: Oh, wait a minute. I haven’t agreed completely yet.

Nikki: Well, what more is there to agree to?

Victor: You need someone with you.

Nikki: But it can’t be you, darling.

Victor: Why the hell not?

Nikki: It needs to be just the three of us.

Victoria: You can assign one of your security guards to be with us at all times.

Nikki: Yes, yes. Larry is welcome to join us. He just can’t get in our way. That is non-negotiable. But it’s our turn to take our lives back for good.

[ Victor sighing ]

Ashley: You know you can’t do this yourself. That’s not who you are or what you do. This is my department. You need me. You know you do. More importantly, ashley needs me. Sh! No. I’ve got this.

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