Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 18, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Adam and Chelsea take Connor to see Dr. Alcott again, but Connor isn’t happy to be there. Dr. Alcott wants him to go to a therapy place, which is kind of like a school/hospital where they can train him to deal with his OCD. Connor isn’t too thrilled about that idea. Later, Chelsea tells the doctor that she doesn’t know how to handle all this.

Billy is in the GCAC bar when he sees Ashley walk in. He goes over to say, and she says, “What’s up, bro?” She acts and speaks very strangely, like a teenager. He asks her how she feels now about Tucker, and she says that she’s over him and that he’s “gross.” Billy can tell she’s acting strangely, but he gets called to a meeting with Devon. After he leaves, Ashley talks to herself, in her head, about how to protect Ashley. (Sounds like a multiple personality story)

Victor gloats to Nikki about how he got the upper hand with Jordan. Nikki wants to confront Jordan, but he thinks that’s a terrible idea.

Victoria and Claire have lunch with Kyle, Summer and Harrison. Victoria fills the others in a little bit about Claire’s history (with very few details). Claire tells them she loves her new family. In the meantime, she gets along very well with Harrison. Victoria and Claire are called away suddenly because of a text from Victor. Later, Kyle wonders if Claire would be a good babysitter for Harrison, but Summer makes it clear that they should get to know more about her first.

Nikki is appalled to learn that Victor made Victoria drop whatever she was doing to come try to talk her out of confronting Jordan. Claire and Victoria side with Nikki. They want to confront Jordan, too. Victor still thinks it’s a bad idea. Nikki agrees to let him send a security guard along.


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