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Recap written by Suzanne

After Nina tells Joss about Dex trying to kill Cyrus at the hospital, Dex is forced to tell Joss what happened, and why. She’s shocked and disgusted; she leaves, never wanting to see him again.

Sonny visits Dante, who’s still unconscious but stable.

Olivia has been sleeping on the couch, worried about Dante. She awakens to find Tracy nearby, acting uncharacteristically kind and helpful. She makes Olivia some coffee. Later, Olivia has fallen asleep but awakens again. Tracy is there but Lois delivers the coffee. The two old friends have a chat, mostly about their kids. Lois is worried about Brook Lynn marrying a cop, since it’s so dangerous.

Tracy goes to visit Sonny and Dante at the hospital. Seeing Dante reminds her of Luke.

Ava and Trina work at the gallery. Trina grows a little sad when talking about Paris. They talk about her feelings and how she’s still grieving. Nina arrives and asks Ava to intervene on her behalf with Sonny. She’s distraught because she can’t even comfort him while his son is in the hospital. Ava goes to see Sonny. When she mentions Nina, he doesn’t want to hear her name. Ava just sits with him and Dante.

Diane and Alexis try to figure out a way for Alexis to get her law license back. They discuss how it came about and how to deal with the red tape to get it back.

Kevin explains to Curtis, Marshall and Stella about how Marshall was misdiagnosed by the late Dr. Braddock because of how doctors used to treat anyone who was different, including angry young black men (like Marshall was) as mentally ill. They thank him for his compassion and information. Stella rants a little bit.

Later, Curtis finds Marshall, who had gone off on his own to deal with his emotions. Marshall wanted to rant and rave, but he is more philosophical about things, since the doctor is dead.

Stella suggests strongly to Tracy that she get her free annual physical. Tracy tries to blow her off, but Stella insists. They have a little anger, but then Tracy apologizes and the two women chuckle about it.

Joss, very upset, finds Trina at the gallery. They hug. Joss fills her in on what happened with Dex.

Dex, still packing back at his apartment, looking sad, calls the police department’s non-emergency number.


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