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Claire: Victor went to make business calls after everything he went through last night?

Victoria: It’s the way he is.

Claire: Will he rest?

Victoria: Yeah, of course, when he’s ready. But no one can ever force him to do what he doesn’t wanna do.

Claire: He really is fearless, isn’t he? It’s not just for show. I mean, the way that he faced down jordan last night, and her gun, in that dark alley, and then offered himself up as her hostage?

Victoria: God only knows what she would have done to him if nick hadn’t shown up and tazed her.

Claire: Well, at least she’s locked in that dungeon that she meant for your father.

Victoria: It’s poetic justice in a way, don’t you think?

Claire: It is. I just– I don’t really know how to feel about him. Obviously, I’m relieved that he’s okay.

Victoria: But?

Claire: But I know I shouldn’t care and I don’t understand why I do. But victor wouldn’t leave her locked up in that basement indefinitely. I mean, it’s just until he can contact the authorities and they’ll take her into custody, right?

Kyle: Thanks for coming. It was nice to meet you. We’ll be in touch. Well, I guess we can cross nanny contender number five off our list.

Summer: Honestly, I feel really bad for her. She was nice. She was well-qualified. Lovely with harrison.

Kyle: Even when he just sat there pouting and scowling at her.

Summer: When he bothered looking at her at all. I wish we knew when linda was gonna come back. She and harrison are such great buddies.

Kyle: Yeah, from what she’d said about her mother’s surgery, it doesn’t sound like we can expect her back anytime soon.

Summer: So, what do we do? Just keep having the agency send us potential new nannies for harrison to be grumpy about? I mean, we both know what the actual problem is, since he keeps on saying the same thing after every interview.

Kyle: Why can’t mommy just come home?

Sally: Wow. Did I just tell you to fight harder for what you have? That was really presumptuous of me. I have a tendency to blurt. Sorry.

Audra: No, no, no. No, it’s okay. Don’t be. It looks like you’ve done your share of fighting for relationships in your life. You know, and I appreciate your strong take on how I should handle this mess that I’m going through with tucker.

Sally: Well, I hope it helps. It’s just hilarious. I’m sorry that me, of all people, is actually giving relationship advice.

Audra: That means you’re no newer at this than I am. Good to know. You know, I– I’m usually pretty decisive. But now, I’ve been going back and forth between should i fight for tucker or should i walk away more times than I can count?

Sally: Yeah, been there done that, believe me. At some point, if you have like a spare month or two, I can give you the whole adam newman versus nick newman story.

Audra: I look forward to hearing that. You know, but in the meantime, fight for him might be exactly the advice I needed to hear at exactly the right time.

Sally: Well, I hope it helps. But seriously, consider yourself warned. I’m not always right.

Audra: Thanks for listening, sally.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Anytime.

Audra: That goes for you, too.

Adam: Sally spectra and audra charles alone together at the same table. Wow, this is a little, uh…

Sally: Surprising?

Adam: I was gonna say scary, but okay, surprising’s fine. I, uh, didn’t even know the two of you knew each other.

Sally: We’ve met, but we’ve never really had a conversation.

Audra: Yeah, until now. And it turns out it was long overdue.

Adam: Yeah? Why is that?

Sally: Well, you wouldn’t believe how much audra and i have in common.

Tucker: Uh, no, no.

Ashley: Oh, what?

Tucker: What am I doing here? This is not working. At dot’s an ordinary pretzel just isn’t enough.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Ashley: Well, I have to disagree. I mean, on my side of things, I think that kiss was working quite well, and I hate to tell you, but from your side of things, I think it was working quite well, too.

Tucker: I don’t know what’s going on with you.

Ashley: You want me to clarify?

Tucker: Stop. Ashley, listen, listen to me.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: Just listen to me.

Ashley: Mm-hmm?

Tucker: Uh… no matter how I look at this, it’s problematic. Um…

Ashley: It’s problematic?

Tucker: Yes.

Ashley: Okay. Like, in what world is any of this a downside? Like, where’s the downside to this? Tell me.

Tucker: Well, if you’re actually just setting me up for something, you can forget about that because, of course, I’m not gonna fall for it. If, however, you are going through something, if you’re dealing with something here, emotional or– or psychological.

Ashley: Oh, boy.

Tucker: I would feel remiss if I didn’t try to help you in any way I could, but you’d have to be honest with me first.

Ashley: Maybe there’s a third option.

Tucker: Which is?

Ashley: I’m being 100% sincere. I’m trying very, very hard to give you exactly what you said you’ve been wanting all along.

Tucker: No.

Ashley: Come on.

Tucker: No, I’m sorry. I don’t believe you. I can’T. You’re either lying to me or you’re lying to yourself.

Ashley: I’m not lying to myself.

Tucker: Yes, you are. As long as it’s one or the other, I can’t help you.

Adam: You know, come to think of it, of course you two have a lot in common. I mean, two high-powered businesswomen, both of whom were fired from newman media for doing absolutely nothing to deserve it. I mean, if that is not worth bonding over, I don’t know what it is.

Sally: Do you want to hear another one?

Adam: I would love to.

Sally: Audra and I are both involved with complicated men who aren’t exactly popular or appreciated in genoa city.

Audra: Yeah, or in several other cities for that matter, but let’s not go there.

Adam: Well, I don’t think I’m comfortable being compared to tucker mccall.

Audra: I wasn’t trying to insult you, adam. Okay, I’m just saying that the two of you are… complicated.

Adam: Okay, well, I can’t argue with that. But after going head-to-head with tucker mccall, I still think we’re very different animals.

Audra: Yeah, very.

Sally: Okay, excuse me. Audra and I were kind of in the middle of bonding, so…

Adam: You know what? You’re right. I don’t have any business interfering, so just forget what I said.

Sally: Consider it forgotten.

Audra: Uh, you know what? I have to head back to the athletic club. Adam.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Audra: Thank you so much, um, for your advice. I’ll definitely consider it.

Sally: Keep me posted.

Audra: Yeah, you’ll be the first to hear.

Adam: So, what was the advice about?

Kyle: What’s the chance that harrison’s playing us?

Summer: I was just thinking the same thing.

Kyle: He probably thinks that if he rejects every candidate for the nanny position, he’ll force the issue, and then mommy has to come home, right?

Summer: I’ll bet that is his plan. I swear, he is as smart and as stubborn as his father. And, you know, I get it. I– I miss him, too. But we can’t let him take control over the situation, either.

Kyle: No, without a doubt. I mean, this is hardly the first time that he’s made it clear he wants his mommy to come home. He talks about it all the time.

Summer: What do you tell him?

Kyle: Well, I reassure him that just because his parents aren’t together and his mother has a new place to live, that she’ll always love him and be there for him.

Summer: Thanks for that. And it’s true on both counts.

Kyle: Unfortunately, that doesn’t satisfy him. So, I have to remind him that even if his mother were to move home, she still has a very successful and busy career, just like daddy does. And that he needs someone to pick him up after school and be here for him while we’re working.

Summer: Well, I mean, we both know that my moving back here is not an option. And harrison’s clearly going to be very resistant to any potential nannies that we introduce him to.

Kyle: Yeah, if I remember correctly, though, it took him some time to warm up to linda.

Summer: Right, because she was wearing boring socks.

Kyle: But now he loves her. Okay, that brings us back to our original bottom line. We can’t let him manipulate us. We have to make it clear to him that this is our choice and not his.

Summer: The choice should be relatively easy ’cause we’ve met some great candidates already, but we’ve gotta remember that harrison is the one that’s gonna be spending the most time with them, so… let’s at least give him a vote.

Kyle: Okay, fair enough. But as long as we make it clear to him that not liking someone because they have boring socks is not an option.

Harrison: Mom! Schwarzkopf

Summer: Hey, what happened, sweetie?

Kyle: Yeah, did you have a bad dream?

Summer: Is that right? You had a bad dream?

Kyle: What was it about?

Harrison: A lady I didn’t know came and took me away.

Summer: That sounds really scary. But hey, look, it was just a bad dream. It wasn’t real. You’re safe. You always will be, okay?

Kyle: We’d never let anyone come in here and take you away from us. You know that, right?

Summer: Hey, is this ’cause linda’s out of town and we’ve got to find you a new sitter?

Kyle: Harrison, I know it’s hard, but we need someone to pick you up after school and take you to all the fun lessons and things you like to do.

Summer: And we promise we’re gonna find somebody really nice, okay?

Harrison: If you can’t stay, I want the older linda or no one.

Kyle: Um… hey, I know something that’ll make all this better. Three things. Number one, we don’t talk about anymore linda’s the rest of the day.

Summer: You know what? I told your dad and I’m gonna tell you, you two are just as stubborn as each other. What’s number two.

Kyle: Number two is we go check out the bookstore. I hear they have a new… uh, what’s it called?

Summer: The one with the kid that, uh, time jumps. I cannot wait to read that with you.

Kyle: Yes, and number three, we head from there to crimson lights to get some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

Summer: Yeah, well, it’s gotta be marshmallows, right, harrison?

Kyle: Of course. What’s the point of hot chocolate without marshmallows, right? Yeah, mm-hmm. For all three of us.

Summer: Yeah, all three of us.

Victoria: Dad is– he’s tough. He’s not cruel. He knows what he’s doing. He wouldn’t leave her or anyone else to rot in some godforsaken basement.

Claire: Even if he thought they deserved it?

Victoria: Even then.

Claire: He really would do anything for you all, wouldn’t he?

Victoria: My father would do anything to protect his family, which now includes you, his granddaughter.

Claire: Nikki and victor newman’s granddaughter. That’s me. It’s who I am. I have parents and aunts and uncles and cousins. And jordan’s not out there creeping around anymore. Are we really all safe finally?

Victoria: We really are. There’s nothing that jordan can do to hurt anyone. You know, we were all so scared for such a long time, but now it’s over. It’s over. It’s kind of unbelievable, isn’t it?

Claire: You mean we… can come and go as we please and we don’t have to look over our shoulders every second? And we don’t have to run for cover every time we hear a strange noise in the house?

Victoria: Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Claire: So could we…

Victoria: Could we…

Claire: Go somewhere? It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. It’s just… I was at the jail and then the hospital and now here not being able to go anywhere. It’s just– the thought of going out into the world around people out from under this dark cloud. It’s been a long time. My whole life, really.

Victoria: Yes.

Claire: Seriously? You think it’s a good idea?

Victoria: I think it’s a great idea.

Sally: That was a nice surprise. I might have just found a new friend. And let’s face it, I do not have many of those.

Adam: Sally. Proceed with caution.

Sally: You do realize who you’re talking to, right? If I knew the first thing about proceeding with caution…

Adam: You and I, we would not be together. Okay, point taken. All right, well, let me be more specific. Proceed with caution where audra charles is concerned.

Sally: Why would you say that? I like her.

Adam: She’s probably not my biggest fan. After all, I’m the one that passed along the incriminating emails that the abbotts used to tank tucker and she could have easily ended up collateral damage.

Sally: Okay, but what does that have to do with my being friends with her?

Adam: Because she might have an agenda.

Sally: Or… we might just get each other.

Adam: Will you please just be careful about sharing information that she might be probing for? It’s pretty safe to say that anything she hears about me from you is gonna get straight back to tucker.

Sally: Okay. But don’t sell her short. I mean, she’s pretty savvy. You know, I’m sure that she can recognize a well-played business move when she sees one and she might even respect you sharing emails with the abbotts when they thought that tucker was plotting to take over jabot. And honestly, I did not get the sense that she was seeking any kind of payback.

Adam: Okay, well then what was the advice that she thanked you for on the way out?

Sally: It was personal. It was about a relationship issue that she’s been dealing with that had absolutely nothing to do with you, surprising as that may be.

Adam: Okay, well now that we’ve straightened that out, how about we change the subject? Because I actually, I tracked you down for a reason.

Sally: Is… is it about your dad?

Adam: Uh, no. Actually, I’m happy to report he’s home. I mean, he’s exhausted, but he’s safe and sound.

Sally: Adam, that’s great. I know that you’ve been really worried about him.

Adam: Yes, I have been. And it’s a relief that I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I mean, until something else comes up with him.

Sally: Okay, and connor? Any updates?

Adam: So, chelsea and I, we have another session with dr. Alcott today. And I wanted to let you know before I leave.

Sally: Well, look, I know it’s a lot, but… I mean, hopefully that means progress. You know, maybe it will alleviate some of your concerns.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, it might add to them. I gotta say, chelsea and I feel pretty helpless. And connor’s very confused.

Sally: You’re doing all the right things, adam. You did not have the help you needed as a kid, and it changed your whole life. You are being the best parent that you can be.

Tucker: Ah, let’s go bourbon. Neat. Double.

Ashley: Oh, god, it’s you again. Why don’t you just give up? You don’t have a chance. I’ve got him right where I want him.

Tucker: What did she say to you just now?

Audra: That she has you right where she wants you. What the hell would make her think that, tucker?

Tucker: She kissed me again and… she thinks it meant something. I would’ve called yesterday.

Tucker: Whatever is going on with ashley, it is not good.

Audra: Tell me the truth. Did you return the kiss?

Tucker: No, I pulled back and said, “not happening.” And it’s not.

Audra: You sure about that?

Tucker: Audra, can we not– let’s not have this conversation right now, please.

Audra: I think we need to.

Tucker: I don’t think we need to. I think we’ve talked about ashley more times than I care to count. Everything that woman does just feeds your suspicions.

Audra: Because everything she does is suspicious, tucker. What– what do you expect me to do?

Tucker: Ignore her.

Audra: Yeah, just the same way you’re ignoring her? You know, I walked through the door and there she is, in my face.

Tucker: Yeah, I’m sorry. And I wanted to say I’m sorry about earlier. And you’re sweet, I– I didn’t mean all that. And I shouldn’t have just stormed out. I apologize.

Audra: You know, if we were on a jet to paris right now, she would be the furthest thing from my mind. But instead, we are here and i am getting blindsided by your ex-wife looking rather pleased with herself. You know, can I ask you something else?

Tucker: Mm-hmm?

Audra: What did she say to you before that damn kiss?

Tucker: She said… now, you see, that’s what I’m talking about. It doesn’t make any difference what she said. In her state, it doesn’t matter what she says or does. It means nothing. And I’m trying so hard right now to let all this go. Audra, I really am. Can you?

Audra: I will if she will. But when your ex-wife tells me I don’t stand a chance and that she has you right where she wants you, I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to react. I don’t know what I’m supposed to think.

Tucker: Just think of the bigger picture here. I think she’s suffering some kind of severe psychological break. She is not herself. She needs help.

Adam: I’m not even sure there is a sure-fire solution for what connor’s going through. I mean, the more that I read about ocd, the more overwhelmed that I feel. Apparently, very few professionals even know what it is. And it can go unrecognized for years.

Sally: Well, then it is a good thing that the people at connor’s school did recognize it.

Adam: Yes, I am grateful for that. I mean, assuming that it makes a difference.

Sally: An early diagnosis can make a big difference.

Adam: God, I hope so. Ah, I gotta get going. I’m grabbing some things for connor that he asked for. Just, um, comfort stuff that he said he needed. I want to make sure to get it to him before our session to see if it eases his mood.

Sally: Okay, we’ll keep me posted. And please try and stay positive, okay? Connor is a good kid with a great dad who is so ready to do whatever it takes to help him, okay? Just keep reminding yourself of that, will you, please?

Adam: Thank you for that. And for always being right there with your support. I love so much that you’re back in my life.

Sally: You know that little exchange that we had earlier when you took off to the ranch?

Adam: Of course. But that was a rushed moment. And I mean, I was a wreck and you were trying to help me through it, so don’t worry. I will not hold you to that.

Sally: Yeah, well, I was as surprised as you were at how easily it just slipped out. But you know what? Please, hold me to it. Because it wasn’t just a momentary slip of the tongue to make you feel better in a rushed moment. I… I mean it. I do. Love you.

Adam: I do, too. Love you. Want the power of 5 serum benefits in 1?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. If you think you have dupuytren’s contracture,

Ashley: I don’t like this. This is gonna make things worse. I don’t think we should trust you. You don’t really have a choice. You have to be stopped! I– I think I do! I– I need to takeover.

Audra: Forgive my lack of compassion, but that perfectly poised, incredibly sure-of-herself woman who just verbally assaulted me over there didn’t exactly strike me as a psychological wreck.

Tucker: And your point is?

Audra: My point is that you want a reason to sympathize with her to humor her. You know, that performance she’s putting on is to reel you back in. Hello?

Tucker: And you think I’ll just be reeled back in because I’m, uh, a sucker? I have no judgment about this.

Audra: Maybe you just want to play hero or something.

Tucker: Oh, god. I couldn’t play hero in this situation even if I wanted to. She might hide it well in public, but I can read ashley like a book that I’ve memorized. She needs professional help.

Audra: You know, if you’re not qualified to diagnose her, let alone help her, what makes you so sure she needs psychological help? Based on what, some look you saw in her eyes last night?

Tucker: Yes, the look I saw in her eyes last night, the way she’s been acting, her distorted memory of what happened between us in paris. That is not the woman I fell in love with.

Audra: Oh, my god.

Tucker: Past tense, audra.

Audra: I am so stupid.

Tucker: What? What now?

Audra: I’m just thinking, what the hell is wrong with me? I– I can’t believe I allowed myself to get into this vulnerable position with you again. I– like what am I doing?

Tucker: Come here. Listen, I adore you. I want the world with you. What’s going on with ashley is a completely separate issue.

Summer: So right here.

Kyle: All right, I’m gonna put our order in.

Summer: Okay.

Victoria: So, how are you doing? Are you ready for this?

Claire: Ready as I’ll ever be. It’s really weird being back out in the world like a normal person.

Victoria: Well, that’s because you are normal. And after everything you’ve been through, I mean, you’re better than normal. If you want to go, though, we can go.

Claire: No. I’m gonna have to do this sooner or later. I can’t hide for the rest of my life. Besides, I used to come here when I worked for your mom. And I was pretending to be normal. I like it here. Look, no one’s even staring at me. It’s kind of exhilarating.

Victoria: Yeah. Now, listen, um, I know we said we would take this slow and you can say no if you’re not ready for it, but since we’re here, how would you like to say hello to one of your new family members? I’m adding downy unstopables to my wash.

Victoria: Summer.

Summer: Aunt victoria.

Victoria: Hi. Oh, so good to see you.

Summer: I’ve been so worried about you. How are you doing?

Victoria: I’m better. Thank you. Summer, I wanted you to meet my daughter, claire. Claire, this is summer. She’s nick’s daughter.

Summer: I– I heard some of the story from my dad. And I read in the paper that victoria and cole’s daughter was alive, but this is…

Victoria: It’s a miracle.

Summer: Exactly, I mean, this has got to be so overwhelming for you.

Claire: It’s a lot. But it’s also really nice. I was just saying to victoria– mom. That it actually feels kind of normal, if that makes any sense.

Summer: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. I mean, if there is anything normal about being a newman. But I think that you’ll like it when you get used to it. Welcome to the family, cuz.

Claire: Thank you, cuz.

Summer: Oh, this is my stepson, harrison.

Claire: Hey, harrison. It’s so nice to meet you.

Summer: Unfortunately, he’s not in a great mood today.

Claire: That’s okay. I have those days all the time. Hey, what are you drawing? Is that a squirrel? Do you know how to get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut. So you like squirrels.

Summer: And ducks. He likes ducks.

Claire: Oh, ducks are really cool. Ah, but they’re gone now, huh? Well, that’s okay. They always come back. They just go south for the winter. Do you know why? It’s too far to walk. I know, I’m hilarious.

Victoria: Where are those jokes coming from?

Claire: There were some excellent books in the kids ward.

Victoria: Oh.

Claire: I have about a million knock-knock jokes too.

Summer: Oh, you are gonna get along great with my dad. He is the king of stupid dad jokes.

Claire: Nick has a silly streak. I had no idea.

Victoria: Just wait until you see him dance.

Summer: Ooh.

Claire: Well, I will have a ton more jokes for you the next time I see you. That’s a promise.

Victoria: See, I told you. You really do have a way with children.

Kyle: What’s going on here? Oh, wait a second. Where did harrison’s scowl go?

Summer: Oh, I think he misplaced it once claire showed up.

Harrison: Claire’s funny.

Kyle: Oh, apparently so. Hi, I’m kyle abbott.

Claire: Claire grace.

Kyle: Well, it’s a pleasure to finally meet a stranger who makes my son smile.

Tucker: Ashley is no threat to you, audra. None. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that.

Audra: Just once, if you meant it.

Tucker: Okay, you want to know what ashley said to me before she kissed me? She repeated her offer to give me everything that I claimed I ever wanted. All I had to do was say yes. I had to give up the notion that she had a problem. I had to dump you, of course. Uh, and get back together with her. There it is, all laid out before me, mine for the taking. And where am I? In here and where am I in here? With you. You, exactly where i want to be. What’s going on with ashley has nothing to do with love. Has nothing to do with romance. It has to do with wanting to help someone I care about. Doing the right thing, which, as you know, is not my forte. But I swear to god, that’s all this is.

Audra: You really can’t see it, can you?

Tucker: See what?

Audra: That she’s sucking you back in.

Tucker: No, she’s not sucking me back in.

Audra: You know, you went from telling me that we are a team, a power couple destined to be together to essentially telling me she’s an option.

Tucker: No, that is not what I’m telling you. I’m telling you that’s what she claimed.

Audra: You know, I was talking to someone today who advised me to fight for us. But I can’t fight this. Especially when I’d be fighting all on my own.

Tucker: Wait a minute.

Audra: Good luck. Let go!

I have type 2 diabetes, but I manage it well

Chelsea: Connor, I know you’re bored, but it shouldn’t be much longer. Dr. Alcott will see us in a few minutes.

Adam: Hey, buddy, I brought that stuff that you wanted from home.

Chelsea: Thanks, dad. That’s awesome. Should we see what’s in the bag?

Adam: Yeah, I made sure to pack that hat that you wanted. You wanna put it on? Okay. Well, I have a better idea. How about you tell us what’s going on? Look, there’s probably a lot going on in your head right now, and that’s gotta be stressful, but your mom and I are ready to listen, so whatever you want to say.

Connor: I hate this. I hate the doctor. I hate being here. I hate myself.

[ Knock on door ]

Audra: Go away.

Tucker: Audra, I just have one thing to ask you. It’s a crucial question. Please.

Audra: What is it?

Tucker: Well, you said that you’re done with me. I just want to know what you mean by that exactly.

Audra: What part of I’m done are you struggling with?

Tucker: Are you done with everything? Or just me? You’re done with me? Okay. Well, what about everything else? What about glissade? I hope we’re not going to let ashley ruin that for us, too.

Kyle: So you two are cousins, but you never knew each other existed. I mean, it seems impossible. And yet…

Victoria: It’s a dream come true.

Kyle: I mean, to have that amazing loss, and then… it’s incredible.

Summer: With a whole family who can’t wait to get to know you.

Claire: And same to you. Harrison, is this for me?

Victoria: Aw.

Claire: Aw, that’s gorgeous. I love it, thank you.

Kyle: Oh, hey, buddy. Come here.

Ashley: Hey. Hi, you guys.

Kyle: Hey, ashley.

Ashley: Hi. How’s kindergarten? Oh, wait. What grade are you in? I cannot believe how big you are. I mean, pretty soon you’re going to be bigger than your dad. So cute.

Kyle: Everything all right, ashley?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It is now. Yeah. Anyway, I wish I could stay and chat to this one, especially, but I’m going to get a cocoa. And then, you know, I gotta run. Okay, I’ll see you guys. Bye.

Kyle: See you later.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless.

Ashley: Hey, bro. What’s up?

Billy: Hey, sis. Everything okay?

Summer: I’m going to do some digging. See if I can come up with the parts of the story that victoria didn’t share with us and we’ll go from there.

Jordan: Oh, oh, thank god.

Nikki: Sorry to burst your bubble, jordan, but this isn’t a rescue party.

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