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Ok yes. Hello. This is dr. Portia robinson. I’m trying to locate a dr. Paul braddock. Okay. I’ll hold. Dr. Robinson, you wanted these test results right away? I can take over. Uh, thank you, sarah. You sure? Okay. Yes, yes. I’m here. Yes, I understand dr. Braddock has retired, but he was part of the med-psych education faculty. Shouldn’t you be able to reach him? Thank you for looking into it. You can call me back at this number. Well, I guess I was being a little overconfident, thinking we could just drive down to maryland and get answers. This dr. Braddock, he’s hard to find. We’ll track him down eventually, and then we’ll find out why he misdiagnosed you with schizophrenia. Okay, now, go on. What, are you trying to get rid of us now? Well, do you or do you not have physical therapy? I do. All right, well, get to moving. Best not to argue with the lady. No, no, we probably won’t argue. Bye, aunt stella. See you. Thank you for this. You know, that’s the third time you’ve said that. Well, you’ve got better things to do than proofread my copy. No, I’m happy to, dad. Unfortunately, my keyboard aim isn’t what it used to be. Yeah, I can tell. What — what’s that supposed to be? Uh, “went about his way.” Yeah. Yeah, no, that makes a lot more sense now. Yeah. You know, I can retype this for you, dad. Oh, no. It’ll take me two minutes. It’ll take much longer than that, and you’re a busy man. My son, the doctor. No. Uh —

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Come on in. Hi, finn. Hi.Hey. What can I do for you? I just got the radiology report from heather webber’s mri and angiography. Mm. Oh, I think this is my cue to make my exit. Thank you. Fourth time’s the charm?

[ Chuckles ] I just can’t help myself, I guess. No. Good to see you. You, too. I take it there’s something interesting in the report? You could say that. Nina: Un. Believable. Thank you. Oh. You didn’t mean that as a compliment. Far from it, alexis. That follow-up piece you put in today’s paper about the incident on the docks? Yeah. What about it? Well, it was an outrage, that’s “what about it.” Well, like you said, I ran the piece. I didn’t write it. So? So, that’s how it works in local news. I understand how it works, alexis. But it was a smear job on sonny. And — can — can you pay attention? Sonny knows that I am publishing this newspaper, and the last thing I want is to antagonize him. Then quit. Better yet, why don’t you run the paper and stop antagonizing me?

[ Gasps ] I’m gonna break her kneecaps. Whose kneecaps? Did I say that out loud? No.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ah, D.A. Scorpio. Just the man I wanted to see. Kevin: Can you state your full name for me? Heather grant moore taylor — no, baker, then taylor — all right, all right, maybe that wasn’t a fair question. I — webber. How about this? What’s today’s date?

[ Scoffs ] March something. March something? Yeah, well, they’re all — the days are just blending together. Who’s our president?

[ Sighs ] The guy with the — with the aviators. I can’t focus! Don’t you understand? It’s too painful to look at him. All I can see is his brother. I wish I could report that heather is in her right mind, but — hey. Pfft. Sane or not sane, I don’t really give a damn. She’s being transferred today. Look, I’d be thrilled to see the last of heather webber, believe me, but unfortunately, she’s not going anywhere. See?

Can you hand me another box? No. Please? No. I’m not going to help you do the very thing that I don’t want you to do and the thing that doesn’t even have to happen. Joss, we’ve been over this. Yes, and it still makes no sense. You love it in port charles. I do. And you love me. Even more. Then how can you leave? I would ask you to come with me, but I know you need to stay close to your family. Yeah. I need my family, and they need me, but… I need you, too. I’m not joking, nina. Why don’t you run the invader the way you see fit and leave me out of it? But you can’t, can you? ‘Cause you don’t know how to edit a newspaper. Nor do I have any desire to. Then let me do my job. Here you go. Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize you were in with someone. Ooh, what does she have you writing? Nina! Call it quality control. I don’t want tomorrow’s paper bearing any resemblance to today’S. That is psychotic, let alone obsessive. It’s an article on the police department outreach to kids ages 8 to 14. Scandalous. Uh, they do field trips, athletics, arts and crafts. My son chase is one of the volunteer officers. Oh. “Oh.” Uh — it’s highly unprofessional. I mean, look at this, with all the red marks, the cross-outs, the typos? I mean, please. And why didn’t you electronically submit this? You know something? If you want the edition out by tomorrow, you need to get out of my office. Right now. Out! Whatever. “Whatever.”

[ Sighs ] These are heather’s mri images. Uh, what are we looking at exactly here? Well, this is the reason she isn’t getting discharged today, not in this condition. Okay, while I love a good guessing game, I have a feeling I’m not needed here, so good luck. I think I’m going to need it.[ Chuckles ] Oh, dr. Enoch, thank you so much for making the time. Oh, the co-chief calls, I answer. Can somebody please tell us what’s going on? Um… you can actually speak in front of mayor collins. She holds heather webber’s healthcare proxy. I do? That’s what the paperwork says. Dear god — I suppose I might be the nearest thing she has left to family. Scary thought. Terrifying. Uh, look, um, can we get back to the matter at hand? I have citizens to protect. Ah. See these orbs of brightness? They suggest metallosis, specifically cobalt poisoning. And how do you get that? Fractured or slowly degrading hip replacement hardware. So heather’s hip replacement is poisoning her? Well, to confirm, we’ll need blood tests, a tox screen, and a panel for heavy metals. Already ordered. But that’s the working theory, yes. The syndrome’s accompanied by a spectrum of neuropsychiatric symptoms. To that end, have you noticed any changes, however subtle, in heather’s behavior in recent years?

Physical therapist: Good. Good. As you get stronger, we can increase these exercise weights. This is going to help your quads and hamstrings. And we’re all for that, aren’t we, son? How many reps, doc? Well, as many as you can tolerate, as long as you’re pain level doesn’t go above a three.

[ Grunting ] Okay. I know you have other patients. Do you mind if I stay at it for a minute? Uh, you keep an eye on him? Oh, absolutely. All right, go for it. Thanks. All right. Yeah.

[ Grunts ] There you go. Come on. Thanks for staying, dad. You know, I love it. Watching you work so hard. I’m proud of you, son. Well, I’m proud of you. I mean confronting dr. Braddock when I know you had reservations. Oh. [ Chuckles ] That. Well, have you thought about what you’re going to say to him when you’re finally face to face? Curtis, if he’s the same psychiatrist I remember, it won’t be anything nice. Hey, it’s dr. Finn. Anything on those orders dr. Robinson put through? Great. Thanks. Finn: Heather’s test results should be in. Oh, let me look them up. Okay. Here we go. Mm. My preliminary diagnosis is confirmed. Melatonin?

[ Sighs ] Metallosis. So, what now? Well, the failing hip that’s poisoning the patient needs to be replaced immediately. Well, can’t the federal pen at the women’s division do it? Robert. Well, c-come on. She’s a homicidal maniac. Yes, but now we’re learning that there may be a medical reason for that. She’s always been a bit loony. Yes, loony, right. I mean, she did crazy things, like, I don’t know, once, she tried to give somebody lsd, and she ended up drinking it herself, you know? She’s not a murderer. She is definitely not a serial killer. I mean, that’s just… new. Portia: Look, I’m not a fan of heather webber, but this is about human suffering. I checked with dr. Randolph, and she agrees with me. If we fail to treat heather webber, we could be opening ourselves up for an investigation, possible liability. Oh, we have got to let this go, robert, I mean, especially if it poses a risk to the hospital. Right. To think I missed breakfast in bed because of this.

[ Telephone rings ] Dr. Robinson here. Can you say that again? Thank you for getting back to me. Well, I’m glad to know that we’re still good at that. Did you think we wouldn’t be? No, it just — it’s nice to know, that’s all. I wish we could stay in bed all day. Well, why can’t we?

[ Sighs ] Because I have to pack. You’re still leaving? I have to, joss. Stop saying that. You don’t have to. You’re making a choice to do this. It doesn’t feel like a choice to me, okay? I’ve realized I don’t know sonny as well as I thought I did. Maybe that’s how you feel about jason now that he’s suspected of shooting dante. Jason did not shoot dante, okay? That, I know. What he did do is wrapped that bandage around him and called 911. You know how I know that? Because you two are very similar. You’re both good, decent human beings. Just like I don’t understand how you and jason are so loyal to someone like sonny. I was loyal to sonny, but I’m also afraid of him. Maybe not him so much, but who I’m becoming because of him. And maybe you should be, too. I am so sorry about nina. She doesn’t know. I don’t care what she knows or doesn’t know. She had no right to talk to you that way. It was callous, and it was rude. Maybe. But… as your publisher, nina’s allowed to set standards. And it’s become clear to me today that I’m no longer able to meet them. I disagree. Pretending otherwise does me no favors. Alexis, please allow me my dignity. This will be my last article for the invader.

[ Sighs ] Where are you going with that? Uh, to make the corrections that nina wanted. And then I’ll submit my final copy electronically, just like all your other writers do. Thank you. The pleasure’s been mine.

So, dad, I know how you feel about dr. Braddock now, but what were your impressions of him in the beginning? Dr. Braddock, he was — he was kind, at first. He was compassionate and understanding. Yeah. When I told him, “I feel like everything’s against me,” and I meant that — money. Work. Family obligations. He was sympathetic, and he assured me it wasn’t my fault. A chemical imbalance. The way he put it, son, way he put it was there was a part of my brain that was fighting itself. Right? So that was an explanation. It gave me relief, an explanation as to why everything was going to hell. But I didn’t have insurance. So when he prescribed me pills I couldn’t afford, I was out there cobbling that money together. Yeah, don’t ask me how I did it. I won’T. Anything to make me better able to take care of you, your mama, and your brother. But them pills, ooh, man, curtis, those pills, they — they made me rigid. I-I couldn’t play. I could hardly feel my fingers. And — and my mouth was so dry, the reed just stuck to it. Did you tell the doctor? That’s when he offered me those shock treatments, at the bargain price of $800 a pop. Get out of here. I ain’t kidding. So what’d you do? I blew up on him, that’s what I did. I vented my anger, and I vented my frustration. How did dr. Braddock take it? Not well. Metallosis? That sounds like something you get when your tongue freezes to the flagpole. Dr. Enoch believes the condition is what’s causing your symptoms. My symptoms? Yes, both physical and mental. Wait, are you saying that this poison is making me think things a-and do things that I normally wouldn’t? It’s a very real possibility that the metallosis has altered your perception and behavior.

[ Gasps ] No doctor has ever told me anything but that I’m crazy. How long has the pain in your hip been acute? Um, let’s see. Well, I’m not sure, but it feels like an eternity. Well, we would surgically remove the defective apparatus and replace it with a current model. You mean like buying a new car? You just junk the old hip and replace it with this year’s model? As with any surgeries, um, there are significant risks. Oh. A standard hip replacement takes approximately two hours. Yours may be double that. Okay. You will be under anesthesia and carefully monitored. Okay. However, in rare cases, patients experience complications from anesthesia. Complications meaning you never wake up? In very rare cases. But before we do the surgery, we’re going to start you on cobalt chelation therapy, which — yeah, excuse me, but c-could I — could I just have a minute? Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping ] I don’t understand what he’s saying. I mean, I hear the words, but all that “medicalese” just sounds like a lot of white noise. Do you know what he’s talking about? Uh, I-I think I do. Well, can — can you just figure it out for me, then, please? I mean, you’re my guardian now. No, heather, I-I’m not your guardian. It’s just in case you — you can’t make decisions for yourself, I’m in charge of your medical care. Well, as you can see, laura, I mean, I’m having a really hard time with that. You’re having a hard time with what exactly? With making decisions.

[ Exhales deeply ] I — there should be a will in my file, I think. Yes, yes, I-I’ve seen it. Okay. Short but sweet. You leave your entire estate to your grandson ace. Yeah, to ace. I mean, not that I have anything to leave. But I don’t want to leave him. So what do you think I should do, laura? I mean, do you think that I should have them take out my whole hip and put in a new one? Heather, it’s a personal choice. Please. Help me decide. I think you should do it.

[ Sighs ] Finn: You’re back. I changed my mind. About? Would you mind, uh, retyping this from — uh, tonight after work? I don’t mind typing it right now. Are you sure? Positive. Thank you. So, what was the verdict? Was alexis a fan? Alexis usually likes what I write. But I’ve decided that this will be my last article. Oh? How come? Newspaper gig just isn’t for me. Well, it’ll certainly free up some more time. It will. Maybe you can finish up that, uh, chaucer book you’ve been working on or, well, you always said you wanted to write a novel. Yeah, um, it’s on my list. Well, start scratching a few things off, will you? I mean, they say no time like the present. At least that’s what they say. The present, son, is all we’ve got. What’s your problem? “Port charles’ own red-headed mob lawyer. Shacking up with the district attorney.” I never said that. Well, your paper sure did.

Hi. Stella! I hope I’m not interrupting anything. Ah, nothing important. What can I do for you? Well, I was hoping to pick your brain. Pick away. Did you ever encounter a psychiatrist named dr. Paul braddock? He practiced out of baltimore, but from what I gather, he was fairly well known. You could say that. I had nothing to do with that. Is the invader not your publication? Ah. You seem to have forgotten that I have a new publisher, who has shoved a gossip columnist right down my throat. I haven’t seen anything about that. Well, you might want to start reading it. And I’m assuming that you’re going to print a retraction tomorrow. What do you want me to say? That you’re not a natural redhead?

[ Laughs mockingly ] I have something that you might be happier about. Thrill me. Nina has forbidden us to mention sonny at all. Nada, zip, not a word. So your number-one client is officially off-limits. My god. Does the woman have a single redeeming quality? You say it like I’m going to follow her orders. A lawyer can dream, can’t she? You mean a red-headed mob lawyer.

[ Chuckles, groans ] What if I said I would come with you? I’d say you were lying. To me, but mostly to yourself. Your family is way too important to you, and that’s a good thing. I wish I felt that way about mine. You’re important to me. It’s different. Yes, it’s different. I love my family. But I’m in love with you. And I love you, too. So much. You know I’ve never said that to anyone before. That’s why I want what’s best for you, and that can’t be me. Is it sonny that you’re worried about? Because I might be able to protect you. I can talk to my mom. She can talk to him. I know that they’re not together. I know that they’ve been through it, but I just — I have a feeling that he might still listen to her. What if it’s already too late?

[ Knock on door ] What if what’s too late?

[ Loud knocking on door ] I’ll get it. Nina. Looking for more backs to stab? Sorry. I’m fresh out. That was nice. It’s nice watching you work so hard, put all this work into your recovery. Pop, pop, don’t do that, okay? My recovery is quantifiable. Do my exercises, I’ll be back on my feet sooner. But that was not the same for you. You’re right. Our — our situations are different. Yes. And you know what that difference is? I ran and gave up. You didn’T. Working hard or hardly working? Ah, man, you know your — your nephew. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Were you able to locate dr. Braddock?

[ Sighs ] Auntie. Auntie, what’s wrong? I got good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Bad. Bad. Dr. Braddock died just before christmas.

[ Sighs ]Well, that’s, uh — yeah, hard to find the words to say, huh? Well, well, well. You won’t find me mourning the man. No, no one would expect you to, pop. Look, I knew. I knew all this searching stuff, it would lead to nothing. Auntie, you said you had some good news, too. The answers that you’ve been looking for are not hiding in baltimore. They are right upstairs in this hospital.

I just can’t believe how big he’s getting. Yeah, I know. Baby today, mayor of port charles tomorrow. You think he’ll follow in your footsteps, huh? Oh, I-I don’t know who he will grow up to be. Better your path than mine, that is for sure.

[ Sighs ] It all just went so wrong, laura. When? How? I mean besides this metallosis stuff. What happened to me? I don’t know, heather. I — you know, if it makes you feel any better, I feel like I’ve lived a few different lives, and — and sometimes, I can’t always connect the dots between them. Well, see, that’s exactly it. It’s so random, right? It’s just so disjointed. Sometimes I feel like I’m in free-fall. And the only thing worse than that fall itself is the ground rushing up to meet me. Heather, you know the upside to having gotten it all wrong? I didn’t think there was an upside. There’s still time for you to get it right. Is dex here? I don’t know. Dex, are you here? Hello. I was hoping that you would relay a message to sonny that I had no idea that the invader was going to run that story on him today. You know, I’ve only been publishing that newspaper for a very short time, so they don’t run anything by me, but I’m gonna — have you ever seen sonny read a newspaper? I have not. Mm. But he’s very well informed. He just gets his news through other means. Okay, great. So you’re in the clear. Goodbye. Hold on! A-are you — are you going somewhere? Uh, is sonny going somewhere? Are you accompanying him as his guard? First of all, that’s none of your business. Second of all, dex is through with sonny, kind of like how sonny’s through with you. You are your mother’s daughter. Oh, yes. Proud of it. Oh, I see what’s happening here. Dex, you broke up with sonny. And that can only mean you’re next, josslyn. I hate complaining. I really do. And yet — and yet the newspaper business is — how do I phrase this? Miserable? Yes. In general, nobody reads anymore. They scroll. Specifically, it’s this place. It’s this publisher. I’m dishing gossip to make nina reeves happy. Who am I? What have I become? That’s a rhetorical question? I’m telling you, I would take up the law again for free if it meant that I could get out from under this nasty job. Really? Well, in that case, I have a proposal for you, one that will get you out of this place and away from nina reeves for good. Semicolon should be a period. There are no semicolons in newspapers.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Noted. Uh, here. Here’s the, uh, web address for the invader work site. You can post it there. Okay. And this is the password? Yeah. All right.

[ Keyboard clacking ] There you go. Your final article has been uploaded. Excellent. Think you can stick around, have some lunch with me? I know it’s not the metro court, but the turkey chili’s pretty decent. Thanks, but I think I’ll head home, try to squeeze in a nap before violet gets home from school. Yeah. Okay. Thank you again for this. And thank you for… everything. I’m not done quite yet, hamilton. Better not be. See you at home? See you at home, dad.

Hamilton finn. Hey, bodhan. Thought that unknown number might be you. Thanks for getting back to me. Where’d they send you this time? Wow. I heard all hell’s breaking loose there. Hey, well, look, I, uh — I realize my timing is terrible, so I will make it quick. Uh, my dad’s been diagnosed with als. Oh, thank you. I, um — I appreciate that. You know how it is. Uh, look, and I know the — the course of the disease varies with every patient, but it seems to be accelerating with him. And, man, you’re the best neurologist I ever worked with, so I just want to know if you have anything, you know? And I don’t — I don’t even know what I’m looking for. I’d take a little magic at this point, but I — yeah. No, I-I know the drill. Yeah, no. Look, go, uh — go save some lives and, um, stay safe, brother. I don’t want to take another hit piece like that gossip columnist just leveled at me. I’m a phenomenal lawyer. You’re not going to get any argument from me. I also hate to think that I’m the kind of person who cares what people think of me. But my reputation matters. And I don’t want anybody out there thinking that I only take cases for mob money. That’s not why I got into the law in the first place. Why did you? Well, I’m going to assume it’s for the same reasons that you got in, alexis, to be of service, to strive for justice, even if the definition of justice happens to vary a little bit between you and me. Do you want me to write a puff piece? No, no, I want — actually, I want — I just want you to zip it. Pay attention. Come work with me. As what, your receptionist? No. As my very esteemed every-other-day colleague. And — and if you’re very good and very nice to me, at some point soon, my partner. I think you’re forgetting the small matter of my disbarment. I’m not able to practice law anymore. Says who? The appellate division of the supreme court of the state of new york. And it was a swift and decisive ruling, I might add. And it’s a ruling I’m betting I can get overturned. Now that we’ve already acknowledged that you are a chip off the ol’ carly block, I bet the only secrets you really like are the ones you keep to yourself. Okay. That’s enough. Get out. No, no, no. What do you mean? Oh. You should really aim that question to your boyfriend. What is she talking about? Oh, don’t be shy, dex. Come on. Tell josslyn about the day I caught you dressed as an orderly coming out of cyrus renault’s hospital room. Remember, no funny business. There is nothing funny about surgery, if you ask me. Okay, who’s got a pen? Uh, um, heather, would you like dr. Enoch to go over the procedure with you one more time? In layman’s terms. I mean, before you sign? No. Not necessary. You think I should do this, that’s good enough for me. Do you have a pen? Yes. Yes, yes. Well, gracias, “doctore.” Okay. Here goes.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] Kind of messy, but — okay. We’ll submit your consent, get the ball rolling. Yes. Of course.

[ Sighs ] We’ll talk soon. Okay. Thank you. Hey, laura. What’s kevin like in bed?

[ Chuckles ] Excuse me? I was just wondering, you know, if — if there were any similarities with ryan, you know, in that department.

[ Chuckles ] Heather, you know, here, I thought we were getting along so well. We were. We are. Have a good day. What’d I say?

[ Scoffs ] I understand you were a patient of dr. Paul braddock. Once upon a time, yes. I take it you’ve heard of him? Oh, he made quite a name for himself. What, was this guy famous or something? Some might go with infamous. He’s the one who diagnosed me with schizophrenia. Stella told me. Gave me all these — these dire warnings about how — how it might progress, how I might hurt myself or my family and the shame it would bring upon them if that happened. Doctor, I was so scared. I was so scared, I left my boys and let my wife and stella here raise them without me. But none of it, none of it was true. You didn’t have what he said you did. What would make a doctor tell me I’m a schizophrenic when I wasn’t? I can’t say for certain. Guess. Dr. Collins, could you please help us out? We need answers. I believe you were misdiagnosed because you were young, male, poor, angry, and black.

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