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Abby: Hey. Why was part of me hoping you wouldn’t show up?

Phyllis: Stop, I’m paying you handsomely for this.

Abby: You are, and I hope it’s worth it.

Phyllis: Well, if tonight goes as planned, this could be the beginning of something really amazing.

Abby: You didn’t exactly share earlier. What is this all about?

Phyllis: I’m having dinner with danny romalotti. He’s making his special pasta with his special sauce, so.

Abby: So, he’s cooking for you here and not at his place or your place? Yeah, I get it. He doesn’t want to be alone with you. He wants to be in public with witnesses.

Phyllis: That’s ridiculous.

[ Phyllis sighs ] Hey, um, what’s going on with them?

Abby: Well, they paid.

Phyllis: But can we shoo them out or something?

Abby: No, look at them. They’re in love.

Phyllis: Well, I think they need to take it somewhere else.

Abby: No, phyllis, don’t you dare.

Phyllis: I was gonna buy a drink for them somewhere else.

Abby: Please don’t make me change my mind about this.

Danny: Hey, are you sure about this? You really didn’t have to come along.

Christine: Oh, I think I did. I don’t trust phyllis as far as I can throw her.

Danny: But you trust me, don’t you?

Christine: I do. But with phyllis in the mix, anything can happen, and it’s never good.

Danny: I understand. But this is a delicate conversation. I mean, I really do feel that I should talk to her alone.

Christine: It’s just the two of you. Phyllis is gonna twist everything you say around. I’m gonna be back up, like an audience. She can’t plant a kiss on you and claim you initiated it.

Danny: You really have thought this out, haven’t you?

Christine: Oh, danny, this has happened so many times. I am not about to let it happen again.

Danny: You’re right. And tonight it ends, right? But just give me a head start, all right? Let me see if I can defuse this thing before it blows up.

Summer: Hey. You in the mood for company, or have you turned into one of those workaholic types?

Chance: You know what? I was just thinking about you.

Summer: Were you?

Chance: Yeah.

Summer: Good thoughts?

Victoria: Claire?

Claire: I would’ve been in some of these if jordan hadn’t ruined my life.

Nikki: Officer padilla, the officer outside said to see you. I’m nikki newman. I need you to tell me more about what happened. I need to know.

Padilla: Mr. Morgan left with a woman. Then patrons heard tires screeching and the impact.

Victor: Anything else?

Padilla: Woman comes back, says the subject jumped into the path of the car, saying, “tell nikki newman I’m sorry.”

Nikki: Oh, my god. Ah! So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Nikki: This happened because of me.

Victor: No, sweetheart. It didn’t happen because of you. It happened because of this maniac. She’s out for revenge. Barkeep, can I have a word with you? How often had you seen the couple that we were just talking about now in here?

Barkeep: Who, isabel?

Victor: Yeah.

Barkeep: Yeah, a couple times.

Victor: What did she look like?

Barkeep: Red hair, glasses, 60-ish.

Victor: Ah, thank you. Officer, please. Would you kindly take the glass that the woman drank out of and lift the dna and fingerprints off it, okay? Thank you. I’ll tell you one thing. If he stepped in front of that car, he didn’t do it of his own volition.

[ Victor sighs ]

Victoria: You know, claire, there’ll be new pictures and new memories.

Claire: What if…

Victoria: What if, what?

Claire: What if, someday I’m in the pictures, but I don’t really fit in.

Victoria: Why would you say that?

Claire: Adam. He’s in the pictures, but like me, he came into this family as an adult. He’s still not exactly in everyone’s hearts.

Victoria: Well, adam’s story is very different from yours.

Claire: Maybe I should talk to him. He knows what it’s like trying to adapt to the newman world after not being raised in it.

Victoria: How about instead of asking adam for advice, you just be yourself? Let us love you.

Claire: I’m not sure it’s gonna be that easy for everyone. If I were nikki, I’d never forgive me.

Victoria: Well, then I guess that’s something we’re just gonna have to work on. Because all I see right now is my bright and beautiful daughter standing in front of me. Who’s exactly where she belongs. What are you doing up anyway? I thought you said you were exhausted.

Claire: Turns out, I’m having trouble shutting my brain off.

Victoria: Yeah, well, you have had quite a day.

[ Claire sighs ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Claire: It’s the number that I called earlier. Do you think it’s jordan calling back?

Victoria: You don’t have to answer it.

Jordan: Pick up. Pick up, damn it. Whoever you are.

Summer: What prompted that?

Chance: I haven’t seen you in a while. I missed you.

Summer: I’ve missed you too.

Chance: Well, let’s do something about that. Join me.

Summer: Best offer I’ve had all day.

Chance: Have you eaten yet?

Summer: I haven’t and I’m starving.

Chance: Maybe we should grab a table. You can tell me about all the fashion drama. I can tell you about the chancellor-winters drama.

Summer: I don’t know. All that personal talk, recapping our days. Kind of sounds like something a real couple would do.

Chance: Yeah, kind of does. Unless you’d rather not.

Summer: I have a better idea.

Phyllis: Hey, welcome.

Danny: Hi. Abby, it’s good to see you.

Abby: Yes, you too.

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Christine: Danny wanted me to come.

Phyllis: Oh. Okay, well, I don’t want you to be here. This is a private dinner. Just the two of us. So, you can go.

Christine: That’s not gonna happen.

Abby: Okay, well, I’m gonna leave you to your evening. Um, try not to destroy anything.

Phyllis: Um, but… I’m sorry, this dinner was just the two of us. It was a private dinner. Um, just to say goodbye before you go off on tour. I mean, god knows when I’m gonna see you again, so…

Christine: Never would be good.

Danny: Look, we– we need to talk.

Phyllis: Yeah, we do. At dinner. We could talk at dinner, for sure. Just us. You promised me. You’re not breaking your promise, are you? Please tell me you’re not.

Christine: As a matter of fact, he is.

We’re all creatures

of habit.

Phyllis: Um, I don’t understand.

Christine: It’s– it’s pretty simple. You and danny aren’t gonna have that romantic dinner you were gonna ambush him with.

Phyllis: Romantic? Um, I’m– I’m sorry. I think there’s a misunderstanding. It was just us having dinner together, you know? Two friends, you know? It was a farewell dinner. So, you can farewell and leave us alone.

Christine: You rented out the restaurant. You expected danny to cook as just friends. That’s not so believable.

Phyllis: Is the idea of having dinner with me so abhorrent to you?

Danny: I see you went to a lot of trouble.

Phyllis: It’s no trouble at all if we actually have dinner.

Danny: I never should’ve agreed to this.

Phyllis: But you did. What did she do? I mean, what did– she start crying? Did you pitch a fit? Did you act like the jealous ex-girlfriend? I mean, honestly, what she’s trying to do here is isolate you and control your life.

Danny: This is my call, all right? I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you or lead you on, and I’m afraid that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Phyllis: You don’t have to cook. It’s no big deal. We could just scrounge out something in the kitchen.

Christine: What don’t you understand about danny is not having dinner with you?

Phyllis: Are you gonna let her talk for you? Really? Are you really gonna let this jealous, very jealous witch ruin our evening together?

[ Danny sighs ]

Danny: Hey, let me talk to her alone, okay? It’s important.

Summer: Nothing beats room service after a long, hard day in the office. Can I order for you?

Chance: Well, that depends. What do you think I’m in the mood for?

Summer: I’m hoping it’s the same thing I am.

Chance: Yeah. And, ah, that would be…

Summer: French fries.

Chance: French fries? Yeah, that’s exactly what I was gonna say. But you know what? If you don’t like it with mayo, we’re gonna have a big problem.

Summer: Noted. Hey, could I place an order for room service? Yeah, could I get two orders of fries, extra mayo, a hot fudge sundae, and a bottle of your pinot noir? Yeah, that’s fine. Thanks.

Chance: Well-balanced meal.

Summer: Glad you approve. But they did say that the kitchen is a little backed up, so it’s gonna be like 30, 40 minutes. Is that okay with you?

Chance: As long as I’m here with you, I am perfectly fine.

Summer: Good answer.

Chance: Yeah. So… 30 minutes?

Summer: Mm-hmm. Ish.

Chance: Yeah. Is this where you tell me about your day and I tell you about mine?

Summer: We could do that. Or…

Claire: I need to know if it’s jordan. We have to stop her and this could be our only chance.

Victoria: I’m right here, okay? And remember, you’re in control of your future now, not jordan.

Jordan: Finally. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? Hello?

Claire: It’s claire.

Jordan: My, my. What a surprise.

Claire: You’re isabel.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: Aren’t you the clever one? Nikki must have given you this number. And I know exactly why you’ve called.

Claire: You do?

Jordan: Well, it’s all over the news. The great victor newman must have pulled all kinds of strings to get you released into the loving arms of your mother and father. And you just couldn’t wait to rub it into my face.

Claire: That’s not it.

Jordan: Well, then what, claire? After all the hateful things that you said to me. Calling me a monster, wishing that I was dead. Do you finally realize that you’ve made a mistake? Or, have the newmans turned on you already?

Nikki: I should have been a better friend. Not kept my distance because seth was drinking. If it weren’t for me, he would still be alive.

Victor: Sweetheart, please don’t say that. It has nothing to do with you. It has all to do with that crazy woman, all right? She killed seth. And she killed those prisoners in that prison fire. And now, she’s gonna come after you again.

Nikki: Oh, god, all I want to do is drink until this whole thing is over. Victor, please take me home.

Victor: Yeah, come on. If you have chronic kidney disease

Jordan: Well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. I forgive you. You were under the influence of the newmans. A viper’s nest, with you settled in their bosom. But, claire, you and I are connected on a different level, from beginning to end. Never do we put asunder. Do you remember how many times I told you that growing up?

Claire: I do.

Jordan: The newmans will not love you. They will hate you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Claire: You’re wrong. The newmans have been wonderful. They love me. They’ve helped me heal. They’ve given me a real family, a real home.

Jordan: I see. So, you’ve called me to stab me in the heart? Again? After everything I’ve done for you?

Claire: You destroyed me.

Jordan: No. The newmans will destroy you. How can you not see that? You really believe that the newmans would take you into their fold? That you will be princess victoria’s long-lost daughter?

Claire: They’re my family.

Jordan: Don’t you see? That’s what they want you to think. They will grind you into nothing but pain, just like they did your grandmother and my sister, eve. Oh, and then victor. Victor. I know him. He will use you, and then he will throw you out like trash.

Claire: You don’t know them. You’ve never known them. And– and victor has been really kind to me in spite of what you turned me into.

Jordan: My, my, my. How could you be so gullible? How can you think that they would give a damn about some little guttersnipe who tried to kill them?

Claire: I have a message for you from victor.

Jordan: Ah, victor. Oh, so he is using you.

Claire: Victor wants this to end. He wants to meet. He’s ready to accept his guilt in whatever happened to my grandmother. And he will do whatever you want, within reason, to make amends.

Jordan: I can’t imagine what victor newman will do to try to protect that drunk of a wife. On his knees begging for mercy. Is he there now? I’d like to speak with him.

Claire: No, he’s not. I’m with my mother.

Jordan: Mother. So tell me, claire. Are you all settled into victoria’s beautiful, gracious home? Are you drinking hot chocolate? Roasting marshmallows? The perfect picture of a loving family?

Claire: Yes, that’s exactly where we are, and that is exactly what we’re doing.

Jordan: How wonderful for you. I hope you get everything you ever want until they turn you to ashes.

Claire: Do you have an answer for victor?

Jordan: You tell victor, I’ll be in touch. Oh, and claire, give nikki my best.

Victoria: Are you okay?

[ Summer sighs ]

[ Chase chuckles ]

[ Zipper opens ]

Danny: Can you meet me at crimson lights in 15 minutes? I meant everything I said to you.

Christine: Just watch out for this one. She, uh, plays dirty.

Phyllis: That’s not who I am anymore. That’s the old phyllis.

Christine: Come on, there’s only one phyllis. You’ll never change.

Phyllis: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Danny: Hey, come on.

Christine: Okay, I’ll wait 15 minutes. His sauce is spectacular.

[ Danny sighs ]

Phyllis: Okay. Um, well, I’m glad she’s gone. What a downer she is. Oh. Look. And they’re leaving. Yay, we have the place all to ourselves, so. I have this great bottle of wine. Look. And I’m sure that we can maybe find some nuts and some crackers in the kitchen and have a really nice evening.

Danny: Phyllis, hey. Just– just stop, okay? There’s not gonna be a dinner tonight. Or nuts or a bottle of wine. There’s not gonna be anything– anything between us, okay? Tonight or ever. With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Danny: I never should’ve agreed to this dinner in the first place.

Phyllis: But you did agree. You agreed. Why’d you agree?

Danny: Because I–

Phyllis: No, because… because there’s a part of you that wanted to have dinner. There’s a part of you that can’t say no to me. Because you know that what we have together–

Danny: Phyllis, just–

Phyllis: Okay, hey, stop. Christine wins.

Danny: Not a competition.

Phyllis: It’s not a competition, I know that. But you are choosing christine.

Danny: Yeah. I am so sorry I gave you the wrong impression.

Phyllis: But you didn’T. See, I think you want this, but you just chickened out.

Danny: No. No, I… I truly know what I want.

Phyllis: Christine.

Danny: And I want to be your friend. Don’t you understand? I want to be able to call you and talk to you about daniel and lucy and have coffee and catch up when I’m in town. And it was never meant to be any more than this, ever. I promise you that. And– and I know that you think you have these feelings for me, but I just think it’s because you don’t have many friends right now. But you can. You can and you will, all right? I just can’t be one of those people right now. Do you understand? Not– not right now.

Phyllis: Okay. Well then, go ahead. You should go. Really, go ahead. I’m fine. I’m fine. Hey, christine’s waiting for you. You got 15 minutes, you know?

Danny: Do you understand what I’m saying to you?

Phyllis: I do understand. I get it. Don’t worry about me. Really, you– you can go. Please don’t worry. I– I– have a good tour. Okay? Have a good life. Please. I get it. I understand.

Abby: Are you okay?

Chance: That is not how I saw my evening play out.

Summer: Better than discussing our work in a restaurant full of people with too many clothes on?

Chance: So much better. Hm. How did I get so lucky?

Summer: You said yes when I invited you up here.

Chance: Ah, it’s a bold move. Loved it.

Summer: I have a confession to make.

Chance: Yeah?

Summer: I have been thinking about you all day. If I didn’t run into you, I was gonna call you and see if you wanted to get a nightcap.

Chance: Ooh. A woman who knows what she wants. I love it.

Summer: Okay, and don’t laugh at this part, okay?

Chance: Okay.

Summer: When I saw you at the bar by yourself, I kind of felt like it was a sign.

Chance: Well, hey, I’m an absolute believer in signs, especially when they’re as beautiful as you.

Chance: Hm. You know what this means, right?

Summer: That you’re gonna share your fries with me?

Chance: No, I– I think we’re one of those real couples that you were talking about.

Summer: But we haven’t even gotten to the part where we discuss our days yet.

Chance: Well, you had a much better idea. Come on. And you know what? I didn’t get around to thanking you for that, by the way.

Victoria: This is incredibly brave of you. Thank you.

Claire: Jordan was– was angry and vicious, which I expected, but there was something else. There was an edge, a desperation.

Victoria: Mom, what happened? Where did you go?

Nikki: We got a call about seth.

Victor: Claire, would you kindly get your grandmother some chamomile tea?

Claire: Of course.

Victor: Thank you.

Victoria: What’s going on?

Victor: Jordan has struck again.


Victor: You know, seth died.

Victoria: What? How did that happen?

Victor: Well, apparently, that jordan woman and seth left a bar, walked outside, and he, according to jordan, walked right in the path of a speeding, oncoming R.

Victoria: She pushed him?

Victor: I know she did.

Nikki: She must have figured out that seth was helping me, was trying to protect me.

Victoria: And now she’s gone.

Victor: Yes, but you’re safe, okay?

Victoria: You see? That is exactly what I was afraid of. What if she comes after claire?

Victor: What I’m telling you is that you are safe as long as claire and you stay right here at the ranch.

Victoria: How can that be? Claire spoke with jordan. That makes her a target.

Victor: What did jordan say?

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: She’s intrigued by the proposition.

Victor: Well, that’s good.

Victoria: No, there’s nothing good about it. Claire said that she sounded even more unhinged than usual. What if she comes after my daughter?

Victor: She’s not gonna come after your daughter, nor after you.

Victoria: Dad, I’m sorry, but that’s– that’s just not a promise that you can keep.

Nikki: Jordan is still toying with us. She wants us to think that she has the upper hand.

Victor: But that’s exactly what I want her to believe, all right? Now, my plan is in motion. This will all be over with soon.

Jordan: That ungrateful, spiteful little brat. How– how dare she talk to me like that? I think someone needs a lesson. I think they all do.

[ Jordan chuckles ]

[ Jordan grunts ] Oh, my. Well, the fun doesn’t have to end yet.

[ Christine sighs ]

Danny: Hey.

Christine: Hi. I was almost ready to give up on you.

Danny: I’m so glad you didn’T.

Christine: So, what happened with phyllis after I left, or do I even want to know?

Danny: No, everything was– was quite civilized.

Christine: I find that hard to believe.

Danny: I told her that I want you. And that she and I have no future together, except parents to daniel. And that I’d like to be her friend, but maybe it wasn’t wise right now, if ever.

Christine: Okay, what, wait? And she didn’t make a scene, throw some dishes, try and seduce you?

Danny: No, no, none of the above. No, she was– she was very understanding.

Christine: Wait, what? That’s impossible.

Danny: Look, like I said, she took this whole thing very graciously.

Christine: Why does that worry me more than if she had broken a few things or tried to shove her tongue down your throat?

Danny: Hey, I know this has been an incredible challenge for you.

Christine: It’s been hell.

Danny: I’m sorry. But she really isn’t the same phyllis.

Christine: Danny, that’s what she wants you to believe. So, you’ll let your guard down, then she’ll come right at you again. I– I just don’t want to be a part of this circus any more than you do.

Danny: I think it’s safe to say the circus is behind us, all right? It’s gonna be different this time. Phyllis was different. I saw it in her eyes. There’s this acceptance. I really believe that she’s– she’s ready to accept the truth about you and me.

Christine: I– I hope so.

Phyllis: Hm. You sure you don’t want some of this?

Abby: No, thank you.

Phyllis: All right. Well, more for me. This was a good year. Better than the year I’m having.

Abby: You and christine, that was pretty intense.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. It was intense. Do you see how she is? So possessive. She has no sense of humor. She’s so boring. I don’t get it, abby. I don’t get why he loves her.

Abby: That’s what tonight was supposed to be about. You were gonna convince danny that he wants you.

Phyllis: Yeah. But, uh, he chose christine. She wins again. I mean, not that it’s a competition because she’s not competition for me.

Abby: Maybe it’s time to move on.

Phyllis: I’m moving on, please. I’ve moved on. I will fully move on after I finish this bottle of wine. Why do you care, abby? You don’t even like me.

Abby: I don’t, no, but… I saw how much effort you put into this evening. You were trying to make it special and then it just fell apart.

Phyllis: Yeah. Thanks to christine.

Abby: Maybe you’re lying to yourself.

Phyllis: What? What are you saying?

I have type 2 diabetes, but I manage it well

Christine: Look, you may have been right about me being a little too willing to engage in battle with phyllis over you. I… I said and I did some things that I regret. Things that I know made you uncomfortable and– and unhappy and I just want you to know I’m sorry.

Danny: Hey. You brought me some lovely masala chai tea. It was good.

Christine: How do you do that? How do you just be so kind and forgiving?

Danny: Because I’m inspired. That’s why.

Christine: Listen, I meant what I said before. You’re not some door prize that I’m trying to beat phyllis out of. You’re the man I’m falling back in love with.

Danny: Hey. What do you say we keep phyllis out of this entire conversation, okay? And talk about something else? Can we do that?

Christine: Anything.

Danny: Okay, okay, good, good. Let’s talk about my tour.

Christine: Oh, god. I mean, the fact that you’re leaving when we finally have a chance to reconnect without any interference.

Danny: What does your agenda look like for the next six weeks?

Christine: Why are you asking that?

Danny: Because if you’re free, I would love for you to join me on the first leg of my tour.

Christine: And I wouldn’t be in the way?

Danny: No. No, are you kidding? I would– I would sing to you every night. I would find you out there in the crowd somehow, and it would just be you and me. What do you say? Like old times. Together and inseparable.

Abby: All right, clearly, that’s what this is all about. This is about beating christine. Just admit it.

Phyllis: Trust me, it wasn’T. But now, it is.

Abby: Well, that definitely doesn’t sound like you’re moving on.

Phyllis: You see, christine thinks she’s won because danny ran after her. But I’m gonna make her wish she never had.

Chance: Yes.

Victor: Claire, victoria tells me that you spoke with jordan.

Claire: I did.

Victor: How did she seem?

Claire: Angry. Amped up, definitely rattled.

Victor: Good. I want her unbalanced.

Victoria: Well, what if that makes her even more dangerous?

Victor: Sweetheart, my plan is working, I’m telling you.

[ Phone rings ]

Victoria: Hello, this is victoria newman. Oh, my god, what? I’ll be right there.

Victor: What happened?

Victoria: My house is on fire.

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