B&B Short Recap Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

In Finn’s office, Li is aghast that Finn is upset that his birth mother died and that his wife killed her. She tries to get him to see reason about the situation and who Sheila really was. She’s worried that he’s risking his marriage. They discuss his feelings. He just wishes that Steffy hadn’t been the one to kill Sheila. Li isn’t happy to hear that he slept in his office.

At home, Steffy thanks Liam for visiting her, to listen to her, and taking care of Kelly. She feels guilty for killing Sheila. Liam is annoyed that Finn isn’t supporting her. Steffy protests that Finn is dealing with a lot, but Liam doesn’t buy that excuse. Steffy knows that Finn loves her and the kids. He reminds her that she and the kids can always count on him.

Deacon sits at home, looking at a glass of booze. Hope drops by to see how he’s doing, so he offers her a drink and then takes one himself. He talks about his visit to see Sheila in the morgue. Hope is very sympathetic. Deacon knows that Hope and her kids are the only people he has left in the world now. He apologizes for making her feel like he chose Sheila over them. She points out that Finn is also mourning Sheila. Deacon is surprised about that.

Liam also visits Finn in his office. Finn isn’t happy to see him and tries to get him to leave. Liam chews him out for leaving Steffy alone when she’s having a tough time. He warns Finn that if Finn isn’t there for Steffy, he will be.  Finn looks amused.

Hope is surprised to see Steffy at the office. Steffy just needed to leave the house. Hope expresses her sympathy, but she does it in an inept way that makes Steffy feel like she’s being judged. Hope doesn’t think she could have killed anyone, but she’s not blaming Steffy. What’s more, she tells Steffy that she needs to be patient and sympathetic with Finn because he’s having a hard time. She begs Steffy not to let Sheila’s death ruin her marriage.


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