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Sarah: The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. And down came the rain and washed the spider out. And then up came the sun and

Good morning, love. Oh, and who’s this we’ve got here? It’s my sweet angel. God, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you both.

Hey, bud, what’s up? Hey, dad, just, uh, just checking in to see when you’re getting here. Uh, about an hour or so, and I’m bringing a big surprise for you. Oh, a good one, I hope. Of course it’s a good one. I will see you soon, okay? Alright, bye. And I’m just leaving Sweet Bits, where I got you your favorite Alice’s Snacks.

Mmm, yummy. Uh, see you soon, honey. I love you. I love you too, mom.

Hi, Brady. Hey.

Hey, how’s, uh, how’s Holly? Actually, um, I have great news. She’s awake. Out of her coma. You’re kidding me. Oh my god, that’s unbelievable. I’m so happy to hear that. When did this happen? Just yesterday. Is she, is she, she’s alert? Is she, is she talking? Well, she’s a little weak, but yes, she’s alert, and she’s, she’s talking.

Oh, God. And the doctors, they, they, they think, they’re hopeful that she will make a full recovery. Oh, God, that’s, that’s what we’ve been praying for. My God, both Holly and Tate. Nick, I gotta ask you though, I’m a little confused. I mean, you know what this means for Tate, you know. How important it is for Holly to, to tell the truth about what happened on New Year’s Eve.

Why, my God, why wouldn’t you call me? Why wouldn’t you tell me that she’s alert and, and talking?

Perfect timing, Chaz. You’re two goes away. Got three top of the morning sandwiches, three vanilla shakes. For you and the kids, I assume. Uh, no, uh, Julie and Steph, actually. Yeah, we’re all meeting over at the, uh, the Wharton house. Hmm, okay. Uh, what’s going on over there today? Well, actually, Julie met, um, met with the adjuster yesterday, so she needs to make a list of everything that can be salvaged, and, uh, and the renovators are there.

Sounds like a lot of work. I suspect you need an extra pair of hands. That’s, that’s good of you, but we got it. No, no, I got this new kid, Adley. He’s quick on his feet, got a lot of good spirit going for him. I’m sure he can take care of everything. I’m coming with you. Okay, great. I’m joining the cause.

Awesome. Alright, let’s go. Stephanie, it’s so kind of you to come and help. I’m really grateful. Oh, you know, I’m so happy to help, Julie, in any way that I can. I know this is a difficult time for you. That obvious, huh? No, no, not at all. But, um, Everett came by and we got to talking. Oh. Did he tell you we’ve all found out that he’s Jada’s ex husband, Bobby Stein?

Yes, he did tell me that. He also told me what a painful, confusing experience this is for him. And one thing became quite clear to me. He cares for you deeply, Stephanie. For what it’s worth, if anything. Stephanie. You know, rebuilding here is going to take a lot longer than a day, so we’d best get started.

Oh, Everett. How good to see you. You still are going by the name Everett, right? Yes. Yes. Because that’s who I am, Dr. Evans. And listen, I mean, if, if, if you don’t believe that, then, then I can’t, I can’t go through with this. I understand. I do believe that you are Everett Lynch. And I, I also think we need to explore the idea of who Bobby Stein is, and, and why you can’t access any memories of the other identity.

But that’s why you’re here. To help you do that. Please sit down.

Can you tell me how you’re feeling today? Ah, well, um, I guess, uh, all the way over here. You know, I was trying to calm myself down because I know, I know you’ll be Impartial, non judgmental, but, uh, as hard as I tried, um,

I’ve never been so terrified in my life, Dr. Evans, of what I might learn about myself. About my past.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Everett, of course you’re terrified. That’s understandable. But, to use your words, I am non judgmental. All I want to do here is help you.

I have, uh, accessed some of your medical records. It says here that you suffered a traumatic brain injury and that you were in a medically induced coma. Uh, that’s right, for a year. Yes, a year. Um, tell me, when you were brought out of the coma, what were some of your first memories? Um,

I, I felt like I was in a fog, you know, um, everything was fuzzy. I remember out of the corner of my eye, there was this nurse in green scrubs going in and out of the room. And, uh, and then this, This doctor came in and, and he, he started asking me questions. I imagined to determine how lucid I was.

And the first question that he asked me

was, what is your name? Yes, uh, I assume that you told him that it was Everett Lynch, correct? Yes, that’s That’s right. Because that’s who I am. Yes, Stephanie, it will take more than a day to restore the house. It’ll take a village, as Hillary loved to say. Well, in that vein, I’ve got to go outside, talk to the carpenters who are giving me an estimate.

And if you would be so good as to go upstairs and just check on the guy that’s cleaning the walls. I will do that. Thank you. Doug wants me to, um, Look through the closet in the back bedroom. That’s where he kept all of his, his music archive. Yeah, the, uh, the scores, the, the sheet music, and his memorabilia from, from all the years when he toured the country singing.

You know, clippings, and photos, and I just pray to God that it made it through the fire unscathed, because those are some of his best memories, and well, they mean the world and all to him. I can only imagine. Stephanie, uh, I hope Everett regains his memory, too. You said Marlena was going to try and help them with that.

She is. And hopefully she will succeed. As much as that scares me.

You understand how, how we’ve been waiting anxiously and desperately for Holly to be able to set the record straight about what happened the night she OD’d? Brady. My son is, my son’s life has been on hold. He’s in a halfway house because he was falsely accused of pushing drugs on your little girl. I’m sorry, Brady, if I didn’t call you right when Holly woke up, okay?

But right now we are focusing on her getting better and her well being, okay? My gosh, you’re almost dying, Brady. I know, I know, I know, yes, I understand that. I’m relieved, of course I’m relieved, but I’m worried about my son, too. Nicole, when are you going to talk to her about the drugs? We’ve already spoken to her about that.

And? And, I’m afraid you’re not going to be happy about what she had to say. Oh, Sarah. so

much for bringing her. Yeah, she was missing her dog. I was too. But, hopefully not for too long. What do you mean? Well, I’ve been waiting to tell you since you came in. But you were so excited to see Victoria. No, tell me what? Harris Michaels is awake. And recovering in the hospital. What? Oh my god, did he Did he say who did it, who shot him?

No, not yet, but He will.

Everett, can you tell me about Some of your earliest memories Say from the time you were Three, four years old Because those Memories are the earliest that we think of as retrievable. Um, yeah. Earliest memories.

My mother, when I was, uh, maybe three? She, she baked me this, um, birthday cake. Uh, shaped like a Formula One race car, you know. Single seat with the, The candle sticking out of the open cockpit, uh. She loved to bake. She was, uh, beautiful. Kind. She always used to say, I remember this, um, Just be nice, you know.

Everybody’s going through something. That was her mantra.

Just be nice.

It looks promising, doesn’t it? I think once, uh, once everything’s laundered, a lot of it should be wearable again. And there’s a lot more upstairs. Yeah, well, we’ll salvage something. Wait. Look at this. Look at this. It’s one of Doug’s albums. Yes. I don’t think a needle has touched it since the 1970s. But it’s intact.

Isn’t that wonderful? Doug’s gonna be thrilled. Hey, hey. How’s it going in here? Roman. Roman. What a nice surprise. Yeah, when I told him where I was headed, he didn’t think twice. Wanted to come and we came bearing gifts. Milkshakes and breakfast sandwiches. My goodness. With Stephanie’s donuts and this, it’ll be a, it’ll be a cruise ship buffet.

Well, I’m ready to pitch in. Where do you need me? Oh, I’ll support, uh, put, put me in too, coach. Oh, you are so kind. It’s, it’s, it’s just, you’re wonderful. I’m grateful. Well, we are grateful to be part of this effort. Definitely. Okay, let’s get started. Okay. Uh, these. What do you want these? Oh, oh, ugh. They stink of smoke.

So, if you, if you could, uh, put them in my car for now. I’ll take them to the laundromat in a fluffin fold. You got it.

How lucky am I to have family and friends like you. Bless you. Oh, bless your dear sweetheart.

Why won’t I like what Holly said?

Listen, Brady, Holly is still a little foggy about what happened that night. Things are still a little unclear. But she said that the OD’d on, were not hers. She doesn’t know how they got into her system, so we believe that someone must have slipped her those drugs.

Tell me right now that you don’t think it’s my kid.

Well, EJ wonders who else would have motive and opportunity. Okay, EJ, okay, listen, listen. My kid would not do anything like this. My kid would not push drugs on a girl and try to take advantage of her. Regardless of what EJ thinks. My kid does not push drugs. He doesn’t do drugs. As a matter of fact, Nick, he has an aversion to drugs because he’s fully aware of his parents addictive history.

And you know all about it. Yeah. Okay, you’ve told me about it. Quite frankly, I, I, I don’t know what to believe right now. It’s a lot to take in, okay? But I do know that right now, I need to be home with my daughter. Nick, please, please give me, just please. Sorry, give me a minute. You need to understand that my kid went to jail.

Because he found your daughter passed out on the loading docks, okay? And he panicked like any 16 year old kid would. He looked me in the face and said, Dad, those drugs were not mine, I didn’t give them to her. And I believe him. You know why I believe him, Nick? Because he’s a good kid, he’s a good person. I never said he wasn’t.

And Holly, Holly admits she was foggy about what happened. She’s still foggy about it. My kid has been clear from day one, the day it happened. I think I should, I, I, I need to talk to your daughter. I want to talk to Holly, please. No, Brady, I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen.

Why is that not going to happen? Why can’t I talk to Holly? Because, Brady, right now we are focusing on her healing and well being. And we can’t allow anything to disrupt that. Nicole. My kid’s life hangs in the balance here. Do you understand this kind of thing can jeopardize his entire future? Do you understand that?

My little boy’s not lying! Neither is Holly! Oh God. Brady, listen. Maybe when Holly Feel stronger. We can all sit down and talk, but I can’t make any promises as to when that’s gonna happen.

I have to go, Brady, I’m sorry.

So here are the trash bags for all the trash that we have collected. Oh, if anybody sees a little strange object that might be a key You know, to the time capsule. Time capsule? Oh, yeah, I didn’t, uh, I didn’t tell you. When, uh, when we were here to survey the damage for the insurance claim, Thomas was running around being his eight year old self and, uh, whacked the fireplace and a, and a time capsule fell from the inside.

And we worked hard to get that thing open. No luck. Yeah, I took a picture of it. Yeah, and who knows what Alice put in there. It was over 50 years ago, ancient history of YouTube. Here it is. See? Wow. Yeah, it’s fascinating, ain’t it? I mean, who knows? Maybe you’ll find the, uh, keys to a rusty old mobile that’s hidden away in some long forgotten barn, or some creepy jack in the box.

So jump out and scare the hell out of it. Well, I hope it isn’t anything creepy. We’ve had enough pandemonium and creepy things to last a lifetime. I hope it’s something that just. Brings joy up to the maximum. Hear, hear. Yeah.

Hmm. Obviously you have some positive memories of your mother. Yeah. Yeah, I do. Um, But I admit, I haven’t, I haven’t thought about her in a long time. Okay, would you like to, Explore that relationship with her Maybe next session. Is that okay? Just I’d really I’d like to focus on figuring out you know Who Bobby Stein?

Sure, of course. I actually have a file that Jane has sent over. Um, yeah. It says here that your name is Robert Everett Stein, and your mother’s maiden name was Lynch.

Everett Lynch.

I mean, but that makes sense, doesn’t it? Because it’s my own middle name, my mother’s surname. Do you have any idea why you chose those names? Uh, none, no. No. What can you tell me about your father?

My father. Um,

uh, I don’t know, uh, nothing, nothing comes to mind. My god, I’m, I’m blanking my own father, uh,

sorry. Is that, is that because of the brain accident after the A brain injury after the accident? Yes. I would assume so. I mean, really though? I mean, what does, does every war correspondent or every pedestrian in a road accident for that matter just put Forget their father. I mean, Why, why would I just completely obliterate him from my mind?

So do you suppose that Harris hasn’t said who shot him because you didn’t see the person or because he doesn’t remember? He says he doesn’t remember. And in your very wise, doctorly opinion, will he ever remember? Have those memories sunk to the bottom of the ocean, or are they more like messages in a bottle, and they’re just bobbing around, hopefully to one day reach the shore again?

That’s really hard to say. You know. Well, the difference isn’t me. It’s cobbled together over the years. The cards are stacked against me, we know that. Especially now that Harris may never Say that I wasn’t the one on the loading dock that night? Yes, but there’s another way to look at it. He can’t say it was you, either.

Hey, what are you in the mood for? I got a jelly filled, I got cinnamon crumb in there. Oh, both of those look awesome. But, before we start with donuts, I have something I want to show you. Here, give me your phone, okay? Why do you need my phone? Just give it to me. Why do you need it? It’s this app that I found.

Okay, basically, you can stream any Premier League match for, like, the price of a cup of coffee. So we can watch the Liverpool Man City match next week. Tate, that sounds great, but, um, not right now, okay? Why? What’s the matter? Because there’s something important that I need to tell you. What is it? It’s about Holly.

She’s awake.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise, seeing you down here. It’s out of your bed. Well, I was kind of getting cabin fever in my room. Like the walls were closing in. But I see Santa came early this year. Yum. Oh my God. These are amazing. From Sweet Bits? Uh, where else?

So, um, I ran into Brady while I was there. Chatted a little bit. About what?

You know, what happened on New Year’s. And that Brady’s such a, a devoted father and he loves his son very much and he just refuses to believe that Tate’s the one that gave you the drugs. He didn’t.

Any luck finding a key anywhere? No, not yet. Whoa, look at this. Wait, it’s Yeah, it’s JFK. It’s a half dollar. Gee, there must be so much history all over this house. Oh, yeah. There’s histories here and treasures everywhere. You just need loving eyes to see them. Roman, why don’t you and I go to the backyard and go through that pile of discarded furniture and we’ll decide what can be salvaged.

Will you help me? Let’s go. Okay. I love Julie’s attitude. She is one strong woman, huh? Yeah, she sure is. She, um, she has a knack for turning a sad situation into, um, well, a treasure hunt. Right. She’s been so kind about what I’m going through too. She encouraged me to open up about it.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, you should.

With me. I mean, if you wanted to. Actually, I do. And I don’t. I mean, it’s, it’s hard for me. Because it’s so fraught to broach the subject with you. Hmm. What if I broached it? Sure. Go for it. Okay. Stephanie Johnson. Uh, where Do things stand with you and Everett?

Everett, would you like to stop here? I know this has been quite a lot to take in. I could say that. Alright, we can pick this up next week. Um, I, I would like to, um, try hypnosis. You’d be willing to do that? Uh, hypnosis. Okay. . . It can be a very effective therapeutic tool. And, uh, you, you know what? Read up on it.

Tell me what you think. Uh, no. Um, I, I don’t have to. I, I. Defer to you if you think that it’ll help. Yeah. Well, I think it could be very helpful. And it’s also helpful that we do it right here in the office. Right. Um. Yeah. Okay. Uh. Let’s do it. Okay. How, how bad can it be? Let’s get it scheduled. Okay.

I think, uh, we’re good for it the same time next week if that works for you. Uh, yes, uh, actually, yeah, it does. Good. And your homework is? Just be gentle and patient with yourself. I will do my best.

Thank you, Dr. Evans, for, for everything.

Holly, she’s, she’s awake? Is she gonna be okay? Apparently so, yeah. So she’s talking and everything? She’s fully conscious. That’s That’s a miracle. So she told everyone what happened on New Year’s Eve, right? She told them that the drugs she took weren’t mine? Tate. Unfortunately, no, she didn’t.

So Tate is not the one who gave you the drugs? No, he didn’t. Why would you even think that? Well, honey, because he was your date and you were with him all evening so by power of deduction, he’s the likely culprit. But honey, I mean Who else would have slipped you those drugs, and why? I, I don’t know, but I know it wasn’t Tate, Mom.

He would never do something like that.

Sarah, come on. No, I’m not being Pollyanna, Sander. What I said is true. If Harris’s memory has been wiped of what happened that night, then he cannot implicate you, period. Yes, but also I wasn’t there. You, you do believe that, don’t you, Sarah? Of course I believe that. How many times have I told you that? You know that.

My God, do you really think that I would bring my infant daughter to visit a man who I thought had just tried to commit murder? Of course not. I just wish I could borrow your roast into glasses for a minute. I will admit, I’m starting to get a little bit of a pessimistic outlook. It’s this place. It’s just starting to get to me.

It’s driving me crazy. I think it’s at least, in part, because of the tattooed geezer who stares at me maniacally from the next cell. Honey, I’m so sorry. Oh, what have you got to be sorry about? You’re the most supportive and loving partner a man could ask for. God, I just can’t wait to come home to you and our little angel.

Hey, promise me you won’t go back to our apartment until everything’s resolved, eh? I just hate the idea of you two being there alone. I promise that I will not go back there until you are there. Although, it is so chaotic at my mom’s house, what with Doug, Julie, Chad, and the kids. And oh my god, let’s not forget Constantine, because he’s still there.

I don’t run into him much, but he is there. Oh yes, the uh, Greek interloper Constantine. Yo, honestly, I’m not crazy about the two of you being around that man.

Actually, you know what? I mean, never mind. It’s uh It’s really none of my business, you know, what, what happened between you and Everett. Um,

Uh, but, you know, for, uh, I do want to say something. And, uh, I know, um, you know, when we broke up, and, uh, we went our separate ways, I, I, I know that it was a tough time for you. And then, uh, for me, too. Uh, You you got involved with Everett. Uh, and now this. And I just wanted to tell you that you deserve better than that from both of us.

Thank you. And for what it’s worth, I, uh, you know, had the timing been different and I, and I wasn’t coming off of losing my wife, I’d like to believe that it would have worked for us. I know. It’s just, uh, it’s just It’s hard to hear, you know? Yeah. But, hey, you know what? We’ll always have the, uh, the ring toss game at Six Flags.

Huh? There, uh, you know, you won, um, you remember you won the, uh, the gigantic teddy bear for, for Charlotte? Right? I mean, it wasn’t Paris, but We had, um, we had fun, yeah. Yeah, it was great. We weren’t living together yet. I was just, I was just so happy to hang out with your sweet kids. Oh my God, they love you.

When I told them that you were coming with, they went ballistic. They were jumping up and down, screaming, Oh my God, Stephanie’s coming with! Oh my God, Stephanie! No, I was excited too. Some, uh, pretty good memories, right? Yeah.

Um, yeah, you know, I’m, I’m, I just wanted to say that, you know, if you ever do want to talk, you know, I’m here for you. Or vent, or, you know, hang out with me. And the kids, of course. Uh, I mean, we could go back to Six Flags and, uh, the next time I’ll, I’ll win you a gig gigantic, the giganticus bear that that place has is yours.

I’m getting it for you. I’d like that.

You’re a good person, Steph. And I’m really grateful for you. I’m grateful for you too.

Honey, I, I, I shouldn’t have brought it up. Look, you should be focusing on relaxing and resting and eating these donuts. How am I supposed to relax when you just told me that you and EJ think Tate’s to blame for my overdose, which he wasn’t, mom. Honey, I mean, who else could it have been? Who else would have given you those drugs?

By the way, my parents are both addicts, so there is no way I’m taking those and neither should you. Oh, come on. They’re just some ADHD meds I got from someone at school. Everyone does it. Yeah, well, not me. And I didn’t think that you did either. But they were her drugs. Not mine. Dad, you have to believe me.

I love you, Kate. I believe you. Why wouldn’t I? Alright, your mother believes you too. The problem is, how do we prove it? If Holly won’t admit it. Do you have any proof at all? Do you have anything? My word. That’s all. It’s my word against hers.

Holly? Honey? Where’d you go? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought this up. No, it’s fine. It’s just What? It’s, it’s all just a blur, okay? But, Mom, I know Tate. And I know he would never force me to take anything. Who would have given you those pills, honey? I don’t, I don’t know, Mom! Okay, I don’t know! Sorry! No, honey, I’m the one who’s sorry.

I hate to see you so hurt. I’m fine, really!

Damn it. Do you have everything you need over there? Of course you do. I’m sure your mum is taking excellent care of you and our little one. She is. She’s doting on us, in fact. That sounds like Maggie. And you promise you’ll steer clear of Constantine, yes? I will. For sure. We will be back in our apartment soon.

I know that. I’m counting on that. Me too.

And as for you, little one, I need you to promise to take extra special good care of your mummy, yes? Two blinks for yes. Okay, drool is fine. And from my part, I promise you, Victoria, I will be back home just as soon as the gods smile down on me. Which I’m praying will be very soon.

You know, um, you know when we broke up, uh, um, and it was awkward for that little bit. I was worried that we’d, we’d, uh, never get to this place. Mm, yeah. Where we are now. Yeah, me too. And I’m so glad that we’ve gotten over that awkwardness and gotten close again because This friendship is really important to me.

To both of us, I hope. Yeah. There’s nothing I would want to do to jeopardize it. Neither. Uh, can I walk you home? Oh, you know not to do that. I’d like to.

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